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Three Stooges (Flintstones Forever: The Bedrock Anomaly Part I)



Warning. This post has lots of wild theories.

The idea for this book, and my method for incorporating all of the Three Stooges' work comes from a concept created by author Dennis E. Power. This chronology is not authorized by Dennis. Though I am using an idea based on Dennis' concept, this chronology takes place in the TVCU.

Even if I'm using fictional theories, the crossovers themselves are real.

So, on to the explanation....


So, let's get going on to the chronology…

c. 1,000,000 B.C.--FLINTSTONES--When Pebbles Flintstone and Bamm Bamm Rubble are entered into a beauty contest their fathers Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are aggressively seeking votes. Amongst those they attempt to sway are the Three Stooges, who somehow managed to find their way to the Looniverse and travel back in time. The Stooges were among the few who had discovered the portal between realms, and they likely used the same time machine they used to meet Hercules, likely a precursor to the machine later created by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

10,000 BC--A meteor strikes near a village located close to the Dead Sea. Three villagers affected by the radiation are Moe, Larry, and Curly. (This is loosely based on the origin provided by Dennis E. Power in IMMORTAL BEFUDDLED, which in turn was inspired by the origin of Vandal Savage from DC Comics. In the DCU, Vandal Savage was Cain/Kane. The TVCU adopts that premise. In the recent crossover between Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes, it was revealed that Flint and Vandal Savage were the same person who took different paths in life in different realities. However, in the TVCU, both Star Trek and the Legion exist, and both Flint and Vandal Savage exist. I would argue that here, Flint and Savage were both Cain. Over the years of immortality, Cain would have many identities and lead many lives. Perhaps out of boredom, he would play the roles of both hero and villain as it suited his mood at the time. In that same Trek/Legion crossover, Q travels back in time, and is captured by Savage, creating an amalgam timeline that more closely resembles the Mirror Universe. One must wonder if this event led to the creation of the Looniverse, and the Hypertime of divergent realities that make up the Television Crossover Multiverse. Could the Great Gazoo be another identity of this Q?) Cain has been depicted in television and film numerous times, starting with After Six Days in 1920, played by Bruto Castellani. Most recently he was seen in 2014’s Noah, played by J√≥hannes Haukur J√≥hannesson.

10,000 BC--CRAZY MAGAZINE--"Quest for Third Degree Burns"--Since QUEST FOR FIRE is not in the TVCU (yet), I can easily bring in this parody with the Stooges replacing the main characters of the film, based on a novel.

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C. 10,000 B.C.--I'M A MONKEY'S UNCLE--The trio have settled with a new tribe, and have women of their own, but must fight for them when competition comes along.

C. 10,000 B.C.--THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA--Zanthia states that Moe, Larry, and Curly are his old friends.

C. 10,000 B.C.--QUEST FOR GLORY: SO YOU WANT TO BE A HERO--Three guards are none other than the Three Stooges.

7,000 B.C.--ONE PIECE--After the Great Flood, much of Earth is water, and the world is overrun with pirates and sea monsters. During this time the Stooges serve on the crew of a pirate named Buggy.

C. 6,000 B.C.--GOSEI SENTAI DAIRANGER--The Stooges are living in China as part of a military tribe.

3148 B.C.--MUMMY'S DUMMIES--The trio are in Egypt selling lemons, that is defective chariots. When they sell one to a palace guard, they get a death sentence (and since in that time and place it was executed by beheading, this was truly of death sentence for the trio.) However, they gain the king's favor first by ending the king's toothache, and then by exposing a crooked official stealing from the king. The king offers his daughter to any of the three. She turns out to be homely, and Curly is elected by the other two to be the groom. (Of course, the marriage doesn't last long and the trio do not inherit the throne. Instead through an untold tale, the trio eventually have to move on.)


Circa 1350 B.C.--THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES--This tale doesn't involve the immortal trio living during this time. Instead, the trio of 1962 travel back in time with the inventor of the time machine and his girlfriend, where they have a very bad encounter with Hercules when they try to make a profit off of stealing Hercules’ identity. (Yes, I know, it's really Heracles.) The travelers end up going back to the future.

27 B.C.--MATRI-PHONY--The stooges are in Ancient Rome. The get jobs at potters. When the emperor orders all beautiful red-headed women come before him so he can choose a wife, Diana takes refuge with the trio. She is found by soldiers, and she and the trio are brought before the emperor. After the emperor's glasses break, Curly tries to pose as Diana. Eventually, all four escape.

398--FIDDLERS THREE/MUSTY MUSKETEERS--The trio are fiddlers under the rule of king Coel Hen. In order to gain permission to marry their sweethearts, the trio must first get Prince Valiant to marry the princess. (Note that Prince Valiant here is meant to be Prince Valiant of the comic strips, but Prince Valiant lived during the time of Arthur in the 6th century. The king here is Old King Cole, who is based on the real King Coel Hen, who lived from 350 to 420. Thus this Prince Valiant is not the more famous hero. ALMOST A CROSSOVER.) (Note also that FIDDLERS THREE was remade as MUSTY MUSKETEERS. Later on, the Stooges will be cursed in such a way that will cause them to repeat certain escapades over and over. Usually I can write it off as that voodoo curse, but in this case, the story is just too similar, so it's just two tellings of the same events. There are many different dates given for the time of Arthur, who is established to exist in the TVCU. Because of my DC obsession, I use the era established by DC for Arthur. Arthur will be discussed in more detail in "Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales and Folklore of the Television Crossover Universe" in this same book.

568--SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE--The trio are in England. They aid their blacksmith friend in wooing the princess while also stopping a plot against the king. Note that this tale takes place during the era of King Arthur of Camelot, but it takes place in a different kingdom.

1327--RESTLESS KNIGHTS--The Trio are mistakenly believed to be of noble blood, and though they know it's not true, they take it to heart to save the kingdom.


1338 to 1350--SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES--The Three Stooges are involved in the events of the classic SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS.

1568--KNUTZY KNIGHTS--In the strangest of coincidences, the same exact events as in SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE occur again, a thousand years later. The blacksmith, the princess, and the villain are all reincarnated from their lives in that other time.

1637--BACK TO THE WOODS--The Trio are criminals (as usual) in England and as punishment are sent to the new world (New England) where they help locals by trying to hunt despite the obstacle of dealing with Indians not willing to share the land.

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1767--OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD--"Who's Afraid of Mother Goose?"--The three stooges, immortals, were the inspirations for the three men in a tub in the song RUB-A-DUB-DUB.

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1852--CACTUS MAKES PERFECT--The trio gets a fake map to a gold mine and head out west. They actually find real gold, which two thieves try to steal from them. However, they triumph and keep the gold. (Of course, as usual, whenever they gain money, they either squander it or are swindled out of it.)

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1862--UNCIVIL WAR BIRDS--The trio can't decide which side they like in the civil war (and since they aren't really Americans they don't really have any homeland loyalty.) Eventually they choose to be loyal to the south, while posing as Union soldiers. They are found out but escape to the south and marry three southern belles. As usual, the marriage is quickly dissolved when the brides find out how nuts the boys are. What nobody really knew was that this whole episode was a ruse, in order to pose as southern officers for the north, as seen in the next entry.

1862--UNCIVIL WARRIORS--The trio become spies for the North during the Civil War, going to the South to pose as Southern officers.

1863--4 FOR TEXAS--The trio briefly head out west where two groups of crooks are in competition with each other.

1864--GOOFS AND SADDLES--The trio's spying career continues, but now for the cavalry. The trio uses the names of other legendary western heroes. Moe poses as Wild Bill Hickok, Curly poses as Buffalo Bill Cody, and Larry poses as Just Plain Bill. They are sent by General Custer to catch some cattle rustlers.

1875--HORSES' COLLARS--The Trio take jobs as private detectives in the old west.

1876--WHOOPS, I'M AN INDIAN!--The Trio are crooked gamblers who hide from the law by posing as Indians (or Native Americans if you wish.)

1879--YES, WE HAVE NO BONANZA--The Trio is still in the west, now working as waiters at a saloon with the girls they wish to marry. Their boss is a crook who with his partner has buried some stolen money. The girls' father owes the saloon owner money, and will be killed if he doesn't pay. The guys go prospecting to find money and come across the buried loot. They go to pay it to the boss, who recognizes his own money. A chase follows which then leads to the criminals crashing into the sheriff's office.

1880--ROCKIN' THRU THE ROCKIES--The Stooges get jobs as frontier guides leading a minstrel show out west. However, after Indians attack, their horses run off and they are stranded. They must deal with recurring Indian attacks, bears, and snow, but eventually get a brainstorm and place wind sails on their wagons which gets them successfully moving.

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1880--THE OUTLAWS IS COMING--The trio have gone east where they work for a wildlife conservation magazine in Boston. However, the editor sends them out west on assignment to get rid of them. Having been known as great lawmen and great outlaws from previous adventures, they find themselves hunted by every great outlaw and hero of the west. However, they are under the protection of Annie Oakley, who has fallen for the magazine editor and so protects them for his affection. (Note that I tried very hard to find a date that would include all the historical figures in this film. The historical figures are Annie Oakley, Chief Crazy Horse, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Billy the Kid and Jesse James. I found a date that works to fit into the lives and time periods where they are not too old or too young. I succeeded, except for Hickok, who died in 1975. So we can say that the Hickok here is someone else, impersonating Hickok.)

1883--PHONY EXPRESS--The trio are now tramps. They arrive in Peaceful Gulch where for some reason a poster had been printed showing them as legendary lawmen. It may be that their experiences from the 1870s capturing crooks made them legends beyond the reality. They try to prevent a bank robbery but fail. However, they pursue the crooks, capture them, and recover the money, thus reinforcing the legend.


