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They're Going Away!!! ABC Soaps That My Mom Watched :(

I've recently learned from Toby's Site that the soaps I used to watch while doing my homework as a kid with my mom are going away.  :(  Somehow learning this with less than two weeks until the two year anniversary of my mother's death makes me sadder.

My mother, who didn't really care about my crossover obsession, was quick to point out to me how all the ABC soaps were interconnected, and she often showed excitement when these crossovers would occur, which always made me happy to know that my obsession did indeed come from somewhere.  (She's also the one who pointed out to me the connection between Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie based on the appearance of one fictional band on both shows.)

So, before I get weepy eyed, on to the timeline.  (Note that Dark Shadows was also an ABC soap, but I'm not going to discuss it as it really needs it's own blog.  In fact, I will only be covering the three interconnected shows that were on during my childhood:  All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital [which were on in that order].)


1963 to Present--GENERAL HOSPITAL--Note that GENERAL HOSPITAL had a spin-off called PORT CHARLES.  I don't consider characters going back and forth between shows as worthy of mentioning, and a crossover with either show with some other show is considered a GENERAL HOSPITAL crossover in my mind.  The same goes for the other GH spin-off, called GENERAL HOSPITAL:  NIGHT SHIFT.  Specific characters from GH to appear elsewhere include: Robin Scorpio (on ALL MY CHILDREN)

1968 to 2012--ONE LIFE TO LIVE--Since the show's inception, the plotlines of One Life to Live have been established as existing in the same fictional universe as other ABC-owned daytime series, in particular Agnes Nixon's All My Children, which premiered in 1970. As noted from time to time in both series, fictional Pine Valley—the setting of All My Children—is located in Pennsylvania near One Life to Live's Llanview. Over the years, many characters have crossed over from one series to another in both short appearances and extended runs.[43] As early as 1968, General Hospital'Dr. Steve Hardy appeared in Llanview to consult on Meredith Lord Wolek's blood disease as a means to lead General Hospital viewers to the new series; similarly, One Life to Live'Dr. Larry Wolek visited All My Children shortly after its premiere in 1970.[43]  In 1979, when Viki Riley was on trial for the murder of Marco Dane, she was defended by Pine Valley attorney Paul Martin. In 1999, Daytime Emmy Award-winner Linda Dano[44] returned to One Life to Live as Gretel "Rae" Cummings, a character she had previously played on the series from 1978 to 1980.[45][46][47] In a 2000 move of network synergy designed to "entice viewers to tune into soap operas that they might not have usually watched," then-President of ABC Daytime Angela Shapiro orchestrated Dano's concurrent appearance as Rae on the three other ABC soap operas at the time — All My ChildrenGeneral Hospital, and Port Charles — in an extended crossover storyline[43] which was the first time a daytime character had ever appeared on four series.[45][48][49] Rae's search for the child she had given up for adoption takes her to All My Children, where she discovers in 2000 that her own birth mother is Pine Valley's Myrtle Fargate.[50] Following clues to Port Charles andGeneral Hospital, Rae finally finds her daughter back in Llanview on One Life to LiveSkye Chandler, herself a former All My Children character who had relocated to One Life to Live in 1999.[43] Skye's adopted All My Children father Adam Chandler appears on One Life to Live in 2001, and Rae initially identifies Skye's biological father as Alan Quartermaine of General Hospital. Both women subsequently appear on that series, with Skye moving to General Hospital full-time in 2001 and Rae returning to One Life to Live until 2004, making some appearances on General Hospital later in 2002 and 2003.  A December 30, 2003 visit by One Life to Live'Paul Cramer to his estranged secret wife Babe Carey on All My Children[49] ultimately leads to an extensive 2004 "baby switch" storyline which features crossovers of over 20 characters between the two series. With his sister Kelly desperate for a child to save her marriage after miscarrying her own, Paul finds himself delivering the babies of both Babe and her friend Bianca Montgomery during a rainstorm and subsequent flood in nearby Pine Valley on March 24, 2004. Paul stages a crash with his MEDEVAC helicopter; he takes Babe's son for Kelly,[43] gives Bianca's daughter to Babe, and tells Bianca that her baby had died in the accident. Unaware of the child's origins, Kelly brings Babe's infant back to Llanview, passing him off as her child with her husband Kevin Buchanan. Months later, Babe discovers that her daughter is really the grieving Bianca's, but remains silent and allows Paul to manipulate her. Meanwhile, a devastated Kelly discovers that Paul had stolen her son from his mother and, desperate for cash, he blackmails Kelly by threatening to reveal the secret to Kevin. Bianca's daughter is returned to her for Christmas 2004, and once Kevin learns the truth, he and Kelly return Babe's son as well in 2005.[51]  Specific characters from ONE LIFE TO LIVE to appear elsewhere include:  Bo Buchanan (on ALL MY CHILDREN)

