Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sesame Street

Continuing our celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Television Crossover Universe...

This was my eighth blog post, and probably the one that truly separated the Television Crossover Universe from other crossover based shared reality websites and groups.  In fact, in one particular group, someone brought up this post in a thread, and it was quickly deemed off topic and forbidden to speak of.  I wear that as a badge of honor, because the Television Crossover Universe is unique and it is my baby, and I'm very happy to be doing my own thing, and standing apart from what others may be doing.

How many other crossoverists would seriously place a potty training video in their shared reality?  I take my methodology very seriously, but this should still be fun, right?


As I am writing my next book, the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia, I am struggling as whether or not to include Sesame Street as an Animated Series Cross or as an Other Cross.  I'd appreciate feedback.  Thank you.

OK, so this will be my position on muppets.  

For now, I'll say that if you don't like muppets in your shared crossover reality, just skip this and the Muppet Show blog.  Simple as that.  You can certainly (I hope) enjoy the bulk of the work that I and my colleagues have done while skipping over these two blogs.  But whether you like it or not, in the Television Crossover Universe, MY reality, they are here to stay.

This blog post is updated to incorporate information from my upcoming book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  No, really!!!  

On Muppet Monsters, Crazy Ivan had this to say a while back, which I have come to agree with:  While I respect the work you did on this, I have to question the decision to ignore the existence of Muppets as a seperate species / race / kingdom / etc. My own research into this fringe element of the Crossover Universe was made more palatable by conflating the Muppets of Sesame Street with the Monsters of (Pixar's) Monsters, Inc. If an enclave of monsters had learned early on that making children laugh would garner more energy for Monstropolis than making them scream, they might not have been well-regarded in the screamcentric society the lived in, and could have been summarily banished to Earth. I believe ELMO'S ADVENTURES IN GROUCHLAND supports such a theory, as does the large number of monsters populating Sesame Street. It also aloows the origin of the Smile Time puppet demons to be the same as the muppets, though they obviously did not come to Earth to make children laugh.


Yes, in this blog, I'm going to show how Sesame Street fits into the TV Crossover Universe.  First, let me explain my take on Muppets.  When we see muppets on TV, we are actually seeing the being the muppet represents, not a puppet.  So if it's a big bird, it's a big bird.  If it's a frog, it's a frog.  They just happen to talk and are anthropomorphic.

This is my take on cartoons and CGI as well.  If there is a CGI dragon, we're not seeing something computer generated.  It's a real dragon.  And if we are seeing, for example, Daffy Duck in Drew Carey's office, he's not seeing a two dimensional drawing, but a talking humanoid duck.

So let's talk about the nature of Sesame Street, and then I'll get to my crossover chronology.

Sesame Street is a street in New York City.  But it exists within a magical realm.  You can't just go there.  It's not on any map.  To get there, the portal to the street has to be open.  However, how and when this portal opens is kind of a mystery.  But it seems to do so one hour per day, weekdays only.

On Sesame Street, normal humans live with anthropomorphic talking animals and monsters.  A large part of their day revolves around discussing the alphabet, numbers, and things like cooperation.

Often people from outside come to visit.  The magic of this street immediately erases the surprise that should be exhibited by these outsiders.  And when these outsiders leave, they don't forget their experience, but they choose not to discuss it, because who would believe it.

Kermit the Frog worked as a reporter for Sesame Street News before making it big as the host of the Muppet Show.  Muppets are the anthropomorphic talking animals, monsters, and immortal (though slightly insane) humans that make up the large part of Sesame Street.  However, the Muppets of the Muppet Show came from all across America, found each other, and chose to go into show business.

But how can we accept that there is famous Muppets?  Most people who watch the show think it's all special effects.  Those who actually encounter the Muppets in person tend to be in denial or shock, and block out the memories afterwards.

So this blog is not about the Muppets.  I will cover the Muppet Show in another blog.  Today's blog is about Sesame Street, and is brought to you today by the letter S and the number 8.

One last thing.  I'm only going to discuss crossovers with other fictional characters.  Many real life celebrities appear on Sesame Street.  But when celebrities appear as themselves on fictional shows, then they are playing fictional versions of themselves.  But since all real people tend to exist in a multitude of alternate realities, I can't include them as crossovers that connect shows and place them in the same reality.

Another final note, unlike other shows, where the concept is that the events happened and were later turned into a TV show, Sesame Street is brought to us live, thus the dates of episodes are the dates they happened.

Sunny Day 
Sweepin' the clouds away 
On my way to where the air is sweet 

Can you tell me how to get, 
How to get to Sesame Street 

Come and play 
Everything's A-OK 
Friendly neighbors there 
That's where we meet 

Can you tell me how to get 
How to get to Sesame Street 

It's a magic carpet ride 
Every door will open wide 
To Happy people like you-- 
Happy people like 
What a beautiful 

Sunny Day 
Sweepin' the clouds away 
On my way to where the air is sweet 

Can you tell me how to get, 
How to get to Sesame street... 
How to get to Sesame Street 
How to get to... 


