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It's the Muppet Blog!!!

This blog post is updated to incorporate information from my upcoming book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, published by 18thWall Productions.  For the purposes of this post, Horror Universe and Television Crossover Universe are synonymous.

Dr. Bunsen and Beaker on a vehicle in front of Pixar

So for this blog we're going to talk about the muppets.  But, wait, you say.  Didn't I already do that?  No, I did not.  I did a blog on Sesame Street.  This is a blog on the Muppet Show.  Two shows with muppets that have crossovers, sure.  But still two separate series.  After all, I did separate blogs for Dracula and Frankenstein, and for Batman and Superman.


It's the Muppet Show with our Very Special Guest Star, ... Robert E. Wronski, Jr.  YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

It's time to play the music 
It's time to light the lights 
t's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.

It's time to put on makeup 
It's time to dress up right 
It's time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight. 

Why do we always come here 
I guess we'll never know 
It's like a kind of torture 
To have to watch the show 

And now let's get things started 
Why don't you get things started 
It's time to get things started 
On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational 
This is what we call the Muppet Show! (HOOOOONK!!!!!)

On to the Ruth Buzzi free blog...

1337--HEY CINDERELLA!--An ancestor of Kermit the Frog in involved in the events of CINDERELLA.  Dennis E. Power tells us that Ollu and Buzsla were also involved.

1929 to 1985--MUPPET VIDEO:  THE KERMIT AND PIGGY STORY--This story tells the stories of Kermit and Piggy from childhood, up to how they met and became stars, all the way up to the present (of 1985, the time the video was produced.)

1941--KERMIT'S SWAMP YEARS--This flashback tale tells the story of Kermit at age 12 living in the swamps with his friends, and his first time since pre-school leaving the swamp.

February 1954--BEWITCHED--"George Washington Zapped Here"--Esmerelda pulls George Washington from the past.  President Washington also appears in THE MUNSTERS, THE MUPPET SHOW:  SEX AND VIOLENCE, VOYAGERS, WILD WILD WEST, FUTURAMA, TIME SQUAD, and AN AMERICAN CAROL.

1954--THE MUPPET MOVIE--Though it came out in 1979, it takes place before Kermit got famous.  Kermit first started appearing on talk shows in 1955.  This movie shows how he got from the swamps to Hollywood, thus it should be placed here.  During their trip to Hollywood, Kermit and Fozzie stop to offer Big Bird a ride.  He declines, saying he's on his way to New York, to break into public broadcasting.  This shows us that Big Bird was not originally from Sesame Street.  This explains why Little Bird is the only similar type of his species to live there (and Little bird didn't arrive until the 1970s.)  Big Bird, arriving in New York, must have found he wasn't accepted by New Yorkers, until he found Sesame Street.  Once Big Bird found his home, he made it his mission to tell others how to get to Sesame Street.  Clearly, it was Big Bird who continued to advocate for the next 15 years until finally PBS agreed to do a live daily educational reality program on Sesame Street.

1957 to 1966--THE JIMMY DEAN SHOW--Rolf frequently appeared on this show as part of his rich and famous contract.

1962--TALES OF THE TINKERDEE--Kermit hosts this fairy tale.

November 27, 1966--THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW--Kermit appears.

January 15, 1967--THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW--Kermit appears.

1967--OUR PLACE--Rolf is a regular on this show.

December 1968--THAT'S LIFE--"Bringing Baby Home"--Kermit appears on this show.  I don't know much about it, but it had fictional characters.  I think it might have been a sitcom.

1969--SESAME STREET PITCH REEL--This is kind of the pilot for that reality show called Sesame Street.  Kermit hosted the Sesame Street News.  I suppose he was to Sesame Street what Chevy Chase was to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  Well, except that Kermit was  serious news man.

1969 to November 2009--SESAME STREET--Kermit is a news anchor for Sesame Street News.

