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From WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?, we learned that most of the cartoons of the 1940s coexisted.  In the series DRAWN TOGETHER, we once again see that indeed cartoons of all sorts exist in that same reality, which DC COMICS dubbed the Looniverse, a name I've adopted for this blog.

By covering this completely not serious animated series, I will take a very serious look at the cartoon reality.  But first, let's take a look at the characters.

Captain Hero--Captain Leslie Hero was from the planet Zebulon. As a fetus, he was aborted, and blasted to Earth.  He was found by Popeye and Olive Oyle, who named him Popeye Junior, but usually called him Swee'Pea.  As a teen, he moved from Sweet Haven to Small Town.  As an adult, his power developed, and he changed his name to Captain Leslie Hero (and a secret identity of Tim Tommerson).  He was a member of the League of Heroes.

Foxxy Love--Foxxy was in the 1980s the leader of a music group called the Foxxy Five for a few weeks, and is a mystery solving detective.  She is a grandmother, but never sees her kids or grandkids.

Ling-Ling--Ling-Ling seems to be a Pokemon, having been captured as a youth by a young Pokemon master, he later turned on his master, freeing himself.

Princess Clara--Princess Clara lives within a gated community called Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

Spanky Ham--Spanky is an internet download who is married and has one living child.

Toot Braunstein--Toot was a toon in the 1920s.  She time traveled to the 21st century to be part of the cast.  Later, she will travel back in time to Bedrock and become the mother of Bam-Bam Rubble.

Wooldoor Sockbat--Wooldoor lives to entertain.  His people were wiped out in a holocaust by the Sweetcake people.

Xandir P. Whifflebottom--Xandir was a video game hero on a never ending quest to save a princess.

Munchkin Mouse--He was in every episode. Really, he was always there.  You must have just missed him.  He was in every episode as a member of the house cast.

