Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Legendary Figures in the TVCU: King Arthur

Updated to incorporate material from the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.

This is another in a series of blogs I will do in covering legendary figures whose place in history has become a merging of fact and fiction. Of course in this case, the fiction is the fact in at least the case of the TVCU appearances.

c. 1279 B.C.--HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS--Merlin sends Arthur back in time to learn and train from Hercules.

Release Date: 1975 (Setting is the late 480s A.D.)
Series: Cormac Mac Art
Horror Crosses: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos
Non-Horror Crosses: Kull; King Arthur
The Story: Cormac Mac Art battles an evil druid and the last of the Serpent Men.

Notes: The druid’s magic is tied to the Lovecraftian Mythos. The Serpent Men originate from the first Kull story. Though King Arthur was real, he likely has a Horror Universe counterpart whose canon should only be those mentions in this book. Arthur is not in this story, but is mentioned.

In the earlier days of King Arthur--MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL--Yes, because there are soooooo many crossovers with shows, movies, games, and literature that like to include holy hand grenades and other great bits from this film, I have to conclude that the TVCU Arthur and his knights did indeed have this adventure.  Sigh.  Note, this quest is the gathering of the knights, but it won't be until later that Swamp Thing helps find it, before the end of Camelot.

In the days of King Arthur--PRINCE VALIANT--Prince Valiant is an adventurer during the same time period of Arthur.

6th century A.D.--ADVENTURE COMICS--Sir Justin is a knight of the Round Table who is gifted by Merlin with a mystical sword and a flying horse. They get frozen in time and awaken in the 1940s.

6th century A.D.--BRAVE AND THE BOLD # 1--The man who was once Prince Khufu is reincarnated as Brian Kent, who serves King Arthur as the Silent Knight. Prince Khufu will later be the Western hero called Nighthawk and later still as Hawkman.

6th century A.D.--DEMON--Merlin traps his half-brother, the demon Etrigan, by placing him inside the body of Jason Blood.

500 A.D.--IRON MAN # 150--Iron Man and Doctor Doom travel back in time where Doom aligns himself with Morgan le Fay.

568--SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE--The trio are in England. They aid their blacksmith friend in wooing the princess while also stopping a plot against the king. Note that this tale takes place during the era of King Arthur of Camelot, but it takes place in a different kingdom.

6th century A.D.--REAL GHOSTBUSTERS--"A Hard Knight's Day"--Merlin punishes Sir Bruce by trapping him in a tapestry.

6th century--BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES--"Nail the Conquering Hero"--James Bojaciuk says: Bill and Ted meet King Arthur. Not really a solid crossover, but as King Arthur exists within the TVCU, this is worth noting.

6th century A.D.--GHOSTBUSTERS: DISPLACED AGGRESSION #4 OF 4 - Ivan Ronald Schablotski says: Dr Ray Stantz is sent to the time of King Arthur's Camelot, and is accompanied by an influx of supernatural activity. Ectoplasmic dragons kidnap the bulk of Camelot's citizens and force them to build and operate a Munchausen's Wheel, which will open a gate to a pocket dimensional prison. Within a month's time Ray has adapted very well to life in Camelot and using a steam-powered "proto-pack" with an ionized sword to fight ghosts, when Dr Peter Venkmann and Rachel Unglighter arrive from approx. 1865 in Ecto-10. Together the three Ghostbusters and King Arthur rescue the locals and defeat Morgan leFay, who's spirit was orchestrating events to release her body from imprisonment by Merlin, and the Ghostbusters take off a possible future.

This takes place during Morgan leFay's exile by Merlin, and Merlin himself is nowhere to be found, so I'm guessing this fits after "A HARD DAY'S KNIGHT" but before the quest for the Holy Grail begins.

6th Century A.D.--SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT--Sonic is sent to Earth and back in time where he meets an Arthur turned evil by magic.

6th Century A.D.--TIME TUNNEL--"Merlin the Magician"--This wasn't included the first time I posted this because I didn't think Time Tunnel was in, but I've since been yelled at that Time Tunnel is in.

