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Once Upon a Time and other Fairy Tales in the Television Crossover Multiverse Part I: Primary Characters

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This blog series will replace the Fairy Tale Princesses blog and expand upon the Fairy Tales and Once Upon a Timeline Quickies.

I was attempting to cover all fairy tales in one blog, and decided it was too much, so I'll be breaking it up as such.  Part I (this blog) will cover Once Upon a Time as a whole and the primary characters from the show.  Part II will cover secondary characters.  Part III will cover additional characters from the show.  Part IV will cover the primary characters from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Part V will cover the secondary characters from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Part VI will cover the additional characters from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Finally, Part VII will cover the creatures and races of Once Upon a Time.

Each part will not only cover Once Upon a Time, but the character's multiversal counterparts.  I will not go into too much detail for characters who already have a separate full blog chronology.  And I'm not going to just work on this project until it's over.  I will be working on other subjects for blogs but I will keep coming back to continue this project until all seven parts are complete.

Note that I will try my best to identify within the entry the reality from which the story comes from, and color code as such:







Once Upon a Time


Emma Swan


Henry Mills














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Once Upon a Time is an American fairy tale drama series that premiered on Sunday, October 23, 2011, on ABC. The show takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, the residents of which are actually characters from various fairy tales that were transported to the "real world" town and robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse. Episodes typically feature a primary storyline in Storybrooke, as well as a secondary storyline usually from another point in a character's life before the curse was enacted. The show airs Sunday nights at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT.[3]
Once Upon a Time was created by Lost and Tron: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.[4] Its first season received "generally favorable" reviews from critics. Metacritic gave it a score of 66 out of 100 based on 26 reviews. The pilot episode was watched by 12.93 million viewers and achieved an adult 18–49 rating/share of 4.0/10. A second season premiered on September 30, 2012 to an audience of 11.36 million. The third season began on September 29, 2013, opening to 8.52 million viewers.
A green-light for a spin-off series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was also given by ABC, and the first season consisting of 13 episodes premiered on ABC on October 10, 2013. The spin-off, that includes crossovers with its parent show, airs at 8:00pm (ET) on Thursday nights in the 2013–14 TV schedule[5]

From me:  

I've done a Fairy Tale Princesses blog already, which had one small entry on Once Upon a Time, because when I wrote it, the show was fairly new.  More recently, I did a fairy tales quickie, in which I listed the magical realms of Once Upon a Time.  But today I'm covering the timeline, which may not be completely accurate, but is a best guess based on in-story information.  It should be noted that the fairy tales that happened in the realms are counterpart events of events that really happened in the TVCU.  In fact, the Enchanted Forest realm had the fairy tales happening long after they happened in the TVCU, which provides some evidence to support a theory that the OUAT realms might be doppelganger tulpa type realities, that came to life by the imaginations of children from the real world.  And in fact, in the more recent episodes, we learn that Neverland indeed was a realm that only existed in the dreams of children until Peter Pan.

Pre-History--SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN--From James Bojaciuk:  I just got back from seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. It was much, much better than I had expected it to be. The film reuses a disgusting amount of sets from Once Upon a Time. But that's not why I'm mentioning it here.  Snow White and the Huntsman might be the TVCU/WNU version of events. You see, the prop maker really likes Lord of the Rings. Snow White's shield bears the standard of Aragon's kingdom. The tree. Sorry, I got an F in Middle-Earth Studies. But it's the same tree. If so, I would imagine this story took place at the very end of the Third Age, just as all the kingdoms were in final decline. The dwarves are few in number; the magic is fleeing the land. It all fits rather well.

c. 1100s—events of Frank Beddor’s The Looking Glass War series (The Looking Glass War,Seeing Redd, and ArchEnemy)--This series is mostly fictional, and only true in the widest brushstrokes: Alyss Heart of Wonderland engages her forces in a massive civil war against the slightly more despotic Queen of Hearts. After a bloody war that greatly reduced the population of Wonderland, Alyss took the throne of Hearts. All of the universe crossing antics, however, are utterly fictional: Alyss is not the secret identity of Alice Liddell, nor was Alice Liddell an adopted girl of dubious sanity. The former Queen of Hearts fled to another universe (which is the Fables Homeland) after her defeat. In the Homelands she married Snow White’s father, and was the Evil Stepmother so well known to children everywhere. [From James Bojaciuk's Wonderland timeline.]

c. 1250—“The Fairest of Them All” by Sean Taylor, appearing in the collection Classics Mutilated.--The brutal queen Alyss gains entry to the Homelands through a magic mirror owned by Snow White (dug from their mines by the Seven Dawrfs): and leads her armies on a mad spree of slaughter in a successful attempt to find and slay the escaped Queen of Hearts. During the course of this story, two items are revealed. Firstly, this ancient Queen of Hearts was also Snow White’s sorcerous stepmother. Secondly, the Jabberwock is “the bastard child of the elder gods” (21); within context, these elder gods are H.P. Lovecraft’s own Elder Gods.  After this story, Snow White magically bound Alyss with what was once Merlin’s Mirror. Alyss would attempt to leave this mirror many times over the coming centuries, and thus the mirror slowly became known as Alyss’ Looking Glass. And as the Ages pass, Alyss would become known to history as Alyss the Chaos Queen.   [From James Bojaciuk's Wonderland timeline.]

1334--ABBOTT AND COSTELLO ANIMATED SERIES--"Fumbled Fable"--So in the "real world" of the TVCU, it seems that the story of Red Riding Hood was actually based on these true events, in which Lou (the same from Galoots in Suits" is bringing the basket to his grandmother, while Bud (great grandson of the Abbott) is the woodsman.

1338 to 1350--SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES--The Three Stooges are involved in the events of the classic SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS.  

1338--ABBOTT AND COSTELLO ANIMATED SERIES--"Eighth Dwarf"--During the period of time when Snow White is living with the Dwarves, Snow is captured by a giant and the same Bud and Lou from the previous fairy tale entries rescue her.

1687--BEWITCHED BUNNY--Bugs crosses a magical bridge while reading the tale of HANSEL AND GRETEL, and finds himself at the events.  There, the two brats wander into the home of Witch Hazel.  I believe this is the same Witch Hazel from the present, rather than an ancestor.  As a witch, she is likely much longer lived than most toons.  Since the Masked Avenger wasn't around, Bugs takes it upon himself to save the kids by disguising himself as a truant officer.  He saves the kids, which just leads Hazel to change her plans and make rabbit stew.  She poisons Bugs, but he is revived by Prince Charming, who thought he was kissing Snow White.  In the end, Bugs turns Hazel into a female rabbit, that he then walks off with, saying probably the funniest, yet sexist, line.  The Bugs here is not one of his ancestors, but rather the 20th century bugs who accidentally travels back in time via the bridge.  Previously, I had stated in other blogs that the Disney fairy tale movies are the Looniverse version, of the fairy tale characters, but since I've reevaluated this.  I believe the Disney versions exist in a series of alternate "Magic Kingdoms" that are linked to the Looniverse,  Each of these Kingdoms appears to exist in previous past eras but the events actually happen around the time the films are released, which explains how they interact with each other.  Meanwhile, the main Looniverse is in fact a patchwork of overlapping realities.  Technically, the "Looniverse" is only one of these overlapping realities, and the proper term for the grander set would be Cartoon Crossover Universe.  In each of these overlapping realities, there seems to be their own set of fairy tale characters that conform to each of those realities.  






1813--ONCE UPON A TIME--Robert Carlyle, the actor who plays Rumplestiltskin, has stated that his character was 300 years old by the time the curse was enacted.  However, in Going Home, Peter Pan says his son is a couple of centuries.  I'm choosing to go with 200 rather than 300 because it's from an in-story reference, and because it fits better with the overall timeline, since it fits with Bealfire later travelling to Victorian England without having to involve a time travel element.  


1823 (approx.)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Think Lovely Thoughts"--Malcolm is a poor man who makes his earnings running a rigged card game in the streets. After losing all of his winnings in a brawl, Malcolm takes his son Rumplestiltskin to live with two spinsters while he finds work. Rumplestiltskin is given a magic bean by the two spinsters after he expresses his desire to be with his father. The young boy returns to his father with the bean, and the two travel to Neverland. While there, Malcolm becomes Peter Pan. Rumplestiltskin then returns home fatherless to his caretakers.  [MANY OF THE DETAILED EPISODE SUMMARIES COME FROM THE ONCE UPON A A TIME WIKI, WHICH WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN TRYING TO PUT THIS TIMELINE TOGETHER.]

1852 (approx.)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Manhattan"--In the battlefield of the Ogre Wars, Rumplestiltskin meets a seer, who tells him his wife is pregnant and his actions in battlefield the next day will leave his son fatherless. He tries to prevent that fate by injuring himself on the leg. As he returns home, his reputation as a coward has already spread that also wreaks havoc on his marriage with Milah.

1853 (approx.)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Crocodile"--Killian Jones meets Milah, who leaves her husband and son behind and runs away with him. Rumplestiltskin believes his wife has been kidnapped, and he begs Killian Jones to set her free, but the captain refuses, calling him a coward. 

1866 (approx.)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--There is a gap here, where Baelfire grows up to be thirteen.

ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Desperate Souls"--To save his son from fighting in an Ogre War, Rumplestiltskin steals a magic dagger from the Duke's castle and uses it to kill the Dark One, becoming his replacement.

ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--A short time after, Rumplestiltskin uses these powers to broker a truce and end the Ogre War.

c. 1866--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Nasty Habits"--Baelfire has grown weary of being forced to stay in hiding due to his father's fear that one of his enemies. One day the Dark One comes home to find his son gone. He follows Baelfire's trail to the town of Hamelin, where he discovers all of the townspeople's boys around Baelfire's age have gone missing as well. He is told that the boys left the town following the mysterious music of a pied piper that none of the adults can hear. Rumplestiltskin tracks down the pied piper and all of the missing boys dancing around a bonfire. The Dark One discovers that the piper is someone he has known since a boy, a teenage boy named Peter Pan who travels to Neverland and has never aged. Pan has come to the Enchanted Forest to gather boys to keep him company in Neverland. Rumplestiltskin finds his son Baelfire among the group and magically teleports back to their home.

ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Return"--Distraught over the magical corruption of his father, Baelfire suggests if he finds a way to relieve the Dark One's powers without killing him, Rumplestiltskin will do what is necessary to make his son happy. To this end, Baelfire receives a magic bean from the Blue Fairy. The bean is used to open a portal to a land without magic, but Rumplestiltskin goes back on his promise and lets his son fall into the new world alone.

ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Crocodile"--In a pub, Rumplestiltskin meets William Smee, who promises him a magic bean and in return, William Smee asks for eternal life. By chance, Rumplestiltskin catches a glimpse of Killian Jones and challenges him to a duel. As he is about to kill the pirate, Milah shows up to stop him. Rumplestiltskin learns the cold truth that she went with Jones willingly. She holds William Smee hostage and wants to exchange the bean for both herself and Jones' freedom from harm. Aboard Jones' ship, a heated argument erupts between Rumplestiltskin and Milah that results in her death. Killian Jones tricks Rumplestiltskin and does not give him the magic bean. Instead, he uses it for himself and opens a portal to Neverland.

c. 1866--ONCE UPON A TIME--After his father, Rumplestiltskin, lets go of his hand, Baelfire falls through the portal into 19th century London, and is afraid and confused in the new world. He spends a fair amount of time wandering the streets for leftover bits of food. When Baelfire sees an opportunity to sneak into a house, he does so and gorges on a table with many loaves of bread. One of the house residents, Wendy, is startled by the intruder, but warms up to him after she recognizes he is starving for food. Feeling sympathy for the stranger, she hides Baelfire in the cubby hole of her nursery and for weeks takes up as much food she can to feed him. One night, she is caught by her parents, but her mother graciously allows Baelfire to move into the nursery as a house guest.

ONCE UPON A TIME--"Second Star to the Right"--Wendy develops an interest in a creature called Shadow that appears outside the nursery window from time to time. Against Baelfire's warnings that things associated with magic are of no good, she allows the Shadow to whisk her away to NeverlandWendy Darling is taken to Neverland by the Shadow and has a great deal of fun there, but when night falls, the air is filled with the sounds of crying children who miss their parents. The Shadow does not allow them to leave, but makes an exception for Wendy because he only wants boys to stay in Neverland. She returns in the morning with terrible news—the Shadow wishes to bring a boy to Neverland, and wants to steal one of her brothers. Baelfire won't allow it to happen and forms a plan to outsmart the Shadow. The next night, the Shadow arrives and Wendy, Baelfire and John run into the cubby hole to hide from it. Only Michael remains unmoving and unaware he is in danger, so Baelfire gives himself up to the Shadow so Wendy's family will not be broken up. He is taken away from London to Neverland.  Upon approaching the island, Baelfire is unwilling to let himself be held captive and wards the Shadow off with flame from a matchstick. He is dropped in the ocean and fished aboard the ship of Captain Hook.  Upon approaching the island, Baelfire is unwilling to let himself be held captive and wards the Shadow off with flame from a matchstick. He is dropped in the ocean and fished aboard the ship of Captain Hook.

ONCE UPON A TIME--"And Straight On 'Til Morning"--The Lost Ones from Neverland come aboard to search for a boy Peter Pan is looking for, but do not find him. Baelfire stays on the Jolly Roger under Hook's protection, but finds out the pirate has been lying to him about knowing who his father, Rumplestiltskin, is as well as his past relationship with Baelfire's mother, Milah. Disgusted, Baelfire leaves for Neverland. One of the Lost Ones, Felix, tries to match Baelfire's face with the parchment drawing of the boy Peter Pan wants, but there's no resemblance. The drawing is actually of Henry Mills.

ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Manhattan"--Rumplestiltskin meets the seer again and chastises her for not telling him everything he needed to know. He threatens her into seeing into the future again, but she is at her power's limit and offers to grant him future sight. He absorbs the seer's powers. As she lays dying, the seer speaks one last prophecy of a young boy who will lead him to his son, but will also be his undoing.


1881 to 1883--THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO--From James BojaciukIn "When the Going Gets Tough Bill and Ted are History" it is revealed that Leonardo da Vinci's overbearing uncle is Geppetto the puppet maker. This places Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinocchio in the WNU/TVCU.


1904--PETER PAN--The first published telling of Peter Pan.  This is the one and only instance thus far where the Once Upon a Time version IS the TVCU version.  Thus for the TVCU, the published story is a fictionalized account of Wendy's story, though I'm sure the published version exists for real in some divergent reality, perhaps the one for Wild Nuts.  

Circa 1910--Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town/The Easter Bunny Is Comin’ To Town/The First Easter Rabbit--A young child became sick. All of their possessions had to be burned to disinfect the playroom. A beloved stuffed rabbit named Stuffy is brought to life by a fairy, inspiring the story of The Velveteen Rabbit. (The fairy may or may not be the fairy that brought Pinocchio to life, and may or may not be one of the witches named Glinda from the various Oz verses.) Stuffy is sent to a place near Kris’ North Pole community (named Easter Valley or April Valley in later retellings). The Miser Brother called Snow (here called Zero) tried to freeze Easter Valley/April Valley but was defeated by Stuffy. Stuffy is declared the first Chief Easter Bunny.   [FROM GORDON LONG'S RANKIN-BASS BLOG]

1925--OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL--From Ivan Ronald Schablotski:  The new OZ movie is set firmly in the continuity of the original movie... which is very much NOT in continuity with the Oz books. The fact that Kansas is a surrealistic black & white place with no actual magic makes me wonder if it might be the same 'world' that Dr "Frankenstein" Whale hails from in ONCE UPON A TIME. However, the Wicked Witch of the OUAT Oz is named Zalena, so is not the same Wicked Witch from this film, who is named Theodora.

1932 (approx.)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"That Still Small Voice"--Seeking a way to get rid of his vagrant parents, Jiminy receives a potion from Rumplestiltskin to use on them. After pulling an "elf tonic" scam on a young couple, Jiminy learns his parents switched the "elf tonic" with Rumplestiltskin's potion. To his horror, the couple drinks the potion and it turns them into wooden puppets, and the couple's young son Geppetto walks in on the scene. Shortly afterward, the Blue Fairy grants Jiminy a wish, turning him into a cricket and tasking him to look after Geppetto as penance.

Snow white disney.pngSnow White 1937 poster.png



1939 (approx)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--Rumplestiltskin sees into the future that Cora's first born child will be essential to him, so he tempts her with a contract—he'll help her spin gold, and she must hand over her first born child. She asks to learn to spin gold herself, and though the process, Cora and Rumplestiltskin find a common affiliation. She successfully spins gold and accepts the marriage proposal of Prince Henry. On the day before her wedding, Cora confides in Rumplestiltskin of her changing desires from power and wealth with Prince Henry to love and happiness with him. Drawn by their mutual thirst for revenge, Rumplestiltskin agrees to their deal by having Cora owe him his child. Before they run away together, Cora wants to rip out and crush the heart of King Xavier. Instead, King Xavier makes her question if she values love or power more with the phrase, "Love is weakness". She makes her choice by ripping out her own heart to keep herself from feeling love. Cora breaks the revised deal with Rumplestiltskin and picks her need for power over love.

Jiminy Cricket.pngPinocchio-1940-poster.jpg


1944--LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT--Bugs Bunny is involved in a modern version of the LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD story in which grandma works for a Lockheed aircraft factory.

July 20, 1945--MIGHTY MOUSE AND THE WOLF--The Big Bad Wolf explains how he was wronged  in his last three encounters with Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and the Three Pigs, due to the intervention of Mighty Mouse.

January 1946--BOOK REVUE--The ultimate Warner Brothers "books come to life" cartoon. Parodies and caricatures ofHarry JamesFrank Sinatra, 'Benny Goodman', Tommy DorseyGene Krupa, 'Jimmy Durante' and, in a wild take-off on Danny Kaye, Daffy launches into a Russian-accented version of "Carolina in the Morning," then scat-sings his way through the tale of "Red Riding Hood" with Margaret O'Brien as Red.

1947--WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?--This more than anything else is probably the glue that ties together the Looniverse.  This story shows that almost every cartoon from the golden age of film all coexist in the same reality.  Who's in it?  Well, the full list is printed in many of the cartoon related blogs, but for the purpose of this blog, only relevant crossovers will be listed:  

1950--ONCE UPON A RHYME--Casper travels to Mother Goose Land and meets Mother Goose, Little Miss Muffet, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and the old lady who lived in a shoe.  In the Looniverse, certain fairy tale characters seem to almost be like residual hauntings, as they are cursed to repeat the same events of their lives over and over again for eternity.

1951 (approx.)--ORIGINS OF THE DARK ONE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Shepherd"--King George and his wife are unable to bear children, so they seek help from Rumplestiltskin. The Dark One visits a struggling farm where Ruth recently gave birth to twin boys. For financial security of her land, she allows Rumplestiltskin to take one of her sons. King George names the boy James and raises him as his own.