1971--THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTEN--This movie seems to be another step in the story of how the Muppets got famous.  I'm giving a five year period between when the Muppets were successful on Broadway and the time they got their variety show.  Kermit apparently marries Miss Piggy at the end with residents from SESAME STREET and FRAGGLE ROCK in attendance.  Sesame Street was very successful by this point, and Kermit was still a good friend of them, and still working for the Sesame Street News.  The Muppets and Sesame Street residents would interact with folks from FRAGGLE ROCK over.  Uncle Travelling Matt is the only Fraggle to appear here, which fits since most Fraggles probably aren't born yet.  This film also features the MUPPET BABIES.  This would seem to contradict the Muppet Movie, but since the Muppet Babies were literally babies still, if they were separated and spread across the country after, they probably would not remember each other as adults.  I know I don't know any of the children I was friends with when I was ages 0 - 5.

1971--PURE GOLDIE--Goldie Hawn is the star of this special that also features an appearance by Kermit the Frog.

1971--EVENING AT THE POPS--Kermit and the cast of Sesame Street appear here.

1972--TALES FROM MUPPETLAND:  THE MUPPET MUSICIANS OF BREMEN--Kermit hosts this story of four animals trying to better their situation.

1973 to Present--SASAMSTRABE--German version of Sesame Street that Kermit occasionally guests on.

1974--JULIE ON SESAME STREET--Julie Andrews visits Sesame Street.  Kermit is a regular on Sesame Street.

1974--THE MUPPETS VALENTINE SHOW--Includes an appearance from Ernie.

1975--MUPPET PICKER UPPER--Three skits performed by the Muppets.

1975--JULIE ANDREWS:  ONE TO ONE--A Julie Andrews special in which Kermit appears.

1975 to 1976--SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE--Little known fact.  The first season of Saturday Night Live featured the Muppets as regulars, thus SNL Season 1 could be considered Muppet Show season 0.

1976--THE KENNY EVERETT SHOW--As a sort of way to launch the upcoming variety show, the muppets do their thing on daytime talk radio.

1976--THE MUPPET SHOW--"Sex and Violence"--The pilot for the Muppet Show features a guest appearance from Bert.  Bert makes another appearance on the show this year.

1976 to 1981--MUPPET SHOW--The muppets put on a variety show.  As I've stated in my SESAME STREET blog, these aren't puppets in the TVCU.  They are real mutant anthropomorphic animals, monsters, and weirdos.  The name Muppet is like calling the original SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast members Not Ready for Prime-Time Players.  Every week featured a celebrity guest host, and I'm not going to list them all.  It should be noted each of those guest stars are the TVCU counterparts of celebrities from our real universe.

1977--THE BOB HOPE ALL-STAR CHRISTMAS COMEDY SPECIAL--With guest appearance from the Muppets.

December 1977--EMMET OTTER'S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS--Kermit hosts and narrates this story about a poor family trying to raise money for Christmas.

Spring 1978--JULIE ANDREWS:  ONE STEP INTO SPRING--What is up with that damn Julie Andrews?  She used to think she was so special that she actually had to keep having specials.  Well, the Muppets kept showing up on them.

1978--A TRIBUTE TO MR. TELEVISION MILTON BERLE--Kermit joins in on the celebration.

May 29, 1978--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOB--Hope, that is.  Kermit joins in on the celebration.

December 24, 1978--CHRISTMAS EVE ON SESAME STREET--In this special, it's...yeah, you know.  Kermit appears because he's on both shows.

1979--THE ORSON WELLS SHOW--With guest appearances from the muppets.

April 2, 1979--THE TONIGHT SHOW--With guest appearance from Fozzie Bear.

1979--THE MUPPETS GO HOLLYWOOD--The Muppets throw a huge Hollywood celebrity disco party to celebrate their first film.

1979--THE 31ST ANNUAL EMMY AWARDS--Kermit appears.

December 1979--JOHN DENVER AND THE MUPPETS:  A CHRISTMAS TOGETHER--The first of many occasions in which the muppets would hang with John Denver.