1970 to 2011--ALL MY CHILDREN--Many daytime soap operas have had numerous crossovers over the years, particularly the ones that air on ABC. The baby switch storyline on ABC Daytime soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live, in which Paul Cramer (David Tom) from One Live to Live visited Pine Valley (the setting of All My Children) in order to steal the baby of his ex wife, Babe Chandler (Alexa Havins) was part of an ongoing storyline with Babe later visiting Llanview (the setting of One Life to Live) in order to get her baby back from Paul. This storyline came to a climactic court battle which started one day on AMC and was continued the same day on One Lifer to Live. This particular storyline had a precedent in the fact that another All My Children character, Skye Chandler (Robin Christopher) had moved from Pine Valley to Llanview in order to find her birth mother. Skye later moved again to Port Charles, the setting for another ABC Daytime Soap Opera, General Hospital in order to find her biological father. When All My Children debuted in 1970, ABC had Michael Storm's Dr. Larry Wolek from One Life to Live appear on All My Children for a few episodes in an attempt for fans of One Life to Live to tune into their new soap opera. Nixon strove to create a soap opera that was topical, and could illustrate social issues for the audience.[19] She wanted this and a combination of regular humor for the series. To keep the action more real, she allowed the audience to locate her fictional "Pine Valley" on a map: situated a mere hour-long train ride from New York City. Many believed Pine Valley was in New York State because of a town called Pine Valley in western New York. However, it was not until the 1980s that it was finally revealed that Pine Valley is actually in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia and also near One Life To Live's Llanview.  Specific characters from ALL MY CHILDREN to appear elsewhere include: Tad Martin (on ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Kendall Hart Slater (ONE LIFE TO LIVE), J.R. Chandler (ONE LIFE TO LIVE [OLTL]), Myrtle Fargate (OLTL and LOVING [another older ABC daytime soap]), Krystal Carey (OLTL), District Attorney Jackson "Jack" Montgomery (THE CITY [another short lived ABC daytime soap]), Dr. David Hayward (OLTL), Opal Purdy Cortland (OLTL)

February 2011--HOT IN CLEVELAND--During February 2011, the TV Land hit sitcom Hot in Clevelandand All My Children did a crossover event. On the 16th, and 23 February, Lucci, Michael E. Knight, and Darnell Williams made a guest appearance on the show. On the 24th, Wendie Malick guest starred.


Sadly my research hasn't shown any evidence that these shows are in the TVCU, so this must remain a self contained shared reality, the ABC Daytime Universe, which includes GENERAL HOSPITAL, PORT CHARLES, GENERAL HOSPITAL:  NIGHT SHIFT, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ALL MY CHILDREN, LOVING, THE CITY, and HOT IN CLEVELAND.

Note also that though ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE have been cancelled by ABC, they are actually being picked up by the internet where new episodes will air online and where the bored housewives seem to spend their time now anyways.  The plot to kill network TV continues.



You taught me how to be a hero.

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A Blog About Nothinig

This blog is coming to you thanks to the inspiration from Gordon's last blog.


1979 to 1988--SEINFELD--Buzsla and Ollu are living in separate apartments in the same building in New York City.  Buzsla has taken the name of Cosmo Kramer, and Ollu is now Newman.  While Kramer becomes good friends with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Newman can't stand him.  In the final episode, Jerry Seinfeld, George (really Larry David), Elaine, and Kramer are on their way to Hollywood when NBC wants to make a show based on the four of them, called Jerry.  But circumstances wind them up in jail with a 10 year sentence.  Fortunately, they get out after just a few months, thanks to NBC execs.  The show does get picked up, but the name is changed to the Seinfeld Chronicles for the pilot, then simply Seinfeld for the series.  The show airs from 1989 to 1998.  This isn't the first time the the events of Ollu and Buzsla's lives have been turned into a show or movie, but in the modern age of media, this show is a deciding factor for the duo to permanently move to the Looniverse.  I don't believe the actors look like the characters. For instance, note that the events of Seinfeld occur during the time when Jerry Seinfeld was just an up and coming comic, and the events of the show end just as the show "Seinfeld" was starting to air on NBC. I should have mentioned that the original "Jerry" cast got replaced by the guy from Airheads, the guy from Pretty Woman, and that girl who was on Saturday Night Live. The fact is that the events we see on TV are accurate (except when Dennis says they aren't, in this exception to the rule I make here), but the actors don't look like the characters, but they do resemble them very closely. Thus notice how closely those characters all look alike.

February 1986--SEINFELD--"The Susie"--The series events actually take place before the show aired, thus it's placement here.  George Constanza has an answering machine message that spoofs the theme to the Greatest American Hero.  Just a month earlier, Ralph went public.  However, that song was a hit in 1981, even in the TVCU.  Likely though, the song was played at press conferences and appearances, thus Ralph and the song were linked publicly.

September 1988--MAD ABOUT YOU--"Season Opener"--Jerry appears.  Oddly, there is no mention that Jerry and Paul lived across from each other for years.  Perhaps it's a subject they like to avoid.

November 1988--MAD ABOUT YOU--"The Apartment"--In this episode we learn that Paul sublets his apartment to Cosmo Kramer (who is really Buzsla).  Paul relinquishes possession of the apartment, giving it to Kramer.  Kramer lives across from Jerry SEINFELD.  His long, long time friend lives downstairs under the name of Newman.