October 31, 1886--A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER (NOVEL BY ROGER ZELAZNY)--On Halloween, the barriers between realities weaken, and two forces gather. One wishes to open the portals and reign Hell on Earth, while the other are there to oppose the first. The Dracula present is likely a soul clone. Though this Wolf Man is too early to be Larry Talbot, the story identifies him as thus. There are many sources that indicated that Talbot may have already had lycanthropy in his bloodline before being attacked by Bela the gypsy, and so this Larry Talbot may be kin. Some, including those at MONSTAAH and monster hunter “Crazy” Ivan Ronald Schabloski, believe the Wolf Man of this story is that of the 2010 remake despite this story being published 17 years prior to the remake film. That film takes place in 1886 and also, as in this story, claims that the Ripper murders have already happened, which is historically inaccurate. Though I really like this theory, and have no problem using it for my Television Crossover Universe website, the evidence isn’t strong enough to include it in the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia. The Frankenstein and Creature of this story are only referred to as the Good Doctor and the Experiment Man. There’s no reason to believe this to be Victor and his creation, but he could still be part of the infamous family and one of his creations. Jack the Ripper is also involved as previously mentioned. That means that in the Horror Universe his murder spree began a year earlier than in the real world, but this is a necessary stretch to keep this story on a Halloween with a full moon. Of course, in fiction, there are many different beings who have been attributed as the Ripper. Several of these stories are connected to the Horror Universe. So this Ripper is but one of those. Almost all of the characters of this story die in the end, but don’t they always die at the end of most stories, only to return anyways? Also, the Three Stooges appear, which we can assume to be the characters and not the actors. The Stooges have also met a Doctor Jekyll and encountered Mystery, Inc. twice. They may have also been the henchmen of the gangster in the Invisible Woman. But this appearance, which is a clear reference to the Stooges, predates their births. That is, if we presume they were the same ages as the actors who portrayed them. Over at my Television Crossover Universe book, I have an entire post devoted to the trio, in which I speculate that they are immortals, and then back up that hypothesis with a proposed detailed chronology of their misadventures. The theory was originally presented by Dennis E. Power on his Secret History website. I took the liberty of expanding on it. While it could be this is Moe Sr, Larry Sr. and Curly Sr., as with Abbott and Costello, I find the immortality angle works better for the Stooges.


1886--THE THREE TROUBLEDOERS--Based on the legend that has been created around the trio in the old west, the trio become lawmen in another town. A villain named Badlands Blackie kidnaps the father of a girl named Nell in order to blackmail the girl into marrying him. Nell promises her hand to Curly if the trio can rescue her father. They succeed, but when the father learns of Nell's promise, he chooses death. Fortunately, the arrangement is called off in order to keep the father from committing suicide.

1887--OUT WEST--The trio still out west come to the aid of the heroic ARIZONA KID. This is actually a crossover.

1890--PUNCHY COWPUNCHERS--The trio are bartenders still living in the west.

1891--MERRY MAVERICKS--Still considered to be legendary lawmen, the trio are hired to protect some money while hiding out inside a house thought to be haunted. When the crooks come after the money, the trio use the haunting legends to their advantage to subdue the crooks.

1891--GOLD RAIDERS--Once again the trio are hired as lawmen, this time by a mine insurer, who needs assistance in protecting the mines from crooks.

1891--THE TOOTH WILL OUT--The trio pretend to be dentists, and do a job of the quality you would expect. Unfortunately, the first customer is a dangerous outlaw.

1894--PALS AND GALS--The trio must again rescue a group of sisters from a dastardly villain.

1894--SHOT IN THE FRONTIER--The trio are courting three girls who are also courted by three outlaws.

1909--WE MUST DO OUR BEST--Moe appears without his friends but is as usual a bully.

1913--TURN BACK THE CLOCK--The trio have jobs as wedding singers. They sing at the wedding of a man who has traveled back in time 20 years and inhabits his body from this time period.

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1913--BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD--The Trio are working as clowns on Vaudeville.

1918--HALF SHOT SHOOTERS--After a stint in the military, the stooges are discharged at war's end. They administer payback on their mean sergeant.

Spring 1919--SPRING FEVER--featuring the Stooges. (Note that any appearance of Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, or Curly Joe imply the appearances of the immortal three, regardless of which actors are being used, or how many.)

1930--SOUP TO NUTS--The trio have jobs as firefighters, and try to help out a bankrupt costume store owner and his niece.

1933--GIVE A MAN A JOB--Jimmy Durante and Moe try to help the cause to end unemployment.

1933--NERTSERY RHYMES--The Trio pretend to be children for a crazy old man.

1933--BEER AND PRETZELS--The Stooges and their friend Ted Healy (who actually later plays himself in many of these films. Stories with Ted are usually based on his real experiences and where Healy got a lot of the Stooges material) are fired from the theater and get jobs as waiters.

1933--HELLO POP!--Somebody might say hello to their pop?

1933--PLANE NUTS--Ted Healy and his Stooge friends try to mix classic Vaudeville with Berkleyesque music.

1933--MEET THE BARON--The trio are janitors at a radio station.

1933--DANCING LADY--The trio are stagehands on Broadway where a rich man is helping the career of a dancer.

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1933--MYRT AND MARGE--Myrtle is the star of a show who takes over production to allow a newer actress to take the lead. Ted and the Trio are stagehands. Note that this is one of the many adventures of the trio where people seem to unrealistically break out in song. We know from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER that the reason for this as a demon that makes people act like they are in a musical.

1933--STAGE MOTHER--A Vaudeville star sees talent in her daughter and pushes her career. (Larry appears briefly in the film as a music store customer.)

1934--FUGITIVE LOVERS--A chorus girl trying to escape from a gangster falls for an escaped convict while riding on a bus together to Los Angeles. The Trio is involved as still part of the showbiz scene.

1934--JAILBIRDS OF PARADISE--The Trio having recently been jailed, escape and are on the run.

1934--WOMAN HATERS--The trio decide to give up on women and join a completely heterosexual male group devoted to not being with women. (Apparently they were common back then, but now are called gay bars.) Larry gets married anyways but tries to keep it a secret from his friends.

1934--THE BIG IDEA--Ted Healy is an ideas man who can't think straight due to the constant interruptions of people coming into his office, including his pals, the stooges.

June 1934--HOLLYWOOD PARTY--Jimmy Durante gets the help of Baron Munchausen to boost his career, so in return, Durante throws him a huge party. The Three Stooges crash the party to get autographs. Attendees at the party are Laurel and Hardy, Mickey Mouse and the Big Bad Wolf (from the Looniverse, who were working in Hollywood at the time, using the portal at Toon Town to pass through dimensions), and many others.

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1934--SIMPSONS--"Marge in Chains"--According to Grampa Simpson, Admiral Byrd discovers the Pole this year...just hours before the Three Stooges do. Considering the Stooges had just been at a party at the portal to the Looniverse, I'm sure this happened in the Looniverse. Springfield exists in a state in which it coexists in both realities, so I'm sure this is the cause of Grampa's memory, besides the fact that he's old.

1934--PUNCH DRUNKS--Turns out Curly becomes an excellent boxer when he hears "Pop Goes the Weasel". Moe takes advantage by creating a boxing career for Curly, with Larry playing the song on violin during each match. However, during the championship bout, the violin breaks, and Curly almost gets beat, but Larry finds an alternative solution and Curly temporarily becomes the World Heavyweight champion. However, we must assume very quickly after, he loses the title.

1934--MEN IN BLACK--The Trio manage to fake their way into getting positions as new doctors at a hospital.

1934--THE CAPTAIN HATES THE SEA--A newspaper man wants to quit drinking, so instead of rehab or a 12 step program (which hadn’t been created yet), he takes a cruise where there is lots of alcohol and he keeps drinking. The Trio is working on the ship, not as alcohol abuse counselors, but as part of the orchestra. (Note that at some point in the past, the trio learned how to play classical instruments.)

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1934--THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS--The Trio are confused for famous football players and hired to join a gangster's team. Of course, they are horrible and must then flee before they are killed (or hurt really badly).

1935--POP GOES THE EASEL--The trio hide out in an art studio when being pursued by a cop. It seems that one of the reasons the trio has to constantly change jobs and locations is related to some crime (for which they were previously imprisoned and escaped.)

1935--PARDON MY SCOTCH--The Trio create a new brand of scotch, and have a chance of being highly successful, but their own behaviors as usual screw things up.

1935--HOI POLLOI--A professor, inspired by the work of Professor Higgins, decides he can turn the stooges into perfect gentlemen. He temporarily succeeds and passes them off at a party, but they not only regress, but they bring the rest of the guests down to their level.

1935--THREE LITTLE BEERS--The trio are working for a beer delivery company, but decided to take a break and sneak onto a golf course. Somehow everything goes wrong.

1936--ANTS IN THE PANTRY--The Trio are working as exterminators, but to get business, they release pests into a party at a mansion so they can get hired. The home owners, not wishing to let the guests know about the pests, have the trio pose as guests while working. Eventually, they are found out, but the homeowner then passes them off as a vaudeville act.

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1936--MOVIE MANIACS--The stooges go to Hollywood to get into pictures, but get mistaken for film executives. They attempt to make films, but everyone quits on them, and eventually the real executives show up, causing the trio to flee once they are found out.

1936--HALF SHOT SHOOTERS--The stooges re-join the military (for the umpteenth time in their immortal lives) only to end up having the same sergeant to whom they enacted their revenge after being discharged at the end of World War I.

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1936--DISORDER IN THE COURT--The Stooges are working as musicians at a club and are testifying in court where their dancer friend is accused of murder. During the usual mayhem that the trio creates, they manage to uncover the true murderer.

1936--A PAIN IN THE PULLMAN--The Stooges have returned to acting, though working small time. They are taking a train to their next gig when they cause chaos for their fellow passengers, leading to them literally getting tossed off.

1936--FALSE ALARMS--The Stooges are firemen again, and as usual are sub-par at their job.

1936--SLIPPERY SILKS---The stooges are carpenters until they inherit a fashion boutique, where they become designers of dresses based on furniture designs.

1937--GRIPS, GRUNTS, AND GROANS--The trio are trainers for a wrestler named Bustoff. But when they accidentally knock him out, Curly must take his place. Curly is doing pitifully horrible. Why they didn't play "Pop Goes the Weasel" is unknown, but when Curly smells "Wild Hyacinth" from a woman's perfume, it has the same effect. He beats his opponent, then half the spectators as well.

1937--DIZZY DOCTORS--The trio are selling "Brighto", what they think is a cleaning liquid but actually turns out to be medicine.

1937--3 DUMB CLUCKS--The trio escape from prison (again.) They learn that one of Curly's mortal offspring is planning on divorcing to marry a younger girl. However, Curly who looks like his son is mistaken for him and marries the girl instead. But it turns out the girl is working for gangsters who wish to kill Curly's son and get his money.

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1937--CASH AND CARRY--The stooges try to raise money for a poor boy's operation. They buy a phony treasure map that turns out to be for the U.S. Treasury vault. When President Roosevelt learns of the circumstances behind the break in, the trio gets amnesty for this and all their previous crimes and ensures the child gets the operation.