January 1980--MUPPET SHOW--I just had to include the Muppet Show, didn't I?  I stayed up all night trying to work this out.  OK, we all know that in the TVCU, identical cousins is a regular occurrence.  But this one I still had to stretch.  In early 1980, Mark Hamill hosts THE MUPPET SHOW to promote his new STAR WARS MOVIES.  Yes, so he is the actor playing Mark Hamill.  But then by the end of the show, we also get to see the real Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO.  We learn that Skywalker and Hamill are identical cousins.  Even though Hamill plays the fictional Skywalker and Skywalker is from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. But I figured it out.  Ready?  Here goes. Padme had a sister, who as a child got sent to a wormhole and ended up on Earth. Stranded, she took the Earth name Virgiania Suzanne Johnson.  As an adult, she met and fell in love with William Hammill, and their son would be Mark Hammill.  Hey, that makes sense.  Except that the cousins know of each others' existence.  Hmmm....  So perhaps Virginia's disappearance happened while Padme was pregnant.  Yes, during Episode III.  Which means Virginia should and probably was present during the entire prequel trilogy yet we never noticed her.  No wonder she took off.  So Virginia told her son that he had a cousin far off in space.  When Hammill got the role of Skywalker something must have clicked in his mind.  Though the force wasn't strong in his side of the family, the strange connection was enough for the two cousins to psychically link and communicate.  Especially since Hammill was already in close contact with George Lucas, who had his own strong connection to the events of that other place.  So when Skywalker arrived on Earth, they already knew each other.  Whew!!!  All this from a stupid cameo on a muppet show.

April 1980--THE MUPPET SHOW--"Roger Moore"--Roger Moore hosts the show, and keeps getting attacked by enemy spies because Roger Moore strongly resembles real life secret agent James Bond.

1981--THE MUPPETS GO TO THE MOVIES--This variety special is a promotion of their film THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTEN, which is based on the true story of how they got their act going.

1981--OF MUPPETS AND MEN:  THE MAKING OF "THE MUPPET SHOW"--A behind the scenes look of the variety show.

July 1982--I LOVE LIBERTY--The Muppets appear on this salute to America.

1982--IFTAH YA SIMSIM--This is a Lebanese show, but that doesn't mean "Death to America."  This is a Lebanese version of Sesame Street, and Kermit, being a huge star, shows up to help boost the ratings.

1982--THE FANTASTIC MISS PIGGY SHOW--This special was meant to be a pilot for a spin-off of the Muppet Show.

December 1983--ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOLIDAY WITH JOHN DENVER AND THE MUPPETS--John Denver takes the muppets camping.

1985--FOZZIE'S SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES--This is a direct to video clip show.  Fozzie recollects as he goes through his scrapbook.

1985--MUPPET VIDEOS:  ROLF'S RHAPSODIES WITH THE MUPPETS--Another direct to video, Rolf is taking his music to the next generation by doing that new popular MTV music video thing.

1985--NIGHT OF 100 STARS II--Apparently, Kermit is one of those 100.

July 1985--READING RAINBOW--"Perfect the Pig"--Kermit guest stars.

1985--SESAME STREET PRESENTS FOLLOW THAT BIRD--Social workers take Big Bird and place him in adoption.  He runs away from this new parents, and is abducted by criminals who want to make him a carnival act.  The Sesame Street residents including Kermit scour the country to find their friend.

1986--THE MUPPETS:  A CELEBRATION OF 30 YEARS--The Muppets reunite for this anniversary special.

1986--THE 58TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS--Statler appears.

1986--LEARNING ABOUT NUMBERS--featuring Kermit and the Sesame Street gang.

December 1986--THE CHRISTMAS TOY--Kermit narrates this tale that is strangely familiar.  Toys come to life, but if a human sees them, they will be permanently frozen.  A new toy comes but thinks they are a space explorer on an alien planet and not a toy.  So the child's favorite toy must try to convince the new toy that he is a toy, even though he's jealous and afraid of being replaced.  Really.  So this could potentally bring that CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE into the TVCU, except that there is no crossover in that special to really pull it in.  However, TOY STORY (yes, with the same story years later) does fit into the TVCU due to it's crossover connection with HOME IMPROVEMENT.  So in the TVCU, toys come to life...except even I can't swallow that.  I do believe that in one town, there might be a magical spell that brings toys to life.  And likely THE CHRISTMAS TOY and TOY STORY take place in the same town, years apart.

1987--INNER TUBE--Not to be confused with Toby O'Brien's blog about TOOB WORLD, this was a segment that was meant to get onto THE JIM HENSON HOUR but never did.