1993--THE NEW WKRP IN CINCINATTI--"Johnny Goes Hollywood"--When Johnny goes Hollywood (I assume), he meets Jerry Seinfeld, who is now star of his own series.

1993--LOVE & WAR--"Let's Not Call It Love"--Actor Jerry Seinfeld appears.

1994--THE ALL NEW ADVENTURES OF LAUREL & HARDY:  FOR LOVE OR MUMMY--From Dennis E. Power, the expert on the Immortals Befuddled:  The last known appearance that I have been able to track of Ollu and Buzsla was in Florida circa 1994. Fearing exposure from the Seinfeld show they altered their appearances a bit and took menial jobs working at a Museum in Miami. Oddly enough they used the identities of the nephews of the comedians Laurel and Hardy, who men who had of course portrayed them. Their ability to find trouble also manifested here. The Museum director of Antiquities Dr. Leslie Covington was the daughter of a renown Egyptologist whose wife had perished in Egypt nearly thirty years before. Dr. Covington had been instrumental and in locating a lost tomb. The relics having been catalogued and studied by the Egyptians for nearly thirty years were now being lent for an exclusive exhibition at the museum.
    Ollu and Buzsla soon discover that this is actually a plot by a secret Egyptian cult to resurrect a High Priest of the Set cult and provide him with a bride. The bride would then bear the incarnation of Set. Leslie had been "marked" by Set when she had been in the forgotten tomb with her mother and father. Although Professor Covington had refused to acknowledge it he had seen his wife killed by spectral serpent, although outwardly she had died of a massive stroke. Leslie had been bitten by the spectral snake and had been sick for some time before the wound had healed. He had convinced himself that the wound had merely been a scrape that had become infected.
    Although the cult and the name of the Mummy are different in the film version the Mummy is their old friend Klaris and his  followers. So apparently it had been Charlie who had been blown up back in 1946. Despite their general bumbling, once again their eternal luck wins out. Leslie is saved, the bad guy is punished and the Mummy is destroyed.
    Ollu and Buzsla disappeared shortly after the premier of this film and have not yet surfaced. 

1996--EDDIE--The Newest Coach In The NBA Has Got The Knicks Right Where She Wants Them.  TV star Jerry Seinfeld attends a game.

1996--GOOD MONEY--Significant cameos from the cast of Seinfeld and others. A little reminiscent of Manhattan & When Harry met Sally but funny in it's own right. Comedy writer and author subsidized this movie with his own credit card but this is not at all apparent when watching the movie. It was a labor of love and hey, how many genuinely funny movies do you see?

1996 Fall Lawyer Will Truman, who is gay, finds out his best friend, Jewish interior designer Grace Adler (the founder of Grace Adler Designs) has had a major fight with her boyfriend Danny, who has proposed to her. Grace ends the relationship with Danny and moves in to Will's apartment. (Seen in the pilot episode of Will and Grace. Arbitrarily dated about two years earlier than episode aired to allow more time for network to accept a show whose lead character is gay.)   Incidentally, Will & Grace live in the same building as Jerry Seinfeld, Kramer (Buzsla), Newman (Ollu), and formerly Paul Buchman (of Mad About You.) At least the shot of the exterior of their building is that same as used in Seinfeld, and since both are in New York, in Manhattan, how can I not make that connection?   I do think that will and grace lived in the same building as Seinfeld

1997--NEWSRADIO--"The Real Deal"--TV Star Jerry Seinfeld appears.

1998--PINKY AND THE BRAIN--"Star Warners"--Jerry Seinfeld crosses paths with two escaped lab mice trying to take over the world.

1998--THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW--"Flip"--Seinfeld is a guest.

1999 - 2009--CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM--Jerry Seinfeld remains good friends with his friend Larry David (who was called George Costanza on the show.)  Eventually, all the main actors from the series reunite for a Seinfeld reunion.

2000--CLERKS--"The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal Are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments in Their Lives"--Ivan, I finally found another way to bring in Jay and Silent Bob, so I no longer relegate them to the DC Universe.  This also brings in Scream, by the way.  Jerry Seinfeld (the character) appears in the cartoon.

2001--PRIMETIME GLICK--"Dennis Miller/Jerry Seinfeld"--Jerry is a guest on the show.

2004--A UNIFORM USED TO MEAN SOMETHING.../HINDSIGHT IS 20/20...--This one fits, but how it fits I'm still working out. My original version of my Superman blog had Superman (the one and only) heading off into space after Lois' death in 1985.  If we use that version, then this would mean Superman came back to Earth to live among us once more.  However, the current version posted of the Superman blog has a generational take, with there being four Supermen.  In 2004, that Superman would be the latest one, Mon-El/Christopher Kent (who is depicted in SMALLVILLE, JUSTICE LEAGUE, THE BATMAN, and YOUNG JUSTICE.)  Recently I announced changes to my guidelines which would revert back to the original version...but I'm having second thoughts on that as I really like the current version of the Superman blog.  So I have decided to leave it up to each individual reader when it comes to comic book characters that they can go by a more classic Win Scott Eckert approach, or by the Secret History devised by Dennis Power, or by the version in my blogs, or just ignore them completely as apocryphal.  It's up to you.

