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This is part 1 of the magical blonde trilogy (followed by I Dream of Jeannie and Sabrina the Teenage Witch), or a tie-in with Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, or Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia, or "Flintstones Forever:  The Bedrock Anomaly" found in Television Crossover Universe: Worlds and Mythology.  In other words, this post is a perfect example of how intertwined the TVCU is.

My mother, who didn't really care about my crossover obsession, was quick to point out to me how all the ABC soaps were interconnected, and she often showed excitement when these crossovers would occur, which always made me happy to know that my obsession did indeed come from somewhere.  (She's also the one who pointed out to me the connection between Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie based on the appearance of one fictional band on both shows.)

In the Television Crossover Universe there are different types of witches.  There are Wiccans, that are the same as in our Real Universe.  There are witches that worship Satan and practice black magic.  There are the witches that use real magic, and are also called wizards.  There are certain types of witches born with some natural powers, which are also called mutants.  But the witches that we are going to discuss today are different from all of those.  These witches (also called warlocks) are an offshoot of a race that is old and highly evolved.  They wield cosmic powers that are scientific in nature but appear to be magic.  They come from the 5th dimensional world called Zrfff.  Someday they will call themselves the Q continuum.  Thousands of years ago, some of these beings migrated to Earth.  They learned how to use magic through incantations which they used along with their natural powers, thus gaining the name of witch.  These beings were immortal and because of their great power and immortality, they got bored and loved to play cruel jokes on humans.  However, they also kept to a code of keeping their powers secret and pretending to be mortals, for fear that the humans would learn how to destroy them.

This is the story of one of these beings.  Her name was Samantha Stephens.

Bewitched color title card.jpg

Another Time and Place--WORLD OF WARCRAFT--In Sen'jin Village in Durotar there is a witch doctor named Bombay

Image result for FLINTSTONES--"Samantha"

Release Date: October 22, 1965 (Setting is 1 Million B.C.)
Other Crosses: Bewitched
The Story: The Flintstones and Rubbles get new neighbors: the Stephens’. Samantha Stephens is a witch, who keeps her powers a secret at her husband’s request. The three families go on a camping trip where the women get angry that the men think women are incompetent in the outdoors, so Samantha uses her magic to make the women seem more capable. Though it’s meant to teach the men a lesson, in reality, isn’t it teaching the kids at home that the men were right? The women only were more capable than the men when magic was used to cheat.
Notes: This is a crossover with Bewitched, a live action series. Darrin and Samantha are voiced by the same actors from their series and the characters are drawn in the same way as in the opening sequence of Bewitched. Bewitched takes place in a contemporary setting, and at no point during that series did they ever move out of their house. This makes me feel that the characters seen here are not the same. Likely, Bewitched takes place in the Live Action Universe, and these are those characters’ Cartoon Universe counterparts.

100 B.C. to 44 B.C.--G.I. JOE # 50 & 73/YEARBOOK # 3/SERPENTOR'S FILECARD--"The Battle of Springfield/Divided We Fall/My Dinner with Serpentor"--Life of Julius Caesar, whose DNA will be used to create Serpentor. Julius Caesar has also appeared in THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, BEWITCHED, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, RELIC HUNTER, XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS, and CARMEN SANDIEGO'S GREAT CHASE THROUGH TIME.

