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Blog of the Pink Panther: Inspector Jaques Clouseau in the Television Crossover Universe

This post is now updated to incorporate information from the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, published by 18thWall Productions.   For the purposes of this post, Horror Universe and Television Crossover Universe are synonymous.

Release Date: March 20, 1996 and December 22, 1996 (Setting is late 19th century)
Series: Castle Falkenstein
Horror Crosses: Dracula (Castle Falkenstein); Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Frankenstein (Castle Falkenstein); Invisible Man (novel)
Non-Horror Crosses: Sherlock Holmes; Pink Panther; Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; Chronicles of Barsetshire
Series: A former game designer from the real world finds himself in a world where Victorian literature mixes with magical fantasy and steampunk adventure.

Notes: This is based on the role-playing games which takes place in a very alternate reality where Victorian literary characters are real, but it’s also a world with intelligent dragons used for labour and wizards openly practicing magic in public. The main character comes from the real world. Obviously, he can’t come from our real world, since he’s fictional to us. He must come from “Earth-Prime”, the same setting for Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Last Action Hero, an episode of Supernatural and others where a fictional representation of the real world appears. Earth-Prime is a term first coined by DC Comics in the 1960s.

March 1917--ADVENTURES OF THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES--"Espionage Escapades"--A Colonel Clouseau appears in part of "Espionage Escapades", from "Adventures of the Young Indiana Jones", being two aborted episodes of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" which do not take place consecutively in chronology, made to take place consecutively regardless. He must be Clouseau's father. -- Andrew Brook

August 1917--YOUNG INDIANA JONES--"Prague"--Indy works in French Intelligence under Colonol Clouseau!!!

September 8, 1925 to July 24, 1980--THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS--This is the life story of the man who played Inspector Jacques Clouseau in true life documentary films.


1963--THE PINK PANTHER--Inspector Jacques Clouseau is on the trail of the Phantom.  He suspects (correctly) the Phantom will try to steal the Pink Panther diamond.  Of course there are complication.  For one thing, his wife is really the Phantom's girlfriend, who only married him to get inside information.  Secondly, the Phantom's nephew shows up, who also has a dishonest streak.

Pink panther63.jpg

Winter 1964--A SHOT IN THE DARK--A servant is murdered, and the maid is the suspect.  However, Clouseau allows his feelings for the maid get in the way of solving the murder.  This is the first time we see Chief Inspector Dreyfus, Clouseau's boss.  -Inspector Jacques Clouseau hires a martial artist named Cato to be his assistant.  Perhaps he was inspired by the stories of those American criminals, or by that rich newspaper man Britt Reid.  (There was a solid reference to James Bond in the Steve Martin PINK PANTHER film, and since the Martin version was not a true remake in that the story was completely different, I postulate that the diamond is the same from the earlier films, and that Clouseau must be a relative of the one from the original films.  Thus that is my reasoning for inclusion.)

Release Date: December 21, 1965 - May 14, 1969 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Pink Panther
The Story: Further misadventures of a certain bumbling inspector.

Notes: This cartoon was based upon Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther film series, but for some reason they wouldn’t call him Clouseau. The Pink Panther will have other crossovers later in this guide, but the next entries bring Clouseau into the Horror Universe.

December 1965--THE GREAT DE GAULLIE STONE OPERATION--Clouseau vs. a three-headed thief.

 February 1966--REAUX, REAUX, REAUX, YOUR BOAT--Clouseau tries to capture the smuggler called Captain Calamity.

 February 1966--NAPOLEON BLOWN-APARTE--A mad bomber seeks revenge on the man that put him away, which is Dreyfuss.  Clouseau tries hard to protect him, but Dreyfuss is nearly blown to bits.  But in the end we see that Dreyfuss too is a mad bomber, intent on killing Clouseau (which we first learned in A SHOT IN THE DARK).


March 1966--CIRRHOSIS OF THE LOUVRE--Clouseau must stop a thief called the Blotch from robbing the Louvre.

April 1966--PLASTERED IN PARIS--Clouseau is tasked to take down Monsieur X.


June 1966--COCK-A-DOODLE-DEUX-DEUX--Another diamond is stolen and Clouseau must find out which staff member stole it from Madame Pouletbon.


June 1966--APE SUZETTE--Clouseau tries to apprehend a cockney sailor and his pet ape.

July 14, 1966--LE QUIET SQUAD--Dreyfuss is at his breaking point.

