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Bugs Bunny

With day 3 of the anniversary celebration, I represent to you our 8th most viewed blog post, featuring Bugs Bunny!

This was originally posted on June 12, 2011.  Though I had previously mentioned the Looniverse in previous posts, this was the first post centered on a Looniverse series, and thus, besides just talking about Bugs, for the first time, I laid out a lot of the rules and mythology regarding the Looniverse.

My upcoming book, the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia, due out in 2016, expands on the concepts I started here.  In the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia, the Looniverse is now called the Cartoon Universe.  One reason is because Warner Bros. created the Looniverse name, so there's the legality issue.  But additionally, since there is so much more to the Cartoon Universe than just Looney Tunes, it seemed more appropriate.  The Looniverse was a name created in the Superman/Bugs Bunny comic book mini-series as the name of Bugs' reality.

The book focuses more on crossovers, so even though Bugs will be covered in the book, this blog post still remains much more in depth on the individual history of Bugs.  This post won't be updated again until after the release of the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia.


My upcoming book, The Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, out in a few weeks, will actually have a few Bugs Bunny references.  Really!

But my next book, the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia, which shall be out likely in 2016, will be loaded with the wascally wabbit.  


Alternate Realities:  The Looniverse presents Bugs Bunny

I could use something lighthearted right now, so I'm glad I picked this for my next subject.

In my previous ventures outside of the Television Crossover Universe, I've tackled the entirety of all that is in that universe.  However, when it comes to the Looniverse, it is so large that I have no choice but to cover it a little bit at a time here or there.

So if I'm going to do that, I may as well start with the central character.  That is, of course, Bugs Bunny.  The Looniverse was first named in the Superman/Bugs Bunny mini-series, as being the home universe of Bugs Bunny.  That makes him the center of his world, just as Sherlock Holmes is the center of the TVCU, Doctor Who is the center of the Doctor Who Universe, and Bart Simpson is the center of the Bongo Universe.  What this means is that any character that exists in the Looniverse has to have some sort of crossover evidence to prove they share a reality.

That is because the TVCU, the Doctor Who Universe, the Bongo Universe, and the Looniverse are all crossover universes, meaning that to be said to exist in these realities there has to be a crossover connection.  This is different than medium/genre universes like Toob World, the Cineverse, the Tooniverse, etc., where different characters share a reality simply because they are all TV shows, they are all movies, they are all cartoons, etc.

One last thing.  Let me say this.  This is about Bugs Bunny and his crossovers.  It's not a blog about Looney Tunes.  At later times I will cover other Looney Tunes characters.  Each of these characters started off in their own series of shorts, before eventually all being lumped together.  It's only fair to give them the recognition each of them deserved individually.  Besides, if I'm going to cover every short (like I did with the Stooges), then the blog would be way too long to cover all the shorts by every Looney Tunes character all at once.

Classic bugsbunny.png

So let's move on to Bugs...  (Pssst, see the end of this blog for a quick recap of the geneologies...)

10,000 B.C.--PRE-HYSTERICAL HARE--Elmer Fuddstone tries to hunt a sabertooth bunny while a documentary film crew records the event.  Really.  Of course, these are ancestors of Elmer and Bugs, and of the film crew of 1958 Bugs Bunny cartoons perhaps.  

54 A.D.--ROMAN LEGION-HARE--Sam's ancestor works for Emperor Nero, and tries to send Bugs' ancestor to the lions.

6th century--KNIGHTS MUST FALL--Bugs' ancestor accidentally throws an eaten carrot stub into the helmet of Sir Pantsalot of Drop Seat Manor.  This leads to the usual slapstick battle of wits.

6th century--KNIGHT-MARE HARE--Bugs of 1955 gets hit on the head by an apple and finds himself in ancient Camelot.  I postulate he is astrally projected back into the body of his ancestor, the same one who appeared in KNIGHTS MUST FALL.  He ends up facing the Black Knight and Merlin.  In the end, he wakes in his own time, unsure if it was a dream or not.

6th century--KNIGHTY KNIGHT BUGS-- In a past life, Bugs Bunny was a court jester in King Arthur's court.

6th century--PRINCE VIOLENT--The 6th century ancestor of Bugs has taken on the identity of Prince Violent and defends his castle from Sam's ancestor who is a marauding viking.

6th century--QUEST FOR CAMELOT SING-ALONGS--This is just a bunch of clips of Looney Tunes cartoons from the times of knight and wizards.  It's a tie in to the release of Warner Brothers' animated film QUEST FOR CAMELOT but luckily there is no real crossover.  I consider Disney's THE SWORD IN THE STONE as the official origin of King Arthur in the Looniverse with the Bug Bunny in Camelot stories happening many years later when Arthur is an older man.

12th century--HIAWATHA'S RABBIT HUNT--Hiawatha is an ancestor of Elmer Fudd, who goes hunting for a rabbit that is an ancestor of Bugs.

1190--JACK-WABBIT AND THE BEANSTALK--An ancestor of Bugs takes on the legendary giant.

1190--BEANSTALK BUNNY--Another ancestor of Bugs and Jack (and ancestor of Daffy) climb another beanstalk where they face another giant (who may be an ancestor of Elmer!!!)

1190--RABBIT HOOD--Bug's ancestor (the same one from JACK-WABBIT AND THE BEANSTALK) takes on the sheriff of Nottingham.  There must be two versions of Sherwood Forest coexisting around the same time in England.  This one would probably be where Daffy Duck's ancestor impersonates Robin Hood.  But the real Robin Hood is a fox, as I feel all Disney feature length movies trump shorts as official versions of adapted tales.

12th Century--THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD--This is the official TVCU Robin Hood, brought in oddly enough by an official crossover with Bugs Bunny.  (I could have tried to put this in the Looniverse, but the Looniverse version is a fox.  Also, the version in the TIME TUNNEL intentionally was made to look like the version from this film.)

1492--HARE WE GO--Bugs' ancestor sails to America with Columbus.

1587--A WITCH'S TANGLED HARE--William Shakespeare observes as an ancestor of Bugs matches wits with the immortal Witch Hazel in Macbeth's Castle.

1671--RABBITSON CRUSOE--Robinson Crusoe is an ancestor of Sam.  After being stranded on an island for 20 years, living off of coconuts, Bugs washes ashore, with all his meaty protein goodness.  Note that this is not the same Bugs from BEWITCHED BUNNY, since that Bug was a time traveler from the 1950s.  The Bugs in this cartoon is the 17th century ancestor of Bugs.

1687--BEWITCHED BUNNY--Bugs crosses a magical bridge while reading the tale of HANSEL AND GRETEL, and finds himself at the events.  There, the two brats wander into the home of Witch Hazel.  I believe this is the same Witch Hazel from the present, rather than an ancestor.  A a witch, she is likely much longer lived than most toons.  Since the Masked Avenger wasn't around, Bugs takes it upon himself to save the kids by disguising himself as a truant officer.  He saves the kids, which just leads Hazel to change her plans and make rabbit stew.  She poisons Bugs, but he is revived by Prince Charming, who thought he was kissing Snow White.  (So this cartoon must occur during the events of Disney's Snow White, which is the official version of that story in the Looniverse.)  In the end, Bugs turns Hazel into a female rabbit, that he then walks off with, saying probably the funniest, yet sexist, line.

1775--BUNKER HILL BUNNY--Bugs's ancestor and Sam's ancestor (Sam Von Schamm the Hessian) battle it out at the battle of Bagel Heights.

1803--BUGS BUNNY AND THE THREE BEARS--Bugs is there during the classic tale of GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, or rather his ancestor is.

1814--NAPOLEON BUNNY-PART--Bugs Bunny here is the modern version, who in 1956  is tunneling past the Hollywood freeway and winds up in 19th France where he encounters Napoleon.

1827--LUMBER JACK-RABBIT--Bugs' ancestor (probably the same one from SOUTHERN FRIED RABBIT and BOWERY BUGS) stumbles across a patch of giant carrots, owned by Paul Bunyan.

December 23 to 25, 1842--BUGS BUNNY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL--This one is tough for me.  I consider Mickey's Christmas Carol to be the official Looniverse version of that tale.  In this version, Sam is Scrooge, Porky is Cratchit.  Bugs is dresses as a ghost to scare Scrooge.  This can be reconciled.  Because the story is such a variant, especially there being no ghosts or time travel, as well as the fact Scrooge here owns Cratchit's home and not only fires Cratchit but kicks him and his family out of their homes, it seems as if this may not be the same story, but just something coincidentally similar.  So of course, let me say that this is an ancestor of Bugs.  This Cratchit is an ancestor of Porky and this Scrooge is an ancestor of Sam.  This also features ancestors of Sylvester, Tweety, Pepe Le Pew and Foghorn Leghorn.

1862--SOUTHERN FRIED RABBIT--An ancestor of Bugs hears of the best carrot plantation in existence in Alabama so he heads there, but finds an ancestor of Sam guarding the Mason-Dixon line, keeping Yankees from crossing over into the south.  This may be the most racially offensive cartoon of the era as as Bugs wears blackface and begs Sam not to whip him.