October 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Hot Tub"--

  • The pilot episode.  Nine cartoon archtype parodies are staying in a house together with a thousand cameras, on the first animated reality show.  
  • Toot dies four times in this episode, but since she is a toon, she is naturally reinstated to the idealized image of her, as is part of the nature of this tulpa reality.
  • Two Smurfs appear at the house party fighting each other.  Smurf Village must be part of the Looniverse.
  • Fred Flintstone's car drives by the house as George Jetson's space car flies over head.  Even though these two are from the stone age and the future, they often time travel to the present, as time is more like a where than a when in the Looniverse.  Note that this Fred is not Ollu.  In the Immortal Befuddled blog I said that the Fred and Barney interacting in the Looniverse was the TVCU Ollu and Buzsla, but I retract that and have decided each reality has it's own variants.  The Jetsons, however, come from the TVCU. In the far future, interdimensional and intertime travel are normal.
November 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Clara's Dirty Little Secret"--
  • In this one, we learn that Clara's step-mother cursed her so that her vagina has become a giant tentacled monster.
  • Prince Charming, after kissing Clara, ends up with his private area also cursed in the same manner, and commits suicide.  But we know that this likely just caused him to be resurrected without the curse.
  • Foxxy listens to a book on tape recorded by DROOPY DOG.
November 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Gay Bash"--
  • Xandir comes out as being gay.
  • There is a Bizarro Captain Hero, and a Bizarro World.  When the SUPER FRIENDS were killed during the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, their essences were transported to the Looniverse, with all of their friends, enemies, and locations being duplicated by the tulpa reality.
  • Pac Man seems to appear, but in fact it is Ms. Pac Man without her ribbon.  This means that Pac Land is part of the Looniverse.
  • Elmer Fudd appears at the party and is revealed to be gay.  Snagglepuss is also there and also gay.
  • The record player in the house is a Bedrock model complete with talking tiny pteradactyl as the needle.
  • Xandir takes an ACME gay test kit.
  • The genie appearing in this episode seems to be related to the one from ALADDIN.
November 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Requiem for a Reality Show"--
  • The house is divided into two teams, with the winner getting to eat for the next week.
  • Lakitu from SUPER MARIO CART appears, which places Mario's world, Sonic, Donkey Kong, ect. in the Looniverse, though Mario and Luigi may have come originally from the TVCU, which is where Sonic later migrates to.
  • Charlie Brown becomes Foxxy's slave.  (Yes, I imagine some will completely dismiss this entire blog because of this.  
  • Natasha Fatale becomes Captain Hero's dominatrix.  Boris and Natasha are in Crossovers, but most appearances show that they are part of the Looniverse.  I had made assumptions for a while that Rocky and Bullwinkle were in the TVCU, perhaps like Howard the Duck trapped in a world they never made.  And it may be that at some point they went home, and Boris and Natasha followed.
  • Toots mentions that her fingers had been in Pepe le Pew, but not in THE Pepe le Pew.
  • Toot uses ACME liposuction.
December 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The Other Cousin"--
  • Clara's mentally challenged cousin Bleh comes to visit, and ends up in a relationship with Captain Hero, despite Clara's objections.  
  • The "Monkey Man" from THE LOST WORLD has somehow made it to the Live Action Forest just outside the house's yard.  He will appear often.
  • At the amusement park, on a roller coaster are a Jakovasaur and Kyle from SOUTH PARK, and THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN and Ookla the Mok.  This series has made me accept that the Bongo Universe and Looniverse are one and the same.  Thundarr's future didn't seem to be part of the Looniverse, but it's own reality, but perhaps after the series (during the Crisis?) they were transported to the Looniverse.
  • Homer Simpson appears in the background.
  • Bam-Bam Rubble appears as a baby.  This is the biggest clue that there is time travel going on in the Looniverse frequently.  Later, Toots will give birth to Bam-Bam, thus the appearances of the Flintstones aren't necessarily in chronological order.
  • Foxxy appears to be in possession of the Looniverse counterpart of the the "one ring to rule them all" from Middle Earth.  Eventually Clara will steal the ring.
December 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Dirty Pranking No. 2"--
  • Clara is brought to the dark side when she starts playing gross pranks.  This angers her father, who tries to bring her home.
  • Ling-Ling dies twice.
  • A villain named Aladdin is bombing Israel from a magic carpet.  He is not seen.  Since he's not seen, I'm gong to say he's a super-villain not related to DISNEY'S ALADDIN.
December 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The One Wherein There is a Big Twist"--
  • The cast decides to quit.  The network won't allow it.  Eventually the house is blown up and the cast crashes on a desert island.
  • Wooldoor uses a Needler weapon from HALO.
  • The character Bucky Buck is not RICHIE RICH and does not bring in Richie Rich, though that character may already be in.  In fact, it's revealed Bucky Buck is really Jew Producer.  (That's his real name.  Honest.)
  • Clara uses her ring of invisibility.
  • Wooldoor talks to someone named Tank on the phone to download information into his brain.  This is a MATRIX reference but could be a clue to how these characters are often on some level aware they are fictional.