6th Century A.D.--GARGOYLES--"Avalon"--Another one I left out was Gargoyles, who trace back their origin to the time of Camelot, and have had other crosses to bring them into the TVCU.

6th century A.D.--SWAMP THING # 87 AND 109--Swamp Thing travels back in time and aids in finding the Holy Grail. However, he becomes bound to Camelot, and thus it falls when he returns to the future.

Some 40 years after the fall of Camelot—Merlin’s mirror is brought to the Homelands (from the comic series Fables), most likely by some of the surviving Knights of the Round Table who chose to take up residence in the lands of fiction. They carved a castle within a mountain; this information can be reconstructed from the Seven Dwarfs’ discovery of Merlin’s Mirror within their mines. (Taken from James Bojaciuk's guest blog.)

12th century--ROBIN HOOD--"The Inheritance"--King Arthur's spirit appears in Sherwood Forest.

12th century--NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD--"Return to Camelot"--Robin travels back in time to Camelot.

12th century--NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD--"Legend of Olwyn"--Arthur appears in flashback in a tale told to Robin by Merlin.

December 1476--DRACULA VS. KING ARTHUR--Lucifer sends Dracula back in time to battle King Arthur during the time of Camelot.

1864--BONANZA--Adam encounters a man dressed as a knight claiming to be King Arthur.

October 1883 to March 1885--JEKYLL & HYDE: THE MUSICAL--Lady Elizabeth Beaconsfield dresses as Guinevere at a costume party.

May to August 1898--LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN--This mini-series brings in A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT, in which a man of the 19th century travels back in time to visit Camelot.

Release Date: 2007 (Setting is 1930)
Series: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Horror Crosses: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos; Dracula (novel); Carnacki Ghost Finder
Non-Horror Crosses: Jeeves and Wooster; Allan Quatermain; Orlando (Virginia Woolf); Orlando Furioso; Orlando Innamorato; Orlando the Marmalade Cat; The Story of O; The Prisoner; 1984
The Story: Once again, Bertie Wooster and his manservant Jeeves find themselves mixed up with Lovecraftian horrors, but this time the 1930 incarnation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comes to the rescue.

Notes: Jeeves and Wooster are from a series of comedic books and later a television series. The League at this time consists of Mina Murray, Allan Quatermain Jr., Orlando, and Carnacki. Mina is the heroine of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Allan Quatermain Jr. is an original character created by Alan Moore for LEOG, and is the son of Allan Quatermain, star of such novels as King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard. Orlando is a character creation of Moore that conflates the Orlando from Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Orlando Furioso, Orlando Innamorato, and Orlando the Marmalade Cat, as well as the Story of O, and Bion from Greek mythology and Sir Roland from Arthurian legend. Carnacki is the Ghost Finder already pulled into the Horror Universe. Note that all the original sources of these characters are in the Horror Universe. Additionally, the first two volumes of League are in the Horror Universe. However, though this story is in, after the first two volumes, I cannot accept the main body of the League Universe because it diverges too much. For instance, there is no Adolf Hitler in that timeline, and the events of Orwell’s 1984 took place in England of the late 1940s.

Release Date: 2006 (Setting is 1931)
Series: Tales of the Shadowmen
Horror Crosses: The Vampires
Non-Horror Crosses: Arsene Lupin; Akechi Kogoro; Fantomas; Fu Manchu; La Reine Margot; Three Musketeers; Le Bossu; The Sword Woman; Jirel of Joiry; The Grey Maiden; Scaramouche; Prince Valiant; Amber; Lupin III; Zatoichi; Yu’an He See Laughs; Doc Ardan
The Story: When famous swords go missing, famed thief Arsene Lupin is a suspect, so famed Japanese detective Kogoro Akechi must team with French police.

Notes: Les Vampires is the Paris set film serial whose characters appear frequently in Shadowmen tales. The rest of the crossovers are mostly series featuring sword wielding heroes. Sir Lancelot of Arthurian legend and historical figure Cyrano de Bergerac are also mentioned, but legends and historical figures do not count as crossovers.