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Around 32 B.C., Jeannie was a young human girl in Baghdad who was obsessively loved by a powerful genie known as the Blue Djinn.  But when she spurned his advances, the Djinn was enraged and in anger he transformed Jeannie into a genie herself.  He locked her away in a bottle which was then tossed into the seas.  There Jeannie would remain for a thousand years until Tony found the bottle on a deserted island after his space mission. This is from the first season of the series. In the first season, it is made clear that Jeannie was originally a human who was turned into a genie by (as later revealed) the Blue Djinn when she refused to marry him (the term "Djinn" is synonymous with "genie"). Several members of Jeannie's family, including her parents, are rather eccentric, but none are genies. Her mother describes the family as "just peasants from the old country". The Blue Djinn was played by Barbara Eden's first husband, Michael Ansara. In later seasons, he also played King Kamehameha and Biff Jellico. The topic of Jeannie originally being human is restated in season two during the episode, "How to be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons". Jeannie mentions that she has a sister who is a genie, but the phrasing – "she was a genie when I left Baghdad" – does bring up the question of whether she too was born a genie. In the third season, this continuity was changed retroactively and it was assumed that Jeannie has always been a genie. All her relatives are then also genies, including, by the fourth season, her mother (also played by Barbara Eden). This may have been done to increase the similarity with Bewitched, or simply to increase the number of possible plotlines. Whatever the reason, this new concept was retained for the rest of the series. The TV movie I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later (1985) reiterates most of Jeannie's first-season origin when she tells her son, Tony Jr., that she was trapped in her bottle by an evil djinn after she refused to marry him. (There is no specific statement, however, about whether he turned her into a genie at that time or if she had been born one.) In a 1966 paperback novel published by Pocket Books, very loosely based on the series, it was established in the story that Jeannie (in the book, her real name is revealed as "Fawzia") and her immediate family were genies living in Tehran hundreds of years before Tony found her bottle on an island in the Persian Gulf (instead of the South Pacific, as depicted on TV).

6th Century--MONTY PYTHON & THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL--On the InterShrub shopping website, Larry Tate is listed among the people that can recieive a shrub.

1769 to 1821--G.I. JOE # 50 & 73/SERPENTOR'S FILECARD--"The Battle of Springfield/Divided We Fall"--Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose DNA will be used to create Serpentor.  Napoleon also appeared in THE AVENGERS, THE TIME TUNNEL, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, THE PRISONER, BEWITCHED, TIME BANDITS, BILL & TED''S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, and BLACKADDER BACK & FORTH.

November 1908--YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES--"Vienna, November 1908"--Young Indy meets Sigmund Freud.  Sigmund Freud has met Sherlock Holmes and also has appeared on BEWITCHED, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION, FRASIER, and SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH.

1964 to 1972--BEWITCHED--The witch Samantha marries mortal ad exec Darrin Stephens, her soul mate reincarnated.  On their wedding night, she reveals her secret.  The next 8 years are full of the chaos of Darrin dealing with Samantha's mother in law and other family.  They have two children, Tabitha who inherits her mother's powers, and Adam who doesn't.  There was also a comic book put out by Dell that is in canon.

September 1964--BEWITCHED--"I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha"--This is the first appearance of Endora, who is Samantha's mother.  She hates that Samantha married a mortal.

September 1964--BEWITCHED--"Be It Ever So Mortgaged"--This is the first appearance of Gladys Kravitz, who was the nosy neighbor.  She often noticed odd things across the street at the Stephens home and suspected that Samantha was a witch.

October 1964--BEWITCHED--"It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog"--This is the first appearance of Larry Tate, who is Darrin's boss, but not the top boss, at the ad agency they work at.

October 1964--BEWITCHED--"The Witches Are Out"--The first appearance of Samantha's Aunt Clara, who is very forgetful and very poor at using her powers and performing spells.

November 1964--BEWITCHED--"Just One Happy Family"--This is the first appearance of Maurice, who is Samantha's father.  Maurice and Endora hate each other, and Maurice also objects to the marriage to a mortal.

December 1964--BEWITCHED--"Samantha Meets the Folks"--This is the first appearance of Phyllis and Frank Stephens, Darrin's parents.

December 1964--BEWITCHED--"A Vision of Sugar Plums"--Samantha takes an orphan to the North Pole to visit the real Santa Claus.  Santa has made numerous appearances in the TVCU.  Sometimes his origin and mythology seems to conflict other appearances. 

1965--HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI--Elizabeth Montgomery spoofs her TV character in this film.

October 1965--BEWITCHED--"The Joker is a Card"--This is the first appearance of Samantha's Uncle Arthur.  He is a practical joker.  

January 1966--BEWITCHED--"And Then There Were Three"--This is the first appearance of Samantha's twin cousin, Serena.  Twin cousins is a common phenomena in the TVCU.  Serena is a very modern, women's lib, swinger.  And she's evil.  And a hippie.  This is also the first appearance of Tabitha Stephens, the baby girl of Darrin and Samantha, who has inherited her mother's powers.