 August 1966--THE PIQUE POQUETTE OF PARIS--Clouseau tracks a mutant who has four arms.

Release Date: September 23, 1966 (Contemporary Setting)
Horror Crosses: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde
The Story: During an investigation of a mad scientist’s home, the Inspector’s assistant drinks a recreation of the Hyde formula.

Notes: It’s unknown if this mad scientist was another of the Jekyll family or just an admirer.

October 1966--THAT'S NO LADY, THAT'S NOTRE DAME--Clouseau is under cover as a woman.  Dreyfuss sees him and thinks he is Clouseau's sister.  (Perhaps Clouseau does have a sister, as well the the brother who is father to the Steve Martin version of Clouseau.  I'm sure that the Clouseau family was very large.)

 November 1966--UNSAFE AND SEINE--An insurance agent keeps trying to kill Clouseau in an attempt to show him why he needs insurance.

 February 1967--SACRE BLEU CROSS--Clouseau tries to apprehend Hassan the Assassin.


May 1967--BOMB VOYAGE--Dreyfuss is abducted by aliens and taken to their homeworld where they keep him in a specimen jar.  Clouseau and his assistant Hercule find a monkey trained to fly space craft and take a rocket to rescue the chief inspector. 

May 1967--LE BOWSER BAGGER--Clouseau temporarily gets a dog partner.


June 1967--LE ESCAPE GOAT--Clouseau is the top suspect in repeated assassination attempts on Dreyfuss.

September 1967--CANADIAN CAN-CAN--Clouseau is temporarily assigned to the Canadian Mounties.


March 1968--LES MISEROBOTS--Clouseau is temporarily replaced by a robot.

Release Date: June 13, 1968 (Contemporary Setting)
Horror Crosses: Phantom of the Opera
The Story: A certain infamous opera house seems to be once more haunted by the Phantom.

Notes: It is not Erik, the Opera Ghost. It’s just an ape. However, since the police believe it to be the return of the Phantom, the implication is that the events of Phantom of the Opera actually happened in the history of the reality of this cartoon.

 July 1968--LE GREAT DANE ROBBERY--Clouseau is assigned to steal some sensitive documents.

July 1968--LA FEET'S DEFEAT--Clouseau tracks the villainous Muddy La Feet.

1968--INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU--Clouseau is lent out to Scotland Yard to help solve a train robbery.  Andrew Brook adds: The villain in "Inspector Clouseau" is Johnny Rainbow, ex-Supt. John Gosling's name for the man or type of man he thought masterminded the Great Train Robbery, famously used by David McDaniel as the antagonist in "The Rainbow Affair"

Winter 1972--TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN VOLUME 3:  DANSE MACABRE--"A Day in the Life of Madame Atomos"--Like all stories in the Tales of the Shadowmen series, this one is loaded with crossovers.  Of course, the appearance of the Pink Panther diamond is why I'm talking about it, but other crossovers are:  FU MANCHU, THE AVENGERS, BOB MORANE, THE DA VINCI CODE, JERRY CORNELIUS, MEPHISTA, TEDDY VERANO, THE PRISONER, VIC ST. VAL, MODESTY BLAISE, MADAME HYDRA, DEREK FLINT, SUMURU, THE NYCTALOPE, THE SAINT, THE BLACK LIZARD, AND MADAME ATOMOS.

1975--THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER--When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen again, Inspector Clouseau is sure that the Phantom has returned.

 1976--THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN--After several attempts on Clouseau's life, Chief Inspector Dreyfuss is committed and Clouseau is promoted to his position.  Clouseau tries to help Dreyfuss get out but instead proves why Dreyfuss should not be released.  Regardless, he still escapes and immediately goes super-villain.  He hires the worst men in the world and sets up in a castle.  He captures a scientist and his daughter and forces the scientist to make a disintegration ray.  His demands are that the world kill Clouseau.  However, Clouseau manages to stay alive and defeat Dreyfuss, all quite by accident.

 February 1978--LUPIN THE THIRD--"Black Panther"--Lupin steals the Pink Panther diamond and faces Inspector Jacques Clouseau.  Note the the diamond seems to be linked/possessed by the Pink Panther who exists in the Looniverse.

Winter 1978--REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER--In this film, Clouseau drives the "Silver Hornet."  Surely this is more evidence that Clouseau was an admirer of the GREEN HORNET.

