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Buffy and Angel

I won't be updating horror related blogs until after my book, the Horror Crossover Universe, is published.  (That should be around April pending no more crises in my life.)  After that, the research I've done for that book and the ideas I've come up with will greatly influence all of the horror related TVCU blogs.  The Horror Crossover Universe is not the Television Crossover Universe.  There are a few, but important, differences.  However, the majority of the contents of the book are compatible with the blog.  


Buffy the Vampire Slayer title card.jpg

"Reality is shaped - even created - by our perceptions."
Rupert Giles
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

This is one I'm surprised I never got to during my first year, considering that I am a huge Buffy fan.  But I had a certain agenda for a certain mix during my first year, and I've tried hard to make sure to not to stick to one genre or another too much.  But now I think it's time to deal with this crossover heavy series.

Ivan adds to these comments:  There are so many contradictory Lucifers / Devils / Satans out there, I consider them to be associates of each other, even if they are also aspects of the same big bad. And of course I consider the Lovecraft Mythos to be the source of many of the 'Elder Gods' from the Buffyverse (Illyria, Glorificus, etc) and I always pictured the Senior Patners as Outer Gods (or at least one of them; Nyarlothotep).

The Beginning--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Welcome to the Hellmouth"--Giles: "This world is older than any of you know. Contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons demons walked the Earth. They made it their home, their... their Hell. But in time they lost their purchase on this reality. The way was made for mortal animals, for, for man. All that remains of the old ones are vestiges, certain magics, certain creatures...
Buffy: "And vampires." 

BLOODED--"It is true that in the first place, demons owned this world. They lost it in a grand battle with the Emperor, and fight to this day to take it back again." 
from Emperor Taizu's Book written in 971 

Sometime before 491,000 BCE--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--On earth a kind of vampire called the Turok-Han existed, immensely strong and bestial creatures.  Their origins remain unknown.  [From]

52,000 B.C.--The first Slayer is called.

First Slayer

Prior to 20,000 BC--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ADVERSARY CYCLE--Most if not all Turok-Han are imprisoned beneath the Seal of Danzalthar by Glaeken and his allies.  The hellish realm where they end up is the Vampire Dimension.  [From]

Circa 20,000 BCE--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--The Powers That Be (this could mean the Ally or other powerful cosmic entities) institute the Order of Slayers. [From]

2700 B.C.--PORTAL THROUGH TIME--Ejuk was an orphan who was raised by her Watcher. She is 6 feet tall, has exotic looks and bronze skin. Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow and she wore leather armor. Her watcher was killed by four time traveling vampires out to disrupt the Slayer line. Ejuk served under the rule of King Gilgamesh.



1530 B.C.--TALE OF THE SLAYER--Nubian Slayer

1279 B.C.--XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS--In the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Play's the Thing", a theater critic remarks, "I hear "Buffus the Bacchae Slayer" is playing next door."[10]  This is likely an adaptation of the legends of this generation's slayer.

1000 B.C. to 996 B.C.--DARK CONGRESS--This Slayer lived in a village near the Sebu river. She fought a river goddess known as Kandida and while she was unable to destroy her corporeal form, she imprisoned her in a sarcophagus for around 3,000 years.

507 B.C. to 490 B.C.--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Thessily is described as having been a Slayer "all her life". It's 490 B.C. in Greece and Thessily is the current Slayer. In order to protect an important messenger, she must run 300 miles in 3 days while fending off countless vampires. In the end, this 29 year old Slayer just wants to be remembered for something great that she herself did. Thessily is killed by poison.

First Century B.C.--GO ASK MALICE--This Slayer was tortured and killed by Kakistos. Her daughter, Alexandra, went mad and became a Vengeance demon, and granted her mother's dying wish to come back and possess another Slayer (Faith Lehane) so she could kill Kakistos.

38 to 40--THE EVIL THAT MEN DO--Diana

40 to 41--THE EVIL THAT MEN DO--This Slayer goes up against Helen and Julian, a nefarious vampire duo. She manages to destroy their plans to raise the demon goddess, Meter, by stealing the ashes of Emperor Caligula, which are needed in order to raise the demon. She is slain by Helen and Julian.

48 to 52--NIGHT TERRORS--This Slayer is a Celtic warrior who battles the Night Terrors. These creatures are able to eject her soul from her body, which allows vampires to feed on her physical being.

60--PORTAL THROUGH TIME--This Slayer is said to have been amongst the longest-living Slayers and to have suffered under the Night Terror demon. She seemed to enjoy the war with the Romans and had a tendency to disobey her Watcher.


667--THE EVIL THE MEN DO--Slayer Victim of Helen & Julian #1

796--THE GIRL'S GOT BITE:  THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO BUFFY'S WORLD--Lothos becomes a Vampire King.

879--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Dopplegangland/Something Blue/Triangle"--Anya becomes a vengeance demon.

980--TALES OF THE SLAYER--This Slayer was a Lady-In-Waiting of the Imperial Court and was sacrificed to a dragon by the vampire Migoto. All that was found of her was her white, blood-stained kimono.

980--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Kishi is a brave girl born into a warrior clan who is suddenly called to serve as a lady in waiting for the Great Lady Ankimon-in. Her summoner, Bennin, claims to be her Watcher and informs her of her duty as a Slayer. He teaches her precious information concerning the demons around her as well as her predecessor before sending her to wait on the Great Lady. Kishi does her best to locate the demons which have been surrounding the Palace only to find out that Bennin is not who he says he is; nor is the Great Lady who was originally the Watcher of the past Slayer. Bennin, is actually Migoto, Bennin's brother, who has been sacrificing Slayers to a dragon in order to maintain his immortal life.

11TH Century--AUTUMNAL--Red-haired, medieval armor-wearing Adja, who speaks a crude Gothic dialect, traveled across time to sacrifice her own life for that of Buffy Summers' to stop Karfarnaum. She tells the Scoobies that "to humble the monster, one must have the heart of a Slayer". Her name, Adja, means "one who is already dead". Adja calls Buffy "Nasjands", which means "the Savior".


1011--IMMORTAL--A slayer slays a vampire named Belisarius.  [From]

1123--WISDOM OF WAR--Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #1

1147--WISDOM OF WAR--Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #2

1147--WISDOM OF WAR--Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #3

1147--WISDOM OF WAR--Slayer Victim of the Kludden Tribe #4

1147 to 1156--WISDOM OF WAR--European Slayer

13th Century--THE EVIL THAT MEN DO--Slayer Victim of Helen & Julian #2

1250--TALES OF THE SLAYER--This is a Slayer who was trained but did not know what her calling was. Her angst and frustration come through when she fails to fulfill her duty through no fault of her own. Her father, a vampire, kills his daughter.

Mid 13th Century--THE BOOK OF FOURS--In attempting to rescue a French knight, this Arabic Slayer was devoured by a monster made of a sort of primal evil known as the Gatherer.

1300--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Slayer Victim of Tatoul #1

1320--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Slayer Victim of Tatoul #2

1320--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Eliane and her Watcher have spent years training together, but as the years go by and Eliane becomes older they begin to suspect that she will never be called as a Slayer. Eventually she and her Watcher fall in love, get married and form a family. When she finally reaches the age of 20, she is abruptly called to her duty and her husband is taken away from her for violating codes of conduct with his charge. Eliane refuses to accept her duty until her husband has returned to her even though Tatoul, a particularly vicious vampire plagues her city. When the demon finally steals her five-year-old son, Gervais, and turns him into a vampire, she begins to fight back. At the end, she allows her son to drink her blood, slaying him at the same time. Because they are connected when this happens, the son is slain, but then, she, herself, starts to light on fire. At the end, the only thing left remaining is her daughter, Isabeau, who is called to be the next Slayer, even though she's an infant. Isabeau is given to her father.

1347 to 1351--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--One slayer is a barmaid in Europe.

1350 Slayer

Middle Ages--TALES OF THE SLAYERS--This Slayer saved a walled, medieval town from the vampire Saint Just; easily slaying him and his horde. The entire town bore witness to the fight including young girls who admired her and were inspired to stand up for themselves. The men did not like this, so as the righteous Slayer slept, men broke into her house and grabbed her from bed. They dubbed her a witch, because only a witch could have defeated the vampires so easily and burned her at the stake. Her Watcher, a monk, can do nothing but watch. Her Watcher avenged her death by opening the town gates, allowing legions of vampires to feast on the whole town.

Tales of the Slayers-Righteous.jpg

1397--THE WATCHER'S GUIDE/BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"The Harvest"--Heinrich Joseph Nest is turned into a vampire and will one name be known as the Master.

15th Century--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/THE ORIGIN--This Slayer is of noble birth and lives in a castle in England. She is called as a Slayer around the age of 16. She is killed by Lothos.

Dark Ages.jpg

1424 to May 30, 1431--THE DEATH OF BUFFY--St. Joan of Arc (Jehanne Darc in Middle French or Jeanne d'Arc in modern French) is the patron saint of France. She is depicted in men's armor slaying a vampire in The Death of Buffy.

Joan of Arc.jpg

1428 to 1976--DARK PRINCE:  THE TRUE STORY OF DRACULA--There are many versions of Dracula in film, but this one has the same actor who would play him in the Buffy series, so this is actually a crossover.

1479 to 1481--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Esperanza de la Vega is a Spanish Slayer. Reading about demons does not help her standing at all. Esperanza has a very tough life, living secretly as a Jew under the crippling rule of the Spanish Inquisition. Being a marrano brands her as a heretic. But it is made undoubtedly worse when she is arrested and charged with being a witch by the monks who had overrun her town.

1503--QUEEN OF THE SLAYERS--Gabriella

1525 to 1527--TEMPTED CHAMPIONS--Slayer Cassia Marsilka is killed and turned by Cyrus the Gladiator, a 1,300-year-old vampire whom she later staked. She hates humans and vampires. She went on to build her skills as a vampire and went under a variety of different names including Callia, Calida, Caterina, Catalina, Christine, Catia and Celina. She was eventually defeated and staked by Buffy.

1539--THE GATEKEEPER TRILOGY--Maria Regina is killed by being stabbed.

1550--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"The Body"--According to Anya, the being that becomes known as Santa starts around this time, complete with the reindeer and coming down the chimney. Of course, he'd rather disembowel kids than bring them presents... 

1580--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Buffy Vs. Dracula"--The vengeance demon Anyanka meets Dracula.  Dracula says he admires her work after she makes a man so fat he was like a "human minivan."

Late 1590s--TWILIGHT--This Slayer is active in Spain during the late 1590s. Buffy, while on the plane known as "Twilight", is magically changed from the sari of a 17th century Indian Slayer into the black mourning dress of this Slayer as the powers of the realm become acclimated to her.

Spanish Slayer.jpg

17th Century--TWILIGHT--This Indian Slayer fights a long-haired blond vampire with a stake while wearing a red sari with gold jewelry and a bindi. The vampire kills her when he grabs her hair and goes for her neck. Angel mentions this Slayer when Buffy is magically transformed into her sari as the "Twilight" realm becomes acclimated to her.

Indian Princess Slayer.jpg

Early 17th Century--HALLOWEEN RAIN--Erin kills the Tatzelwurm. She is killed by the demon, Samhain, after facing him on two separate Halloweens.

1609--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL--"Angel/Darla"--A dying prostitute in Virginia named Darla is turned into a vampire by the Master.