March 1966--BEWITCHED--"The Leprechaun"--Surprisingly, there is a leprechaun on Darrin's side of the family.

April 1966--BEWITCHED--"Follow that Witch"--Charlie asks Samantha if she travels like Batman.

October 1966--BEWITCHED--"Twitch or Treat"--Endora zaps her home onto Darrin and Samantha's street.  To get her to move it, Darrin offers to host Endora's Halloween party.  Baseball player Willie Mays appears.

November 1966--BEWITCHED--"I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight"--Endora pulls Sigmund Freud from the past to help counsel the Stevens when they are fighting.

December 1966--BEWITCHED--"My Friend Ben"--Aunt Clara pulls Ben Franklin from the past.  Ben Franklin also appears on I DREAM OF JEANNIE, VOYAGERS, SIMON & SIMON, FUTURAMA, THE OFFICE, THE COLBERT REPORT, and AS THE WORLD TURNS.

January 1967--BEWITCHED--"The Corn is as High as a Guernsey's Eye"--In this episode we learn that when a witch tires of living, she transforms into a useful object.  Of course, this is illogical.  They are sick of life, so they turn into an animal or inanimate object while still maintaining sentience and immortality.  Wouldn't that be worse?

March 1967--BEWITCHED--"Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory"--Aunt Clara accidentally pulls Queen Victoria from the past.

May 1967--BEWITCHED--"There's Gold in Them Thar Pills"--This is the first appearance of Doctor Bombay.  He is the family doctor, and a witch, thus he's a witch doctor.

December 1967--BEWITCHED--"Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma"--Aunt Clara accidentally pulls Leonardo Da Vinci from the past.

December 1967--BEWITCHED--"Humbug Not To Be Spoken Here"--Samantha takes a "Scrooge" like client of Darrin's to the North Pole to meet Santa.

February 1968--BEWITCHED--"Prince of a Guy"--Tabitha summons Prince Charming.  Though the classic fairy tales are based on true stories as revealed by that guy Dennis E. Power, the three main princess tales with Charming happen at very different time periods.  This is also not the Charming of Far Far Away Land either, as there are contradictions between that reality's Charming and the fairy tale.  Thus this Charming must be the one from the Looniverse, who would most likely match up with this version seen in this story.  Note though that the Charming of this reality, the TVCU, is currently in suspended animation buried under the earth at this time due to a spell cast by Snow White's step-mother long ago.  He and his family will be resurrected during an earthquake in the 1980s.

November 1968--BEWITCHED--"Samantha's French Pastry"--Uncle Arthur accidentally pulls Napoleon from the past.  Napoleon has also appeared on THE AVENGERS, THE TIME TUNNEL, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, THE PRISONER, TIME BANDITS, THE NEVER SAY U.N.C.L.E. AFFAIR, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, and BLACKADDER:  BACK AND FORTH.

September 1969--BEWITCHED--"Samantha's Yoo Hoo Maid"--This is the first appearance of Esmerelda, who comes to the household to work as Samantha's maid.  She is a lot like Esmerelda in that she is forgetful and bad at using her powers and magic.

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September 1969--BEWITCHED--"Sam and the Beanstalk"--Samantha has to go after Tabitha, who enters her "Jack and the Beanstalk" storybook.  "Jack and the Beanstalk" was based on a real event, according to Dennis E. Power (yes, him again).  But the true events are too different to be where the mother and daughter witches travel to in this tale.  It's likely they visited Far Far Away Land.

October 1969--BEWITCHED--"Samantha's Caesar Salad"--Esmeralda accidentally pulls Julius Caesar from the past. Julius Caesar has also appeared on THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, RELIC HUNTER, and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

December 1969--BEWITCHED--"Sam's Double Mother Trouble"--Esmeralda accidentally summons Mother Goose, an immortal who is also a witch. Mother Goose knew the Three Stooges back in the past when they were known as the Three Men in a Tub.

December 1969--BEWITCHED--"SANTA COMES TO VISIT AND STAYS AND STAYS"--Esmerelda accidentally summons Santa from the North Pole, and can't undo the spell, that literally keeps Santa trapped in the house.  With Christmas impending, Samantha brings the elves to her home to build the toys there.

