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The Green Hornet in the TVCU


As we continue the anniversary celebration today, I will be resharing our oldest posts, with new introductions.  I've already covered our 10th oldest (St. Elsewhere), 9th oldest (Frankenstein) and 8th oldest (Sesame Street), and now it's time for our 7th oldest, Green Hornet, originally published on January 16th, 2011, which was our sixth day as a website.  

I'm really happy with this post.  I was pleased to be able to combine radio, television, books, and films into one cohesive timeline. For the first few years, this remained in the top ten most viewed blogs.  It's due for an update, as more Green Hornet books have come out, and there has been a new Green Hornet/Batman'66 crossover.


Continuing my updates...

On the real people seeming to be fictional in the same reality, James has posted:  I don't have so much of a problem with the comic books existing in the same world. We have the same bizarre issue in the TVCU--look at The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, or other novels where comics featuring already crossed heroes exist within the same universe as the heroes themselves. I don't have a problem with it, mostly because the pulp heroes were aware of their magazines: Doc Savage made some negitive comics about Lester Dent, The Shadow novels were all based on his files (and Walter Gibson was a trusted agent--see The Sting of the Green Hornet and The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril), and a retired G-8 would answer his own letters page. If this level of metatextuality didn't affect the pulp heroes, I don't think it really affects the costumed adventuers.

This post now incorporates information from the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  For the purposes of this post, the Television Crossover Universe and Horror Universe are synonymous.


So let's get started.  The Green Hornet is a generational hero.  The bulk of his appearances in all forms of media all fit within the TVCU (even if they are in book or comic form.)  Let's now take a look at the history of the Green Hornet.  (Note that Mark Ellis and Matthew Baugh have compiled an awesome chronology of the Green Hornet that can be found at  This entire timeline fits within the TVCU.   There's no need for me to repeat of all of them, especially those that are in books and comics.  So I'm only going to cover the appearances that are from television, movies, and even radio (where he started.)

1906--Birth of Britt Reid.

1915--Birth of Ikano Kato.

1934--Britt Reid begins working as a crime reporter at the Daily Sentinel.

1935--Britt saves Kato's life, after which Kato comes to America to work for the Reid family.

1935 to 1953--THE GREEN HORNET (RADIO AND COMICS)--Events of the "golden age" of the Green Hornet (Britt Reid.)

Fall 1935--THE GREEN HORNET (RADIO)--The Green Hornet makes his debut with the help of his partner Kato.  This series replaced to previous series featuring WARNER LESTER, MANHUNTER and DR. FANG.  In the final episodes of both, the stars of each battle to the death.  Lester's sidekick Mike Axford would later appear on THE GREEN HORNET radio series.  It should be noted that it is well established throughout the radio show that the Green Hornet is the nephew of THE LONE RANGER.  At one point someone asks Reid about a picture on his wall of a masked man on a white horse.  He responds that it is his uncle while the William Tell Overture (theme music of THE LONE RANGER) plays. 

1938--MASKS--An adventure featuring Green Hornet, Kato, The Shadow, Miss Fury, Black Bat, Zorro, The Spider and others.

Summer 1939--THE GREEN HORNET (SERIAL)--The Green Hornet and Kato take on the Leader.

Summer 1940--THE GREEN HORNET STRIKES AGAIN! (SERIAL)--The duo take on Boss Crogan.

August 1940--BRAVE AND THE BOLD...THE LOST ISSUES--Batman and the Green Hornet.  See

November 27, 1940 to July 20, 1973--DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY--Normally I wouldn't include any movie based on a true story. Those usually go to Earth-Prime. But I felt this was a good exception. In this film we see Bruce Lee played Kato on TV. Even though Kato and the Green Hornet were real, there was a television show in the 1960s called THE GREEN HORNET since Batman and Robin watched it. And we know that Bruce Lee existed in the TVCU thanks to the new film, where the latest Kato is a fan. So this movie actually fits well into this chronology.