Medieval Times--LOST SOULS--This video game features Discordians who count in the manner of the Count from Sesame Street.  It's very well established that vampires of folk lore had some OCD issues.  Legends stated that if you drop a bunch of beads a vampire must stop and count each and every one before he could pursue you.  Additionally, he had to stop and tie shoe laces if he found any untied shoes.  It's been postulated before that the Count (Count Von Count) may have been a Dracula soul clone that had OCD.  Crossovers uses the soul clone theory, so it exists in the TVCU.  Sadly, I can't send you to Chuck Loridan's MONSTAAH website since it no longer exists.  (Well, the domain name still exists, but now it belongs to a Japanese diaper bag business.)  But basically, Dracula would turn some vampires into soul clones.  These soul clones, depending on the level of their own willpower, would believe they were Dracula and would follow the will of Dracula while he slept.  Should Chuck ever repost his Children of the Night website, I will post the link here.  All of the shows and movies he places on his site are in the TVCU.

12TH Century--SESAME STREET--Another Robin Hood poser was an ancestor of Ernie from SESAME STREET.

1338--SESAME STREET--"Snow White's Meltdown"--TELEVISION CROSSOVER UNIVERSE--The Seven Dwarfs weren't the first ones she encountered.  Watch it here.

16th Century--HAMLET--The Mel Gibson version, yes, is the official version in the TVCU because Mel Gibson played the same role again on Sesame Street.  

Release Date: June 15, 1948 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Abbott and Costello (Non-Horror); Frankenstein (Universal)
Horror Crosses: Dracula (Universal); Wolf Man (Universal); Invisible Man (Universal)
The Story: Bud and Lou are now working as shipping clerks in La Mirada, FL under the assumed names of Chick Young and Wilber Grey. Two crates arrive for a wax museum, containing Dracula (in coffin) and Frankenstein’s monster. But in reality, it is Armand Tesla and Henry Frankenstein’s monster. Tesla, using the alias Leighos, has come to seek the aid of Doctor Mornay, to get a docile brain put into the monster. She has the perfect candidate: Wilber. Meanwhile, Larry Talbot (the Wolf Man) has arrived in La Mirada in pursuit of this Dracula. To make matters worse, Wilber and Chick are accused of thievery when the wax models they were supposed to deliver disappear (because they got up and walked away, naturally.) This brings insurance investigator Joan Raymond to town. In the end, everyone ends up on the island of Doctor Mornay. (Really.) Mornay’s assistant Dr. Stevens realizes his boss is up to no good and joins in on the heroics. Mornay is turned into a vampire. Wilber keeps his head. Apparently Tesla flees when chaos ensues, while the monster and the Wolf Man end up in suspended animation. The bumblers flee on a boat that just happens to have the Invisible Man Geoffrey Radcliffe in it, who was coming to play but missed all the fun.

Notes: I know there are entries before this one in this chronology, but from a real world perspective, this is where the Horror Universe begins. I know this film is preceded by other films with the three main monsters, but this one has Lugosi as Dracula, adds in the Invisible Man, and has my favorite comedy pair. This is absolutely one of my all time favorite films. So lets talk continuity and canon. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are always the same characters in everything they do. But here’s the thing. They show up four times in this book. In Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, we have the best clue that they are the same guys. First, their characters are Freddie Franklin and Pete Patterson, but when they get flustered they forget and call each other Bud and Lou, and at one point, Lou yells for “Abbooooooott!!!!” So we need to assume the film titles are accurate, and that we are talking about two characters, not actors, named Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, who are flim flam artists, thus always moving and changing names. But let’s talk about Abbott and Costello meet Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That takes place in the 1880s. No way that could be them. Well, I propose that it is Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, and that the other films feature Bud Jr. and Lou Jr. Now for the monsters. Dracula here is Armand Tesla, from Universal’s Dracula. (The name comes from the unofficial sequel with Lugosi Return of the Vampire.) He is not the infamous Count, but it’s likely he is one of the soul clones. Count Dracula from time to time turns others into vampires. Some of these he makes his agents while he rests. He controls them mentally, and grants them a limited amount of his powers, and memories. Often, because of the imposed personality, these clones begin to think they are the Count, and even reenact his former schemes. (Many end up in London trying to steal back their “true love”.) Tesla will later also use the alias of Doctor Leighos, but often refers to himself as Count Dracula. The Frankenstein Monster here is the original creature of Henry Frankenstein from Universal’s Frankenstein. The Wolf Man is Larry Talbot, from Universal’s Wolf Man. Geoffrey Radcliffe is the Invisible Man from Universal’s Invisible Man Returns, which is part of Universal’s Invisible Man series. Another note: Tesla casts a reflection in this film, while he cast none in previous films. This may be due to the human blood transfusions he received in his previous appearance. Also, Talbot’s cure from his previous appearance apparently didn’t take, and neither did Radcliffe’s. This film follows House of Dracula and is the final in the Universal Dracula/Frankenstein/Wolf Man franchise. The scene in this film where Lou keeps seeing the monsters move but Bud doesn’t is spoofed in The Best of Bert and Ernie, featuring the Sesame Street characters.