1883--HYDE AND HARE--The 19th century ancestor of Bugs (probably his father) is taken in by Dr. Jeckyll, which leads him to be chased by Mr. Hyde.  Later, Bugs takes the famous formula himself.

1886--BOWERY BUGS--Steve Brodie tries to get Bugs' foot for luck, but Bugs keeps convincing him to try other good luck charms, all of which actually end up bringing him bad luck.  Frustrated, Brodie jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge.

1890s--BARBARY-COAST BUNNY--Bugs Bunny, on his way to San Fransisco in the Barbary Coast days, discovers a large gold boulder and is swindled out of it by a crook named Nasty Canasta. So, Bugs comes to Canasta's casino in San Francisco and cleans him out of all his loot.Written by Ed Stephan <>  

1896--BONANZA BUNNY--Bugs is in Alaska during the early days of the gold rush (which continued up through the 1980s in the Looniverse).  He has tons of gold, which he considers useless rocks (he heard them called carrots), and thus he raised the interest of Blacque Jacque Shellacque.

1896--WET HARE--Bugs Bunny is enjoying his morning shower under a waterfall, singing "April Showers," when the water flow gets cut off. Bugs, thinking at first beavers are responsible, he climbs up the cliff to investigate. He meets Black Jacque Shellac, a ruthless lumberjack who wants to control the water supply. Bugs tricks the French-accented Jacque into removing a tiny rock in the dam to dislodge it. Jacque builds more dams, and prepares for what he thinks is the rabbit pulling more tricks; but of course Jacque and his dams get the worst end of a real shark and a barge full of dynamite. Certain Bugs will make more attempts to destroy his dam, the villainous Jacque fires his rifle at the waterfalls but winds up wrecking the rabbit's record player. Jacque builds "the perfect dam," one made of steel, but this time, the rabbit fights back with a series of his own. Using a cannon, Jacque proceeds to destroy them all... Written by Brian Rathjen <>.  This is actually Bugs' 19th century ancestor who I believe to actually be Bugs' father.

1918--WHAT'S UP DOC?-- "First," says Bugs, "I was born." He quickly learns he is different from the other children: he's a "rabbit in a human world."

Spring 1921--BABY LOONEY TUNES:  EGGS-TRAORDINARY ADVENTURE--Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, and Lola are all orphans being raised by Granny.  In this tale, the search for the true meaning of Easter.

1921--BABY LOONEY TUNES--Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, Petunia Pig, Melissa Duck, and Lola are all orphans being raised by Granny. 

1922--THE OLD GREY HARE--As tots, Elmer goes hunting for Bugs for the first time.  Yes, that means in A WILD HARE, Bugs and Elmer are already old adversaries.  

1927--PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG BUNNY--Bugs and Elmer in the early years of their rivalry.  A diaper wearing Wile E. Coyote is also seen chasing a running egg of the Road Runner.  Since the Road Runner debuted 9 years after Bugs did, I am calculating that Bugs is 9 years older than the Road Runner, thus why I place this story in this year.

Spring 1927--BUGS BUNNY'S BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER--Another story of a young Bugs and Elmer.

1935--A HARE GROWS IN MANHATTAN--When Bugs is a teen, he is living in Manhattan where he has to deal with an angry gang of dogs.

1935 to 1937--WHAT'S UP DOC?--Bugs grows up to accept repetitive chorus boy jobs in such Broadway revues as "Girl of the Golden Vest," "Wearing of the Grin" and "Rosie's Cheeks." 

1938 to 1939--WHAT'S UP DOC?--Bugs' career hits the skids and he's living on a park bench before he's discovered by that great vaudeville star, Elmer Fudd. Their dual comedy act is a hit, which leads to film roles. 

1940--A WILD HARE--In the beginning...the battle began.  In his first appearance, a rabbit named Bugs Bunny is bothered by a hunter named Elmer Fudd.

1940--PATIENT PORKY--Porky Pig checks into the hospital and has to deal with a crazy patient pretending to be a doctor.  Bugs appears.  This is his second appearance, and his first crossover.  I know nowadays, we don't think about Looney Tunes characters appearing together as crossovers, just as we don't think of Superman and Batman appearing together as a crossover anymore, but in 1940, the Looney Tunes characters each had separate series, thus this is indeed a crossover.

1941--ELMER'S PET RABBIT--Bugs is in a pet shop, and Elmer buys him.  And then Bugs complains that all he is allowed to eat is carrots.  I know, almost sounds like this should be in a mirror universe version of the Looniverse.

1941--TORTOISE BEATS HARE--The first time cocky Bugs races Cecil the tortoise in this modern take on the classic HARE AND TORTOISE tale.

1941--THE HECKLING HARE--Bugs has to deal with a hunting dog named Willoughby.

1941--ALL THIS AND RABBIT STEW--Bugs is bothered by a different hunter.  Note the title is a spoof of the film ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO.  This cartoon doesn't appear on TV anymore because it features a black face gag.  You can still get it on video, though.

1941--WABBIT TWOUBLE--Elmer goes to Jellystone National Park (called Jellostone here) for a vacation, but sets up camp in Bugs' backyard, annoying our favorite rabbit.

1942--CRAZY CRUISE--This is a travelogue of places around the world of the Looniverse, which features a cameo by Bugs Bunny, who is now considered a big Warner Brothers star since he allows them to film his life.

1942--THE WABBIT WHO CAME TO DINNER--Bugs learns the Elmer has inherited three million dollars, but only on the condition that he no longer harms any animal.  Bugs chooses to take advantage of the situation.

1942--ANY BONDS TODAY?--Bugs, Porky and Elmer band together to sing and dance to sell war bonds.

1942--THE WACKY WABBIT--Bugs goes out west to find Elmer digging for gold.

1942--HOLD THE LION, PLEASE--Bugs travels to Africa where a lion tries to prove he's king of the jungle by trying to kill Bugs.  This lion may be an ancestor of Mufasa.

1942--BUGS BUNNY GETS THE BOID--Bugs first encounters Beaky Buzzard.  I swear he must have crossed to the real world and had sex with a human, because a human version of Beaky Buzzard named Private Findley looked and acted just like him.

1942--FRESH HARE--Bugs is in Canada, where Elmer has gotten a job as a Mountie.  Elmer has used his position to have Bugs marked as a wanted man.  Bugs eludes escape, but is finally captured and escapes a firing squad by singing Dixie, and since music is magic in the Looniverse, they are all transported to the deep south, where all the Mounties including Elmer are transformed into African American minstrels.

1942--THE HARE-BRAINED HYPNOTIST--Elmer tries to get Bugs using hypnotism.

1942--CASE OF THE MISSING HARE--Bugs is living in a tree, and is annoyed that a magician posts posters for his show all over Bugs' new home.  So Bugs goes and heckles the magician's show.

1943--TORTOISE WINS BY A HARE--Bugs races Cecil again and thinks he has the edge now since he has an aerodynamic shell like Cecil's.  However, the rabbits that have bet on Bugs see the shell and think that Bugs is Cecil, so they beat the crap out of him so he won't win.

1943--SUPER-RABBIT--Bugs eats some radioactive carrots that give him the power of flight, strength, speed, and invulnerability.  He uses them to fight crime as Super-Rabbit until he runs out of the super carrots.  (Note that later Captain Carrot will have a similar source of powers, and on Earth-C minus 4 Atomic Rabbit also uses radioactive carrots to gain powers.)

1943--WACKIKI WABBIT--Bugs is living on a desert island where two stranded men (who resemble the TVCU's Ollu and Buzsla) try to eat him.

1943--PORKY PIG'S FEAT--Porky and Daffy Duck can't afford to pay their hotel bill so they try to sneak out, which is harder than they thought it would be.  So Daffy calls Bugs for help.  This is the first time Bugs and Daffy appear together, and notice Daffy considers Bugs a friend he can call and rely on, not a rival.  Their rivalry begins later.

1943--A CORNY CONCERTO--Bugs and Porky decide to spoof FANTASIA with their own ballet.

1943--FALLING HARE--Bugs does battle with the gremlins that are responsible for damaging American planes during World War II.

1944--LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT--Bugs is involved in a modern version of the LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD story in which grandma works for a Lockheed aircraft factory.

1944--WHAT'S COOKIN' DOC?--Bugs is pissed when he doesn't win an Oscar. This is his first cartoon that features the Looniverse versions of the same Hollywood stars that exist in most realities.

1944--HARE FORCE--Granny feels bad for Bugs who is out in the cold and lets him in for the night, which pisses off her dog, Sylvester.  Note that later she will instead own a cat named Sylvester.

1944--BUGS BUNNY NIPS THE NIPS--Bugs travels to Japan to cause trouble for America's enemies.

1944--GAS--This is actually an animated feature starring Pvt. Snafu.  These were made to be humorous yet educational training films for the military.  In this one, Snafu learns why he needs to care for his gas mask, and encounters Bugs Bunny as well.