1609--TALES OF THE SLAYER--A Slayer named White Doe was adopted by Croatoans despite her English breeding and trained as the men were. She grew to be beautiful and agile. A particular wizard of the people fell in love with her but she did not return his lust. He then turned her into a white doe because if he could not have her then he did not wish anyone else have her heart. But Seal of the Ocean loves her and eventually finds her, only to end up killing her because he believes she is a wild animal. This story is based on myths built around the real life disappearance of the Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare, the first child of English colonists born on American soil.

1609--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Countess Báthory Erzsébet (Elizabeth Báthory) a.k.a. die Blutgräfin (the Blood Countess) is a wicked woman who lives at Csejte Castle in Hungary (now Čachtice Castle in Slovakia). It is rumored that she bathes in the blood of young virgins in order to stay youthful. Ildikó is the current Slayer. She is the daughter of gypsies and lives isolated with her Watcher. He trains her in the ways of a lady and she successfully infiltrates the castle, in an effort to stop the deaths that are seemingly always occurring there. There are rumors that the countess kills virgin girls for their blood and bathes in it to make herself younger. When Ildikó enters the countess' castle she poses as a servant girl. The countess' ladies see what kind of strength Ildikó has and this makes the countess want to bathe in her blood. Although Ildikó finds out how she kills the girls, she is eventually drugged and killed in an Iron Maiden by the countess, never finding out if she was a vampire or not.

1612--BLOODED--A Samurai Watcher must take his own life after being dishonored and leaves his Slayer on her own.  She is killed three months later.

Early 1625--HISTORY OF THE SLAYER--"Plymouth Colony, early 1625. Mysterious deaths were attributed to some unknown animals. These deaths stopped shortly after a strange visitor, Abigail Cole, joined the community." - WB advertisement.

Abigail Cole.jpg

1640s--GHOUL TROUBLE--Slayer Victim of Dies Pedes

1649--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Gingerbread"--Two small children named Hans and Greta are found dead in Germany's Black Forest.  A woman is accused as a witch and murdered for the crime.

1661--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Robin Whitby is the captain of a schooner called Neptune's Lady. She has been passing herself off as a man in order to be accepted by her crew. While sailing the seas, they come about a boat called the El Dorado, which is strangely free of any crew members, save for a young Spanish girl. The boat is loaded with gold and treasures; and in particular, an ugly little idol. After a brief mutiny on board her ship as soon as the crew realizes that she's female, half the members take the other boat and set off. However, the boat becomes plagued by the kraken, a water monster with fangs and squid-like arms, and Robin heads back to fight for the crew that once betrayed her. In a fight with the kraken, Robin loses her right forearm to the beast, losing a part of herself, yet still not defeating the hideous monster.

1670 to 1673--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Carissa is called at the young age of 12.

1680S--TWILIGHT--Fearing that the current Slayer will bring about Twilight, thirty fearful Watchers commit suicide by poisoning their drinks in a dining hall. The incident becomes a Watcher myth; a fairy tale that warns of the universe answering if the balance between humanity and magick isn't kept in check.

1684 to 1692--NIGHT OF THE LIVING RERUN--Samantha Kane is the Slayer, and Robert Erwin is her Watcher.

1692--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Intervention"--Anya is present at the Salem Witch Trials.

1700s--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--A Virginia slave is a Slayer.

1725--FOOL FOR LOVE--This Slayer forged her own weapons and wielded an anvil.

1727--ANGEL--"The Prodigal"--Birth of Liam, who will one day be known as Angel.

18th Century--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  THE ORIGIN--The Slayer is a prostitute in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong.jpg

1753--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL--"Becoming/The Prodigal"--Liam is turned into a vampire by Darla and changes his name to Angelus.

1760--Angel--“Darla”--Unknown city - Darla introduces Angelus to the Master. Angelus does not like the idea of living in the sewers and leaves.  From

1764 --Angel--York, England – Darla and Angelus visit the home of the family of vampire hunter Daniel Holtz, the man dubbed the most successful human vampire hunter in history with over 600 kills.  He has been searching for them.  They in turn kill Holtz’ entire family, leaving his daughter Sarah a vampire whom Holtz throws into the sun when he gets home.    From

1767--Angel--Marseilles, France – Angelus and Darla spend some time with another vampire couple, Elizabeth and James, while on the run from vampire hunter Daniel Holtz.  From

1770--TALES OF THE SLAYER--This Slayer is killed by the vampire, l'Hero. In her time as the Slayer, she killed two vampires and beheaded a chicken whom she had been told was possessed. Her Watcher was a frail old woman who had lost contact with the Council years before her calling. This Slayer doubted the existence of the czar because she had never met him.

1789 to 1790--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Marie-Christine du Lac is a Slayer of royal blood who lives in Marie-Antoinette's royal palace at Versailles. Unfortunately, the royals have become displeased with her work, as has her Watcher. Originally, Marie-Christine despises the poor of France, an attitude shared by the Watcher and most of the court. Her attitudes slowly change upon meeting a young, innocent girl who lives on the street. After meeting this little girl, Marie-Christine begins to be disobedient towards her Watcher. She faces a vampire named l'Hero, who starts the French Revolution among the poor. They knew he is a vampire, but do not care, as the situation he creates for them is better than the Royals ever did. Marie-Christine's life falls apart as the rebellion erupts around her. L'Hero captures the little girl, and Marie-Christine disobeys her orders to save the little girl. At the end, she herself finds out she was born a peasant and her Watcher doesn't care. The revolution starts and Marie-Christine's Watcher is beheaded for trying to protect the king and queen. As he is about to be guillotined, he blames Marie-Christine for the revolution. He says to her, "Once a peasant..." The story ends with the little girl grabbing Marie-Christine's hand and having her hand feel like ice; probably a result of being turned into a vampire, herself.

1790--TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN VOLUME 3:  DANSE MACABRE--"The Heart of the Moon"--Usually I just list the crossovers without commentary, but this time I have a little to say about some of them.  Here are the crossovers and my comments:
  • DOCTOR OMEGA:  The Doctor here is the first incarnation during his younger years when he was hiding out in the TVCU.  In fact, this whole story is in the TVCU.
  • TELZEY AMBERDON:  She is the Doctor's companion, though she originates from stories that occur in the future of the TVCU written by James Schmitz.
  • CAPTAIN KRONOS, VAMPIRE HUNTER:  Main character of 1974 Hammer horror film of same name.
  • SOLOMON KANE:  Main character of many stories written by Robert E. Howard.
  • MACISTE:  I just wrote a blog about this character, unaware of this crossover plus another appearance in another TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN story.
  • PRINCE VSESLAV:  This character has a counterpart in our world (the "real" world).  He was believed to be a werewolf and sorcerer, and apparently was indeed both in the TVCU.
  • VAMPIRE CITY:  This was a novel by Paul Feval.  
  • LOVECRAFT MYTHOS:  The Old Ones are said to be the creators of vampires, and that vampires were originally meant to be servants of the Old Ones.  This sort of matches up to the same notions of the origin of vampires and demons in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.
  • LOST PARADISE:  A story by C.L. Moore whose events are mentioned as having happened in this tale.  But those events must have happened in some alternate reality, but surely since the Doctor is the one who mentions them, and knows of alternate realities, must have been there at some point.  Or he's lying.  He does that.
  • STAR OR PSI CASSIOPEIA:  The architect Lessur mentioned is from that work.
  • HANZO HATTORI:  Legendary character from Japanese television whose descendant appears in Kill Bill.  One of his legendary swords appears.
  • MURAMASA: A real life legendary swordsmith,who was the actual maker of the sword I just mentioned.  
  • BARON MUNCHHAUSEN:  Maciste is compared to this legendary braggard.
  • THE BLACK STONE:  The adventurers pass through the Hungarian city of Stregoicavar, originally from this Robert E. Howard tale.
  • THE VAMPYRE:  Lord Ruthven, the main character of this tale, is mentioned.  Note that Lord Ruthven may be Angelus, who will some day be the heroic ANGEL.  
  • NOSFERATU:  Orlock, the main character of this film, is said to be the oldest vampire "living" in the VAMPIRE CITY of Selene.

1790 to 1792--TALES OF THE SLAYERS/TWILIGHT--Claudine was a Slayer who lived in Paris, France during the height of the French Revolution. She was tricked by Jean, her Watcher, into killing an aristocrat by telling her he was a vampire who fed from the poor. Afterwards, she confronted Jean, who confessed he intended her to hunt down every aristocrat in hiding. However, Claudine rejected Jean and left him, overwhelmed with guilt for having killed a human. A Sweeney Todd-looking vampire kills Claudine by snapping her neck in his grip.


1792 to 1799--PORTAL THROUGH TIME--Marguerite Allard is an aristocratic young woman before being called as the Slayer in 1792. She is fluent in both French and English. She is active during the French Revolution. Marguerite encountered the vampires Angelus andDarla, but did not kill them or vice versa. Marguerite is pursued by two vampire assassins who are out to destroy the Slayer lineage by disrupting the natural course of history. She is saved by a future SlayerBuffy Summers, from the assassins and survives to the end of the Revolution.

Late 1700s--Angel--“Somnambulist”--Angelus sires Puritan Penn, who adopts Angelus' methodology of carving a cross into the cheek of his victims. Penn's first victim is his own sister, followed by the rest of his family.  From

1799 to 1801--BLOODED/FALSE MEMORIES/NOTE FROM THE UNDERGROUND/TALES OF THE SLAYERS/THE CHAIN--Yuki was called as a Slayer in Japan. She is trained by a samurai Watcher. Yuki's Watcher fails in his duty, and in penance, commits Seppuku. Three months after his death, Yuki goes up against the Master, who kills and siresher. While most Slayers welcome death, Yuki didn't want to die. Upon becoming a vampire, Yuki gives her complete loyalty to the Master and serves him willingly from Japan. The Watchers Council removed Yuki from their records, but failed to cover up the two missing years in the Slayer timeline.

Yuki Makimura.jpg
Dawn discovers Yuki's missing time slot and Spike tells of the disgraced Slayer-turned-vampire. Yuki comes toSunnydale with her blind vampire henchmen to resurrect her sire around early 1997. She plans to get revenge onSpike for killing the Anointed One and to use Xander as a vessel for resurrecting the MasterDawn stops the Master's resurrection and Yuki is staked.

January 1800
Series:  Angel; Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s novel)

The Story:  Angelus poses as Wilhelm Frankenstein in order to inherit the Frankenstein fortune, and finds himself facing the original Frankenstein monster.
HCU Comments:  This takes place during the era when Angel was the evil vampire Angelus.  Angel’s real name was Liam before he was turned by Darla.  Angel would later have his soul restored as punishment by a tribe of gypsies, leading to their slaughter.  Because that tribe was favored by Dracula, that would lead to a long time feud between Dracula and Angelus’s coven.  Angel of course would go on to be a supporting character and main love interest on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and also the primary “big bad” for one season) before being spun off into his own series.

1812--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Samantha

1812--TALES OF THE SLAYERS--Elizabeth lives as a nobleman named Edward Weston in order to lure vampires into a false sense of security.

Elizabeth Weston.jpg

January 1 to February 28, 1817--BLOODED--Justine the Vampire Slayer is wounded.  Her Watcher Claire Silver is visited by Lord Byron.  Justine senses something funny about Byron.  Slayers can sense vampires, but perhaps they have a sense for other immortals, since Lord Byron was a HIGHLANDER type immortal.  