1954--THE MUPPET MOVIE--Though it came out in 1979, it takes place before Kermit got famous.  Kermit first started appearing on talk shows in 1955.  This movie shows how he got from the swamps to Hollywood, thus it should be placed here.  During their trip to Hollywood, Kermit and Fozzie stop offer Big Bird a ride.  He declines, saying he's on his way to New York, to break into public broadcasting.  This shows us that Big Bird was not originally from Sesame Street.  This explains why Little Bird is the only similar type of his species to live there (and Little bird didn't arrive until the 1970s.)  Big Bird, arriving in New York, must have found he wasn't accepted by New Yorkers, until he found Sesame Street.  Once Big Bird found his home, he made it his mission to tell others how to get to Sesame Street.  Clearly, it was Big Bird who continued to advocate for the next 15 years until finally PBS agreed to do a live daily educational reality program on Sesame Street.  Ivan doesn't feel this movie should be in, as the Muppets are watching this movie and they made it.  But I believe they mad a movie based upon their origin.  After all, Howard Stern played himself in his life story. (Did I just compare Kermit to Howard?)

1969--SESAME STREET PITCH REEL--This is kind of the pilot for that reality show called Sesame Street.  Kermit hosted the Sesame Street News.  I suppose he was to Sesame Street what Chevy Chase was to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  Well, except that Kermit was a serious news man.

July 1969--SESAME STREET--"Pilot"--Batman II (Dick Grayson) appears.  Later, other characters like Superman (Hugo Danner), Jughead Jones, and Beetle Bailey would also appear.

November 10, 1969 to Present--SESAME STREET--The complete run of Sesame Street.  In 1969, the Public Broadcasting System in New York starting bringing cameras into the hidden Sesame Street.  Big Bird has a teddy bear named Radar.  Considering that Walter "Radar" O'Reilly slept with a teddy bear even as an adult, one wonders if he is the one who gave Bird his bear.

November 10, 1969 to Present--REALITY TV--Previously, I listed out every appearance of a Sesame Street character on a talk show, game show, cooking show, ect.  It was long and redundant.  I've decided to condense it.  Note that reality shows for the most part are the real world, but when Matt Lauer treats Elmo like he's real, he's obviously not himself, but playing a fictional version of himself that exists in the world of Sesame Street.  Thus, only episodes where reality shows interact with fictional characters as real people are included for crossover purposes, and it does not bring the entirety of the show into the TVCU.  So, Sesame Street character have appeared in (in alphabetical order) Being Green, BOB HOPE ON THE ROAD TO CHINA, A Capitol Fourth, Coming Home: Military Families Cope with Change, Conan, DEAL OR NO DEAL, Dinner: Impossible, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, EMERIL LIVE, EVENING AT THE POPS, Extreme Makeover: Home EditionFamilies Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times, THE FRUGAL GOURMET, Getaway, HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, JEOPARDY, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE, MARTHA, MARTHA STEWART LIVING, NAACP Image Awards, NIGHT OF 100 STARS II, PAULA'S PARTY, Postcards, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Rove Live, DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS, Sunrise, THE TODAY SHOW, The Tony Danza Show, Top ChefThe Wendy Williams Show, WHAT'S MY LINE?, When Parents Are Deployed

1970--THE FLIP WILSON SHOW--Though most of this show occurs in Skitlandia, the appearance of Big Bird occurs in the TVCU.

1971--THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTEN--This movie seems to be another step in the story of how the Muppets got famous.  I'm giving a five year period between when the Muppets were successful on Broadway and the time they got their variety show.  Kermit apparently marries Miss Piggy at the end with residents from SESAME STREET and FRAGGLE ROCK in attendance.  Sesame Street was very successful by this point, and Kermit was still a good friend of them, and still working for the Sesame Street News.  The Muppets and Sesame Street residents would interact with folks from FRAGGLE ROCK over.  Uncle Travelling Matt is the only Fraggle to appear here, which fits since most Fraggles probably aren't born yet.  This film also features the MUPPET BABIES.  This would seem to contradict the Muppet Movie, but since the Muppet Babies were literally babies still, if they were separated and spread across the country after, they probably would not remember each other as adults.  I know I don't know any of the children I was friends with when I was ages 0 - 5.

1972--THE ELECTRIC COMPANY--This unusual utility company is visited by Big Bird.

1973 to Present--SASAMSTRABE--German version of Sesame Street that Kermit occasionally guests on.

