Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today's blog is about Psych, initially brought into the TVCU via a bunch of USA commercials, it finally earned some more substantial crossover credentials.

I'm not a big fan of this show.  I tried it out, but it just wasn't that entertaining to me.  But, my like or dislike of a show or movie has nothing to do with what makes a valid inclusion.

So here we go...


1993--PSYCH:  FLASHBACK TO THE TEEN YEARS--Shawn often flashes back to his childhood, but this is a short series of flashbacks to his teen years.

July 2006 to present--PSYCH--Shawn is a detective.  Gus is his partner.  Shawn gets hired to solve crimes by pretending to be a psychic.

July 2006--PSYCH WEBISODES--Extra short tales of Shawn and Gus.

August 2006--USA PROMO--Shawn meets Adrian Monk.  Yes, I do include commercials if I can't find anything in it that would contradict the mythology of the actual shows.  In this one, they are in a realistic situation where both characters are true to their normal personas.

January 2009--A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO READ--The first of five Psych novels written by William Rabkin.

July 2009--MIND OVER MAGIC--The second Psych novel.

November 2009--USA PROMO--Gus meets Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke.   Psych has had additional crossovers via these promos, including with the DEAD ZONE.

January 2010--THE CALL OF THE MILD--A Psych novel.

August 2010--A FATAL FRAME OF MIND--A Psych novel.  The apparent grandson of Flaxman Low met Shawn and Gus of the Psych PI detective agency.  There are a ton of references to James Bond than can be taken either way, but there are two solid crossovers and one curious reference that makes more sense as a crossover than anything else.  The first solid crossover is the Flaxman Low one I mentioned above. 

  • BATMAN-Context: Shawn and Gus have been tied up and left in a shipping crate.
"Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot, so my disguse must be able to strike terror into their hearts." Shawn said.
"What?" Gus said.
"Look around, Do you see anything that looks like a giant bat
If Gus had been able to find a giant bat, he would have hit Shawn over the head with it. "That's not helping."
"Ask the citizens of Gotham City, I think you'll find they disagree." (233)

  • THE SHADOW-Early on in the novel, Shawn says "Half an hour ago all these people went into the museum. Then Lamont Cranston started talking, and they all fled outside until he was done." I'm honestly not sure what Shawn is referring to here, Lamont Chanston certainly wasn't known for giving boring speeches. It seems that Shawn has mixed up Cranston with someone else entirely, which works well as a crossover.
  • They spend the entire novel searching for Excalibur, but its unclear if the sword they find is King Arthur's blade or a skillful forgery.

December 2010--PSYCH--"Dual Spires"--Since I know little about either shows in this crossover, I will turn it over to two of my expert cohorts.  Click here to read what both Toby O'Brien and Sean Lee Levin have to say about the Psych/Twin Peaks crossover.

February 2011--MIND-ALTERING MURDER--The final (so far) Psych Novel.  All the novels were written by William Radkin.

March 2013--PSYCH--"100 Clues"--Christopher Lloyd makes comments about how it's all happening again. Since we never learned the true name of Professor Plum in Clue--the various names were handed out by Wadsworth in the opening minutes--it's a solid crossover. Professor Plum is Martin Kahn. 

May 2013--PSYCH--"Office Space"--Shawn talks about Jack Bauer very much as if he were a real person.

So that's it.

This month wraps up a half a year of the TVCU blog (after decades of false starts that evolved into this blog).  In addition to writing new blogs when I get back, I will also start updating the blogs I wrote.

(I will still be checking in on Facebook, so feel free to keep the discussions going and I will join in there.)


  1. Wow...good video and thanks for this much good stuff. I like both the series. But I found Monk TV Show is more interesting than Psych.

  2. Psych is a world best hilarious tv show. I watch this show online. From last five years I am hooked up with this show.