January 1969--BEWITCHED--"The Phrase is Familiar"--Endora intentionally pulls the Artful Dodger from the past to meet Tabitha.

February 1970--BEWITCHED--"George Washington Zapped Here"--Esmerelda pulls George Washington from the past.  President Washington also appears in THE MUNSTERS, THE MUPPET SHOW:  SEX AND VIOLENCE, VOYAGERS, WILD WILD WEST, FUTURAMA, TIME SQUAD, and AN AMERICAN CAROL.

March 1970--BEWITCHED--"If the Show Pinches"--A leprechaun not related to Darrin is summoned by Endora to give Darrin shoes that will make him lazy.

September 1970--BEWITCHED--"Serena Stops the Show"--I'm placing this show out of sequence and at the time of airing because the main plot revolves around real music performers Boyce and Hart.  They also appeared as themselves in the I DREAM OF JEANNIE episode "Jeannie the Hip Hippie" which takes place in October 1967.  (Thanks Mom for pointing out this crossover to me when I was just a little boy and increasing my crossover obsession.)

October 1970--BEWITCHED--"The Salem Saga"--This is the first appearance of Adam, the son of Darrin and Samantha.  He does not have powers.

October 1970--BEWITCHED--"Paul Revere Rides Again"--Esmerelda accidentally pulls Paul Revere from the past.

January 1971--BEWITCHED--"Mary the Good Fairy"--Mary is a fairy, and the tooth fairy.  Unlike Santa, who is immortal and is always the same guy, the Tooth Fairy is just a job that passes from person to person.  This one, Mary, visits Tabitha for her tooth.  She stops to talk to Samantha, and complains about her job.  Darrin offers her some brandy, which has a powerful effect on her and makes her drunk quickly.  Samantha offers to take over the duties, and the Tooth Fairy powers and duties are transferred.  However, Mary becomes an alcoholic guest that never leaves and Samantha finds the duties of the Tooth Fairy too much for her.  But Mary won't take back the powers.  But when Samantha ruins the fairy outfit, Mary is outraged and takes the powers back.

September 1971--BEWITCHED--"How Not To Lose Your Head To Henry VIII"--Darrin and Samantha go on a vacation to England.  Samantha discovers a man trapped in a painting.  She frees him and suffers the wraith of the man who trapped him there by sending her back to the 16th century.  Darrin and Endora must go back to the 16th century to rescue her from Henry VIII, who wants to make Samantha one of his future late wives.  Henry VIII also appears on I DREAM OF JEANNIE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and RELIC HUNTER.

September 1971--BEWITCHED--"Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster"--There are many versions of Nessie in the TVCU.  They often conflict.  I don't care. They all coexist.  It could be true.  Yeah.  So there.  In this version, Nessie turns out to be Serena's ex-boyfriend, whom she cursed.  When Samantha turns him back to normal, he then turns Serena into a mermaid.  Of course, Serena later turns back to normal.  Oh, I should probably mention this.  When one witch casts a spell, only that witch can usually reverse the spell.  But for some reason, sometimes that's not true.  And that's it.

November 1971--BEWITCHED--"Hansel and Gretal in Samanthaland"--Tabitha pulls Hansel and Gretal out of a storybook.  But actually, we know from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER that Hansel and Gretal were really demons.  And the witch was wrongly accused.  So when Tabitha enters the book and enters the more familiar story, we can assume that this Hansel and Gretal are from Far Far Away Land.

March 1972--BEWITCHED--"The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam"--The final episode of the series.  Tabitha is six years old and Adam is 17 months old.  Sometimes in the spring of 1972, the two children are somehow magically aged to become teenagers.

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Summer 1972--THE ABC SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE--"Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family"--Teenage Tabitha and Adam spend the summer with another of their aunts who works in a circus.

1977 to 1978--TABITHA--Darrin and Samantha Steven's children, Tabitha and Adam now work at at television station.  Many supporting and recurring characters from Bewitched will show up on this short lived, one season show.