April 1, 1819--

Series:  The Vampyre

The Story:  A young Englishman meets Lord Ruthven, and afterwards they seem to continually encounter death, which the englishman, Aubrey, suspects is Ruthven’s doing.  When the pair are attacked by bandits, it appears as though Ruthven is mortally wounded. Before he dies, he asks of Aubrey that he not tell anything he knows of Ruthven for a year and a day.  Some time later, Ruthven returns alive and well into Aubrey’s life, and begins to court Aubrey’s sister, whilst reminding the lad of his promise.  The stress drives Aubrey to die of a nervous breakdown, and his sister is wed to Ruthven, found the day after the wedding drained of her blood ,and Ruthven is gone.

HCU Comments:  This book is known as being the first romantic literary vampire tale (to at least find success to survive history). Ruthven will return to crossover many times, and there is a fictional book called the Ruthvenian, which is a bible of vampire knowledge, which stems from the basis that Ruthven was real, thus any appearances of this book is considered a crossover with Lord Ruthven.  I should also mention that in an episode of the television series Angel, Angel claims that this book was actually based on him.  Considering the manner of which Angelus (as he was known in 1819) behaved, needing to toy with his victims psychologically, he might be telling the truth.  It is plausible that Ruthven was an alias used by Angelus. However, I will continue to consider Angel and the Vampyre as separate series for crossover purposes.

1824--MONSTAAH--Dracula Lejos seeks a mate and finds one in Maleva Blasko of the Kalderash tribe, which later will curse Angel.

1838--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Amends"--Angelus kills Daniel, who lost a card game to the vampire. He also kills serving girl Margaret at a dinner party.  [From]

1841--TALES OF THE SLAYERS--This Slayer was a Native American, who hunted down the vampiress who killed her Watcherand also destroyed a nest of great evil after slaying a number of vampires. She dies on her horse after being stabbed in the chest. The town where she died was founded by Richard Wilkins as Sunnydale in 1841. The story of this Slayer's death is told in parallel with a narration about the monster slayer Naayéé'neizgháni and the demon To, characters taken from Navajo legend.


1842--TALES OF THE SLAYER--This Slayer is uneducated. She is described by her Watcher as a tart and is even believed to be a courtesan.

1843--TALES OF THE SLAYER--The current Watcher of the current Slayer, who is from the rundown East End of London, has absolutely no sympathy for his charge until he is visited by two Slayers from the past who show him what he is doing wrong. But it isn't until one Slayer from the future makes an appearance that the Watcher learns the error of his ways.

1843--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest"--Madrid - Luke is almost defeated by a mortal in Madrid when he's caught sleeping.  [From]

1845--WWW.BUFFY.COM--A Slayer operates in Boston.

1845 Slayer

Late 1840s--TALES OF THE SLAYER--California Slayer

Early to Mid 1850s--

Series:  The Vampyre

Non-Horror Crosses: Rocambole

The Story:  Lord Ruthven is not amused by Alexendre Dumas’s play based on him and attempts to ruin him financially, under his alias of Sir Williams, and with the assistance of his aide Rocombole.
HCU Comments:  The play actually existed.  The implication of this story is that Ruthven is the Sir Williams from the Rocambole series.  Even though Williams died in the Rocambole series, we must assume (since Rocambole is not a horror cross) that he did not die in the Horror Crossover Universe and was indeed Lord Ruthven (and perhaps Angelus?).  Despite this revelation, I am not considering Sir Willaims and Rocambole appearances to count as crosses with The Vampyre.

1852--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Margaret Madden

Mid 19th Century--HISTORY OF THE SLAYER--Mid-19th Century Slayer


1856 to 1860--TALES OF THE SLAYER--After the Slayer's Watcher dies, she runs away from the monastery where he trained her. Posing as a man, she survives on her own in the city. When her new Watcher finds her, they join forces to battle an extremely dangerousvampire.

1857--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER # 29 to 30/ANGEL # 15 to 16--"Past Lives"--A Sanitarium orderly mentions Dr. Seward, whose son will meet Dracula.

1860--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL--"Lie to Me/Becoming/Dear Boy"--Angelus drives Drusila mad then turns her into a vampire.

1860 to 1862--PORTAL THROUGH TIME--Slayer that lived during the Civil War in Tennesse. She was targeted by nine vamps: two assasians from the future and seven others picked up during the Battle of Shiloh. With the help of Buffy, Xander, Giles, Willow and her Watcher Niles, the vampires were all killed and the attempt failed. Agatha was also secretly a spy for the Union in the Civil War.

1862 to 1864--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Pauline Francis Bernard is passing herself off as a man under the name of Frankie Massey in order to enlist in the Union army. Her Watcher is long dead and a new Watcher arrives in her division in search of a woman. Her general has secretly known that Frankie is in fact a female, but wants her on his side. He devises a plan to exterminate the vampires plaguing the war-torn South, and allows the Watcher and Frankie to go their own way.

1864 to 1866--CHILD OF THE HUNT/WWW.BUFFY.COM/IMMORTAL--Lucy Hanover operates as the Slayer.  She dies in 1866 but her ghost remains on Earth.

Lucy Hanover.jpg

1866 to 1873--IMMORTAL--Angela Martignetti is the Slayer, and is in a relationship with her her Watcher, Peter Toscano.  When he is killed, her relationship with her new Watcher, Jason Cromwell, is icy at first.  Angela is said to have lived longer than most Slayers.  Since the next recorded one is in 1893, Angela may actually have hit age 40 before dying.

1873 to 1876--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Around the time of her Cruciamentum, the Slayer, Catherine Callan of Ulster, must tolerate both her father and prejudice from the largely English Watchers Council. She teases the Council, pretending to be married to Mr. Spelling, her Watcher.

1874—Alice’s Journey Beyond the Moon; R. J. Carter & Lucy Wright
Alice travels to the Wonderlandian moon and has a series of uninteresting adventures. While there, she meets her old friends the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, but they are operating incognito for some unknown reason. She also encounters Achilles and the Tortoise from Carroll’s piece “What the Tortoise Said to Achilles.” At present it is unclear how the pair came to be on the Wonderlandian moon.   
There is one disturbing effect to the acknowledgement that this novel is part of the Wold Newton Universe (WNU). This novel is seen in Dream’s library in Neil Gaiman’s comic series The Sandman, and thus the events of the Sandman comic series is drawn into the WNU as Alice’s Journey Beyond the Moon exists in both universes. A number of other crossovers exist that strongly suggest that The Sandman exists within the confines of the WNU. In the Sandman storyline The Kindly Ones, Dream (the protagonist) meets with some allies in the Wood Between Worlds, a place which originally appeared in C. S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew. In the Doctor Who novel Happy Endings, which Win Scott Eckert wolds in Volume Two of Crossovers, the version of Death from the Sandman comics attends Bernice Summerfield’s wedding. In Simon R. Green’s Drinking Midnight Wine (which is wolded through a host of other internal crossovers, as well as by being a spin-off of sorts to the already wolded Nightside novels), Death has a long conversation with Toby Dexter after he takes a bullet to the head (he got better). The Magdalene Grimoire, from the first issue of Sandman, appears in the Angel episode “Hell Bound.”  Some questionable crossovers with the Sandman also exist. Rhys Thomas’ The Suicide Club, which is supposedly a semi-sequel to Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Suicide Club stories, features several appearances by “Death of the Endless.” Versions of Dream and Death appear in Planetary #7, there are a number of continuity differences between Planetary and the WNU, but according to the research of Jess Nevins. Destiny is very similar to Lord Dunsany’s character “The Thing that is Neither God nor Beast, Trogool”; because of the interconnected relation between Dunsany and Lovecraft’s work, Trogool may or may not exist in the WNU. If it does, that provides a strong link between The Sandman and the WNU.  Some readers may now be wondering what the issue of inclusion is; there is a number of universes, and the Endless exist in all worlds serving their goals. Despite this, inclusion of the Sandman as is would shatter the established cosmology of the WNU; Satan has not abandoned Hell (though he is not bound to remain within Hell, yet) to the command of angels, nor as the sequel series Lucifer shows has the God of the Hebrew and Christian religions died to make way for a girl of pantheistic intentions.  To avoid the problems with Sandman’s inclusion to the WNU, and follow the evidence presented, is not a difficult problem. The best position to assume is that most of the Sandman stories take place within the WNU (or, dear reader, if you believe the universe shown in DC Comics exists, it may take place there), but many are outright fictions with no basis in truth. Other stories are a mix and match of truth and fantasy.   

1870s--FRAY--Princess Amirah

Winter 1880--
THESE OUR ACTORS (Novel by Ashley McConnell and Dori Koogler)
Series:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Non-Horror Crosses:  James Bond; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (See HCU Comments)

The Story:  Willow’s drama professor turns out to be an immortal sorcerer and the father of Spike’s first love, Cecily.
HCU Comments:  During a flashback to 1880, there is an actor named Hamish Bond who resembles Sean Connery in description.  The implication is that Hamish is an ancestor of James Bond.  Wold Newton mythographer Loki Carbis believes that Hamish is the brother of Campion Bond from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  This story does not agree with the more common canon that Spike/William’s first love Cecily later became the Vengeance Demon Halfrek.  Many fans do not consider this book as official canon, despite the fact that is is officially licensed.  However, for the purposes of the Horror Crossover Universe, it is canon.

1880--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL--"The Initiative/Fool for Love/Darla"--William is turned into a vampire by Dru and becomes the infamous William the Bloody and later Spike.

1886--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Bad Eggs"--Tector and Lyle Gorch massacre an entire village before they were vampires.

1886 to 1887--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Mollie Prater is a simple 15-year-old girl living in Kentucky in 1886. She has no knowledge of demons or Slayers. Her life seems normal, and she is about to get married to Harly. Around this time, a Watcher named Ethan arrives in search for her, as she is the new Slayer. But when people gather together for weddings and baptisms, a demon comes out of the bushes and kills as many people as possible. Mollie's wedding day is interrupted by these demons and Ethan's appearance. He briefly tells her that she is the Slayer and she kills the demons. But after Mollie slays the demons attacking her wedding, Harly walks out on her and she knows her life won't ever be the same.

Summer 1888--HISTORY OF THE SLAYER--"Dodge City, Kansas. During the summer of 1888, 40 deaths under suspicious circumstances. The deaths ceased when Belle Malone rode into town." - WB advertisement.

Belle Malone.jpg

December 1888--BLOOD AND FOG--Elizabeth is a Cockney Slayer from the White Chapel district of London. She is considered by her Watcher to be undeserving of her power because she sometimes is crippled by fear of the creatures she is destined to fight. She overhears her Watcher along with the heads of the Council hoping for her imminent death so that a more worthy Slayer will be called. To prove herself to the Council and her Watcher, she is determined to hunt down and killJack the Ripper. To do this, she forms an uneasy alliance with AngelusDarlaDrusilla and Spike, who are also out to destroy Jack the Ripper, albeit for different reasons. Even with the help of the four vampires, Elizabeth is killed by Jack the Ripper and her Watcher feels great guilt over her demise.

1891--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  ANGEL--Drusilla gives Angelus a gift, a young girl named Catherine he turns into a vampire. Later, along with Spike and other vampires, they fight a demon called the Hollower, which sucks the demon out of vampires.  [From]

1893--WWW.BUFFY.COM--A Slayer operates in Oklahoma, working as a blacksmith.

