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Back from hiatus and a near death experience that was hardly anywhere near death, I decided (thanks to my friend Matt Hickman bringing it up in the forum) to start off June with an update of the Star Trek blog.  I've decided to change things up on how I post.  No longer will I be focusing on doing updates in the order in which they were first posted.  I'm just going to update whatever ones I feel like when I feel like, as some need more attention than others, and trying to do them in order often led to some never getting updates while others were updated much more frequently.  Also, I won't be differentiating any longer between "normal" blogs, i.e. full chronologies, and quickies.  They will all be whatever they are, and the crew reviews will just be incorporated into the "normal" blog posts from this point on, when I feel like it.


So this blog, which will probably be long and take me until August to write (It's June 17 as I'm starting this) is on Star Trek. I LOVE Star Trek.  [Note:  I was wrong.  It only took me until June 19 to write, the date I'm posting it.  Scotty taught me I should over exaggerate how difficult something is, in order to maintain a reputation as a miracle worker.]

Star Trek is the main future of the TVCU.  Of course there are other things that happen in the future, but Trek probably covers what happens from now until the 24th century better than any other TVCU show or movie.

I don't plan on covering all of Star Trek history or future here.  There are way too many novels which I consider canon, but I just don't want to tackle them.  I will refer you to a great timeline written by Win Scott Eckert, and in fact, a lot of the crossovers I'll be listing here are also courtesy of Win Scott Eckert.

So, let's take a look at the future...

Star Trek movie logo 2009.jpg

10,000 B.C. (Approximately)--ICE AGE--the Baby human does a vulcan salute when they walk past the UFO in the ice cave.

1167 to 1227--G.I. JOE # 49 & 73--"Serpentor/Divided We Fall"--Life of Genghis Khan, whose DNA will be used to create Serpentor.  Genghis Khan also appeared in HERCULES AGAINST THE BARBARIANS, STAR TREK, SATURDAY THE 14TH STRIKES BACK, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, THE SIMPSONS, and MARSHALL LAW.

September 1867 to January 1868--ISHMAEL--Spock, a Vulcan from the 23rd century, a crew member of the U.S.S. Enterprise, is trapped in the past with amnesia.  He is taken in by Aaron Stemple of Seattle, WA.

Summer 1873--STAR TREK:  ISHMAEL--Congressman Aaron Stemple persuades the U.S. government to avoid dealings with the evil alien Karsids.

1890--TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN VOLUME 3: DANSE MACABRE “LONG LIVE FANTOMAS” (SHORT STORY BY ALFREDO CASTELLI)--In this tale, it appears that the infamous Jack the Ripper may be the “hero” named Fantomas, or in reality some other creature who possesses humans to do “his” evil deeds. This story brings in the film An American Werewolf in Paris, and thus by extension the film An American Werewolf in London, though the latter is cemented by other crossovers (such as the Spike vs. Dracula tale).

Fall 1893--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"Time's Arrow"--Samuel Clemens and Jack London encounter visitors from the 24th century's U.S.S. Enterprise.

November 1908--YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES--"Vienna, November 1908"--Young Indy meets Sigmund Freud.  Sigmund Freud has met Sherlock Holmes and also has appeared on BEWITCHED, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION, FRASIER, and SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH.



January 1935--DARK HORSE COMICS--"Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil"--Indy meets Amelia Earhart.  Amelia also appears in STAR TREK:  VOYAGER.

August 17, 1939--GLIMMERGLASS:  THE CREATIVE WRITER'S ANNUAL VOLUME 1--"The Deadly Desert Gnome"--Story by Dennis Power which you can read here.  This story, which was published and mentioned in Crossovers, comes right out and says that the Doctor is Doctor Omega.  In this story, the Doctor is accompanied by his granddaughter Susan, who calls herself Suzette.  So this story likely takes place shortly before the start of the series.  They visit New York of the TVCU where time was altered to cause New York's destruction, and must go back and set things right by making sure that Doc Savage will be around to save the day.  They also visit Oz, or one of the Ozes.  Likely the Oz they visit must be the one from Farmer's A BARNSTORMER IN OZ considering the author of this story.  The Doctor and Susan encounter another time traveler, Phineas Bogg of VOYAGERS.  The Doctor also mentions (as he is known to drop references) THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, the Eddorians (from the LENSMEN series), and the Gamma Quadrant, as designated at this time by the Vulcans and later used by the United Federation of Planets of STAR TREK.  Note that Doc Savage here is called Doc Ardan.  These two characters have been regularly conflated just as the Doctor and Doctor Omega, even though they were created as separate characters.  To confuse things further, Doc Savage is also referred to Doc Wildman by many writers.

July 1947--INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL--Indy is called in to consult when an alien craft and it's inhabitants is captured.  These are likely the grey aliens from X-FILES and other series and movies.  However, how they got there is another story.  Just prior to their crash, a space craft from the 24th century arrived in Roswell.  Three Ferengi are captured until rescued by their shape shifter companion.  They return to the future (STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE), however leaving an opening from which the Planet Express crew from the 31st century are pulled backward.  While the ship's doctor is examined by the military, another crew member (originally from the late 20th century) creates a paradox by becoming his own grandfather (FUTURAMA).  Thus when they escape, they leave behind a nexus that draws the Grey Aliens to Earth and also makes Earth a target for invasions from other worlds.

1950s--MONSTERS VS. ALIENS--The Vulcan hand sign

Summer 1965--Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Tarzan and the Super 7 and the Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure--"Tarzan and the Space God."--Not to say he has no presence.  Win points out that the animated Tarzan, from Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Tarzan and the Super 7 and the Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure is in, and that it does indeed feature the real Tarzan.  This is his only real screen presence.  Off-screen, Tarzan has crossed over with many other characters from different series, but on screen, he's only had two crossover, and it was indirect, in that the stars of both series never met. The first crossover involves Tarzan encountering an alien named Kukulcan.  This event takes place in the summer of 1965, though the episode wasn't aired until September 16, 1978.  

8th September 1966 to 3rd June 1969--FUTURAMA--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The original series of Star Trek airs.

1968--STAR TREK--"Assignment:  Earth"--From Win Scott Eckert's Crossover Chronology--After traveling back in time from the 23rd century, Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise encounter Gary Seven, a human raised by aliens and sent back to Earth to fight for the forces of Good, and Seven's Earth-born assistant, Roberta Lincoln.  Gary Seven has a sonic screwdriver.

July 1969--STAR TREK--"Tomorrow is Yesterday/The Aliens are Coming!"--From Win Scott Eckert's Crossover Chronology--Captain John Christopher, a jet fighter pilot in the Air Force, stationed at SAC Headquarters in Omaha, has a strange, brief encounter with a UFO. Shortly thereafter, Christopher has vague memory flashes of futuristic humans, an alien named Spock, and a ship called the U.S.S. Enterprise. Meanwhile, government agent James Wainwright, who once encountered aliens calling themselves "Ferengi" in Roswell in 1947, attempts to use Captain Christopher's secret knowledge to promote his crusade of guarding Earth against alien attack. Fortunately, Captain Christopher is saved by Aegis agents Roberta Lincoln and Gary Seven.  The Star Trek episode Tomorrow Is Yesterday provides one of the best "teasers" of this or any other Star Trek series. The sequel, The Aliens Are Coming!, was written by Dayton Ward and can by found in the Strange New Worlds III anthology, May 2000. Captain John Christopher could very well be the son of Jimmy Christopher (Operator #5). The Roswell incident was documented in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode called Little Green Men. Seven and Lincoln first appeared in the episode Assignment: Earth, and also battled Khan Noonian Singh in The Eugenics Wars novels.

1972 New York City business executive Myron Castleman experiences a time loop, or time bounce, of one hour. He discovers from a newspaper he has that it was predicted by physicist Dr. Nathan Rosenbluth. Eventually, the time loop runs down, but it is uncertain how widespread the effect is, or how long the effect lasted against the time scale of the outside universe. It did affect the entire Solar System, as determined by the fact that American and Soviet space probes did not experience any sudden apparent spurts of movement that could be explained by observing them from where they were when the loop started, and their position when the loop ended---not just hourly, but at the conclusion of the whole cycle. It doesn't seem to have lasted more than a few days or weeks, or else stellar positions of nearer stars would have been appreciably shifted. After the loop ended, Castleman's whereabouts are unknown, so either he went insane, or discussed his experience with Dr. Rosenbluth, or both. ('12:01 PM', short story by Richard A Lupoff, published in the December 1973 edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction; later adapted into a short film of the same name by Jonathan Heap that premiered in 1990. Area and length of effect similar to the time loop seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'Cause and Effect'---17 days before they break out, and in an area probably the size of a solar system. Dating to allow time for Lupoff to write the article and get it published.)

1973--DOCTOR WHO--"Verdigris"--Jo Grant, the Doctor's companion, mentions she went to spy school with Tara King of THE AVENGERS.  It has been the contention of mine that Doctor Who is in an alternate reality.  Recently, the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover confirmed this to be true.  There are tons of evidence placing Avengers into the TVCU, not the Doctor Who Universe.  But Jo Grant is clearly not from the TVCU, but is from the Whoniverse.  Perhaps Avengers has a counterpart in the Whoniverse. 

March 14, 1974 - November 9, 1989--THE EUGENICS WARS: THE RISE AND FALL OF KHAN NOONIEN SINGH, VOLUME ONE (NOVEL BY GREG COX)--Crosses: Stepford Wives; Young Frankenstein; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Frankenstein (novel); Avengers (TV), Six Million Dollar Man; The Pretender; Beauty and the Beast (80s TV); Bionic Woman; Star Trek: The Next Generation; Modesty Blaise; Knight Rider; The Equalizer. Gary Seven is a human agent of aliens with an interest in protecting Earth from itself and Roberta Lincoln is his human assistant. A secret project has been created to engineer supermen. One particular product, Khan Noonien Singh, rises above the rest, and makes an attempt at world conquest. Gary Seven and Khan were both introduced in separate episodes of Star Trek, both having originated in the 20th century. Gary Seven’s appearance was meant to be a pilot for his own series which sadly never came to be. Khan was said to have conquered a quarter of the planet by the 1990s in the Eugenics Wars, an event that eventually of course never came to pass in the real world, so this is a wonderful story reconciling how it could have still happened without drastically altering the real world timeline from Star Trek’s history of our time period. In the story, Roberta refers to an encounter with robot housewives in Connecticut, a reference to the events of the Stepford Wives. One of the workers at the Eugenics Project is a sallow bug-eyed man called Mr. Eyegor. This is the same Igor (pronounced Eyegor) from Young Frankenstein. Another worker is Maggie Erickson, engaged to a man named Walsh, which means eventually she would take his name and become Maggie Walsh. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Maggie Walsh is the head of a project that creates super soldiers to capture demons, which she uses to create her ultimate super-soldier, Adam. There is also a reference to Frankenstein, as in the original version. Other crossovers in the book bring in the other above mentioned crosses. One final issue to bring up is regarding future stories. There are several stories linked to the Television Crossover Universe that take place in the future. This story brings in Star Trek. Alien is another linked future. Plus, there are plenty of others. But ST and Alien are the main two. And they are pretty different in portraying how events of the future unfold. (Most of the other stories can easily fit in one of those main two timelines). I like to think of a timeline as one in which at any point, there is always a now. Looking backwards, there’s only one history. But looking forward, there is an infinite number of possibilities and thus an infinite number of future timelines, all that branch off of the present day Television Crossover Universe.