Release Date: January 2, 2009 (Contemporary Setting as well as medieval times)
Horror Crosses: The Demon
The Story: Batman and Green Arrow are thrown back in time to the time of King Arthur where they must aid Merlin against Morgaine le Fey who has stolen Excalibur and controls the demon Etrigan.
Notes: The Brave and the Bold takes place in a divergent reality where super-heroes didn’t debut for another 70 years later, and are more public, while horror elements are lesser. However, because the nature of divergent realities is that there are multiple timelines that originate from a singular timeline, I believe the Batman and Green Arrow of the B&B timeline traveled back to a point before the split, thus they arrived in the 6th century of the Horror Universe.

February 1948--ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN--"The Last Knight"--Four men believe they are Arthur and three of his knights.

December 24, 1959--Merlin comes to Santa's aid when the devil tries to prevent Christmas from happening.

September 1966--THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY QUEST--"The Alchemist"--Johnny meets Merlin.

1975--GHOST BUSTERS--"Merlin, the Magician"--The Ghost Busters (not the ones you know) help Merlin battle Morgan le Fay.

Summer 1977--WONDER WOMAN--"Diana's Disappearing Act"--Wonder Woman encounters both Count Cagliostro and Morgan le Fay.

1978--FREEDOM FORCE--Merlin joins a team with Isis, Hercules, Sinbad, and and Super Samurai.

January 1982--FANTASY ISLAND--"King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court"--King Arthur is transported from his time to the present.

Release Date: 1987 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage/Eastman & Laird) from Turtles Prime; Trollords; Silent Invasion; The Realm; Wordsmith; Reacto Man; Eb’nn; Tales from the Aniverse
Horror Crosses: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Non-Horror Crosses: The Maltese Falcon; The Time Machine; The Pied Piper; The Shadow; Wizard of Oz (film); The Phantom Detective
The Story: When two movers find that the contents of the moving truck are missing, contents that include valuable artifacts, they call on real heroes to help.

Notes: Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is sent to Central Park to retrieve Excalibur. This version of the Turtles is the original version created by Eastman and Laird. According to the film Turtles Forever, they exist on the divergent timeline called Turtles Prime. Of course, many of these mini-stories in this one shot seem to exist in alternate realities, but considering that one person owned all these artifacts, surely he is a man who can summon heroes from throughout time and space. Excalibur is from Arthurian legend, and thus doesn’t count for crossovers since Arthurian legend seems to exist in the history of practically every timeline. The Trollords travel to Hell to face Charon at the river Styx to retrieve his staff. The Trollords were from an independent comic about three trolls that cheated death and thereafter find themselves pursued by the Grim Reaper while at the same time working to convince humans of the value of their lives. Due to the nature of this story, it’s impossible to determine which timeline the Trollords come from, but they certainly exist within the larger Horror Multiverse. Charon comes from Greek mythology, which follows the same rules as Arthurian legend. Matt Sinkage (from the independent comic Silent Invasion) recovers the Picture of Dorian Gray. Silent Invasion is an alien conspiracy story set in the 1950s which fits nicely into the main Horror Universe timeline, which is good since obviously the PIcture of Dorian Gray is solidly in the main Horror Universe. Adventurers from “the Realm” retrieve the ruby slippers from the Wicked Witch of Oz. The Realm is about a group of friends who are transported to the realm of Azoth. The heroes may originate from the Earth of the main Horror Universe, but at least a divergent timeline, and Azoth is certainly a pocket dimension within the Horror Multiverse. Almost all the references to Wizard of Oz within this reference guide have been to the film version, so it’s clear that the film is the Horror Universe version. Dorothy must have come from the Horror Universe, and the Oz she visited must have been a pocket reality within the Horror Multiverse. The one anomaly is the Supernatural crossover that portrays a very different interpretation of Dorothy and her visit to Oz. We can assume that this is a totally different Dorothy who visited a different Oz. One problem with this story being about the film version is that the Wicked Witch should be dead, but more than one Oz sequel has portrayed a resurrected Witch. The Wordsmith is sent for the ring of the pulp hero called the Shadow, and the story also involves the Phantom Detective. The Wordsmith is an independent comic about a writer during the depression. The Shadow has been well established as a character in the Horror Universe. This story brings in the Phantom Detective. It’s clear from the story that the Wordsmith, the Shadow, and the Phantom Detective coexist in the same timeline, which would be the main Horror Universe. Reacto Man retrieves the Time Machine (from the novel of H.G. Wells). Reacto Man was a super-hero from an independent comic. Since the Time Machine from H.G. Wells is well established in the Horror Universe, Reacto Man is likely also from the main Horror Universe timeline. Eb’nn is sent to retrieve the Maltese Falcon. Eb’nn is a raven bounty hunter from a wild west reality of anthropomorphic talking animals. This pocket reality must exist within the Horror Multiverse. The Maltese Falcon, on the other hand, is well established as being in the main Horror Universe timeline. J.B. Space of the Aniverse goes after the Pied Piper’s pipe. The Aniverse is a futuristic reality of anthropomorphic talking animals which must be a part of the Horror Multiverse. The Pied Piper has been established via Tales of the Shadowmen to be a character in the Horror Universe that can travel through time. This comic features all heroes from independent comics and was created as a fundraiser for the Literacy Volunteers of Chicago.