1944--HARE RIBBIN'--Bugs has to deal with another hunting dog.

1944--JASPER GOES HUNTING--This features Jasper.  Bugs makes an appearance.

1944--BUCKAROO BUGS--Bugs goes to Brooklyn and turns to crime as a masked carrot thief called "the Masked Marauder" and has to match wits with the heroic vigilante called "the Red Hot Ryder."

1944--THE OLD GREY HARE--Elmer is feeling discouraged and feels he'll never catch Bugs, so God takes Elmer to the future to see what life is like then.  Though the story says they travel to the year 2000, in which Bugs and Elmer are old "men", we know of course that in 2011, they are still not much older physically than they were in 1944.  But they do age.  (Part of this story shows them as babies, plus we know that Bugs had ancestors that lived and died.)  And likely they grew old and died at least before the 24 1/2 century, where Duck Dodgers is clearly the descendant of Daffy Duck.

1944--STAGE DOOR CARTOON--Elmer chases Bugs onto a theater stage, where the two are forced to perform a vaudeville act when put on the spot.

1945--HERR MEETS HARE--Bugs takes on the Nazis.

1945--THE UNRULY HARE--Elmer's new job as a railroad surveyor disturbs Bugs in his home.

1945--HARE TRIGGER--The first appearance of Yosemite Sam, who here is a gangster holding up a train that Bugs is riding.  This would be a great place to stop and mention that in the American West, much of the country hasn't advanced sine the 19th century, with the exception of Los Angeles.  

1945--HARE CONDITIONED--Bugs is working for a department store when he finds himself the object of a taxidermist.

1945--HARE TONIC--Elmer buys Bugs at a meat market.  (Easier than hunting, I guess.  I suppose a smarter hunter must have managed to capture Bugs for the market.)

1946--BASEBALL BUGS--When Bugs heckles at a baseball game, he's forced to be a one man team.

1946--HAIR-RAISING HARE--Another famous first.  Bugs encounters the Peter Lorre Scientist and Gossamer, the sneaker-wearing, hairy monster.

1946--ACROBATTY BUNNY--When Bugs pops out of his hole, he find a circus has places a lion cage there, and he's right in the middle.

1946--RACKETEER RABBIT--Bugs has to deal with Edward G. Robinson and Peter Lorre.  Note Peter Lorre and the Peter Lorre Scientist are not the same person, but likely twin brothers.  In the Looniverse, Robinson and Lorre are real criminals, like they portray as actors in our world.

1946--THE BIG SNOOZE--In the middle of a typical battle of wits between Bugs and Elmer, Elmer gets real pissed, rips up his contract, and walks off.  Bugs' life is filmed by Warner Brothers, who then play the films in theaters.  I guess the Looniverse had us beat in the reality TV game by several decades.  Bugs was the Flavor Flav of his world, I guess.  LOL

1946--RHAPSODY RABBIT--Bugs' first concert as a pianist is marred with one problem after another.

1947--THE GOOFY GOPHERS--Bugs appears briefly in this first match between the two polite twin gophers and the rather smug dog.

1947--RABBIT TRANSIT--Bugs races Cecil again, only this time Cecil has a rocket powered shell.

1947--A HARE GROWS IN MANHATTAN--Bugs is interviewed by a gossip columnist and shares what his life was like in his youth.

1947--EASTER YEGGS--Bugs Bunny also met the Easter Bunny in EASTER YEGGS.  

1947--SLICK HARE--Elmer is running an exclusive New York restaurant where Humphrey Bogart orders rabbit stew, which they don't have.  So who does Elmer try to put in the pot?

1947--WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?--This more than anything else is probably the glue that ties together the Looniverse.  This story shows that almost every cartoon from the golden age of film all coexist in the same reality.  Who's in it?
  • The Fox and the Crow-originally storyboarded to have a cameo while Eddie's looking for Jessica in Toontown.
  • Mighty Mouse - originally storyboarded to appear in a scene cut from the film, being comforted by the Fleischer Superman at Marvin Acme’s funeral.[11]
  • Heckle and Jeckle
  • The lion from The Temperamental Lion
  • Garfield* - originally he went to Toontown
  • Yakky Doodle* - was originally supposed to be in the final scene with the Toons.
  • Scooby-Doo* - was originally in Toontown.
Note: *denotes anachronisms; these characters (or, in the cases of characters such as Tinker Bell and Marvin the Martian, the animated versions of them that appear in the film) were created and/or first appeared after 1947. But as screenplay writer Peter S. Seaman said, "The aim was entertainment, not animation history." There were a few notable Golden Age characters such as Popeye and Tom and Jerry missing from the movie due to legal copyright issues.

1948--GORILLA MY DREAMS--Then there is this Tarzan (the first in animation) portrayed by Mel Blanc.

This Tarzan (viewed for about a second in the cartoon) is the Tarzan of the Looniverse.  The Looniverse is a shared reality centered around Bugs Bunny.  Anyone else in the Looniverse is in due to some connection to Bugs Bunny.  The term Looniverse comes from the Superman/Bugs Bunny mini-series.

1948--A FEATHER IN HIS HARE--An Indian (Native American) goes hunting for a rabbit, particularly Bugs.  Note that in the Looniverse, the west was pretty much still unsettled, with cowboys and Indians, rustlers and train robberies, ect.  Even gold prospectors and fur trappers.

1948--RABBIT PUNCH--Bugs heckles at a boxing match and finds himself facing off against the heavyweight champ.

1948--BUCCANEER BUNNY--Bugs is on a tropical island where he encounters Yosemite Sam, who is now a pirate.  In the Looniverse, piracy is still common in the modern day.

1948--BUGS BUNNY RIDES AGAIN--Bugs again encounters Sam out west.

1948--HAREDEVIL HARE--NASA abducts Bugs and blasts him into space.  He lands on the moon, where he can breathe, since all of space has oxygen in the Looniverse.  He encounters X-2, aka Marvin the Martian, for the first time, and stops him from blowing up the Earth.

1948--HOT CROSS BUNNY--A scientist tries to put Bugs' brain into a chicken, and vice versa, just to show his peers it can be done.

1948--TWO GUYS FROM TEXAS--Two guys tour Texas playing music.  At one point they meet and get some advice from Bugs.  Though this is a live action film, except for a short animated sequence, it takes place in the Looniverse, because it's only connection is to Bugs.  I know Ivan will argue with me, but I don't believe that animation or live action determines a reality.  It's the story.  And simply, if Bugs is in the Looniverse, then a film with Bugs must be in the Looniverse, if there is no evidence to support otherwise.

1948--A-LAD-IN-HIS LAMP--Bugs finds Aladdin's lamp and controls his genie.  Note that the middle east during most of the 20th century was much like it was in ancient times, and then suddenly in the late 70s, it transformed quickly into it's modern form.

1948--MY BUNNY LIES OVER THE SEA--Bugs goes to Scotland where he sees a woman being attacked by Nessie, and goes to the rescue, saving the woman and killing the beast.  Only the woman turns out the be a man (it was the hair and kilt) and the monster turns out to be the man's bagpipes.

1949--HARE DO--Bugs is chased by Elmer out of the woods, into the city, into a theater, and then through a circus.

1949--MISSISSIPPI HARE--Bugs is in Mississippi, where according to people in our world, he encounters racism because he encounters African Americans picking cotton, even though in our world in 1949 Mississippi, it was common that most people employed in that profession were African Americans.  It's like how we can't portray that the Japanese were our enemy during World War II.  (Those are also banned.)  [By the way, feel free to disagree with me and tell me why I'm wrong.  Just be nice about it.]

1949--REBEL RABBIT--Bugs is insulted we he learns there is a $75 bounty on bears and a $50 bounty on foxes, but only a 2 cents bounty on rabbits.  He mails himself to Washington D.C. to find out why, where they tell him it's because rabbits are harmless.  Bugs goes out to prove them wrong, vandalizing D.C. and New York, shutting off the Niagra Falls, filling in the Grand Canyon, and more, until he finally realizes he's gone to far.

1949--MY DREAM IS YOURS--Typical show-biz love triangle of the era.  This is live action, but appearances by Bugs and Tweety place it in the Looniverse.

1949--HIGH DIVING HARE--Out west again, Bugs is running a carnival, but when one of his acts (who dives into a glass of water) cancels, Sam, who paid for the show, demands at gunpoint that Bugs do the act.

1949--BOWERY BUGS--Bugs sells an old man the Brooklyn Bridge.

1949--LONG-HAIRED HARE--Bugs annoys a pompous opera singer, Giovanni Jones, who annoys Bugs back, which leads to war.

1949--IT'S A GREAT FEELING--Another Morgan and Carson film.  That last being Two Guys from Texas.  Morgan and Carson play themselves in these films, and their films are interconnected.  Their entire series of films have only a connection to the Looniverse, even though they are live action.  Bugs appears in this one, that takes place at the Warner Brothers Studios.