October 31, 1956--BROOM-STICK BUNNY--Bugs Bunny is trick-or-treating as a witch.  Witch Hazel, who prides herself on her ugliness, thinks Bugs' mask is real, and feels threatened by Bugs' ugliness.  Witch Hazel has a magic mirror much like that owned by Snow White's step-mother.

c. 1958--This is the era when Regina kills young Snow White's mother and becomes the Evil Queen.  Seen in "The Queen is Dead", "The Stable Boy", "We Are Both", "The Doctor" and "Quite a Common Fairy".  Also during this era, Rumplestilskin, with the aid of the Hattter, meets Frankenstein in the Land Without Color, aka the land where magic is called science, as seen in "In the Name of the Brother" and "The Doctor".  Tinker Bell also loses her wings during this era in "Quite a Common Fairy".  It's still questionable how Tinker Belle could have not left for Neverland until after this, but still have been included in the published tale of 1904.  The best explanation is that because Neverland is a dream world, time is irrelevant there.  Or something.  Note that the chronological order I obtained from the Once Upon a Time Wiki, but actual dates as they relate to the TVCU I used based on references from the stories themselves when possible.  When not possible, I utilized the actors' birthdates to try to make calculations.  One major obstacle I came across there is that the actress who plays Regina is only a year older than the acttress who plays Snow.  In this instance, I had to assume that Regina was at least six years older than Snow, so that when they met, Snow would be the age of 12 (as was the actress playing young Snow in season 1), and Regina would be 18 (old enough to marry, but still lacking emotional maturity).

Winter 1958--RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Queen Is Dead"--Cora poisons Queen Eva days before young Snow White's birthday celebration in a bid to put her own daughter,Regina, on the vacant Queen's seat. Snow White goes to get help from the Blue Fairy, who turns out to be Cora in disguise. Cora tempts her to use dark magic to save her mother, but Snow White is bound to her morals and cannot go through with it. Thus, Queen Eva passes away.

Spring 1958--RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Stable Boy"--A young Regina rescues Snow White from a runaway horse. As a result, Snow White's father, King Leopold, proposes to Regina. Regina plans to run away with her lover, Daniel, but the two are seen by Snow White. Regina swears her to secrecy, but the young girl is manipulated by Cora into revealing the secret. To continue steering her daughter on the path to becoming queen, Cora eliminates Regina's happiness by killing Daniel.

1958--NOW, HARE THIS--The Big Bad Wolf and his nephew are out to get Bugs Bunny.  It's already been established that the stories of Red Riding Hood and the Three Bears in the Looniverse take place in the modern day, though they may have had medieval variants as well.  The story of Goldilocks is shown here to also occur in modern times.

December 1958 (around Christmas)--RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--"In the Name of the Brother"--Rumplestiltskin leaves the Enchanted Forest to make a deal with Dr. Victor Frankenstein. In exchange for gold, Victor will master how to bring back the dead. Then Rumplestiltskin sends the Mad Hatter to the other world to bring Victor back to the Enchanted Forest so the scientist can collect an enchanted heart.

Likely Early 1959--ONCE UPON A TIME--After his encounter with Rumplestiltskin, Victor goes to find a body to use for his experiments. While digging up bodies in a cemetery to aid Victor's scientific research, a soldier comes to the cemetery and shoots his brother, Gerhardt, which kills him. Upon his father, Alphonse, discovering this, he further disowns Victor and blames him for Gerhardt's death.

RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Doctor"--Rumplestiltskin begins to teach Regina how to use magic. After her wedding, she asks for Dr. Frankenstein's help to resurrect Daniel using one of the hearts collected by Cora. He fakes the failed resurrection to fulfill the bargain with Rumplestiltskin and takes an enchanted heart back to his own world.

RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--We Are Both"--Right before her wedding to King Leopold, Regina tries to escape, but Cora prevents it. On her father's advice, Regina steals her mother's spell book and uses it to summon Rumplestiltskin, who gives her a looking glass to banish Cora to another realm. On the day of the wedding, Regina attempts to shove her mother through the looking glass portal, but is suspended by magic. With encouragement from an apparition of Rumplestiltskin, she breaks free and pushes Cora through the portal into another world. Regina attempts to leave King Leopold's castle, but Rumplestiltskin stops her and offers her Cora's spell book so she, too, can learn magic from him.

RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Quite a Common Fairy"--Regina grows depressed in the castle as she is alone more often than not while the King and Snow White travel. Growing even more despondent, she begins skipping her magic lessons, which Rumplestiltskin does not appreciate. One night in an act of desperation, she vents out her frustration on the balcony, triggering the foundation to break apart and sending her falling to the ground. She is rescued by a fairy who identifies herself as Tinker Bell. The two share a meal the next day, during which Tinker Bell tells Regina she can help her find what she needs, that being love. Tinker Bell then disobeys the Blue Fairy and steals pixie dust. That night, she goes to Regina and gives her the ability to fly while also showing the path to her true love. They follow the path to Regina's true love, a man in a pub with a lion tattoo. Tinker Bell leaves so the two can finally meet, but a fearful Regina leaves. Later in the evening, Tinker Bell checks up on Regina again and learns that, out of fright, she did not go to her true love. Despite Tinker Bell's pleas at the rules she broke to help her, Regina sends her packing. On her way back home, Tinker Bell is stopped by an upset Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy loses trust in Tinker Bell's capabilities as a fairy and takes away her wings.  This apparently takes place prior to her travelling to Neverland, though she must have been in Neverland during Wendy's early adventure in the 19th century, to get referenced in the book.  All I can think is that this is because Neverland is a timeless land.

February 1968--BEWITCHED--"Prince of a Guy"--Tabitha summons Prince Charming.  Though the classic fairy tales are based on true stories as revealed by that guy Dennis E. Power, the three main princess tales with Charming happen at very different time periods.  This is also not the Charming of Far Far Away Land either, as there are contradictions between that reality's Charming and the fairy tale.  Thus this Charming must be the one from the Looniverse, who would most likely match up with this version seen in this story.  Note though that the Charming of this reality, the TVCU, is currently in suspended animation buried under the earth at this time due to a spell cast by Snow White's step-mother long ago.  He and his family will be resurrected during an earthquake in the 1980s.

1966 (approx.)--RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--There is a gap in the timeline here as Snow White grows from a child to a young adult.

c. 1966 to 1983--ONCE UPON A TIME--Most of the flashbacks happen during this era, and most of the fairy tales take place here.  This includes the OUAT Fairly Tale Land versions of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, PETER AND THE WOLF, SLEEPING BEAUTY, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ROBIN HOOD, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, KING MIDAS, CINDERELLA, MULAN, THE LITTLE MERMAID, HANSEL AND GRETEL, ARTHURIAN LEGEND (THE SWORD IN THE STONE and THE LADY IN THE LAKE).  The time range is based on age of Ginnerfer Goodwin, actress who plays Snow, who was born in 1978, and accounting for the 28 years under the curse timelock, and the three years that have passed since the curse.  I am going under a presumption that likely Snow was 18, having just reached womanhood, when her fairy tale story begins.  She was a princess after all, and its unlikely she would have stayed unwed living with her father the king for nearly 20 years of adulthood without him marrying her off, so its' more plausible that she was 18 when she lost her father and went on the run.  

RISE OF THE EVIL QUEEN--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"--Following the death of King Leopold, Queen Regina decides it is time to take out Snow White. To this end, she finds and hires the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. The Huntsman takes the princess into the woods to kill her, but she escapes with enough time to write her farewell letter to Regina. After reading it, the Huntsman is moved by her words and allows Snow White to flee. As a replacement, he cuts out a deer heart for the Queen. When she finds out his trickery, the Queen takes the Huntsman's heart for herself and makes him her prisoner.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--Particular events occurring in "Red-Handed", "Child of the Moon", "The Evil Queen","Skin Deep", "Dreamy", "Lacey", "The Outsider", "Tiny", "The Shepherd", "Snow Falls", "The Price of Gold", "Ariel", and "Forget Me Not" may happen concurrently.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Red-Handed"--After being released by the Huntsman, Snow White goes on the run. She hides in a village house's chicken coop where she is found by the owner's granddaughter, Red Riding Hood. When she arrives in that town, she learns of a fearsome wolf that has been terrorizing it for a long time. Longing for freedom from her watchful Granny, Widow Lucas, so she can be together with her love, Peter, Red persuades Snow White to help her track the wolf. They find footprints leading back to Red's cottage that imply Peter is the wolf. To prevent another wolf attack, Red breaks the news to him. He allows her to chain him down if he happens to transform, but when the full moon comes, Red is the one to shape shift. When Snow White informs Widow Lucas of this, she reveals Red is the true wolf. They arrive on the scene to discover wolf Red eating Peter's carcass. Widow Lucas shoot a silver arrow to immobilize wolf Red while Snow White places the red cloak over her. Red changes back to human, and realizes the wolf is her. While the townspeople approach quickly to kill the wolf, Widow Lucas distracts them while Red and Snow White make haste and run.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Child of the Moon"--After escaping the townspeople, on the night of a full moon, Red has Snow White leave her for the night as a precaution. Red meets up with a "pack" of werewolves like her, including her mother, Anita. They accept her as one of their own and teach her how to control herself while being a wolf. Eventually, Snow White finds them, but is followed by the Queen's knights who want to capture her for treason. In the ensuing battle, one of the pack members, Quinn, is killed and Anita blames Snow White for his death. Anita tries to get revenge by taking away Snow White's life, but Red defends her. As mother and daughter argue, Anita accidentally impales herself and dies. After burying Anita, Red leaves with Snow White.

1969 (approx.)--TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Skin Deep"--To save his home from a land conflict with the Ogres, Sir Maurice seeks the aid of Rumplestiltskin. The two strike a deal—Rumplestiltskin will end the dispute in exchange for Maurice's daughter, Belle, to become his servant for all eternity. The girl complies and begins doing household duties at Rumplestiltskin's castle.  [We jump ahead three years so that Belle can be 18.  This actress, Emilie de Ravin,  is three years younger than Gennifer Goodwin.  And I understand that I may be naive in assuming that in a world based on medieval era Europe that lasses should be 18 to get married off, but this is Disney still.  And even the Dark Lord wouldn't do anything improper to an underage lass in a Disney show.]