1974--OUT TO LUNCH--ABC NEWS is taken over by the casts of SESAME STREET and THE ELECTRIC COMPANY.  Interestingly, that means that the canon of the TVCU SPIDER-MAN also includes his appearances on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY.

1974 to present--SESAME STREET SPECIALS--There have been numerous Sesame Street specials and videos and previously I went insane trying to list them all, but have decided that leads to madness. Just know there are many, and often with celebrities, playing fictional versions of themselves.  Only Sesame Street episodes, specials, and videos with crossover significance will be listed from here on out.

1974--THE MUPPETS VALENTINE SHOW--Includes an appearance from Ernie.

1975--THE ELECTRIC COMPANY--Another visit from Sesame Street residents.

1976--THE MUPPET SHOW--"Sex and Violence"--The pilot for the Muppet Show features a guest appearance from Bert.  Bert makes another appearance on the show this year.

September 5, 1976 to June 8, 1981--THE MUPPET SHOW--Sesame Street News television correspondent Kermit the Frog becomes the host of a variety show called the Muppet Show.


1978--THE MUPPET SHOW--Big Bird makes an appearance.

February 1980--SESAME STREET--The droids make their way to SESAME STREET, apparently not having returned after crashing on Earth a month ago. 

1981--MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD--Big Bird goes to another couple of neighborhoods:  that of Mister Rogers, and the other the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

1982--IFTAH YA SIMSIM--This is a Lebanese show, but that doesn't mean "Death to America."  This is a Lebanese version of Sesame Street, and Kermit, being a huge star, shows up to help boost the ratings.

1985--SESAME STREET PRESENTS FOLLOW THAT BIRD--Social workers take Big Bird and place him in adoption.  He runs away from this new parents, and is abducted by criminals who want to make him a carnival act.  The Sesame Street residents scour the country to find their friend.

1986--MUPPETS:  A CELEBRATION OF 30 YEARS--Celebrity appearances include Big Bird.

1986--THE TICK--On the Tick TV series, the amnesiac Tick sees Grover (from Sesame Street) on the TV and says "Daddy?" in the TVCU, if we accept Ivan Ronald Schablotski's theory that Grover is from the Monsters, Inc. realm, then he simply would have mated with a human, and the Tick is the product and example of why human/monster breeding is a bad idea.

1987--THE ADVENTURES OF SUPER GROVER--Sesame Street's own super-hero on another misadventure that also involves Big Bird.

1987--MUPPET BABIES--"The Little Piggy Went to Hollywood"--Probably the biggest clue that Muppet Babies must occur in the Looniverse, rather than in the past of the TVCU Muppets is this episode, where several celebrities are shown on TV, including Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

December 25, 1987--A MUPPET FAMILY CHRISTMAS--Fozzie invites his friends, including Big Bird, to his mother's for Christmas.  Ivan adds:  I also wanna point out that the 1987 Muppets Christmas Special which showcases a number of characters from Sesame Street ALSO crosses over with Fraggle Rock and solidifies Muppet Babies as official back story for Kermit, Piggie, and the gang, thus bringing together all four Hensonverse franchises. Shame they couldn't fit The Dark Crystal in somewhere...

1989--BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES--"It's a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood"--I'm guessing on the date.  I'm sure James will set us all straight when his Bill and Ted blog is finished.  For now I'm assuming the show and cartoon must have taken place between the first two films.  Here is what James says about this crossover:  Thanks to our most excellent friends Bill and Ted I think I found one of the most bizarre crossovers of all time. It's definitely weirder than the Birthday Massacre's below the table sequel to The Prisoner, and it just might be weirder than Adam West's Drunk Batman vs. Super King of Texas vs Frankie(stein).  In the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures episode "It's a Bogus Day in the Neighborhood" Bill and Ted are distressed to discover that Mr. Raddish (henceforth Mr. Rodgers) is retiring. The duo travel down to the TV studio and convence Mr. Rodgers to stay on air if they become his cohosts. All of Mr. Rodgers puppets are sentient (as they were on the real show). When the ratings come in, everyone loves Bill and Ted and, for some reason, Mr. Rodgers is fired. He then gets a job on the Frogame Street (Sesame Street) show; since Rodgers is dressed up like a frog, it seems that everyone's a puppet--not nice monsters.  But no, the Oscar the Grouch analogue is definitely...a Grouch, I guess, and eats Mr. Rodger's outfit. Mr. Rodger is quickly fired from that show, and goes to work for a late-night diet telemarketing scam where he's almost murdered by his crazy co-host Greta. Greta is some kind of hippo-woman. Literally. I can't help but think that Greta is a lawyer-friendly analogue of Heidi the Hippo from Peter Jackson's Muppet parody Meet the Feebles. I wasn't able to sit all the way through Meet the Feebles, so I can't say for sure; but Greta's murderous insanity fits excellently with Heidi's murderous insanity. Plus, how many different murderous hippo-women can there be?  Also, at the end of Meet the Feebles, Heidi is placed in the witness protection program. It's entirely possible "Greta" is Heidi's new identity.  Eventually Bill and Ted save Mr. Rodgers and Rodgers once more takes command of his show.  So, this episode of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures crosses over with Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street, with a possible crossover with Meet the Feebles. Its notable that this is the only episode of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures where no time travel or universe-hopping took place.