August 1976 to October 1977--GREEN LANTERN # 90 to 97--"Those Who Worship Evil's Might/The Mystery of the Mocker"--There is a Vulcan serving as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.  Vulcan falls within Sector 2814, the same as Hal Jordan.  There was at this time only one Green Lantern assigned per sector.  However, the Guardians have appointed reserve members, such as Guy Gardner and John Stewart.  This Vulcan is likely one of those, and was active at the same time as Jordan since they were both operating at a time when the Corps was working as a group.

1981--HEAVY METAL--A damaged starship Enterprise floats through space. 

February 1982--MORK AND MINDY--"Mork, Mindy, and Mearth Meet Milt"--When beaming back to Earth from Ork, the packages they had are accidentally replaced by a bottle of wine and glasses.  Seconds later, Captain James T. Kirk beams in with the packages, upset about the switch.  He trades his stuff so he can go off and meet a Roxanne, and shouts for Orson to beam him up.  Note that this is  Kirk, who must have come back in time for vacation.  Mork mentions Star Trek II as a film, though, but my Star Trek blog explains how Star Trek can be real in a future that has it as a TV series in the present, thanks to a time traveler.

***APOCRYPHAL--October 1982--POWERKID # 2/SPACE PATROL # 2--"Powerkid meets the Space Patrol"--In the year 3082, the Butterfieldia responds to a distress call from planet Marshmellow.  It turns out to be a trap.  They are caught in a tractor beam, but in trying to break free, they find themselves instead thrown back to the year 1982, in in the skies over Orange, Massachusetts.  When Bobby (he's no longer Little Bobby) sees it, he does his usual run to a secluded spot so he can say the magic words.  He flies up to the ship and meets the crew of the Butterfieldia, including its Captain, Robert Wronski, who is Powerkid's descendant.  Powerkid learns that he will be known as a legendary hero someday, and his heroic legend will inspire his future lineage.  He also meets the ship's second in command, Commander Zap Rogers, who is not only a descendant of Phillip "Zap" Sheridan, but also Buck Rogers (the TV version, incidentally).  While getting to meet each other, the ship is yanked back to its proper time and place.  Powerkid helps the Butterfieldia save the planet's ruler, Princess Missy, from the evil Sir Nicholas.  Afterwards, the crew's witch transports Powerkid back home, since he hasn't yet developed the power to travel through time on his own.  Real Life Notes:  My second fourth grade writing assignment was my first Space Patrol story.  My third was this crossover tale.  The Space Patrol was evolved from Starfleet, and was commanded by the United Planets, formerly United Federation of Planets, thus implying that they are in the future of both Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes.  It should be noted that I wasn't the first to use Space Patrol and I wasn't the last.  Later stories would incorporate almost every usage of Space Patrol I could find and amalgamate them to be the same organization in different time periods or sectors of space.***

***APOCRYPHAL--July 1985--THE CRISIS WITHIN--This mini-series took place concurrently with Crisis on Infinite Earths.  It featured every Super Comics character that ever appeared thus far.  The story reveals that the Crisis affected all realities, including those of Powerkid, the Heroes of Earth, and Animal Town.  This story also takes place in many time periods, involving the present day characters, Suiper-Bob from 1982, Middle-Earth, the Space Patrol, ect.  This also includes appearance of G-Force from Battle of the Planets, Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Star Wars, Mighty Mouse, the Super Friends, He-Man, Batman and Robin, the Greatest American Hero, Dial H for Hero, the Mighty Heroes, G.I. Joe, the Ghostbusters, and Madison Mermaid from Splash.  (There may be more that I can't remember.)  The story reveals that these realities (which would be the TVCU, HCU, and Looniverse), were affected by the anti-matter wall and the time and space anomalies.  The Super Comics heroes and villains were all on the Monitor's satellite, along with heroes from the Marvel Universe as well.  (For the sake of the TVCU, these alternate realities were all divergent timelines with the exception of the Looniverse, which is a magical realm in the Void between realities).  Powerkid and other Super Comics heroes were part of a second team that invade the anti-matter universe.  But after that, the Powerkid Police and Heroes of Earth had to deal with a separate crisis within their own realities.  Doctor Deadly has taken advantage of the weakening of time and space to attempt to destroy all reality.  He's defeated, but a barrier is created that traps the Heroes of Earth in the TVCU, unable to return to their Horror Crossover Universe.  Also during these events, the Anti-Monitor kills Powergirl, who Powerkid had a crush on.  At the end of these events, the Powerkid Police disband and Powerkid retires.  He also decides that he is no longer Bobby, and goes by Bob.  Another effect of the Crisis is that Powerkid loses knowledge of the future, including his meetings with the Space Patrol.***

May 15, 1991 (Setting is era of the Seventh Doctor and companions Ace and Ria, as well as the Fourth and Sixth Doctors, but otherwise indeterminate; there is also a future incarnation of the Doctor who has not yet debuted officially)--DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE # 173 “PARTY ANIMALS” (MARVEL UK)--The Doctor and his companions attend a birthday party on a planet within a time vortex. The future Doctor was visually based on the actor who played the Doctor in radio dramas. A later story would show the Eighth Doctor regenerate into this future Doctor, only to have been an illusion. Since this party does occur within a time vortex, we can assume each of the crossover characters came from the time period they originate from. Crosses: Doctor Strange; Captain Britain; The Simpsons; Sapphire & Steel; Star Trek: The Next Generation; Axel Pressbutton; Hulk (Comic); Fantastic Four; Timespirits; Dan Dare; Avengers (Television Series); Rocket Raccoon; X-Factor; X-Men; Sub-Mariner; Thor (Comics); Spider-Man; Conan the Barbarian; Death’s Head

June 14, 1992 to February 2, 1996--EUGENICS WARS: THE RISE AND FALL OF KHAN NOONIEN SINGH, VOLUME TWO (NOVEL BY GREG COX)--Khan begins his plan for world conquest, and only Seven and Lincoln can stop him. This story serves as a prequel to the Star Trek episode Space Seed. Seven and Lincoln claim to have been involved in the events of the film The Wicker Man. References to other attempts at genetic cloning include a reference to the events of Children of the Shroud. The book features an appearance of an Indian delegate whose description would match that of an adult Hadji from the cartoon Johnny Quest. Since Johnny Quest was a 1960s cartoon, the timing seems right. There is also a submarine made out of Vibranium, a material only found in the African nation of Wakanda. Wakanda is a fictional nation ruled by the Black Panther, that first appeared in the pages of Fantastic Four. Scientist Jackson Roykirk appears. Roykirk was first mentioned in a Star Trek episode, but also figured in an episode of Team Knight Rider. This is the second part of a two novel series. The first novel is brought in via crosses with Frankenstein and others. This second novel is brought in on the basis that its the second part of a story already brought in. And on that basis, this second half brings in The Wicker Man and Children of the Shroud as horror series to the Television Crossover Universe. Knight Rider was already brought in with the first part of this story. The Fantastic Four have also already been brought in via crosses with Marvel horror characters. Johnny Quest is brought in via this story.

April 1995--THE CRITIC--"All the Duke's Men"--Klingons appear among the ethnic children.

August 1995--INVASION OF THE CAT-PEOPLE--the Doctor runs down a list of felinoid aliens, including the Lion-Men of Mongo (Flash Gordon), the Felinoids of Cait (Star Trek), Kzinti warriors (Larry Niven's Man-Kzin Wars), and mentions that the Aegis have been known to use metamorphic cats as secret agents (Trek, again).  Though both Trek and Flash Gordon are in the TVCU, the races mentioned could exist in both realities. But on the other hand, even if they didn't, the Doctor has has many adventures in the TVCU.

Book cover

1996--STAR TREK:  30 YEARS AND BEYOND--Daphne and the Cranes watch and discuss Star Trek.  Though the events of Trek are real in the future, a time traveler leaked information to Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s.

Early 1998--TEAM KNIGHT RIDER--"Apocalypse Maybe"--From Win:  It is revealed that Kevin "Trek" Sanders, one of the members of Team Knight Rider, was the protégé of a famous scientist, Jackson Roykirk.  Jackson Roykirk was mentioned in the original series Star Trek episode The Changeling. Roykirk was the designer of the Nomad space probe, which was launched from Earth in 2002; he also appeared in The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Soong, Volume Two. This crossover would also bringKnight Rider, Knight Rider 2000, and Knight Rider 2010 into the Television Crossover Universe [and the TVCU--Rob]. Regarding Sanders' nickname, his parents were "Trekkies." Apparently he was conceived at a Star Trek convention. Fortunately the Star Trek short story Research by J.R. Rasmussen explains how there can be Star Trek television series and conventions, and so on, in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and the future events of Star Trek can also be true within the same continuity.

1998--STAR TREK:  STRANGE NEW WORLDS II--"Research"--From Win:  Time-traveling researcher J.R. Rasmussen quits her job with the film studio, Paramount. She apparently acquired a 26th Century Timepod from her descendent, 22nd Century con artist Berlinghoff Rasmussen (see the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode A Matter of Time). In her career as a time-traveling researcher, she was responsible for contacting a man called Gene Roddenberry in the year 1964, and documenting many critical events of the 23rd, and 24th Centuries. Upon her departure, Rasmussen left the Timepod with her former employers.