1949--THE GREY HOUNDED HARE--Bugs attends a dog race and falls in love with the mechanical rabbit used for the dogs to chase.

1949--THE WINDBLOWN HARE--Bugs buys the house of the Three Little Pigs and has to deal with the Wolf.  Note that in the Looniverse, the wolves from the Riding Hood and Pigs stories are the same.  Also, in the Looniverse, this takes place in the modern day.  The pigs and wolf here are not the originals, as they actually refer to the original story .  The pigs and wolf appear frequently throughout the Looniverse.

1949--FRIGID HARE--Bugs as usual takes a wrong turn while tunneling under the Earth.  He meant to visit Miami Beach, but winds up at the South Pole, where he winds up rescuing a penguin from an Inuit hunter.  Unfortunately, the penguin builds an attachment and Bugs can't get rid of him.

1949--WHICH IS WITCH--Bugs visits Kuka Munga where a witch doctor tries to cook him.  This is another one banned from TV because it showed a black man existing in Africa.  I'm not sure how banning every cartoon with minorities is being politically correct.  Isn't it more racist to ban any cartoon that features someone who isn't white?  All Looney Tunes cartoons that feature African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, or Inuits are banned from TV.  Cartoon Network had to bow down to parents who didn't want their kids watching historical portrayals of minorities.  They basically said, our kids should only watch white people.  That's the best way to avoid racism.  But just avoiding other races.  Personally, I'd rather watch these cartoons with my son, and explain to him about how attitudes used to be and how they are wrong.  But you know, I also want him to know that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, but that doesn't mean the Japanese are bad.  I want him to know that terrorists from the middle east attacked the World Trade Center, but that doesn't reflect on the people of that region.  I want him to know about the Holocaust, but that doesn't mean we should hate the Germans.  I want him to know about the evils of Christianity, but that most Christians are very good people.  And you know what?  He gets that.  Because he knows just because Vader went bad doesn't mean all Jedis are evil, nor does that make all people from Tatooine evil.  He knows that Zod is evil, but Kal-El is not.  And he knows, as a Korean-White mix, that Kim Jong Il doesn't represent his race.  And he knows that Dick Cheney doesn't represent his race either.

1950--HURDY-GURDY HARE--Bugs runs one of the crank music things with the monkey that collects the money like I'm sure you've seen on old movies.  Oh, and the monkey steals from him, so Bugs replaces him with a Gorilla.  Oh, and that music crank thingy is called a hurdy-gurdy.  Really.

1950--MUTINY ON THE BUNNY--Sam recruits Bugs for his maritime crew, but Bugs rebels against Sam's cruel leadership.

1950--HOMELESS HARE--A construction worker and his crew try to destroy Bugs' home.

1950--BIG HOUSE BUNNY--Bugs accidentally tunnels into Sing Song Prison, where prison guard Yosemite Sam Schultz (yep, we finally learn his last name here) assumes Bugs is a prisoner who was trying to tunnel out, and won't believe otherwise.

1950--WHAT'S UP DOC?--Bugs gives an interview to the Disassociated Press about his early years.

1950--8 BALL BUNNY--Bugs finds a lost penguin and tries to return it to the South Pole, but you know, when he's tunneling underground, he's not so good at direction.  He winds up in New Orleans, Martinique, the Panama Canal, then finally the South Pole, under to learn the penguin lives in New Jersey.

1950--HILLBILLY HARE--Bugs has his usual battle of wits with some hillbillies in the Ozarks.

1950--BUSHY HARE--Bugs is abducted from San Francisco by that drunk stork and brought to a kangaroo family in Australia.  This is one of the banned ones, because there is an aboriginee, and of course those angry parents only want their children to think that Australia only has white people.  Sigh.  If only they knew that Daffy Duck was created to be an animal version of a black man in his original incarnation.

1950--RABBIT OF SEVILLE--Elmer chases Bugs into an opera theater, where caught on stage, they must perform.  Classic.  Thank goodness for Youtube and public domain.  You know, everything I learned to appreciate about classical music I got from Looney Tunes when I was a kid.

1951--RABBIT EVERY MONDAY--Bugs and Sam go at it again.

1951--BUNNY HUGGED--Bugs is a wrestler's mascot, but ends up having to get in the ring himself.

1951--THE FAIR HAIRED HARE--Bugs and Sam fight over the property rights for the land that contains Bugs' hole.

1951--RABBIT FIRE--Elmer is hunting rabbits...or ducks.  He's a little confused as to which season it is, and this first short to feature both Bugs and Daffy together isn't helping Elmer make up his mind.  This is the famous rabbit season/duck season.  Daffy starts off getting Elmer to hunt Bugs just because Daffy is a prankster, but Bugs is better at the game of wits and things backfire on Daffy, causing the rivalry that will span decades.  Eventually, the two stop working against each other and team up against Elmer, which is great to watch since both are famous at this point for being the trickster who messes with the dummy.  In the end, it turns out to be Elmer season.  In this short, Elmer states he's a vegetarian.  (He hunts for sport.)  But in a previous short, he tries to cook Bugs.  So this must have been a recent change.

1951--FRENCH RAREBIT--Bugs winds up in Paris where two restaurant chefs compete to capture Bugs.  Note that this short makes fun of French stereotypes, which apparently is ok with American parents, since they are white.  Making fun of various white ethnicities is apparently ok, and doesn't have to be banned.

1951--BALLOT BOX BUNNY--Sam is running for mayor.  (Of which town is uncertain.  Toon Town?  Acme Acres?  Los Angeles?  New York?  Somewhere else in the American Southwest?)  He is running with a promise of exterminating all rabbits, so Bugs runs against him.  In the end, they are both defeated by a dark horse.  Dark horse is a term used to describe a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort.[1] In this case, though, the dark horse really was a dark horse, literally.

1951--BIG TOP BUNNY--Bugs joins the circus, and the performing bear does not like sharing the spotlight and tries to do Bugs in.

1952--OPERATION: RABBIT--Bugs moves to the desert where Wile E. Coyote, super genius, tries to eat him. This is the first time we hear the coyote talk, probably because he never had anyone to talk to before. In this one, he uses his own inventions rather than ordering from Acme.

1952--14 CARROT RABBIT--Bugs is in Alaska, where the gold rush is still ongoing.  Sam learns that Bugs has a very bizarre allergic reaction around gold, and thus uses him as gold detection device.

1952--FOXY BY PROXY--Some annoying fox hunting dogs trample over Bugs' hole, annoying him, so he puts on an old fox Halloween outfit and takes the dogs on a chase.  In the end, the dumbest of the dogs succeeds in getting Bugs' tale, though he obviously managed to get it back and reattached.

1952--WATER, WATER EVERY HARE--A rainstorm sends Bugs floating out of his hole and towards a castle where an evil scientist wants to place Bugs' brain inside a robot.  Bugs also encounters his old friend, Rudolph, or as we better know him, Gossimer, the red hairy heart shaped monster wearing sneakers.  He also encounters a mummy.

1952--THE HASTY HARE--Marvin the Martian comes to Earth to bring an Earth specimen home (for a zoo?  for scientific experimentation and dissection?)  Of course, he chooses Bugs.

1952--OILY HARE--An oil man wants to drill in Bugs' hole.

1952--RABBIT SEASONING--It's duck season again, and once again, Daffy tries to fool Elmer into thinking it's Rabbit season, but as with last time, it backfires on him.  Literally.  He gets shot in the face.  A lot.

1952--RABBIT'S KIN--Bugs takes a little rabbit names Shorty under his wing, er, paw, when dealing with Pete Puma.

1952--HARE LIFT--Extremely funny.  The world's largest plane lands over Bugs' hole, so Bugs checks it out while it's abandoned.  Meanwhile, Sam has robs a bank, sees the plane, and climbs (the escalator) aboard to use it to get away.  Sam assumes that Bugs is the pilot and orders him to fly.  Bugs tries to explain, but Sam puts a gun to his head.  Hilarity ensues.

1952 to present--COMIC BOOKS--Bugs has had several comic book series over the years. Western Publishing had the license for all the Warner Brothers cartoons, and produced Bugs Bunny comics first for Dell Comics, then later for their own Gold Key Comics. Dell published 58 issues and several specials from 1952 to 1962. Gold Key continued for another 133 issues. DC Comics, the sister/subsidiary company of Warner Bros., has published several comics titles since 1994 that Bugs has appeared in. Notable among these was the 2000 four-issue miniseries Superman & Bugs Bunny, written by Mark Evanier and drawn by Joe Staton. This depicted a crossover between DC's superheroes and the Warner cartoon characters.

1953--FORWARD MARCH HARE--Bugs is accidentally drafted.  (He reads his neighbor's mail.  His neighbor, a human, is also B. Bunny.)  Bugs isn't so great at soldiering, and finds himself not his witty self when he's over his head.  The only thing he excels at is the eye exam, likely due to his all carrot diet. 