2007 to 2008--FRANK TV--Jerry Seinfeld appears frequently during these adventures of Frank Caliendo and his celebrity friends.

2007--30 ROCK--"SeinfeldVision"--An angry Jerry Seinfeld goes to 30 Rock to confront Jack after he learns that Jack plans to digitally insert him into every current NBC program. Meanwhile, Liz buys a wedding dress, even though her marriage prospects are slim.

2008--NEW FAMILY--Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates feel they have become out of touch with the common man, and make an attempt to reconnect.

2009--HEAD CASE--"The Big Book"--Jerry Seinfeld is a client.

August 2009—CHUCK—“Chuck Vs. the Anniversary”—In this episode, there is an appearance of Bud, a repo man who was last seen in the film REPO MAN.   Also in this episode, Chuck applies for a job with Vandalay Industries.  This is a company that George Costanza used to throw out in his lies often.  At the time, it seemed he made up the name, but it seems that perhaps the company was real, and just was being used in lies.  SEINFELD is already in.  (Seinfeld is in through a crossover with MAD ABOUT YOU and also due to the Ollu and Buzla connection created by Dennis Power and mentioned in Crossovers that that has it's own blog.)

2011--AT&T--The Constanzas change their phone plan to AT&T.

Don't Go Br-Br-Br-Br-Breaking My Heart: Of Groundhogs, Three Strange Men, Particle Accelerators, and Time Bounces

Don't Go Br-Br-Br-Br-Breaking My Heart: Of Groundhogs, Three Strange Men, Particle Accelerators, and Time Bounces

1951 May 30 Three triplets are born to the Ryerson family: Ned, Sandy, and Mitch. (Deduced from later entries. Birthdate from actor who played all three characters, Stephen Tobolowsky.)

1962 February 5 Birth of Ellen Besch; she had a twin sister. (Based on the birthdate of actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, who played Ellen Besch in the film "SWF".)

1965-68 The Ryerson triplets attend Case Western High School at some point along with Phil Connors. (Derived from quote in Groundhog Day. The real-life Case Western Reserve University is in Cleveland, Ohio. Presumably, this school would be, too.)

1971 The twin sister of Ellen Besch drowns. Ellen will later suffer survivor's guilt. (Ellen's sister drowned at age 9; see previous entry.)

1972 New York City business executive Myron Castleman experiences a time loop, or time bounce, of one hour. He discovers from a newspaper he has that it was predicted by physicist Dr. Nathan Rosenbluth. Eventually, the time loop runs down, but it is uncertain how widespread the effect is, or how long the effect lasted against the time scale of the outside universe. It did affect the entire Solar System, as determined by the fact that American and Soviet space probes did not experience any sudden apparent spurts of movement that could be explained by observing them from where they were when the loop started, and their position when the loop ended---not just hourly, but at the conclusion of the whole cycle. It doesn't seem to have lasted more than a few days or weeks, or else stellar positions of nearer stars would have been appreciably shifted. After the loop ended, Castleman's whereabouts are unknown, so either he went insane, or discussed his experience with Dr. Rosenbluth, or both. ('12:01 PM', short story by Richard A Lupoff, published in the December 1973 edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction; later adapted into a short film of the same name by Jonathan Heap that premiered in 1990. Area and length of effect similar to the time loop seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'Cause and Effect'---17 days before they break out, and in an area probably the size of a solar system. Dating to allow time for Lupoff to write the article and get it published.)

1985 Will Truman attends Columbia University. He meets Grace Adler, who is studying to be an interior designer. They dated before came out of the closet to her. Grace threw him out of her life at that time. He will later graduate and become a lawyer. (Based on age of actor Will Truman, who attended Ryerson University(!!!!!) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, before moving on to the Stratford Shakespearean Festival to start his acting career in earnest. (Seen in Will and Grace.)

1986 Thanksgiving Will and Grace meet by accident at D'Agostino's supermarket, reconciled, and became best friends. (Seen in Will and Grace.)

1988 February 2 Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors of WPBH-TV9 makes his first trip to Punxsuwtaney, Pennsylvania, to determine if Phil the Groundhog would see his shadow. (Seen in Harold Ramis' 1993 film 'Groundhog Day', starring Bill Murray. See dating comments for 1991.)

1989 February 2 Phil Connors makes his second trip to Punxsuwtawney. (Seen in 'Groundhog Day'. See dating comments for 1991.)

1989 Dr. Rosenbluth passes away. His notes come into the possession of Dr. Thadius Moxley, a one-time colleague. Moxley realizes the potential of the information: one could construct a device to research the past, to get rich by using knowlege of the stock market or gambling on professional sporting events, as a weapon, or some other way to change the recent past. He becomes obsessed with constructing such a device. He begins working with Dr. Tiberius Scott to make it work. (Estimated based on production of short film of '12:01 PM'. Moxley and Scott had worked on this in the 1993 tv-movie '12:01'. The potentials of what one could do with the device are ideas that Dr. Emmett Brown discussed with Marty McFly in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy of films.)