***APOCRYPHAL--JUL 2001- In New York City, Ivan meets with Gabriel Shear, a man looking to recruit covert agents for a special anti-terrorist assignment, as well as an influential New York businessman known only as the Boss who is seeking a "bad dog" to assist with his current project . Ivan is considered no good for this, as he has a family, but at the party he is introduced to Dr. Virgil Swann, who shares with Ivan many theories involving the origins of the Moon and a virus held to be responsible for many therianthropic families.  Thanks to his discussions with Dr. Swann, Ivan suspects that the Mbwun virus began as a mutated alien microbe, viral-like in nature, that made its way to the Maple White Land and replicated the DNA of multiple plant and animal life-forms. Efforts to scan the area where the virus may have come from lead to the accidental probing of a strange energy ribbon that seemingly represents a rift in space and time, and contains echos of people from a possible future, including Captain Jean-Luc Picard and a bartender named Guinan.
Echos of Guinan, Ivan, and Jean-Luc
The Boss and unlucky bumbler Ivan
Gabriel Shear is from the 2001 film SWORDFISH.  The Boss is Morgan Freeman's character from LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN (2006). Virgil Swann was a character from the  "Rosetta"episode of SMALLVILLE season 2 (2003). Maple White Land is from the Doyle novel THE LOST WORLD(1912). The connection between Mbwun and the Maple White Land was proposed by John Lindsey. Guinan and Jean-Luc Picard are from the series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (1987-1994). Their experience in the Ribbon is from the 1994 film Star Trek Generations.***

February 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree"--
  • Captain Hero's secret identity, Tim Tommerson, has a relationship with Xandir, which Captain Hero does not approve of.
  • PLUTO holds GOOFY hostage because he wants to wear pants.  This takes place in Toon Town, apparently not demolished for a freeway after the events of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?
  • There is a crime scene at THE FAMILY CIRCUS home.
  • ELMER FUDD and Tantor from DISNEY'S TARZAN appear in a street scene in Toon Town.
  • ARCHIE ANDREWS is seen at an arcade.  Archie comes from the TVCU.  The town of Riverdale and surrounding communities caught in a time anomoly.  Perhaps this is how residents manage to visit the Looniverse.
  • DILBERT is seen at the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY office.  Also at the office are EWOKS.
  • Foxxy is in possession of a Starfleet tricorder.  It seems that the events of Star Trek seems to take place in the Looniverse in the 20th to 21st centuries and the Enterprise is always visiting Earth.
October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Unrestrainable Trainable"--
  • This episode reveals that Captain Hero has a sister.
  • Her name is Captain She-Ro.
  • She survived the planet's destruction and came to Earth.
  • He donated sperm.
  • She went to a sperm bank.
  • She had his child.
  • That child is a giant mentally challenged boy.
  • The Nestle Quick Rabbit is part of an orgy with Foxxy, Spanky, and Toots.  He was only there because he though Foxxy's breasts could produce chocolate milk.
  • Bill Cosby appears weeping over the loss of JELL-O PUDDING.
  • JESUS appears.  This is the Looniverse Jesus.
  • The STAR TREK II ear worms appear, being kept ina container labeled "Star Trek II ear worms".

***APOCRYPHAL--AUG 2007- CLOSED ENCOUNTERS - Ivan, Tasia, and Janos witness a starship from the future passing through Earth's atmosphere, seemingly searching for something (possibly a place to land), before it flies away. Following the event Ivan reports the sighting and brings his children to Hangar 18 for debriefing  and they have to deal with the escape of a xenomorph recovered from Gunnison, Colorado. Ivan uses his lycanthropy to destroy the aliens, and Janos reveals he can only shift into werewolf form in the Dreamlands, being only half-werewolf.
Bring my kids to work day
The starship is the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) or another Constitution class ship from the 23rd Century, as shown in the original STAR TREK television series (1966-1969). The designation for Ordnance centers as Hangar 18s was chosen from the use of Hangar 18 in urban legend as the building housing alien hardware on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, per UFOlogy lore. Xenormorph aliens are from ALIEN (1979) and its sequels. Xenomorphs being found in Gunnison is a reference to Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2007). The Dreamlands are from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H P Lovecraft.***

***APOCRYPHA--JUL 2008 - INCONJUNCTION - Ivan Schablotski and Misty Dawn attend InConJunction, a "super-science" expo in Indianapolis IN, where they meet, among others,  a fairy godfather, transporter-twinned time travelers (from 2286), and a local Ghostbuster. Ivan gets to compare / contrast his Universal Monster Theory with a researcher that agrees with much of Ivan's theory, but has modified it somewhat into his own concept, the Hammer Horror Theory. while Misty Dawn meets Beaker, a muppet scientist.
Misty and Beaker

InConJunction is an annual science fiction convention. The Fairy Godfather is original, but he seems to be targeting Tinkerbelle, from the play PETER PAN. the Time Travelers are Kirk and Spock, circa STAR TREK IV, which occurred in the TVCU in 1986, not 2008 (which is why these are transporter twinned versions of them). The Ghostbuster represents a franchise of GHOSTBUSTERS(1984). The Hammer Horror Theory is the creation of Kevin Heim. Beaker first appeared on THE MUPPET SHOW in 1977.***

October 2010--LET ME IN--An ad for Slusho is seen in a convenience store. This same fictional beverage is mentioned in Star Trek.

June 2002--FARSCAPE--"Crichton Kicks"--Crichton speaks in klingon

Mid 2010s--Derek Leech travels to Riverside, Iowa, and begins killing off everyone with the last name Kirk.

2011—“The Return of Harmony” Some children, er, young ponies argue in front of a statue which frees a chaos beast. A chaos beast which sounds exactly like Q from Star Trek (for the very good reason that both are played by John de Lancie). This chaos beast, Discord, does all of the things Q would do while playing with lesser beings. There should be no doubt that Discord is Q. 

October 2011--COMMUNITY--"Remedial Chaos Theory"--The goatees Abed makes at the end of this episode are a reference to alternate universe's "evil" Spock from the original Star Trek's second season episode, Mirror Mirror.

March 2012 (episode dated 03/22/2012)--COMMUNITY SEASON 3 EP 12--Abed is visited by his Mirror Universe counterpart, who is attempting to convert his alternate universe counterparts to aid him in his plans to conquer all of reality.  Of course, James will be presenting a blog about the truth of the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS soon, and we know that the true evil behind the Crisis was Yog-Sothoth, but it's apparent that one of the chief agents of the old god was Mirror Abed, who had an army of Abeds.  Note  that Abed was obsessed with Inspector Spacetime, and likely if Mirror Abed could master dimensional travel, he would have at some point encountered the Doctor, who was the inspiration for Spacetime.  Indeed, perhaps it was an army of Abeds who were responsible for obtaining the various time devices stored by the Earth Empire of the Mirror Universe in the STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES crossover.

April 3, 2012--SO YOU CREATED A WORMHOLE (NOVEL BY PHIL HORNSHAW & NICK HURWITCH)--Not so much a story, this is an actual guide for new time travellers written by some guys who live some point in the future, but who came back in time to publish the book (presumedly to avoid an amateur time traveller from screwing up their timeline). This story implies that all of the following crosses exist. However, because of the nature of time travel, it’s possible that some of the following may be in divergent timelines while others are part of the main TVCU timeline. Crosses: Evil Dead; Alien; Terminator; Doctor Who; Back to the Future; Forbidden Planet; The Time Machine; Time Cop; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court; Star Trek; Timeline; Stargate; Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure; Hot Tub Time Machine; Star Wars; Futurama; Donnie Darko; Time After Time; Lost; Philadelphia Experiment; 12 Monkeys; Quantum Leap; X-Files; Gundam; Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers; Voltron; iRobot; Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (films); Superman (Christopher Reeve films); Land of the Lost; Battlestar Galactica; Star Trek (reboot); Planet of the Apes, Call of Duty, Muppet Show

February 2013--ACADEMY AWARDS--Kirk goes back in time to try to prevent Seth MacFarlane from hosting the Oscars.

June 2013?--VENTURE BROS.--"What Color is Your Cleansuit"--St. Cloud also own the Tim Burton style Batmobile Dr Zins crwaling Eye with Helpers head the Nomad probe form Star Trek and Twiki with Doctor good fellow around his neck

The Near Future--HIGHLANDER:  THE SOURCE--Duncan and other immortals who are the few remaining fight to win the contest.  Duncan wins the prize.  Note that as the last immortal, at least of this type of species of immortal, this means that any immortals shown in future stories, like Flint for instance, cannot be Highlander types immortals.  And in fact, in the STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER HEROES crossover we learn the truth of Flint.  Flint, of the TVCU, is the same person that Vandal Savage is in the DCU.  From Immortal Befuddled, we know that Kane was Vandal Savage, who gained his immortality from a meteor.  Flint on the other hand was a "Highlander" type immortal.  They were separate individuals whose paths would cross and who knew many of the same people.  But when history was altered and transformed into what is now the TVCU, the person who was Flint seems to have never been born, and instead, Kane became the man that in the 23rd century would be known as Flint.

Fall 2020--STAR TREK--"Tomorrow is Yesterday"--Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher heads the first manned Earth-Saturn-Titan probe.  (He is the grandson of Jimmy Christopher, Operator # 5.)

2020 to 2022--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--"If Wishes Were Horses"--Planetary Baseball League player Buck Bokkai plays for two seasons for the Gotham City Bats.

***--APOCRYPHAL--July 4, 2043--Rob Wronski is in Arizona when a nuclear blast kills him.  (This is based on a dream I had once, but considering the date, this must have been an early event involving World War III as depicted in STAR TREK and/or related to the ever sliding JUDGEMENT DAY from TERMINATOR.)***

Mid 2050s--STAR TREK:  FIRST CONTACT--World War III...

April 5, 2063--STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT--The crew of the Enterprise E travels back in time chases a Borg ship.  They encounter Zephram Cochrane who breaks the sound barrier in a rocket of his own creation (using a former nuclear missile.)  After this, humanity makes first contact with the Vulcans.

Fall 2111--Birth of Jonathan Archer, future captain of the Enterprise NX-01.

Winter 2151 to unknown--The first starship Enterprise NX-01 is launched, captained by Captain Jonathon Archer.

22nd Century--STAR TREK:  ENTERPRISE--"Future Tense"--A ship is bigger on the inside than on the outside

Summer 2161--The United Federation of Planets is incorporated.

2183 - 2185--MASS EFFECT (VIDEO GAMES)--Shepard and his crew must stop the Reapers, aliens who exist outside the known galaxy, from invading. Mass Effect consists of three games and several tie in works of fiction thus far. One character is Ashley Williams who seems to be descended from Ash of the Evil Dead series, even having a fondness for the term “boomstick”. One of the ships seen is the Demeter, the same name as the ship seen in Dracula. As noted with Star Trek crossovers, ships tend to be named after real historical figures, places, etc, and thus I consider this a crossover. The Reapers of this story are clearly the Old Ones of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Though they have given up their bodies for bio-mechanical forms, they still inhabit the same shapes and the Reaper mythos strongly resembles the Cthulhu Mythos. A reference to a character being only mostly dead is a link to the Princess Bride. The use of a maneuver called the Crazy Ivan is a link to The Hunt for Red October, part of the Jack Ryan series. The use of being dead as a tax dodge provides a link the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The name Qwib-Qwib is a reference to Fred Saberhagen’s Berserker series. The project from A Clockwork Orange is also referenced. Also the engineer Adams may be a Star Trek reference. This video game series takes place in the Television Crossover Universe, but as with all stories set in the future, it takes place in one of an infinite number of possible alternate futures.

Winter 2230--Birth of Spock of Vulcan, whose father is a Vulcan ambassador and mother is an Earth human.  Spock has claimed that his is a descendant of SHERLOCK HOLMES.  He is also a descendant of the Stemples of Seattle, and may also be a descendant of Dick Grayson, who was known in the 20th century as the original Robin and second BATMAN.

March 2233--STAR TREK--In the TVCU, James Tiberius Kirk's parents are on board the U.S.S. Kelvin, but make it back home to Riverside, Iowa, where James is born.

2241--FALLOUT--A Star Trek shuttle appears, as well as the Guardian of Forever.  Matt Hickman tells me this is a divergent timeline, not the main Trek timeline.