 1982--TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER--The Pink Panther diamond is stolen again, and Clouseau goes missing searching for it.  An investigative reporter is determined to solve the mystery of what became of Clouseau.  She interviews Chief Inspector Dreyfuss, Clouseau's servant Cato, and his assistant Hercule Lajoie.  She even interviews the three adversaries first known for stealing the diamond, the Phantom (Sir Charles Litton), Lady Litton (Clouseau's ex-wife), and George Litton (the Phantom's nephew).  Even Clouseau's father is interviewed.


1982--INSPECTOR GADGET--Cato is attending a Minions Anonymous meeting.

1983--CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER--With Clouseau still missing, Dreyfuss is obligated to find the best detective to find him, but instead he intentionally finds another incompetent, NYPD Sgt. Clifton Sleigh.  The Phantom, his nephew George, and Lady Litton appear.

Image result for pink panther cartoon

Release Date: October 1, 1992 - ongoing at time of writing
Series: Cartoon Network
Animated Series Crosses: The Addams Family (Animated); The Addams Family (1992 Animated Revival); Adventures of Aquaman; Adventures of Gulliver; Adventure Time; Almost Naked Animals; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan; Amazing Spiez!; The Amazing World of Gumball; Angelo Rules; Animaniacs; Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Arabian Knights; Astro Boy; Atom Ant; Atomic Betty; Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy; Baby Looney Tunes; B.A.E.: The Bremen Avenue Experience; Bakugan; Banana Splits; Barney Bear; Batman Beyond; Batman: The Animated Series; Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Battle of the Planets; Beany and Cecil; Beetlejuice (Animated); Ben 10; Beware the Batman; Beyblade; Big Baby; Big Bag; The Big O; Birdman; Blue Dragon; Bob Clampett Show; Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo; Bomberman Jetters; The Brak Show; Breezly and Sneezly; Buford and the Galloping Ghost; Bugs Bunny; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids (Animated); Calling Cat-22!; Camp Lazlo; Capitol Critters; The Captain and the Kids; Captain Caveman; Captain Planet; Cardcaptors; Cartoon Cartoon(s)/What a Cartoon!; Cartoon Planet; Casper and the Angels; Casper’s Scare School; Cattanooga Cats; Cave Kids; CB Bears; Centurions; Chaotic; Chop Socky Chooks; Chuck Jones Show; Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos; Clarence; Clue Club; Code Lyoko; Codename: Kids Next Door; Courage the Cowardly Dog; Cow and Chicken; The Cramp Twins; Cyborg 009; Daffy Duck; Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines; DC Nation; Dennis the Menace (1986 Animated); Detentionaire; Deviln; Dexter’s Laboratory; D.I.C.E.; Dingbat; Dink, the Little Dinosaur; Dino Boy; Don Coyote; Dragon Ball Z; Dragon Hunters; Droopy; Duck Dodgers; Dudley Do-Right; Duel Masters; Dynomutt; Ed, Edd n Eddy; Ed Grimley; Evil Con Carne; Fangface; Fantastic Four (1992 Cartoon); Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006 Cartoon); Fantastic Max; Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor (1996 Cartoon); Firehouse Tales; Flintstone Kids; Flintstones; Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends; Frankenstein, Jr. (Hanna-Barbera); Freakazoid!; Funky Phantom; Galaxy Goof-Ups; Galaxy Trio; Galtar and the Golden Lance; Garfield; Gary Coleman Show; Generator Rex; George of the Jungle; George of the Jungle (2007 reboot); Gerald McBoing-Boing; G-Force: Guardians of Space (Reboot of Battle of the Planets); G.I. Joe; GoBots; Godzilla (1990s Cartoon); Goober and the Ghost Chasers; Gordon the Garden Gnome; Gormiti; Grape Ape; Green Lantern: The Animated Series; The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy; Grojband; Gumby; Gundam; .hack; Hamtaro; Harlem Globetrotters (Animated); Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; Heathcliff; Help!... It’s the Hair Bear Bunch; He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; Herculoids; Hero: 108; The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange; Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi; Hillbilly Bears; Hokey Wolf; Hong Kong Phooey; Hot Dog TV; Hot Wheels; How To Train Your Dragon; Huckleberry Hound; I am Weasel; Idaten Jump; Immortal Grand Prix; Impossibles (Hanna-Barbera); Inch High, Private Eye; Jabberjaw; Jackie Chan Adventures; James Bond Jr.; Jetsons; Johnny Bravo; Johnny Test; Jonny Quest; Josie and the Pussycats; Justice League; Knights of the Zodiac; Krypto the Superdog; Kwicky Koala Show; La’Antz and Derek; Laff-A-Lympics; Land Before Time; Late Night Black & White; League of Super Evil; Legends of Chima; Lego Ninjago; The Life and Times of Juniper Lee; Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har; Li’l Abner; Little Robots; Long Live the Royals; Looney Tunes; The Looney Tunes Show; Loopy De Loop; MAD; Magilla