May 1942--STING OF THE GREEN HORNET (NOW COMICS)--In this story, we find the Green Hornet encountering THE SHADOW (also a pulp hero who started in radio), and CAPTAIN AMERICA (though including Cap doesn't include all his appearances, just as with the TVCU Superman.) Also appearing are Clark Jerome Kent (SUPERMAN) and Lois Lane, NICK FURY, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (Note that when real people appear in the TVCU, it is their TVCU counterparts, who usually are very similar to the real world versions, but have had additional experiences that replace real world experiences.) Also referenced are the SUB-MARINER and the YANKEE COMMANDO. Note that it's been pointed out to me that just saying this Superman's Lois and that Lois is confusing. So I should point out the difference. So the comic book version is Lois Lane, who has sisters Lucy and Margo. Margo is the one associated with the Shadow, and Lucy married a man named Tompkins and had a bratty daughter Suzie. However, there happens that while this Lois is working for the Star in Cleveland, another Lois is working for the Planet in L.A. She too is Lois Lane. See, comic Lois is the youngest sister, and in fact Lucy is much older, and her daughter was also named Lois after her sister. So you see the Lois Lanes are cousins of very close age.

1963--BURKE'S LAW--Henry the chauffeur is quoted as saying ""Never had aggravation like this when I worked for Green Hornet!"  Thanks Toby for this.  You revealed this info two weeks after I originally posted this blog.  I'm so glad I go back to your site for updates.  In another episode, Burke threatens to send Henry back to his previous employer, Charlie Chan.


Winter 1964--A SHOT IN THE DARK--Inspector Jacques Clouseau hires a martial artist named Cato to be his assistant.  Perhaps he was inspired by the stories of those American criminals, or by that rich newspaper man Britt Reid.  (There was a solid reference to James Bond in the Steve Martin PINK PANTHER film, and since the Martin version was not a true remake in that the story was completely different, I postulate that the diamond is the same from the earlier films, and that Clouseau must be a relative of the one from the original films.  Thus that is my reasoning for inclusion.)

Spring 1964--THE GREEN HORNET (TELEVISION SERIES) and THE GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES (MOONSTONE BOOKS)--Britt Reid's nephew, Britt Reid II, becomes the second Green Hornet, and teams with Kato's son, Hayashi.

Summer 1964--THE GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES--"Fang and Sting"--This story is full of crossovers.  These are DR. FANG, DOCTOR FU MANCHU, WARNER LESTER, MANHUNTER, PATRICIA WILDMAN (and thus her father DOC SAVAGE) from THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE, and THE LONE RANGER. 

Summer 1965 to Fall 1967--BATMAN--Events of the TV show.  My viewpoint for the TVCU is what you see on TV is how it really happened.  However, when it comes to Batman, there is some explaining.  Batman here is Dick Grayson and Robin is Bruce Wayne Junior.  The Butler is Alfred Pennyworth, the second butler for the Waynes.  Aunt Harriet is there too.  She is actually a cousin of Bruce Wayne.  Where are Bruce, Selina, and Helena?  They have temporarily moved out of Gotham for some peace.  The police commissioner is Tony Gordon, son of James.  Barbara Gordon is Tony's daughter who becomes Batgirl.  Some of the villains here are the originals of the 1940s, some are copycats, and some are newbies.  As a sidenote, it should be mentioned that this TV series is the first use of the 555-prefix for phone numbers used in the TVCU, replacing KL5.  For a full list of shows and films that use the 555 or KL5 prefix, check out this site.

Spring 1966--BATMAN--"The Spell of Tut"--Batman battles King Tut. THE GREEN HORNET briefly appears.

Fall 1966--BATMAN--"A Piece of the Action/Batman's Satisfaction"--Batman II and Robin II team up with GREEN HORNET II and Kato II. (See my Green Hornet book post or an explanation for the similar legacy of the Green Hornet line.)

November 1966--BATMAN--"The Impractical Joker"--Batman and Robin watch the Green Hornet TV show.  Clearly, this show must be a fictionalized version of the hero.

June 1967--HELLTOWN--This story occurs just after Charles Victor Szasz has begun operating as THE QUESTION. The Question, in a conversation with his mentor, brings up past mystery men, including THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, THE GREEN HORNET, WILDCAT, THE SANDMAN, and BLACK CANARY. Later on, Batman II (Dick Grayson) has a conversation with his butler Alfred Pennyworth (who is not the same as Bruce's former butler Alfred Beagle) in which they mention THE SHADOW. RICHARD DRAGON and Lady Shiva are also involved in the tale, and ORACLE is mentioned. Oracle is the first Barbara Gordon, who once operated as Batgirl in the 1940s. After the Joker (the original) shot her, she was paralyzed, but became an information broker to the world's heroes. Barbara is the daughter of former Police Commissioner James W. Gordon (aka THE WHISPERER) and the sister of current Police Commissioner Tony Gordon. She is also the aunt of Tony's daughter Barbara, who is now the second Batgirl.