November 1991--MACGYVER--"Good Night MacGyver"--MacGyver is transported back in time to the time of Camelot.

1993--HELLBOY--Hellboy is descended from King Arthur and his son Mordred.

February 1996--GARGOYLES--"Pendragon"--Arthur returns in the present to fight alongside the Gargoyles.  Though of course we know that he must die again to be reincarnated in 2003.

December 1997--SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH--"Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves"--Sabrina accidentally sends her aunts and cat to Merlin's castle.

October 1998--SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH--"Boy was my Face Red"--Sabrina meets King Arthur, though I don't know if time travel was involved or if it was his spirit.

September 2002--JUSTICE LEAGUE--"A Knight of Shadows"--The Justice League aid the demon Etrigan to fight Morgan le Fay.

2003--CHARMED--Wyatt Halliwell is the reincarnation of King Arthur.

September 2003--LAS VEGAS--"What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"--A man is hired by the Montecito to play King Arthur, but he gets a little out of control.

Release Date: 2006 (Set in many time periods from the 19th century up to the final season of Angel)
Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Horror Crosses: Dracula (see Notes); An American Werewolf in London; Dracula (Universal); Frankenstein (Universal); Wolf Man; Dracula (Silent Devil); Dracula (Topps)
Non-Horror Crosses: Abbott and Costello; Zorro
The Story: It is revealed that the gypsy tribe that cursed Angel and then was slaughtered by Spike, Dru, and Darla was the same tribe that was favored by Dracula. Though Dracula wouldn’t learn of Angel’s involvement for some time, he became an instant and unlifetime enemy of Spike, and this rivalry led to present day.
Notes: The Dracula of this story is not necessarily the Dracula of Stoker’s novel, though he claims to be. However, he does seem to be the same Dracula seen in the film “Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula” which would imply he is the same Dracula. It may be he is indeed, but he may just as well be a soul clone with delusions of being the real deal. (If so, True Story may be his false memories.) I leave it up to each individual reader to make their own interpretation, but for crossover purposes, appearances of this Dracula make a Buffy crossover, but not a Dracula crossover. But there are other crossovers in this book. In the late 19th century, Spike inspires the customers and staff of an inn called the Slaughtered Lamb to grab their pitchforks and torches and storm Dracula’s country home. The Slaughtered Lamb appears as an important setting in the film “An American Werewolf in London”. In the modern setting, in Spike’s final fight with Dracula, he mentions that Dracula has also fought Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, King Arthur and Zorro. Spike is probably not aware of soul clones, and believes his rival to be the one and only Dracula. In battling the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolf Man, he is likely confusing this Dracula with the soul clone Armand Tesla (aka Dr. Leighos/Latos) from the Universal films. Dracula fought King Arthur in a Silent Devil Productions comic book mini-series, and Zorro in a Topps Comics Mini-series. Though Joss Whedon’s Dracula is too different to be the same as the Universal version, it’s not improbable for him to be the same guy who fought Zorro and King Arthur. Finally, this mention brings Zorro’s original stories and Topps series into the Horror Universe. King Arthur is a legendary figure so does not count for crossovers.