Late 23rd Century--STAR TREK--TVCU2--Spock from the TVCU and a bunch of bad guy aliens go back in time and cross over to the TVCU2.  Thanks to the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Star Trek reboots, we have some evidence to support that notion of an alternate reality/divergent timeline for reboots.  In Wes Craven's New Nightmare, we find that the demons that gave Freddy of the original series his powers came from the real world, and soon, Wes retraps them by expanding the franchise, returning the demons to the world of fiction.  Thus, that must include the reboot. In Star Trek (the new movie), Spock of the original series travels back in time along with some bad guy Romulans, altering the timeline.  Thus the reboot series is part of a divergent timeline.

Late 23rd Century--STAR TREK:  D-A-C--TVCU2--D·A·C in the title stands for the three modes of play available in the game: Deathmatch, Assault, and Conquest.

Late 23rd Century--KRE-O STAR TREK--TVCU2--A stop-motion animated story about 'Star Trek' featuring Kre-O toy blocks. 

Late 23rd Century--STAR TREK:  INTO DARKNESS--TVCU2--Part of the alternate future of the TVCU2.  Incidentally, R2D2 apparently appears.  If not the R2, at least a duplicate copy.  How?  Why?  I don't know.

R2-D2 in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' (Credit: io9 / Paramount)

2262 to 2295--STAR TREK--Captain Kirk commands the Enterprise on a five year mission, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.  Note that this show and it's spin-offs have been in numerous books, video games, and comics all of which I consider canon.

Unknown, perhaps around 23rd century--DOCTOR WHO:  PRISONERS OF TIME # 2--
John D Lindsey Jr reports:  Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time was an IDW comic bringing together Doctors 1-11 and their companions. In issue #2, the Second Doctor, Zoe, and Jamie get caught up in an alien slave auction. The bids being shouted out for Jamie include "three hundred quatloos" (Star Trek), "seventy eight Altairian dollars" (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and "ninety cubits" (Battlestar Galactica).
2262--STAR TREK--"Where No Man Has Gone Before"--A report on a screen shows that Dr. Dehner attended the Tri-Planetary Academy.  This is from E.E. SMITH'S LENSMAN SAGA.  The Lendsmen are a space police group that likely exists sometime in the future.  Visit for a great explanation of the events that occur in the TVCU between the 24th to 30th centuries.

23rd Century--STAR TREK--"The Naked Time"--Gordon Long: There's also the Black Oil, a living entity itself, which might be similar to the inhibition-releasing virus from "The Naked Time" ('Trek TOS') and revisited in 'TNG' ("The Naked Now").

23rd Century--STAR TREK--"Mira"--From T. EverettSeptember 9, 2012 at 3:30 PM
Here's a bit more information about the "Star Trek" connection - it seems that both "Miri" and "The City on the Edge of Forever" used sets from "The Andy Griffith Show", although the latter episode was explicitly set in New York City. There are some nice big pictures compiled here:

This shot is of particular interest, showing Captain Kirk and Edith Keeler walking past Floyd's Barber Shop.

Now, this presents an interesting problem: "Forever"'s New York is clearly New York, but Mayberry is clearly Mayberry. It would be easy enough to say that Floyd started as a barber in 1930 NYC before moving to Mayberry mid-century, but that still leaves the problem of "Miri".

One the one hand, it's far more likely that the Enterprise's crew would investigate an apparently abandoned Earth in a major city than a small town; but on the other, the above link notes how Miri's Town is laid out exactly like Mayberry.

(Incidentally, the recent Star Trek novel "DTI: Forgotten History" explicitly states that Miri's world is Earth from a parallel universe, brought into ours by being swapped with an advanced alien supercraft.)

2264--STAR TREX--THE X-MEN travel from the 21st century of the Marvel Universe to the year 2264 of the TVCU, where they encounter the crew of the Enterprise.  Note that there is a Wolverine in the TVCU, but not an X-Men team.

Summer 2265--STAR TREK--"Wolf in the Fold"--The Enterprise crew encounter Redjac, who is an energy being who has inhabited many people over the centuries using them to kill people as a serial killer.  He was Jack the Ripper.  Of course, SHERLOCK HOLMES and ELLERY QUEEN both thought they solved the Jack the Ripper mysteries.  Gary Seven also encountered Redjac in 1974 in Moscow.  Vandal Savage aka Kane has also claimed to have been Jack the Ripper.  One could have been a copycat of the other.  The Shanghai Kid's sister encountered one of the Ripper's and kicked his ass.  The Shanghai Kid and Wyatt Earp were in London working with Arthur Conan Doyle and Charlie Chaplin.  The Shanghai Kid is an ancestor of Jackie Chan.

23rd Century--STAR TREK--"A Taste of Armaggedon"--A suicide booth is part of the story.  Suicide Booths also appear in FUTURAMA, GUNNM/BATTLE ANGEL ALITA, THE REPAIRER OF REPUTATIONS, IMMORTALITY INC., FREEJACK, THE BULL'S HOUR, WELCOME TO THE MONKEY HOUSE, GOD BLESS YOU MR. ROSEWATER, THE CITY OF GOLD AND LEAD, SOYLENT GREEN, THE SIMPSONS and LOGAN'S RUN.  Note that I haven't listed all the episodes of the original series in order.  This is pure laziness.  In a later update, I promise to fix it and line up the dating more accurately using Win Scott Eckert's timeline as a reference.

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE:  THE LOST ISSUES # 80--The Thing and Star Trek.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 175--"May the First Contact Be With You!"--Han Solo and Captain Kirk.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 182--"Once More, With Feeling!"--Starfire and Mr. Spock.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 317--"The Trouble with Oans"--Captain Kirk vs. the Guardians of the Universe.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 328--Justice League of American and Star Trek.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 524--"Wayne Enterprises"--Batman and Star Trek.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 576--"Trek 2K!"--Space:  1999 and Star Trek.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 690--"A Ponn Farr Too Far"--Mr. Spock and Barbarella.  **APOCRYPHA**

23rd Century (TOS ERA)--SUPER-TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 757--"Showdown in the Spider-Nebula"--The Amazing Spider-Man and Star Trek.  Note that all Lost Issues are apocryphal and included for fun only.  Visit the official site here.  **APOCRYPHA**

2265--STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES:  PHASE II--This is meant to be a continuation of the original series, so it must take place between the end of the original series but before the start of the animated one.  Since there are only 9 episodes, I think that's plausible.

2265 A.D.--THE FEDERATION HOLMES (NOVEL BY DANA MARTIN BATORY)--On the Amusement Park Planet, a construct is made of Professor Moriarty from the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The construct embraces his character so much that he leaves to embark on a life of real crime. Spock makes the logical deduction that only constructs of Holmes and Watson can stop him. This is actually an anthology of interconnected stories by the same author. The premise is used to imagine Holmes in the world of Star Trek. Though Holmes is thought of here as a fictional character within the world of Star Trek, in Star Trek VI, Spock will claim Holmes as his ancestor (on his human side). It’s certainly realistic for people to confuse the worlds of fiction and reality after some time has passed. Think of all the people today who think that Lovecraftian lore is real, for instance. (It’s not, by the way.) In real life, ships and places are often named after other real places or historical figures. Thus, when writers are being clever, we get crossovers. In one of the stories, there are ships named the O.C. Marsh, the Cthulhu, the Arkham, the Sothoth, and the Alhazred, and there is a reference (curse) to the three Hells of Rlyeh. Those Lovecraftian references bring this story into the TVCU, though Star Trek has had other links mentioned elsewhere in this blog to connect it to the Television Crossover Universe. Star Trek, of course, is in one of many possible alternative futures of the Television Crossover Universe. Holmes sets up shop on Memory Alpha and finds copies of The Origin of Tree Worship (from the Lord of the Rings) and The Ladder of Life by Challenger (from the Lost World). A looter of an archaeological dig on Indiana IV is named Jones. A jewel thief is compared to Raffles and Templar (the Saint). There is an asteroid named Lidenbrock Alpha. LIdenbrock led the Journey to the Centre of the Earth. And there is a safe model P1I3N7K Panther.

Mid October 2265 to March 2266--STAR TREK:  THE ANIMATED SERIES--More adventures of Kirk and crew.

Early March 2266--STAR TREK:  THE ANIMATED SERIES--"How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth"--This one is continued, sort of, centuries later.  In 2266, the crew of the Starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk, encounters the same Kukulcan.  It is not from the original series, but the animated series.  It happened (or will happen) in early March 2266, but we got to see it aired on October 5, 1974.  
So how is it that we can see events that haven't happened yet if they are real?  That story, which I'll go into in more detail one day, involves a time traveler whose descendant worked at Paramount.

Late March 2266--STAR TREK:  THE ANIMATED SERIES--"Slaver Weapon"--Spock, Sulu, and Uhura encounter the Kzin, of the KNOWN SPACE series.

During TAS era--SUPER TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 546--"Takeover in the 24 1/2 Century"--Star Trek and Duck Dodgers.  **APOCRYPHA**

October 2266--CAPTAIN'S TABLE 6:  WHERE SEA MEETS SKY--Captain Pike tells a story of Captain Nemo.

2267 A.D.--HOW MUCH FOR JUST THE PLANET? (NOVEL BY JOHN M. FORD)--The Federation and Klingons are competing in negotiations with a non-aligned planet for the rights to mine dilithium. Princess Deedee is wearing a Miskatonic University sweatshirt, even though she’s never been to Earth. Likely she must have gotten it from a friend or relative who had been there.

2267--THE DOCTOR AND THE ENTERPRISE:  The Doctor met the crew of the Enterprise (from STAR TREK) and visited a planet from the DARKOVER series. 

2268--ISHMAEL--At the Wonder Bar at Starbase 12, Han Solo (STAR WARS) is present, fighting with Starbuck and Apollo (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA).  They were fighting over Sarah Jane Smith, who then leaves with the Doctor (DOCTOR WHO).  Solo is from another galaxy in the distant past.  Starbuck and Apollo are from the 1970s on a journey from their homeworld to Earth.  It's likely the Doctor is responsible for bringing them all here, and it's presumed he got them all home.  Note that this is the Doctor of the TVCU, and not the main version of the character who exists in the Universe I named after him.  Kirk makes a comment about Sherlock Holmes, his relationship to Spock.  Two Hokas are also seen (EARTHMAN'S BURDEN).  They are cute living teddy bears.  The main portion involves Spock traveling back in time (not with the Doctor) and meeting the Stemples (HERE COME THE BRIDES).  Other western characters encountered are from PALADIN/HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL, BONANZA and MAVERICK.  There is also an apperance of Straus and Sons which comes from James Clavell's Asian Saga:  SHOGUN, TAI-PAN, GAI-JIN, KING RAT, NOBLE HOUSE, WHIRLWIND, and ESCAPE.

