Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blogging 'bout the Beaver

After having spent some time talking about comics and cartoons, it's time to return to some core TV blogs, and Toby's recent blog has once again inspired my own blog topic, in the classic television series, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.

1956 to 1957--THE BEAVER PAPERS--A book comprised of 23 "episodes" from a "lost season" of the series, written in the original style of the series.  Since there is no season gaps during the run of the series, and the series ends with Wally heading to college, this must occur the year before the series started.

1957--LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--The feature film, which though debuting in 1997, follows the classic formula and doesn't contradict the series, so as with other film remakes, I'm placing this before the series as an "untold pilot".

1957 to 1963--LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--The story of Ward and June Cleaver, and their children, Wally and Theodore (aka the Beaver, or just the Beav.)  Click here for a good description of the original series and its revival.

1958 to 1962--LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--Dell Comics series.

1959--LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--A Little Golden Book.

1959--BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES--"Leave It to Bill & Ted"--The duo wander into the adventures of Leave it to Beaver, though names have been altered for legal reasons.

1960--BEAVER AND WALLY--Written by Beverly Cleary!!!

1960--LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--Written by Beverly Cleary!!!

1961--HERE'S BEAVER--Written by Beverly Cleary!!!

1962--LEAVE IT TO BEAVER:  FIRE!--A hardcover novel.

1983--STILL THE BEAVER--A look into what became of the characters twenty years after the series ended.

1984--MOVIE MACABRE--"The Human Duplicators"--June Cleaver meets ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK.

1985--AMAZING STORIES--"Remote Control Man"--A man on Earth-Prime gains a magical remote control and temporarily teleports June Cleaver to his reality.

1985 to 1986--STILL THE BEAVER--A look at the characters of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER all grown up.

1986 to 1989--THE NEW LEAVE IT TO BEAVER--The same revival series with a different name.

1987--THE LOVE BOAT--"Who Killed Maxwell Thorn?"--June and Beaver Cleaver take a cruise aboard the Love Boat.

1988--BABY BOOM--"Guilt"--J.C. gets some advice on mothering from June Cleaver.

1991--PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE--"Father Knows Less"--Eddie Haskell, Wally Cleaver's best friend, makes an appearance in one episode of this series.

1991 to 1992--HI HONEY, I'M HOME--This series involves a family moving to a new town where only a child neighbor realizes this family was featured on an old TV show.  In fact (from the TVCU point of view), this family had been the focus of an early reality show, and were now trying to live a quiet life.  June Clever and Eddie Haskell have made appearance on this show.  Other former reality show stars appear on this series, including Alice and Trixie of THE HONEYMOONERS, Granpa of THE MUNSTERS, Alice the maid from THE BRADY BUNCH, Sally Rogers of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, Mr. Mooney of THE LUCY SHOW, and GOMER PYLE of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (and his own series.)

2003--DEAD LIKE ME--"Pilot"--A June Cleaver type apparently appears, but I don't know the circumstances.  I don't know if she appears as a fictional character.  Or if she's real, if she is alive or dead.  If it is June Cleaver, then it would bring this series in, but if it's just a fictional depiction, then this series isn't in yet.


Looniverse:  PINKY AND THE BRAIN encounter the Looniverse counterpart of Beaver Cleaver.

SKITLANDIA:  (Note, Skitlandia may exist on the far side of the Live Action Forest located in the Looniverse.)  June Cleaver and Eddie Haskell have appeared on Saturday Night Live.  Eddie Haskell has also appeared on THE CARIBOU SHOW.


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