Summer 1967--THE GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES--"The Inside Man"--Story by Matthew Baugh.  In this tale we learn that the Green Hornet is friends with tribe that the LONE RANGER's sidekick Tonto belonged to.  Also, a character in the story is related to HAHNOMA RETURNS, who is the star of his own series of mystery stories. 

Summer 1967--THE GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES--"Mutual Assured Destruction"--Story by Bill Spangler.  The Green Hornet mentions his uncle, THE LONE RANGER. 

Spring 1968--THE GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES--"Flight of the Yellowjacket"--Story by Howard Hopkins.  In this story we encounter two descendants of Butch Cavendish, legendary enemy of THE LONE RANGER.  Note that recently a follow-up called the Green Hornet Casefiles was published.  I have yet to read it, and don't know the content or where it fits on the chronology, but since the same group of scholars are authoring this book, I'm sure it's chock full of crossovers and fits into this timeline nicely. 

1968--BATMAN'66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET--The Second Batman and Second Green Hornet team-up once again.


September 1970--INVISIBLE DEATH--PRINCE ZARKON visits the Cobalt Club (frequently visited by THE SHADOW) and consults with the Shadow, THE SPIDER, the second GREEN HORNET, Bruce Wayne, and Ham Brooks (one of DOC SAVAGE's assistants). Also appearing, mentioned, or inferred are: NANCY DREW, THE THINKING MACHINE, ELLERY QUEEN, WU FANG, CAPTAIN HAZZARD, and DOCTOR DEATH.


Winter 1978--REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER--In this film, Clouseau drives the "Silver Hornet."  Surely this is more evidence that Clouseau was an admirer of the GREEN HORNET.


Spring 1986--Alan Reid (nephew of Britt Reid II), dies on his first outing as the Green Hornet.

Summer 1989--Alan Reid's brother Paul becomes the next Green Hornet and will work with various Katos over time.

Fall 1990--THE GREEN HORNET VOLUME 1 # 11 (NOW COMICS)--Paul Reid adds the Black Stinger helicopter to his vehicles / weapons.  It is made by Nelson Aviation, which is owned by the legendary AIRBOY.

November 1990--GREEN HORNET MINI-SERIES (NOW COMICS)--In this Paul Reid adventure, there is a criminal named Blinky McQuade.  This was once the undercover alias of THE SPIDER.  What actual connection between this criminal and THE SPIDER is unknown.

1993--QING FENG XIA--In Hong Kong, a man named Dong becomes the Green Hornet.

1994—Sonic #10; Angelo Decesare, Dave Manak, Art Mawhinney--Whilst running through a sewer, Sonic passes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As Robert previously included Sonic because of a Green Hornet crossover, I feel justified for including this little reference.

Fall 2002 to Fall 2003--SONIC X--Sonic the Hedgehog (yes, I'm going here) and others from the Tooniverse are transported to the TV Crossover Universe.  One time during this period, Sonic and his new friend Chris are both dressed up as the Green Hornet and Kato by Chris' butler.  When asked why, the butler responded that the Green Hornet was his childhood hero.  Not everyone was convinced of the villainy of the Green Hornet.

2005--THE GREEN HORNET (FRENCH FILM)--The current Green Hornet deals with a series of museum robberies.

Release Date: January 6, 2009 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Nightside
Horror Crosses: Stephen King Universe; Creature from the Black Lagoon; Frankenstein (See Notes); Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde
Non-Horror Crosses: Green Hornet; Maltese Falcon; Bran Mak Morn
The Story: Private investigator John Taylor takes a case for a woman who can’t remember the past 24 hours.
Notes: Seen on the streets of the Nightside are the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty driven by Kato and Stephen King’s Christine, with a deceased fellow behind the wheel. If there is one place where the Horror Multiverse may connect and overlap, it’s the strange place known as the Nightside, located within London, yet much larger than London. It is a place where magic and advanced technology exist. Numerous divergent timelines seem to coexist and time anomalies are a regular occurrence. This cross with the Stephen King Universe brings the Nightside series into the Horror Universe. At the bar called Strangefellows is a Creature from the Black Lagoon. One of Frankenstein’s female creations appears at the bar as well. As noted in a previous Nightside entry, Taylor has encountered numerous members of the Frankenstein family and their creations, so this cross could be with any of the Frankenstein versions previously seen to exist in the Horror Universe. Drug dealer Harry Fabulous is still selling a variation of the Hyde formula as seen in previous Nightside stories. In the story, John Taylor makes a comment that he doesn’t chase the Maltese Falcon. The Falcon gets mentioned in several Nightside stories. And apparently there is some kind of Nightside sex thing that involves the Worms of the Earth, first seen in the Bran Mak Morn story by Robert E. Howard. Bran Mak Morn is another of Howard’s sword and sorcery heroes. Other of Howards warriors, such as Conan and Kull, also exist in the Horror Universe’s past.