1937--PLAYING THE PONIES--The trio have purchased a restaurant, but sell it to buy a racehorse. They find that when the horse eats chili pepperinos, he runs extremely fast toward water, so they feed him chili pepperinos before his first race, and then drive outside the track with a bucket of water, causing their horse to win the race.

1937--THE SITTER DOWNERS--The trio are courting three sisters, but their father refusing to consent, which means the girls won't marry. They are very traditional. The trio has a sit-in strike at the home of the girls and their father until he consents. The strike gains media attention, and the trio receive many gifts from people, including a free lot and a prefabricated home. Eventually, the father gives in and the girls marry, but the girls won't go on a honeymoon (meaning no sex) until the house is built. Sadly, the trio burnt the plans, and just wing it. They finally complete the house, which looks awful, and falls down on them.

1938--TERMITES OF 1938--The trio are back in the pest extermination business, and end up at another fancy party where they totally make a mess of things.

1938--WEE WEE MONSIEUR--The trio move to Paris to become artists, but when they can't pay the rent, they join the French Foreign Legion.

1938--START CHEERING--The stooges are back in Hollywood, while movie star Ted Crosley had decided to give up acting and return to college.

1938--TASSELS IN THE AIR--The trio are working as janitors now, but Moe is confused for a famous interior decorator. However, eventually, as usual, he is found out. Also, we learn that along with "Pop Goes the Weasel" and the smell of "Wild Hyacinth", the sight of tassels also drives Curly nuts.

Image result for three stooges healthy wealthy and dumb

1938--HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND DUMB--Curly wins a radio contest, scoring $50,000. The Stooges move into the Hotel Costa Plente, but end up wrecking everything, creating a huge bill. To make matters worse, they find out that after taxes, they actually only won $4.85. They decide that the best course of action is to marry these three pretty widows, but in actuality these girls are gold diggers. When they find out the trio are broke, the courtship is off.

1938--VIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY--The trio are running a gas station and accidentally blow up three German college professors who were due to become the new professors at the local woman's college. So they decide to take the professors' places, naturally. But it turns out that the professors are still alive and come to claim their jobs and seek revenge on the killers.

1938--THREE MISSING LINKS--The trio are back to work as janitors for a film studio, where they land jobs as actors in a film that goes on location in Africa.

1938--MUTTS TO YOU--Having been kicked off the film because of Curly's act of bestiality (while under the influence of a love spell), the trio return to the States where they get jobs as dog washers. They discover an abandoned baby, but when it turns out the child had been kidnapped, they find themselves on the lam. Eventually, the police catch them and the baby is returned to its parents, who understand the misunderstanding and don't press charges.

1938--FLAT FOOT STOOGES--The trio become firefighters again, for an old fashioned station that still uses horses. A man tries to sell the chief new equipment, but when he won't buy, the salesman tries to sabotage the place by planting gunpowder. This causes a fire in the station, and the salesman and the chief's daughter who had caught him in the act are both knocked out. The trio for once saves the day, not being responsible for the preceding mayhem.

1939--THREE LITTLE SEW AND SEWS--The trio joins the navy, working in the ship's tailor shop. They are refused passes, so Curly poses as the Admiral and the other two as his aides. They crash a party where they encounter two spies, one a beautiful woman. The spies convince the trio to steal a submarine, but the trio gets wise and captures the spies. When the real admiral learns of the identity theft, he goes after the trio, but instead, the trio accidentally blows everyone up. All are killed except of course our immortal dimwits.

Image result for we want our mummy three stooges

1939--WE WANT OUR MUMMY--A museum offers a $5000 (48 cents after taxes) award for the procurement of the mummy of King Rootin-Tootin, so off to Egypt they go. Of course they have some unscrupulous competition, but in the end, they triumph.

1939--A DUCKING THEY DID G0--Con men convince the trio to sell memberships to a phony duck hunting club at a lake with no ducks. Not knowing it's fake, the trio sells the whole thing to the police department. The con men skip town, and the trio figure out that the lake has no ducks. Curly finds some, unknowingly stealing them from a local farm, which leads to a whole bunch of people with guns chasing after the trio.

1939--SAVED BY THE BELLE--The trio has taken jobs selling fur coats and are sent to the tropical nation of Valeska. Of course, they aren't successful in selling warm clothing in a hot environment. When they get a telegram from their supervisor saying "to get rid of present wardrobe" the local authorities mistakenly thinking it is saying to get rid of President Ward Robey. Thus they face the firing squad. Though they wouldn't die, it would of course hurt a lot and they would be found out as immortals. Fortunately, a revolutionary rescues them. They join the revolution, and deliver secret documents to the revolution leader, but it turns out they were only carrying a rolled up calendar. Again, they face a firing squad but are again rescued when the same revolutionary shows up with the correct documents.

1939--CALLING ALL CURS--The Stooges have scammed their way into passing off as veterinarians. They get a very rich client who leaves her poodle in their care, but the poodle gets dognapped. But the stooges successfully rescue the dog (and its puppies.)

Image result for oily to bed oily to rise three stooges

1939--OILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE--The stooges having been found out as fake vets, are now tramps. However, through dumb luck and good intentions, they help protect a woman from being swindled out of her land which has oil. In the end, the Stooges marry her three daughters, April, May, and June.

1939--THREE SAPPY PEOPLE--The Trio are phone repairmen (and single...what became of those lovely wives already) and as usual get confused for doctors (why do they keep getting confused as doctors?), this time psychiatrists to be specific. A rich man asks them to cure his wife, who does crazy things like wanting to have adventures such as riding submarines. (Women of course should stay at home.) The trio somehow ruins a dinner party for snobby rich folk (imagine that!) but this act somehow cures the woman.

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1940--YOU NAZTY SPY!--The trio travel to Moronica, a nation in Europe. (I suppose by now it should be obvious that the U.S. has many cities in the TVCU that aren't in the real world, and the same is true for foreign countries. There are many countries in the TVCU that aren't in the real world.) They get jobs as paper hangers. However, the evil cabinet ministers wish to overthrow the king, and so they set up Moe as their puppet dictator, with Curly his Field Marshal and Larry as Minister of Propaganda. In the end, they are overthrown by an angry mob, and the trio end up getting eaten by lions, though only enough to convince the mob they died. Being immortal, they recovered from their wounds, not being completely eaten.

1940--A PLUMBING WE WILL GO--Since literally being eaten, the trio hide out for a while in a gypsy village, where they are unknowingly temporarily cursed by the clan who believe that Moe was truly the evil dictator he was portrayed to be. They make their way back to America on a boat, and find themselves still wanted by the police for so many previous crimes. Hiding out, they pose as plumbers (something they've done before.) However, working in a mansion, they run amok. I know, running amok in a mansion, right? That never happens. However, the magic mojo causes them to cross the electrical system with the plumbing, which actually causes water to come out of the television when a show about Niagara Falls is on. The Stooges end up escaping through a magician's trap door and the magic is spent.

1940--NUTTY BUT NICE--The trio are working as singing waiters. A doctor is so impressed that he hires them to chair up a little girl. Her father had been kidnapped along with $300,000 in bonds. The Trio manages to find the bad guys' hideout and rescue the father.

1940--THE INVISIBLE WOMAN (FILM)--Model Kitty Carroll responds to an ad from a Professor Gibbs to become his subject to test his invisibility ray. The ray actually requires a formula that must be ingested first, or else the ray instead messes up one’s voice. Meanwhile, a gangster wants the ray, and sends his goons to take it. In the end, the ray is rescued, Carroll’s visibility is restored (though she finds alcohol consumption will return her invisibility), and Carroll ends up marrying playboy Richard Russell, who had financed Gibbs. Their child, a year later, is able to turn invisible when exposed to alcohol. Though it seems as if this film has nothing to do with the Invisible Man, it is considered part of the series and thus part of the canon. It should be noted that that film is more of a comedy than the rest of the series. Additionally, the three gangster henchmen strongly resemble the Three Stooges, and one of them is indeed played by Shemp Howard. This film follows The Invisible Man Returns and is followed by Invisible Agent. A remake of this film is currently in development at this writing. This film has been “non-cross” referenced in Six Feet Under, Take Me Home Tonight, Orange is the New Black, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and Comix From the Underground.

1940--HOW HIGH IS UP?--The Trio are down and out living under their car (but at least they have a car) and working as tinkers. To drum up business, they punch holes in the unattended lunch boxes of construction workers, but get caught. They flee, but somehow get hired as riveters, working on the 97th floor. As usual, the job is blundered and they have to flee their boss by parachuting off the building.

1940--FROM NURSE TO WORSE--The stooges' friend Jerry tells them of a scam that they decide to try out. They take out an insurance policy on Curly, then have him pretend he's insane (he isn't?) by having him pretend he's a dog. However, the insurance doctor wants to perform brain surgery (or cut off his head, even more frightening to immortals), and they make a run for it.

1940--NO CENSUS, NO FEELING--The stooges get jobs as census takers. First they go to a mansion to take a census, and cause havoc amongst the rich folk, as usual. Then they go to a football game to take the census. They can't get in without tickets, so they disguise themselves as football players, which get them mistakenly put into the game, where they ruin the game.

1940--COOKOO CAVALIERS--The three get jobs as fish peddlers, but decide to go to Mexico to open a beauty salon. However, after ruining the hair of chorus line girls, they must flee the wrath of their manager.

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1940--BOOBS IN ARMS--The three are selling greeting cards when they accidentally end up in the army again, and their sergeant turns out to be a man who they have encountered and angered many times before (in TERMITES OF 1938 as Arthur Twitchell, in OILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE as Farmer Johnson, in THREE SAPPY PEOPLE as a party guest, in YOU NAZTY SPY! as Mr. Ixnay, in ARIZONA as a teamster). Why does this man continue to be in their lives under various identities? Perhaps he is their watcher. Watchers are people who watch various types of immortals, vampires, and slayers. It could be he, unfortunately, is assigned to watching them. In this tale, he ends up captured, and the three rescue him. In the end, they are shot out of a cannon, which we know can hurt them a lot, but cannot permanently injure them or kill them.

1941--HOLLYWOOD STEPS OUT--The Stooges fight as usual, but to the beat of some music.