2269 A.D.--ASSIGNMENT: ETERNITY (NOVEL BY GREG COX)--Crosses: Kolchak the Night Stalker; The Avengers (television); The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.; The Questor Tapes; Mission Impossible; James Bond; The Prisoner; The Andromeda Strain. Gary Seven and his partner Roberta Lincoln travel from the year 1969 to the 23rd century and once more encounter the crew of the Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. This novel is a sequel to the Star Trek episode Assignment Earth, which introduced Gary Seven in what was meant to be a pilot for his own series. Gary and his assistant mention having knowledge of the people or events from all of the listed crosses.

Marvel TOS 04

2270s--STAR TREK # 4--"The Haunting of Thallus!"--Spock references a legend that says that a man named Harker killed the 500 year old vampire who was basis for Bram Stoker's Dracula. Marv Wolfman, who wrote this story, was also at the time the writer for Marvel's Tomb of Dracula, and this is a clear reference meant to place Star Trek in the future of Tomb of Dracula (meaning for their intent the Marvel Universe, but for our intent, the TVCU.)

2270--STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES--Both sets of main characters are from the TVCU.  In the altered timeline that gets created when Vandal Savage/Flint captures Q, the Earth Empire of this "mirror" universe have a collection of time machines from DOCTOR WHO, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, THE FLASH, PRINCE OF PERSIA, STAR TREK, STARGATE, STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION, STAR TREK:  VOYAGER, VOYAGERS, RIP HUNTER, BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE TIME TUNNEL, TIME AFTER TIME, THE TIME MACHINE, and TIME COP.  And here's a picture:  


23rd century--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--By this time, Star Trek has become a religion.  I think this came about largely as a result of 1) "FTL" travel suddenly proving possible and 2) the universe revealing itself to be crammed with other sentient species. Star Trek was right all along!  Of course at this time, also, the events of Star Trek are really happening, but a time traveler from the future gave his 20th century ancestor a time machine, which she used to learn about the future, and then she sold that information to Gene Roddenberry, so that Star Trek also became a TV series in the TVCU.


June 2271--STAR TREK:  THE MOTION PICTURE--When a probe comes to Earth wreaking havoc, Admiral Kirk takes command of the Enterprise to stop it.  In the end, it turns out the probe, V'Ger, was actually Earth's Voyager 6, which wound up on some sentient machine world, which Gene Roddenberry would later say was the Borg Homeworld.  I wonder if in the past, this world didn't try to merge with other species, but were purely sentient machine, and may have been robots that also transformed into other types of machines.  

2272--THE WOUNDED SKY--There is a cutter ship called the Ransom and a cruiser vessel called the Malacandra.  Since other cutters are named after famous historical explorers, it's likely Ransom is named for Dr. Elwin Ransom from C.S. LEWIS' SPACE TRILOGY.  Malacandra is the planet Ransom visited.  In fact, Malacandra is another name for Barsoon, or Mars, which exists in an alternate reality, the ERB Universe.

2273 [Release Date: January - April 2011 (multiple settings)]--INFESTATION # 1 - 2 (IDW)--In INFESTATION, a vampire/zombie hybrid with the powers of a goddess traveled through space-time to seek particular ingredients for a spell, and used different types of zombies in each 'zone' to achieve her goals, or to distract the locals as she achieved them herself.  Infestation is the first IDW company wide crossover, and in fact an intercompany crossover as well. IDW consists of mostly titles featuring licensed series. They have managed the brilliant way to still put out crossovers of all their titles by involving time and interdimensional travel. Zombies vs. Robots must be in an alternate reality within the Television Crossover Multiverse. Ghostbusters is of course in the Television Crossover Universe. See the blog post for the Ghostbusters series for more on continuity and placement. CVO is a secret government agency of vampires. It may exist in the Television Crossover Universe, but because of the multiversal nature of this it’s hard to tell. At the very least , it’s part of the same multiverse. G.I. Joe and Pocket God also can be placed in the Television Crossover Multiverse, but not necessarily the Television Crossover Universe. Incidentally, Pocket God is a comic from Ape Entertainment, thus making this not only a company wide crossover, but also an intercompany crossover. Though this cross can’t place Transformers in the Television Crossover Universe, IDW’s later Conspiracy crossover does. My fellow researchers, who are more familiar with IDW, ensure me that this does not bring in all Transformers stories, but only certain IDW Transformers storylines. And Star Trek has already been established to exist in one of the alternate future timelines of the TVCU. Infestation # 1 -2 did not tell the whole story, but rather were simply the bookends. The entire story was told in the following: Infestation # 1, Star Trek: Infestation # 1 - 2, Transformers: Infestation # 1 - 2, Ghostbusters: Infestation # 1 - 2, G.I. Joe: Infestation # 1 - 2, Infestation # 2, Infestation: CVO 100-Page Spectacular, Pocket God: Infestation # 1, Zombies vs. Robots: UnderCity # 1 - 4, and Infestation: Outbreak # 1 - 4. This crossover is followed by a Cthulhu Mythos based Infestation 2 and then a Mars Attacks crossover.

2278 The USS Bozeman enters a temporal distortion in the region of space known as the Typhon Expanse, three weeks after it left a starbase. (Seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect". Date given in episode.)

Possibly the 23rd Century--BLAKE'S 7--Reference is made to "Space - 'the final frontier', as it was once called..."

Prior to Star Trek II--SUPER TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 707--"To Boldly Kill"--Khan and Boba Fett.  **APOCRYPHA**

Late March 2285--STAR TREK II:  THE WRATH OF KHAN--Kirk's old foe Khan Noonian Singh takes on Admiral Kirk and a crew of cadets on the Enterprise.  Spock dies in this film.

Late April 2285--STAR TREK III:  THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK--Spock is resurrected on the unstable world called Genesis.

Mid December 2285--STAR TREK IV:  THE VOYAGE HOME--Kirk and company have to travel back in time to get two humpback whales from 1986.  They are extinct in the 23rd century and some aliens come back to communicate with them, and start to destroy Earth when they don't get a response.

After Star Trek IV--BRAVE AND THE BOLD: THE LOST ISSUES # 111--Batman and Captain Kirk.  **APOCRYPHA**

After Star Trek IV--SUPER TEAM FAMILY: THE LOST ISSUES # 207--"Spidey on the Edge of Forever"--The Amazing Spider-Man and Star Trek.  

After Star Trek IV--SUPER TEAM FAMILY: THE LOST ISSUES # 600--"The Wrath of Kang"--The Avengers and Star Trek.  **APOCRYPHA**

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"Chode & Bobo's High School Reunion"--Kirk appears.  Note that this series if firmly set in the Star Trek Universe.  There is a Federation and Vulcans.  Yes, there are parodies of other sci-fi elements, but it seems to fit quite well around this time in this reality.

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"Six, Lies, and Videotape"--Haffa Dozen steals the ship's Dylithium Crystals

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"You Wanna Put That Where?"--A shipwrecked Enterprised can be seen near McHooter's

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"Hollow Chode"--Mr. Spock referenced during opening credits gag and later by Chode

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"Witness Protection"--The Jupiter 42 ends up next to a decomishioned Federation ship who mentions Kirk and Scott

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"Creaturepalooza"--Nancy puts an earwig in Chode's mind

Early May 2286--STAR TREK V:  THE FINAL FRONTIER--Spock's half-brother is a terrorist who hijacks the Enterprise to find God in the center of the galaxy.  In the comics adaption (from DC Comics), in the bar on Nimbus III is Space Ranger the old DC comic Sci fi hero

2289--SPACE QUEST III:  THE PIRATES OF PESTULON--When Roger first arrives at Monolith Burger, the Enterprise spaceship can be seen leaving the place.

2290--STAR TREK VERSUS BATMAN--Batman's first encounter with the Enterprise crew.  

2290--BRAVE AND THE BOLD...THE LOST YEARS--In April 1970, Robin II (Bruce Wayne Junior) and Batgirl II (Barbara Gordon) go missing.  Clues lead Batman II (Dick Grayson) to believe that they are in the 23rd century.  Batman finds a way to travel to the future (and there are certainly options out there) and works with Captain James T. Kirk to find his missing friends.  See  **APOCRYPHA**

2293--STAR TREK VI:  THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY--Spock refers to Sherlock Holmes indirectly as his ancestor.  A plaque on the Excelsior is actually a quote from BUCKAROO BANZAI which reads "No matter where you go, there you are."

2294--BASTARDS OF KIRK--60 MINUTES is still running, and they are doing an expose on all the children Kirk has fathered but not supported.

October 2295--STAR TREK:  GENERATIONS--Kirk gets sucked into a nexus where he exists in an eternal dream world.  

2200s--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The Star Trek cast do some musical reunions, but the guy who plays Scotty has trouble yodelling so he is replaced by Welshy.

2305--Birth of Jean-Luc Picard, who will become commander of the Enterprise-D.  Win Scott Eckert believes he is a possible descendant of Inspector Paul Picard (from WILLIAM KOTZWINKLE'S FATA MARGANA) and Professor Frederic Picard (from JEAN-CLAUDE DUNYACH'S THE NIGHT ORCHID:  CONAN DOYLE IN TOULOUSE).

2306--STAR TREK:  STRANGE NEW WORLDS II--"The Hero of My Own Life"--There is science vessel called the Nautilus, named after the legendary vessel commanded by Captain Nemo in the 19th century.

2306--STAR TREK:  OF GODS AND MEN--Twelve years have passed since Captain James Kirk was swept away by the Nexus while saving the crew of the Enterprise-B. Sadly, one year later, Commander Montgomery Scott was reported missing along with the passengers and crew of the USS Jenolen, and to this day has not been found. The remaining crewmembers of the USS Enterprise have gone their separate ways. Captain Spock and Doctor McCoy have spent the last several years on Khitomer, continuing their work to establish peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, though it is wondered if they will ever establish peace between themselves. Captain Hikaru Sulu and his Excelsior crew are on an extended mission beyond the outer reaches of the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Pavel Chekov, although serving a high post in Starfleet Security, feels his career has stalled, leaving him to thoughts of retirement. Captain Nyota Uhura has been serving as Director of Starfleet Linguistics... Written by Ethan H. Calk  

2308--Futurama--"Space Pilot 3000"--Travelling back in time from 3007, Bender steals the 2308 Nobel Peace Prize and he and his fleet of decoy flying saucers demolish the city of New York with lasers. Humanity is partially reduced to barbarism. Bender then hides in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of the Planet Express building until 3007.  This is first seen through the window during the thousand-year-sleep montage in "Space Pilot 3000", but the actual events are not revealed until "Bender's Big Score". Bender is fulfilling established history so no paradox is caused by his actions.  Note that the Applied Cryogenics building remains intact, with its cryogenically stored occupants still preserved, throughout this period.  In fact, since this is smack dab between the Star Trek and Next Generation eras, it's unlikely this truly took hold on a global scale, but perhaps this did happen in the Northeastern United States.  Most of what we see of Earth in Star Trek tends to be San Francisco, France, and New Orleans.