1953--DUCK AMUCK--This is an interesting look at the nature of the reality of the Looniverse.  This shows that Looniverse characters know they are cartoons drawn by somebody and watched by somebody.  In this case, Daffy starts off on the set at the Warner Brothers Studios where he thinks he will be filming a reenactment of his ancestor who was a musketeer, but then the set changes, and changes, and so does he.  In the end, the prankster who is messing with Daffy is his old rival Bugs.  At one point, Daffy ends up in a sailor suit, minus the pants, as in Donald Duck.

1953--UPSWEPT HARE--Elmer Fudd brings home a rare plant and Bugs Bunny.

1953--HARE TRIMMED--Sam hears that Granny has inherited 50 million dollars, and so tries to woo her, while Bugs tries to protect Granny by keeping that from happening.

1953--BULLY FOR BUGS--Bugs takes a left turn in Albuquerque and winds up in a bull fighting ring in Mexico.

January 1954--DUCK! RABBIT, DUCK!--Once again, Bugs and Daffy try to confuse Elmer as to which hunting season it is.

January 1954--ROBOT RABBIT--Elmer buys a robotic pest controller from Acme to rid himself of Bugs.  Apparently it's no longer about sport or food but just about revenge now.

1954--BUGS AND THUGS--Bugs catches a ride in a taxi, that turns out really to be the getaway car from a bank robbery.  Note that there is an Irish cop stereotype which apparently is acceptable for TV since it's ok to make fun of white people ethnic stereotypes.

1954--NO PARKING HARE--Mac the construction worker is trying to build a freeway over Bugs' home.

1954--DEVIL MAY HARE--Bugs meets the Tasmanian Devil for the first time.  

1954--BABY BUGGY BUNNY--Baby-Faced Finster accidentally loses his money from a robbery when it falls in Bugs' hole, so he has to pretend to be a baby to get the money back.

1955--SAHARA HARE--Bugs, Sam, and the French Foreign Legion in the Sahara.

1955--HARE BRUSH--After years of going from job to job, Elmer gained success and became a millionaire and the president of his own company.  However the years of battling Bugs have made him insane and he now thinks he's a rabbit.  He even wears a rabbit costume.  His board members have him committed.  While locked up, Bugs spots him and seeing that Elmer gets lots of free carrots, he suggests they trade places.  So Elmer goes off to the hole in the forest, while Bugs hangs out posing as crazy Elmer.  However, the doctors still think that Bugs is Elmer in a delusion so they cure him, finally convincing Bugs that he is Elmer.  Now, Bugs living as Elmer goes hunting for Elmer as Bugs.  In the end, it may be that Elmer's craziness was really a scam to avoid going to jail for tax fraud.

1955--RABBIT RAMPAGE--Bugs gets a taste of his own medicine when he has to deal with an animator who treats him the way he previously treated Daffy.

1955--THIS IS A LIFE?--THIS IS A LIFE? is a show hosted by Elmer Fudd that celebrates the life history of a celebrity including bringing people from their past on to the show to surprise the guest.  This episode's guest is Bugs Bunny, though Daffy is upset that he isn't the guest.  Sam is among those invited to help celebrate Bugs by talking about their past encounters.  Granny is among the audience.

1956--BUGS' BONNETS--Bugs and Elmer become part of some experiment in which their personalities change based on what kind of hat or head gear they wear.

October 31, 1956--BROOM-STICK BUNNY--Bugs is trick-or-treating as a witch.  Witch Hazel, who prides herself on her ugliness, thinks Bugs' mask is real, and feels threatened by Bugs' ugliness.  Witch Hazel has a magic mirror much like that owned by Snow White's step-mother.

1956--HALF-FARE HARE--Probably for the first time, Ollu and Buzsla are found in the Looniverse hungry and homeless as railroad hobos, who find that Bugs Bunny might be a great meal.

Late 1956--A STAR IS BORED--Daffy unwittingly volunteers to be Bugs' stunt double.

Late 1956--WIDEO WABBIT--Elmer is hosting a hunting show, but Bugs isn't happy to be the subject, so he takes off with Elmer in chase around the Warner Brothers studio, crashing the sets of YOU BET YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE THERE, and THE LIBERACE SHOW.

Late 1956--TO HARE IS HUMAN--Wile E. Coyote tries again to take down Bugs, this time with the help of a super-computer.

1957--ALI BABA BUNNY--Bugs and Daffy tunnel (well, Bugs tunnels, Daffy follows) to a vacation spot but end up inside a cave in Baghdad, filled with treasure, but guarded by a very angry man with a sword.

1957--BEDEVILLED RABBIT--Bugs is in a crate of carrots on a plane and gets parachuted down to Tasmania, where he again encounters the Tasmanian Devil.

1957--PIKER'S PEAK--Bugs and Sam compete to be the first person to climb  the Schmatterhorn.  The prize is 50,000 Cronkites.

1957--WHAT'S OPERA, DOC?--"Kill the wabbit!"  The usual tale between Bugs and Elmer mixed with classic opera.

1957--BUGSY AND MUGSY--Gangsters Rocky and Mugsy are on the lam and holed up in a condemned building where Bugs finds them and messes with them.

1957--SHOW BIZ BUGS--Bugs and Daffy are competing vaudevillians.  The audience loves everything Bugs does, no matter what he does.  Contrasting, they hate everything Daffy does, no matter what he does.

1957--RABBIT ROMEO--Elmer Fudd's Uncle Judd gives him a huge, lovesick Slobovian rabbit who falls for Bugs Bunny.  Elmer's middle initial is J.  It's possible his middle name might be Judd, after his uncle.

1958--HARE-LESS WOLF--Charles M. Wolf goes hunting for Bugs.

1958--HARE-WAY TO THE STARS--Bugs finds himself accidentally in a rocket again, and again blasted into space to once again having to foil the plans of Marvin the Martian to destroy Earth.

1958--NOW, HARE THIS--The Big Bad Wolf and his nephew are out to get Bugs.  It's already been established that the stories of Red Riding Hood and the Three Bears in the Looniverse take place in the modern day, though they may have had medieval variants as well.  The story of Goldilocks is shown here to also occur in modern times.

1958--PRE-HYSTERICAL HARE--Bugs finds a  Micronesian film documentary (!!!) from 10,000 B.C. of Elmer Fuddstone and a a sabertooth bunny.

1959--HARE-ABIAN NIGHTS--Bugs entertains a sultan by telling him stories from other adventures he's had in the middle east.

1959--APES OF WRATH--The drunken stork loses a baby gorilla so he knocks out Bugs and delivers him to the gorilla parents.

1959--BACKWOODS BUNNY--Bugs is hunted by buzzards in the Ozarks.

1959--WILD AND WOOLLY HARE--Bugs and Sam at it again.

1959--PEOPLE ARE BUNNY--Daffy tries to lure Bugs onto a show to win a prize.

1960--HORSE HARE--Out west, America is still at war with those pesky Indians who just won't give up their land.  (This is one of those banned ones, for portraying minorities, especially portraying minorities who feel they were unjustly treated by white people, which is a bad racial stereotype.  Only minorities who are happy by the way they were treated by white people are acceptable by soccer moms.)  Sam is leading the Indians on an attack against a fort being guarded by Bugs.

1960--PERSON TO BUNNY--Bugs is being interviewed in his Hollywood home (which he only uses when he's in Hollywood) by Edward R. Morrow for his show, People to People.  Elmer and Daffy show up.

1960--RABBIT'S FEAT--Bugs is pursued again by Wile E. Coyote.

1960--FROM HARE TO HEIR--Sam turns out to be of royalty, and will inherit lots of money and an estate if he can just stay calm and not lose his temper....while having Bugs as a house guest.

1960--LIGHTER THAN HARE--An alien that looks and acts like Sam (likely an alien shape shifter who chose a form he gleamed from Bugs' memories) comes to Earth to capture Bugs as a typical Earth specimen to bring back to his home world.

1960 to 1975--THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW--Bugs hosts a show featuring original animated tales of him and his Looney Tunes cohorts.  IMDB is not very helpful in identifying the characters, since they are more concerned with the actors, and in animation, a few actors do voices for multiple characters, thus you get something like Mel Blanc...Bugs Bunny / ...  with the .. being all the other characters he voices.  Fortunately, the opening, which couldn't be embedded sadly, shows that at least the main characters are BUGS BUNNY, DAFFY DUCK, TWEETY, SPEEDY GONZALES, THE BABY KANGAROO WHO SYLVESTER THINKS IS A MOUSE, YOSEMITE SAM, SYLVESTER, ELMER FUDD, PEPE LEPEW, WILE E. COYOTE, and FOGHORN LEGHORN.  IMDB also lists GRANNY and SMOKY THE GENIE as characters.