October 1987--DOLLY--Kermit shows up on this short-lived variety show.

December 25, 1987--A MUPPET FAMILY CHRISTMAS--Fozzie invites his friends, including Big Bird, to his mother's for Christmas.

1988--WOW, YOU'RE A CARTOONIST!--Instructional video for children who want to learn to draw cartoons, with appearances by the muppets.

1988--SESAME STREET SPECIAL--featuring many guest-stars including Kermit.

April to July 1989--THE JIM HENSON HOUR--A reprisal of the Muppet Show.

January 1990--COSBY SHOW--"Cliff's Nightmare"--Cliff Huxtable has a nightmare that features the muppets.  Obviously, he is familiar with their show.  But was it really a dream?  Because after he wakes up and goes to the fridge, he fridge is full of muppet food.  (Thanks, Toby, for pointing that out.)

Release Date: April 22, 1990 (Contemporary Setting)
Horror Crosses: Ghostbusters
Non-Horror Crosses: Muppet Show; Murphy Brown; Looney Tunes; Doogie Howser M.D.; Back to the Future; Nathan Thurm; Cheers; Cosby Show; Golden Girls; E.T. the Extraterrestrial; Married with Children; Marcus Welby M.D.; China Beach
The Story: The pollution caused by humans is literally killing Mother Nature.
Notes: This is a mega television crossover event. And despite the silly premise, all the crossed series remain true to the shows and films they come from. There is an appearance of Elong Spengler, president of Waste Busters. He is said to be the brother of Egon Spengler of Ghostbusters and is played by the same actor. And yes, the Muppets are in this. To explain the existence of Muppets in the Horror Universe, I reference the Angel episode in which puppets are brought to life possessed by demons. Or the Buffy episode with a human turned into a dummy. Or Chucky from Child’s Play. Murphy Brown, Doogie Howser, Cheers, the Cosby Show, the Golden Girls, and Married with Children are all standard sitcoms and are brought into the Horror Universe by this cross. Looney Tunes characters are animated drawings brought to life by the Necronomicon ex Mortis based on the film Evil Toons. Back to the Future is already well established as part of the Horror Universe, but this appearance of Doc Brown and his Delorean is a greater confirmation. Nathan Thurm is a character from Saturday Night Live, but just as with the appearance of Father Guido Sarducci in Casper, this cross does not bring in the entire cast of characters from SNL. Finally, this cross brings in the loveable alien E.T.

May 6, 1990--THE MUPPETS AT WALT DISNEY WORLD--The Muppets meet Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World, after Disney signs over management rights of the Muppets from Jim Henson.  Mickey is from the Looniverse, but he too has a contract with Disney in the TVCU.

May 16, 1990--Jim Henson passes away.  Jim Henson was the manager for the muppets and the folks on Sesame Street.

1990--THE MUPPETS CELEBRATE JIM HENSON--The Muppets celebrate the life of the man who made them stars.

1991--MUPPET*VISIONS 3-D--A 3-D show featuring the Muppets that can only be seen at Disney theme parks.

December 1992--HOLIDAY GREETINGS FROM "THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW"--Kermit is part of a tribute to Mr. Sullivan.

1993--MUPPET BREAKOUT--Three muppet sketches, direct to video.

1994--IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN--The Muppets put together a bunch of music videos for karaoke.

April 1, 1994--LARRY KING LIVE--The muppets appear.

September 24, 1994--LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN--Kermit is a guest.

May 29, 1995--SHOWBIZ TODAY--The muppets appear.

December 1995--MR. WILLOWBY'S CHRISTMAS TREE--Kermit is part of the events revolving around the story of some homeless mice.

March 1996 to February 1998--MUPPETS TONIGHT--Kermit takes over as executive producer for a new generation of Muppets.  One episode has an appearance by Ed Grimley, a fictional character played by Martin Short on Saturday Night Live, SCTV, The Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley, Martin Short Concert of the of the North Americas, Comic Relief, I Martin Short Goes Hollywood, and The Show Formerly Known as the Martin Short Show.

March 11, 1996--SHOWBIZ TODAY--The muppets appear again.

November 12, 1996--THE TONIGHT SHOW--Kermit is guest host in Jay's absence.