Summer 2010--THE GREEN HORNET--Another of the Reids takes on the mantle of Green Hornet with the aid of another Kato. (There could be arguments that this film should be an alternate universe, but then was not the 1960s television series meant to be a remake, not a continuation? But yet a little bit of creativity turned the Green Hornet into a generational hero to explain it away. And that same generational reasoning is why I include this new film into continuity. Note that in this film, Kato, who likes to draw, has a picture of Bruce Lee in his sketch book. Bruce Lee played Kato in the 1960s TV show. This isn't a "zonk" as I already explained. In the 1960s, Batman and Robin would watch THE GREEN HORNET on TV, even though they had also worked with them. The show was just a fictionalized version of the duo. Additionally, this Britt Reid (though perhaps not his real name) also has a poster of the Lone Ranger on his wall, just as the first Britt Reid did. The Lone Ranger was the uncle of the first Green Hornet, and thus a relative of this one as well.

Release Date: December 1, 2010 - March 1, 2011 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Green Hornet
Horror Crosses: Vampirella
The Story: Green Hornet faces a street gang that may have supernatural power.

Notes: In a scene in issue # 12, when Green Hornet is held captive, there are posters in the room of several models, including Vampirella. Considering that the other posters are models, and that Vampi did work as a horror host for a while, I believe this to be a poster of Vampi modelling. Note that this Green Hornet is another rebooted version of the character. However, some other stories in the Horror Universe, such as those in the Green Hornet Chronicles, demonstrate that each reboot is simply a new generation of the family carrying on the tradition.


Dynamite has announced the full creative team for Masks 2, the sequel to 2012-2013’s Masks. Artist Eman Cassalos (Alice Cooper) joins writer Cullen Bunn (Deadpool) in a comic book event uniting such pulp characters as The Shadow, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Lady Satan, Black Terror, Green Hornet, Zor…

Rating: Teen+ Cover A Main: Butch Guice UPC: 725130226976 01011 Cover B Variant: Jae Lee UPC: 725130226976 01021 Writer: Cullen Bunn Art: Eman Casallos Genre: Superhero, Crime Noir Publication Date: April 2015 Format: Comic Book Page Count: 32 pages ON SALE DATE: April 1 The Shadow. The Green Hornet
Before 'Enter the Dragon,' enter the Green Hornet — and his trusty sidekick, Kato (played by Bruce Lee).

In the magnum pi episode murder by night magnum has a dream that he's a pi in 1940s San fransceo invsgating the death of a news paper publisher one of the news papers he publishes is th daily sentinel out of Chiogo. Since everything else is based on things in magnums life the daily sentinel must be real too thus being a reference
to the green hornet

The Improbable Future...
The TVCU reality is constantly being altered, and divergent timelines being created, by the interference of time travel.  So, keep that in mind when reading this chronology of the TVCU future.  Things are never set in stone.  As the future turns into the past, things will always be changed, and thankfully, I can edit these blog posts every time that happens.

2080--DARK TOMORROW--A new Green Hornet and Kato begin having adventures.

ALTERNATE (TV/FILM) REALITIES: OK, now for the alternate Earths depicted on screen. For an understanding of alternate realities in the TVCU, check out my intro book simply titled "Television Crossover Universe".

Omniverse--Originally according to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 2004, "the omniverse is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm."

DC MEGAVERSE--According to Multiversity and Convergence, every multiverse DC has ever presented all exist as alternate timelines with Hypertime.

Original Multiverse--Cataloged--Originally there was no consistency regarding "numbered" Earths—they would be either spelled out as words or use numbers even within the same story. For example, "Crisis on Earth-Three!" (Justice League of America (vol. 1) #29, August 1964) uses "Earth-3" and "Earth-Three" interchangeably. However, a tradition of spelling out the numbers emerged in "The Most Dangerous Earth" (Justice League of America (vol. 1) #30, September 1964). This convention was disregarded in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it became common practice to refer to the various Earths with numerals instead. Infinite Crisis reverted to the original practice, but 52 and Countdown have referred to the alternate universes with numerals.