2004--ADVENTURES OF YOUNG VAN HELSING: THE QUEST FOR THE LOST SCEPTOR--Michael Harris discovers he is part of Van Helsing family and battles Morgan le Fay.

August 2004--JUSTICE LEAGUE--"Kid Stuff"--Mordred makes all adults on Earth vanish, and so Morgan le Fay transforms the Justice League into children so they can return to Earth and stop him. When his spell is broken, the adults return with no memories and the children's stories are not believed.

2004 to 2008--LIBRARIAN TRILOGY--Amongst the items kept by the librarian is Arthur's sword, Excalibur, or so they think. The real sword is in the possession of Piper Halliwell. Of course, it could be she entrusted the librarian to guard it.

Release Date: February 28, 2006 (Contemporary Setting, immediately after Paths Not Taken)
Series: Nightside
Horror Crosses: The King in Yellow; Evil Dead; Alien; Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos; Hawk & Fisher
Non-Horror Crosses: Doctor Who; The Water Babies; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Alice in Wonderland; Shadows Fall; An Inhabitant of Carcosa; Alf’s Button; Fables; Adam Adamant; Eaters of the Dead; Bran Mak Morn; The Virginian; The Prisoner
The Story: As John Taylor and his friends return to the present, they find that John’s mother, Lilith, is gathering a powerful army to take over the Nightside and return it to the way she meant it to be when she created it. Apparently that’s bad.

Notes: The Yellow Sign is on a bathroom wall. Taylor’s secretary is armed with a Kandarian punch dagger. Kandarian demons are from the Evil Dead series. Suzie Shooter fights using a Colonial Marine smart gun that she got from the future. At least it must be from one of the possible futures that contains the Alien film series. Lilith’s army is claimed to have wiped out the Elder Spawn (code for Old Ones), though this is not likely to be true. The train runs to the Street of the Gods, the setting if Green’s Hawk & Fisher series. There are three Doctor Who references in this one. A sonic screwdriver has been left behind the bar counter at Strangefellows. John mentions the Travelling Doctor as a potential ally and Father Time blames the Travelling Doctor for attire. It’s said that some drunk flower fairies plan on beating up some water babies. Water Babies is a story by Reverend Charles Kingsley. Taylor suggests nobody go into the basement of Strangefellows without the Holy Hand Grenade of St. Antioch. This is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Shame on you if you didn’t know that.) Since the Nightside touches other realities, I don’t have to explain how this Monty Python fits in with the Horror Universe and Arthurian legend. But I’m going to anyways. Legend has it that Merlin himself was a temporal anomaly, aging backwards and living life in reverse, from future to past. Perhaps because of this, several divergent versions of Camelot and the Arthurian legend all existed in the same past of the Horror Universe timeline. This would explain how different versions are seen in so many past stories, flashbacks, time travel tales, and modern stories. This type of reasoning may offer the same types of reasoning for the heavily magical era of fairy tales. The dormouse appears, having doorways to many realms. He claims that there were more of his kind once, but they all went away. Shadows Fall is mentioned as one of the destinations of the dormouse's doors and a train destination. Father Time appears and is from Shadows Fall. Carcosa is mentioned as behind one of the doors and as a train destination. Carcosa is from “An Inhabitant of Carcosa”. The Nightside has a store called Alf’s Button Emporium. No, this is not a reference to the cute alien who eats cats. It’s actually based on a humorous 1920 novel. Julien Advent meets fairy tale characters expelled from their homes by the Adversary. These are the fairy tale characters from the Fables comic book, making that fairy tale realm part of the Horror Multiverse. (Sorry, Once Upon a Time. I know you have a Frankenstein, but who doesn’t? You never gave me a valid horror cross to pull you in.) This novel cements the idea that Julien Advent is Adam Adamant. The Eaters of the Dead (from the Michael Crichton novel) are said to have been wiped out by Lilith’s army. The same is said of the Worms of the Earth, who Bran Mak Morn once faced. John is attacked by a gun stolen from the grave of Dead Eye Dick, a character from the western television series The Virginian. The Collector is seen wearing the jacket of Number Six from the Prisoner. He says he also bought his car.