1893 Slayer

Late 19th Century--FRAY/THE ORIGIN/TALES OF THE SLAYERS/BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--This Slayer is an Indian princess with an older, uniformed British Watcher who wears monocles. She is killed by Lothos.


Series:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Horror Crosses:  Dracula (Bram Stoker); Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

Non-Horror Crosses:  Sherlock Holmes
The Story:  Angelique the Vampire Slayer faces off against a demon believed to be Spring-Heeled Jack as well as Dracula.
HCU Comments:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in the HCU, including the TV series, comics, and books, up to the finale of the series.  The “Season 8” comic diverges into an alternate timeline where vampires are “outed” and public knowledge.  Angelique’s watcher is brother to Abraham Van Helsing, providing a link to Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Ironically, an appearance of Dracula in this story may not be the one from the novel.  This Dracula is the one seen in the Buffy episode “Buffy vs. Dracula”, who is likely not the same character.  The appearance of Jekyll and Hyde is as wax figures in a museum, but since they are amongst real figures such as Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden, the implication is that they are all real.  Since these events happen after the Jekyll and Hyde events, it’s natural they would be as notorious and infamous.  Holmes references include mentioning the detective on Baker Street and the use of Baritsu by Angelique.  Spring-Heeled Jack is also a real/mythical figure from history.

1897--WWW.BUFFY.COM--Florence Gilbert is the Slayer in Virginia City.

Florence Gilbert.jpg

1897--THE EVIL THAT MEN DO--Killed by Helen, the vampire, who, along with Angelus, feasted on her blood by drinking it from goblets.

1898--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Angel"--Budapest - Angelus meets up with Darla; they meet up with Spike and Drusilla and have a grand old time in the aftermath of an earthquake.  [From]

August 1898--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL--"Becoming/City of.../Five by Five/Darla"--After killing a gypsy, the clan curses Angelus by restoring his soul, thus causing him to feel guilt for his years of evil.  Darla, Spike and Dru then slaughter the whole tribe as revenge.  This begins a rivalry between Spike and DRACULA, as Dracula had a fondness for this tribe.

Set in many time periods from the 19th century up to the final season of Angel--SPIKE VS. DRACULA (IDW PUBLISHING)--
Series:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel

Horror Crosses:  Dracula (see comments); An American Werewolf in London

The Story: It is revealed that the gypsy tribe that cursed Angel and then was slaughtered by Spike, Dru, and Darla was the same tribe that was favored by Dracula.  Though Dracula wouldn’t learn of Angel’s involvement for some time, he becomes an instant and unlifetime enemy of Spike, and this rivalry leads to present day.
HCU Comments:  This Dracula here is not necessarily the Dracula of Stoker’s novel, though he claims to be.  However, he does seem to be the same Dracula seen in the film “Dracula:  The True Story” which would imply he is the same Dracula.  It may be he is indeed, but he may just as well be a soul clone with delusions of being the real deal.  (If so, True Story may be his false memories.)  I leave it up to each individual reader to make their own interpretation, but for crossover purposes, appearances of this Dracula make a Buffy crossover, but not a Dracula crossover.  But there are other crossovers in this book.  In the late 19th century, Spike inspires the customers and staff of an inn called the Slaughtered Lamb to grab their pitchforks and torches and storm Dracula’s country home.  The Slaughtered Lamb appears as an important setting in the film “An American Werewolf in London”.
1899--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Graduation Day"--Sunnydale is built over a Hellmouth.  Mayor Richard Wilkins gains immortality.

1899--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Gingerbread"--The Hansel and Gretel story plays itself out again in Utah.

June 18, 1900--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL/BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  SPIKE AND DRU--"School Hard/Fool for Love/Darla"--Spike kills his first Slayer in Hong Kong.

Xin Rong.jpg

1903 to 1905--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Creighton Faust's Slayer was driven insane when she discovered her watcher had become a vampire. She was so distraught she killed herself.

Circa 1910--TALES OF THE VAMPIRES # 5--London, England – Edna Fairweather, then a child and student at the Watchers’ Academy, listens with other students to tales told by a captured vampire named Roche.  She is the one who figures out one of the other students is in fact Roche’s sire, a little girl who infiltrated the Academy to free him and is killed by an arrow before she can bite Edna.  The near-death experience convinces Edna she loves the son of a baker named Giles.  Her grandson will be Watcher to the Slayer Buffy Summers. [From]

1911--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Slayer Millicent "Millie" Rose Gresham, also known as "Fatima Araby" (her stage name), is chosen underWatcher Ambrose Richmond. Millie is a traveling Slayer covering within a carnival sideshow. The Slayer is approaching her eighteenth birthday, and therefore, the Cruciamentum awaits. She is set up in a funhouse at the sideshow she works at with her Watcher. The vampire Blasko (a former Watcher) interferes and Ambrose is killed along with the reviewing Council members and the vampire Millie was supposed to face. In the end, Millie outsmarts Blasko.

1912--WWW.BUFFY.COM--Student nurse Arabella Gish is the Slayer in Brooklyn.

Arabella Gish

1910s--TWILIGHT--A black Slayer with short hair in a yellow and orange outfit with ripped gloves is killed by a blond 18th century vampire. The vampire snaps her neck in his grip.

1910s Slayer.jpg

1916--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Alfred Gantry's Slayer is killed by a vampire.

1916--FOREVER KNIGHT/WAREHOUSE 13/BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/HELLBOY--"Strings"--St. Petersburg, Russia - Nicholas is caught up in the politics of the Russian court when he sides with Czar Nicholas against Alexandra and her odd holy man Rasputin. Turns out that LaCroix has made Rasputin a vampire. The Czar decides that maybe Nicholas isn't someone he wants around, when he learns his true nature. [“Strings” Forever Knight television series]  Rasputin is staked by Nicholas but doesn’t really die, possibly as a result of a magically empowered prayer robe [Warehouse 13 television series].  He is sighted later [Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series] and is later involved with Nazi Germany [Hellboy motion picture].   [From]

1917--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Angel"--Angel moves to America.  [From]

1917 to 1919--TALES OF THE SLAYER--The Slayer, Dorothy "Dot" Singers, is approaching her eighteenth birthday, and therefore, the Cruciamentumawaits her. Her Watcher, Reginald Hill, is suffering from a very severe mental illness.

1920--ANGEL VS. FRANKENSTEIN II:  FRAGMENTS--Angel, while working in a mental hospital in New York, finds the Frankenstein Monster as one of the patients.

1922--TALES OF THE SLAYER--A young woman named Sally Jean comes to New York and becomes awed by a flapper named Ardita O'Reilly, who is in fact the current Slayer. Sally Jean becomes completely enthralled by everything that Ardita possesses, until she learns what exactly Ardita is and what she does.

November 8, 1923--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Britta Kessler is brought up in a good German home. Britta is identified as a Potential Slayer in 1921 and trained by Frederich Lichterman, who had fought alongside Britta's father in World War I. However, during her training she never faces a vampire or demon. She becomes the Slayer, causing a great deal of fear in Britta, who makes Lichterman swear she will not die alone. Britta and her Watcher attend a screening of a new movie at the residence of Herr Sahr, only to find that the creators are vampires who seek to film the deaths of Britta, Lichterman and the rest of the people invited. Herr Lichterman runs away, leaving Britta to die alone and breaking his promise to her. Britta manages to release the rest of the prisoners, but is subdued by the vampires. Britta is turned by Herr Sahr and placed in her family's mausoleum. Lichterman goes to make sure that she doesn't rise, but Sahr locks him in with the newly-vamped Britta who wants nothing more than to kill the Watcher that betrayed her.

1920s--TWILIGHT--A flapper with a brunette bob is surprised at the glow around her as she is called as a Slayeroutside of the Tropicana.

Flapper Slayer.jpg

1925--BLOODED--Birth of Kobo, who will be the Watcher for Mariko and a colleague of Giles' grandmother, also a Watcher.

1925--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  GILES--Birth of Archibald Lassiter, a future Watcher and mentor of Rupert Giles.

May 1927--WWW.BUFFY.COM--There is a Slayer in Chicago.

1927 Slayer

1930s--UNNATURAL SELECTION--Desmond Tretsky's Slayer

1930s--TALES OF THE SLAYERS--This Slayer wears what appears to be a 1930s aviation helmet.


1933--MYRT AND MARGE--Myrtle is the star of a show who takes over production to allow a newer actress to take the lead.  Ted and the Trio are stagehands.  Note that this is one of the many adventures of the trio where people seem to unrealistically break out in song.  We know from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER that the reason for this is a demon that makes people act like they are in a musical.

1933--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  SPIKE AND DRU # 3--Chicago World's Fair -  Spike and Dru set out to paint the fair red with blood. Xin Rong's clan tracks them down and attacks but they fight them off with the help of one of the Elder Gods, called to earth by a chaos engine built by Paul Barron. In thanks for the help, Spike and Dru kill the Elder and turn Barron into a vampire.  [From]

1935--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Puppet Show"--There is a Korean Slayer.  She works with a demon hunter trapped in the body of a dummy named Sid.

July 17, 1936 to 1937--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Unaired Pilot"--"The last Slayer I faced was a duchess during the Spanish War. What a fighter. Her blood was so rich I was sick for a week." - The Master

1937--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest"--The Master tried to open the Hellmouth  He fails and ends up trapped below the town.  Various works relating to the 1937 Sunnydale incident. In Bloodstone #4 the leader of the Orlockian vampires makes the remark "…Ironic that your father [Ulysses Bloodstone] nearly defeated me in the thirties. It took me a long time to rebuild after that airship debacle…" In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Order of Aurelius attempted to raise the Old Ones in 1937; the Order of Aurelius consists of vampires that strongly resemble Nosferatu vampires. Probably these two events are deeply intertwined with Ulysses Bloodstone and the Bat-Man (and perhaps a few other pulp occult investigators) battling the Nosferatu cult of Aurelius on a burning Airship over Sunnydale California, as Old Ones tremble forth from the depths. It's certain these Old Ones are the same creatures from Lovecraft, but he tended to apply the term "Old One" without care so that many of his creations can be termed "Old Ones." Perhaps these Old Ones are of the same race as the creatures from Philip Jose Farmer's The Other Log of Phileas Fogg.  [James Bojaciuk posting at the WNU group]  [From]

1937--TALES OF THE SLAYERS--Rachel is a member of an undercover anti-Nazi organization (OSS). She is recruited by the OSS to stop a Nazi agent from delivering an evil Djinn to his superiors in Germany. This New Yorker had rather unorthodox methods of vampire slaying, slumming through the bleak streets pretending to be blind and then slaying with pencils.

Rachel O'Connor.jpg

1937--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Checkpoint"--The Mad Monk Rasputin is still alive.

September 1938--TALES OF THE SLAYERS/THE CHAIN/THE DEATH OF BUFFY--Anni Sonnenblume lives with her mother and brother, Karl, in Nuremberg, Germany. Anni is the Slayer during 1938. She is a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls), the female branch of the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). As part of Hitler's Youth, she needs to learn what real evil is: vampires or racism. She decides to fight the Nazis as well as vampires and demons.

Anni Sonnenblume.jpg

August 1939 to September 7, 1940--SPIKE AND DRU:  PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW--She was killed by Spike.

September 7, 1940--SPIKE AND DRU:  PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW--Isabel Cortés from Barcelona, Spain is chosen. Within four minutes, she is killed at the hands of the demon, Skrymir.