1989 Alison Jones breaks up with her fiancee, kicking him out and getting a new roommate, Hedra Carlson. Mitch Ryerson, owner of a fashion design house, seeks to buy the computer fashion program of Alison Jones. Ryerson attempts to force Alison to have sex with him, implying his recommendations can make her or break her computer program. Jones' roommate turns out to be a psychopathic killer named Ellen Besch, who not only killed someone before coming to New York City, but Alison's ex-fiancee and a puppy that Hedra/Ellen gave to Alison. She also attempted to kill their gay upstairs neighbor, Graham. Ryerson did not make the full payment to Alison, and a software protocol erases the program from his computer. When he goes to see Alison to complain, Hedra/Ellen kills him. Alison is helped by Graham, and finallys kills Ellen. (Book SWF Seeks Same, by John Lutz. Later adapted into the 1992 film SWF. Ryerson name given as 'Myerson' but that was clearly an attempt to protect the remaining Ryerson family. Dating approximately eighteen months before publication of film.)

1990 February 2 Phil Connors makes his third trip to Punxsuwtawney. (Seen in 'Groundhog Day'. See dating comments for 1991.)

1991 Moxley and Scott are nearly ready with their device. It uses faster-than-light particles. Moxley's assistant, Lisa Fredericks, discovers that the experiment is prohibited. Moxley finds out that Fredericks is on to him. An employee of the firm, Barry Thomas, has fallen in love with Lisa. (Seen in '12:01'.)

1991 February 1 Phil Connors makes a broadcast, noting that he and a crew (consisting of cameraman Larry and produce Rita) would be heading out to Punxsuwtaney, Pennsylvania, to determine if Phil the Groundhog would see his shadow. Rita is new to the station but has discovered that Phil Connors is a greedy, selfish person who doesn't want to make yet another trip, which would be his fourth, to see the Groundhog.  (Seen in 'Groundhog Day'. See dating comments for next two entries.)

1991 Feburary 2 Phil Connors encounters former high-school classmate Ned 'Needle-Nose' Ryerson, now a nerdy insurance salesman in Punxsuwtawney. Ned likes to use the expression 'BING!' to indicate someone or something is right. Phil then tries to return to Pittsburgh after he makes his broadcast, but a bad storm forces him to return. After Phil wakes up, he discovers it is February 2 again. After repeating the day's events, he discovers he is repeating February 2nd and decides to have fun at the expense of everyone else, living a hedonistic lifestyle. He slowly falls in love with Rita. Eventually, he becomes depressed, and tries to kill himself numerous times, only to wake up again. After more time passes, he decides to woo Rita. Finally, after his personality has completely changed from being a selfish man to an altruistic guy, the time loop lets go of him. The effect appears to be of long duration; various theories indicate guesses from ranging from website Wolf Gnards' projection 8 years, 8 months, and 16 days to Harold Ramis' guess of 10 years in an e-mail to the site, up to 30 or 40 years, and up to 10,000 years, according to a guess by writer Danny Rubin related to co-star Stephen Tobolowsky and later told to the press. In the film, we actually see 42 days, although clearly some of the things Phil learns to do take months or even years. (Seen in 'Groundhog Day'. Year estimated from time to write and make film for a 1993 release.)

1991 February 2 A newspaper has the headline "TIME BOUNCE THEORY POSSIBLE THREAT", subheaded "Scientists Predict Experiment Could Cause Time To Repeat". Going home from work one day, Lisa is killed in a drive-by murder. A distraught Barry gets drunk. At midnight during a storm, he accidentally knocks over a table lamp, receiving an electrical shock, and possibly is struck by lightning (accounts vary). Barry wakes up and goes to work, late as usual. He is stunned to see Lisa alive and well. The day proceeds much as it had before and he sees her killed. The day after that begins exactly the same, and Barry realizes he has a chance to save Lisa. Over the next several repeated days, Barry begins to try to save Lisa, with the help of an undercover government agent, learning more about her in the attempts to save her life...and learning about Moxley's plans. Eventually, he was able to save her and stop Moxley, allowing time to continue normally for him and everyone else. Again, the effect seems to be widespread. Here, the perception of the individual seems to only experience several days instead of a few weeks. (Seen in '12:01'. Date estimated from time to write and make film for a 1993 release, and see previous entry.)

Again, based on space probes throughout the Solar System, the effect seemed to encompass the entire Solar System. Communications losses with various Mars probes took place sometime before this and sometime after this, but not during this event. Some of these communications losses could have resulted from earlier time bounces that only affected the area of the Earth and the Moon, resulting in the loss of control of various mission spacecraft, the so-called "Mars Curse". Barry's experiences of a handful of days, while Phil experience several weeks minimum, could be an effect of the closeness of Barry to the emanating point of the time bounce. Alternatively, his focus to save Lisa's life could have driven him to lose track of how many days his experiences actually took. One further possibility is that he experienced 42 occurrences as did Phil, but only a handful were able to be filmed due to the lower production budget. There also exists a possibility of a naturally occuring time or dimensional warp in the area and state, if one believes the account of Anthony 'Buck' Rogers or various people who have claimed to see thunderbirds, which altered events around Punxsuwtawney. Again, since there are no perceptible changes to the universe beyond our Solar System, the event probably did not last any longer than 42 days (six weeks) of duration.