A tall, thin man in his early fifties, with salty-gray hair and a full beard, and wearing a tuxedo.

May 16, 1990--Jim Henson passes away.  Jim Henson was the manager for the muppets and the folks on Sesame Street.

1991--PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE--"Fat Boy and Little Man"--Parker says, "Not since Big Bird has an animal done so much for so many."  There are many previous appearances of Sesame Street merchandise on the show, which could make this comment go either way, but since both shows are separately tied into the TVCU, and going with my reality show de-zonking theory, this could count as a crossover.

November 1996--SESAME STREET--The Simpsons travel from the Bongo Universe to Sesame Street of the TVCU.

1996--DUNSTON CHECKS IN--Robert says that Mrs. Dubrow "once kicked Big Bird in the nuts."

December 25, 1996--ELMO SAVES CHRISTMAS--Elmo uses a magic snow globe to wish that every day were Christmas, and then has to travel back in time to undo the wish when he finds there are negative consequences to his wish.

February 1998--SOUL MAN--"The Stan Plan"--I don't know much about the appearance here of Big Bird. This show is in through other crossovers, but likely Big Bird's appearance is probably an imaginary one or watching him on TV.  Hopefully I can watch this episode and update this.

1998--THE BEST OF KERMIT ON SESAME STREET--Sesame Street honors arguably it's greatest break out star, Kermit the Frog, in an awards ceremony hosted by Grover.

1998--ELMOPALOOZA!--John Stewart of the DAILY SHOW is to host a retrospective on SESAME STREET but gets locked in his dressing room with the tapes.  Elmo attempts to salvage the show the best he can.

1998--THE SIMPSONS--"Trash of the Titans"--During the musical number, when people pop out of bins and say "Who can?", one of the characters is Oscar the Grouch, the character from this show who lives in a bin.

November 16, 1998 to Present--ELMO'S WORLD--Sesame Street newcomer and sensation Elmo the Monster becomes host of his own wildly popular television show that takes place in his room.

1999--THE ADVENTURES OF ELMO IN GROUCHLAND--Elmo travels to Grouchland.  We learn from this adventure that grouches like Oscar are from this other-dimensional reality.  Not all of them appear like monsters.  Some look like humans, such as the Grouch Queen.  Being a grouch is more of a state of mind than a race.

1999 to Present--SESAME ENGLISH--This show takes place on Sesame Street but revolves around foreign exchange student Tingo.

March 2000--FAMILY GUY--"I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar"--The monsters shown on the island in the timeshare are from the book Where the Wild Things Are.  During the catfight between Lois and Gloria, a baker came out of the kitchen carrying ten banana cream pies and singing, "Ten banana cream pies!" He was then knocked down by Lois and Gloria’s fighting. This is a reference to the old "falling baker" films from Sesame Street that aired in the 1970s and 1980s.  The cutaway gag where Peter is in the net surrounded by apes parodies a scene from Planet of the Apes.

July 1 to 22, 2000--FAMILY GUY--"A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks"--Peter and Meg walk through New York to music from The Flintstones. The background changes into Bedrock]until they back out of it. The background change could also be a reference to the Warner Bros.' cartoon Duck Amuck, where Daffy Duck is seen wandering from one scenery to another, due to the fact that Bugs is the artist drawing Daffy into different scenes, in particular a sequence in which he is skiing in a snowfield and suddenly wanders into a different, Hawaiian-themed scene.  In a cutaway, Walt Disney is seen drawing a picture of Minnie Mouse, ordering her to strip, much to her distress.  Meg is able to annoy pigeons and Big Bird from Sesame Street with her bird calls.

2000--THE SIMPSONS--"Missionary:  Impossible"--Big Bird is in the mob attacking Homer.

2000--SOUTH PARK--"Chef Goes Nanners"--One KKK member lifts up his robe to reveal feet that look like Big Bird's

2001--BETWEEN THE LIONS--These talking lions are visited by Sesame Street residents.

2002 to Present--PLAY WITH ME SESAME--As Elmo becomes the primary star of Sesame Street, original cast members such as Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie spin off into this second show that is more about playing games that the young home viewer can play along with.

2003--SESAME STREET:  THREE BEARS AND A NEW BABY--First I should say, the three bears from Goldilocks have moved at this point from one of the multiple dimensions in which fairy tales exist to Sesame Street.  In this tale, Baby Bear is expecting a new sibling.

2003--LITTLE BRITAIN--"Most People in a Mini"--According to the narrator, Big Bird was born in Great Britain, before migrating to the United States to break into public television.