2006--TOMB RAIDER: LEGEND--Lara Croft seeks Excalibur. Excalibur at this time is supposed to be in the possession of both Piper Halliwell and the Librarian. Perhaps it was stolen, or perhaps Croft is seeking a fake, or perhaps this story takes place before 2003.

Release Date: December 27, 2011 (Contemporary Setting, immediately after the Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny)
Series: Nightside
Horror Crosses: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos; Creature from the Black Lagoon; King in Yellow; Hawk & Fisher; 1408; Frankenstein (all of them); The Enquiries of Doctor Eszterhazy; The Wicker Man
Non-Horror Crosses: Secret Histories; Shadows Fall; The Door in the Wall; The Teletubbies (no, you didn’t misread); Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser; Alice in Wonderland; Doctor Who
The Story: John Taylor receives the legendary Excalibur in the mail and decides to deliver it to the descendants of the original Knights of the Round Table who reside in London. Along the way, Taylor finds himself in a dark mirror universe where England is called Albion and Merlin chose a different path and became the Anti-Christ.

Notes: Like most of the Nightside stories, this one is loaded with numerous Lovecraft references. Taylor passes a sushi stall run by “something from a black lagoon”. There is graffiti in the Nightside that includes the Yellow Sign from the King in Yellow. The train runs to Haven from Green’s Hawk & Fisher series. Hawk and Fisher themselves also appear in the story. In the mirror reality, King Arthur hides in room 1408 of the castle. At a bazaar, there is tattooing using Frankenstein blood. I’m not sure if this means the blood of a Frankenstein or a Frankenstein monster. Previous Nightside stories have confirmed that many of the Frankenstein family have created numerous monsters, thus confirming one of the major crossover connection rules of the Horror Universe. In the mirror reality of Albion, the streets are lined with Wicker Men filled with dead men. Green again makes numerous references to his Secret Histories series. The Nightside train also runs to Shadows Fall, as also seen in previous Nightside stories. Shadows Fall is another Green series. The only entrance to the castle of the knights is a green door, which may be a reference to H.G. Wells’ The Door in the Wall, in which a green door is a portal to a magical garden. At the bar called Strangefellows, there are four fuzzy little creatures with working televisions implanted in the stomachs. These would be the Teletubbies. They are said to be post-nuclear apocalypse mutants. Thus, we may assume that the Teletubbies exists in one possible alternate timeline of the Horror Universe. The Nightside exists outside of time and space, so it’s easy for visitors from other time periods to show up. John and his partner Suzie pass the Bazaar of the Bizarre from the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser series. John and Suzie visit the dormouse. The dormouse has several doors that work as portals to other places, including Shadows Fall and Carcosa. Carcosa is a city that once existed. It is mentioned in the King in Yellow, though it’s first literary appearance was in Ambrose Bierce’s 1891 “An Inhabitant of Carcosa”. The fictional city may have been inspired by a real city, Carcassonne (Carcaso in Latin), that was in medieval France. There is also a door to Scytha-Pannonia-Transbalkania from Avram Davidson’s The Enquiries of Dr. Eszterhazy. Taylor mentions that his portable timeslip only works in time and space but not dimension. He adds that it’s not a TARDIS.

Release Date: April 3, 2012 (See notes for setting)
Series: The Time Travel Guide
Horror Crosses: Evil Dead; Alien
Non-Horror Crosses: Terminator; Doctor Who; Back to the Future; Forbidden Planet; The Time Machine; Time Cop; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court; Star Trek; Timeline; Stargate; Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure; Hot Tub Time Machine; Star Wars; Futurama; Donnie Darko; Time After Time; Lost; Philadelphia Experiment; 12 Monkeys; Quantum Leap; X-Files; Gundam; Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers; Voltron; iRobot; Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (films); Superman (Christopher Reeve films); Land of the Lost; Battlestar Galactica; Star Trek (reboot); Planet of the Apes; Call of Duty; Muppet Show
The Story: Not so much a story, this is an actual guide for new time travellers written by some guys who live at some point in the future, but who came back in time to publish the book (presumedly to avoid an amateur time traveller from screwing up their timeline).
Notes: This story implies that all of the above crosses exist. However, because of the nature of time travel, it’s possible that some of the above may be in divergent timelines while others are part of the main Horror Universe timeline.