1941--SO LONG MR. CHUMPS--The three are street cleaners now. They find bonds and return them to their owner. He is so grateful he offers them a reward, but only if they can find an honest man with executive ability. They meet a woman who claims her husband is that man. So they get themselves arrested in order to break him out. They succeed, only to learn the rich man was a con artist who had been arrested and was now heading to jail himself.

1941--DUTIFUL BUT DUMB--The trio get jobs working as photographers for Whack Magazine. After messing up an assignment, they are sent to Vulgaria to take a picture of a death ray. However, they weren't aware it's a death sentence to take pictures in Vulgaria. They once again face a firing squad. As a last request, Curly requests an enormously large cigar. It takes so long to smoke it that the firing squad and guards have all fallen asleep, allowing their escape.

1941--ALL THE WORLD'S A STOOGE--The trio mess up a job as window washers and are fired. But a millionaire hires them to pose as children. His wife wishes to pretend to have adopted refugees to show off to her friends. Eventually they screw this job up as well and flee the premises.

August 1941--HOLD THAT GHOST--Bud and Lou are gas station attendants under the aliases Chick Murray and Ferdie Jones. They end up at a haunted house with several others looking for some stashed cash.

1941--TIME OUT FOR RHYTHM--The trio get jobs in a Hollywood club.

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1941--I'LL NEVER HEIL AGAIN--The trio return to Moronica where they manage to regain power. However, a revolution led by the former king's daughter leads to the return to power of the king, and the trio are temporarily taken prison and treated as trophies of the king. Eventually, realizing the trio isn’t really evil, but misguided, he allows them to leave the country.

1941--AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE--The trio are icemen (men who deliver ice). They run afoul of a man destroying the cakes he was bringing home. Later their antics cause some household servants to quit, and the trio is hired to replace them. They must make cakes for a party. Curly realizes (mistakenly) that he can make cakes faster by filling them with gas. Then it turns out they are in the home of the man whose cakes they ruined before, and finally, the gas cake explodes. It was never revealed if there were any injuries or deaths amongst the mortals.

1941--IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE--The trio are convicted for a murder that they didn't commit. (It's not related to the gas cake explosion.) Facing execution (which would hurt a lot and reveal their immortality), they find a loophole by agreeing to marry three sisters. The sisters need to marry to collect a trust fund. However, the real murderers end up confessing which frees the trio, and the sisters are now obliged to be real wives to them. They hope to find reason to divorce by exposing the three as unfit for high society, and they succeed in that, but in the end decide to stay married to the trio.

1941--SOME MORE OF SAMOA--The wives did eventually (in a matter of a few weeks) tire of the trio and divorce them. The trio becomes tree surgeons and is sent to the nation of Rhum-Boogie to get a rare tree. They are captured by the natives and will become their next meal unless Curly marries the chief's daughter. However, the trio manages to escape with the tree they were after.

1942--LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD--The trio think the way to make money is to sue a hotel by faking an injury. However, they choose a hotel owned by a poor old lady who is about to lose the property due to her evil landlord. The trio feels bad and go beat up the landlord. Then they renovate the hotel, and become a star comedy and magic act at the hotel.

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1942--WHAT'S THE MATADOR--The trio becomes actors due to the success of the hotel show. They are hired to work a gig at a fiesta in Mexico. On the trip there, they meet a lovely woman, and get their suitcases mixed up. They find her home, but having learned of her jealous husband, they choose to sneak in and switch suitcases. However, they are caught by the husband. He chases them out vowing to kill them should he see them again. At the fiesta, they perform a comedy bullfight in the ring, but the jealous husband bribes an attendant to let the real bull in the ring, where Curly amazingly handles it like a true matador.

1942--THREE SMART SAPS--The Three Stooges get engaged again, to the daughters of a prison warden. However, the crooks in prison capture the warden and turn the prison into a casino, all while pretending to the outside that everything is normal. The trio goes undercover to get evidence and expose the crooks and rescue the warden. The trio gets married again. (Let's see how long this lasts.)

1942--EVEN AS IOU--First, note that a few weeks later the trio is single again. The trio wishes to help a poor family. They win big at the track, but conmen swindle them and sell them a washed up horse. Everything turns out ok (sort of). Curly takes horse vitamins, and gives birth to a colt, probably the result of that gypsy magic curse. The colt is given to the poor family.

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Summer 1942--ALL-FLASH QUARTERLY # 5--"The Case of the 'Patsy Colt'"--The trio move to Keystone City where they encounter the Flash for the first time. They would come back to Keystone City often to encounter the Flash many times in the coming years as well as to have their own misadventures there.

1942--MY SISTER EILEEN--Two sisters move from Ohio to New York to make it big as a writer and actress. They live in Greenwich Village where they are neighbors to the trio, currently working as subway builders.

1942--SOCK-A-BYE BABY--The stooges find a baby on their doorstep and think it abandoned. They take it and soon find themselves hunted as kidnappers. The baby is returned to its parents and the trio flees as fugitives.

1943--THEY STOOGE TO CONGA--The stooges get jobs fixing a doorbell at a house that turns out to be a headquarters for Nazi spies. They of course wreck the house while trying to do the wiring, but they also through pure accident subdue the spies and sink a Nazi sub through remote control. Due to this, they gain immunity from the previous kidnapping charges.

1943--DIZZY DETECTIVES--The trio are carpenters who decide to become cops. After graduating the academy, they are put undercover as night watchmen as an antique store. There are a string of robberies by a man in a gorilla suit. The citizen's league, led by a Mr. Dill, is outraged. However, the trio discovers the gorilla is real and controlled by Mr. Dill. Dill is defeated and the gorilla blows up after swallowing nitroglycerin.

1943--SPOOK LOUDER--The trio is salesmen who get hired by a scientist to care for his house while he goes to Washington to show the government his death ray. While he's gone, the trio has to deal with spies and a guy who is for no reason throwing pies.

1943--BACK FROM THE FRONT--The trio are (because of their immortality) the last survivors of a Navy sub they were sailors on. They are taken aboard a German sub. Moe poses as Hitler, and the other two pose as Goering and Goebbels. In the end, they take over the entire sub.

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1943--GOOD LUCK, MR. YATES--The teacher at a military school attempts to join the army to impress people that he is a hero, but he is rejected for hearing problems. A doctor tells him it can be cured, but it will take a little time, after which he can enlist. The teacher still tells his students that he joined, which leads to chaos. The trio is hanging around during these events.

1943--THREE LITTLE TWIRPS--The guys are working for a circus putting up posters. They are upset to learn they are paid in free tickets. When they try to sell them, they are caught scalping and forced to join the circus. They are to be targets for the Zulu spear thrower, but instead Curly throws a spear at the Zulu injuring him. The boys then flee.

1943--HIGHER THAN A KITE--The trio are mechanics now in England for the RAF. They accidentally wreck an officer's car and hide out in a pipe that turns out to be a bomb. It's dropped in Germany but of course the immortals survive this. They must pose as German officers and succeed in stealing plans that they get back to the allies.

1943--I CAN HARDLY WAIT--Curly suffers from a toothache and dreams of a trip to the dentist. However, when he wakes, the tooth is fixed when Moe punches Curly knocking it out.

1943--DIZZY PILOTS--The trio are afraid of getting drafted again. Every time they create new identities, this comes up. They think if they make an airplane for the Army, they can become exempt. They choose the last name Wrong as a play on the Wright Brothers name. Their plans fail, and once again they are in the army with the same sergeant (their watcher.)

1943--IDLE ROOMERS--The stooges are working as bellhops. A side show performer staying at the hotel had brought with him a captured werewolf, but the werewolf escapes. The stooges try to capture it and end up inside an elevator with it. From this, we can now assume that the curse of a werewolf does not affect these types of immortals (those who were exposed to that meteorite near Eden) because the wolf attacks all three. Of course as immortals their wounds healed, but they did not become werewolves themselves. (Of course, it could have been another effect of that gypsy curse, which more and more seems like a gift.)

1943--A GEM OF A JAM--The trio are now working as janitors again in a doctors' office. Crooks come in wounded and thinking the trio to be doctors, force them to do surgery. However, the trio bumbles long enough for the police to arrive.

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Early 1944--BOOBY DUPES--The trio are out west working as fish peddlers but decide they can make more cash if they catch their own fish. They trade their car plus $300 for a boat that sinks on them in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately they also have a row boat. Out at sea, they see some planes and try to get their attention, only to find out that they are Japanese. But because the rag they are using to signal the plane looks like the Japanese flag, they are spared and the planes move on. The trio is rescued from being stranded out at sea due to the intervention of a time travelling wrestler from the future.

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1944--CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH--"Censoring Problems"--Future wrestler and scientist Steve Austin pulls the Three Stooges from this time period to do battle against the Three Tenors. After they win, they are returned to the past. (Had Austin known that the trio was immortal, he wouldn't have needed the time machine.)

1944--CRASH GOES THE HASH--The trio get hired again as photographers, this time for a newspaper. They are assigned to take a picture of a visiting prince. They crash a party (which never goes well) but expose the prince to be a crook. The trio gets a bonus and a rich lady wants to marry Curly.

1944--BUSY BUDDIES--The trio quit the newspaper and take the bonus money to buy a restaurant. Curly incidentally didn't get married. The trio owe some big money for stuff they broke (imagine that) and they enter Curly into a milking contest. When Curly is losing, the other two try to cheat, but they get caught and flee.

1944--THE YOKE'S ON ME--The trio buy a farm. When some poor Japanese American citizens escape from the government relocation center where they were held captive, the stooges capture them and return them to captivity. (Yes, we learn here that the Stooges have indeed taken to heart being Americans, having been there so long or at least feel compassion for the Allies. They though show their usual lack of intelligence by falling for the racism rampant in the country at that time, and help to persecute the Japanese Americans whose only crime is being born Japanese.)

1944--GENTS WITHOUT CENTS--The trio become actors again and get married to dancing girls. They honeymoon at Niagara Falls.

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1944--NO DOUGH BOYS--The trio are not married, and working as models for a magazine. They have to dress as Japanese soldiers for the shoot. During their lunch break, they go to a restaurant where they are mistaken for the real thing. They have to run for it to escape the mob, and fall into a den of Nazis. The Nazis think the three are three Japanese saboteurs they were expecting, and the trio has to pretend to survive. But when the real Japanese saboteurs show up, it's a fight, with the trio capturing all the axis spies.