Gorilla; MAR; Marmaduke; Martian Successor Nadesico; The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack; Max Steel; Mega Man; Megas XLR; MetaJets; Midnight Patrol; Mighty Magiswords; Mighty Man and Yukk; Mighty Mightor; Mike, Lu & Og; Mr. Men Show; Mister T; Mixels; Moby Dick (Cartoon); Motormouse and Autocat; The Moxy Show; !Mucha Lucha!; Mumbly; My Gym Partner’s a Monkey; Nacho Bear; Naruto; Neon Genesis Evangelion; New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1992 Animated); Ninja Robots; O Canada; One Piece; Outlaw Star; Over the Garden Wall; Ozzy & Drix; Pac-Man; Paw Paws; Pecola; Pepe Le Pew; Peppa Pig; Perils of Penelope Pitstop; Pet Alien; Peter Potamus; Pink Panther; Pirates of Dark Water; Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks; Pokemon; Popeye; Porky Pig; Pound Puppies; Powerpuff Girls; Precious Pupp; Prince of Tennis; Princess Natasha; The Problem Solverz; Punkin’ Puss & Mushmouse; A Pup Named Scooby-Doo; Quick Draw McGraw; Rad Roach; Rave Master; Real Adventures of Jonny Quest; ReBoot; Redakai; Regular Show; Rescue Heroes; Richie Rich; Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long; Road Rovers; Road Runner; Robotboy; Robotech; Robotomy; Rocket Jo; Rocky and Bullwinkle; Roger Ramjet; Roman Holidays; Ronin Warriors; Ruff and Reddy Show; Run It Back; Rurouni Kenshin; Sailor Moon; Samurai Jack; Scan2Go; Scaredy Squirrel; Scooby-Doo!; Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated; Screwy Squirrel; Sealab 2020; Secret Mountain Fort Awesome; The Secret Saturdays; Secret Squirrel; Shazzan; Sheep in the Big City; Shirt Tales; Shmoo; Sidekick; Silverhawks; Sitting Ducks; 6teen; Skatebirds; Skunk Fu!; Sky Commanders; Small World; Smurfs; Snagglepuss; Snooper and Blabber; Snorks; Sonic the Hedgehog; Space Ace; Space Ghost; Space Ghost Coast to Coast; Space Kidettes; Space Stars; Speed Buggy; Speed Racer; Spliced; Squiddly Diddly; Squirrel Boy; Star Wars: Clone Wars; Static Shock; Steven Universe; Stoked!; Storm Hawks; Sunday Pants; Super Chicken; Super Friends; Super Hero Squad Show; Superman: The Animated Series; Supernoobs; The Swashbuckling Perils of the Adventures of the Men & Jeremy; SWAT Kats; Sym-Bionic Titan; The Talented Mr. Bixby; Taz-Mania; Team Galaxy; Teddy Blue Eyes; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003); Teen Titans; Teen Titans Go!; Tenchi; Tenkai Knights; Tennessee Tuxedo; Tex Avery Show; The Batman; These Are the Days; Thundarr the Barbarian; ThunderCats; ThunderCats (2011); Time Squad; Tiny Toon Adventures; Tom and Jerry; Tom and Jerry Kids; Toonami; ToonHeads; Top Cat; Total Drama; Totally Spies!; Touche Turtle and Dum Dum; Track Rats; Transformers: Armada; Transformers: Beast Wars; Transformers: Cybertron; Transformers: Energon; Transformers: Robots in Disguise; Tweety and Sylvester; 2 Stupid Dogs; Uncle Grandpa; Underdog; Valley of the Dinosaurs; Voltron; Wacky Races; Wait Till Your Father Gets Home; Wally Gator; Waynehead; We Bare Bears; Wedgies; What a Cartoon!; Whatever Happened To… Robot Jones?; Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch; Where’s Huddles?; Wildfire; Winsome Witch; Winx Club; Woody Woodpecker; Wulin Warriors; Xiaolin Showdown; X-Men: Evolution; Yakky Doodle; Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey; Yogi Bear; Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!; Young Justice; Young Robin Hood; Young Samson; Yu-Gi-Oh!; YuYu Hakusho; Zatch Bell!; Zixx; Zoids
Other Crosses: Bobb’e Says; BrainRush; Destroy Build Destroy; Dude, What Would Happen; Goosebumps; Hole in the Wall; Incredible Crew; Level Up; My Dad’s a Pro; The Othersiders; Out of Jimmy’s Head; Re: Evolution of Sports; Run It Back; Slamball; Survive This; 10 Count; Thumb Wrestling Federation; Tower Prep; Unnatural History
The Story: Several short stories featuring numerous Cartoon Network characters, original and acquired, in various shared reality segments.
Notes: Since its inception, Cartoon Network has run numerous promos that featured it’s original characters and acquired properties in original short segments that demonstrate that everything seen on Cartoon Network, original or reruns from other networks, takes place in the same shared reality. Most of the segments take place at the Cartoon Network studios, or the town the studio is set in, which seems to be Townsville from the Powerpuff Girls. I conjecture that Townsville is nearby Los Angeles and Toontown. However, there is evidence elsewhere, in Phineas and Ferb, that Townsville is part of the same Tri-State Area as Dansville from Phineas and Ferb. There are several areas in the United States that are known as the Tri-State area, and California is not in any known “tri-state area”. Note that some of the series above are not part of the main Cartoon Universe. Also, some of these series exist in the past for future. Clearly Cartoon Network has access to travel between time and alternate realities.