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Lacey"--Sometime after Belle's arrival, a thief breaks into the castle to steal a magic wand. Rumplestiltskin easily subdues the thief and puts him in the dungeon to undergo prolonged physical torture. Feeling pity for the man, Belle frees him. Enraged, Rumplestiltskin demands she learn a lesson by accompanying him as he finds and kills the thief. They find him in Sherwood Forest, where the Sheriff of Nottingham tells them the thief's name is Robin Hood. Rumplestiltskin rebuffs Belle's efforts to convince him not to kill Robin Hood but is finally pacified when he sees that Robin Hood stole the wand to heal the pregnant mother of his child. Leaving a child fatherless is one thing Rumplestiltskin is reluctant to do, so he deliberately shoots the arrow elsewhere rather than allow it to hit Robin Hood. Back at the castle, Rumplestiltskin gives Belle access to his large library because of her love for books, but saves face by insinuating he just wants the room to be spotless and clean.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Evil Queen"--The Queen and her soldiers arrive in a village hoping to capture Snow White only to find that she is already gone. The villagers reject the Queen's offer of a reward for information about Snow White and she orders her guards to slaughter the entire village. Determined to win the hearts and minds of her subjects, the Queen gets Rumplestiltskin to change her appearance into that of a peasant so she can get rid of Snow White. Rumplestiltskin agrees on the condition she cuts off trade to King George, which she agrees to. The disguised queen visits the town square and makes a scene by protesting the townspeople's disfigurement of an effigy of her. The guards mistake her for creating the effigy and immediately take her to be beheaded. Snow White steps in and rescues her while the Queen sustains an infected blade cut that causes a fever to fester. Not knowing the injured peasant is the Queen in disguise, Snow White brings her into a makeshift home in the woods and treats the wound. The disguised Queen becomes well enough to travel with Snow White. Snow White explains she believes the Queen still has good in her and is willing to forgive her and be a family again if their disputes can end. The Queen is visibly moved, but the two come across the remains of the slaughtered village. Angry at the Queen's actions, Snow White takes back what she said. The Queen inadvertently reveals her identity and flees. The Queen returns to Rumplestiltskin to have the disguise removed; having finally given up in winning the people's love and is content with the fear they hold for her. She accepts her place in their eyes, and takes on the title "The Evil Queen".

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--The Shepherd"--King George's kingdom becomes increasingly poor and he tries to make an alliance with King Midas, whose cursedgolden touch can transform anything into gold. King Midas will assist King George only if a certain dragon in one of his villages is rid of permanently. To prove worth in slaying the dragon, Prince James takes on Behemoth and demonstrates his strength against the colossal fighter. Prince James ends the battle as victor, but is killed when Behemoth rises to give him one last blow. While mourning his dead son, King George strikes another deal to have Rumplestiltskin to procure James' twin brother, David, to fulfill the role of prince to secure King Midas' gold. In exchange for providing Prince Charming, King George tells Rumplestiltskin the location of the Fairy Godmother. David succeeds, and is coerced into an engagement with Midas's daughter, Abigail. David says goodbye to his mother, and is given her ring as a parting marriage gift.

1974 (approx.)--TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Price of Gold"--Estimated time of Cinderella's deal with Rumplestiltskin. Rumplestiltskin uses his newfound information from King George to track down the Fairy Godmother, who arrives to see a Cinderella in rags and promises to make her dreams come true. When she is about to grant Cinderella's wishes, Rumplestiltskin kills and takes her wand. Cinderella begs he help her get out of the servant's life and promises to give him anything, so he agrees. He magically produces a blue gown and glass slippers to send her off to the royal ball.  [We jump ahead another five years, to make Cindy old enough, based again on the actresses' age.  Granted, in truth, characters and actors don't have to have the same age, but when we are trying to figure out a timeline like this, hurt to use those birthdays to help.]

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Skin Deep"--After a period of growing affection between Rumplestiltskin and Belle, they develop feelings for each other. Expecting she will run away when given the chance, he allows her to go into town to buy straw. On her journey, Belle encounters the Evil Queen, who tells her that true love's kiss will break any curse. Inspired by this, Belle returns to Rumplestiltskin and tries out true love's kiss. As the kiss begins to break his curse, Rumplestiltskin flies into a rage thinking he is being set up by the Evil Queen with Belle as her pawn. Choosing power over love, he kicks Belle out of his castle for good.

1974 to 1975 (approx.)--TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Dreamy"--In an underground diamond mine, eight dwarves hatch. A year later, a young fairy, Nova, gets in trouble at the mine, and the dwarf named Dreamy helps her. At the tavern, Dreamy has a conversation with Belle and realizes he is in love with Nova. He and Nova later plan to travel the world together.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Outsider"--The next night, Belle meets Dreamy once again. He encourages her to go on a quest with a group of men to slay the terrible Yaoguai, and gives her fairy dust as a present.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--The Outsider"--Soon after, Belle travels with the group of men to the far off land where the Yaoguai lives, but she misleads them to believe the creature will be by a lake, and goes off on her own to find the beast in its actual location—the mountains. Belle finds the Yaoguai, but is unprepared when the beast charges at her. She is saved by another Yaoguai seeker,Mulan. After getting a leg injury, Mulan is unable to continue with her plans of killing the creature, so she sets Belle up for the task. Belle weakens the Yaoguai by throwing water on it. Wounded, the Yaoguai scribbles "Help me" on the ground, to which Belle takes a pinch of fairy dust to sprinkle over it. The Yaoguai transforms back into a human named Prince Phillip. She takes Prince Phillip to meet Mulan, and they go off on their own journey, but Belle decides to return to Rumplestiltskin. The Evil Queen captures Belle and keeps her as prisoner.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"7:15 A.M."--Estimated time of Grumpy's attempt to win Nova back, and his imprisonment in King George's castle dungeons. (As mentioned in "7:15 A.M.", Grumpy tells Snow White that even after he left Nova, he was still in love with her, so he tried selling the diamonds he mined in order to buy an engagement ring to propose. But, the ring was a stolen one, and he was named a thief, and thrown into the dungeons for his crime.)

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Snow Falls"--After seeing a carriage approach the road, Snow White hacks down a tree to prevent it from going any further. Inside the carriage, David and Abigail are riding to the castle where their engagement party will take place. David steps outside to examine the damage of the tree trunk. While he and the other knights are distracted, she steals David's pouch of jewels and later sells them to trolls for gold. David sets a trap to force Snow White to help him or else he will turn her into the Evil Queen. Sarcastically, she dubs him "Prince Charming". Through their journey, Snow White is nearly caught by the Evil Queen's men, but Prince Charming saves her. On the Troll Bridge, the trolls refuse to give back the jewels, and instead want to ransom Snow White to the Evil Queen. Prince Charming is caught by the trolls, so Snow White throws fairy dust to turn them into bugs. Prince Charming receives back his jewels, and Snow White her money. Unknowingly, they fall in love with each other. They part; Prince Charming to his engagement party, and Snow White continuing to find means through money to escape the Evil Queen.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Ariel"--Snow White is being pursued by two of the Evil Queen's men. She stops when she comes to a cliff over the ocean, but when she is confronted by the soldiers, she leaps into the sea. She nearly drowns, but she is rescued by a mermaid named Ariel. They get back to shore, where Ariel tells Snow White that she is in love with a human prince named Eric. Ariel then turns her fins into legs, revealing to Snow White that she is able to walk among humans until the next high tide which is twelve hours away. Ariel wishes to attend a ball Eric is holding to honor the sea-goddess Ursula. The two attend the ball, where Ariel dances with Eric. He tells her that he is soon going to depart on a journey around the world. Ariel wishes to join him, but cannot due to the inhibitions of the magic giving her temporary legs. Meanwhile, the Evil Queen is watching the events unfold through one of her mirrors. She kills one of the guards that has lost Snow White, and rejects the other's proposal to send men to retrieve the fugitive princess claiming she has a plan of her own.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Skin Deep"--Rumplestiltskin is visited by the Queen, who wishes to make a deal regarding a certain mermaid. The Dark One tells her that he is in no mood for making deals today. Sensing his dejection is due to his lost love, the Evil Queen tells him that because of Belle's association with him, she was ostracized by her family and later threw herself from a tower to her death.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Ariel"--Ariel goes to the ocean, and pleads to the unseen Ursula. A tentacled figure appears to Ariel above the water, whom Ariel thinks is Ursula, but in actuality is Regina in disguise. She offers Ariel a way to keep her legs. Later while on the dock, Ariel puts a bracelet on Snow White's wrist that turns Snow White into a mermaid but allows Ariel to keep her legs. The Evil Queen then reveals herself to the two, and Ariel regrets her actions. As the Evil Queen prepares to attack Snow White, Ariel lunges a fork into her neck. Snow White regains her legs as Ariel loses hers. The mermaid then grabs Snow White and the two leap off the dock and swim to safety. After she assures Snow White is safe, Ariel returns to the palace docks where Eric is waiting for her return to depart on his voyage. As Ariel attempts to call out Eric's name, her voice is taken away by the Evil Queen, who tells the mermaid there are no second chances. The Evil Queen returns to her palace where she is confronted by the real Ursula who has appeared in her mirror. The sea-goddess threatens that if the Evil Queen impersonates her again, she will discover exactly how real she is.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"7:15 A.M."--Snow White secludes herself in the forest after becoming lovesick for Prince Charming. Red visits her every month to bring her a basket of food, and gives news of Prince Charming's upcoming marriage that will happen in two days' time. Wanting to forget a love she can't have, Red speaks of a man who can help her—Rumplestiltskin. While Snow White gets a forgetful potion from Rumplestiltskin, Prince Charming is unhappy at his own engagement party. His heart yearns for Snow White, though King George threatens to harm everything dear to him if he does not marry Abigail. Even so, he cannot ignore his feelings and sends a messenger dove with a letter to Snow White. He asks if she feels the same way about him, then she should come meet him at the castle. Snow White is caught by King George's men as she enters the castle and put into the dungeons where she meets Grumpy. Grumpy's friend,Stealthy, breaks in and frees them. However, he is killed as they are escaping. Snow White turns herself in so Grumpy can leave unharmed. King George coerces her with the threat he will kill Prince Charming if she does not break his heart and leave him. She does as he asks of her, and leaves the castle heartbroken. Grumpy and the other six dwarves shelter her in their house.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"True North"--Hansel and Gretel are the Woodcutter's children, and they go to gather kindling for their father as he chops wood. They take a compass with them so they do not get lost. Their father disappears suddenly, and they are stopped by the Evil Queen's carriage on the road. The Evil Queen offers to help find their father if they help her with something. She sends them into the Blind Witch's house to retrieve an item, the poisoned apple. They succeed, and the Evil Queen is impressed by them. She wants them to live with her, but Gretel objects because the Evil Queen is so terrible. Offended, the Evil Queen casts a spell to make Hansel and Gretel as well as the Woodcutter wander theforest and never be reunited as a family again.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"What Happened to Frederick"--Prince Charming runs away from his wedding, and King George's men are looking for him. Abigail apprehends him, but tells him she loves someone else, too. Her true love is Frederick, who was turned into a golden statue by her father's golden touch, and since then she has not been able to find a way to break the curse. She speaks of the waters of Lake Nostos, and Prince Charming sets off to the lake to bring some back. At the lake, the Siren enchants him by taking Snow White's form, but he manages to kill her. He brings the water back to Abigail, who uses it to lift the curse on Frederick. Prince Charming and Abigail's engagement officially comes to an end, so she and Frederick can be together. Prince Charming rides off to find Snow White, but instead meets Red Riding Hood. She says Snow White went to stop his wedding and never came back. Prince Charming and Red are forced to run as King George closes in on them.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"7:15 A.M."--Grumpy hears the news Prince Charming is not marrying Abigail. He runs to tell Snow White, but she has already taken the forgetful potion.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Heart of Darkness"--Prince Charming and Red continue to elude King George, but one night, they are ambushed. Red stays behind and shapeshifts into a wolf to hold them off as Prince Charming makes his getaway. Per the effects of the forgetful potion, Snow White becomes cold and tactless, and the seven dwarves plea for her to change. Instead, she blames the Evil Queen for all her problems and decides to kill her. Grumpy makes one last attempt to save Snow White by taking her back to Rumplestiltskin. There is no undoing the potion, so Rumplestiltskin gives Snow White a bow that he states never misses its' target. Prince Charming learns of Snow White's desire to kill the Evil Queen and makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin to track her down. Prince Charming takes the hit of the arrow just as Snow White fires it at the Evil Queen on the road. True love's kiss breaks the potion's curse, but their reunion is cut short when King George's men take Prince Charming back to the castle.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"An Apple Red as Blood"--Prince Charming is almost put to death by King George, but is taken in by the Evil Queen at the last moment. Snow White, Red, the seven dwarves and the fairies formulate a plan to rescue Prince Charming from King George's castle, but are unaware of the Evil Queen's intervention. Snow White is forced to meet with the Evil Queen at the oldstables without weapons if she wishes to have Prince Charming back. The Evil Queen makes it known she blames Snow White for not keeping her promise, and that being the sole reason why Cora killed Daniel. She gives Snow White an ultimatum—eat a poisoned apple and fall into a deep sleep forever, or her prince will die. Snow White accepts, and is cursed by the apple. Red and the seven dwarves arrive on the scene too late to save her.   The effects of the Sleeping Curse give Snow White the appearance of death, though she is merely asleep. While unconscious, her soul is sent to the Netherworld.