December 25, 1996--ELMO SAVES CHRISTMAS--Elmo uses a magic snow globe to wish that every day were Christmas, and then has to travel back in time to undo the wish when he finds there are negative consequences to his wish.  Kermit appears alongside the rest of the Sesame Street crew.

1998--THE BEST OF KERMIT ON SESAME STREET--Sesame Street honors arguably it's greatest break out star, Kermit the Frog, in an awards ceremony hosted by Grover.

1998--ELMOPALOOZA!--John Stewart of the DAILY SHOW is to host a retrospective on SESAME STREET but gets locked in his dressing room with the tapes.  Elmo attempts to salvage the show the best he can.  Kermit also appears.

April 30, 1998--GOOD MORNING, AMERICA--Kermit is a guest.

1999--MUPPETS FROM SPACE--From Wikipedia:  Gonzo has always been classified as a "whatever," but after he begins to have disturbing dreams of abandonment, he begins to realize just how alone he is in the world. One of his dreams involved him being denied entry onto Noah's Ark by Noah (F. Murray Abraham). The next morning, Gonzo tells Kermit the Frog that he is getting tired of being called a "whatever." After an alien race appears to be trying to send him a message through bowls of cereal, Gonzo realizes that he may not be so alone after all and climbs to the rooftop to start watching the sky. His dreams are realized when he's hit by a bolt oflightning that serves as a conduit that allows him to communicate with a pair of cosmic fish, revealing to him that he is, in fact, an alien from outer space.

When Kermit and his friends refuse to believe his wild raving however, Gonzo is lured into the clutches of K. Edgar Singer (Jeffrey Tambor) of C.O.V.N.E.T. (a government organization disguised as a cement factory) who has also taken note of the aliens' attempts at communication and believes that Gonzo is his key to convincing his superiors that aliens do in fact exist. Gonzo, along with Rizzo, are arrested by the army. Rizzo annoys Singer causing him to be flushed down a tube by Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Kermit and the gang spring into action to rescue Gonzo, with the help of some handy inventions (door in ajar, a rubber duck that sprays gas that makes you invisible when you squeeze it, and mind control spray) courtesy of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.
A talking sandwich asks Gonzo where the alien ship can land, and Gonzo suggests Cape Doom. At the military base, the gang arrive to rescue Gonzo and Rizzo. While on their rescue, every one uses invisible spray, but Fozzie Bear uses the restroom and washes his hands, making them visible. However, a security guard sees Fozzie Bear's hands and points a gun at him, threatening to shoot him dead unless he cooperates. She then tells him to put his hands up and prepares to handcuff him and take him to jail. The guard, who does not know that the hands belong to Fozzie Bear, tries to handcuff him, but he refuses to comply. She fights to get the handcuffs on him in order to take him into custody, but one of The Muppets grabs the security guard and lets him escape. When K. Edgar Singer hears of this, he has Agent Rentro (portrayed by Bobo the Bear) prep the Subatomic Neutro-Destabilizer to use on the aliens and heads to his car. When Agent Rentro tells him that the car is impounded due to the parking tickets, K. Edgar Singer and Agent Rentro end up taking the company car (a cement truck).
The Muppets go to Cape Doom after rescuing Gonzo and, along with a crowd of alien-happy spectators, await their arrival. The ship comes to Earth and the aliens, who all resemble Gonzo, explain that many years ago they lost him but welcome him back into the fold. K. Edgar Singer turns up and tries to kill the Aliens, but thanks to Agent Rentro, who has disabled his Subatomic Neutro-Destabilizer by taking the part that fires the weapon, he cannot and is laughed at. Gonzo considers going into space with the Gonzo-like aliens, but he realizes his true home is on Earth with his surrogate family and friends, and K. Edgar Singer goes with the aliens as Earth's ambassador due to being so amusing.
The film ends with the Muppets watching the stars on the roof. Gonzo tells Kermit he wonders why his family asked him to build a jacuzzi. Pepe chuckles because he and Rizzo had pretended to be them and asked him to do it.

2000--I LOVE THE 70S--"1976"--Kermit is one of the celebrities to comment on the pop culture events of 1976.