September 7 to 14, 1940--SPIKE AND DRU:  PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW/TALES OF THE SLAYER--Eleanor Boudreau of Lafayette, Louisiana is chosen under Watcher Betram Martin. Along with Sophie's friend,Potential Ariana de la Croix of Geneva, Switzerland, the girls defeat Skrymir. Eleanor's Watcher steps down and asks Council director, Watcher Marie-Christine Fontaine, the daughter of Jacques Fontaine, to be the Slayer'sWatcherPotential Ariana de la Croix, who was training under Watcher Charles Rochemont, is asked to become aWatcher under Watcher-trainee John Travers, the father of Quentin Travers.

1940--BOOBS IN ARMS--The three are selling greeting cards when they accidentally end up in the army again, and their sergeant turns out to be a man who they have encountered and angered many times before (in TERMITES OF 1938 as Arthur Twitchell, in OILY TO BED, OILY TO RISE as Farmer Johnson, in THREE SAPPY PEOPLE as a party guest, in YOU NAZTY SPY! as Mr. Ixnay, in ARIZONA as a teamster).  Why does this man continues to be in their lives under various identities?  Perhaps he is their watcher.  Watchers are people who watch various types of immortals, vampires, and slayers.  It could be he, unfortunately, is assigned to watching them.  In this tale, he ends up captured, and the three rescue him.  In the end, they are shot out of a cannon, which we know can hurt them a lot, but cannot permanently injure them or kill them.

1943--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Slayer Elizabeth "Betty" Winters is chosen under Watcher and bookstore owner, Marcus Redmond. Elizabeth works as a private investigator in a business she inherited from her husband, Robert Winters, after he died overseas in the war. She has ties to the mob currently in Chicago and has helped them out on several occasions. When she learns that one of their current employees is a vampire, she informs the mob boss who agrees to pay her a large sum of money in exchange for her killing the vampire. Elizabeth is killed by an ancient vampire named Hunyadi within the year.

1944--IMMORTAL--New York City - Living in an alley, Angel befriends Dr. Leah Coleman but leaves her when his vampiric thirst for blood threatens to overwhelm him.  [From]

1944--SUPERNATURAL--From Toby O'Brien:  I don't follow 'Supernatural' on a regular basis, so I might not have noticed if this was covered already here.... I recorded a repeat the other night which posited that Elliot Ness had also been a hunter of demons. In 1944, Ness told Dean that he got started in that line of work because of vampires who were turning people in Cleveland. I have to figure that to be a reference to the hellmouth mentioned in the final episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. At least, that's how I'll be writing it up for my Inner Toob blog. Do you, my fine colleagues, see any reason why I might be wrong?

1949--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Gingerbread"--The Hansel and Gretel story plays out again in Omaha, Nebraska.

1950 to December 1952--TALES OF THE SLAYER--This Slayer is a beatnik named Zoë. Zoë is turning eighteen and therefore will soon be having her Cruciamentum. Zoë's Watcher, Ian Sykes, is so alienated from her lifestyle that he conspires to see that his Slayer does not survive her Cruciamentum. During it, she is set against a vampire, Creighton Faust, who was a Watcher in life.

1954 to 1956--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Asha is a black Slayer who lives during the time of the Ku Klax Klan. She discovers that not only humans are in the KKK, but so are vampires. Because Asha lives on the outskirts of town with her Watcher, she has no idea what kind of demonic things go on in the town. While hunting, she discovers a vampire's plan to kill a black church group in a couple of days and bomb the place to the ground. She and her Watcher rush to the church to prevent the attack from happening. Asha manages to save the people in the church but ends up being killed herself.

1954--WWW.BUFFYUPN.COM--Birth of Rupert Giles.

November 1955--BEWITCHED--"Hansel and Gretal in Samanthaland"--Tabitha pulls Hansel and Gretal out of a storybook.  But actually, we know from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER that Hansel and Gretal were really demons.  And the witch was wrongly accused.  So when Tabitha enters the book and enters the more familiar story, we can assume that this Hansel and Gretal are from Far Far Away Land.

1956 to 1960--BLOODED--Mariko (真理子)

1957--Birth of Hank Summers to James and Anna Summers.  James is a member of the Van Helsing family.

1958--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Weight of the World"--Birth of Joyce Summers.

1964--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"--Giles is told of his destiny as a Watcher.

1965--ORGY OF THE DEAD--Mummy X is involved in torturing two teens who come upon a cemetary, and the musical demon from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER must have been nearby as well.

May 27, 1966--ANGEL--"Bachelor Party"--Birth of Allan Francis Doyle.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

1966--CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT--From the files of MONSTAAH: California That same year, James and Anna Summers are killed in what is reported as a car accident. However, an agent of L.O.A.D with the knowledge that James was a member of the Van Helsing family investigated the corpses and found the unmistakable marks of a vampire's fangs. Their daughter Jaime was in the automobile with them, but it appears that whoever attacked them used some form of mesmerism to completely suppress all memory of the traumatic incident from Jaime's mind.

This induced amnesia appears to have tragically removed her memories of the existence of her younger brother Hank (who thankfully was at the Summers' Ojai, CA residence with a sitter at the time). In order to protect the children, the Van Helsing family decided that keeping them separated might insure their safety, and thus sent Jaime to live with Jim and Helen Elgin, friends of her parents. The location of where Hank Summers was sent is still a secret. Jaime and Hank's existence were also kept from each other, using drastic measures such as changing the spelling of Jaime's last from Summers to 'Sommers.'

                                                                                     Jaime Sommers

1969--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"School Hard"--Woodstock, New York -  Spike feeds on a flowerperson and spends six hours watching his hand move.  [From]

October 1969 to April 1970--TALES OF THE SLAYER--A pacifist Slayer, Beryl MacKenzie, approaches her eighteenth birthday and therefore her Cruciamentum awaits her. She joins a commune in Nova Scotia just before coming into her power. She must face the Cruciamentum as an initiation into being a Slayer.

April to December 1970--BLACKOUT--This Slayer was called following the death of Beryl McKenzie. Not much is known about this Slayer, only that she died around the time of the riots and protests that occurred in Poland in December 1970.


1972--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Weight of the World"--Glory is reborn on Earth in the body of Ben.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

1973--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Fool for Love/First Date"--Spike kills Slayer Nikki Wood, leaving her son Robin to be raised by her Watcher.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

1977 Slayer


1975--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"The Dark Age"--Rupert rebels against his Watcher destiny.  He drops out of Oxford, joins a band, and dabbles in the occult, until a friend is killed by a demon he helped summon.  This is perhaps why in Buffy season 1 episode "The Witch", he tells Willow that he has no experience in practicing magic.  He was like an addict in recovery.  (Also perhaps why later he seems to become Willow's "sponsor" when she is in magic recovery.)

November 1976--WWW.BUFFYUPN.COM--Tara is born.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

January 1977--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Surprise/Innocence/Anne"--Birth of Buffy Anne Summers.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

1978--WWW.BUFFYUPN.COM--Birth of Willow Rosenberg.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

1979--TALES OF THE SLAYER--Peri Bohr has her Cruciamentum in a local mall against a friend of hers named Julie Lemmer, who had only just been turned into a vampire and was feeling very confused about the whole thing. Julie's sire starves her and locks her in a mall. Unfortunately, Julie has unplanned-for advantages on the Slayer.  (Note four year date adjustment.)

1980--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER:  GILES--Rupert accepts his destiny and is mentored by Archibald Lassiter.

1981--ONCE UPON A TIME--on display in Rumpelstiltskin's castle was the scythe featured near the end of the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, albeit coloured differently.

Mid to Late 20th Century--SLAYER, INTERRUPTED--Dr. Primrose's Slayer   (Note four year date adjustment.)

Mid to Late 20th Century--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--This Slayer is active during the mid to late 20th century and is one of five Slayers trained by Merrick. She is killed in a confrontation with Lothos, who rips out her heart.

1988 to June 23,1989--TALES OF THE SLAYER/CRASH TEST DEMONS--This Mexican Slayer is killed by a Congara demon which leads to India being chosen as the next Slayer. One of her broken bones is taken from Tijuana, Mexico and is used by the vampire Selke and Dr. Flitter to construct a clone of Buffy Summers.

June 23,1989 to Spring 1992--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/THE BOOK OF FOURS/TALES OF THE SLAYER/TWILIGHT--India was born in 1974 in North Carolina. Her father is an officer in the U.S. Navy and her mother is a popular actress in the Philippines. India is called as a Slayer in 1993 while living in Japan, where her father, a submarine commander, is stationed. Together with her Watcher, she travels all over Japan slaying vampires. India and Kit fall in love but have to keep it a secret from the Watchers Council. Kit buys India a dog, which she names Mariposa.
"Wanderer Mummies" attack and try to steal India's soul. India fends them off, but they capture Kit and Mariposa. India, wearing yellow, fights a redheaded vampire, the Wanderer, beneath a street lamp at night in San Diego, California in the spring of 1992 and sacrifices her life to protect her family. When India dies surrounded by a stake and her blood on a tiled floor, Buffy is chosen as the next Slayer. The Wanderer then releases Kit and Mariposa. After India's death, Kit realizes his true feelings for India and gets in contact with a woman called Cecille Lafitte, who is a voodoo priestess living inside another woman's body and presents herself as a psychic who can help him get into contact with her. Cecille brainwashes him and makes him unknowingly a servant of the Gatherer. Kit comes into his final contact with India when India inhabits the body of Willow. India apologizes and throws herself off of a cliff to save Buffy and Faith; yet, somehow, killing her spirit leaves Willow completely intact.
Whistler and the Master make derogatory remarks about India's appearance in comparison to Buffy's.

1990 to 2000--BEVERLY HILLS 90210--This is the story of teens/20 somethings in Beverly Hills.  Originally it revolved around Brendon and Brenda Walsh, having moved there from Minnesota, and their culture shock.  Ironically, Toby O'Brien, who strongly dislikes the show, revealed to me why it's included.  And it's because of Morley Cigarettes.  Morley is a fictional brand that appears often in the TVCU (and acts as a connector).  Besides Beverly Hills 90210, Morley Cigarettes are found in REAPER, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, COLD CASE, CRIMINAL MINDS, ER, JAKE 2.0, KILLER INSTINCT, THE L WORD, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, MEDIUM, MILLENNIUM, MISSION:  IMPOSSIBLE, NASH BRIDGES, NEW AMSTERDAM, PRISON BREAK, THE OUTER LIMITS (though only the stories that have the cigarettes are included), SPACE:  ABOVE AND BEYOND, SPECIAL UNIT 2, SPY GAME, THAT 70S SHOW, THE TWILIGHT ZONE (same rule as OUTER LIMITS), BURN NOTICE, and THE X-FILES.

1992--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--The film occurs in the TVCU, as the television series continues where the film leaves off.  Thus the series occurs four years earlier than it aired.  Note that in the Season 8 comics, vampires go public, and are adored by the public, which really goes against the bulk of the TVCU cannon.  Thus season 8 occurs in an alternate reality called the TVCU2, which still incorporates the series, having it occur when it aired.  Seth Green played a vampire in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A cousin of Oz?

