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Of Aliens and Predators

This blog will follow one straight timeline, although it occurs in multiple realities.  I will indicate in each entry which reality (or realities) they occur in.

1863--PREDATOR:  HELL COME A WALKIN'--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Union and Confederate soldiers work together to hunt a Predator.

August 1896--PREDATOR:  NEMESIS--TVCU--An alien "Predator" is killing in London, but his murders are blamed on Spring-Heeled Jack.  SHERLOCK HOLMES associates Mycroft Holmes, the Diogenes Club, Captain Edward Soames, and Inspector Lestrade work together to stop the monster while covering up it's true origins.

Late August 1936--Predator: The Pride at Nghasa--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A series of night attacks decimate the workers during the building of a new railroad, prompting a famous hunter, two park rangers and their African assistant to track down and fight what the locals call a 'demon of the forest' that is said to appear only when the 'hunting star' crosses the sky.

1959--PREDATOR:  INVADERS FROM THE FOURTH DIMENSION--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts on the backlot of a Hollywood movie studio where a sci-fi monster movie is being filmed.

Fall 1945--TARZAN VS. PREDATOR AT THE EARTH'S CORE--TVCU--Tarzan fights the Predators in Pellucidar.

1987--PREDATOR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A military unit goes into southeast Asia and encounters a Predator, who is there to hunt.  See for a timeline of Aliens and Predators.


1990--PREDATOR 2--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts criminals in Los Angeles.

1991--BIG GAME--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A U.S. Army soldier (and Navajo) is hunted by a Predator.

1991--COLD WAR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator ship crashes in Siberia, and both the Americans and Russians hunt to obtain the technology.

1992--THE BLOODY SANDS OF TIME--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A conflict with a Predator in Nicaragua.

1992--RITE OF PASSAGE--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A young Maasai boy and a young Predator face off as they both must go through a rite of passage.

1993--RACE WAR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts inside an Arizona State Prison.

1993--BAD BLOOD--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Even among Predators there are mentally unstable psychopaths, and when one becomes a serial killer on Earth, another Predator must hunt him down.

1995--Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack!--TVCU--The Predators go on the hunt for the Ghost, X, Agents of Law, and Motorhead.  (I know that the Ghos was in Crossovers. The other three are questionable based upon my tighter rules for comic book characters.)

1996--STRANGE ROUX--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts in the Louisiana Bayou.

1996--KINDRED--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator returns to the same small town after thirty years to hunt a serial killer.  The Sheriff would love to seek revenge against the Predator, but he too must hunt the serial killer.


1997--PRIMAL--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator takes on Sarah Palin.  (Well, the info I got said a mama grizzly bear in Alaska.)

1998--CAPTIVE--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A rich evil dude holds a Predator as his captive to study.

1999--HOMEWORLD--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Bad Blood Predators in Yellowstone National Park.

1999 to 2004--ANGEL--TVCU--Weyland-Yutani is seen in this series.

2000--MINDHUNTER--TVCU--Witchblade and the Darkness take on Aliens and Predators.

Winter 2003--AVP:  ALIEN VS. PREDATOR--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Charles Bishop Weyland leads an expedition to the Antarctic, where they find an ancient temple buried and filled with Aliens, and soon are hunted by Predators.

Winter 2003--ALIENS VS. PREDATOR:  REQUIEM--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Following the events of AVP, the Predators' ship crashes in Gunnison, Colorado where their captured Alien escapes and reproduces.  Eventually the military blows up the town to eliminate the threat.  Weyland-Yutani ends up with some alien technology.

2003--BATMAN:  DEAD END--DC MULTIVERSE (UNCLASSIFIED)--Batman and the Joker face an Alien and three Predators.

2007--GREEN LANTERN VERSUS ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--The Green Lantern Corps discover the Aliens in sector 1522, where they had killed the Green Lantern of that sector.  They find the best way to contain this menace is to transport them all to the planet Mogo (which is both a living planet, and a Green Lantern.)



2008--SUPERMAN/ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--Superman discovers the remains of survivors from Krypton who had been killed by Aliens.  The only one to survive (well, at this point in the story) was a young blond girl named Kara.  Note that this story is later referenced as having happened in Superman's regular series, guest starring the Legion of Super Heroes and being a Final Night crossover, thus the reason I place all DC/Alien/Predator crossovers in the DC Universe.


2009--WILDC.A.T.S/ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (EARTH-50)--WildC.A.Ts existed in the Wildstorm Universe, which DC designated as Earth-50, and then recently integrated into their mainstream universe.  This crossover was actually occurring between inssues of WildC.A.T.s and Stormwatch and the events of this crossover story led to events in the regular series.

2009--BATMAN/ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--Batman first encounters Aliens when working with mercenaries in Central America.

2009--SUPERMAN/ALIENS 2:  GOD WAR--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--Darkseid uses the aliens in his war against New Genesis.

2009-BATMAN/ALIENS 2--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A mad scientist combines Alien DNA with that of Arkham Asylum inmates.

2009--SUPERMAN VERSUS PREDATOR--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A Predator decides Superman is worthy of being hunted.