March 1, 1961--TV GUIDE--TV Guide hosts a party in the Looniverse.  Attendees are (from the Looniverse):  Yogi Bear, Sylvester the Cat, Donald Duck, Vincent Van Gopher, Huckleberry Hound, Mickey Mouse, Olive Oyl, Popeye, Quick Draw McGraw, Bugs Bunny, Pepe LePew, Auggie Doggie and his daddy, Mr. Magoo, Pixie and Dixie, Tweety Bird, Deputy Dawg, and Felix the Cat.  Also attending, having been pulled from the TVCU are:  Dick Tracy, Flat-Top, Ollu (using the alias Fred Flintstone), and Buzsla (using the alias Barney Rubble).  Appearances of Fred and Barney in the present are not due to time travel.  This is their current incarnations.  Ollu and Buzsla are part of a select few that often get to visit the alternate reality called the Looniverse.

1961--THE ABOMINABLE SNOW RABBIT--Daffy accompanies Bugs on another vacation, not yet figuring out Bugs has no sense of direction when he's digging underground.  They end up in the Himalayas where they encounter the Abominable Snow Rabbit who wants to love them and pet them and name them George. 

1961--COMPRESSED HARE--Bugs is hunted by Wile E. Coyote again.

1962--BILL OF HARE--In America, Bugs is living under the boardwalk, and Taz (the Tasmanian Devil) escapes from a ship where he was likely bound for a zoo.

1962--SHISHKABUGS--Sam is working as a chef for a monarch and decides to cook Bugs.

1963--DEVIL'S FEUD CAKE--Sam dies and goes to Hell.  The devil gives him three chances to return to life if he can go back and kill Bugs, sending him to Hell in his place.  Interestingly, (because this is a clip show of sorts), he each time is sent back to past events, where we learn that past encounters between Bugs and Sam were actually this 1963 Sam from Hell possessing himself in the past.  Roman Legion-Hare and Sahara Hare are the two episodes that we now know Sam was possessed by a future incarnation of himself from Hell.  In the end, Sam gives up on capturing Bugs' soul, and chooses to just become a demon.  Of course, when we next see Sam, he's back on Earth alive and well, which probably means the devil released him in fear of being overthrown.  Note that since Roman Legion-Hare takes place in 64 A.D. and yet it is still Sam after Bugs' soul, this means that likely toons pass their soul from generation to generation, so that each ancestor is also a past life incarnation, which explains why in each era, Bugs and his associates look the same and act the same.  Of course, some will say maybe they are just immortal, but the early history of Bugs' life that I've recorded in the section of this chronology placed in the time of 1918 to 1939 shows that this isn't the case.

1963--THE MILLION HARE--Bugs and Daffy race to be the first to get to a TV station and win a prize.

1963--HARE-BREADTH HURRY--When the Road Runner is injured, Bugs volunteers to take his place by taking Acme Super Speed Vitamins in order to be chased by Wile E. Coyote.

1963--MAD AS A MARS HARE--Bugs is tricked again onto a rocket and launched to Mars.  His mission is actually to conquer Mars in the name of Earth, so for once, Marvin is a little more justified in his actions as he is defending his world.  He zaps Bugs and turns him into a neanderthal, though obviously Bugs is restored to normal.

1963--TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000--Bugs is in Transylvania and seeks shelter at the castle of Count Bloodcount, a vampire, and owner of a two-headed vulture, named Agatha and Emily.

1964--DR. DEVIL AND MR. HARE--Taz pours hot sauce on Bugs while he is sleeping.  He wakes up and thinks he's bleeding.  He freaks out and calls for a doctor.  Stupid Taz forgets that it's hot sauce and he was about to eat Bugs and instead rushes him to the hospital, at which time Bugs decides to screw with the dumb beast.

1964--THE ICEMAN DUCKETH--When Daffy learns that people in the Klondike are paying good money for furs, he tries to get Bugs'.

1964--FALSE HARE--The Big Bad Wolf and his nephew create a night club for rabbits as a ruse to capture Bugs.

1964 to 1967--THE PORKY PIG SHOW--Ongoing Loony Tunes stories featuring Porky Pig / Daffy Duck / Sylvester / Marvin the Martian / Charlie Dog / Bugs Bunny / Tweety / Sylvester, Jr. / Speedy Gonzales /Foghorn Leghorn / Pepe Le Pew / Goofy Gopher Mac / Beaky Buzzard / Ralph Wolf / Sam Sheepdog / Gabby Goat.

1968 to 1978--THE BUGS BUNNY/ROAD RUNNER HOUR--Ongoing Loony Tunes stories featuring Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Tweety / Sylvester /Yosemite Sam / Pepe LePew / Foghorn Leghorn / Speedy Gonzales / Road Runner / Marvin Martian / Wile E. Coyote  / Smoky the Genie / Elmer J. Fudd.

September 1973--SNEEK PEEK--Superman, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Lassie...yeah, it's a crossover.

1974--A POLITICAL CARTOON--Bugs Bunny runs for president.

1976--CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS--Bugs, Daffy, and Porky reenact this classical musical piece.

1977--BUGS BUNNY MEETS THE SUPER-HEROES--All the Looney Tunes characters show up for Porky's birthday party, but so do Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman.  A year later, the Tunes and heroes reunite for BUGS BUNNY IN SPACE, not to be confused with the clip show cartoon special of the same name and year.

plaid Stallions mall appearance galleryBugs Bunny Meets the Super Heroes Souvenir Book - 1977Bugs Bunny Meets the Super Heroes Souvenir Book - 1977Bugs Bunny Meets the Super Heroes Souvenir Book - 1977

1977--BUGS BUNNY IN SPACE--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Marvin the Martian, Daffy and Porky, tied together by an original framing sequence.

October 31, 1978--BUGS BUNNY'S HOWL-OWEEN SPECIAL--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Sylvester, Tweety, Dr. Jekyll, Speedy Gonzales, Daffy's nephew, and Witch Hazel, tied together by an original framing sequence.

Late 1978--HOW BUGS BUNNY WON THE WEST--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Sam, Daffy, Porky, and the Narrator, tied together by an original framing sequence.

Thanksgiving 1978--BUGS BUNNY'S THANKSGIVING DIET--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Taz, Porky, Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester, Tweety, Millicent, and an attractive rabbit.

December 24, 1978--FRIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS--Taz is in a crate on a plane and falls out over the North Pole.  He lands in Santa's village, gets into a Santa Suit, gets on Santa's slay, and the reindeer assume it's Santa and take off.  They stop at Bugs' house (he does own several properties despite also living in holes still as well all over the world.)  Bugs is there with his nephew, Clyde.

February 14, 1979--BUGS BUNNY'S VALENTINE--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Elmer, Cupid, and Daffy.

May 1979--THE BUGS BUNNY MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Daffy, the Drunk Stork, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, and Granny, tied together by an original framing sequence.

December 23 to 25, 1979--BUGS BUNNY'S LOONEY CHRISTMAS TALES--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Sam, Porky, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe le Pew, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, the Light Company Man, airplane pilots, Santa Claus, Elmer, and Mrs. Claus.

1980--SPACED OUT BUNNY--Marvin the Martian abducts Bugs to be a companion for his pet, the Abominable Snowman.

1980--PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG BUNNY--Bugs reflects on his youth.

Spring 1980--BUGS BUNNY'S BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER--Bugs loves Spring, and tells three stories about why he loves spring.  First, he talks about a story from his youth.  Next, he talks about his trip to Mars and being loved too much by Hugo the Abominable Snowman, and finally he tells a story of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

1980--THE BUGS BUNNY MYSTERY SPECIAL--Elmer is a double agent (because he works for both the CIA and FBI).  He's after a crook and thinks it's Bugs.  Porky, Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester, Tweety, Rocky and Mugsy also appear.

1981--BUGS BUNNY:  ALL AMERICAN HERO--Clyde has to study for a test on American history, so Uncle Bugs helps him out, by telling him stories of how their ancestors contributed to the founding of this nation.  This leads to clips for old cartoons.  Note first that Bugs must have a sibling if he has a nephew.  (Since rabbits love to multiply, he probably has many.)  Also, he actually says to Clyde that the bunnies in these stories are not him but his ancestors, backing up my theory.  In the end, Clyde fails his exam.  Apparently the Bunny family's role in history is little known.  Bugs admits that he may not be good at history, but that Bunnies are great at multiplication.

1981--LOONEY, LOONEY, LOONEY BUGS BUNNY MOVIE--Bugs hosts an awards show for three films which are actually compilation clip shows.  This movie also features King Arthur, Sir Osis of Liver, Sir Loin of Beef, Sam, Gerry the Idgit Dragon, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety, Porky, Speedy Gonzales, Satan, the Treasury Director, Rocky, Mugsy, a judge, Clancy, O'Hara, cops, Pepe Le Pew, Clarence aka B.A. Bird, Granny, Big Bad Wolf, Three Little Bops, the singing narrator, the non-singing narrator, a lawyer, and an interviewing dog.

1982--BUGS BUNNY'S MAD WORLD OF TELEVISION--Clip show parody of television featuring Bugs, Sam, Porky, Daffy, and Pepe Le Pew.