EARTH-1 (PRE-CRISIS):  I know it's the popular notion that the Inferior Five were on Earth-12 based on a remark in a Captain Carrot issue that they were looking for Earth-12, I go more with the theory from Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics that they (and the Super Friends) were on Earth-1. In fact, in the 1970s, the Super Friends continuity was interwoven with Earth-1. However, ivan is right and I wished I had remembered the Yellow Jacket.

EARTH-12 (PRE-CRISIS):  Crazy Ivan said... the home of the Inferior-5. Merry Man, the leader of the I-5 had parents that were non-powered superheroes during world war two. Before that, a relative of his was the pulp-era mystery man called the Yellow Jacket, with a sidekick called Plato, and a vehicle called the Gold Bug. 

Earth-12 was populated by parodies from across pop-culture, but many of DC's major characters existed there with the same names as in the DCU (Superman, Batman, etc), leading many to suspect that the SuperFriends cartoon took place in Earth-12 continuity.

A timeline by Mikel Norwitz details much of this world, including mention of Yellow Jacket.

Beyond The New 52



TVCU-1-Cartoon Universe (also has its own inner multiverse, as seen in various cartons. These are mostly one time seen worlds). Strangely, in this reality, the "Masked Hornet" is a television series.  We learn this from a conversation Huckleberry Hound has, during his duties as a police office, with a masked man he pulls over, who claims to be the actor who plays the Masked Hornet on TV.
  • TOONIVERSE:  In this reality there is a hero named BATFINK who works with his partner Karate.
  • TOONIVERSE MINUS:  In this reality, there is a BROWN HORNET who drove a "White Beauty" car.  In the future his descendant carries on the heroic tradition.

So that's the world of the Green Hornet legacy as it occurs in the TV Crossover Universe and the TV Crossover Multiverse.  Hope you enjoyed.  Please leave me comments if you have anything you disagreed with.  So long as it's polite, I love to have fun debate, and sometimes I'm actually convinced that I'm wrong, and will make changes.

Good night.

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  1. For alternate realities you may want to include Earth-12 (DC Comics), the home of the Inferior-5. Merry Man, the leader of the I-5 had parents that were non-powered superheroes during world war two. Before that, a relative of his was the pulp-era mystery man called the Yellow Jacket, with a sidekick called Plato, and a vehicle called the Gold Bug.

    Earth-12 was populated by parodies from across pop-culture, but many of DC's major characters existed there with the same names as in the DCU (Superman, Batman, etc), leading many to suspect that the SuperFriends cartoon took place in Earth-12 continuity.

    A timeline by Mikel Norwitz details much of this world, including mention of Yellow Jacket.

  2. I know it's the popular notion that the Inferior Five were on Earth-12 based on a remark in a Captain Carrot issue that they were looking for Earth-12, I go more with the theory from Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics that they (and the Super Friends) were on Earth-1. In fact, in the 1970s, the Super Friends continuity was interwoven with Earth-1. However, you are right and I wished I had remembered the Yellow Jacket.

    Incidentally, I do use Earth-12, but as the home of the DC Animated shows of the 1990s and 2000s as referenced on post Infinite Crisis comics.

    And even though I reject Norwitz's Earth-12, I still love the timeline and accept that his Earth-12 could still exist, in which case his would be "Old Earth-12" and the animated DCU would be "New Earth-12".

  3. I understand not accepting the Earth-12 continuity Mikel came up with, but I'd point out that Earth-12 was made the official designation for the I-5's Earth NOT in Oz/Wonderland Wars #3, but in The Official Index to the Crisis On Infinite Earths #2, though I will concede that the writer of the entry claims the meeting between Merryman and Captain Carrot as HIS source.

  4. Wow - I don't even remember that remark by Hugh (a big proponent of the Crossover studies). I should research my own site!

  5. Toby, which remark are you talking about?

  6. Never mind, I found what you were referring to. You need to research your site, and I need to remember what I write.

  7. Very nice! I will offer one small correction. Hanomah Return is my creation, though I like to think of her as the daughter of David Return, the hero of several detective short stories by Manly Wade Wellman. To the best of my knowledge, David was the first Native American detective character.