May 2004--SIMPSONS--"Bart-Mangled Banner"--After Bart moons the flag, the Simpsons are thrown in the Ronald Reagan Re-Education Center, which also holds Bill Clinton, the Dixie Chicks, Michael Moore, and Elmo (of SESAME STREET).


2005--Open huis in Sesamstraat--Elmo appears in this foreign knock-off of the show.

2005--THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY--"Scythe For Sale"--the green, dumpster-residing creature resembles Oscar the Grouch

December 2005--FAMILY GUY--"The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz"--Stewie became the pinball in the Sesame Street segment Pinball Number Count".  Peter incorporates a number of elements from Fonzie in his religion. Peter tells the congregation to “sit on it,” and then “let us ‘Aaaayyyy!” two of Fonzie’s catch phrases. There is also a motorcycle in the church, as well as a jukebox, a reference to Fonzie’s trademark move of pounding his hand on a jukebox to automatically make it play his song. Peter also refers to the “mystery” of Richie’s older brother (who was never seen again after the first episode of Happy Days) and reads a lesson to the congregation from “Potsie’s Letter to the Tuscaderos.”  After Stewie is released from his bubble, he says to Brian that he and his friends at Cobra Kai will take him down, referring to the name of the gang of bullies in The Karate Kid.  In the opening sequence, Peter summons Bill Lumbergh from the film Office Space to tell Lois she needs to “not complain about this” and then, “and if you could sit at the kids’ table, that’d be great.”  Brian torments Stewie by forcing him to watch The View. In this version, the women act very much like farm hens, clucking and such as they sit. Star Jones Reynolds even lays an egg. Coincidentally, there was a MADtv sketch in season 10 where it portrayed the female hosts of The View as clucking, cackling hens (with castmember Michael McDonald as a farmer who kills one of them when she doesn’t produce eggs for him). This is in part of the criticism of the show in which many complain that there is too much talking.  Peter dances with Paula Abdul in footage of the video for Opposites Attract. He is superimposed over the animated role of MC Skat Kat, and sings an altered version of the original song’s lyrics, mainly replacing the line “Opposites attract” with “I’m dressed like a cat.” According to the DVD commentary, Paula Abdul had to come in and rerecord the song since the technical staff couldn’t separate her singing and replace MC Skat Kat’s lines with Peter’s.  This is the second appearance of Fonzie in the series. The first time was in the episode The Son Also Draws, when Peter went on a vision quest and used Fonzie as a guidance.

August 14, 2006--SESAME STREET--Detective John Munch of New York's Special Victims Unit visits Sesame Street.

2006--AMERICAN DAD--"Lincoln Lover"--Bert and Ernie appear in a musical number.

December 24, 2006 to December 25, 2006--A SESAME STREET CHRISTMAS CAROL--As those three ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future continue to do, this time they visit Oscar the Grouch.

2007--FAMILY GUY--"Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air"--While scanning the donors for leg transplants, Big Bird's legs are seen along with a mermaid's tail, and horse's legs.

2007--The Family Guy 100th Episode Celebration--Cookie Monster in rehab

2008--THE COLBERT REPORT--The Cookie Monster appears to talk about why we should eat vegetables.

2008--SOUTH PARK--"Kyle Sucks Cartman's Balls - The Trilogy"--Oscar the Grouch is in Imaginationland.

2008--THE MENTALIST--"Red Hair and Silver Tape"--Jane asks Cho if he suspects that the "Sesame Street Crips" committed the crime.

Release Date: October 15, 2008 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Hulk (comics)
Horror Crosses: Tomb of Dracula
The Story: The villagers are storming Castle Dracula (with machine guns and flamethrowers) when the Hulk interrupts and assumes that the shouts of “monster” are directed at him. After the Hulk chases away the villagers, Dracula sees an opportunity. After failing to use his vampiric mind control on the Hulk, whose will power was stronger than the count expected, he instead offers the Hulk his gratitude and a place to rest for the night. The next day, Dr. Bruce Banner awakes in yet another strange place with vague memories. However, his instincts tell him to leave immediately. While attempting to sneak out, he encounters one of Dracula’s brides, who offers him a meal. His hunger beats his instincts and in the kitchen Banner meets the Count. The Count again fails to mind control Banner. As Banner tries to leave, Dracula informs the scientist that he is a prisoner. The Bride pins him and finds her hunger overwhelms her, and she starts to feed on Banner, until Dracula grabs her and throws her against the wall. Banner of course changes into the Hulk but having consumed Banner’s blood, the bride also “hulks out”. No longer under Dracula’s thrall either, the Bride tries to kill Dracula, while the Hulk stays back and watches. Dracula manages to stake the Bride, who has the Hulk’s strength but not his invulnerability. Then Dracula and the Hulk go at it. .The Hulk destroys Castle Dracula and leaves, stating “stupid castle”. Dracula learns that storming villagers aren’t so bad.