As early as 1975 to 1982--ONCE UPON A TIME--An unspecified amount of time passes while Snow White sleeps and between Snow White's awakening and approximately a year before the Dark Curse is cast.

TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL--ONCE UPON A TIME--"A Land Without Magic", "Pilot"--Prince Charming flees the Evil Queen's castle after a little help from the Huntsman, but becomes trapped in the Infinite Forest. Rumplestiltskin enchants the ring of Prince Charming's mother to glow brighter when it senses Snow White's presence. He'll only give it to Prince Charming if he helps Rumplestiltskin hide a bottle of true love in a dragon. Forced to comply, Prince Charming enters the castle of Maleficent and battles her when she transforms into a dragon. He throws the true love potion into her body, and escapes by jumping out the window. At shore, Rumplestiltskin gives him the ring, and Prince Charming finds Snow White in her glass coffin surrounded by the seven dwarves. He gives her one last kiss, which breaks the Sleeping Curse. However, as a side effect of the broken curse, she continues to travel to a burning room in the Netherworld when asleep, but over time it wears off.  She and Prince Charming promise to "take back the kingdom".

TAKING BACK THE KINGDOM--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Lost Girl"--The Evil Queen is notified of Snow White's awakening by the Magic Mirror. Snow White attempts to rally troops to battle the Queen in a village square, but the morale is not there. The Queen appears, and offers Snow White a life of exile if she relinquishs her claim to the throne. She denies the offer, but the Queen proclaims that she has until the next day at midnight, and will kill one person every day after that until Snow White gives her an answer. Feeling defeated, Snow White believes it would be best to let Regina win. Prince Charming disagrees. He goes toRumplestiltskin for a way to make Snow White believe in herself again. He claims he has nothing to offer, but Prince Charming is willing to pay anything. Forming a plan of his own, Prince Charming plants a forged replica of the legendary sword Excalibur in a stone and takes Snow White to it; claiming it can only be removed by one who is destined to rule. Snow White pulls the sword from the stone, and when Regina confronts her again, she is able to draw blood. Then, Snow White declares to Regina that she will not give up and she will fight until the kingdom is hers. Later, Snow White summons Rumplestiltskin so she can repay the debt Prince Charming owes him, but the Dark One shows her that the sword is nothing but a fake. When Snow White confronts him, Prince Charming reveals that he simply wanted her to regain belief and confidence in herself once more.

TAKING BACK THE KINGDOM--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Lady of the Lake"--King George learns Prince Charming escaped the Evil Queen's clutches and schemes to kill him once more. He curses Snow White to be barren forever by tricking her into drinking a substance and Prince Charming's mother, Ruth, is injured by King George's men. Prince Charming, Snow White and Sir Lancelot seek out the waters of Lake Nostos to heal her, but the lake has dried up. Only a few drops are left, and Ruth sacrifices herself to have Snow White drink the water during the wedding ceremony Lancelot performs so she becomes uncursed. Ruth passes away after witnessing her son be married.

TAKING BACK THE KINGDOM--ONCE UPON A TIME--Time gap while Prince Charming and Snow White "take back the kingdom".

1982 (approx.)--TAKING BACK THE KINGDOM--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Hat Trick"--Estimated time of when Jefferson and his daughter, Grace, return home to find the Evil Queen waiting for Jefferson. She asks to be taken to another world, but he refuses; not wanting Grace to lose him as a father. The next day, Jefferson and Grace go to the market. A plush rabbit catches Grace's eye, but her father does not have enough money to pay for it, and the old woman who owns the vendor refuses to comply. The old woman is actually the Evil Queen in disguise. Later, the Evil Queen asks again for her request to be fulfilled, and Jefferson agrees so he can give Grace a proper childhood, which the Queen will provide. He sends Grace to the neighbors with the promise to be back for a tea party. The Evil Queen brings back her father, Henry, from Wonderland, but Jefferson becomes trapped there.  Since Jefferson's daughter seems to be unaged in Storybrooke, and chronologically, this takes place before Snow is pregnant with Emma, this must take place a year before the curse is enacted and their time freezes.  

TAKING BACK THE KINGDOM--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Cricket Game"Near the end of the siege to take back the kingdom, King George's forces fail. The Evil Queen's forces can not stand up to the armies raised by Snow White and Prince Charming alone. The Evil Queen and Snow White meet each other in the forest. While Snow White distracts her in conversation, the Blue Fairy sneaks up behind the Evil Queen and freezes her with fairy dust. She is taken to a prison where she awaits execution. Regina is nearly put to death, but at the last minute Snow White orders her life to be spared. Snow White meets with Rumplestiltskin, who offers her an enchantment that will protect her from Regina. She approaches Regina in her cell as a test to check if the ex-Queen has changed her ways. Regina attempts to kill Snow White, so she fails the test. Snow White banishes her from the kingdom and warns the Evil Queen that if she ever tries to harm anyone again, she will be killed. A dejected Evil Queen returns to her palace, where she is visited by Rumplestiltskin. She is angry with him because the enchantment he gave Snow White will not allow her to harm the person she hates most in the Enchanted Forest. But, he reminds her there is a way to harm her enemies in another land. Delighted, the Evil Queen travels to Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding ceremony.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Pilot"--Snow White and Prince Charming officially marry in front of their many friends and subjects. The Evil Queen storms their wedding ceremony, and promises to give them a gift that will destroy everything they love.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--This is the estimated time in which Aurora begins her slumber since she is asleep when the curse is cast. It is estimated she slept for less than a year at that time. It likely occurred when Prince Charming and Snow White were married, depending on how much time passed betwixt their wedding and the curse's casting.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Thing You Love Most"--After the Evil Queen's confrontation at Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding, she goes back to Maleficent to fetch back the Dark Curse she previously exchanged for the Sleeping Curse. After Maleficent refuses to give it back, a brief magical battle ensues and the Evil Queen forcibly takes the Dark Curse back. 


PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The New Neverland"--Snow White and Prince Charming go on their honeymoon at the Summer Palace. Snow White is troubled by the Evil Queen's threat. Unbeknownst to the prince, Snow White requests that they go to the Summer Palace because there is a method to defeat the queen nearby; that being the gorgon Medusa. Legend says whomever looks Medusa in the eyes will turn to stone. Snow White and Prince Charming go to Medusa's lair with the intention of cutting off the monster's head so that they will present it to the queen; thus turning her to stone. During the fight, Prince Charming is turned to stone, and the only method of restoring him is killing Medusa. Snow White tricks Medusa into looking her own reflection with a mirrored shield, and Prince Charming is returned to his former state. After returning to the palace, Prince Charming and Snow White decide to have try having a baby.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Stranger"--Estimated time of when Geppetto and Pinocchio are escaping from a giant whale. Pinocchio jumps overboard so his father could have the only life jacket available. When they wash up on shore, Geppetto finds that Pinocchio has turned completely back to wood. The Blue Fairy appears and turns Pinocchio into a real boy. She heeds he can remain as he is as long as he is kind, selfless, and honest.

