Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who is Maciste?

That is the question I will be answering.  Apparently, he's been a featured character in hundreds of films in Italy, that in America were redubbed to be films featuring more familiar (to us Yanks) characters like Hercules and Samson.

13th Century B.C.--CABIRIA--Maciste is an Italian legend who was born of the rock and lived as a slave before becoming a hero.  He is immortal and super strong, and some of his exploits have been attributed to other heroes like Hercules and Samson.  His films take place between this period and the 1960s, and he has teamed up with other legendary heroes Hercules, Samson, and Ursus.

Cabiria (1914)

13th Century B.C.--ATLAS AGAINST THE CYCLOPS--Maciste must protect the infant descendant of Odysseus.

13th Century B.C.--IL TRIONFO DI MACISTE--Maciste involved in a struggle for power in a far away kingdom.

11th or 12th Centuries B.C.--SON OF SAMSON--Maciste travels to Egypt and leads a revolt against an evil queen.

12th Century B.C.--SAMSON AND THE MIGHTY CHALLENGE--Samson, Hercules, Ursus, and Maciste team-up!!!

7th Century B.C.--GOLIATH AND THE SINS OF BABYLON--Maciste fights to free the people of Babylonia.

7th Century B.C.--MACISTE, GLADIATORE DI SPARTA--Not sure the exact plot, but place it here based on what little clues I get from the title and from an IMDB review.

4th Century B.C. to 4th Century A.D. (Somewhere in this time period)--MOLE MEN AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES--Maciste discovers a race of "mole men" ruled by a human queen.

1st Century B.C. to 2nd Century A.D. (Somewhere in this time period)--COLOSSUS OF THE ARENA--Maciste and several Roman gladiators team up to dethrone a queen.

5th Century to 15th Century (Somewhere in this time period)--THE LUSTFUL AMAZONS--Maciste finds a lost tribe of Amazons, who wish to make him their stud.

12th Century--HERCULES AGAINST THE BARBARIANS--Maciste helps defend Poland against Mongol invaders.

Maciste nell'inferno di Gengis Khan (Hercules Against the Barbarians)

13th Century--HERCULES IN THE VALLEY OF WOE--Two boxing promoters from 1961 use a time machine to go back and snatch Hercules.  Even though they really mess up on their destination, they are fortunate to find him anyways since he's immortal.  They also find Maciste, and Hercules and Maciste fight before teaming up to save the time travelers from Genghis Khan.

13th Century--MACISTE ALLA CORTE DEL GRAN KHAN--Maciste rescues a Chinese princess.

1227--MACISTE CONTRO I MONGOLI--Following the death of Genghis Khan, his three sons fight for power, and Maciste must take them all on.

Late 1500s--MACISTE CONTRO LO SCEICCO--Maciste helps to rescue an Spanish princess from pirates.

c. 1600--ZORRO CONTRO MACISTE--This is the first Zorro, named Ramon.  He encounters the hero MACISTE.  

19th Century--ATLAS AGAINST THE CZAR--The Czar Nicolas sends Maciste on a quest.

1914--MARVELOUS MACISTE--After watching the film CABIRIA, a young girl determines to seek out the aid of the legendary hero.  As it turns out, the actor and the immortal seem to be identical, and that may be that the immortal Maciste is actor Bartolomeo Pagano, who took this identity and became the star of films based on his own past exploits.

1917--THE WARRIOR--Maciste rescued a woman held captive in a castle during World War I.

1925--MACISTE IN HELL--Maciste is abducted by Pluto and held captive in the Underworld.

1925--MACISTE ALL'INFERNO--Maciste must return to Hell to stop a witch's curse that has affected the entire world.

Maciste all'inferno (Maciste in Hell) (The Witch's Curse)


  1. Finally Machiste gets some recognition. As a Longtime fan of Peplum movies, I thank you for this.

    Best Wishes, Dale D.
    BTW, I have shared two of your most recent links this morning. So cheer up!

  2. Quick update: Now that I've watched Goliath and the Sins of Babylon, the opening narration places the events of this film in 200 B.C. I will make the change in the above timeline when I get around to updating the blog.

  3. I've also found numerous appearances in Tales of the Shadowmen tales that will be included in the update. I've started marking up my volumes of Crossovers with a highlighter in order to make it more easily searchable for future research.

  4. I've now watched Colossus and the Amazon Queen, which I previously left off the timeline because I couldn't date it. But in the story, the men are all veterans of the Trojan War, which had only ended just a few years earlier.