Tabitha title.jpgLisa Hartman 1977.JPG

1986--MEATBALLS III:  SUMMER JOB--When Roxy is trying to learn how to use her Angel powers, she tests wiggling her nose like the witch from the TV show

1987 to 1991--THIRTYSOMETHING--On this show, there is a guy in advertising named Larry Tate, who once makes the observation that he's aware it's strange to be in advertising with a name like Larry Tate.  There's no mention of Bewitched.  It could be that Bewitched's Larry Tate was such an advertising legend that (at least amongst those in advertising), everyone knows that name.  So the odds of another Larry Tate going into the field would be like having the head of your company's IT department named Bill Gates.

November 1991--THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 19TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL--Following Bob Hartley's very realistic dream about another life as inn keeper Dick Loudon in Vermont, Bob confides his dream to his friend, airline pilot Howard Borden.  Howard reveals he had a similar dream where he was an astronaut for five seasons.  (We then get a cut to a clip from I DREAM OF JEANNIE).  Perhaps Larry and Major Roger Healey were also separated at birth.  Note too that this episode follows directly from the Newhart final episode, and in one scene of this special, Bob sees three repairmen that are Larry, Darryl and Daryl, residents of the small town where Dick's inn is.  This could in one sense be made to imply that Bob had already met them, and they creeped into his subconscious dream.  However, I think that it really means that the two shows are in the same reality, and that some time had actually passed between that final episode and this special, and after the Japanese had bought the town in Vermont, those three migrated south to become repairmen.  (The special does air more than a year after the last Newhart aired, so even though it's implied it happened immediately after, there is some evidence that there was a passage of time.)  **I do get the arguments that Newhart isn't in the same reality.  That it was a dream.  And I get my evidence to the contrary is weak.  But I have very strong evidence that I Dream of Jeannie and the Bob Newhart Show coexist, and when I do my Jeannie blog, that will be made clearer.  But briefly, Jeannie crosses with Bewitched and Scooby, and I've already done blogs on them, which you can check out for further confirmation.  And if Jeannie was more than just a dream, then it makes sense that so was Newhart.  And Newhart does connect with with Drew Carey, that connects with Home Improvement, which connects to Toy Story, which is confirmed in the TVCU and there's a blog you can check out for that. And of course The Bob Newhart Show's connection to St. Elsewhere can allow me to redirect you to my St. Elsewhere blog for further cementing of that into the TVCU.

Image result for McMahon and TateImage result for McMahon and Tate

Release Date:  February 18, 1993
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  After getting a DUI, Homer promises to give up alcohol for a month.
Notes:  A Duff Beer commercial on TV is from McMahon and Tate, the advertising firm Darren Stevens worked for on Bewitched.  It should be noted that though Bewitched has a live action counterpart, it also exists in the Cartoon Universe.  The opening to Bewitched was animated.  There was also an animated special in 1972 featuring the kids from Bewitched, Tabitha and Adam, as teenagers.  An episode of the Flintstones also featured a major crossover with Bewitched.

Release Date:  May 23, 1994
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  The biggest stars come out to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the first cartoon featuring the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister, Dot.
Notes: Darren Stevens and Larry Tate are both listed in the closing credits.  Both were characters from Bewitched.  

September 1996 to February 1997--MARRIED WITH CHILDREN--"Damn Bundys"--Al Bundy makes a deal with the Devil to play in the NFL, but on the day of the Super Bowl, the Devil comes to collect Al's soul, and sentences him to an eternity of spending time only with his family and his neighbors, the D'Arcys.  Napoleon also appears.  Napoleon has also appeared on THE AVENGERS, THE TIME TUNNEL, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, THE PRISONER, TIME BANDITS, THE NEVER SAY U.N.C.L.E. AFFAIR, BEWITCHED, and BLACKADDER:  BACK AND FORTH.