2000--TO TELL THE TRUTH--Kermit is one of the celebrity guests.

September 2000--TO TELL THE TRUTH--Kermit is a celebrity guest.

November 12, 2000--WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE--Kermit is guest host.

February 13, 2001--DAILY SHOW--Kermit makes an appearance.

February 2001 to November 2003--HOLLYWOOD SQUARES--Kermit is a frequent square on this game show.


2002--THERE'S ONLY ONE PAUL MCCARTNEY--And only one Kermit, and I didn't realize there was any question about either.

2002--PARTY AT THE PALACE:  THE QUEEN'S CONCERTS, BUCKINGHAM PALACE--Only the most elite celebrities would be invited to the Queen's party, so naturally Kermit is there.


December 2002--IT'S A VERY MERRY MUPPET CHRISTMAS MOVIE--Kermit loses the theater, and his friends rally to help.  Kermit is having an "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" moment where he travels to that alternate universe where he didn't create the Muppet Show.  On his way to the Mirror Universe, he briefly is pulled to the Dagoba system, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, where he meets Yoda, before reaching the intended destination.  (Thanks to Crazy Ivan for clarifying this for me...and then reclarifying it for me.)

2003--I LOVE THE 70S--This is the second edition, with more pop culture events discussed.  Kermit was popular enough to be invited back for this one.

2004--THE NICK & JESSICA VARIETY HOUR--The couple that was doomed once their ratings dropped go old school with a classic style variety show, with celebrity guests like Kermit.

April 2004--ANT & DEC'S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY--This is some kind of sketch, prank, and standup show.  Kermit makes a guest appearance.

2004--AFI'S 100 YEARS...100 SONGS:  AMERICA'S GREATEST MUSIC IN THE MOVIES--Kermit is amongst the celebrities discussing movie music.

December 18, 2004--SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE--The muppets make a cameo appearance.

May 2005--AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS--Kermit makes a guest appearance.

May 11, 2005--THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON--Kermit is a guest.

2005--THE TONY DANZA SHOW--Kermit makes three appearances in one year on this short lived show.

2005--THE 100 GREATEST FAMILY FILMS--Kermit is amongst the celebrities chosen to discuss.

May 13, 2005--JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE--Fozzie Bear appears.

June 2005 to September 2006--STATLER AND WALDORF:  FROM THE BALCONY--The duo that constantly heckled Fozzie Bear during the entire run of the Muppet Show are given their own web series where they review movies.

2005--AMERICA'S NEXT MUPPET--Disney had planned this reality competition show where people, animals, and things would compete to join the ensemble Muppet cast.  It never reached the air.

2005--EXTREME MAKEOVER:  HOME EDITION--"The Harper Family"--The Muppets guest star.

2005--EXTREME MAKEOVER:  HOME EDITION--"The Harris Family"--Kermit appears.

2005--KERMIT:  A FROG'S LIFE--All I know is it is a direct to video featuring the Muppets.

2005--AN AUDIENCE WITH JOE PASQUALE--Another concert, with Gonzo making a guest appearance.

December 2005--BEST EVER CHRISTMAS FILMS--Retrospective special with celebrity guest commentators, including Gonzo.

2006--THE FRENCH MUPPET SHOW--Over in France, French men, monsters, animals, and things impersonate the original cast of the Muppet Show.

April 21, 2006--THIS MORNIING--Kermit is a guest.

2006--EXTREME MAKEOVER:  HOME EDITION--"The Craft Family"--Kermit appears.

December 8, 2006--LIVE WITH REGIS AND...ONE OF THOSE GIRLS--Kermit is a guest.

2007--THE MUPPETS ON "THE MUPPETS"--Direct to video documentary where the Muppets are all interviewed about their careers, in a "BEHIND THE MUSIC"/"TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY" style.

2007--MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM--Kermit is a customer at a magical toy shop.

December 31, 2007 to January 1, 2008--NEW YEARS ROCKIN' EVE 2008--Kermit is a celebrity guest.

May 21, 2008--THE VIEW--The muppets appear.