Notes: Banner mentions that it feels like he’s in a Universal monster movie, and later says that the Count sounds like the vampire puppet from Sesame Street. It would seem that Banner, like most of the population of the Horror Universe, think of these monsters as only existing in fiction, just as we do in the real world. It’s interesting that both the Hulk and Banner were impervious to Dracula’s mind control. The bride too was no longer controlled once in Hulk form. This is the Marvel version of Dracula. Some would say he is the original version from the novel, and in fact, he believes to be so in this story. On the wall of the castle, there are several pictures of Dracula from different eras, and the Hulk points out that they are all the same person, who is the person he is talking to. Thus, the Dracula of this story looks like Vlad the Impaler. This seems like pretty good evidence. However, remember that when the real Dracula slumbers, he has soul clones to carry out his plans. Some of those soul clones even believe themselves to be Vlad the Impaler. And several vampire stories have depicted the shape shifting abilities of these creatures. And finally, the castle was destroyed. I’m sure it will be rebuilt, but not too quickly. I propose that this is not Vlad the Impaler’s castle but one of the alternate castles that are permanent residence for the soul clone. Plenty of stories have depicted that Draculas have castles all over the world.

2009--SCRUBS--Muppets have appeared on this show I once thought to be a self-contained crossover free show until Ivan set me straight about Apollo Bars and Cougars, but only within Doctor John Dorian's imagination.

2009--THE OFFICE--"Murder"--Kevin claims that the Swedish Chef "lives on Sesame Street."

November 2009--CLEVELAND SHOW--"Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb"--Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street make a cameo appearance to make fun of the rumor that they are homosexual.  In order to get to the Whoreshack, Cleveland summons a portal with a clap of his hands. This was a reference to the popular 2007 video game Portal. [1]  During the musical number "Straight Outta Stoolbend". Cleveland mentions the 'Cleveland Steamer', a notorious poop joke and sexual act on Family Guy.

April 2010--FAMILY GUY--"April in Quahog"--Grover seen

June 2010--FAMILY GUY--"Partial Terms of Endearment"--The scene where Peter lures Lois out to the desert with DVD's of Grey's Anatomy and how his trap backfires is a reference to Looney Tunes characters, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. Also the Miscarriage Kit is from ACME.  Meg mentions when she dated Count von Count from Sesame Street. He counts three nipples on Meg's breasts, gets freaked out and leaves her.

2010--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--"The Wedding Bride"--Barney mentions that the only street where being nice is normal has a big yellow bird living in it.

2010--SIMPSONS--"To Surveil, with Love"--Marge finds Maggie watching a surveilance camera that shows a gay bar in which the patrons resemble "Sesame Street" characters.

Mid to Late February 2012--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--"NO Pressure"--Your Uncle Toby assures me that it was his cousin Conan, the talk show host, who visited McClaren's bar.  He talks about it here, where he makes the connection between HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and 'Lateline', 'Eaglehart', 'Arli$$', 'Web Therapy', 'Sesame Street', 'The Office', '30 Rock', 'Veronica's Closet', "The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch", 'Primetime Glick', "Elmopalooza!", 'DAG',  the Emmy Awards, 'The Simpsons', 'Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist', 'Space Ghost, Coast To Coast', and 'Futurama'.

October 6, 2012--SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE--"Daniel Craig/Muse"--Big Bird appears on Weekend Update to speak out against Mitt Romney wanting to shut down PBS, including Sesame Street. Watch it here.

2013--FAMILY GUY--"Brian's Play"--Beaker and Big Bird seen

3012--FUTURAMA--"Fun on a Bun"--Someone says that another name for the Wooly Mammoth was the "Snuffleupagus"

Alternate Realities:  (Yes, even in a world of Muppets, not everything fits.

AVENUE Q---This is a broadway musical created by some of the original writers from Sesame Street.  It's an adult parody.

BLUE HARVEST--In a universe where Star Wars is amalgamated with Family Guy, Cookie Monster is a Wampa.

BONGO UNIVERSE--Family Guy, American Dad, and the Simpsons depict Sesame Street on many occasions as a real show with merchandising, but in which the muppets are also real.

CINEVERSE--In Night at the Museaum:  Battle of the Smithsonian, everything comes to life at the Smithsonian, gaining the memories and personalities of the things they portray.  Oscar the Grouch is an exhibit there, and comes to life, wishing to join the forces of evil, but being denied.  Oscar believes he really is Oscar, but he is not.  Oscar does not exist in this reality other than as a fictional character.

Earth-1001--On the West Wing, we learn that in this reality Sesame Street is what it is here in the real world.

ERNEST & BERTRAM--An alternate reality where Sesame Street residents Bert and Ernie are homosexuals.

MIRROR UNIVERSE--See picture below.