1982--BUGS BUNNY'S 3RD MOVIE:  1001 RABBIT TALES--Bugs and Daffy become traveling book salesmen.  Bugs is abducted by Sam, who is now a sultan, and Bugs is forced to tell stories to Sam's son (!!!), Prince Abba-Dabba.  Thus a clip show ensues.  This film also features Porky, Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., Speedy Gonzales, Tweety, Genie, Hassan (the guy guarding the treasure in Baghdad), Big Bad Wolf, Bean Stalk Giant that doesn't look like Elmer, Elvis Gorilla (the only who temporarily adopted Bugs), the drunk Stork, Elmer, Granny, Goldimouse, Mrs. Sylvester, Mrs. Elvis Gorilla, Jack the Giant Slayer's mother, and the old storyteller.

1983--DAFFY DUCK'S FANTASTIC ISLAND--Daffy Duck finds a wishing well that grants real wishes (by actually repeating old's a clip  He goes into business with DAFFY DUCK'S FANTASTIC ISLAND.

1985--TRIX--Bugs helps the Trix Rabbit steal the Trix cereal (because it's apparently illegal for rabbits to eat Trix cereal in the Looniverse.)

1985--THE BUGS BUNNY/LOONEY TUNES COMEDY HOUR--There's actually no original material here.  Not even a framing sequence.  It's just old cartoons, some edited for violence.

1986 to 2000--THE BUGS BUNNY AND TWEETY SHOW--No original material.  Just older cartoons with the violence and minority racial stereotypes removed.

1988--DAFFY DUCK'S QUACKBUSTERS--Daffy inherits money, but the deceased relative swore to come back and get the money if Daffy doesn't do community service, so he forms a ghost extermination service along with Bugs, Porky, and Sylvester.

1988--BUGS VS. DAFFY:  BATTLE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO STARS--Bugs and Daffy are guest VJs (for MTV or VH1?) showing clips for old musical themed cartoons.

1989--FIFTY YEARS OF BUGS BUNNY IN 3 1/2 MINUTES--Just a clip tribute to Bugs as he heads towards his fiftieth anniversary as the star of the Warner Brothers documentaries.  

EARLY '90s--YAKETY YAK (TAKE IT BACK)--From Stevie Wonder, Ozzy Osbourne, Bette Midler, Pat Benatar, Al B. Sure, Barry White, Bugs Bunny, MC Skat Kat- I thought the song was kind of corny, but the video is so cute with a good message. So let's keep our earth clean from polluting. ;)  Embedding disabled by request so here is the link.

April 1990--THE EARTH DAY SPECIAL--This is crossover gold, and most people don't remember it.  Appearances by the muppets, MURPHY BROWN, BUGS BUNNY (from the Looniverse), PORKY PIG (from the Looniverse), TWEETY (from the Looniverse), Will Smith (THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIRE), DOOGIE HOWSER M.D., Kid 'n' Play (HOUSE PARTY), Dr. Emmett Brown (BACK TO THE FUTURE), MOTHER NATURE, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Weekend Update anchor Dennis Miller, Egon Spengler (GHOSTBUSTERS), Nathan Thurm (SCTV/SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), the people of CHEERS, the Huxtables (COSBY SHOW), THE GOLDEN GIRLS, E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL, the cast of THE DATING GAME, the cast of JEOPARDY, and the Bundys (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN).  All these characters, plus other celebrities, appearing as themselves or one time characters are all part of the same story, thus sharing the same reality.  Basically, the Earth is doomed, unless we can save the environment.  This is a global crisis, and just like a DC Comics Crisis event, all these different characters are affected by the same crisis.  Loved it then, and I found it on youtube.  Enjoy.  Oh, and if you catch any crossovers I missed while watching, please let me know.  

1990--BOX-OFFICE BUNNY--A multiplex cinema theater is built over Bugs' hole so fast he didn't even notice until it was complete and operating.  Bugs goes to check it out, annoying Elmer who is an usher and Daffy who is a patron. I have to say, poor Elmer.  He's had all these odd jobs, but he was once rich (though lost his money due to tax fraud and had to fake insanity).  He was even a government agent, but now he's working odd jobs again, unless it's part of his cover.

September 1990 to December 1992--TINY TOON ADVENTURES--The kids of Acme Acres study normal academic material, but they are also studying to be like their famous role models.  (Kind of like the School for the Performing Arts in FAME.)  The original Looney Tunes characters are the faculty of the school, with Bugs being the dean.

1990 to Present--Bugs has appeared in numerous video games, including the Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle series, Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutBugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage and the similar Bugs Bunny in Double TroubleLooney Tunes B-BallSpace JamLooney Tunes RacingLooney Tunes: Space RaceBugs Bunny Lost in Time, and its sequel,Bugs Bunny and Taz Time Busters, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action and the new video game Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal.

1991--(BLOOPER) BUNNY!--A documentary crew films the behind the scenes of the making of THE BUGS BUNNY 51ST-AND-A-HALF ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR.  

1992--INVASION OF THE BUNNY SNATCHERS--Like the film it parodies, "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers" is about a guy against alien copycats. In both films, the main character (in this case, Bugs Bunny) knows that his life is relatively routine (outsmart Elmer Fudd, cross Yosemite Sam, etc.) But one day, strange pods pop up out of nowhere, and the next day the same people have different attitudes; paler, but friendlier (and in this case, animated differently.) In a thrilling and slightly creepy climax, Bugs has to fight off his copy and bring back his original friends.

1992--BUGS BUNNY'S CREATURE FEATURES--"The Duxorcist", "Night of the Living Duck" and "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers" are combined to form this TV special.

1995--SPACE JAM--When aliens invade Earth, Bugs and friends challenge the aliens to a basketball game with Earth as the prize. Then the scrawny aliens show they are really huge monsters. The toons need an edge, and apparently there are no good basketball players in their universe, so they abduct Michael Jordan from Earth-Prime to help them out. This takes place during the time when Michael had failed as a baseball player and is actually the story explaining why he went back to basketball.  Appearing here are from the Looniverse:  Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Tasmanian Devil, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Granny, Pepe Le Pew, Lola Bunny.  And appearing from Earth-Prime are:  Michael Jordan, Stan Podolak, Juanita Jordan, Jeffery Jordan, Marcus Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, Larry Bird, Bill Murray, James Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Tyrone Boques, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Ahmad Rashad, Del Harris, Vlade Divac, Cedric Ceballos, Jim Rome, Paul Westphal, Danny Ainge, Alonzo Mourning, A.C. Green, Charles Oakley, Derek Harper, Jeff Malone, Anthony Miler, Sharone Wright.

1995 to 2000--DECODE PAS BUNNY--French animated television show with Bugs and Daffy, though I'm not clear as to whether it's original material or old stuff.

1995--CARRTOBLANCA--In Casablanca, Bugs Bunny runs an American bar and only looks out for himself. When he is given secret papers that will help defeat the rule of General Pandemonium. However when Bugs falls for Kitty, the wife of the leader of resistance, things change for him and he finds himself having to put himself on the line. Written by bob the moo.  And then Rob says: Though this is an adaptation of Casablanca, there's no reason to place this in the 1940s. There are no references to that era directly. Just to the basic story plot and themes.

1996 to 1999--THE BUGS N' DAFFY SHOW--Just re-runs.

1997--FROM HARE TO ETERNITY--Bugs encounters Sam, who is once again a pirate.

2000--TWEETY'S HIGH-FLYING ADVENTURE--When Colonel Rimshot at the Looney Club announces his belief that cats are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, Granny proposes a wager that Tweety can fly around the word in 80 days, collecting the paw prints of 80 cats.  Sylvester is determined to chase Tweety and eat him before some other cat gets to him first.  Though this is a take on the Jules Verne tale, I don't see any evidence to place in in the 19th century, though I'm going off of IMDB only, so I might be wrong.  Also appearing in this film are Bugs, Daffy, Marvin the Martian, Henery Hawk, Casino Cat, Foghorn Leghorn, Rocky, Taz, Sam, Pete Puma, Aoogah, Lola Bunny (the real main evidence this takes place in the modern day...after Space Jam), an airplane worker, Prissy, the Queen of England, a ship crewman, a sphinx, Hector the Bulldog, Hugo the Abominable Snowman, and Mugsy.

July 2000--SUPERMAN & BUGS BUNNY--Mr. Mxyzptlk of the DC Universe (during the time that is best categorized as Superman's 16th year in costume) discovers the Looniverse and the Dodo.  Both the Dodo and Mxyzptlk create chaos for both realities, causing Bugs and his friends to work with the Justice League of America to stop the two mischief making god like beings.  (One of my favorites.  It worked incredibly well playing both groups of characters in their normal character.  The best parts were watching the Martian Manhunter meet Marvin the Martian, watching the Flash find that he's slower than both the Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales, and watching Tweety single handedly take down a giant robot being controlled by the Toyman.  This series also revealed that the stories in the Looney Tunes cartoons that take place in the past, such as when Bugs and Yosemite Sam are knights, actually take place in the past, and that these are not the same characters from the present.  They are ancestors.)