2311--STAR TREK FEDERATION:  THE FIRST 150 YEARS--This came out in the real world in 2013.  From an in-story perspective, it was issued 150 years after the founding of the Federation.  Since the Federation was founded in 2161, that would place the release of the book as 2311.  This book is a collection of historical documents from the past 150 + years that lay out the how the Federation came to be and evolved.  One of the articles is written by journalist Sarah Jane Smith regarding the 1996 theft of the DY-100 Sleeper Ship by Khan.  Sarah Jane was one of the Doctor's companions, who lived in the alternate Doctor Who Universe.  Could this be her TVCU counterpart?  No, and here's why.  Sarah Jane was the niece of famed archaeologist Indiana Smith.  Since they shared the same last name, that means Indy was her father's brother.  (Her father was Eddie Smith.)  Indiana Smith was the Whoniverse counterpart of Indiana Jones.  In the TVCU, Indy was an only child, so Sarah Jane was never born.  (This is presuming there's no untold story out there in which Henry Senior had another son that Indy didn't know about.  Eddie Jones, anyone?  And even so, she's be Sarah Jane Jones.)  But this could be an aged Sarah Jane, who perhaps in a future story we haven't seen yet, migrated to the TVCU and was stranded in the 1990s.  The Doctor and his companions have certainly crossed into the TVCU plenty of times in the past.  Sarah Jane's article also refereneces Victor Bergman, Chief Astronomer at the Anderson Space Command, a reference to SPACE: 1999, which takes place in another divergent timeline. There are also articles from the New New York Times (FUTURAMA) and the Springfield Shopper (SIMPSONS).

2319 to 2369--The occupation of Bajor.

Summer 2332--Birth of Benjamin Sisko, who will later command Deep Space Nine.

2351--CAPTAIN'S TABLE 5:  ONCE BURNED--Captain Miles Gloriosus is at the Captain's Table bar.  He is either there via time travel (which is possible here) or is immortal.

September 2363 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--Captain Jean-Luc Picard commands the Enterprise-D.  The ship's impulse engines are powered by Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, another connection to BUCKAROO BANZAI.  Yoyodyne also appears in ANGEL and THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW.

24th Century--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"The Naked Now"--Riker uses a "sonic driver" while helping the chief engineer.

24th Century (around the first season around Christmas)--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION # 2--"Spirit in the Sky"--A group of aliens that look like the Grinch invade the Enterprise looking for a noncorporeal old man that looks like Santa!

24th Century--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"Elementary, Dear Data"--Riker states that Holmes is HISTORY's greatest consulting detective.  No mention of being a literary character.  Instead, he is referenced as a historical figure.

2364--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"Coming of Age"--There is a shuttle named the Indiana Jones  Many vessels are named for real life explorers and scientists.  This is a much clearer crossover.

2365--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"Up the Long Ladder"--This is just full of BUCKAROO BANZAI crossover goodness.  There is a ship called the S.S. Buckaroo Banzai.  It's captain is John Whorfin.  The ship's mission is at Planet 10 in Dimension 8.  Another ship, the S.S. Mariposa is powered by Yoyodyne pulse fusion.

Late Summer 2368--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"Time's Arrow"--The period in which the action begins that leads to an encounter with Samuel Clemens.

2368 The USS Bozeman emerges from a time loop that involved it colliding with the USS Enterprise-D. The Bozeman and the Enterprise were stuck in the loop for 17.4 days, as determined by Federation time-base beacon. (Seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect". Duration of event mentioned in episode. Dating based on ST:TNG first season episode, "The Neutral Zone", where the date 2364 is given.)

February 2369 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--Commander Sisko commands Deep Space Nine, a space station that orbits Bajor and also watches over a wormhole between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.  (We're in the Alpha, of course.)  The station was once run by the Cardasians, until the Bajorans won their freedom.  During the run of the show, many shops and services were located or used on the station.  This included the Banzai Institute (still in existence since BUCKAROO BANZAI), Cavor's Gravity Devices (from THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON), Del Floria's Tailor Shop (a front for THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.), Diet Smith Corporation (from DICK TRACY), FORBIN PROJECT, Milliways (from THE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE...note that I placed the film version of HITCHHIKERS in the Doctor Who Universe, but the books are in the TVCU), Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (from HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY), Spacely Sprockets (from the JETSONS), Tom Servo's Used Robots (from MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, which actually occurs in the future, but who knows...), and Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems (again from BUCKAROO BANZAI).

July 2369--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--"If Wishes Were Horses"--Deep Space Nine station Commander Benjamin Sisko owns a trading card of Buck Bokai, who played baseball for the Gotham City Bats in the 21st century.

Late 24th Century--DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK--The Doctor teams with Picard and his crew in the TVCU against the Borg and Cybermen.  

2370--STAR TREK:  CHAINS OF BETRAYAL--Picard goes missing and Riker takes command while Spock investigates.

Around 2370--COMIC RELIEF VI--The Enterprise comes across Comic Relief shirts from the 20th century, badly damaged in transport due to being made of a cotton/polyester blend.  It's noticed that Whoopi Goldberg bares a striking resemblance to Guinan.  Guinan is extremely long lived and was on Earth in the 19th century, so it could be that in the 20th and 21st centuries, she took up the identity of Whoopi Goldberg, which would make all appearances of Whoopi Goldberg where she plays a fictional version of herself a Star Trek cross, just as with Kevin Sorbo and Hercules.  

March 2381-February 2382--Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock--Ted Gregory
An interesting tidbit I found recently: In the new Star Trek novel focusing on the Department of Temporal Investigations, there's a scene in "The Vault", a facility on Eris housing confiscated time-travel equipment. Amongst these artifacts are a "large, blue boxlike artifact which emitted a low trilling hum" and an "ornate ancient time carriage" that sports a "large disc at its rear".

Around the end of Next Generation--MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE:  THE LOST ISSUES # 173--The Thing and Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  **APOCRYPHA**

Around the end of Next Generation--SUPER TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 133--"Betrayal of the Betazoid"--Raven and Deanna Troi.  **APOCRYPHA**

Around the end of Next Generation--SUPER TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 142--"Following the Crime Directive!"--Green Lantern Corps vs. Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  **APOCRYPHA**

Around the end of Next Generation--SUPER TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 235--"Wookie of the Year"--Chewbacca joins Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  **APOCRYPHA**

July 2371--STAR TREK:  GENERATIONS--Picard enters the nexus and pulls Kirk out to help him save his crew and billions of people.  Kirk is apparently killed, but he will later turn up alive.

2371 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  VOYAGER--The crew of the Voyager were fighting with a group of rebel bandits, when both groups are transported to the far side of the Delta Quadrant.  Many on both sides are killed, and the two crew join together to find a way home.

2371--STAR TREK:  VOYAGER--"The 37s"--The Voyager crew discovers Amelia Earhart in cryostasis in the Delta Zone.  Apparently she was abducted.  However, it's possible that this is a duplicate created during the transportation process.  There have been several different explanations discovered in the TVCU for what happened to her.  Note that INDIANA JONES, THE SHADOW, and DOC DARE also met Earhart.

2373 A.D. and 2063 A.D.--STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (FILM)--When the Borg invade Earth, the Enterprise is among the ships there to defend. The Borg, upon losing, send a ship (or cube) back in time, and the Enterprise follows. They end up in 2063, just before humanity discovers warp drive technology and makes first contact (officially), thus, being the pivotal moment in creating the Star Trek timeline. Aliens vs. Predator 2 seems to be the pivotal point for that future, and this film is the pivotal point for this one. But it seems to me, with all the alternate futures, the real pivotal moment is somewhere between this very moment and the earliest future story. Thus, even these 2063 events are already part of the Star Trek timeline. Of course, some future timelines eventually get disproven (such as stories that depict nuclear wars and zombie apocalypses in the late 20th century), at which point they go from being possible futures to divergent timelines, still existing, but now parallel to the main timeline rather than a possible future. Among the ships in the great battle is the starship Thunderchild, named for the HMS Thunderchild which valiantly defended Earth during the 1898 War of the Worlds. Even if in current times we seem to have forgotten that invasion, by the 24th century, it seems evidence of its existence has been revealed and those who fought in it finally honored.

October 2373--SECOND CONTACT--While returning home from the events of FIRST CONTACT, the Enterprise is thrown back in time and to the alternate reality of the Marvel Universe.  They end up in an ambiguous time period "sometime in the past decade" where they encounter the X-Men.

September 2374--PLANET X--The Enterprise crew again meet the X-Men from the Marvel Universe.

September 2374--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--"Millennium Trilogy"--The first time there is a connection made that the aliens from X-FILES and many other films and TV series are called the Reticuii.

September 2374--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--"The Fall of Terok Nor"--The aliens seen in the X-Files and numerous other television series and movies are identified here as the Reticulii.

December 2374--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--"The Battle of Betazed"--The U.S.S. Nautilus is mentioned, which is of course named after Captain Nemo's legendary vessel.

Early March 2375--STAR TREK:  INSURRECTION--Picard and crew help save a race from the Federation.

April 2375--PRESERVER--The Reticulans are mentioned again.  T'Serl also claims to be a descendant of Sherlock Holmes.  Apparently, Vulcans only have sex with humans that have Holmes blood.  It's only logical.

October 2375--STAR TREK:  VOYAGER--"Relativity"--The plaque on the 29th century time-vessel Relativity reads:  "The only reason for time is so everything doesn't happen at once."  It's clear that Buckaroo Banzai may be legendary in our time, but clearly by the 24th century, he is considered one of the greatest men of history, and this must continue on even until the 29th century.  (I don't know of any 30th/31st century references...yet.)  The timeship is a Wells class ship, named for H.G. Wells, who chronicled the lives of many amazing people, and had his own amazing adventures as well, as did his sister.

November 2375--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--Immortal Coil--The immortal Flint is posing as Dr. Emil Vaslovik.  This was a robot from the QUESTOR TAPES.  Perhaps Flint knew Vaslovik.

2380--STAR TREK:  TALES FROM THE CAPTAIN'S TABLE--"Improvisations on the Opal Sea:  A Tale of Dubious Credibility"--There is a Shaltoonian linlovar, which is some type of musical instrument.  What matters is that Shaltoon will appear again in VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL some 600 + years later.

2380--STAR TREK:  NEMESIS--Picard battles a bad guy.

Before the reboot--SUPER TEAM FAMILY:  THE LOST ISSUES # 589--"Brother From Another Era"--Professor "X" and Captain Picard.  **APOCRYPHA**

2387--STAR TREK--Romulus is destroyed, and a villain blames Spock.  He chases Spock into the past, but they are shifted to an alternate reality, which I call the TVCU2.  This would be the home reality of remakes of original TVCU events.  This is the home, for instance, of the remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.  So there was not altering of time.  They simply shifted to the past of another reality where they were meant to go.  The villain appears first, in 2233, where he causes the death of Kirk's father.  Note this film has the drink called Slusho, which has also appeared in ALIAS, HEROES, FRINGE, and COVERFIELD.  Obviously the drink exists in both realities.  Those three shows likely happened in both universes.  CLOVERFIELD did not happen in the TVCU, but likely did happen in TVCU2.