1996 Slayer

Buffy Season 1.jpg

1992 to 2002--X-FILES--The exploits of Agents Mulder and Scully.  They continue to seek out the truth behind the conspiracies regarding the paranormal.  One of the leaders of the conspiracy is the Cigarette Smoking Man, whose brand of choice is Morley Cigarettes.  Morley is a fictional brand that appears often in the TVCU (and acts as a connector).  Besides Beverly Hills 90210, Morley Cigarettes are found in REAPER, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, COLD CASE, CRIMINAL MINDS, ER, JAKE 2.0, KILLER INSTINCT, THE L WORD, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, MEDIUM, MILLENNIUM, MISSION:  IMPOSSIBLE, NASH BRIDGES, NEW AMSTERDAM, PRISON BREAK, THE OUTER LIMITS (though only the stories that have the cigarettes are included), SPACE:  ABOVE AND BEYOND, SPECIAL UNIT 2, SPY GAME, THAT 70S SHOW, THE TWILIGHT ZONE (same rule as OUTER LIMITS), and THE X-FILES.  There were also novels and comics that are part of the canon.

1993 to 1999--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--Note the series occurs four years earlier than it airs, as it follows the movie.  The show would later air starting in 1997 produced by News Corps, who got their info from mysterious means, but they are represented by Wolfram and Hart after all.  Later, they would get info from documentary footage bought off of Andrew Wells.  The series continued in a comic refered to as Season 8, in which vampires go public and are adored by the public.  This breaks a major law of the nature of the reality of the TVCU.  This comic series occurs in the TVCU2, which also includes the same events of the TV serie, but occurring at the same time the episodes aired.

Winter 1993--THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING RERUN--The Book of Ebion (from the CTHULHU MYTHOS) is mentioned. Also shown in a dream is a past incarnation of the Slayer, Samantha Kane, who Win Scott Eckert believes may be a descendant of Solomon Kane.  (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

Spring 1993--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Bad Eggs"--Buffy encounters vampires Lyle and Tector Gorch, who, when human, appeared in THE WILD BUNCH.  (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

May 1993 to May 1994--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--Kendra Young is a Slayer from Jamaica who is activated in 1993 by Buffy Summers' temporary death. Trained by her WatcherSam Zabuto, Kendra is completely dedicated to her calling. She was an ally to the Scooby Gang in battling the vampires, Spike and Drusilla, but is killed in 1994 by Drusilla after only a year-long tenure as SlayerDrusilla slit Kendra's throat with her fingernails in Sunnydale High School's library.


May 1994 to Present--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL--Most often described as "a rogue Slayer," circumstances have led Faith Lehane down a villainous path. Faith accidentally staked Deputy Mayor Allan Finch, which led her to join Mayor Richard Wilkins, whom she came to see as a father figure. While rogue, Faith also murdered a delivery man and Professor Lester Worth. She often struggles to balance the dark side of her nature with her desire to achieve redemption, being both an ally and an enemy of the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations. Angel believed in Faith and she eventually turned herself in to the police. She served time in jail until she was broken out by Wesley to capture Angelus. She has built positive relationships with AngelWesley and Giles. She continues to be untrusted by Buffy.


Fall 1994--ANGEL:  CITY OF...--As Angel drives through L.A., he thinks about certain mansions in Beverly Hills, including the Greystoke estate.  Even if TARZAN no longer resides there or even owns the place, it is very customary for old, famous homes to maintain it's original name.  (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

Fall 1994--OUT OF THE MADHOUSE--Spring-Heeled Jack appears.   (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

Fall 1994--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Faith, Hope & Trick--Mr. Trick states that Sunnydale's death rate makes D.C. look like Mayberry.

December 1994--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"The Wish"--Anyaka, a wish demon, comes to Sunnydale, where she grants Cordelia Chase's wish that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale.  The alternate reality seen is possibly the mirror universe.  These same events occur four years later in the TVCU2 and its Mirror Universe.  Just FYI, the mirror universe is where Buffy never came to sunnydale and where George bailey had never been born. I think there enough others (trek, hercules, charmed, g.I. Joe, super friends to name a few) that it might deserve it's own blog.

1995--SHE'S ALL THAT--I'm not opposed to same actor principle should there be enough proof. For instance, I think Buffy Summers appears in She's All That, because the school that is not named in the film is the same building used as Sunnydale High, Sarah Michelle Gellar appears in the cafeteria, unnamed, not part of the storyline, and not untrue to her Buffy role, and the film aired when the show was on the air.

Around 1995--Supersaga 224--"Buffy Rules!"--From  Note that like the Lost Issues and the LEOG April Fools Pic, this is appocryphal, but fun.

1995--Memnoch the Devil--Lucifer is portrayed as the fallen angel Memnoch in the Anne Rice novel Memnoch The Devil. Throughout the story, Memnoch's only crime is questioning God's methods of dealing with the souls of man, for which God has much patience initially. Finally, when Memnoch descends to Earth to lie with a woman, God casts Memnoch out of Heaven, albeit temporarily, so that Memnoch might teach the souls of Man how to gain access to the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is a Lestat tale.  Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches appear in a TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN story, mentioned in Crossovers.  Anne Rice's witches, vampires, and mummies shared a reality as elements from one series would carry over into another.  It should be mentioned that Buffy Summers has slain multiple vampires named Lestat, one of which may have been the real one.  Also, Chuck Loridans believes that Lestat is a Dracula soul clone.

1995--IDW's Angel Spotlight--From John D Lindsey Jr:  In IDW's Angel Spotlight: Doyle, set just before the first episode of Angel, a passerby confuses Doyle for someone named Mark Healy, Glen Quinn's character on Roseanne. Doyle mentions that it happens all the time.  Roseanne has been out of the TVCU up until now, but that's a pretty solid link. It also brings in the Tom Arnold Show.

1995 to 2000--ANGEL--TVCU--Weyland-Yutani is seen in this series. (Note that the events of this series occur from 1999 to 2004 in the TVCU2).

Spring 1996--CITY OF DESPAIR--Buffy and Angel are pulled to a Hell Dimension to be part of some sort of gladiator games.  Other captives are HELLBOY and a PREDATOR.   (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

August 14 to 16, 1996--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--"Buffy Vs. Dracula"--Dracula (or a clone anyways) comes to Sunnydale, CA to meet and duel with the legendary slayer.  (These events occur four years later in the TVCU2).  Note that in this episode, Buffy states that she has slain more than one vampire claiming to be Lestat. MONSTAAH reports that Lestat (of Anne Rice's INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE) was a failed Dracula Soul Clone, and that he was indeed one of those slain by Buffy Summers.  This soul clone is actually Dracula-Rominoff.  After these events, he returns to Transylvania, and has an encounter where he tries to drain the blood of Sam Kent, who is 1/4 Kryptonian.

1997--BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--In the 5th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joyce states that when she gets out of the hospital, she is going to take the kids to Wally World. This is a reference to the fictional theme park from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, placing the Griswolds in the Buffy-verse and the Wold Newton Universe.

Summer 1997--DEATH OF BUFFY--From John D Lindsey Jr:  In Dark Horse's Death of Buffy tpb, set between seasons 5 & 6, Spike comes to Giles to borrow a "shear of Cytorrak" to finish off an acid demon. Giles has the shear on hand.

1997--Archie's Weird Mysteries--"Scarlet Night" and "I Was a Teenaged Vampire,"--James Bojaciuk

I have one final Archie crossover for you, Robert.

In the two-parter episode of Archie's Weird Mysteries "Scarlet Night" and "I Was a Teenaged Vampire," the Riverdale Gang is attacked by a teenaged vampire named Scarlet Van Helsing. It seems in life she was a member of the famous vampire hunting clan. Perhaps a vampire turned her as a personal trophy.

The henchman vampires are visually identical to Morbius the Living Vampire. Since there are two seeming Morbiuses, it's strongly possible that these two bloodsuckers are the result of Morbius' failed experiment in the production of soul-clones.

That is enough of a crossover in and of itself. But if we peel back the layers of the story, there is enough evidence to make a case that the story connects to Buffy mythology. The "Big Bad" of the episode is Count Medlock, a master-vampire visually identical to The Master, arch-villain from the first few seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He intends to fulfill a prophecy that will bring about eternal night (which, if I'm not hopelessly confused in my Buffy mythology, is what the Master was trying to do in the first season of Buffy). Interestingly, Veronica is revealed to be the latest in a long line of vampire-slaying young women.

Yes, you read that right, Veronica Lodge is a Slayer.

Both "Scarlet Night" and "I Was a Teenaged Vampire" can easily be found on Youtube.  

1998 to 2006--WILL & GRACE--On Will & Grace, Jack admits to being a fan of the show and Willow in particular and the fact that she is a lesbian. He also bursts out "Oh, for the love of Buffy and Angel - just say it!", referring to the well-known love story between the two characters. Apparently this is a reference to the show based on Andrew's documentary footage.

Winter 1999--ANGEL--"Hell Bound"--During the time that Spike is a ghost who is haunting Angel and the offices of Wolfram and Hart, super genius Winifred Burkle requests a copy of the Necronomicon Des Mortis.  It is clear that this is another translation of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis.  (These events occur in 2003 in the TVCU2).

1999--The following Slayers were activated by Willow Rosenberg using the power of the scythe, as shown in the episode "Chosen". There are at least 1,800 new Slayers, 500 of whom now work for Buffy Summers' organization which deploys Slayers globally into 10 seperate squads.
















Gunn's Slayer.jpg










The Chain.jpg

Genevieve Savidge.jpg












May 12, 1999--CHARMED--"Power of Two"--While walking through a cemetery, Phoebe Halliwell asks "Where's Buffy when you need her?"  Of course, we could interpret this as her referencing a TV show, and of course, by this time NewsCorps had created a show based on info from Wolfram and Hart (and Andrew Wells).  But the TVCU rules for these types of pop culture references is that when the two series in question are already both brought in (which they both certainly are--both these shows have links to Dracula, for instance), then we should examine if it's possible that they are talking about real people, places, things, or events, rather than a show or film.  In this instance, slayers are probably in the Book of Shadows, Leo could have mentioned Buffy, as he would have had knowledge, or one of those vampires the Charmed Ones faced may have mentioned her.  Brad Mengel adds:  Hi Rob, My theory for how the Halliwell girls knew about Buffy at the time was that Phoebe was actively researching their powers on-line (which we saw in the show) and Willow was a cyber-pagan so it seemed logical that the two would meet in a chatroom. 

June 1999--Gen 13: Netherwar--James says:  Gen 13: Netherwar, a tie-in novel by Christopher Golden and Jeff Matiotte, throws the teenaged superheroes against a freshly opened hellmouth (yes, a Buffy crossover) under Las Vagas. Though he doesn't directly appear--probably--Satan is one of the primary villains in the story. In addition, a copy of De Vermis Mysteriis appears. Of course, the team leader John Lynch is actually a retried Nick Fury.  I did a long series of posts linking Gen 13 to the WNU back in the WNF group. It may be worth reviewing those, even though they're pretty shoddily written.  Rob says:  At least this time it's not me bringing more super-heroes into the TVCU.

1999 to 2003--FARSCAPE--"Look at the Princess:  Part 1:  A Kiss is but a Kiss"--Crichton mentions Buffy the Vampire Slayer as people who will be dead after he's been turned into a statue for 80 years.