c. September 27, 1996 - c. April 24, 2003--SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH (TELEVISION SERIES)--Teenaged Sabrina learns that she’s a witch from the two aunts she lives with, who are centuries old immortals. Though based on the Archie Comics character, the continuity is completely separate. This Sabrina is a teen in the 1990s who first learns she is a witch in 1996. Also, she lives in Boston, not Riverdale or Greendale. In regards to the term “witch”, it tends to be a very general term for magic users in the Television Crossover Universe. Some witches tend to be immortals with almost god-like powers. Some rely on spells, incantations, rituals, potions, and objects to perform magic. And then there are Wiccans who are just like Wiccans in the real universe. This series follows the 1996 TV Movie of the same name and is followed by Sabrina Goes to Rome. The series was remade as an animated series in 1999. The series has been referenced as fictional, paid homage to, and spoofed numerous times in other series and films. Interesting that the TV Sabrina has a similar origin to Zatanna. Her father is a witch but mother is mortal, and her parents cannot see each other because the mother will be punished by the magical community since they forbid witches from marrying mortals. This also seems to match up with the magical community of Harry Potter and Bewitched in regards to views of mixed marriages. Note that Toby O'Brien has postulated that Esmerelda (from Bewitched) may be the great-grandmother of Sabrina. 

Image result for Dr. Bombay

Release Date:  December 6, 1998
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  Homer is scared about giving his kidney to his father.  
Notes:  Doctor Bombay is paged at the hospital.  Doctor Bombay was the Witch Doctor from Bewitched.  

Release Date:  April 11, 1999
Animated Series Crosses:  Raisin Bran
Cutaway Crosses:  Road Runner
Non-Crosses: CHiPs; NYPD Blue; Scooby-Doo!; Alf; Lost in Space; Gilligan’s Island; I Dream of Jeannie; Bewitched; Star Trek; Klondike Bars
The Story:  Stewie creates a weather machine to destroy brocolli.  Peter attempts to teach Meg to drive, but he ends up responsible for crashing into the town’s TV antenna, which makes it impossible for the entire town to watch television.  Peter goes a little crazy at first, but eventually learns to live without TV.
Notes:  Animated Series Crosses:  The sun is the sun who has the two scoops of raisins from the Raisin Bran commercials.  Cutaway Crosses: In one of those questionable flashbacks, Peter is driving through the desert when he hits the Road Runner with his car.  Non-Crosses:  Peter watches CHiPs on TV, in an episode that never aired in the real world.  When his cable is out, Peter gets a report on an episode of CHiPs from a friend.  Peter reminisces about an episode of Scooby-Doo!  Peter has a dream involving Alf, Lost in Space, Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched.  Star Trek also appears on TV.  In the hospital, Peter watches a “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” commercial.

September 1999 to January 2000--PASSIONS--"Bewitched"--Doctor Bombay is involved in a storyline, in a soap that already has witches, talking dolls, and magic.

Release Date:  June 13, 2000
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  Stewie falls in love with one of his playmates at daycare.
Notes:  The Griffins are living next door to the Kravitz's, former neighbors of the Stevens on Bewitched.

Release Date:  June 20, 2003
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  Grim gets so sick that he transforms into a normal mortal human in appearance.
Notes:  It’s revealed that Grim’s human form is that of Darren Stevens, as depicted in the animated openings to the classic Bewitched!

Release Date:  August 28, 2004
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  Circe transforms Wonder Woman into a pig.  Batman seeks Zatanna’s aid to restore her to normal.
Notes:  Abner Kravitz appears, calling for his wife Gladys.  This couple were the neighbors of the Stevens on Bewitched.  Bewitched takes place in the Live Action Universe, and there is also an animated version of Bewitched existing in the main Cartoon Universe, so it’s no surprise other doppelgangers of those characters exist in other realities throughout the Cartoon Multiverse.  

2005--BEWITCHED--Isabel Bigalow is a witch who wants to live as a mortal, to the objections of her father.  She ends up discovered by actor Jack Wyatt.  He is making a remake of the television series.  Most people assume the original show was fictional, but in reality it was a production created by Uncle Arthur and Serena.  Isabel agrees and falls for Jack.  Eventually he falls for her too.  Interestingly, Isabel's Aunt Clara is presumed to be Samantha's aunt Clara.  The actress who plays Endora turns out to be a witch, Uncle Arthur shows up to show Jack why he's a jackass and should pursue his love for Isabel, and even Samantha appears in the form of a Samantha Stevens figure from the merchandising from the original show.  Interestingly, Samantha has taken this form, but will six years later (if you believe it) appear as a remote control.  In the end, the two marry, and end up actually moving into the Steven's old home, where Abner and Gladys Kravitz seem to be still living there across the street.