October 2005--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The One Wherein There is a Big Twist Part 2"--
  • The cast has been trapped on a desert island for apparently 10 months.  Toots is lost at sea.  Eventually Jeff Probst (his Looniverse counterpart) shows up to do a SURVIVOR type season but the cast, realizing they are next to an airport, quit and go to Hollywood to cash in on their stardom, only to realize reality show stars are has beens 15 minutes after the show ends.
  • They return to a redrawn house, and get a new cast mate to replace Toots, though she eventually returns.  The new castmate is Strawberry Sweetcake, whose people had turned all of Wooldoor's people into food a long time ago.  She tries to do the same to Wooldoor but is found out.
  • Among those interviewing to be the new cast member are SPEEDY GONZALES, WILMA FLINTSTONE, the animated giant foot from MONTY PYTHON and MORTAL COMBAT's Scorpion.  Also seen are resumes of Blossom and Buttercup of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, Ookla the Mok from THUDARR THE BARBARIAN, and Tommy Pickles from RUGRATS.
  • When Wooldoor is writing a suicide note, the MICROSOFT OFFICE paperclip tries to help him.
  • Wooldoor wears the same pajamas as the BANANAS IN PAJAMAS.
  • MICKEY MOUSE, CHARLIE BROWN, and WILE E. COYOTE are seen dead on the beach.  Of course, I don't have to reiterate my view on death in the Looniverse.
October 2005--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Foxxy vs. the Board of Education"--
  • Spanky downloads a virus but has no health insurance, so he marries Xandir, whose insurance covers spouses.  Meanwhile, Foxxy is trying to take the SAT and uncovers a conspiracy.
  • Foxxy finds the conspiracy is run by THE BOARD OF EDUCATION from SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK.
  • At a hospital waiting room, Bubbles of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS is pregant, Ariel THE LITTLE MERMAID is being choked by having one of those soda six pack plastic containers around her neck,  BAMBI accompanying his wounded mother (who died decades ago, which implies more time travel...note that most of Bambi's appearances are before he grew up in the Looniverse meaning perhaps the movie's ending hasn't happened yet), BULLWINKLE with ROCKY stuck up his rear end, SONNY for being too cuckoo for COCOA PUFFS, and JOE CAMEL in an iron lung.
  • Elroy Jetson is abducted.
  • Josie (from JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS) and Daphne (of SCOOBY-DOO) are seen solving mysteries.  Both are from the TVCU, but have found ways to access the Looniverse, which helps stop their aging.
  • PARAPPA THE RAPPER, (MY NEIGHBOR) TOTORO, Usagi Tsukini (SAILOR MOON), VOLTRON, ASTRO BOY, Joe Jitsu (from THE DICK TRACY SHOW), No Face (from SPIRITED AWAY), HAMPTON THE HAMSTER and HELLO KITTY are seen taking the SAT.  The teacher is an anthromorphic talking dog species common in Duckberg.
  • When a magic top hat lands on a pile of junk, it turns into Dumpy the Waste Man.  This hat is exactly the same hat that brought FROSTY THE SNOWMAN to life, which may then bring the entire Rank Bassman series of holiday specials into the Looniverse.
  • A rancour beast appears.  There is a version of STAR WARS in the Looniverse, where all the character exist in the present, on Earth and in space near Earth.
November 2005--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Little Orphan Hero"--
  • Captain Hero learns that his planet wasn't destroyed, but that his parents aborted him.  He ends up destroying the planet except for his parents who are on Earth at the time.
  • Batman and Robin appear in a flashback.  This is the essences of the deceased TVCU Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.
  • Baby Kermit, Fonzie, Gonzo, and Scooter appear from MUPPET BABIES giving me an excuse to place the cartoon here and making my Muppet continuity a little cleaner now.
Late December 2005 to Early January 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Captain Hero's Marriage Pact"--
  • Hero and Wooldoor fight over the same girl, a super hero called Unusually Flexible Girl.
  • Meanwhile, Foxy tries to reunite the Foxxy Five.
January 2006-DRAWN TOGETHER--"Clum Babies"--
  • Yeah, Wooldoor's sperm is sentient and has the power to heal.
  • THE VEGGIETALES appear as extreme Christian zealots.
  • When the VeggieTales kill everyone in the house, this includes Farmer Al Falfa, though the clum babies revive all of them.
  • SYLVESTER THE CAT seeks out the clum babies to cure his broken leg.
  • Foxxy has a lightsaber which she uses as a sexual device.
January2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Ghostesses in the Slot Machine"--
  • It turns out the house is on an Indian burial ground, and the ghosts open up a casino.
  • Some of the mice who associate with SPEEDY GONZALES take a job shaving Toot's back.
  • Marge Simpson is playing the slots at the casino.  Marge has a gambling addiction as seen in THE SIMPSONS.  Meanwhile, Homer Simpson is at the strip club that Foxxy opens.
  • Ling-Ling is pulling a rickshaw with FAT ALBERT as his passenger.
  • Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter ego THE HULK are accountants.  This is not the TVCU or Marvel versions.  I believe that the Marvel cartoons of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are all in the Looniverse.
  • Captain Hero's team, the League of Heroes, appear.  One member is Ethan Hawkman.  I believe this was the Looniverse counterpart of Ethan Hawke who somehow merged with the essence of the TVCU Hawkman during the Crisis.
  • MARMADUKE is mentioned in a newspaper headline.
January 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Super Nanny"--
  • Captain Hero feels threatened by the Looniverse counterpart of SUPER NANNY.