 1993--SON OF THE PINK PANTHER--Maria Gambrelli (the maid from SHOT IN THE DARK) turns out  to be the mother of Gendarme Jacques Gamrelli, who was the son of Inspector Clouseau that he never knew about. 

Release Date: January 6, 1994
Other Crosses: Pink Panther
The Story: A thief called the Phantom comes out of retirement to prove that senior citizens still matter. Homer forms a citizens group to augment the police in order to take the famed villain down.
Notes: The Phantom of this episode is meant to be the same Phantom from the Pink Panther film series.

Release Date: November 11, 2000
Other Crosses: Pink Panther
The Story: The Dark Hand are after the Snake Talisman in New York, while the Viper seeks another valuable object at the museum.

Notes: That other object is the famed Pink Panther diamond from the Pink Panther film series. Though those films were live action, they spun off both the animated Pink Panther, who appeared in most of the live action Pink Panther films in animated intros and endings, and an animated series of shorts called the Inspector, based on Inspector Clouseau, the lead character of the Pink Panther films. Therefore, with this crossover and those spin-offs, it seems that despite being live action, the Pink Panther films could easily have happened in the Cartoon Universe, especially with all the cartoon like slapstick involved in those films.

2004--CELLULAR--Not sure where you'd put it on the timeline, but the 2004 film "Cellular" contains a scene at LAX where Inspector Clousseau is paged over the PA. No actual appearance, but it's pretty clearly him - presumably the younger, Steve Martin him.--Doc_Loki

2006--THE PINK PANTHER--If sellers and Martin were the same age as their characters, then the younger clouseau would be 20 years younger than the older. Back in those days, it was very likely one came from a large family. So my theory is that Jacques had at least an older brother. We know jacques fought in the resistance, and this probably was the cause of his move from the country to the city and work in law enforcement. Meanwhile following the war his brother remained in the country having a family with at least one son who was named after his uncle. The younger Jacques must have grown up hearing of his uncle's exaggerated greatness. His uncle was an inspector, traveling the world chasing the phantom while married to an extremely beautiful woman. Of course the young nephew wanted to enter law enforcement as well, but alas it took him much longer to rise up than his uncle who became chief inspector and saved the world. Note that I haven't seen all panther films yet, including the ones with clouseau's son, so I don't know of that affects my theory.  Note also the Clouseau meets British agent 006, and Clouseau says the means he's one step from the big time, meaning he knows about James Bond.  It's clear that Bond is a real person in this reference. Brett Graham Fawcett adds:  Nigel Boswell, Agent 006, who has an encounter with Inspector Clouseau in the 2006 Pink Panther movie. Owen played "the Driver" in "The Hire" series of short films produced by BMW (the nameless agent who performs covert missions with his BMW).
Clive Owen also drove a BMW in The Bourne Identity, playing "The Professor", a Treadstone sniper who is killed by Jason Bourne. It is tempting to see the Professor and the Driver as the same person. Nigel Boswell may have faked his death in The Bourne Identity in order to get away from Treadstone (his death speech suggests that he does not like his bosses), and joined MI6, where his skills fast-tracked him to be 006. The last 006 we know of was Alec Trevelyan from Goldeneye, who (SPOILERS) was a traitor and was killed in that film, leaving an obvious vacancy for a veteran like Boswell to fill.