MUPPET UNIVERSE--As I've said before, everything is real somewhere.  Even fiction within fiction.  The Muppets exist in the TVCU.   But many of them are actors, and they make movies.  In the TVCU, they are just fictional movies, but in the MUPPET UNIVERSE, they are real.  This includes, (but is not limited to) CinderElmo,  Great Muppet Caper, Abby in Wonderland and Elmos' Musical Adventure:  Peter and the Wolf.

ROBOT CHICKEN UNIVERSE--Strangely, Robot Chicken does a parody of a Mad TV parody, in which Big Bird has bird flu.

SKITLANDIA--Mad TV had a recurring series of sketches spoofing Sesame Street.

TREEHOUSE OF HORROR--Homer and Edmund's father meet a blue Muppet vampire, snacking on an orange-colored Big Bird-like Muppet.

UNNAMED DIVERGENT TIMELINE--In Wizard of Oz 3:  Dorothy Goes to Hell, the Count from Sesame Street makes a brief cameo.

WONDER SHOWZEN--An MTV parody of Sesame Street.

Note that in the ANGEL episode "Smile Time", Angel is turned into a puppet like what we in the real world would consider to be a Muppet.  But since I claim Muppets are not puppets in the TVCU, Angel is not turned into a Muppet, but he is turned into a puppet.

I know I've left some out.  Some I did so because I didn't have enough info, others just because it was a the millionth appearance of Elmo, and it was just getting redundant.

Oh, and not what I would consider a valid crossover, but this is really fun to watch anyways, so I couldn't leave it out.


  1. Great list! And I'm really getting into the TVCU groove. I had a few involuntary reactions at first to some of your claims, but that's my innate Toobworld nature trying to rise to the fore. It's only fitting that there should be such differences between our universes.

    Good stuff, Robert, which makes for fascinating reading. Keep it up!

  2. While I respect the work you did on this, I have to question the decision to ignore the existence of Muppets as a seperate species / race / kingdom / etc. My own research into this fringe element of the Crossover Universe was made more palatable by conflating the Muppets of Sesame Street with the Monsters of (Pixar's) Monsters, Inc. If an enclave of monsters had learned early on that making children laugh would garner more energy for Monstropolis than making them scream, they might not have been well-regarded in the screamcentric society the lived in, and could have been summarily banished to Earth. I believe ELMO'S ADVENTURES IN GROUCHLAND supports such a theory, as does the large number of monsters populating Sesame Street. It also aloows the origin of the Smile Time puppet demons to be the same as the muppets, though they obviously did not come to Earth to make children laugh.

    This counter theory does run into obstacles, when faces with THE MUPPET MOVIE, but I feel the framing sequence, which has all the muppets gathering to watch the movie they made, allows for that movie to be fictional, just as all the other muppet movies must be fictional in the TVCU (how many times can Kermit meet Miss Piggy for the 1st time, I mean really?).

    But allowing that you acknowledge anthropomorphic animals in the TVCU, the 'monsters' of Sesame Street (as opposed to the birds, frogs, etc) could still have such an origin.

    I also wanna point out that the 1987 Muppets Christmas Special which showcases a number of characters from Sesame Street ALSO crosses over with Fraggle Rock and solidifies Muppet Babies as official back story for Kermit, Piggie, and the gang, thus bringing together all four Hensonverse franchises. Shame they couldn't fit The Dark Crystal in somewhere...

  3. I do think your theory could work in relation to the Muppet monsters. In the TVCU, they are real monsters.

    Yes, I know there are going to be some inconsistencies when trying to make something like Sesame Street fit into a realistic chronology, but in some cases, you just have to ignore some things to make it fit as a whole. (Which sucks, because unlike our other hobby, the WNU, where we often say this happened, but completely different, in the TVCU, for the most part I believe that what we see on the screen is exactly the same as it really happened.

  4. Which is why I tend to think most cartoons do NOT fit the TVCU, since I just cannot believe Fred, Velma, Daphne, and Shaggy haven't noticibly aged in over 40 years.

  5. I agree most cartoons don't fit in the TVCU. You'll notice if you've seen my AU sections that most cartoons are in the Bongo Universe, the Looniverse, or the Tooniverse. Eventually I do blogs devoted just to explaining how those worlds work. I am going to eventually cover Scooby Doo, who has counterparts in both the TVCU and the Looniverse, but I'll actually try to fit in most of the works of the Doo into the TVCU, but by changing the dates and ignoring topical and technological references whenever possible.

    I know the Muppets are a stretch, and probably the biggest stretch I'll make in my blogs.

  6. That's cool. I'll take Kermit and Mr. Snufflupagus over the Jonas Brothers in any reality.

  7. Sadly, the Jonas Brothers are in due to recent discovered connections in our group discussion.

  8. For some insight to the RU origins of the Muppets, check out:

  9. One to add--Elmo appears on an episode of _The Torkelsons_ (which was reformatted in its second year as _Almost Home_