1982 to 1983--PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Price of Gold"--Estimated time of Cinderella's wedding to Prince Thomas where they have a glamorous, highly-attended wedding. Among the guests are the wedded couple Snow White and Prince Charming. Unfortunately, Rumplestiltskin is also among the crowd to announce to Cinderella his price as part of their contract—her first born child. Following an unknown period of time after the wedding, Cinderella becomes pregnant. Upset at Rumplestiltskin's price deal, she packs up to leave, but Prince Thomas convinces her they can avoid the deal by making a new deal. After some months pass, she tries to trick Rumplestiltskin into believing she is pregnant with twins, and makes him sign a new deal. The quill is imbibed with ink that magically freezes him, but Prince Thomas disappears as a payment until Rumplestiltskin gets her first born child. Prince Charming and Grumpy take Rumplestiltskin to his cell in the dwarves' mines where he stays until the Dark Curse is cast.

1983--PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Pilot"--Estimation of some months either between or after this, Snow White becomes heavily pregnant and close to her due date. Snow White wants to see a prisoner who people say can tell the future. The prisoner is Rumplestiltskin. He knows they are looking for a loophole in the Dark Curse, and he proclaims the key is their unborn baby. The curse will hold them for twenty-eight years, and that is the same amount of time in which the child must grow up in order to save them from their doom. As a price, Rumplestiltskin asks for the child's name, which Snow White decides to be "Emma".

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--The Blue Fairy seeks Geppetto's help in carving a magic wardrobe from the last magic tree in the land. Geppetto wants to protect Pinocchio, and after hearing the Blue Fairy say the wardrobe can only take two people to safety from the dark curse, he makes her let Pinocchio be one of those people in exchange for making the wardrobe.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Stranger"--Prince Charming and his round table are having a strategy meeting of how to overcome the dark curse when the Blue Fairy bursts in and informs them of the magic wardrobe's power. She lies and says the wardrobe can only take one, and it has to be a pregnant Snow White who goes through. Geppetto and Pinocchio get to work making the wardrobe.

ONCE UPON A TIME--"Queen of Hearts"--Estimated time Captain Hook returns to the Enchanted Forest in order to find a weapon he heard from Baelfire that can kill Rumplestiltskin.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Queen of Hearts"--Estimated time of when Hook breaks into the Evil Queen's castle to free a prisoner, Belle. He wants information on the Dark One's dagger so he can kill Rumplestiltskin, but she has no inkling of it. Since she cannot help him, he knocks her out unconscious. The Evil Queen stops him and asks for his help to kill the Queen of Hearts. She enchants his hooked arm so that he can rip out the Queen of Hearts' heart

ONCE UPON A TIME--"Queen of Hearts"--Hook is sent to Wonderland by Regina to kill Cora. Upon arriving, he is captured by the guards and brought to the Queen of Hearts. She dismisses everyone to leave herself and Hook alone where she admits she is Cora. He attempts to use his magically enchanted hook to take out her heart, but it is not there. Instead, she extracts his heart and begins putting pressure by squeezing it, though she does not kill him after receiving information about Regina. She offers him the choice to travel back to the Enchanted Forest with her so he, too, can be affected by Regina's casting of the Dark Curse, which will erase all of his memory, so he will not be able to remember his feud with Rumplestiltskin. Cora gives him the chance to help her murder Regina, and in exchange she will aide Hook to be spared from the curse's effects. He agrees, and the two leave Wonderland for the Enchanted Forest.

November 1983--PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Thing You Love Most", Pilot", "The Stranger"--The Evil Queen attempts to cast the Dark Curse by sacrificing the heart of her best steed, as well as a lock of hair from the darkest wizards in the land. It fails, and she seeks advice from the imprisoned Rumplestiltskin. He says she must sacrifice of the heart of the person she loves most—her father, Henry. The Evil Queen makes the hard choice to take her father's heart, and the curse is a success. Unexpectedly, Snow White goes into labor and gives birth to Emma as the Dark Curse is sweeping the whole Enchanted Forest.

PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Stranger"--The Blue Fairy goes back on her promise to Geppetto and insists he allow both Snow White and Emma to go through the wardrobe. She points out Emma will need someone to guide her for the role of savior as she grows up. But, as soon as the Blue Fairy leaves, Geppetto makes Pinocchio go into the wardrobe and asks him to watch over Emma.

1983--PREPARING FOR THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Pilot"--Snow White insists Emma needs to go in the wardrobe, so Prince Charming fights the Evil Queen's men in order to bring his daughter to the other world. Emma is transported away, and Prince Charming collapses of his wounds. Snow White stumbles upon his grave condition just as the Evil Queen comes in. Snow White says she is too late, and Emma will save them all. The curse engulfs the Enchanted Forest and they are transported into Storybrooke.

ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Stranger"--The young boy, Pinocchio and infant girl, Emma are sent into by the magic wardrobe. Pinocchio retains his memories from the Enchanted Forest as a result of not being touched by the Dark Curse, but Emma is only hours old. They both end up in the foster system as well as the same foster home.

November 1983--ONCE UPON A TIME--"The Stranger"--The curse is enacted.  Kurt and his son Owen are camping nearby and witness the purple smoke of the cures in Maine, near where Storybrooke is forming.  Owen notices a town in the distance. Kurt is in disbelief because they drove through the same area the day prior, and there was no town in sight. In the town, Sheriff Graham helps them to meet town mayorRegina Mills, who is less than pleased to see outsiders. She pushes to have Kurt's car fixed in a week so they can leave sooner. As the days pass, the euphoria of living in a town where everyone acts the way they do because the curse makes them; not because they actually want to, makes Regina extremely bitter.  Regina ends up killing Kurt.  Owen gets away.  Regina enacts another spell to make Storybrooke invisible to outsiders, temporarily.    Pinocchio abandons Emma at a foster home and runs off with other orphan boys.

November 1983 to November 2011--AFTERMATH OF THE DARK CURSE--ONCE UPON A TIME--A gap of twenty-eight years until Emma Swan arrives in Storybrooke and time resumes after she breaks the Dark Curse. The remaining inhabitants, lead by Cora posing as Lancelot, build a safe haven on an island to protect themselves from the ogres.


Belle disney.png


1996--HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME--Belle from the 1991 film Beauty and the Beast crosses the street in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  This takes place in 1996 from the perspective of the TVCU and Looniverse but occurs in a Magic Kingdom of sorts that resembles Earth of the year 1502 A.D.

February 1998--SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH--"Sabrina and the Beanstalk"--Sabrina accidentally whips up a magic beanstalk.  Harvey climbs it and falls into the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the West.  Now this should make absolutely no sense at all, but for Once Upon a Time.  Thanks to that show, we know that magic beans are but one way to open up portals between the magical realms, and that the portals will take you to whatever place you are thinking of.  So it could have been that for whatever reason, Harvey had Oz on the mind.  Perhaps he'd just seen the film.  Or perhaps the ladies he hangs out with somehow remind him of witches.  

1999--TARZAN--This takes place in one of the Disney Magic Kingdom Universes, a series of dimensions linked to the universe, each one related to a fairy tale.  This one takes place in a realm that resembles Earth of 1914.  A tea set that has a striking similarity to Mrs. Potts and Chip, also of Beauty and the Beast was shown for a few seconds in Tarzan (it can also be seen in Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts, despite the fact that Belle and the Beast are somewhat important plot characters).

2000 to 2001 (approx.)--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Tallahassee"--At approximately 17–18 years of age, Emma meets Neal while attempting to steal a car in Portland. The two become a couple and survive by stealing. Neal later tells Emma he is wanted for stealing expensive watches. She helps Neal retrieve the watches while Neal runs to find someone to sell them to, but he is cornered by August, who insists he must let Emma go because she is meant for a greater fate. To convince Neal magic is real, he shows him a typewriter with the printed words, "I know you're Baelfire." This shows August knows Neal's secret, which is that he, too, is from the Enchanted Forest, and that "Neal Cassidy" is nothing more than an alias name. Neal agrees to disappear from Emma's life. He allows Emma to be arrested for stealing the watches, to which she is sentenced to a jail in Phoenix, Arizona for her crime. After this, August and Neal meet up again. Neal finds out Emma's fate, and hands over the swan keychain, keys to the old car and a large sum of money that he wants her to have. Via mail sent from Phuket, Thailand by August, Emma receives the keychain and car keys, but not the money. While in jail, she also learns she is pregnant.


March 2001--HOUSE OF MOUSE--"Jiminy Cricket"--Hercules appears.

2001--Emma give birth to Henry, but gives him up.  (Note that in the second curse revision, at this point she doesn't give him up, but keeps him and raises him, and they live happily ever after.)  Mr. Gold (Rumpy) arranges for Regina to adopt Henry.

2001--ONCE UPON A TIME--By unknown means, Storybrooke resident Mr. Gold secures the adoption so Regina can become a mother. She names her son Henry Mills.


October 2002--HOUSE OF MOUSE--"House Ghosts"--LOONIVERSE--Mr. T is transported to the Looniverse where he visits the club called the House of Mouse.  Also appearing are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Chernabog (FANTASIA), Pete (GOOF TROOP), Ed the Hyena (LION KING), Goofy, Pluto, Panic (HERCULES), Pain (HERCULES), Magic Mirror (SNOW WHITE), Daisy Duck, Mike (original character in this show), Pummba (LION KING), Timon (LION KING), and Minnie Mouse. 


September 2004 - May 2010--LOST--There are lots of Easter Eggs for Lost on Once Upon a time.  Here is a site that lists many of them.  