October 31, 1944--THREE PESTS IN A MESS--The trio are trying to patent their invention which catches flies. They are told they have to catch 100,000 flies to get their patent. Some crooks overhear but think the trio are winners of a $100,000 sweepstakes and plan to rob them. The trio flees and hides in a sporting goods store where Curly accidentally shoots a dummy. However, the trio thinks it's a real person and takes it to a graveyard to bury it. They come across the caretaker and his friends, just returning from a costume party where they were dressed as ghosts. Naturally, the trio believes they are ghosts and flee.

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November 1944 to December 1945--ROCKIN' IN THE ROCKIES--After the events of the previous Halloween, Moe has a falling out with his companions. He goes his separate way and ventures out west to once again look for gold. He meets and makes good friends with Rusty Williams, a young orphan who has inherited his father's ranch. Moe, using the name Shorty, becomes Rusty's best friend and confidant, earning the position of ranch foreman. When August comes, Rusty tells Shorty he's heading to college on the east coast, and feels comfortable leaving the ranch in Shorty's charge. A short time later, Shorty/Moe spots his two old friends, Larry and Curly, who have again become vagrants. However, they just won a good bit of money gambling, which Moe/Shorty wishes to use to help finance his search for gold. Meanwhile, Moe has also fallen for one of the performing girls in town. However, the girl and her partners head east. Rusty comes home for break with the intention of selling the ranch, leaving Shorty/Moe without a job, and he becomes a vagrant, rejoining his comrades on the road.

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Early 1946--IDIOTS DELUXE--Moe still feeling betrayed by Rusty, his friends take him on a hunting trip to relax him. They encounter a bear, which is stunned but thought to be dead. The trio throws it into the back of the car, where it wakes up, tosses Moe out of the car, and then drives the car into a tree. Moe then chases after his pals with an ax, planning to behead them. He's arrested for attempted murder, but when the judge hears the circumstances (which I just laid out), he finds Moe was justified and dismisses the case. Moe then chases his pals again with an ax, trying to finish the deed, though eventually he does calm down.

Early, though not as early, 1946--IF A BODY MEETS A BODY--Curly is informed that a rich "uncle" (in fact an old friend from a previous encounter with high society) has died and left Curly money. Curly and friends travel to the mansion on a dark and stormy night, where they learn the lawyer is dead and the will is missing. Unable to leave while the police investigate, they must spend the night. In the end, they learn the butler did it, along with the maid. Curly receives his money...67 cents.

Still Early 1946--MICRO-PHONIES--The stooges get jobs at a radio station, where a rich society girl under an assumed name records a record in hopes of getting a job as a singer. The trio posing as "Senorita Cucaracha", "Mucho", and "Gusto" are just goofing around lip syncing to the record of the girl, when the owner of the station sees them, thinks they are the real thing, and hires them. They go to her high society party (uh oh) where the real singer is also at. She tries to help them out by singing behind a curtain while Curly pretends, but the pretense is found out, and the trio makes a run for it.

1946--BEER BARREL POLECATS--The trio make their own beer and try to sell it, but wind up arrested when they try to sell to a cop. Then, when a whole barrel explodes in Curly's jacket, they are sentenced to 40 years. In prison again, they get into their usual antics. However, the ending of this story is completely fictional. In the short, the three remain in prison until they are old and gray and long whiskered, which obviously doesn't fit with their immortality or the rest of their work. What really happened was that they were there for a few months, and then did manage to escape as they've done in the past.

1946--A BIRD IN THE HEAD--The trio are working as paper hangers in the home of a mad scientist who tries to take Curly's brain and put it into a gorilla. The trio and the gorilla overpower the scientist.

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1946--SWING PARADE OF 1946--The trio get jobs again at a nightclub, this time as waiters. The night club is owned by Danny Warren. His father doesn't approve and is trying to shut it down, but does not succeed.

1946--MONKEY BUSINESSMEN--The trio try to become electricians again and are fired again. They decide to go to a rest home, where the doctor in charge is a quack who is ripping off the patients. Additionally, he keeps them prisoner. The trio escape, but Curly in the process actually manages to cure someone, who pays him a thousand dollars.

1946--G.I. WANNA HOME--The trio join and are kicked out of the army. Prior to joining they get engaged, but when they return home they find that they have been displaced from their home. Unable to find another apartment, they move into a vacant lot, which is fine until the farmer who owns it kicks them out. Then they build a home of their own, a one room mansion, which displeases the ladies, who then leave the "gentlemen".

1946--RHYTHM AND WEEP--The stooges take a try at being actors again, but fail miserably. They decide to end it all and head to a roof to do the deed. (Though the film portrays them going to jump, we know that wouldn't kill them, but hurt a whole lot. In reality, they were going to do a ritual beheading. Moe was going to behead Curly and Larry, and then...well, they hadn't really thought it out that well...or perhaps Moe had thought it out at least.) But when they get to the roof, they see three girls who are failed dancers who are going to jump. But fortunately a producer comes up on the roof and hires them all with large salaries. However, it turns out that the producer is really an escaped mental patient.

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1946--THREE LITTLE PIRATES--The stooges get stranded on an island where people are still living as if it were the 17th century. Originally, the trio try to escape, but in the end, Moe takes over as ruler of the island.

1947--HALF-WITS HOLIDAY--Once again, a professor tries to turn the the stooges into gentlemen, and appears successful, but of course once he brings them to a party, chaos ensues.

1947--FRIGHT NIGHT--The Stooges, who are big fans of vampire movies, discover they have a real vampire living next door. JUST KIDDING!!! DIFFERENT FRIGHT NIGHT. Seriously though, the stooges have become managers of a fighter, but gangsters want the fight thrown. In the end, the stooges avoid getting beaten and indeed capture the gangsters and get a reward. Note that this is the first short where Shemp has replaced Curly. However, that has no bearing on the true events. Shemp is merely portraying who was in reality the immortal Curly. The Three Stooges that were immortals were always Moe, Larry, and Curly, no matter which actors portrayed them.

1947--BRIDELESS GROOM--In order to gain an inheritance, Curly must marry by the end of the day, but nobody will marry him. Finally, a homely girl agrees and he is married in the nick of time. Note that this short came out directly after HOLD THAT LION! but it really makes sense that the two are told in this order. Once Curly realizes (as seen in the next entry) that he doesn't get any cash, he doesn't want to stay married to the homely girl. He allows her to think he is eaten by the lion in order to get out of the marriage. (Again, see the next entry.)

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1947--HOLD THAT LION!--The trio once again inherit money from a rich old man who they had befriended and aided years earlier, but the money is stolen by a crooked attorney. The trio go after the attorney, but accidentally let free a lion onto a train.

1947--SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS--The trio have taken jobs as tailors, but as usual, their business is failing and they are in debt to the Skin & Flint Finance Company. However, due to unusual circumstances that tend to follow these three, they come into conflict with bank robbers. They capture the robbers and steal the stolen money to pay off their debts.

1947--ALL GUMMED UP--The trio open up a drug store, but are doing poorly. Mr. Flint (of the Skin & Flint Finance Company) is their landlord and threatens to throw them out. He also kicks out his wife for being too old. The stooges, using their knowledge of science and magic from thousands of years of life create a formula to reverse aging (perhaps using some of their own blood in the mix.) They turn the woman into a beautiful young lady. Flint asks to be turned young also, in exchange for ownership of the property they currently rent. They do so but it makes the man into a baby. The trio at that point decide to make a run for it.

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1948--SHIVERING SHERLOCKS--NOT A SHERLOCK HOLMES CROSSOVER...The trio witness a robbery. At first, they are suspects, but they pass a lie detector test. (Incidentally, the lie detector was created by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who also wrote fictionalized accounts of the adventures of WONDER WOMAN.) The trio are released, but are in danger, since they are the only three who can identify the crooks. To get away for a while, their friend Gladys invites them to come with her to check out a house in the country she is planning on buying. But when they get there, they find it is the hideout of the crooks. The crooks take off with Gladys, but the trio, who despite their bumbling can be quite heroic, save her.

1948--PARDON MY CLUTCH--The trio decide to take Curly camping when he has a toothache. (It should be noted that immortals usually can't get sick, but Curly gets frequent toothaches. It's likely that these are all in his head. After all, why would camping cure a toothache?) They buy a car that is a lemon. However, the dealer wishes to buy the car back when a collector offers to buy the car for a lot of money. The Trio get their money back, and the dealer gets screwed when it turns out that the collector was actually crazy.

1948--THE HOT SCOTS--The trio try to get jobs with Scotland Yard, and do so, but as gardeners. They then learn of a Scottish castle that needs guarding and take the opportunity by posing as Scottish detectives. The trio discover that the servants are the crooks looting the castle.

October 19, 1948--THE BUICK-BERLE SHOW--The trio appear on the Milton Berle Show, in their continuing attempts to become famous celebrities.

1948--CRIME ON THEIR HANDS--The stooges are janitors again, this time for a newspaper office, where they hope to eventually become reporters too. When they intercept a call about a stolen diamond, they see their opportunity. They discover the hideout and Curly accidentally eats the diamond which was hidden inside a bowl of candy. The crooks find out and try to cut it out of him, but an old friend (the gorilla from A BIRD IN THE HEAD) comes to their aid.

December 31, 1948--THE MOREY AMSTERDAM SHOW--The trio appear on another variety show as they try to make it big in Hollywood. (One wonders if some of these gigs are in pretense as they are posing as Moe Howard, Shemp Howard, and Larry Fine, the actors who often have portrayed their antics on the screen.)

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Late 1940s--NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES--The Three Stooges have taken a job as the Joker's henchmen. Batman kicks their butts. (Note that in my Justice League chronology later in this book, I place the New Batman Adventures not in the Television Crossover Universe but rather in an alternate reality. I make an exception for this one episode.)

1949--THREE STOOGES (ST. JOHN PUBLICATIONS)--Adventures of the Three Stooges.

1949--THE GHOST TALKS--The trio are movers who are moving a suit of armor that is haunted by the ghost of Peeping Tom. The pest eventually leaves when he is invited off by the ghost of Lady Godiva.

1949--WHO DONE IT?--The trio are detectives who find a missing millionaire.

1949--HOCUS POCUS--The trio are taking care of their wheelchair bound friend, unaware she is faking for the insurance money. They seek out a hypnotist thinking he might cure her, but they become hypnotized and climb out on a flagpole. They awake, lose balance, and crash through their friend's window, startling her into jumping up in the view of the insurance agent.