November 1999--SPIKE VS. DRACULA--When confronting Dracula, Spike references other Dracula past adversaries FRANKENSTEIN, THE WOLF MAN, KING ARTHUR, and ZORRO. (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

November 1999--ANGEL--"Harm's Way"--Among the clients of Wolfram and Hart are Weyland-Yutani, Yoyodyne,  and News Corp.  Weyland-Yutani is featured in the ALIEN film series, which occurs in the future of the DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE, but the company exists in both realities.  Yoyodyne is the company from BUCKAROO BANZAI.  News Corps is the parent company of Twentieth Century Fox Television, who would gain the rights to televise a fictionalized show based upon documentary footage provided to them by a guy named Andrew.  (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

1999--BIG WOLF ON CAMPUS--A season-one episode of the show "Big Wolf on Campus" was called "Muffy the Werewolf Slayer."  Clearly another attempt to duplicate the success of the show inspired by Andrew's documentary.

February 2000--FRIENDS--"The One Where Chandler Can't Cry"--The Friends episode titled The One Where Chandler Can't Cry, included a scene in which Phoebe's sister, Ursula Buffay starred as Buffay the Vampire Layer (parodying Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and perhaps alluding to real life Buffy adult parodies). Ursula Buffay uses her twin sister Phoebe's name for the credits.[9]   Obviously a porn adaption of the movie co-produced by Andrew and Joss Whedon.

2000--ANGEL--"Smile Time"--Note that in the ANGEL episode "Smile Time", Angel is turned into a puppet like what we in the real world would consider to be a Muppet.  But since I claim Muppets are not puppets in the TVCU, Angel is not turned into a Muppet, but he is turned into a puppet. (Note these events occur four years later in the TVCU2.)

2000 to 2007--GILMORE GIRLS--In the CW series Gilmore GirlsRory teases Paris, who's afraid to go outside in the dark. Rory asks if "she's afraid to run into Drusilla and Spike". Another time, when Paris going out late to hook up with someone, Rory asks "With who? Spike and Drusilla?"  Are these references to Andrew's documentary?  Or had Rory encountered the pair when she was younger?

June 2001--ANARCHY ONLINE--Anarchy Online (June 27, 2001) features a decorative statue called the "Marble Statue of the Goddess Buffy Summers".

July 2002--FARSCAPE--"Promises"--After Scorpius 'returns from the dead' yet again, John says to him "Kryptonite, silver bullet, Buffy, what's it gonna take to keep you in the grave?"

2004--X-FILES:  RESIST OR SERVE--Video game that is part of the canon.  In the video games The X-Files: Resist or Serve (March 14, 2004) and Max Payne (July 25, 2001), a secret room contains a staked corpse with "Buffy" smeared on the wall in blood.[16]

2004--YU + ME:  DREAM-- the Cheese Man, from the Season Four BTVS episode "Restless", makes a cameo.

August 2004--VAMPZ--Character sais "We gotta go find Buffy"

September 26, 2004--CHARMED--"Cheaper by the Coven"--OK, here me out.  I know I will get some eyebrows here for sure.  I know.  Especially after my naysaying about Harmony on Supernatural.  But that was after careful examination of the characterization and storyline.  Which is what I did here as well.  This works.  Well, with one minor flaw.  Cordelia Chase.  (Let me finish).  Cordelia Chase, the bitch from Sunnydale High, went off to Hollywood after graduation but instead of stardom found herself becoming Angel's secretary, and then was chosen by the Powers that Be (the same folks Leo works for incidentally) to be the girl who gets psychic visions to pass on the Angel.  Eventually, she dies and goes "above", to Heaven, apparently.  However, consider this.  Her body vanished and her soul went to Heaven.  No body.  A demon (over in Supernatural) can be a human possessed.  Those demons retain their own memories and abilities, but also pick up the memories and abilities of the possessee.  So, let's say that when the Source (a high level demon) needed a new Seer, he chose this girl Kira, but she needed a body, and grabbed Cordy's as her soul went above.  (Note her final appearance on Angel was in February 2004.)  So now Kira has Cordy's visions and her memories, as well as her body.  Not to out of the realm if you consider the Source also is a possessor.  He changes bodies when one is destroyed, and when he takes a new body, he has the memories and personalities of the demon and the human.  Oh, and to finish this off, in her first appearance on Charmed, she says to Leo that his actions are un-Scooby-like.  Of course, Buffy and her gang referred to themselves as the Scoobies, so Kira/Cordy was making a statement on how Leo and the sisters do things differently than the gang in Sunnydale would.  Hah.  So there!!!!


June 2005--THE INSIDE--"Pilot"--Though in the episode it is the "Park Place Hotel on MacArthur Park", in the initial script draft the hotel in the episode was the Hyperion, headquarters for Angel and gang.

June 2005--THE INSIDE--A security guard is wearing a uniform with the logo of Wolfram Security, which Tim Minear, creator and writer of the show, stated is indeed a connection to ANGEL.


The Story:  During Hurricane Katrina, Hugo Van Helsing must fight zombies raised by a voodoo priest.

HCU Comments:  Hugo Van Helsing comes from the famous vampire hunting family, and his ancestors have met many famous figures of fiction, accounting for the large number of crossovers.

2005 to Present--BONES--In an episode of Bones (of which David Boreanaz, who played Angel, is a lead character) the overly chipper lab intern Daisy Wick remarks that she often thinks to herself "WWBD? What would Brennan do?" harkening to the common fan phrase 'What would Buffy do'. There is also another in the first episode of Season 6, where Caroline Julian, the state prosecutor, makes a reference. When referring to the fact that all of the Jeffersonian team have come back to D.C, she states that "The whole Scooby Gang's comin' back"    Though neither of these are more than in-joke references that don't truly imply a crossover, in another episode, there is a mention of the hotel in Los Angeles that had been the main headquarters for Angel for years.

2006 to 2011--HANNAH MONTANA--On the Disney Channel Series "Hannah Montana" Miley's foil/rival/crush, Jake Ryan (played by Cody Linley), is the star of a fictional television series Zombie Slayer at Zombie High, with obviousBuffy parallels.  Obviously this series is a rip-off of the series produced by Joss and Andrew.

September 2006--EUREKA--"Primal"--Fargo mentions Buffy fan websites. Later the monsters explode into dust like Buffy's vampires.

November 2006--MADTV--Most of this show is in Skitlandia, but the Griffins appear in an episode that is in the Bongo Anomaly.  Also, it should be noted that Ms. Swan appeared on Family Guy, so all her Mad TV sketches are in the Bongo Anomaly.  Ms. Swan has interacted with other sketch characters on the show, taking them out of Skitlandia and making them part of the Bongo Anomaly as well.  This includes the Vancome Lady and Lowered Expectations.  Ms. Swan of MAD TV is part of the TVCU because of her appearance on Family Guy, which makes her crosses on MAD TV with X-Files and Buffy to be valid.  And yeah, a Family Guy connection could lean toward the TVCU or Looniverse, but considering the other two connections, I push it to the TVCU.  MAD TV, actually, which I've accepted must be completely in since Ms. Swan was on Family Guy, and Alfred E. Newman and other Mad Magazine characters were on the Simpsons, and MAD TV sketch characters often interacted with each other.

July 2007--ALL-PRO FOOTBALL 2K8--football stadium's name "Wolfram & Hart" is same name as law firm on show

2007 to 2009--REAPER--On his 21st birthday, Sam discovers his parents sold his soul to the devil before birth and he must now be a bounty hunter for the devil until he dies.  Morley cigarettes appear in this series.  Morley Cigarettes are found in REAPER, Beverly Hills 90210, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, COLD CASE, CRIMINAL MINDS, ER, JAKE 2.0, KILLER INSTINCT, THE L WORD, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, MEDIUM, MILLENNIUM, MISSION:  IMPOSSIBLE, NASH BRIDGES, NEW AMSTERDAM, PRISON BREAK, THE OUTER LIMITS (though only the stories that have the cigarettes are included), SPACE:  ABOVE AND BEYOND, SPECIAL UNIT 2, SPY GAME, THAT 70S SHOW, THE TWILIGHT ZONE (same rule as OUTER LIMITS), and THE X-FILES.  

2007--ANDY BARKER, P.I.--I could go ahead and discuss it, but why not provide a link to where I first learned about it and plug a friend's site at the same time, so go here.

September 2007--EUREKA--"God is in the Details"--At Café Dium, Larry tells Carter that he fears Eureka may lay on top of a Hellmouth.

2008—Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
The “Evil League of Evil Leaders,” or the mafia godfathers over much of the TVCU’s supervillain community, includes a man who claims to be the true Thomas Jefferson. This is argued against by his super-strength and immortality, but considering Jefferson’s prior (half-completed) deal with the devil, anything is possible. However, it is important to note that elements of the true events were greatly exaggerated.

The singing everyone suffers from, however, is probably another reality-altering appearance of the singing demon from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Once More, With Feeling.”

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is in the TVCU based on reused weapon and costume props from Firefly; as all of the reused props are in the possession of Dr. Horrible, we may assume he time traveled to the future and stole a number of small items. Firefly is in the TVCU via a number of crossovers with the Halo franchise, which in turn has a large amount of crossovers linking it to the TVCU via the Aliens and Predator series, Iron Man, and Mass Effect.

Mass Effect in turn has crossover links to Army of Darkness, Dracula, The Princess Bride, the Cthulhu Mythos, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Clockwork Orange, and Stark Trek (among others). All of the crossovers within Firefly, Halo, and Mass Effect will be covered in a future blog.

2008--MY NAME IS BRUCE--Bruce Campbell is the star of films that had been based on Ash's stories, leaked from the asylum.  It has made him a cult genre hero.  So when zombies overrun a real small town, a boy calls upon Bruce Campbell, confusing him with Ash.  Bruce thinks it's a gig, and comes along, only to face a real zombie and flees.  However, he summons the courage to return and vanquish the monster.  In the end, he tells the town to next time call on that BUFFY chick.

2008--CABIN IN THE WOODS--Wolfram and Hart are responsible for keeping the old ones from rising and destroying the Earth by making regular ritual sacrifices.  Basically, every few years they lure teens to a rural setting and set up a situation for them to become victims of some sort of slasher.  This film crosses BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, FIREFLY, EVIL DEAD I and II, HELLRAISER, ANGEL, CLOVERFIELD, GRUDGE, MUMMY, FRIDAY THE 13TH, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, THE SHINING, ROMERO ZOMBIE FILMS, RE-ANIMATOR, LEFT 4 DEAD, FRANKENSTEIN, HALLOWEEN, RESIDENT EVIL, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and DOC SAVAGE.  James and I also infer a link to SCOOBY-DOO, but that link is harder to prove.  Note these aren't the only crossovers, but the only ones that James and I caught on our first viewings.  Once we have it on video, I'm sure we'll find more.  The results of the end of the movie lead to two alternate events.  In the TVCU, Gort comes to Earth to reclaim the Earth, but in the end, chooses to give humans another chance.  But in the TVCU2, Gort allows for the release of giant monster, as seen in the film Cloverfield.  2008 is a key year for divergence between the TVCU and TVCU2.  This is also the year vampires and mutants go public.  I can only imagine that four men's trip in time via a hot tub during this year (with one of them staying behind to intentionally alter history has some major effect.)

2008--BUFFY SEASON 8--The Doctor and Rose pop up in the alternate reality that I've dubbed the TVCU2.

2008--TRUE BLOOD--"Mine"--In Buffy Season 8, vampires are outed publicly, and become celebrities.  This series takes place in a divergent timeline, the TVCU2.  I always felt that TRUE BLOOD could fit in that same timeline, if only there were some crossover connection.  Well, how about in this episode, where Sam says he wishes Buffy and BLADE would come to town?