2009--GREEN LANTERN VERSUS ALIENS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A ship crashes on Mogo and former Corps members seek out Kyle Rayner, the only remaining Green Lantern, for a rescue mission.

2009--SUPERMAN AND BATMAN VERSUS ALIENS AND PREDATORS--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-FLASHPOINT)-Superman and Batman come across Aliens and Predators in the Andes.

2009--JLA VERSUS PREDATOR--DC UNIVERSE (PRE-INFINITE CRISIS)--A group of Predators are genetically engineered to have super-powers so they can face off against the Justice League of America.

2010--PREDATORS--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Predators steal humans from Earth that are all trained killers in order to hunt them on a jungle planet. (Includes a comic prequel.)

2037-2040s AD--PREDATOR:  XENOGENESIS--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Birmingham, England: The organization known as Spearhead is formed to combat Predators with state of the art technology. At the same time, Subotai, an immortal Japanese samurai, decides on a final showdown with the Predators. (date revised and roughly estimated by SpaceWuss. Must take place after AVP: Eternal, because London is now underwater, but was present in that story. BUT the the novel Predator: Forever Midnight states that in 2117 it has been "nearly a hundred years without recorded incident" of any Predator appearances. 2037 would be 80 years pervious which, while pushign the '"nearly hundred years" comment, could still be said to be close to a hundred years. Though 12 years is pretty quick for the sinking of a city.)

2099--PREDATOR 2099--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--A Predator hunts during a civil war in the underdeveloped nations.

2119--PREDATOR VERSUS JUDGE DREDD--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--See my comments on Judge Dredd's encounter with Aliens.

2122--ALIEN--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--From  USCSS Nostromo encounters what is assumed to be a distress signal emanating from the planetoid designated LV-426, in the Zeta-2-Reticuli system. Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, and Navigator Lambert investigate a derelict spacecraft that contains the fossilised remains of an unknown alien species, and thousands of Xenomorph eggs. One of the xenomorph spore (‘facehugger’) attaches itself to Kane’s face and plants an embryo in his throat, which then hatches, killing the host. The hatchling (‘chestburster’) grows to over 7 feet tall and kills Dallas and Engineer’s Mate Brett.

Warrant Officer Ripley discovers that Weyland-Yutani want the Alien specimen and the crew of the Nostromo are expendable. It is revealed Science Officer Ash is in fact a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, who has been protecting the Alien. Chief Engineer Parker renders Ash inoperative when Ash attacks Ripley. Parker and Lambert are killed by the Alien whilst evacuating the Nostromo. Ripley rigs the ship to self-destruct and escapes on the shuttlecraft Narcissus with the ship’s cat Mr Jones. The Alien also escapes on the shuttle, but Ripley manages to blow it out of the airlock, effectively killing it.  See for an excellent Alien timeline.

2125--JUDGE DREDD VERSUS ALIENS--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--The title is pretty much self-explantory.  Note that I'm not that familiar with Judge Dredd (I saw the movie), but from what I do know, it doesn't seem that the future of Judge Dredd really contradicts that of either Alien or Doctor Who.  But please tell me if I'm wrong and I'll make a correction.

2179--ALIENS--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Ellen Ripley wakes up from suspended animation and gets sent out by "the company" to go fight more Aliens.

2179--AVATAR--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--This film features the Colonial Marines working for "the Company", just like in Aliens.  They both use similar type human controlled robot machines, and they are both directed by James Cameron.  'Nuff said?

2179--ALIEN3--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Ellen is the last survivor, well, except for an Alien.  They both end up on a prison ship where Ellen...dies.


2381--ALIEN:  RESURRECTION--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Ripley has been clones, along with the Aliens.

Late 24th Century--ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR VERSUS THE TERMINATOR--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Comic mini-series pulls in the Terminator franchise into the Whoniverse.  Note that the first two Terminator films and the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES occur in the TVCU.  In the Whoniverse, at least the first two films occur, though the third can't since obviously Judgement Day has not come to pass.  Likely the Whoniverse timeline is the timeline that includes John Connor becoming a U.S. Senator, and then the Rise of the Machines likely is tied into the third world war.

26th Century--FIREFLY--TVCU/DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Weyland-Utani still exists in the future of Firefly.

c. 4000---PREDATOR VERSUS MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--Predators exist in the TVCU and the Whoniverse, but since Magnus has no TVCU connection, it must occur in the Whoniverse.

3,002,385--RED DWARF--"Psirens"--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--In a ship graveyard is a Weyland-Utani ship. Weyland-Utani is from ALIEN. Weyland-Utani appears also in the TVCU, but considering that the Star Trek future is the main future timeline of the TVCU, it's possible that the future timeline of Alien occurs in the Whoniverse. Weyland-Utani is mentioned on Angel, however that is in the TVCU. In this episode an Eagle ship from SPACE: 1999 also appears, but that show does not work in either the TVCU or the Whoniverse. It's likely either a wormhole pulled the ship from an alternate universe or else this type of ship still existed in the Whoniverse.

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