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El Santo y Blue Demon, campeones de México

El blog de hoy es acerca de los héroes de El Santo y Blue Demon. Estos dosluchadores son super-héroes que lucha contra monstruos. Tienen numerosas apariciones en crossover tanto ganar, así como la línea de tiempo Chuck Loridan deMONSTAAH. Así que obviamente vamos a utilizar las fuentes de muchos de mis investigaciones, pero espero ir más allá y encontrar material del additonal para complementar lo que los dos grandes eruditos han descubierto.

Y no se preocupe, la propia línea de tiempo será en Inglés. Pero no es la manera mejor y más adecuada para hacer una introducción a este tema?

Ahora, en el blog ... (Ah, y si este español era incorrecto, echarle la culpa al traductor de Google).

(Yes, the top part is in Spanish.  Go get a translator if you must before continuing on, or just continue on and figure out why.)

1572--EL SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. DRACULA AND THE WOLFMAN--A wizard named Cristaldi destroys Dracula's Mexican soul clone.  Dracula has created several soul clones that he sent around the world for various missions to gain control of that area (and eventually the world.)

1957 to 1987--EL SANTO--This is a comic book featuring the adventures of the heroic wrestler.

1958--THE EVIL BRAIN--An El Santo adventure.

1958 to 1982--EL SANTO FILM SERIES--El Santo appeared in 62 films total.  Normally I would list all of them, but with little real info to go off of, I am only listing the most relevant.  You can find a full list at either Wikipedia or IMDB.

1958--THE INFERNAL MEN--An El Santo adventure.

1962--SANTO CONTRA LAS MUJERES VAMPIROS or its English translation, SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN--The latest in the long line of heroes to call themselves El Santo debuts, putting a stop to Dracula's vampire women.

1964 to 1977-BLUE DEMON FILM SERIES--Though not as many as El Santo, Blue Demon still appeared in 25 films.  He was the leader of the Champions of Justice (Mil MáscarasTinieblasRayo de Jalisco, El Medico Asesino, El Fantasma Blanco, El Avispon Escarlata and Superzan).

1965--EL BARON BRACKULA--El Santo dispatches the Baron, who is an old foe of El Santo's ancestor, the Silver Masked Horseman.

Summer 1968--SANTO IN THE TREASURE OF DRACULA--The newest in the line of the El Santo heroic lineage invents a time machine (though it seems he might have had collaboration, considering the machine is much like that seen in THE TIME TUNNEL.)  His collaborator is Dr. Sepulveda.  Before he can use it, Sepulveda's daughter Luisa enters and travels back in time to the 19th century, where the Mexican soul clone falls for her and turns her.  She is pulled back to the present.  The Mexican clone is resurrected and seeks out Luisa.

1970--SANTO AND BLUE DEMON AGAINST THE MONSTERS--Amongst the monsters is Mummy X.

1971--SANTO VS. LA HIJA DE FRANKESTEIN or it’s english translation SANTO VS FRANKENSTEIN’S DAUGHTER--El Santo defeats Dr. Freda Frankenstein.

Winter 1972--EL SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. DRACULA AND THE WOLFMAN--Mexican super-heroes/wrestlers El Santo and Blue Demon take on the Mexican Dracula soul clone and a werewolf.

Summer 1972--3 DEV ADAM (3 MIGHTY MEN AKA CAPTAIN AMERICA AND SANTO VS. SPIDER-MAN--El Santo teams with Captain America in Istanbul against a villain using the name of Spider-Man.

1973-- SANTO Y BLUE DEMON CONTRA EL DR. FRANKENSTEIN--El Santo and Blue Demon foil the plot of Dr. Irving Frankenstein.

1982--FURY OF THE KARATE EXPERTS--El Santo retires from adventure and the ring following this adventure.

February 5, 1984--El Santo dies of a heart attack.

December 16, 2000--Death of Blue Demon.

2001--JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE HUNTER--Jesus lives on Earth, where he teams with El Santo to kill vampires in Canada.  (Or someone who poses as Jesus if you really are bothered by the concept.)

2002 to 2005--!MUCHA LUCHA!--El Santo has returned from the dead, posing under a new name of El Rey.

2004--SANTO--El Santo apparently returns for more adventure.


2005--¡MUCHA LUCHA!: GIGANTE--The Magnificent 3 -- Las Tres Mascaritas (Rikochet, Beuna Girl, and the Flea) are joined by Blue Demon Jr against vampires during an eclipse.

2007 to 2008--EL TIGRE:  THE ADVENTURES OF MANNY RIVERA--El Santo now calls himself Silver Sombrero and has taken to wearing a hat.

2009--IRIS WILDTHYME AND THE CELESTIAL OMNIBUS--Iris Wildthyme, a character who originates in the Doctor Who Universe, travels to the TVCU for further adventure where she meets El Santo, now calling himself Senor 105.

2010--MS. WILDTHYME AND FRIENDS INVESTIGATE--The female time traveler from another reality continues her adventures, again encountering El Santo and also meeting Professor Challenger.

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