  • The animated Godzilla appears, which places the original cartoon in the Looniverse.  Crazy Ivan said...
    The Loonieverse already has a version of Godzilla, as seen in the old Hanna-Barbara series (w/ Godzooky, the Jar Jar Binks of dai kaiju) and an episode of Drawn Together. In the movie Godzilla vs Hedorah, the Big G dances, flies, and generally acts like a dilweed in light of the awful majesty that IS the King of Monsters in every other G-flick (except maybe the one that's just a dream sequence in which a kid thinks Minya can talk and change his size). I'll point out that the movie ALSO has animated sequences, which is why I feel justified in thinking this is a live movie of the Looneyverse Godzilla, rather than, say, the lame-o-verse version of Godzilla.
January 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Terms of Endearment"--
  • Foxxy gets a brain tumor from all the times Captain Hero uses his X-ray vision on her.
  • MICKEY MOUSE is shown to be leading a crusade to eliminate all politically incorrect cartoon characters.
  • Foxxy is rounded up by Mickey's crusaders, along with SPEEDY GONZALES, the Eskimo from the LOONEY TUNES short "Frigid Hare", FAT ALBERT AND THE COSBY KIDS, AUNT JEMINA, Native Americans from LOONEY TUNES and PETER PAN, and Asians from LOONEY TUNES and World War II propaganda films.
February 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Captain Girl"--
  • Captain Hero takes on Wooldoor as a sidekick to defeat the Mad Libber.
  • Bikini Bottom, home of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, is seen, with the cast house being located on the island often seen in that show.
February 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"A Tale of Two Cows"--
  • It's discovered that there is a live action portion of the Looniverse, something I've already theorized in my Bugs Bunny blog.
  • The skeletons of Bart and Lisa SIMPSON are seen in a crawlspace in the house.  Obviously, they got better.
  • A live action cow gets mad cow disease and goes on a rampage through the country, including Springfield (drawn in SIMPSONS style and revealed to actually be in Conneticutt), SOUTH PARK Colorodo, BEDROCK South Dakota, and the future city of the JETSONS.
  • Toots attends a fat camp reunion with FAT ALBERT and LITTLE LOTTA.
  • LIVE ACTION SQUIRREL WITH BIG BALLS aka CAPE GROUND SQUIRREL is a semi-famous internet sensation that appears in the Live Action Forest.
February 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree"--
  • Captain Hero's secret identity, Tim Tommerson, has a relationship with Xandir, which Captain Hero does not approve of.
  • PLUTO holds GOOFY hostage because he wants to wear pants.  This takes place in Toon Town, apparently not demolished for a freeway after the events of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?
  • There is a crime scene at THE FAMILY CIRCUS home.
  • ELMER FUDD and Tantor from DISNEY'S TARZAN appear in a street scene in Toon Town.
  • ARCHIE ANDREWS is seen at an arcade.  Archie comes from the TVCU.  The town of Riverdale and surrounding communities caught in a time anomoly.  Perhaps this is how residents manage to visit the Looniverse.
  • DILBERT is seen at the ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY office.  Also at the office are EWOKS.
  • Foxxy is in possession of a Starfleet tricorder.  It seems that the events of Star Trek seems to take place in the Looniverse in the 20th to 21st centuries and the Enterprise is always visiting Earth.
February 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The Lemon-AIDS Walk"--
  • Captain Hero references that Popeye is his father.  Of course, we not that's not possible as his father was an alien scientist.  But we do know that Hero was abandoned at birth, and Popeye found an abandoned baby that became Swee'Pea, thus, Captain Hero was Swee'Pea.
  • The cast plays badminton against another team of celebrities, which are THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE, the creature from WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, STIMPY (of REN & STIMPY), THE HAMBURGER HELPER HELPING HAND, and old political cartoon, and a TRANSFORMER.  I place the TRANSFORMERS in the TVCU, but it could be the events of the 80s cartoon also happened in the Looniverse.
  • In a scene in a gym are THE THING, HE-MAN, PANTHRO from THUNDERCATS, SHE-RA, SPIDER-MAN, and THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT.  The Thing may be from the animated Marvel cartoons of the 1960s to 1980s, or the teenage Thing from FRED AND BARNEY MEET THE THING.  He-Man and She-Ra are from Eternia and Etheria, which are alternate realities to Earth according to DC COMICS.  But since He-Man and crew have interacted with Earth-1 and Earth-Prime, it's easy to imagine them visiting the Looniverse. 
  • Lois and Peter Griffin from FAMILY GUY appear walking down the street, more evidence that the BONGO UNIVERSE and LOONIVERSE are the same.
  • At the mall is the ACME Medical Supply Store.
  • Popeye dies of AIDS, but due to the rules of the reality, he appears again alive and well.
March 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"A Very Special Afterschool Special"--
  • Xandir is planning on coming out to his parents, and the cast does a role playing exercise to help him rehearse, which goes a little to far.
  • This is a very special episode.
  • Many Pokemon appear as Japanese businessmen.  (MY NEIGHBOR) TOTORO also appears.
  • Despite appearing in the credits, Meredith Baxter-Birney did not actually appear.
  • Spanky attends the opera from WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? Coming home, he is singing "Kill the Wabbit...'"
March 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Alzheimer's That Ends Well"--
  • Clara has an operation to have the squid monster removed from her vagina.