November 2004--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Clara's Dirty Little Secret"--Prince Charming, after kissing Clara, ends up with his private area also cursed in the same manner, and commits suicide.  But we know that this likely just caused him to be resurrected without the curse.

March 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The Drawn Together Clip Show"--In the studio audience are BARNEY, A TRANSFORMER, PRINCE CHARMING, LARRY THE TOMATO, and FAT ALBERT.

October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Spelling Applebee's"--Clara hangs out with SNOW WHITE, SLEEPING BEAUTY, MULAN and THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Summer 2007--PHINEAS AND FERB (Episodes 1 - 104)--Phineas and Ferb are extremely intelligent 10 year old step brothers who constantly seek out a new adventure each afternoon of the summer.  The fact that their parents are ignorant of the weirdness around them is an annoyance to their 15 year old sister.  Meanwhile, their pet platypus is only pretending to be normal as he really is a secret agent, constantly thwarting an evil scientists plans every afternoon.  The brobots of "I, Brobot" originally appeared in an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Jimmy Neutron probably takes place in the Looniverse, though. Santa Claus is also in this episode.  At the end of "Wizard of Odd", Isabella instructs Abraham Lincoln, Santa Claus, an astronaut and Pinocchio to follow the yellow sidewalk, among others. 

September 2008--FAMILY GUY--"Love, Blactually"--When Brian starts to lie about how he likes Loretta, and how beautiful he thinks she is, and how attractive he thinks she is, Brian's nose starts to grow like Pinocchio's nose does. It is also a reference to the scene in the movie, Airplane!. Brian also repeats the line, "free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment", which is a line uttered by Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen) in Airplane!. That is the scene where Dr. Rumack tries to convince the passengers, all is well on the plane.  Brian and Stewie are both dressed as Snoopy from Peanuts. Brian does Snoopy's trademark dance, and also has Woodstock following him.

OCTOBER 2010 TO MAY 2011--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--After prison but before becoming a bounty hunter, Emma takes on a false identity of Zoey Pierson, and marries the rich "Captain".  

February 2011--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--"Garbage Island"--When Ted believes he was asked "How'd you meet?", he begins the story with "Once upon a time..." Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) would later go on the star in the TV series "Once Upon a Time".

October 2011--Just before the start of the series, Pinocchio plants the book he has written about the Enchanted Forest in the closet of Snow White aka Mary Margaret.  She passes on the book to Henry, her student, who has been noticing that time-lock the town in in, and how nothing in the town changes but him.

November 2011 to Present--ONCE UPON A TIME--

  • Regarding the timeline, the pilot takes place one month after Henry is given the book, which is shown to have happened in October 2011.  The pilot starts on Emma's 28th birthday.  Henry is 10 years old.
  • Seasons 1 and 2 have Valentine's Day episodes.  It's the only holiday that is mentioned during the Storybrooke portions of the show.
  • Snow was born in winter, and her birthday is shown in season 2 to take place after Valentine's Day, so she has to have been born between February 15 and the first day of Spring.
  • According to the Once Upon a Time Wiki, the curse is lifted 29 years after being enacted, thus in Number 2012.  That is the events at the end of Season 1 and start of season 2.  During those events following the breaking of the curse, a huge storm is created as an effct of a wraith being summoned by Mr. Gold to kill Regina.  Thanks to the OUAT Wiki, that event has been identified as the moment in which the White Rabbit shows up to recruit the Knave in the pilot of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.
  • Greg and Tamara are said to have arrived and kidnapped Henry, bringing him to Neverland one year after Emma came to Storybrooke.  
  • In Season 3's "Going Home", Henry is said to be 11.  During the episode, a year passes, so that it ends in 2014.  
  • As stated earlier, the series has lots of LOST connections.  The series also has McCrutcheon Beer and Apollo Candy bars as seen on Scrubs.  Henry plays Space Paranoids, the game from Tron.  Thor's hammer (the MCU version) shows up in Rumpy's castle.  There may be others.  Forgive me, but I had a much larger and detailed section for the period of 2011 to present, but it got accidentally deleted and control Z couldn't retrieve it for some reason.  As I've worked on this blog for several long hours each day, I've given up in frustration and will perhaps come back to expand and reresearch this section at a later date.
  • For a full episode guide, check out the OUAT Wiki.

2013—Deadpool Killustrated; Cullen Bunn, Matteo Lolli, Sean Parsons, and Veronica Gandini

One of the infinite Deadpools in the infinite multiverse has a problem.

He knows he's fictional. He's a puppet dancing at the edge of a pen, colorist's brush tickling his funny places.

So he sets out, guns and swords and insanity and incredibly awful one-liners in tow, to kill every fictional universe, and keep on killing every fictional universe, until he arrives at Earth Zero and can murder every last writer. So it goes. We find him at the far end of the Marvel multiverse, having carved and shot and exploded his way from somewhere near the center out to the fringes. He forces captive mad scientists to make him a portal into the next multiverse over. As he leaves, he murders them with a pre-prepared trap.

But before they die, the mad scientists send a distress signal through the portal. It arrives in 1895 London, where it is swiftly brought to 221b Baker Street. The Holmes tulpa quickly gets the signal in order; and discovers that a madman is out, killing the universe. Because, as Deadpool thinks, killing the Commonwealth--or, as he calls it, the "Ideaverse"--will wipe away every character inspired by the tulpa.

Therefore, killing Mowgli prevents the existence of Tarzan and Ka-Zarr; or murdering the Little Meremaid prevents Namor. It's incredibly unlikely, but other kind of plan would you expect Deadpool to concoct?

While's he's out and about, killing everything you ever loved, Holmes fetches The Time Traveller's time machine. He and the Watson tulpa collect their own team to hunt down Deadpool: Beowulf, the monster-killer; Natty Bumpo, the tracker, Hua Mulan, the warrior; and the ever-trusty Dr. John H. Watson. 

During this time, Deadpool implants one of his alternate personalities in Frankenstein's monster.

Holmes and his hunters track Deadpool all across the Commonwealth; finally, they confront him in 1627 Paris, over the corpses of the Three Musketeers. A fight ensues. Beowulf dies at the hands of Frankenstein's Monsters, which Watson then guns down. Deadpool steals the time machine, planning to deal a final blow to the Commonwealth. Holmes clambers aboard himself, and the two battle as spacetime passes them by. Just as Moriarty before him, Deadpool is thrown far away into the void of space.

The Commonwealth, however, is mortally wounded. No-one remembers the stories as they were. Things break apart, break down, like a wound allowed to fester. All that can repair it is memory. And so Holmes begins to recite, from memory, every altered story...

"My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip. So, I called myself Pip, and came to be..."

The Commonwealth begins to heal.

Deadpool murders, in order:  Don Quixote and Sancho, Moby Dick, Pinocchio (who was inside Moby Dick's belly), Ismael (from Moby Dick), Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin, Dracula and his brides, the Headless Horseman (in reality, Brom Bones), the Little Women, Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Future, Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau and his ani-men, the entire island of Lilliput, Julius Caesar and all of his murderers, the wonderfully heroic Kaa, Baloo Mowgil, and Baghera, the entire crew of the Hispaniola (from Treasure Island), Captain Ahab, Captain Nemo, and the Little Mermaid, Scylla and Charybdis, the three witches (from Macbeth), the narrator and the Raven (from Poe's "The Raven"), Dorian Grey, Gregor Samsa (from Kafka's The Metamorphosis), The Three Musketeers (and D'artagnan), Natty Bumpo, and, lastly, Beowulf.

With the universe restored, all of Deadpool's murders are undone and the stories resume their natural course.  [From James Bojaciuk's ONE GHOST NEED APPLY blog.]

Early October 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"--Pazuzu is the name of a wind demon in Babylonian mythology and the demon featured in The Exorcist. The character resembles the statue of Pazuzu from the film of the novel.  Leela reads in the book A Child's Garden of Space Stories which can be a refernce to the children book A Child's Garden of Verses. Among the stories Leela reads to the young Planet Express crew is "Charlotte's Tholian Web", a reference to the Tholians from Star Trek, as well as the book "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White. Also among she reads some classical childrens book "Snow White Dwarf and the Seven Red Dwarfs" which is a refernce to the popular story "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". And also "The Fountain of Aging" which is a refence to the legendary myth about The Fountain of Youth.  Pazuzu's relocation to Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower, is a possible reference to Jeques Tardi's 1976 Graphic Novel "The Demon of the Eiffel Tower", which featured the babylonian demon Pazuzu after which it was named.


Fairy tales can be very complicated when piecing together a shared reality.  Because they are public domain, they tend to get incorporated into a number of different fantasy series, and each time the writers of that series put their own personal spin on the tale.

For the TVCU dynamic, we originally had the premise that fairy tale characters had existed in the past of the TVCU  based on Dennis Powers' interpretations in his Immortal Befuddled.  Any other stories that involved fairy tale characters crossing with TVCU series were the same characters, except in circumstances where the characters magically came from a book or were pictures brought to life.

Meanwhile, the Looniverse had its own version of the fairy tales characters, which were mostly the Disney films.  These also took place in the proper past time periods, but the characters, being toons, maintained immortality.

I later removed Immortal Befuddled from the TVCU canon (simply to maintain the integrity of the view that events in the TVCU happened as we see them on the screen.)  So instead, the TVCU versions of the fairy tale characters very loosely now became that which we saw on the screen, in crosses with TVCU series, even if sometimes there was more than one contrary version.

And then, when I thought it was all settled and cemented, along came Once Upon a Time.  Once Upon a Time jumped right in with crosses with Lost, so I couldn't ignore the show.  And in fact, since this was the strongest TV presence of fairy tale characters, this show would have to trump any other version.

But it doesn't have to.  The characters on Once Upon a Time come from a group of interconnected pocket realities.  And within the canon of this series, the story of Snow White and most other fairy tales only happened about 30 years ago.  In fact, the oldest of the characters is only about 300 years old.