2003--LOONEY TUNES:  REALITY CHECK--A new reality show with Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety, Cecil Turtle, Beaky Buzzard, Porky, Foghorn Leghorn, Taz, Granny, Emeril, Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Elmer, Skull, and the Mighty Volcano God.

2003--LOONEY TUNES:  STRANGER THAN FICTION--I don't know the plot, but I know this is an original story.  It features Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., Tweety Bird, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Barnyard Dawg, Taz, Petunia Pig, Granny, Witch Hazel, Stone Cold Duck, Emeril, Sam, the ghost of William Shakespeare, Dr. Moron, Pepe Le Pew, and Elmer.

2003--LOONEY TUNES:  BACK IN ACTION--This adventures takes place in the Looniverse with BUGS BUNNY and his LOONEY TUNES gang.  The characters who appear are:  TASMANIAN DEVIL, YOSEMITE SAM, DAFFY DUCK, BEAKY BUZZARD, SYLVESTER, MAMA BEAR, FOGHORN LEGHORN, NASTY CANASTA, ELMER FUDD, PETER LORRE (yes, the actor, who is immortal in the Looniverse), TWEETY BIRD, MARVIN THE MARTIAN, SPEEDY GONZALES, PEPE LE PEW, GRANNY, PORKY PIG, SHAGGY, SCOOBY-DOO, COTTONTAIL SMITH, BABY BEAR, PAPA BEAR, TWO DALEKS, ROBBY THE ROBOT, ROBERT THE ROBOT, and THE METALUNA MUTANT.  Note the two Daleks are from the TVCU and are frequent enemies of DOCTOR OMEGA.  Robby the Robot is also from the TVCU, and is from FORBIDDEN PLANET (though he's had about a dozen other appearances.)  The Metaluna Mutant is also from the TVCU as seen in THIS ISLAND EARTH.  Scooby and Shaggy are also visiting the Looniverse from their home universe of the TVCU.  They are at Warners Studios (which may be the location of the portal between worlds) and they complain about the new actors playing them in the recent film based on Fred's book.

2004--HARE AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS--Sam owns a casino in Vegas where Bugs can't seem to lose.  Sam finally figures out that Bugs is cheating...because he has rabbit's feet.  Ha Ha.  :-)

2004--DAFFY DUCK FOR PRESIDENT--Daffy decides to run for president so that he can outlaw rabbits.  Bugs points out to him that presidents don't enact laws, congress does.  So Daffy becomes a congressman, and tries to pass a bill that would make rabbit season no less than 12 months a year and abolish duck season, but it doesn't pass, so then he goes to the Supreme Court.  Daffy gets a lesson in how our government works while Bugs gets a laugh at Daffy's frustration.

2006--ROBOT CHICKEN--"Rodigitti"--Bugs and Elmer compete in a rap battle.

December 23 to 25, 2006--BAH HUMDUCK!:  A LOONEY TUNES CHRISTMAS--Daffy owns a Lucky Duck Mega-Mart where Porky is his assistant manager and his other employees are Marvin Martian (he's a Martian, and it's his last name), Speedy Gonzales, and Elmer Fudd.  He won't let them have Christmas off, so Bugs (a shopper) works with the Christmas Spirits, who take the forms of Tweety, Granny, Sam and Taz, to show Daffy the true meaning of Christmas.  Note that one, Marvin has been reduced to working retail on Earth.  Note also that Porky here has a daughter, Priscilla.  I can only assume Petunia is the mother.

November 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care"--The third home is actually a blank slate, where Foxxy is tormented by the animator, who turns out to be BUGS BUNNY.

2010--THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW--New original episodes featuring Bugs and pals.  Although it seems as if this should be a separate reality, because of the Tulpa state of the Looniverse, this is indeed the same reality, even if some things on the show seem contrary to past cartoons.  But think of all the times Bugs met Sam or Elmer for the first time.  One crossover in the new show is that Bugs seems to be an alternate for this reality's Batman.  (The main Looniverse Batman is the Batman of Brave and the Bold, as well as all previous animated versions of Batman, including those that also take place in the TVCU, because of the aforementioned Tulpa nature of this shifting reality.)

Sometimes between the late 21st century and the 23rd century (likely)--THE OLD GREY HARE--God brings the Elmer from 1944 to this time period to witness what things are like between him and Bugs now.  Bugs and Elmer of this time period go through some old photo albums of when they were tots.

BONGO UNIVERSE--Bugs has a counterpart in this reality as seen on FAMILY GUY.
EARTH-PRIME--CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE is a story of a girl who is worried about her brother using drugs.  Her toys come to life, including her Slimer Ghostbusters action figure.  When they come to life, they take on the form and persona of the characters from the animated shows, like REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, they are based off of.  For the record, the other toys that come to life are characters from DUCKTALES, WINNIE THE POOH, THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, LOONEY TUNES, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, THE SMURFS, ALF, GARFIELD, and THE MUPPET BABIES.  Note that this does not connect these characters in their home realities.  These are merely toys adopting the characteristics of the characters they portray.

BONUS FEATURE:  What's Up with the Geneology Theory, Doc?  And Why Can't You Spell Geneology?

In every generation there is a Bunny. He alone will stand against the hunters, the outlaws, and the forces of rudeness. He is the Wascally Wabbit.

Basically, toons live longer than we do, but they aren't immortal.  However, each generation seems to pass it's soul to the next, so ancestors are also past lives.  So how many Bugs Bunnies are there?  And how long is their life span?

Well, Bugs was born in 1918, and his screen debut was 1940.  Notice that there are not adult stories featuring Bugs' dad while Bugs was little, and in fact, Bugs was raised in an orphanage by Granny.  If Bugs were to start aging right now, he would be an old man and pass away of old age probably in about 50 years from now, at around 2061.  That would give him a life span of 143 years.  But to make my life simple, I'm going to say that there is a new Bugs Bunny every two centuries, who lives more or less for two centuries, so the modern version will probably live until 2118.  That should be safe, since Bugs probably won't be aging any time soon.  Should this change come 2118, I'll come back and edit this.  

Bugs Bunny I was a sabertooth bunny who lived in the year 10,000 B.C.  Several generations pass with other Bunnies is the lineage who don't seem to possess the name or the soul of Bugs.

Bugs Bunny II was the one seen in ROMAN LEGION-HARE.  He is the Bugs of the 1st century B.C. and A.D.

Then there was a bunny for the 2nd to 3rd century A.D.  One for the 4th and 5th.


Then Bugs Bunny III begat the Bunny of the 8th and 9th centuries, who begat the Bunny of 10th and 11th centures who begat...

Bugs Bunny IV, as seen in HIAWATHA'S RABBIT HUNT, JACK-WABBIT AND THE BEANSTALK, BEANSTALK BUNNY, and RABBIT HOOD.  It's not so far fetched to believe that this Bugs was in America and England in the same century.  We know the modern Bugs can travel underground all over the world within hours using nothing but his own claws for digging.  And yes, this also means Bugs encountered two giants on beanstalks.  I don't think that's so improbable.  I assume giants were very common back in the day.  Mickey also encountered one.

Bugs Bunny IV was the father of Bugs Bunny V, who sailed to America with Columbus in 1492.  His son was...

Bugs Bunny VI.  This is Bugs' granfather.  This Bunny was seen in A WITCH'S TANGLED HARE and  RABBITSON CRUSOE.  Note though the Bugs seen in BEWITCHED BUNNY is the modern Bugs who traveled back in time via a magical bridge.

So Bugs Bunny VI gave birth to Bugs Bunny VII, our modern Bugs' father.  Bugs's father was seen in BUNKER HILL BUNNY, BUGS BUNNY AND THE THREE BEARS, LUMBER JACK-RABBIT, BUGS BUNNY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL, SOUTHERN FRIED RABBIT, HYDE AND HARE, BOWERY BUGS, BARBARY-COAST BUNNY, BONANZA BUNNY, and WET HARE.  NAPOLEON BUNNY-PART, however, features our modern Bugs who time traveled while tunneling underground.

So that would make our modern Bugs, Bugs Bunny VIII.  This Bugs is born in 1918 and ages normally (well, human aging normal) up until 1940, then still ages, but very slowly.  You can see from his appearance in cartoon since 1940 that he does seem to change his appearance, which I would call aging.  sometime far in the future when there are ray guns, he will be an old man, so he will eventually start aging.  I assume that he will be an old man in the late 21st century.  

Note that Bugs has a nephew named Clyde, which means that Bugs has at least one sibling.  But Bugs didn't live with this sibling, since he was an orphan.  Perhaps he discovered this sibling later in life.  Unless Lola is his sibling, though I hope that isn't the case, since they have a thing for each other.  But hey, sometimes animals are incestuous.  But Bugs has said many times that rabbits love to multiply, so I'd wager in every generations, including the current one, there are many siblings.



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  2. Editorial note: After just rewatching Roman Legion-Hare, I noticed that they state the events occur in 54 A.D., not 64 A.D. When I get around to updating this blog, I'll make the correction.