1949--FUELIN' AROUND--The trio have jobs laying carpet in a scientist's home. He has created a new rocket fuel. The trio are kidnapped by spies who think Larry is the scientist. Larry must produce the fuel and tries to create his own. However, the spies learn that Larry is not the scientist when after returning to the home, they kidnap the real scientist and his daughter. The stooges help the scientist and his daughter escape.

1949--MALICE IN THE PALACE--The trio open a restaurant in the middle east. When they learn a famous diamond is stolen they go and recover it.

1949--VAGABOND LOAFERS--The trio are plumbers again, asked to fix things during a high society party. Guess what happens?

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October 1949--JERKS OF ALL TRADES--The Stooges go into business as interior decorators.

1949--DUNKED IN THE DEEP--A friend of the trio convinces them to stowaway on a boat. It turns out he is a Russian spy, and they are trapped on a freighter with watermelons containing microfilm. Our heroic trio defeat the spy.

1950s--COMMERCIALS--The trio get hired by an ad agency.

1950--HUGS AND MUGS--The trio are running a furniture store and come into possession of a pearl necklace, which attracts the competitive attention of two sets of crooks, but eventually the necklace is returned to the rightful owner.

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1950--DOPEY DICKS--The trio are trying their hands at being detectives again. They must come to the aid of a girl kidnapped by a mad scientist. The scientist is creating a robot with a human head, and seeks one of the detectives to volunteer his own head. The trio decline and escape with the princess and the robot.

March 11, 1950--THE ED WYNN SHOW--The trio have somehow (through cause of accidental identity confusion no doubt) become the top executives for CBS, where Ed Wynn tries to pitch some ideas to them to improve his show.

1950--LOVE AT FIRST BITE--Does not involve Dracula or any vampires. The trio are waiting at the docks for the arrival of a boat carrying three women they met back during their time overseas in World War II. While waiting, they get drunk and pass out. Curly gets his feet stuck in cement. However, dynamite frees him, just in time for the arrival of the girls.

1950--SELF MADE MAIDS--The stooges are now artists, and want to marry their models, who of course are sisters. Their father doesn't approve, until the trio disturbingly tickle him into submission.

1950--THREE HAMS ON RYE--The trio are stagehands and actors with small roles in a play but foul things up. However, the audience thinks it's all part of the show and though the drama is ruined, everyone thinks it's a great comedy.

1950--STUDIO STOOPS--The trio get jobs at a Hollywood studio as publicity men. They decide to fake a kidnapping of Dolly Devore, famous movie star. (You've heard of her, right?) But the cops think it's real, and then she is really kidnapped. The trio rescue her, clearing themselves in the process.

Image result for SLAPHAPPY SLEUTHS

1950--SLAPHAPPY SLEUTHS--The trio get jobs as corporate investigators for an oil company. When gas stations are being robbed, the trio go undercover as gas station attendants to get the crooks.

1950--A SNITCH IN TIME--The trio are carpenters who stumble across some crooks and subdue them.

1951--THREE ARABIAN NUTS--The trio are delivering some Arabian antiques, and accidentally summon a genie from a lamp. When evil men come in search of the lamp, the genie protects his new masters. It is unknown what they wished for after that, but most likely since their lot in life did not improve, they made poor wishes.

Image result for baby sitters jitters stooges

1951--BABY SITTERS JITTERS--The trio become babysitters. However, the child they are watching is kidnapped by the father, who is currently separated from the mother. The trio rescue the child, but the experience causes the couple to reconcile.

1951--DON'T THROW THAT KNIFE--The trio again take jobs as census takers, and again anger a jealous husband while doing so. This time, the husband is a knife thrower who tries to use his skill to kill the three.

1951--SCRAMBLED BRAINS--Curly's recurring insanity is getting worse. He is suffering from delusions and hallucinations and is in a sanitarium. He believes his homely nurse to be the most beautiful woman alive and they become engaged. Curly is released and they head to the nurse's house to get married. They have the usual random altercation with a stranger, who turns out to be the nurse's father. Needless to say, the wedding is called off.

1951--HULA-LA-LA--The trio get jobs for a Hollywood studio as dance instructors and are sent to an uncivilized tropical island to teach natives to dance and then recruit the best students for Hollywood. They run afoul of a witch doctor who wants their heads (and of course beheading is the one thing that can kill the three.) However, they defeat the doctor and continue on their mission.

1951--PEST MAN WINS--Um, things just sometimes repeat in patterns. The trio have again become exterminators, and try an old scam of placing bugs into a home to get business. Of course it's a mansion and during a party. And of course the trio must pretend to be guests. And of course it ends up in a food fight.

December 16, 1951--THE COLGATE COMEDY HOUR--Continuing their attempts to become comedic actors, the trio again appear on TV.

1952--A MISSED FORTUNE--Again, deja vu. Curly wins $50,000 in a radio contest. The stooges move back into the Hotel Costa Plente, where they stayed once before when they won a contest. They again wreck the place, and again find that after taxes, they really only won $4.85.

Image result for listen judge three stooges

1952--LISTEN, JUDGE--The trio are in court for stealing chickens, which they didn't do. They take off, and go back to work as fix it men. As luck would have it, they get a job for a nice house to fix a doorbell, but their insanity drives off all the staff, so they have to bake a cake. (Sound familiar?) They find out the judge is the homeowner and the cake they made blows up. (One has to wonder as this and the last two experiences are almost identical to previous experiences, if somehow their recent experience with the witch doctor put some kind of curse on them forcing them to repeat some of the horrible experiences of their past...but of course there are so many.)

Image result for corny casanovas three stooges

1952--CORNY CASANOVAS--All three stooges are unknowingly engaged to the same girl. The girl is using all three to get three rings so that she can then take off and sell all three. Eventually, the three learn that they are all dating the same girl and while they fight over her, she takes off with the three rings as planned.

1952--HE COOKED HIS GOOSE--Moe has married, and Curly is engaged. Larry has bought a pet store, and incidentally is sleeping with both Moe's wife and trying to run off with Curly's fiance. Larry is found out though. He gets quite a beating, but the experience drives off both of the women (since they aren't seen again.)

1952--GENTS IN A JAM--The trio are expecting to inherit money from another old friend, but he falls for and marries their landlady instead, thus leaving her the future inheritor of the money.

1952--THREE DARK HORSES--The trio are working as janitors when they are hired to work on the campaign of a crooked presidential candidate. However, the trio end up voting for another candidate.

1952--CUCKOO ON A CHOO CHOO--As happens sometimes, Moe has a falling out with his pals, and they go their own ways. Larry and Curly end up stealing a railway car and living in it. Coincidentally, Moe gets a job looking for the stolen car. Meanwhile, Larry wishes to marry his girl, but she won't marry unless her sister marries Curly first. But Curly, still suffering off and on from insanity, is in love with an imaginary giant canary. To top it off, Moe has also fallen for the girl who wants to marry Curly. In the end, Curly ends up with both girls, though he still pines for the canary. (Of course, the girls eventually run off when they realize Curly is a nut.)

1953--UP IN DAISY'S PENTHOUSE--The history repeating curse continues, this time with a similar experience as that seen in 3 DUMB CLUCKS.

1953--BOOTY AND THE BEAST--The trio think they are aiding a man, but in fact they are helping him rob a house. When they realize their mistake, they go after him to recover the loot.

1953--LOOSE LOOT--Again, an old friend has passed and left them money, but a crooked lawyer steals it.

Image result for TRICKY DICKS

1953--TRICKY DICKS--The trio have managed to become cops again and capture a crook. Likely the resulting gunfight in the station was cause for their dismissal.

1953--PARDON MY BACKFIRE--The trio are mechanics again, trying to save money to marry their girls. When three escaped convicts come into the station, the trio capture them and plan to use the reward money to marry. But the girls choose not to marry.

1953--RIP, SEW AND STITCH--The trio are tailors. A crook accidentally leaves a safe combination in the coat he leaves at the shop. The crook comes back to get the coat, and is robbed by the trio.

1953--BUBBLE TROUBLE--The trio are now phony pharmacists, and take another try at their youth formula. Once again, it works at turning old ladies into young ones, but with old men it has bad results again, but this time turning an old man into a gorilla.

1953--GOOF ON A ROOF--The trio house sit for a friend during his honeymoon and trash the place while he's gone, all under good intentions of helping the guy by fixing his place up as a wedding present.

June 15, 1953--SPOOKS (SHORT)--The Stooges are detectives who are hired to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll plans on putting the girl’s brain into the body of a gorilla because science. This story is clearly contemporary based on the appearance of modern technology like phone and radio and mentions of how the young people talk in the 1950s. It’s unclear if this could be the original mad scientist or another of the family. Sure, Jekyll died in LOEG, which took place in 1888, but our beloved monsters of the Television Crossover Universe have a tendency to not stay dead. Interestingly, in this short, Mr. Hyde is Jekyll’s assistant. Jekyll doesn’t transform in this film.


1953 to 1954--THREE STOOGES (ST. JOHN PUBLICATIONS)--More adventures of the Three Stooges.

December 1953--BEWITCHED--"Sam's Double Mother Trouble"--Esmeralda accidentally summons Mother Goose, an immortal who is also a witch. Mother Goose knew the Three Stooges back in the past when they were known as the Three Men in a Tub.

1954--INCOME TAX SAPPY--The trio have gotten very good at cheating the government out of taxes. After all, the trio have spent thousands of years constantly changing their identities and altering documents in the process. So they decide to go to work as tax advisors for those who also wish to cheat on their taxes. However, they are caught and sent to prison. Again. But they manage to get out.

1954--SCOTCHED IN SCOTLAND--The curse continues, drawing the trio to Scotland to protect another castle from crooks.


1954 to 1974--THREE STOOGES (DELL COMICS)--Even more adventures of the Three Stooges.

1955--FLING IN THE RING--The curse continues. The trio have become the managers of Chopper Kane (from FRIGHT NIGHT) again, and once again gangsters try to get him to throw the fight.

1955--OF CASH AND HASH--The trio are once again witness (and shortly suspects) of a bank robbery. They go off to the country to hide with their friend Gladys (from SHIVERING SHERLOCKS) and stumble upon the crooks' hideout.)

1955--GYPPED IN A PENTHOUSE--Larry and Curly reminisce about the time the woman scammed the three of them into each giving her a ring, which she ran off with. Later that day, they discover that Moe had run into her and married her. (Of course, she runs off on him again, with his money.)