Around this time--STAR TREK XI--In a divergent timeline, the greatest enemies of the Federations unite, and Picard and Data must pull other Enterprise captains from the past, including Kirk, Spock, and Archer, to help stop the threat.  (Brent Spiner and John London had proposed this film idea instead of the reboot.)

2395--BORG WAR--It's 17 years after the return of Voyager. The Alpha quadrant has been preparing for the return of the Borg, primarily by investing massive R&D in offensive and defensive weaponry. During the long peace, the Federation/Klingon alliance has been wearing thin, with the younger factions seeking a return to the old ways. Meanwhile, the Federation, taking advantage of a détente with the Romulans, have cautiously begun to work to with them on "holocloak" technology -- a combination of a "holodeck" and a cloaking device. Technically, this is a violation of the treaty of Algeron, which forbids the Federation the use of cloaking technology. While the treaty is technically between the Federation and the Romulans, the Federation's willingness to forgo cloaking is a linchpin of the Federation/Klingon alliance. The consensus at Starfleet is that the free races of the Alpha quadrant must work together if the next Borg invasion is to be successfully repelled...Written by Geoffrey James  

25th Century--STARCRAFT--"State the nature of your medical emergency!" in both.

2517--FIREFLY--"War Stories"--at the docking bay in Niska's space station, a Talaxian cargo ship, Steth's vessel and Kes' ship can be seen

2525--CLEOPATRA 2525--"Home"--Cleo says, "Scotty, beam us up", mentions transporters and starships, and gives the Vulcan salute saying, "Live long and prosper."

~2702--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The original cast of Star Trek leaves Earth behind.

31st December 2999--Futurama--"Space Pilot 3000"--Philip J. Fry is unfrozen. The second, unseen Philip J. Fry, frozen along with him (see 12:32am, 1st January 2000), freezes himself for a further 7.95 years.  Bender correctly notes later in the episode that it is a Tuesday. Note: Fry was not frozen for a full thousand years. He was woken up roughly twelve hours early. There are a number of possible explanations for this: a slightly fast timer on the cryogenics chamber or a slight change in the length of the Earth's day due to events similar to those in "Crimes Of The Hot" are the two most obvious.  A sign outside that reads "Akbar." Akbar was the name of a gay character in Matt Groening's comic-book series Life in Hell.  The part where Fry gets hit in the head by the remote door is a possible reference to the scene in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, where one of the stormtroopers accidentally bumps his head into a similar gadget. The lightsabers in which the police use look the same as those in the Star Wars series. A guy on a jet bike is wearing a helmet like Leia wore in Return of the Jedi on the speeder bike.  Fry's middle initial is J. This seems to be a popular choice for Matt Groening characters, having used it for Homer, Bart and Abe on The Simpsons. Matt uses the "J." middle name, referring to one of his favourite shows, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Fry also passes a three-eyed fish when going under water in the tube, this fish being 'Blinky' from The Simpsons epsiode 'Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish.' The chef on the Panucci's Pizza box is very similar to the chef Luigi in The Simpsons episode 'Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song.' Whilst in the Head Museum, Matt Groening's head is able to be seen, as well as Rodney Dangerfield's, who is drawn as his Simpsons character Larry Burns from the episode 'Burns, Baby Burns.' Fry has 9 spikes in his hair just like Bart Simpson from Groening's hit show The Simpsons. When Fry uses the 'travel-tube,' a person who resembles Ralph Wiggum can be seen.  Theme played with the video game during the first scene. Fry comments on the door being "just like on Star Trek." Leonard 'Spock' Nimoy that he no longer does the Vulcan 'live long and prosper' sign. The whole Head Museum concept is, possibly, a subtle reference to the original Star Trek series episode 'Return To Tomorrow' where the alien minds were preserved in glowing spheres. Several sound effects used within the episode also. All of these are direct references to the Star Trek series  A directive put in place in this Ayn Rand novel is similar to the "Permanent Career Assignment", where to quit results in those who do it being refered to as "deserters" as part of the directive prevents anyone from changing their job or even quitting it.


February 3000--FUTURAMA--"I, Roommate"--One of the apartment renters has a cell phone which chirps exactly like a communicator from Star Trek, the apartment door sounds like the doors on Star Trek as well.

Late October 3000?--FUTURAMA--"Brannigan, Begin Again"--The game Fry and Bender play at the beginning of the episode is a parody of Dejarik, the game played by R2-D2 and Chewbacca in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  The laser Zapp uses to cut the ribbon has settings of "Stun", "Kill" and "Hyperdeath™", a reference to phasers from the Star Trek universe.

Mid January 3001?--FUTURAMA--"Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?"--The national anthem of Decapod 10 is the same music heard during the fight scene between James T. Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek: TOS episode "Amok Time". The Song was Titled The Ritual / Ancient Battle / 2nd Kroykah. Several elements in this episode, such as Decapodian mating season and the ritualistic battle to the death also mirror plot details from that particular Star Trek episode. Also the traditional Vulcan lirpa-weapon used in kal-if-fee is shown as one of the weapons Fry can choose from. Claw-plach also sounds a lot like Qa'pla, the Star Trek Klingon word for "Success." This entire sequence was used earlier on The Simpsons on the season five episode Deep Space Homer when Barney and Homer train to be astronauts.  A Space Odyssey (film) 2001: A Space Odyssey is referenced when an "out of order" monolith is seen floating around Europa.

April 9, 3001--FUTURAMA--"A Clone of My Own"--It is revealed that the Planet Express ship moves in a manner similar to that described in the Warp Drives in the Star Trek series.

June 12, 3001?--FUTURAMA--"The Problem with Popplers"--Roddenberries and "Type M Planet" are a reference to Gene Roddenberry and his creation, the "Star Trek" series.

Mid January 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Luck Of The Fryrish"--Bender drugs the horse with needles similar to the hypospray from Star Trek.

Mid February 3002?--FUTURAMA--"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"--At the pet show, there is a booth advertising "Soylent Chow," a play on "Soylent Green." The logo is a dog's head inside a recycle symbol.  "The Civilization of Space Rome," one of the planets Hermes says was destroyed, could be a reference to the Star Trek episode Bread and Circuses.  On Nibbler's home planet, there is Abydos's gate address from Stargate.

Early April 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Bendin' In The Wind"--Bender lands at "Fisherman's Worf", renamed after the Star Trek: The Next Generation character Worf.  Cylon and Garfunkel sing the lyrics to "Scarborough Fair", originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel. Cylons are the robotic nemesis in the series "Battlestar Galactica".

Early May 3002--FUTURAMA--"A Leela of Her Own"--The Blernsball Hall of Fame exhibit to honor "players who broke the various color barriers", shows a green alien, a purple alien, and the half black and half white alien from the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield".

Mid July 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"--The sickbay scene is a parody of that from Star Trek: The Original Series, complete with sound effects. The sign references a creature from the series called a Horta, which gives severe acid burns. The sick bay's doctor is an obvious parody of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, and is named "Veins" in a deleted scene.

Late July 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Leela's Homeworld"--The computer on the Warden's desk appears similar to the personal computers used in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Early October 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"--Pazuzu is the name of a wind demon in Babylonian mythology and the demon featured in The Exorcist. The character resembles the statue of Pazuzu from the film of the novel.  Leela reads in the book A Child's Garden of Space Stories which can be a refernce to the children book A Child's Garden of Verses. Among the stories Leela reads to the young Planet Express crew is "Charlotte's Tholian Web", a reference to the Tholians from Star Trek, as well as the book "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White. Also among she reads some classical childrens book "Snow White Dwarf and the Seven Red Dwarfs" which is a refernce to the popular story "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". And also "The Fountain of Aging" which is a refence to the legendary myth about The Fountain of Youth.  Pazuzu's relocation to Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower, is a possible reference to Jeques Tardi's 1976 Graphic Novel "The Demon of the Eiffel Tower", which featured the babylonian demon Pazuzu after which it was named.

Late October 3002--FUTURAMA--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The spaceship that fires the casket containing all the copies of "Star Trek" into a sun is an Eagle Transporter, as seen in the TV series Space:1999.

April 3004?--FUTURAMA--"Three Hundred Big Boys"--Farnsworth breaks rules one and two of Fight Club; do not talk about Fight Club.  The prison is named after Commander William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Spring 3009--FUTURAMA--"Into the Wild Green Yonder"--When searching for existence of life near the Violet Dwarf Star, Bender is using the same scope that Spock uses in regular episodes of Star Trek.

July 1, 3010--FUTURAMA--"Proposition Infinity"--The name of the Prison is named Will Riker's Island, as nod to both the real New York Prison and Commander William Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", played by Jonathan Frakes (who had a guest shot in Where No Fan has Gone Before)  A hot dog stand turns into a robot, and he calls himself a Transformer. This is a parody of the Autobots and Decepticons from Transformers (franchise) and a reference to transsexuals.  URL references Spock and Rapper LL Cool J's song "Momma Said Knock You Out", by saying "Momma Said Spock You Out" as he Vulcan-neck-pinches a convict who had taken Amy hostage.  During the Pride Parade scene, a cartoon similar to the character of Gay Robot, created by comedian Nick Swardson, is seen dancing.

Late August 3012--FUTURAMA--"31st Century Fox"--Matt Hickman:  a couple of Futurama crossovers in 31st Century Fox the crew goes uniform shopping and try on different outfits among the outfits are stillsuits from Dune The red thong with suspenders form Zardoz an outfit from Barbarella a Pan Am uniform from 2001 A Space Odyssey an operations uniform from Star Trek Storm Trooper armor from Star Wars

31st Century--FUTURAMA--"2D Blacktop"--From Matt Hickman:  in the Futurama ep 2d blacktop a Constitution-class star ship is seen in the scrap yard also when Sal is melting down things to scarp before the Professor steals the planet Express ship back He melts down Speedy Buggy who apetally owes him money. Then after The refit planet Express ship escapes the scarp yard Sal melts down the Mach 5 much to speed racers shock and the mascot for Thingly Wiggily is the Martian Intelligence form the original Invaders from Mars.  they also end up in Flatland.  watching Fry and Leela's Big Fling now first it's appetally batman's night off then fry and leela go out to eat They order them Wich are Giant Ants I assume descendants of them ones seen in the film of the same name.  also Simian 7 is the planet of the apes they ordered old some old timey cars form planet express

31st century--FUTURAMA--"Assie Come Home"--Thanks to the folks at the Facebook discussion group for this blog, I have been able to identify, in no particular order:  

3069 - 6203 A.D.--THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION “VENUS ON THE HALF-SHELL” (NOVEL BY PHILIP JOSE FARMER AND KURT VONNEGUT)--Simon Wagstaff finds himself the last human after Earth is destroyed by cosmic Bureaucrats. So Kilgore Trout is a fictional character who appears in a few of Kurt Vonnegut’s works. So Vonnegut writes this little piece that Farmer likes so much he asks if he can expand it, and he gets the permission and does indeed write it, using “Kilgore Trout” as his pen name, which confuses some into thinking Kurt Vonnegut wrote it, which perturbed Vonnegut for a little while. Note also the book’s premise is similar to the later Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. As for the story itself, it takes place in one of the possible futures and likely fits into the later years of the Star Trek timeline. The main character, Simon Wagstaff, refers to Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s monster as being a real historical figure, and because of that, I just wrote all of this.