August 2008--VENTURE BROS.--"ORB"--Billy Quizboy uses techniques the he must have learned from the Phantom, either directly or by studying him.

2009--THE PINK PANTHER 2--Clouseau is picked to join an international dream team of detectives when the Pink Panther and several other items are stolen all over the world.

Release Date: 2001 (Setting is 2265 A.D.)
Series: Star Trek; Sherlock Holmes (See Notes)
Horror Crosses: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos
Non-Horror Crosses: Lord of the Rings; Lost World; Indiana Jones; A.J. Raffles; The Saint; Journey to the Centre of the Earth; Pink Panther
The Story: On the Amusement Park Planet, a construct is made of Professor Moriarty from the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The construct embraces his character so much that he leaves to embark on a life of real crime. Spock makes the logical deduction that only constructs of Holmes and Watson can stop him.

Notes: This is an anthology of interconnected stories by the same author. The premise is used to imagine Holmes in the world of Star Trek. Though Holmes is thought of here as a fictional character within the world of Star Trek, in Star Trek VI, Spock will claim Holmes as his ancestor (on his human side). It’s certainly realistic for people to confuse the worlds of fiction and reality after some time has passed. Think of all the people today who think that Lovecraftian lore is real, for instance. (It’s not, by the way.) In real life, ships and places are often named after other real places or historical figures. Thus, when writers are being clever, we get crossovers. In one of the stories, there are ships named the O.C. Marsh, the Cthulhu, the Arkham, the Sothoth, and the Alhazred, and there is a reference (curse) to the three Hells of Rlyeh. Those Lovecraftian references bring this story into the Horror Universe, though Star Trek has had other links mentioned elsewhere in this guide to connect it to the Horror Universe. Star Trek, of course, is in one of many possible alternate futures of the Horror Universe. Holmes sets up shop on Memory Alpha and finds copies of The Origin of Tree Worship (from the Lord of the Rings) and The Ladder of Life by Challenger (from the Lost World). A looter of an archaeological dig on Indiana IV is named Jones. A jewel thief is compared to Raffles and Templar (the Saint). There is an asteroid named Lidenbrock Alpha. Lidenbrock led the Journey to the Centre of the Earth. And there is a safe model P1I3N7K Panther.


TVCU-1-Cartoon Universe (also has its own inner multiverse, as seen in various cartons. These are mostly one time seen worlds). This universe is the home of the anthropomorphic Pink Panther.  This Pink Panther often crosses over to the TVCU, running into Inspector Clouseau.  It seems that the Pink Panther Diamond has some connection.  This Pink Panther can talk but usually doesn't.  He has a son.  He is a spokesman for an insulation company, and is an advocate for breast cancer awareness.


TVCU-32-MEMEVERSE: The home of fan art.

Kimba the White Lion and The Pink Panther by Sergio Morettini:

TVCU-89-BONGO UNIVERSE:  In THE SIMPSONS episode "This Little Wiggy", the franchise continues with the Return of the Pink Panther Returns, with Ken Wahl playing Inspector Jacques Clouseau.  However, like in the TVCU, these must be based on true stories, because in THE SIMPSONS episode "Homer the Vigilante", the Phantom strikes in Springfield.


  1. As always, thanks for the mention.

    I always wondered why the producers didn't go the TV adaptation route with the franchise once it wasn't realy a viable concern at the movies anymore. I'm sure by the early to mid-1980's there must have been an actor who could have done a halfway decent turn as Clousseau. I would have at least cast John Colicos as the TV Dreyfuss.....

  2. Not sure where you'd put it on the timeline, but the 2004 film "Cellular" contains a scene at LAX where Inspector Clousseau is paged over the PA. No actual appearance, but it's pretty clearly him - presumably the younger, Steve Martin him.