Image result for stone age romeos three stooges

1955--STONE AGE ROMEOS--The trio wish to collect a reward by proving cavemen existed. (After all, they should know. They were cavemen.) They present a film showing three cavemen protecting their women. In fact, the film is a fake, as it allegedly portrays the real experiences of the trio back in 51,000,048 B.C. When they are found out as fakes, they don't get the reward. I'm not sure how the scientist believed a filmstrip could have actually captured film evidence from a time before the invention of film, though. He kind of deserved to be ripped off.

1955--WHAM-BAM-SLAM!--Curly is once again suffering from nerves and a phony healer tries to heal him. Eventually, Curly's nerves go away on their own, as they usually do.

1955--HOT ICE--The curse!!! The trio try again to get jobs at Scotland Yard and once again are hired as gardeners, and once again learn of a diamond theft and once again Curly eats the diamond, and once again the gorilla comes to the rescue.

1955--BLUNDER BOYS--The trio return to the States to become cops here (under the recommendation of Scotland Yard, to get rid of them.) They go after a crook called the Eel who disguises himself as a woman. The trio fail to catch him and are booted off the force and become ditch diggers.

1955--HUSBANDS BEWARE--Moe and Larry are married to awful women. Curly has remained single. However, Moe and Larry trick him into marrying a homely woman because they were jealous of his single life. (As usual, the marriages only last a few weeks. With these guys, courtships are only a few days long, marriages are quick, and divorces almost as quick. However, the results of these marriages would have some long lasting results, as in the birth of three children from this union.)

Image result for baby three stooges

1956--Birth of the three sons from women unfortunate enough to get knocked up by the Stooges. (This takes place 9 months after HUSBANDS BEWARE.)

Image result for creeps three stooges

1956--CREEPS--The trio spend some times with their children, and tell them the story of their encounter with the ghost of Peeping Tom.

1956--THREE STOOGES (2012)--The Stooges' children are put up for adoption after their mothers clearly went mad and abandoned them at an orphanage. The Stooges will continue to visit their sons from time to time, but their lives are too chaotic to raise kids.

1956--FLAGPOLE JITTERS--The curse!!! Remember that incident with the girl faking being in a wheelchair, the insurance adjuster, the hypnotist, and the flagpole? Yeah, that happens again, exactly the same way.

1956--FOR CRIMIN' OUT LOUD--The trio as detectives must rescue a kidnapped millionaire.

1956--RUMPUS IN THE HAREM--The trio move back to the middle east to try that restaurant idea again. This time they get girlfriends. However, if they can't pay their taxes, their girls will be sold into slavery. When they learn the famous Rootin Tootin Diamond has been stolen again, they go to rescue it again to collect the award money. Once again, they are successful with their Santa Claus ploy.

1956--HOT STUFF--Curse. Rocket Fuel. Scientist. Larry kidnapped. All ends well.

1956--SCHEMING SCHEMERS--Curse? Who knows. This was a repeating occurrence even before the curse. The guys are plumbers who disrupt a dinner party.

1956--COMMOTION ON THE OCEAN--Curse. That same Russian spy bamboozles the trio with the same exact microfilm in the watermelons plot.

1957--HOOFS AND GOOFS--Curly has a dream that Moe has died and been reincarnated as a horse.

1957--MUSCLE UP A LITTLE CLOSER--Curly has decided to propose to his girlfriend, but the ring is stolen by one of their co-workers at the factory they all work at, a very large bully. They try to confront him, but he's too tough for them. Fortunately, Curly's girl is tough enough to get the ring from the bully. However, she decides that Curly isn't man enough for her. (Note that Curly has had a major shift of personality in recent weeks, suddenly going from his mentally insane and explosive self to an effeminate weakling.)

Image result for A MERRY MIX-UP three stooges

1957--A MERRY MIX-UP--The sons of the three stooges have traveled back in time from the year 2016. They and our immortal trio, as well as actors Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Joe Besser, all interact in each others' lives. All three trios looking nearly identical causes mass confusion for all who encounter them, until all is resolved. The actors insist if they want to keep looking good on film, the immortals stay away from them, and the time travelers decide to return to their own time.

1957--SPACE SHIP SAPPY--The trio win an award for best liars at a Liars Club meeting.

1957--GUNS A-POPPIN--Moe is in court again for trying to behead his pals. He relays two tales, one is what got him in a similar situation years ago, and one was from a recent similar experience. The judge finds him not guilty after understanding Moe's troubles.

1957--SPACE SHIP SAPPY--The Three Stooges win an award for best liars at a Liars Club meeting. Actually, the story they tell is one loosely based on an adventure that actually happened to two of their oldest friends, Bud and Lou, when they went to an alien planet (in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO GO TO MARS.)

1957--HORSING AROUND--Curly's sister (his real sister from his original tribe) has been reincarnated as a horse named Birdie. Something Curly had dreamed about earlier in the year, though with Moe as the reincarnated. Another of their tribe, and Birdie's mate in a past life, is a circus horse now. He is to be destroyed, but the trio rescue him and the couple is reunited.

1957--RUSTY ROMEOS--Mabel returns (the girl who keeps conning the trio to marry her so she can rip them off.) This time she doesn't get away with it, and indeed gets shot in the butt with tacks loaded into a rifle.

Image result for OUTER SPACE JITTERS

1957--OUTER SPACE JITTERS--The trio reveal to their sons a tale from when they actually did go to another planet themselves (which must have happened after they won the Liars Award.) The planet is called Venus, but not likely. It's also not likely Mongo. Perhaps they actually traveled to another universe. In the tale, the bad guys plan to invade Earth with zombies, and indeed try to turn the trio into zombies. The invasion was thwarted and the trio escaped. However, when they think the babysitter has arrived at the end of the tale, it's actually a zombie, which surely they killed. It must have been sent as revenge.

1958--QUIZ WHIZZ--Curly wins a contest but is scammed out of the money. The scammers continue to scam the three, but eventually they get wise.

1958--PIES AND GUYS--Another professor tries to turn them into gentlemen, leading to a pie throwing fight in a high society party.

1958--SPACE MASTER X-7--A space probe returns to Earth, covered in some kind of mysterious fungus. (Note that the space program of the TVCU was a little further advanced than in the real world.) When human blood falls on the fungus, in begins growing faster and faster, threatening to destroy the planet. Eventually it is stopped. How does this affect our timeline here? Moe is seen to be driving a cab during these events.

1958--SWEET AND HOT--Larry has purchased a club. He's willing to give Curly and his friend Tiny jobs. She is a great singer but incredibly shy. Moe is currently posing as a psychiatrist and tries to cure her of her shyness. He is successful, and the act is a success. However, Tiny moves on with her success, while the trio as usual undo their own success.

Image result for FLYING SAUCER DAFFY

1958--FLYING SAUCER DAFFY--Curly accidentally takes a picture of a plate. It ends up looking like a picture of a flying saucer, which Moe and Larry sell to a magazine. When their fraud is found out, they are arrested. Meanwhile, Curly has witnessed a real flying saucer. He takes a picture, which he sells and gains much fame from. Meanwhile, Moe and Larry are placed in a mental hospital. (They get out.)

1958--OIL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL--When their landlord needs money for an operation, the trio fortunately find oil on his property.

1958--FIFI BLOWS HER TOP--Curly learns his flame during the war is now living next door and married. However, she leaves her cad of a husband for Curly. (But then she leaves Curly.)

January 11, 1959--THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW--To the horror of Steve Allen, the trio have managed to become operating room attendants.

January 19, 1959--MASQUERADE PARTY--The trio get to host an episode of this variety show.

February 22, 1959--THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW--The trio have jobs as stunt men for a western that Steve Allen is involved with.

April 5, 1959--THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW--After two previous encounters with Steve Allen, he insists they come on his show.

1959--TRIPLE CROSSED--The Curse continues. Larry a pet dealer. Moe married. Curly engaged. Larry doing it with both ladies. Gets caught. They beat his ass. The ladies leave.

1959--SAPPY BULL FIGHTERS--Curse. Bullfight incident happens exactly the same way.

1959--HAVE ROCKET--WILL TRAVEL--The trio are janitors at a space center and accidentally get blasted into space. They end up on another planet they call Venus, but not the same as either of the other two. There, a computer has destroyed all life. In the end, the computer is destroyed and the trio escape back to Earth.

May 1, 1960--THE FRANCES LANGFORD SHOW--The rising stars appear on another variety show.

Image result for THE THREE STOOGES SHOW 1960

1960 to 1972--THE THREE STOOGES SHOW--Among the other adventures listed, this series also occurs. During this time, Moe goes by the name Harlow Hickenlooper, Larry as Captain Starr, and Curly as Curly.

December 1960--THE FLASH--"The Madcap Inventors of Central City"--The trio take a trip to Central City where they encounter the new Flash.

July 27, 1961--HERE'S HOLLYWOOD--Another TV appearance for the trio.

1962--THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES--The trio are druggists who travel back to ancient Greece with the inventor of a time machine and his girlfriend. They come back gladly.

1962--THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT--The trio end up having to fight "Martians" though not really from Mars, but another planet. They succeed, astonishingly, as usual.

Summer 1962--THE THREE STOOGES GO AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAZE--The three immortals, who we will call Moe, Larry, and Curley, are hired as assistants to Phileas Fogg III, who wishes to replicate his great grandfather's trip around the world in 80 days.

1963--IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD--A group of people race to get to a butt load of cash. The three stooges appear as a rescue squad.

1965 to 1966--THE NEW 3 STOOGES--More adventures of the Stooges.


1966--YOGI BEAR AND THE THREE STOOGES MEET THE MAD, MAD, MAD DR. NO-NO--The Three Stooges stumble into the Looniverse, something that is actually quite easy to do, and become rangers at Jellystone Park. They rescue Yogi Bear from the evil Dr. No-No who is turning humans into animals.

1966--DON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE--A man is mistaken by foreign spies to be a defector from their government. Moe is going under the alias Crumworth Raines at this time.

October 1967--OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD--"Who's Afraid of Mother Goose?"--When a school administrator bans nursery rhymes from school, Mother Goose turns him into a boy, then takes him back in time to learn the values of these rhymes. In the 18th century, then encounter the three stooges who at that time were the inspiration for the three men in a tub.