1991 February 3 Phil Connors wakes up and time has resumed its normal course, waking up with Rita in his bed. He wants to move to Punxsuwtaney and have a family with Rita. One wonders if the whole thing was a mystical experience, complete with Rita kissing a 'frog prince' and breaking the spell. However, Moxley's experience was real---but until Rita was with Phil, he wasn't able to break out of the loop. (Seen in 'Groundhog Day'. Date estimated from above two entries.)

1992 Spring Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield hires Fran Fine, a door-to-door cosmetic salesperson, to be his children's nanny. Later, they will develop a close personal relationship and eventually get married. (The Nanny pilot episode. Dated about eighteen months before the episode aired.)

1994 August Maxwell Sheffield is trying to get Elizabeth Taylor to star in one of his plays. Liz has Fran Fine take her black pearls to a photo shoot she is doing. They are lost in a cab Fran rides in. The pearls are found by a later rider, Annie O'Donnell. She keeps them and wears them to an event. Annie loses them and a thief takes them. Liz is supposed to go to an interview on FYI with Murphy Brown. She cancels when a lead comes on about the pearls. The thief shows up at the Emerson/Walker household. Eventually, the thief gets caught, and Liz gets her pearls back, and Liz will star in Mr. Sheffield's play. (CBS four-program crossover guest-starring Elizabeth Taylor. The Nanny, episode 'Where's the Pearls?'; Can't Hurry Love, episode 'The Elizabeth Taylor Episode''; Murphy Brown, episode 'Trick Or Retreat'; and High Society, episode "The Family Jewels". Dated about eighteen months before the episode aired. The episodes were a marketing stunt to help establish Liz' Black Pearls perfume, but in the TVCU, happens before that product comes to market. Murphy Brown crossed over to The Bob Newhart Show and thus is in the TVCU.)

1995 Spring Maxwell Sheffield is on a flight to Paris. Fran Fine is accidentally stuck on board with him. The plane is apparently going to crash. Maxwell tells Fran he loves her. Later, on the news program FYI, anchor Jim Dial reports on this near crash. (Two-parter, season finale cliffhanger and first episode of the next season of The Nanny. Jim Dial is a regular character on Murphy Brown.)

1996 Spring Maxwell Sheffield goes out with Fran Fine, to the premiere of a new screenplay by Elton John. Sometime prior to this, Fran had angered Elton in passing. (The Nanny episode 'First Date'. See 1992 entry for dating convention.)

1996 Fall Lawyer Will Truman, who is gay, finds out his best friend, Jewish interior designer Grace Adler (the founder of Grace Adler Designs) has had a major fight with her boyfriend Danny, who has proposed to her. Grace ends the relationship with Danny and moves in to Will's apartment. (Seen in the pilot episode of Will and Grace. Arbitrarily dated about two years earlier than episode aired to allow more time for network to accept a show whose lead character is gay.)

2000 Fall Will and Grace's friend Jack McFarland encounters Elton John. (Will and Grace episode The Honeymoon's Over. See 1996 entry for dating conventions.)

2002 Fall Ned Ryerson moves into the apartment above Will Truman. After a brief attempt to befriend him, his weird nature (playing tea party and listening to show tunes, and using the expression 'BANG!' to indicate yes, that's correct. (Will and Grace episode 'Company; arbitrarily dated two years as per 1996 entry. In the episode, he is referred to as 'Ned Weathers', but I suspect that was an attempt to hide the fact that his brother was murdered by a psychopath; Weathers might also be a slight in-joke, as the lead character of 'Groundhog Day' is a television weatherman, and the same actor played a guy named Ned who used 'BING!'.) Ned seems to have moved out fairly quickly after the events of the episode.

2003 Winter Will and Grace encounter Patti Lupone. (Will and Grace episode 'Bully Woolley'. Played by herself. See 1996 entry for dating conventions.)

2007 Fall At William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio, the gay director of the Glee Club, Sandy Ryerson, is fired for inappropriately touching a student. Over the next several years, he will try to exact revenge on the school, joining others who wish to avenge themselves on the club in the "League of Doom". Among other things, he will become a drug dealer, selling medical marijuana. He lies to get into a band fronted by the teacher who took over the glee club and reorganized it under the name New Directions. He collects dolls and writes fan fiction about the television series 'Desperate Housewives'. (Seen in television series 'Glee'. Dating is about a year and a half before the pilot episode aired.)

2008 Fall Sandy Ryerson describes himself as a 'predatory gay'. (Seen in television series 'Glee'. Dating is about a year and a half before the episode "A Night of Neglect" aired.)

2009 Fall Members of the William McKinley High School Glee Club New Directions visit New York City. Among other people, they meet Patti Lupone. (Glee episode 'New York'. Played by herself. Dating is about a year and a half before the episode aired.)

2278 The USS Bozeman enters a temporal distortion in the region of space known as the Typhon Expanse, three weeks after it left a starbase. (Seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect". Date given in episode.)

