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This blog is coming to you thanks to the inspiration from Gordon's last blog.


1979 to 1988--SEINFELD--Buzsla and Ollu are living in separate apartments in the same building in New York City.  Buzsla has taken the name of Cosmo Kramer, and Ollu is now Newman.  While Kramer becomes good friends with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Newman can't stand him.  In the final episode, Jerry Seinfeld, George (really Larry David), Elaine, and Kramer are on their way to Hollywood when NBC wants to make a show based on the four of them, called Jerry.  But circumstances wind them up in jail with a 10 year sentence.  Fortunately, they get out after just a few months, thanks to NBC execs.  The show does get picked up, but the name is changed to the Seinfeld Chronicles for the pilot, then simply Seinfeld for the series.  The show airs from 1989 to 1998.  This isn't the first time the the events of Ollu and Buzsla's lives have been turned into a show or movie, but in the modern age of media, this show is a deciding factor for the duo to permanently move to the Looniverse.  I don't believe the actors look like the characters. For instance, note that the events of Seinfeld occur during the time when Jerry Seinfeld was just an up and coming comic, and the events of the show end just as the show "Seinfeld" was starting to air on NBC. I should have mentioned that the original "Jerry" cast got replaced by the guy from Airheads, the guy from Pretty Woman, and that girl who was on Saturday Night Live. The fact is that the events we see on TV are accurate (except when Dennis says they aren't, in this exception to the rule I make here), but the actors don't look like the characters, but they do resemble them very closely. Thus notice how closely those characters all look alike.

February 1986--SEINFELD--"The Susie"--The series events actually take place before the show aired, thus it's placement here.  George Constanza has an answering machine message that spoofs the theme to the Greatest American Hero.  Just a month earlier, Ralph went public.  However, that song was a hit in 1981, even in the TVCU.  Likely though, the song was played at press conferences and appearances, thus Ralph and the song were linked publicly.

September 1988--MAD ABOUT YOU--"Season Opener"--Jerry appears.  Oddly, there is no mention that Jerry and Paul lived across from each other for years.  Perhaps it's a subject they like to avoid.

November 1988--MAD ABOUT YOU--"The Apartment"--In this episode we learn that Paul sublets his apartment to Cosmo Kramer (who is really Buzsla).  Paul relinquishes possession of the apartment, giving it to Kramer.  Kramer lives across from Jerry SEINFELD.  His long, long time friend lives downstairs under the name of Newman.

1993--THE NEW WKRP IN CINCINATTI--"Johnny Goes Hollywood"--When Johnny goes Hollywood (I assume), he meets Jerry Seinfeld, who is now star of his own series.

1993--LOVE & WAR--"Let's Not Call It Love"--Actor Jerry Seinfeld appears.

1994--THE ALL NEW ADVENTURES OF LAUREL & HARDY:  FOR LOVE OR MUMMY--From Dennis E. Power, the expert on the Immortals Befuddled:  The last known appearance that I have been able to track of Ollu and Buzsla was in Florida circa 1994. Fearing exposure from the Seinfeld show they altered their appearances a bit and took menial jobs working at a Museum in Miami. Oddly enough they used the identities of the nephews of the comedians Laurel and Hardy, who men who had of course portrayed them. Their ability to find trouble also manifested here. The Museum director of Antiquities Dr. Leslie Covington was the daughter of a renown Egyptologist whose wife had perished in Egypt nearly thirty years before. Dr. Covington had been instrumental and in locating a lost tomb. The relics having been catalogued and studied by the Egyptians for nearly thirty years were now being lent for an exclusive exhibition at the museum.
    Ollu and Buzsla soon discover that this is actually a plot by a secret Egyptian cult to resurrect a High Priest of the Set cult and provide him with a bride. The bride would then bear the incarnation of Set. Leslie had been "marked" by Set when she had been in the forgotten tomb with her mother and father. Although Professor Covington had refused to acknowledge it he had seen his wife killed by spectral serpent, although outwardly she had died of a massive stroke. Leslie had been bitten by the spectral snake and had been sick for some time before the wound had healed. He had convinced himself that the wound had merely been a scrape that had become infected.
    Although the cult and the name of the Mummy are different in the film version the Mummy is their old friend Klaris and his  followers. So apparently it had been Charlie who had been blown up back in 1946. Despite their general bumbling, once again their eternal luck wins out. Leslie is saved, the bad guy is punished and the Mummy is destroyed.
    Ollu and Buzsla disappeared shortly after the premier of this film and have not yet surfaced. 