  • A group of angry seniors hire BOBA FETT to kill Toots.
  • Ty Pennington appears.
  • The Squid Monster marries Unusually Flexible Girl.
  • Both the squeaking shoes Toots wears and the fact that seniors can be killed by laughing to death implies a connection to WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?
  • Apparently Toots was in the Vietnam Conflict.
March 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The Drawn Together Clip Show"--
  • End of season live audience interview, as often seen on reality shows.
  • The MONKEY MAN appears.
October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Freaks & Greeks"--
  • When Captain Hero learn there are Greeks next door, he wants to join the fraternity.  Only they aren't college kids.  They are a family from Greece.
  • Smurf village seems to be located in the cast house's front yard.  Since the real Smurf village seems to be a mideival forest, either that took place a long time ago, and these Smurfs are descendants, or else there are more than one colony of Smurfs.
  • Toot is marrying Ling-Ling's father.  At the wedding is (MY NEIGHBOR) TOTORO.
  • Goerge Takei, who may actually be Sulu in this reality, beams down, breaks up the wedding, then beams back up with Ling-Ling's father.
  • Oompa Loompas appear.  I believe the original film version, WILLIE WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, may actually be in the Looniverse.
October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!"--
  • Wooldoor finally gets a kids show.
  • The U.S. Senate seems to have a meeting place set up like the Galactic Senate from the STAR WARS PREQUEL TRILOGY.
  • Xandir reveals he's from the future, because video games are the future.
  • Wooldoor's show ends up making the country almost entirely gay within a five year period.  Thus the few remaining heterosexuals create a TERMINATOR to go back and kill Wooldoor.
  • Foxxy and Ling-Ling watch a porno with TRANSFORMERS.
  • Princess Clara's attorney is HARVEY BIRDMAN.
  • At the hearing to ban Wooldoor's show, the VEGGIETALES and DAVEY AND GOLIATH are attending.  Ned Flanders (neighbor of THE SIMPSONS) also appears. Tinky Winky of THE TELETUBBIES is also there.
  • STUART LITTLE is crushed in his little car by THE TERMINATOR and Captain Hero.
  • Senator Sith Lord (R-Michigan) is clearly Palpatine.
  • Senator Ted Kennedy is also present.
October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Spelling Applebee's"--
  • Foxxy's dark spelling bee past comes back to haunt her.
  • The cast has to compete against the PEANUTS gang in a spelling bee.
  • Hadji, friend of JOHNNY QUEST, is a spelling bee champ and has taken to dressing like Mr. T.  Note that Hadji existed in the TVCU where his life took a completely different route than his Looniverse counterpart.
  • Keith Franklin appears in a scene where he is a waiter who ends up making out with Captain Hero.  This is the Looniverse counterpart of an Earth-Prime Comedy Central fan who won a contest to be drawn into the show.
October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Unrestrainable Trainable"--
  • This episode reveals that Captain Hero has a sister.
  • Her name is Captain She-Ro.
  • She survived the planet's destruction and came to Earth.
  • He donated sperm.
  • She went to a sperm bank.
  • She had his child.
  • That child is a giant mentally challenged boy.
  • The Nestle Quick Rabbit is part of an orgy with Foxxy, Spanky, and Toots.  He was only there because he though Foxxy's breasts could produce chocolate milk.
  • Bill Cosby appears weeping over the loss of JELL-O PUDDING.
  • JESUS appears.  This is the Looniverse Jesus.
  • The STAR TREK II ear worms appear, being kept ina container labeled "Star Trek II ear worms".
November 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"N.R.A. Y RAY"--
  • Foxxy's grandson hides out at the house.
  • It turns out that Captain Hero had gone back in time and killed Bambi's mother.  Bambi convinces Hero that guns are bad. Hero rounds up all the weapons on Earth and flushes them down a toilet, at which the deer reveal they have weapons and seek revenge on humanity.
  • Hero also killed JOE CAMEL on his hunting trip.
  • Later, in the battle against Bambi's army, Hero shoots RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER.  (Sorry, Jessica. But refer to my rules on death in the Looniverse.)
  • Captain Hero uses a Needler gun from HALO.
  • Hero also shoots an AT-AT from EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.
November 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Mexican't Buy Me Love"--
  • Toots and Ling-Ling go to Mexico on vacation.
  • Mexico is a monarchy in the Looniverse. Their castle is a Home Depot.  Mexico's Mount Rushmore counterpart has the faces of Speedy Gonzales, the TACO BELL dog, Jose Leno (Mexican late night talk show host), and a donkey.
  • Spanky is aware that he is voiced by Adam Carolla.
September 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Lost in Parking Space"--
  • When the gang go the mall without Clara, she thinks the Rapture has come and she was left behind. She abandons her Christian beliefs to follow Satan.  Meanwhile, the gang get their car pinned in the mall parking lot, so they can't open the doors and are all stuck. Foxxy discovers at the mall that the Hot Topic abducts cartoon characters for customers to come and torture.
  • In one of the reality show confessionals, Hero chops off his own head to demonstrate that Toons can't really die.
  • Seen at the mall parking lot are SPEED RACER in the Mach-5, HE-MAN on his Battle Cat, and WONDER WOMAN in her invisible jet.
  • Kirk Cameron's Looniverse counterpart appears.
  • Mufasa THE LION KING's ghost appears to inspire Xandir.
  • Wooldoor has a lightsaber.