August 3 to October 5, 2008--STUDIO DC:  ALMOST LIVE--Two Disney specials reviving the Muppet Show format and cast and loaded with Disney stars such as Selena GomezDemi LovatoJake T. AustinJason EarlesJason DolleyMoises AriasDavid Henrie and The Cheetah Girls.  This show features famous Disney stars, but also some fictional characters as well.  Crossovers include THE CHEETAH GIRLS, WENDY WU:  HOMECOMING WARRIOR, THE JONAS BROTHERS, THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACH AND CODY, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, and HANNAH MONTANA.  (Sorry, guys, I know this is even more painful than muppets.)

November 13, 2008--THE TODAY SHOW--The Muppets take over the Today Show for one morning.

Late November 2008--MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE--Kermit is part of the parade.

December 2008--A MUPPETS CHRISTMAS:  LETTERS TO SANTA--Three letters to Santa accidentally end up in Gonzo's hands, so he gets his friends to help him get them to the North Pole.  Of course they meet Santa.  Santa Claus has many appearances in the TVCU, that will eventually be covered in it's own blog.  Then I will reconcile all the different versions that are out there.

January 2009--DISNEY XTREME DIGITAL--""--Several videos of the Muppets have been uploaded here.

January 2009--SCRUBS--"My ABC's"--Muppets have appeared on this show I once thought to be a self-contained crossover free show until Ivan set me straight about Apollo Bars and Cougars, but only within Doctor John Dorian's imagination.

March 2009 to Present--THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK--Though this is in print, it is about the revival of the Muppet Show in the TVCU.

March 20, 2009--LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON--The Muppets appear.

September 2009--AMERICA'S GOT TALENT--Kermit appears.

2009--MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 2009--Kermit appears.

2009--FAMILY GUY PRESENTS:  SETH & ALEX'S ALMOST LIVE COMEDY SHOW--This actually isn't Family Guy, thus it's not in the Bongo Universe.  It's a musical variety show with Seth MacFarlane and Alex Borstein.  Kermit is a celebrity guest.

December 23, 2009--LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON--Fozzie Bear appears.

2010--EXTREME MAKEOVER:  HOME EDITION--"Morris Family"--The Muppets appear.

2011--OCCASIONAL COMICS DISORDER--"Muppets Thor"--Thor meets the Muppets.  Read the story here.

2011--THE MUPPETS--When their old theater is to be demolished, the Muppets try to put on one more show to raise the money to save it.

October 2011--SO RANDOM!--"Miss Piggy"--Miss Piggy is the guest host on the fictional sketch comedy show called So Random!, which is part of the actual show also called So Random!

November 19, 2011--SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE--Jason Segel hosts and brings his Muppet friends on as well, where they point out to him that they were regular cast seasons during the show's first season.  Also, on Weekend Update, Kermit explains to Seth Meyer that he is a Muppet, not a puppet. When asked what the difference was, Kermit explained "Puppets are controlled with strings by a person, whereas I am a real talking frog." TVCU theory now confirmed as fact.  And note that even though this is the case, Seth, like the majority of the world, assumed they were puppets, which helps maintain the "normalcy" of the world outside our window view of the TVCU.  Weekend Update, incidentally, has been established as being part of the TVCU, rather than Skitlandia, especially with many TVCU characters appearing on the segment over the years in character.  Telerrific!!!

February 2012--TAKE TWO WITH PHINEAS AND FERB--Miss Piggy comes on the show to plug the new MUPPETS film, which is based on their recent comeback.

May 2012--THE BACHELORETTE--I'm not sue exactly what happened, but I think Kermit was competing with other guys to marry the Bachelorette, which is messed up because he is a married man after all.

Release Date: April 3, 2012 (See notes for setting)
Series: The Time Travel Guide
Horror Crosses: Evil Dead; Alien
Non-Horror Crosses: Terminator; Doctor Who; Back to the Future; Forbidden Planet; The Time Machine; Time Cop; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court; Star Trek; Timeline; Stargate; Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure; Hot Tub Time Machine; Star Wars; Futurama; Donnie Darko; Time After Time; Lost; Philadelphia Experiment; 12 Monkeys; Quantum Leap; X-Files; Gundam; Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers; Voltron; iRobot; Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (films); Superman (Christopher Reeve films); Land of the Lost; Battlestar Galactica; Star Trek (reboot); Planet of the Apes; Call of Duty; Muppet Show
The Story: Not so much a story, this is an actual guide for new time travellers written by some guys who live at some point in the future, but who came back in time to publish the book (presumedly to avoid an amateur time traveller from screwing up their timeline).
Notes: This story implies that all of the above crosses exist. However, because of the nature of time travel, it’s possible that some of the above may be in divergent timelines while others are part of the main Horror Universe timeline.