1996--EDDIE--The Newest Coach In The NBA Has Got The Knicks Right Where She Wants Them.  TV star Jerry Seinfeld attends a game.

1996--GOOD MONEY--Significant cameos from the cast of Seinfeld and others. A little reminiscent of Manhattan & When Harry met Sally but funny in it's own right. Comedy writer and author subsidized this movie with his own credit card but this is not at all apparent when watching the movie. It was a labor of love and hey, how many genuinely funny movies do you see?

1996 Fall Lawyer Will Truman, who is gay, finds out his best friend, Jewish interior designer Grace Adler (the founder of Grace Adler Designs) has had a major fight with her boyfriend Danny, who has proposed to her. Grace ends the relationship with Danny and moves in to Will's apartment. (Seen in the pilot episode of Will and Grace. Arbitrarily dated about two years earlier than episode aired to allow more time for network to accept a show whose lead character is gay.)   Incidentally, Will & Grace live in the same building as Jerry Seinfeld, Kramer (Buzsla), Newman (Ollu), and formerly Paul Buchman (of Mad About You.) At least the shot of the exterior of their building is that same as used in Seinfeld, and since both are in New York, in Manhattan, how can I not make that connection?   I do think that will and grace lived in the same building as Seinfeld

1997--NEWSRADIO--"The Real Deal"--TV Star Jerry Seinfeld appears.

1998--PINKY AND THE BRAIN--"Star Warners"--Jerry Seinfeld crosses paths with two escaped lab mice trying to take over the world.

1998--THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW--"Flip"--Seinfeld is a guest.

1999 - 2009--CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM--Jerry Seinfeld remains good friends with his friend Larry David (who was called George Costanza on the show.)  Eventually, all the main actors from the series reunite for a Seinfeld reunion.

2000--CLERKS--"The Clipshow Wherein Dante and Randal Are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments in Their Lives"--Ivan, I finally found another way to bring in Jay and Silent Bob, so I no longer relegate them to the DC Universe.  This also brings in Scream, by the way.  Jerry Seinfeld (the character) appears in the cartoon.

2001--PRIMETIME GLICK--"Dennis Miller/Jerry Seinfeld"--Jerry is a guest on the show.

2004--A UNIFORM USED TO MEAN SOMETHING.../HINDSIGHT IS 20/20...--This one fits, but how it fits I'm still working out. My original version of my Superman blog had Superman (the one and only) heading off into space after Lois' death in 1985.  If we use that version, then this would mean Superman came back to Earth to live among us once more.  However, the current version posted of the Superman blog has a generational take, with there being four Supermen.  In 2004, that Superman would be the latest one, Mon-El/Christopher Kent (who is depicted in SMALLVILLE, JUSTICE LEAGUE, THE BATMAN, and YOUNG JUSTICE.)  Recently I announced changes to my guidelines which would revert back to the original version...but I'm having second thoughts on that as I really like the current version of the Superman blog.  So I have decided to leave it up to each individual reader when it comes to comic book characters that they can go by a more classic Win Scott Eckert approach, or by the Secret History devised by Dennis Power, or by the version in my blogs, or just ignore them completely as apocryphal.  It's up to you.

2007 to 2008--FRANK TV--Jerry Seinfeld appears frequently during these adventures of Frank Caliendo and his celebrity friends.

2007--30 ROCK--"SeinfeldVision"--An angry Jerry Seinfeld goes to 30 Rock to confront Jack after he learns that Jack plans to digitally insert him into every current NBC program. Meanwhile, Liz buys a wedding dress, even though her marriage prospects are slim.

2008--NEW FAMILY--Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates feel they have become out of touch with the common man, and make an attempt to reconnect.

2009--HEAD CASE--"The Big Book"--Jerry Seinfeld is a client.

August 2009—CHUCK—“Chuck Vs. the Anniversary”—In this episode, there is an appearance of Bud, a repo man who was last seen in the film REPO MAN.   Also in this episode, Chuck applies for a job with Vandalay Industries.  This is a company that George Costanza used to throw out in his lies often.  At the time, it seemed he made up the name, but it seems that perhaps the company was real, and just was being used in lies.  SEINFELD is already in.  (Seinfeld is in through a crossover with MAD ABOUT YOU and also due to the Ollu and Buzla connection created by Dennis Power and mentioned in Crossovers that that has it's own blog.)

2011--AT&T--The Constanzas change their phone plan to AT&T.

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