  • (FINDING) NEMO and other fish from that film are in a tank that is drank by Toots.  (I still believe Finding Nemo is in the TVCU.  This must be a counterpart.)
  • Among those tortured at Hot Topic are Fred Flintstone, Wish Bear (of the CARE BEARS), DARIA, DAVEY AND GOLIATH, Homer Simpson, POPEYE and Scrappy-Doo (originally from the TVCU).
  • It's revealed that if you give up on imagination, "the Nothing" will come, bringing in THE NEVERENDING STORY.  Probably only the fantasy parts are in the Looniverse with the boy being from Earth-Prime or the TVCU.
October 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Charlotte's Web of Lies"--
  • Spanky gets a spider stalker, who seems to be Charlotte of CHARLOTTE'S WEB, but I doubt it.
  • Spanky hires Boba Fett to exterminate his stalker.
  • Ling-Ling attends anger management with the HULK, Skeletor (enemy of HE-MAN), YOSEMITE SAM, and MARVIN THE MARTIAN.
  • The animated version of King Kong appears playing in a Broadway musical version of Drawn Together.
  • Keith Franklin appears again, still a waiter.
  • In flashback, Ling-Ling battles another Pokemon.
October 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Breakfast Food Killer"--
  • Wooldoor is hired to be a breakfast cereal mascot.
  • Appearing to audition as a mascot are the Looniverse counterpart of Andrew Koenig, a TRANSFORMER, Bender (from FUTURAMA, somehow brought through time and from the TVCU), Harley Quinn (apparently the essence of the golden age TVCU version), MICKEY MOUSE, HE-MAN, Baba Looey (sidekick of QUICK DRAW MCGRAW), and Speedy Gonzales.
  • It's revealed that Franken Berry is really named FRANKENSTEIN, but changed it to not be labeled as a Jew when he went Hollywood.
November 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care"--
  • Child services takes Ling-Ling away and places him in the care of UNCLE BEN, who turns out to be Foxxy's father.
  • Odie (from GARFIELD) appears in one of the scenes in the house.
  • Foxxy visits several foster homes looking for Ling-Ling.  One is the home of LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE and Daddy Warbucks.  This Annie is not the TVCU version.  
  • Another foster parent she visits is Megatron (leader of the Decepticons.)
  • The third home is actually a blank slate, where Foxxy is tormented by the animator, who turns out to be BUGS BUNNY.
  • Aunt Jemima's signature is seen on an award that Uncle Ben has in his closet.
  • At a diner is BOY GEORGE and Devo in 1980s Small Town.
November 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Toot Goes Bollywood"--
  • Toot is mistaken for a cow in India and gets worshiped as a god.
  • Foxxy has sex with the Looniverse counterparts of Denzel Washington, Magic Johnson, Forest Whitaker, Al Roker, SCOOBY-DOO, and MARVIN THE MARTIAN.
  • Foxxy believes that she was raped by FAT ALBERT AND THE COSBY KIDS, but these were false memories implanted by Wooldoor, her therapist, because apparently that's what therapists do.
  • Replacing Bill Cosby at the junkyard is Otis Day (from Animal House, and if I can't find anything to connect Animal House to the TVCU, then Animal House will end up in the Looniverse.)
  • COLONEL SANDERS appears.
November 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"American Idol Parody Clip Show"--
  • Another clip show before a live studio audience, this time with a musical competition thrown in.
  • For the first time, a house member is evicted. Munchkin Mouse is evicted after losing the singing contest.
  • At the end, the show seems to have been cancelled.
  • MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO appears yet again.
  • The housemates have been living in the house for two and a half years.  They haven't been aware the show was cancelled.  The Jew Producer has been continuing a charade.  It turns out there is a conspiracy and the cast are led to believe that they were created for the show and their memories before the show were implanted and all of their people they've met from their lives before the show were also created for the show.  Clara and friends go to DISNEYLAND, her home, to find another copy of her and a father who thinks Clara is fake.  It's my belief that in fact the cast aren't fake, but they are led to believe so.  The network head has an agenda to destroy the cast, and we know that MICKEY MOUSE also has an agenda against the cast, and could have created the doubles of Clara and her father.
  • Meanwhile, in an attempt to get back on the air, the cast realize their show needs a point, and goes to seek one out.
  • While hiding from the network's assassin, Toot goes back in time to Bedrock, where she has an affair with BARNEY RUBBLE and becomes the mother of BAMM-BAMM.
  • While on the road, the cast runs over the ROAD RUNNER.  Seeing he no longer has meaning in his life, WILE E. COYOTE takes his life.
  • Papa Smurf has died.  The others are at his funeral.  This implies that the Smurfs do indeed live now in the present in Toon Town.  Perhaps they migrated long ago from mideivel France.
  • Molly, a dead corpse that Captain Hero is dating, is shown to have been sexually involved with Aquaman, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, Doctor Manhatten (!!!), the Wonder Twins, Gleek, He-Man, Orko, Battle Cat, Batman, and Robin.  So it seems that the heroes from Watchmen are in the Looniverse, but obviously the events of Watchmen didn't happen.
  • Tinkerbell, the rhino guards from DISNEY'S ROBIN HOOD, a doorknob like the type in DISNEY'S WONDERLAND, and the Atlantis and Sebastian from LITTLE MERMAID are seen as Disneyland.
  • The show that replaces DRAWN TOGETHER is SUCK MY TAINT.  The Suck My Taint Girl seems to be from South Park.  She has a picture of Eric Cartman's cat in her dressing room.
  • The cast travels to MAKE A POINT LAND, which may be yet another strange part of the overall Looniverse.