June 3, 1968--THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW--Moe appears on TV without his fellows, perhaps having had a falling out with them and trying to return to showbiz on his own.

Late 1969--KOOK'S TOUR--The Stooges fall into some money and decides to travel the world via a motor boat and motor car that are transported by a cargo plane. They mostly explore the unsettled Western frontier (yes, in 1969).

1970--LITTLE RASCALS (ANIMATED)--The Three Little Stooges (the sons of the original Stooges) temporarily menace the next generation Little Rascals as the Baby Face Gang.

1971--HEADSHOP--Moe makes another solo TV appearance.


Summer 1971--THE NEW SCOOBY-DOO MOVIES (ANIMATED SERIES) SEASON 1 EPISODE 1 “THE GHASTLY GHOST TOWN”--The Mystery Inc. gang find their way to a theme park that is owned by the Three Stooges. This is a crossover with the animated cartoon based on the Three Stooges shorts. And for those not sure, the Stooges are characters. They are not real, even if the actors and the characters have the same names.

1971--THREE STOOGES (2012)--Moe Jr., Larry Jr., and Curly Jr. are presented to a couple looking to adopt, along with another kid, Teddy. The couple picks Moe, but when he refuses to leave without Larry and Curly, the couple takes Teddy instead.

1972 to 1974--THREE STOOGES (GOLD KEY COMICS)--The adventures of the three sons of the Stooges. Note they are teens and have temporarily moved out of the orphanage, but will move back in a few years.

November 1972--NEW SCOOBY DOO MOVIES--SEASON 1 EPISODE 11 “THE GHOST OF THE RED BARON”--Curly is a dust cropper who has to deal with the ghost of the Red Baron with the help of the other Stooges and Mystery, Inc. This episode aired on the day I was born.

1973--DOCTOR DEATH: SEEKER OF SOULS--Moe attends a show and gets more than he bargained for. The performer is Doctor Death. In reality, Doctor Death is an immortal, but only through his magic. He can move his soul from body to body. Thus he stays young by stealing bodies.

June 8, 1973--THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW--Another Moe solo appearance.

September 11, 1973--THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW--Moe returns to the show, having befriended Mike Douglas.

November 29, 1973--THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW--Moe again.

September 19, 1974--THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW--Moe's final appearance on his friend's show.


1977 to 1978--THREE ROBONIC STOOGES--The Stooges are subjected to experiments by scientists that learn of their immortality and are giving bionic parts, basically turning them into cyborgs.

1980--FRIDAYS--The Stooges get high on an "Atomic Bong".

1984--THREE STOOGES (GOTTLIEB)--The Stooges must find their three brides who have been kidnapped.

1985--THE WEDDING SINGER--The trio are present at a wedding in Ridgefield, NJ, where they witness the meltdown of wedding singer Robbie Hart, who recently had his heart broken.

1986--THREE LOAN WOLVES (FLASHBACK)--The stooges are working at a pawn shop where they owe money to loan sharks, but the stooges get in a fight with the loan sharks and kick their butts. To further complicate matters, a woman leaves her baby at the shop when trying to pawn a phony diamond. The three end up raising the child.

1987--THREE STOOGES (CINEMAWARE)--The Stooges try to raise money for an orphanage.

1994--THREE LOAN WOLVES--The child raised by the three finally gets curious and asks why he has three fathers and no mother. They tell him the story of how he was left with them, and the child chooses to go off to find his real mother. (This is a 1946 short, but the only way this works in the timeline, in which the three own a shop and maintain the same job, and raise a child for eight years would be to place it here.)

Image result for BABY'S DAY OUT

1994--BABY'S DAY OUT--A rich couple in Shermer, IL want their picture in the paper, so they hire the Three Stooges to kidnap their baby, but the baby gets away and roams around Chicago avoiding capture without even trying.

1999--CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH--"Censoring Problems"--Steve Austin uses his time machine to pull the Three Stooges from the past (probably around 1944) to fight to the death against the Three Tenors. The Stooges win and then are returned to their own time.

Spring 2000--THE THREE STOOGES--Mel Gibson releases a film about the actors who portrayed the three immortals. However, the film is completely inaccurate both in the portrayal of the actors, but also in the fact that this film does not mention that the Stooges act is based on the lives of three immortals.

November 2010--BIG BANG THEORY--"The 21-Second Excitation"--From James Bojaciuk: Another Big Bang Theory crossover. In "The 21-Second Excitation," Sheldon and the gang break into a movie theater to steal a limited edition cut of Raiders of the Lost Ark. One of the posters advertises Tuttle Meets the Mummy. In an episode of Diagnosis Murder, Adam West played Tuttle, one half of the television crime fighting duo Tuttle and the Mummy. It gets weirder. In the classic Stooge short "We Want Our Mummy," the boys were dispatched to find the missing Professor Tuttle (and, along the way, the lost King Rutentuten). Perhaps Rutentuten and the Professors descendants were active crimefighters, much like the Batmen and their Robins. It is a tale lost to the sands of time.

2011--THREE STOOGES (2012)--First let me point out that even though it was unintentional on all parties’ parts, the short where the Stooges have babies, the comic from the 70s featuring the sons of the Stooges, and this film all line up time wise. I barely had to even do any work at all on this. So awesome. So the orphanage is broke, and the Stooges try to raise the money as hired killers, but screw it up. However, a talent scout sees what he thinks is an act and picks Moe Junior to be on Jersey Shore. Eventually, the trio reunite, the murder plot they were supposed to help with is foiled by them, the TV money saves the orphanage, and a sick girl. And Teddy's father is the evil mastermind behind everything, upset that when his wife died, Teddy got the money, not him. Teddy adopts the sick girl and her brothers, and the boys finally head out for new adventures.

Image result for three stooges wwe raw

April 2012--WWE RAW--The Three New Stooges (sons of the immortals) find their way on the wrestling show and Kane (the wrestler, not the immortal....I think) beats up Curly.

Image result for three stooges film

The Improbable Future...

2016--The sons of the Three Stooges feel life was better in their fathers’ time period. Using Steve Austin's time machine, the sons go back to 1957, but after a bad encounter with their fathers and the actors who played them for years, they choose to return to the present.

24th Century--SPACE QUEST 6: THE FINAL FRONTIER--"Stooge Fighter"--The Stooges are placed in a Mortal Combat Competition.

2489--THE UPLIFT WAR--An ambassador of the Tymbrimi (an alien race with a pronounced sense of humor) considers the Stooges among humanity's finest philosophers.


TVCU-15-Cineverse (has its own hypertime of divergent timelines)-Sadly, the 1948 short HEAVENLY DAZE cannot fit into the TVCU so must be placed here in the Cineverse. It involves the death of Shemp, who acts throughout the film as a ghost who is trying to influence Moe and Larry so he can get into heaven, but ends up in Hell instead. Since it is the Cineverse and not the TVCU, Shemp Howard is playing Shemp Howard, not the immortal Curly. BEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955) is the same exact story, as in the 1950s the Stooges just starting reusing older scripts. This one likely takes place in Cineverse 2.

Note that originally I was going to include all appearances of Shemp, Joe, and Curly Joe in other films but then I realized that wouldn't fit concurrently if they are all meant to be Curly.

I don't expect everyone to agree with this. And sure there will be some errors. And at some points I may have been too comprehensive. But I hate to leave things out. It took me years to write this, but it's finally done. Hopefully the next subject I choose isn't as grand a subject.

I know that this wasn't completely complete. Some of that was intentional, other things might not be, so feel free to comment on what I might have missed on our Television Crossover Universe website or our Facebook discussion group.


  1. Hello, I am linked to you on Linked In. As a matter of fact I cannot seem to link in to anybody else and I am eternally linked to Wronski only.

    I have two blogs, Frontiers of Zoology and Frontiers of Anthropology: the first is on Cryptozoology and the second is on Atlantis, Cataclysms from giant Meteorite strikes in ancient times, cultural diffusion and the like.

    I also write extensively about Ollu and Buzsla (Ollie+Lou and Bud+Stan) and I felt the need for a "Triple Threat" outline such as you have written. Thankfully, you have now written the damn thing and it's one more piece I WON'T have to do!

    I do question your dates at the onset though-which I imagine are updated-dates for Vandal Savage from DC comics. I prefer the lesser date of bneaer to 25000 BC. And these were hunter-gatherers, there was as yet no farming done at the time. The place is Mediterranean generally but cannot be placed any more precisely than that: Power points to a memorial cave-art image depicting the meteorite fall which is in Italy. I always assumed Italy rather than Israel because of that.

    There were also a couple of Magicians in the tribe who were affected by the radiation: The Wizard of Ugggh (W.C.Fields) was sleeping behind a nearby rock at the time and thus was irradiated inadvertantly: and Old Tumnis (Buster Keaton)was at the time tied up and threatened with death because he had failed to cure the Chief's son's bellyache (he was released when the Chief's son decided his belly didn't hurt him THAT badly, but Tumnis had been irradiated also by that point. He could not have run away)

    Ollu and Buzsla were also continually crossing paths with Betty and Wilma, who were also immortals (circumstances not certain)and with a much larger half-Nephilim woman who preferred to be called Thelema (Force of Willpower)or Bunny. In Abbott and Costello films she was frequently played by Hillary Brooke and in Laurel and Hardy films by Thelma Todd; she was also portrayed by Christing McIntyre with The Triple Threat guys and by Bobbi Shaw when with Buster Keaton. She often hung out with Wilma and Betty. Some of the women, including Thelma, sometimes had problems adjusting to new cultures and languages when they moved into a new area and were characteristically called "Dumb" because of it.

    My system also encompasses the Seven Daughters of Eve as ongoing characters.

    I'll probably have to start a new blog for that series: I had several groups on yahoo but I am closing them down since Yahoo does not respect my rights over my own intellectual property. I think they think they own my stuff since I put it up in yahoo groups. They definitely make no move to stop other people that are doing copies of my stuff and baldly making use of my trademarked characters.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  2. I was a member of your Immortal Befuddled Yahoo Group a few years ago, but didn't like the focus on every single comic strip girl being immortal.

    However, having said that, if you can send me the link to your site, I can 1) post the link to your site over on my links section since your work is as least similar enough to my own that it deserves recognition here; 2) incorporate your work if it doesn't conflict with what I've already done (or doesn't conflict too much), since anything that involves Dennis' immortals concept fits in my little corner of the multiverse.