2368 The USS Bozeman emerges from a time loop that involved it colliding with the USS Enterprise-D. The Bozeman and the Enterprise were stuck in the loop for 17.4 days, as determined by Federation time-base beacon. (Seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect". Duration of event mentioned in episode. Dating based on ST:TNG first season episode, "The Neutral Zone", where the date 2364 is given.)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of Aliens and Predators

This blog will follow one straight timeline, although it occurs in multiple realities.  I will indicate in each entry which reality (or realities) they occur in.

1863--PREDATOR:  HELL COME A WALKIN'--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Union and Confederate soldiers work together to hunt a Predator.

August 1896--PREDATOR:  NEMESIS--TVCU--An alien "Predator" is killing in London, but his murders are blamed on Spring-Heeled Jack.  SHERLOCK HOLMES associates Mycroft Holmes, the Diogenes Club, Captain Edward Soames, and Inspector Lestrade work together to stop the monster while covering up it's true origins.

Late August 1936--Predator: The Pride at Nghasa--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A series of night attacks decimate the workers during the building of a new railroad, prompting a famous hunter, two park rangers and their African assistant to track down and fight what the locals call a 'demon of the forest' that is said to appear only when the 'hunting star' crosses the sky.

1959--PREDATOR:  INVADERS FROM THE FOURTH DIMENSION--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts on the backlot of a Hollywood movie studio where a sci-fi monster movie is being filmed.

Fall 1945--TARZAN VS. PREDATOR AT THE EARTH'S CORE--TVCU--Tarzan fights the Predators in Pellucidar.

1987--PREDATOR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A military unit goes into southeast Asia and encounters a Predator, who is there to hunt.  See for a timeline of Aliens and Predators.


1990--PREDATOR 2--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts criminals in Los Angeles.

1991--BIG GAME--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A U.S. Army soldier (and Navajo) is hunted by a Predator.

1991--COLD WAR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator ship crashes in Siberia, and both the Americans and Russians hunt to obtain the technology.

1992--THE BLOODY SANDS OF TIME--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A conflict with a Predator in Nicaragua.

1992--RITE OF PASSAGE--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A young Maasai boy and a young Predator face off as they both must go through a rite of passage.

1993--RACE WAR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts inside an Arizona State Prison.

1993--BAD BLOOD--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Even among Predators there are mentally unstable psychopaths, and when one becomes a serial killer on Earth, another Predator must hunt him down.

1995--Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack!--TVCU--The Predators go on the hunt for the Ghost, X, Agents of Law, and Motorhead.  (I know that the Ghos was in Crossovers. The other three are questionable based upon my tighter rules for comic book characters.)

1996--STRANGE ROUX--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts in the Louisiana Bayou.

1996--KINDRED--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator returns to the same small town after thirty years to hunt a serial killer.  The Sheriff would love to seek revenge against the Predator, but he too must hunt the serial killer.


1997--PRIMAL--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator takes on Sarah Palin.  (Well, the info I got said a mama grizzly bear in Alaska.)

1998--CAPTIVE--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A rich evil dude holds a Predator as his captive to study.

1999--HOMEWORLD--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Bad Blood Predators in Yellowstone National Park.

1999 to 2004--ANGEL--TVCU--Weyland-Yutani is seen in this series.

2000--MINDHUNTER--TVCU--Witchblade and the Darkness take on Aliens and Predators.

Winter 2003--AVP:  ALIEN VS. PREDATOR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Charles Bishop Weyland leads an expedition to the Antarctic, where they find an ancient temple buried and filled with Aliens, and soon are hunted by Predators.

Winter 2003--ALIENS VS. PREDATOR:  REQUIEM--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Following the events of AVP, the Predators' ship crashes in Gunnison, Colorado where their captured Alien escapes and reproduces.  Eventually the military blows up the town to eliminate the threat.  Weyland-Yutani ends up with some alien technology.

2003--BATMAN:  DEAD END--DC MULTIVERSE (UNCLASSIFIED)--Batman and the Joker face an Alien and three Predators.

2007--GREEN LANTERN VERSUS ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--The Green Lantern Corps discover the Aliens in sector 1522, where they had killed the Green Lantern of that sector.  They find the best way to contain this menace is to transport them all to the planet Mogo (which is both a living planet, and a Green Lantern.)



2008--SUPERMAN/ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--Superman discovers the remains of survivors from Krypton who had been killed by Aliens.  The only one to survive (well, at this point in the story) was a young blond girl named Kara.  Note that this story is later referenced as having happened in Superman's regular series, guest starring the Legion of Super Heroes and being a Final Night crossover, thus the reason I place all DC/Alien/Predator crossovers in the DC Universe.


2009--WILDC.A.T.S/ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (EARTH-50)--WildC.A.Ts existed in the Wildstorm Universe, which DC designated as Earth-50, and then recently integrated into their mainstream universe.  This crossover was actually occurring between inssues of WildC.A.T.s and Stormwatch and the events of this crossover story led to events in the regular series.

2009--BATMAN/ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--Batman first encounters Aliens when working with mercenaries in Central America.

2009--SUPERMAN/ALIENS 2:  GOD WAR--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--Darkseid uses the aliens in his war against New Genesis.