DRAWN TOGETHER BABIES--One episode parodies shows like MUPPET BABIES, but the show contradicts the canon of the remainder of the series.  This reality has a version of FLIPPER.


  1. HEY TV Crossover Universe! I'm doing my own "Cartoon-Iverse" project and I see you've got a lot of stuff on your own TV Universe to my surprise. Could I use some of your information and/or tell you about mine?

  2. All I ask is if you use any material from my site, you cite the original source.

    Also, if you have a link to your site, I'd be happy to post it in my list of links over on the side panel.

  3. (It's not a site):D It's on Paper and pencil is used, maybe like a spider gram.
    Stuff includes:
    It starts with the Looney Tunes. There was a crossover with the Groovie Goolies, which is a spin off of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which is a spin off of The Archie Show. Sabrina crossed over with the Sonic the Hedgehog (comics). That crossed over with the Wildstorm and Image Universes as well as (different dimension) Sonic X.
    Futurama's Zoidberg appeared in Attack of the Drones, which may of crossed over with the Simpsons in Future-Drama. Futurama and the PJS referenced each other (credit to a TV Show website that's not this). The Critic crossed over with Simpsons and King of the Hill appeared on Simpsons maybe as promotion for the former (credit to that site).
    DC & Looney Tunes crossed over, albeit different universes, though in the Looney Tunes show Bugs Bunny is batman and Duck Dodgers Daffy meets the green lantern (albeit possible time gap). Batman was on Scooby Doo and that links to other shows and that links to Cartoon Network shows, also Scooby Doo links to that BBC children in need Medley which humourously you also found out about, and that has Ben 10, which'll cross overe with Generator Rex.
    Some stuff is more planned out then on the current version.

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