Most fairy tales are much older than that.  So my usual theory about psychic writers doesn't apply so well here.  Oh, sure, I could say the Brothers Grimm were seeing the future when they came up with their stories, but I don't buy it, mainly because there is still evidence of crossovers with fairly tale characters in their original time frames with TVCU characters, which are clearly not the same versions as those in Once Upon a Time.

So we must assume the characters from Once Upon a Time are not the same TVCU fairy tale characters, even if Storybrooke is in the TVCU.  To explain further, I might sidestep into a detour to discuss another TVCU theoretical concept.

In the beginning, there was but one universe in the TVCU, and almost out of necessity, a mirror universe was created.  In between was an empty void.  But then there was a rift between the Time Lords.  Some followed the ways of Bill, some of Ted.  Half of the Time Lords decided the universe wasn't right, so they made their own copy.  One of the changes they made to their reality was to banish magic.  (Perhaps this was to reduce the threat of the Old Ones.)  The magic from this second world (which we now call the Whoniverse) was sent into the void.  There, the magic began forming pocket realities, filled with magic, and resembling Earth, but in bizarre and warped ways.

Some of these realities formed the cartoon realities.  But others were the fairy tale realms, as seen in Once Upon a Time.  Thus, the fairy tale characters from Once Upon a Time are doppelgangers of the TVCU counterparts. This doesn't mean that they aren't real.  They are very real.  But at the same time, they are real duplicates, having the same stories, but in different fashion.

Based on what we've seen of the show (and its spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), here are the various realities that seem to be connected by Once Upon a Time, and how they translate into the TVCU concept.

BROADWAY UNIVERSE--Likely the home of Mr. Sweet, this is the setting for the musical fairy tale mash up INTO THE WOODS.


EARTH-PRIME--From James Bojaciuk: I'd much rather this was the Earth-Prime story of Belle...

EMMANUELLE--Emmanuelle is the main character of several softcore porn films, that have no crossover connections that I'm aware of placing it within the TVCU, unless I consider EMMANUELLE IN WONDERLAND.  EMMANUELLE IN WONDERLAND is a love letter to Hollywood and Broadway musicals of the past. While participation in a scientific experiment, a young woman falls through a wormhole and winds up in Wonderland! This is not the Wonderland you remember, but a brand new world where all fairy tales exist and they are finally all grown up! On her journey to find her way back home, Emmanuelle encounters The Mad Hatter, Goldilocks, The Big Bad Wolf, Dorothy, The Scarecrow, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Snow White, The Frog Prince, The Evil Queen and many more! What follows is the most outrageous, sexy musical comedy of the year featuring 12 original songs! It's naked 'Glee' meets Disney on acid! For children of all ages... Over 18!  This film has crosses with Wizard of Oz, but it's a very different version of the characters and setting so it's best to keep it in it's own EMMANUELLE porn universe.  

Ever After High--From James Bojaciuk:  I mean...just...why. Why. Why is a good question to ask.  Why does Cheshire have a human daughter? I mean, sure, other pastiches show that he can take human or semi-human form; I mean, sure, the worst Alice pastiche ever written (it involved a snobby New Jersey bunny visiting Wonderland; don't ask) shows Cheshire having kittens, even though he's a he; I mean, sure, logic doesn't strictly apply but...  So you're telling me I can watch this on TV, but I'm denied the right to see Sherlock Through the Looking-Glass?

FABLES--I don't know a lot about Fables.  It's a comic book that James raves about that is another mix of all the fairy tales characters told in variant ways, coming from another dimension but visiting the TVCU.


THE LAND WITHOUT MAGIC--This is "the real world", where Storybrooke is created when the curse is enacted.  For our purposes, thanks to a few crosses, starting with Lost, this is the Television Crossover Universe.  Of course, there's plenty of magic in the Television Crossover Universe.  However, there is different types of magic, but to us normal people, we can't tell the difference.  But the magic of the fairy tale realms clearly is different than TVCU magic, and thus doesn't operate in the TVCU, except within the confines of Storybrooke starting with season 2.  The series shows that Wendy (from Peter Pan) was actually from the Land without Magic.  This means that the Peter Pan story of the TVCU and Once Upon a Time are the same.  This seems to be the only instance.

LOONIVERSE--Then there is this Tarzan (the first in animation) portrayed by Mel Blanc.  This Tarzan (viewed for about a second in the cartoon) is the Tarzan of the Looniverse.  The Looniverse is a shared reality centered around Bugs Bunny.  Anyone else in the Looniverse is in due to some connection to Bugs Bunny.  The term Looniverse comes from the Superman/Bugs Bunny mini-series.  Next is the Disney animated Tarzan, with Tony Goldwyn.  This Tarzan exists in the Looniverse (yes, even though we already have seen a very different Tarzan.)  The Looniverse is connected by crossovers, but the reality is still constantly shifting.  Briefly, how is Tarzan (from Disney) in the Looniverse?  The animated series House of Mouse has shown that all Disney characters are in the same reality.  And then many Disney characters (including Mickey Mouse) appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? with many Looney Toones character (including Bugs Bunny), and there is your connection.  (Incidentally, the live action portions of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? occur in the  TVCU and I'll explain that another time.)  This movie spun off to a series that is also part of the Looniverse.  A scene in Disney's Tarzan features Mrs. Potts and Chip. They appear as everyday lifeless dinnerware, but upon closer inspection, actually resemble these characters moreover. Ivan Ronald Schablotski argues:  I would think that, just as many of Marvel's stories take place i parallel timelines, so too must some of Disney's properties exist parallel to each other, rather than linearly. The 'Belle' seen in Hunchback of Notre Dame could not be the same one who fell in love with the Beast, and Mrs. Potts was no longer a pot by the time Tarzan met Jane. So yes, I agree that they share a multiverse, but that doesn't have as much bearing as it used to these days, and still leaves the puzzle of finding which properties DO take place in the same universe. James Bojaciuk adds:  In fact, the Kingdom Hearts games are effectively a loosing battle to seal off the different worlds so that the villains--who look and act *exactly* like the Shadow Demons from Crisis on Infinite Earths--cannot enter them. This also prevents anyone else from visiting those worlds without causing an apocalypse.

MAD--Normally Mad sketches don't count as canon, but considering that Mad is a property of Cartoon Network, and the characters are all voiced by the original actors and drawn in their original style, I want to count this. Even if it's a dream. Note that Alfred E. Newman has also appeared on the Simpsons.

MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE--In the recent uoat, Henry had a stack of avengers comics in his room. A nice Disney nod to their other property, but with an indication that a crossover with agents of shield is unlikely. However, with Greek myths being introduced, there might be an appearance of their own version of Norse myths in the future, and I could imagine Henry comparing a certain Norse god to the guy in the comics.


MEMEVERSE--Yes, I understand that I include some stuff like this in main TVCU timelines as apocrypha, so yes, I am a hypocrite.  

MUPPET UNIVERSE--From Gordon Long: <big grin>... okay, there's my Muppets  In the Muppet Universe, you placed Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, Muppet Wizard of Oz (well, that's the starting point of that story---it continued in yet another Oz...Baum opened gates with his writing, didn't he?)...stories from the Fairy Tale issues of Muppet Show Comic Book must be here--Robin Hood, Peter Pan, King Arthur, Snow White, Sherlock Holmes (I've read the first two Fairy Tales, plus several from the main MSCB, and they've got the characters penned perfectly!)

Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are walking along.
They see a sign: "Contest for World's Most Beautiful Woman."
Snow White goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing a crown.
They walk along and see another sign: "Contest for World's Strongest Man." Superman goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing the belt.
They walk along and see a sign: "Contest for World's Greatest Liar." Pinocchio goes in, later comes out with his head down crying.
"Who the hell is Mitt Romney?" Pinocchio sobs.

PROMOVERSE--I don't know where else to put this.  
  • The original preview for Lilo and Stitch featured an opening scene taken from Beauty and the Beast, where Belle and the Beast are dancing in the ballroom. Stitch falls from the ceiling, bringing the chandelier with him, and almost lands on top of Belle, to which she responds: "Get your own movie!" and then storms away.

ROBOT CHICKEN UNIVERSE--Not surprisingly, Robot Chicken has fairy tale spoofs.

SKITLANDIA--Ivan Ronald Schablotski via Alain Alsina:  Probably Skitlandia, but still...  
Saturday Night Live: Disney Housewives

SNOW WHITE AND THE MAGIC MIRROR--As Snow White travels through the woods, she comes to a yellow brick road, then a cyclone appears carrying a house.



YOUTUBEEVERSE(?)--From Matt Hickman:

I think that is all right now.  There have been several ways to travel between worlds thus far.  Of course most of the characters of ONCE UPON A TIME came to Storybrooke via a curse.  Emma and Pinocchio came via the wardrobe.  Baelfire came via a magic spell that created a portal.  Snow and Emma later went to the Enchanted Forest via the Mad Hatter's hat, which has doors to all the wolds.  (It's bigger on the inside!)  Magic beans have also been used to travel between worlds.  Mirrors works as portals to Wonderland.  The White Rabbit also has the power to create holes between worlds.  You can reach Neverland in your dreams, or if you can fly, by heading to the second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning.  And mermaids can swim between realms with ease.  Of course, there are other speculative ways, based on some of the realms only loosely associated.  For instance, characters from Star Wars have come to Earth via wormholes. There's of course the connection between Oz and tornadoes.  There's Asgard and rainbow bridges.  And of course, getting zapped into video games like in Tron.


  1. BTW, Carol Grace Huston who played Snow White on The Charmings, is my first cousin, my mother's only brother's daughter. My mother's family, the Hustons, had many daufgghters but only one son, so that Uncle Jimmy's line was the only one to retain the Huston family name.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.

  2. The Middle Earth tie-in is great, but it should be the end of the Fourth Age, not the Third - the end of the Third Age is what was in Lord of the Rings. Also, extending from that, did you hear about this crossover?