BONGO UNIVERSE--There is also a counterpart of King Arthur in this universe.

CINEMULTIVERSE--There are many different cinematic versions of the legend.

DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--The Doctor will eventually become Merlin. Morgan le Fay and Mordred are aliens.

EARTH-886--DOCTOR STRANGE battles Morgan le Fay.

FAR FAR AWAY LAND--In this reality, SHREK THE THIRD is the official version of the legendary events.

LOONIVERSE--In this reality, THE SWORD IN THE STONE (DISNEY) is the official version of the legendary events. In a past life, Bugs Bunny was a court jester in King Arthur's court. At one point, Yakko, Wakko and Dot travel back to Camelot where they help Arthur and his knights, along with Perry Mason and Dr. Strangelove, try to stop a dragon. Merlin also trained a past life version of Mickey Mouse to be his apprentice.


SIMPSONS--"E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)"--In this Simpsons episode, they are watching a film called "The Poke of Zorro", in which Zorro travels to France to rescue King Arthur who had been kidnapped by the Man in the Iron Mask. He must battle the Three Musketeers and also takes on the Scarlet Pimpernel who had been sleeping with Zorro's lover. Definitely not canon anywhere, but very fun little clip.

SKITLANDIA--This version has it's own version of Arthur, though he is constantly changing, likely due to time travel mishaps.

STARGATE UNIVERSE--In this reality, the Arthurian legend was based on an ancient alien species.

TOOBWOLD (AND ALTERNATE TELEVISION REALITIES)--There are many different TV versions of the legend.

TOONIVERSE--The Tooniverse has it's own legend, which changes often, no doubt due to time travelling interference.

VIDEO GAME UNIVERSES--There are many different versions of Arthur in video games.


  1. The caretakers of 'Warehouse 13' also think they have Excalibur, which they recovered in Cardiff (probably taken from the ruins of the Torchwood Hub).

    Among the televersions, "The Last Defender Of Camelot" on 'The Twilight Zone' (80s version) is pretty good:

    And there's 'Mister Merlin' which may not be good, but probably doesn't clash with anything already established. Not even that Zone story....

    And as bad as it is, visitors here should check out "Merlin and the Sword" (aka "Arthur The King") which is a distaff version of Connecticut Yankee. Mostly for the cast which includes Malcolm McDowall, Candice Bergen, Dyan Cannon, Edward Woodward, Liam Neeson, Rupert Everett, and Michael Gough.....

    One last note - the accepted dating of episodes from 'Bonanza' is that they took place one hundred years before their broadcast. So "A Knight To Remember" would have taken place in 1864, if you wanted to nail it down even more.

    I hope all that helps expand your files. (You probably already had most of that TV stuff tucked away under the Toobworld heading.)

    "Once upon a time, there was a realm of myth and magic—a high, bright dream that shimmered briefly and then was gone, leaving only memories and one ageless, weary, slightly tarnished hero who proved at last that wisdom and valor go hand in hand, on Earth, in Camelot, and...in the Twilight Zone."

  2. Warehouse 13 is in the TVCU, and I remember reading about it on your site. (I always do a search of your site as a standard part of my research) but forgot to mention it. I think you postulated that the two may be working together. Since Excalibur went to some undisclosed place to hide it on Charmed, it's likely Piper handed it over to those two groups who work together.

    Yeah, those others fall under the Toobworld banner for sure, since I don't count Arthurian legend as a connector in itself, so not every appearance of something related to Arthur necessarily comes in.

    By the way, Mr. Merlin was a great show in my opinion, and I was sad it didn't last.

    And I will keep the 100 year ago approach for Bonanza. Does that apply to all TV westerns of that era or just Bonanza?

    And incidentally, I consider the Twilight Zone to be a series of alternate realities (much like the Treehouse of Horror, Outer Limits, ect.)