March 2009--CASTLE--"Hedge Fund Homeboys"--Castles says "[The 1970's] are like the Highlander: they just won't die."  Of course we could write this off as a pop culture reference, except that both Highlander and Castle are already brought into the TVCU separately, so under that condition, I tend to take references like this as being real, especially considering Castle also seems to know about vampires, werewolves, slayers, ect.

March 2009--REAPER--"I Want My Baby Back"--When Sam picks up the wooden stake/vessel, the Devil says, "Looking sharp, Buffy."

October to November 2009--CASTLE--Crazy Ivan:  That Halloween episode had references to SERENITY, but not in a crossover kind of way. It DOES mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lucian (from UNDERWORLD) in a way suggesting they could be real people.

June 2010--CONFINED--When Victoria first sees a hand through the basement window, you see a truck for "Wolfram Lock and Key" drive down the street. "Wolfram & Hart" is a fictional law group in the TV show Angel. Angel is a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which Emma Caulfield acted in for most of the seasons.

August 2010--VAMPIRES SUCK--Buffy shows up to save Becca and gets sprayed with mace

Fall 2010--COMMUNITY--See this link for Toby's comments.

August 2011--FRIGHT NIGHT--When Charley is researching Peter Vincent on the computer, the first link says "Peter Vincet - Vampire Slayer". Marti Noxon who write the screenplay, was also a writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Fall 2011--VAMPIRE DIARIES--See this link for Toby's comments.

2011--SUPERNATURAL--"Shut Up Dr. Phil"-- there is an art auction in which images in 2 of the paintings bear a striking resemblance to Giles and Willow.

2011--SUPERNATURAL--"The Mentalists"--the show speaks of an Orb of Thesulah which was used to restore Angel's soul. 

December 2011 (episode dated 12/8/11)--COMMUNITY SEASON 3 EP 10--Is Mr. Sweet also perhaps the glee club teacher in Community? Or is there more than one musical demon, accounting for groups that are affected over a longer term period, like in Glee and High School Musical?  And apparently Regionals was invented by this demonic force.  The Greendale Glee Club teacher was responsible for the deaths of two different sets of Glee Clubs and had the power to turn the normal world into a musical.  really any musical already in the TVCU becomes a Buffy crossover (unless it's explained within the story, like with Scrubs).

"You got a name?"
"I've got a hundred."

May 2012--FREE COMIC BOOK DAY--TVCU2--From Salvatore Cucinotta:  This Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. The offering from Dark Horse featured Buffy meeting (and giving a new origin for) H. R. Geiger's most famous monstrous creation. In the story, Spike is taking Buffy on an interstellar vacation after dealing with "The mess in San Fransisco" (first part of Season 9), and one of the bugs who owns the ship is bitten by a "Zompire" (the new type of vamp that rises since magic was 'killed'). It, being a termite-relative, molts and becomes a predatory thing that is very familiar. Buffy fights it briefly before they pass by a sun, she opens the shutters and "Paffs" it. So yeah, in Buffy (which already crossed with Aliens in the past), they are "Zompire" space bugs.  Yeah, I don't know about you, but I'm going to Mythography the crap outa that one.

November 2012--Hack/Slash I #28--"Something’s Fishy"--From John D Lindsey Jr:  Cassie and Vlad return to Haverhill, the Riverdale parody from earlier in the series, only to find it overrun with Lovecraftian horrors; Mary Shelley Lovecraft has escaped into Cassie’s world, and replaced Haverhill’s “story” with a darker one, basically “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”. Mary mentions that with all the monster hunters running around, she’s probably lucky that she ended up with Cassie instead of “that red devil boy with the horns”, and claims that Cassie is a compelling character, though “not so widely loved as the Summers girl”, referring to both Hellboy and Buffy. Mary also claims that she is “Frankenstein, Cthulhu, and Godzilla all rolled into one.”

December 21, 2012--The end of the world is averted.  Though those involved are not known, theories apply credit to the Doctor, the Avengers, Buffy, Ashley J Williams, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Herbert West, Dracula, Eva, Athena, the Winchesters, the Ninja Turtles, Cassie Hack & Vlad and Austin Powers.

2277--FRAY--This date is approximate, but I did math calculations to reach it.  After hundreds of years without a Slayer, one is finally called.  How could so many generations pass without a Slayer?  Well, apparently, calling everyone one of them at once in 1999 caused future ones to stop getting called for a while.


September 2363 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--Captain Jean-Luc Picard commands the Enterprise-D.  The ship's impulse engines are powered by Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, another connection to BUCKAROO BANZAI.  Yoyodyne also appears in ANGEL and THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW.

Mid May 2511--FIREFLY--Superior numbers and a brilliant deep-flank strategy by General Richard Wilkins begin to turn the tide at Serenity Valley in the Alliance's favour.  [From]  Weyland-Utani (a company seen in the ALIEN films, and a client of Wolfram and Hart from ANGEL), was the manufacturer of the weapons in the battle of Serenity.

3,002,385--RED DWARF--"Psirens"--DOCTOR WHO UNIVERSE--In a ship graveyard is a Weyland-Utani ship. Weyland-Utani is from ALIEN. Weyland-Utani appears also in the TVCU, but considering that the Star Trek future is the main future timeline of the TVCU, it's possible that the future timeline of Alien occurs in the Whoniverse. Weyland-Utani is mentioned on Angel, however that is in the TVCU. In this episode an Eagle ship from SPACE: 1999 also appears, but that show does not work in either the TVCU or the Whoniverse. It's likely either a wormhole pulled the ship from an alternate universe or else this type of ship still existed in the Whoniverse.


DC Universe-- First, this isn't the DC Universe, just to be clear. It's the Television Crossover Universe. And yes, I could gone that route, and then say that apparently Lucy is on Earth-1, and Aliens are in Earth-0, and Indiana Jones is Earth-2, but Indiana Jones has also crossed with Star Wars, so that would be Earth-2, and Star Wars crossed with Star Trek, so that would be Earth-2, and Star Trek crossed with Buffy/Angel, so that would be Earth-2, and Angel crossed with Aliens, so that would be...uh oh.

MIRROR UNIVERSE:  This is the reality where the Federation didn't happen, but instead an empire was formed.  In the 24th century, many non-human races formed an alliance.  But wait, there's more.  George Bailey was never born in this universe.  Buffy Summers went to Cleveland after Los Angeles rather than straight to Sunnydale.  Instead of a Justice League, there is a Crime Syndicate.  Lex Luthor is a hero.  Cobra temporarily conquered America.  Basically any alternate version of TVCU events where the world went wrong instead of right occurs here.  This universe factored heavily also in the last few seasons of Charmed, and it's appeared many times, such in any "world where I wasn't born or made the wrong choice" type realities.  Even that Friends episode where Chandler was Joey's personal assistant, Ross never got divorced, Phoebe was a businesswoman, Rachel married the dentist, and Monica was still fat.


LOONIVERSE:  MADtv (1997) – "Buffy the Umpire Slayer" sketch in which Nicole Sullivan starred as 'Buffy'.[4] The clip features Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles attempting to control the threat from blood-sucking baseball umpires.  MADtv (2001) – Michelle Trachtenberg appeared in a sketch that has been entitled "Bunny the Vampire Slayer" by MadTV, and features the MadTV recurring character, Bunny Swan, (more commonly known as "Ms Swan)".[6] The five minute clip includes Trachtenberg as Dawn Summers coming face to face with Bunny Swan in a graveyard. Bunny tells Dawn that she is her aunt, and also the slayer. It also includes castmembers Andrew Daly as Spike, Mo Collins as Willow and Stephnie Weir as Tara.  The Simpsons episode, "Treehouse of Horror XVI" originally aired in the US six days after Halloween. The last of three segments was entitled, "I've Grown a Costume on Your Face" and had similarities with the Buffy episode "Halloween" (which had aired eight years earlier): the citizens of Springfield dress in their Halloween costumes for a costume contest, but when the winner (dressed as a witch) turns out to be a real witch, she uses her powers to transform many of the residents into their Halloween costumes. In one scene Principal Skinner in army clothes stands next to his mother dressed in a big, poofy pink Victorian dress in a shot reminiscent of Buffy characters Xander and Buffy wearing said clothes in "Halloween". Another episode named "Homer of Seville" has Marge Simpson mention a buffet restaurant named Buffet the Hunger Slayer. In the 2009 episode "Rednecks and BroomsticksLisa Simpson becomes interested in joining a Wicca group, and decides to check on "Wiccapedia." Sure enough the computer screen shows a replica of Wikipedia, with an array of links: "Familiars: wolf, cat, ferret – will they eat you when you die?, 4,400+ articles; Dating: share your stories, 0 articles; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The greatest show in history, 2,500,000,000+ articles."  In the Arthur special "Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll", Muffy makes a commercial for her to promote Francine's band and show it to the Backstreet Boys. When Arthur and Buster, pretending to be Vampires, are on, Muffy, dressed as a super hero, comes to the rescue, calling herself "Muffy the Vampire Slayer." On "The Making of Arthur" (a different episode of Arthur), Muffy enters a contest hosted by Matt Damon, and names her entry "Muffy the Umpire Slayer".  In the Disney's House of Mouse episode "Gone Goofy", when Donald Duck is watching TV, there is a show on called "Goofy the Vampire Slayer".  In the Daria episode "Speedtrapped", Quinn remarks, "We'll be through the criminal justice system and home in time for Buffy."  On The Cleveland Show, in the episode Birth of a SalesmanTim the Bear prays to Jesus Christ for Cleveland Brown and Terry to go to the bar so he could catch up to his sales, then he prays "Thank you Jesus. Now maybe we can think about bringing back Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Also, in the Season 2 final, Hot Cocoa Bang Bang, a Buffy fangirl kills both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Comic-con by stabbing them with a wooden stake.  In the Family Guy episode, "It's a Trap!", a spoof of Return of the Jedi, the Emperor (Carter Pewterschmidt) bad mouths Seth Green in an attempt to lure Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin, who is voiced by Green himself) to the dark side of the Force. In defense, Luke says that Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which featured Green as Oz, was pretty popular, but the Emperor says it wasn't. (Entertainment Weekly said it was popular, but it wasn't popular.)  A replica of Spike's crypt can be found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

NOT ANOTHER SPOOF MOVIE UNIVERSE (NAMU)--In the 2010 American vampire spoof Vampires Suck, based in most part on Twilight film series, Buffy is portrayed by Krystal Mayo. She uses an outfit similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight#1 cover.

ROBOT CHICKEN UNIVERSE:  Robot Chicken – Series co-created by Seth Green (who portrayed Oz on Buffy). Sarah Michelle Gellar lent her voice to the episode "Plastic Buffet", which included a parodied would-be eighth season of Buffy. The story featured Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) and the soulless Lettuce Head Kids terrorising America. In addition, several cast members from Buffy the Vampire Slayer have lent their voices to Robot Chicken sketches including series creator Joss Whedon.[8]

SKITLANDIA:  Saturday Night Live – Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a sketch first aired on 1999, in which the Slayer was relocated to the Seinfeld universe, starring as an Elaine Benes version of Buffy. The sketch portrayed Jerry Seinfeld (Will Ferrell), George Costanza (Darrell Hammond), and Cosmo Kramer (Jim Breuer) as vampires.[5]  V Graham Norton – When Anthony Head appeared on Norton's show he spoofed "Buffy" in a "Poofy the Vampire Slayer" sketch. Graham Norton portrayed 'Poofy', whilst Head portrayed 'Rupert Giles'.[7]