2006--RETURN TO HALLOWEENTOWN--Marnie uses Samantha's nose-wiggle to open a locked box, but it fails.

Spring 2008--Rob visit Salem with his mother.  As noted in Ivan's blog, Salem, Massachusetts is linked to several real and fictional stories of ghosts and witches, including Hawthorne's novel THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES (1951), Miller's play THE CRUCIBLE(1953), eight Season 7 episodes of BEWITCHED (filmed in 1970) and the movie HOCUS POCUS (1993). 

Early 2011--SUPERNATURAL--"Bewitched"--This one is Apocryphal.  It is from a script that never made it to the screen, and never will, but I include it for the sake of completeness.  First, I should explain something that the original series included as part of the mythology of the 5th dimensional witches.  When a witch is ready to die (because he or she is tired of living), they transform themselves into something else useful, in which they still live on immortal and sentient, but as an inanimate object.  (Yeah, doesn't make sense, does it?  But who are we to argue with the logic of highly advanced beings?)  So in this episode, someone is going after the Witch's Council, and the Winchester Brothers have to protect a witch named Lizbeth Elspeth.  Lizbeth is the granddaughter of Samantha Stephens and the daughter of Tabitha.  Samantha has been turned into a TV remote and can speak to the boys through any monitor within range of the remote.  Samantha, Tabitha, and even Doctor Bombay (the family witch doctor) assist and advice the boys.  In the end, though, it turns out Lizbeth is the bad guy.  We also learn that Tabitha had also married a mortal like her mom.


Not a weeping angel

AUG - Ivan Schablotski and Victoria Waddell move to Salem MA to be closer to Ivan's job in Kingsport, Vicky's job in Gloucester, and Ivan's interests in Arkham (Arkham Sanitarium, Miskatonic University, and the Arkham Ghostbutsers), as all are in Essex County.
Salem, Massachusetts is linked to several real and fictional stories of ghosts and witches, including Hawthorne's novel THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES (1951), Miller's play THE CRUCIBLE (1953), several Season 7 episodes ofBEWITCHED (filmed in 1970) and the movie HOCUS POCUS (1993). The Arkham Ghostbusters are based on the 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS movie. Arkham and Kingsport, Massachusetts are from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos fiction.


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Here's the canon for supernatural side of the crossover universe. Alot of the vampire related materials came from the MONSTAAH / WNU vampire site and Anno Dracula (based in the logic that they are present in both the universe where Van Helsing defeated Dracula and the one where he didn't).
Warning, it is looong!
• Elric of Melnibone
• Works of Robert E. Howard
• Tolkien’s Legendarium
• Cthulhu Mythos
• Dark Tower Series
• Gremlins
• Hammer Horror
• The Mummy series
• Mythago Wood Cycle
• Once Upon a Time
• Space Trilogy
• Top Cow Productions
• Universal Monsters
Heaven and Hell
• Dexter in the Dark
• Reaper
• Saving Grace
• Twin Peeks
• The Addiction
• Dark Shadow
• Dracula
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o Hellsing
o Dracula: The Company of Monsters
o Dracula: The Series
o The Historian
o The Sword of Dracula
• Forever Knight
• Fright Night
• From Dusk Till Dawn
• Lost Boys
• Near Dark
• Vampire Chronicles
• Vampire Junction
• Vampirella
• The Howling
• Werewolf
Magic Users
• The Dark is Rising Sequence
• Harry Potter
• Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
• Worst Witch
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• Kolchak: The Night Stalker
• Poltergeist: Legacy
• Special Unit 2
• X-Files
Treasure Hunters
• Indiana Jones
• Relic Hunter
• Tomb Raider
• Dead Like Me
• Lady Death
Anything I missed?

Who would win a supernatural cat fight between Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) and Samantha(Bewitched)? Keep back, lest you be turned into a toad.