2009-BATMAN/ALIENS 2--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A mad scientist combines Alien DNA with that of Arkham Asylum inmates.

2009--SUPERMAN VERSUS PREDATOR--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A Predator decides Superman is worthy of being hunted.

2009--GREEN LANTERN VERSUS ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A ship crashes on Mogo and former Corps members seek out Kyle Rayner, the only remaining Green Lantern, for a rescue mission.

2009--SUPERMAN AND BATMAN VERSUS ALIENS AND PREDATORS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-FLASHPOINT)-Superman and Batman come across Aliens and Predators in the Andes.

2009--JLA VERSUS PREDATOR--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A group of Predators are genetically engineered to have super-powers so they can face off against the Justice League of America.

2010--PREDATORS--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Predators steal humans from Earth that are all trained killers in order to hunt them on a jungle planet. (Includes a comic prequel.)

2037-2040s AD--PREDATOR:  XENOGENESIS--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Birmingham, England: The organization known as Spearhead is formed to combat Predators with state of the art technology. At the same time, Subotai, an immortal Japanese samurai, decides on a final showdown with the Predators. (date revised and roughly estimated by SpaceWuss. Must take place after AVP: Eternal, because London is now underwater, but was present in that story. BUT the the novel Predator: Forever Midnight states that in 2117 it has been "nearly a hundred years without recorded incident" of any Predator appearances. 2037 would be 80 years pervious which, while pushign the '"nearly hundred years" comment, could still be said to be close to a hundred years. Though 12 years is pretty quick for the sinking of a city.)

2099--PREDATOR 2099--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts during a civil war in the underdeveloped nations.

2119--PREDATOR VERSUS JUDGE DREDD--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--See my comments on Judge Dredd's encounter with Aliens.

2122--ALIEN--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--From  USCSS Nostromo encounters what is assumed to be a distress signal emanating from the planetoid designated LV-426, in the Zeta-2-Reticuli system. Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, and Navigator Lambert investigate a derelict spacecraft that contains the fossilised remains of an unknown alien species, and thousands of Xenomorph eggs. One of the xenomorph spore (‘facehugger’) attaches itself to Kane’s face and plants an embryo in his throat, which then hatches, killing the host. The hatchling (‘chestburster’) grows to over 7 feet tall and kills Dallas and Engineer’s Mate Brett.

Warrant Officer Ripley discovers that Weyland-Yutani want the Alien specimen and the crew of the Nostromo are expendable. It is revealed Science Officer Ash is in fact a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, who has been protecting the Alien. Chief Engineer Parker renders Ash inoperative when Ash attacks Ripley. Parker and Lambert are killed by the Alien whilst evacuating the Nostromo. Ripley rigs the ship to self-destruct and escapes on the shuttlecraft Narcissus with the ship’s cat Mr Jones. The Alien also escapes on the shuttle, but Ripley manages to blow it out of the airlock, effectively killing it.  See for an excellent Alien timeline.

2125--JUDGE DREDD VERSUS ALIENS--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--The title is pretty much self-explantory.  Note that I'm not that familiar with Judge Dredd (I saw the movie), but from what I do know, it doesn't seem that the future of Judge Dredd really contradicts that of either Alien or Doctor Who.  But please tell me if I'm wrong and I'll make a correction.

2179--ALIENS--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Ellen Ripley wakes up from suspended animation and gets sent out by "the company" to go fight more Aliens.

2179--AVATAR--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--This film features the Colonial Marines working for "the Company", just like in Aliens.  They both use similar type human controlled robot machines, and they are both directed by James Cameron.  'Nuff said?

2179--ALIEN3--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Ellen is the last survivor, well, except for an Alien.  They both end up on a prison ship where Ellen...dies.


2381--ALIEN:  RESURRECTION--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Ripley has been clones, along with the Aliens.

Late 24th Century--ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR VERSUS THE TERMINATOR--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Comic mini-series pulls in the Terminator franchise into the Whoniverse.  Note that the first two Terminator films and the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES occur in the TVCU.  In the Whoniverse, at least the first two films occur, though the third can't since obviously Judgement Day has not come to pass.  Likely the Whoniverse timeline is the timeline that includes John Connor becoming a U.S. Senator, and then the Rise of the Machines likely is tied into the third world war.

26th Century--FIREFLY--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Weyland-Utani still exists in the future of Firefly.

c. 4000---PREDATOR VERSUS MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Predators exist in the TVCU and the Whoniverse, but since Magnus has no TVCU connection, it must occur in the Whoniverse.

3,002,385--RED DWARF--"Psirens"--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--In a ship graveyard is a Weyland-Utani ship. Weyland-Utani is from ALIEN. Weyland-Utani appears also in the TVCU, but considering that the Star Trek future is the main future timeline of the TVCU, it's possible that the future timeline of Alien occurs in the Whoniverse. Weyland-Utani is mentioned on Angel, however that is in the TVCU. In this episode an Eagle ship from SPACE: 1999 also appears, but that show does not work in either the TVCU or the Whoniverse. It's likely either a wormhole pulled the ship from an alternate universe or else this type of ship still existed in the Whoniverse.