BONGO UNIVERSE--A version of Star Trek exists in the Bongo Universe, and it's also a show.  (But that's also true in the TVCU.)

DC CINEMATIC UNIVERSE--So here's something. In Man of Steel, when Zod's ultimatum is broadcast in several languages, one of them is Klingonese.

THE DOCTOR AND THE ENTERPRISE:  This is a reality in which the Doctor met the crew of the Enterprise (from STAR TREK) and visited a planet from the DARKOVER series.  Star Trek is in the TVCU, and certainly a version could exist in the Whoniverse.  Additionally, the Doctor exists in the Whoniverse and the TVCU.  However, in Win Scott Eckert's CROSSOVERS:  A SECRET CHRONOLOGY OF THE WORLD, he places this story outside the Crossover Universe and the Doctor Who Universe and in it's own AU.  Additonally, also considers this to be outside Doctor Who canon.  Thus, respecting those two sources as experts in this area, I place this also in it's own universe.  Note though that as far as I know, this is the only crossover involving the Darkover series.  So this may the main reality of the entire canon of that series.

DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--3,002,385--RED DWARF--"Psirens"--In a ship graveyard is a Weyland-Utani ship.  Weyland-Utani is from ALIEN.  Weyland-Utani appears also in the TVCU, but considering that the Star Trek future is the main future timeline of the TVCU, it's possible that the future timeline of Alien occurs in the Whoniverse.  Weyland-Utani is mentioned on Angel, however that is in the TVCU.  In this episode an Eagle ship from SPACE:  1999 also appears, but that show does not work in either the TVCU or the Whoniverse.  It's likely either a wormhole pulled the ship from an alternate universe or else this type of ship still existed in the Whoniverse.  Also in the graveyard is a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Sure, this could have been pulled from the TVCU, but I don't see why Klingons wouldn't also exist in the Doctor Who Universe.

Horror Crossover Universe!--All of the original Star Trek timeline exists almost identically in the Horror Crossover Universe with future events being one of many possible future timelines.  The reboot series is yet another of the possible future timelines.  

LOONIVERSE--The Looniverse has it's own counterparts of Star Trek as seen in TINY TOON ADVENTURES, DUCK TALES, ANIMANIACS, ROCCO'S MODERN LIFE, FREAKAZOID, SOUTH PARK and DRAWN TOGETHER.  However, in the Looniverse, it seems as if the events all happened actually in the same time they aired, and all much closer to Earth.

MIRROR UNIVERSE:  This is the reality where the Federation didn't happen, but instead an empire was formed.  In the 24th century, many non-human races formed an alliance.  But wait, there's more.  George Bailey was never born in this universe.  Buffy Summers went to Cleveland after Los Angeles rather than straight to Sunnydale.  Instead of a Justice League, there is a Crime Syndicate.  Lex Luthor is a hero.  Cobra temporarily conquered America.  Basically any alternate version of TVCU events where the world went wrong instead of right occurs here.  This universe factored heavily also in the last few seasons of Charmed, and it's appeared many times, such in any "world where I wasn't born or made the wrong choice" type realities.  Even that Friends episode where Chandler was Joey's personal assistant, Ross never got divorced, Phoebe was a businesswoman, Rachel married the dentist, and Monica was still fat.

MHU (Miskatonic Horror Universe, aka Monster / Hunter Universe)
A Reaper (BLADE II) vs. Ivan - 2013
This reality is very similar to the TVCU with a few major distinctions. In this world, the Doctor from DOCTOR WHO is native, while the characters and events of the STAR TREK franchise are set in a parallel reality. The 1898 Martian Invasion (WAR OF THE WORLDS) did not occur on this Earth, as it was forestalled by H. G. Wells, Dr. Moreau, the Invisible Man, and others in space, as depicted in K. J. Anderson's The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Invasion As Reported by Mr. H.G. Wells (2006), negating Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen franchise and several other follow-up stories. The MHU also has no living Muppets, and several (but not all) fictional cities found in the TVCU (such as Riverdale) are merged with real cities (such as Haverhill, MA).
- Ivan's timeline in this reality is virtually identical to the timeline for the TVCU albeit with additional horror franchises not recognized as connected to the TVCU (UNDERWORLDBLADE, etc.), and minus the Muppets.

NOT ANOTHER SPOOF MOVIE UNIVERSE--In LOADED WEAPON 1, Scotty has somehow made his way back in time but continues to work as an engineer.


ROBOTECH UNIVERSE--This is a future that diverges from the main TVCU timeline with the arrival of the Transformers (or awakening rather) and leads to a very alternate present day and future.  Salvatore Cucinotta adds:  The Veritech/Valkyrie fighters were actually re-purposed by Takara to become the transformer Jetfire. There's other similarities beyond designs and a basic starting point (crashed alien ship with technology for transforming machines), and it sort of goes to support a thesis I have that "In space: No one likes the Transformers" Millenia-long periods of War tend to annoy other races when they get drawn into it. But on that note, Transformers G-1 designer, Kunio Okawara, used the same basic design for the mechanical life forms from "King of Braves: GaoGaiGar", which shares the 1999-alien-crash-brining-advanced-technology-and-deadly-enemies theme with Macross. It's because of that, I tend to dovetail them for simplicity's sake. I like merging events for fleshing them out. But that one connection does exist. Though GaoGaiGar has a lot of super-tech to it that stretches the lower-powered nature of most crossover universe and would not be out of place in the 22nd century/in the time of space exploration. Though it would be in the earlier part of it (IE: Just-Pre-Warp), where humanity is limited to the solar system (just touching Jupiter) works a bit better for all of them future-placement-wise.  I tend to place both in alterante universes for Kaiju Timeline purposes. Then again, Kaiju Timeline-wise, I mix Gundam's One Year War with the Maquis Rebellion in Star Trek. Making the Maquis "Zeon".

SHERLOCK--It seems this is not in the Whoniverse.  Crossoverse were debunked and actually the show doesn't conflict with Holmes being fictional and based on a prehistoric lizard woman as is the Who canon.  And it doesn't fit in the TVCU even with trying to work a generational theory or a "great detective's syndrome" theory.  In the episode "The Hounds of Baskerville", Sherlock says the line "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."  This quote appears in several of the Doyle stories with slight variations.  It's also used in Star Trek VI by Spock, who says it is a quote of his ancestor.  That's how we make that connection in the TVCU.  But in this Sherlock episode, when Sherlock says it, John mentions that the quote originated from Mr. Spock.  Yes, Star Trek is fictional in the world of Sherlock, and since Star Trek VI came out years before the events of the Sherlock series unfolded, it is that movie in which this quote originated in the world of Sherlock, and clearly Sherlock has seen at least that film.  In the movie of that world, who knows who Spock was referring to as his ancestor.  But that bit is sufficient to throw Sherlock into some divergent timeline at least.  And yes, Star Trek is also a show in the TVCU, but it's more to the point that Spock's quote didn't come from Holmes, but vice versa in the Sherlock Universe.  

SKITLANDIA--In this reality, Picard commands a starship which is a cruise ship for those looking for love.  There are different versions of Star Trek, such as depicted on IN LIVING COLOR, LITTLE BRITAIN, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, 1996 MTV MOVIE AWARDS, COMIC RELIEF VI, TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

STONE TREK UNIVERSE--Stone Trek is an internet-based Flash animated cartoon series that presents episodes of Star Trek as it might have appeared in the universe of The Flintstones, complete with 1960s style laugh tracks and Hanna-Barbera cartoon sound effects.

STAR WRECK UNIVERSE--Star Wreck is a series of Finnish Star Trek parody movies started by Samuli Torssonen in 1992.[1] The first movie, simply named Star Wreck, was a simple Star Control-like animation with three ships shooting at each other, but later movies featured 3D CGI, animated characters and, in the latest films, live actors. Often Star Wreck is used to refer to the latest and most popular film Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning.  Star Wreck relates the adventures of James B. Pirk (named after the Star Trek character James T. Kirk), Captain of the starship C.P.P. Potkustartti (English C.P.P. Kickstart). Other characters include Mr. Fukov, Mr. Spook (Finnish: Mr. Spökö), Mr. Dwarf (Wuf), Ensign Shitty and Mr. Info (loosely based, respectively, on Star Trek's Pavel ChekovMr. SpockWorfScotty, and Data). The characters speak Finnish, but subtitles in various languages, including Klingon, are available.

TREK KITTENS--Click here!

 TVCU2--This is the divergent timeline of remakes.  This is where the current IDW Transformers series is set, because they love to buy our favorite stories just to say they no longer exist.  There have been a few crossovers.  In Infestation, zombies from the universe of ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS are somehow sent through time and space to the 23rd century of the TVCU (STAR TREK) and the present day TVCU2 (G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, and GHOSTBUSTERS.)  The Universe of CVO is also involved.  Then, in Infestation 2, LOVECRAFTian horrors attack in the present day TVCU2 (G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS) and present day TVCU (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, DANGER GIRL).

Final notes:  Just wanted to make it clear that I relied heavily on the work of Win Scott Eckert from his Crossover Chronology, his Star Trek Chronology, and his book, Crossovers:  A Secret Chronology of the World.  First, as I've often stated, his work is the roots that I initially built off of.  Second, I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel, and thus much of the cited events come from researching his work, and then I built off of that.

Finally, live long and prosper.


  1. Another smashing post, Robert.

    One of these days I really must find and read "Research", it sounds fascinating (to borrow a phrase).

    I gotta ask, what exactly is up with this "Derek Leech" character? Some Googling reveals that he's a Kim Newman character, but turns up nothing about what he's got against Captain Kirk, and neither you nor Crossovers cites the story this tidbit came from.

    The Green Lantern Vulcan made me smile, as the GLC is particularly topical just now. It's probably outside the scope of this particular blog, but I bet there's some interesting research to be done compiling all the various 'Lawyer-Friendly' Lantern cameos. He'd be a great profile picture for the Facebook group, too.

    Finally, in the "pedantic corrections" department I'll just note that in 2063 Dr. Cochrane broke the light barrier, not the sound barrier.

  2. I got my info from Crossovers on the Derek Leech info, so that's all I know.

    The Vulcan GL is the crossover pic for the Crossovers Facebook Fan Page.

    And yeah, I mean light barrier. Wouldn't be that spectacular if he just broke the sound barrier again. LOL

  3. I don't like cross overs as they are just fillers, one should stick to its own story then getting into some other. Anyways thanks for sharing this post with us

  4. Indiana jones is one of the most favorite series of mine. Waiting for few more nice projects to be started by the TVCU.