April 2013--GOOD LUCK CHARLIE--Hi-ho! The Muppets perform an original song when they appear on Good Luck Charlie! on Disney Channel.  They also appeared on So Random.


AVENUE Q---This is a broadway musical created by some of the original writers from Sesame Street.  It's an adult parody of both Sesame Street and the Muppet Show.

BONGO UNIVERSE--The muppets have appeared on Family Guy.  These are not the TVCU characters but their Bongo counterpart.  Likewise for Kermit's appearance on the Simpsons.

DRAWN TOGETHER BABIES--One episode parodies shows like MUPPET BABIES, but the show contradicts the canon of the remainder of the series.  This reality has a version of FLIPPER.

EARTH-PRIME--CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE is a story of a girl who is worried about her brother using drugs.  Her toys come to life, including her Slimer Ghostbusters action figure.  When they come to life, they are they take on the form and persona of the characters from the animated shows, like REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, they are based off of.  For the record, the other toys that come to life are characters from DUCKTALES, WINNIE THE POOH, THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, LOONEY TUNES, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, THE SMURFS, ALF, GARFIELD, and THE MUPPET BABIES.  Note that this does not connect these characters in their home realities.  These are merely toys adopting the characteristics of the characters they portray.


  • 1984 to 1991--MUPPET BABIES--This series is full of 80s pop culture references, and includes appearances by Stan Lee and Yoda, making it difficult to place in the TVCU.  Fortunately, Drawn Together gave me another solution.
  • November 2005--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Little Orphan Hero"--Captain Hero learns that his planet wasn't destroyed, but that his parents aborted him.  He ends up destroying the planet except for his parents who are on Earth at the time.  Batman and Robin appear in a flashback.  This is the essences of the deceased TVCU Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.  Baby Kermit, Fonzie, Gonzo, and Scooter appear from MUPPET BABIES giving me an excuse to place the cartoon here and making my Muppet continuity a little cleaner now.

MUPPET UNIVERSE--As I've said before, everything is real somewhere.  Even fiction within fiction.  The Muppets exist in the TVCU.   But many of them are actors, and they make movies.  In the TVCU, they are just fictional movies, but in the MUPPET UNIVERSE, they are real.  This includes, (but is not limited to) CinderElmo,  the Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, the Muppets' Wizard of Oz, Muppet Classic Theater,  Tales from Muppetland:  The Frog Prince, and Elmos' Musical Adventure:  Peter and the Wolf.

ROBOT CHICKEN UNIVERSE--As we know fully well, everything fictional and real has a counterpart...a sick and twisted this reality.

TVCU2--I had previously linked the Great Muppet Caper to the Muppet Universe, but then Toby found a link to the TVCU.  However, it just doesn't fit in the TVCU, thus, it gets into this divergent timeline that was created when Lou Dorchen traveled back in time from 2008 to 1986 in a HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and then stayed behind to make some changes.  The Daily Chronicle could be the same as the New York Chronicle, but not the World Chronicle.....

OK, to wrap up, I know there are some of my readers who don't care for my inclusions of muppets, cartoons, super-heroes, or conflation of characters.  And that's ok.  But I hope that you can read a particular blog and take what you like out of it and leave behind what you don't.  Of course, it's my world and my rules.  Sometimes my rules change.  For instance when I wrote the Superman blog, I had no intention of bringing in the Super Friends, but by the time I got to my Batman blog, I changed my mind.  But even though the TVCU is my domain, I create it by picking and choosing things I pull from research, including sources contained within others' shared realities (such as Toob World, for example.)  I take what I like and leave behind what I don't.  That's what I hope my readers will do, if they have their own shared world and their own rules.  Take the bits of my work you like and incorporate it into yours, and ignore the rest.