Doctor Who related question for group: Assuming that not everyone who invents a time machine is a Time Lord, what characters in tv and movie land stand a really good chance of being Time Lords, outside of DW canon? I've come up with a few obvious ones (Like Bill & Ted's Rufus), but I'd be interested in some less obvious stuff, like Christopher Walken in the movie CLICK or Chevy Chase in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE.
Still haven't made up my mind about Gary Seven.

The Time Lords and Ladies Society...

Jeannie vs Sam in this 1995 Nick@Nite promo.

I know we don't use the same actor theory most of the time in the TVCU but in the Newhart show SE4 ep4 Oh, That Morocco Rebeca Arthur plays unnamed stewardess. She also played Blakis May Anne on Prefect Strangers Mary Anne's job stewardess

Jeannie from I dream of genie v.s. Samantha fromBewitched

TVCU Trivia of the Day: What classic 1960s television series almost had a crossover with SUPERNATURAL until the classic show's deceased star's family put a halt to it?

Jeannie from I dream of genie v.s. Samantha fromBewitched MIght have posted this before on one of my older accounts, oh well, enjoy

Interesting that the TV Sabrina has a similar origin to Zatanna. Her father is a witch but mother is mortal, and her parents can not see each other because the mother will be punished by the magical community since they forbid witches from marrying mortals. This also seems to match up with the magical community of Harry Potter and Bewitched in regards to views of mixed marriages.

What's this?
Could it be? After so long?


Apparently BlockBuster Buster is Jeanies new master
So bad, you really will believe a witch has cursed you!!!
Jeannie vs Sam in this 1995 Nick@Nite promo.


TVCU-12-DCAU--On JUSTICE LEAGUE, in episode "This Little Piggy", The husband who calls for his wife Gladys resembles George Tobias, who played Gladys Kravitz' husband Abner.

Image result for I MARRIED A WITCH

TVCU-15-Cineverse (has its own hypertime of divergent timelines)--The events of I MARRIED A WITCH occur here.

TVCU-20-A shared reality that centers more on serious fiction, such as pulp and Victorian literature. Primarily guarded by a single family whose ancestors were mutated by a meteorite. The events of THE PASSIONATE WITCH AND ME occur here.

TVCU-29-Skitlandia and non-canon commercials--In this universe, an alternate version of Bewitched occurs.

TVCU-47-Mr. Sweet's Broadway musical universe--The events of BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE occur here.

TVCU-52-Horror Universe-Pretty much everything that happened to Ivan would qualify, but in general Ivan is not legitimate enough to justify including in the book (well, maybe in the Forward).  But, since this isn't the book, I'm going to list the various franchises with which the HCU Ivan Schablotski has had crossovers (minor connections are in italics and crossovers that don't involve Ivan, such as INUYASHA or JURASSIC PARK, are not included at all, but many crossovers that are not considered as canon in the TVCU, such as BLADE II and SCOOBY DOO, are acceptable in the HCU, so it all balances out).

TVCU-63--Homage/pastiche of Lucas Garrett's Doctor Who/Back to the Future amalgamations (a world where the question of Doctor Who is answered with "Brown!")-From Jose Ricardo Bondoc: Two females who regularly travelled through time would be Samantha Stephens ("Bewitched"), "Endora" (Bewitched") and Jeannie Nelson ("I Dream of Jeannie"). All of them never aged, and with the case of Bewitched, you had incarnations....

**I do get the arguments that Newhart isn't in the same reality.  That it was a dream.  And I get my evidence to the contrary is weak.  But I have very strong evidence that I Dream of Jeannie and the Bob Newhart Show coexist, and when I do my Jeannie blog, that will be made clearer.  But briefly, Jeannie crosses with Bewitched and Scooby, and I've already done blogs on them, which you can check out for further confirmation.  And if Jeannie was more than just a dream, then it makes sense that so was Newhart.  And Newhart does connect with with Drew Carey, that connects with Home Improvement, which connects to Toy Story, which is confirmed in the TVCU and there's a blog you can check out for that. And of course The Bob Newhart Show's connection to St. Elsewhere can allow me to redirect you to my St. Elsewhere blog for further cementing of that into the TVCU.

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