Saturday, June 9, 2012


Mister Trouble never hangs around
When he hears this Mighty sound.

"Here I come to save the day"

That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way.
Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right
Mighty Mouse will join the fight.
On the sea or on the land,
He gets the situation well in hand.


Early Terrytoons Mighty Mouse

1184 B.C.--THE TROJAN HORSE--In Ancient Greece, the mice of Troy allow in a Trojan horse filled with cats, but Mighty Mouse travels back in time, summoned by the Gods of Mount Olympus, to save the day.  (Mighty Mouse was arriving from July 26, 1946.)

Medieval Times--THE CRACKPOT KING--Mighty Mouse travels back in time from November 15, 1946 to stop an insane cat king and wolf wizard.  This wolf must be of some relationship to the Big Bad Wolf.

1703--ALADDIN'S LAMP--Mighty Mouse travel's back in time from March 28, 1947 to rescue the daugher of Aladdin.  However, this Aladdin (which must be a common name) is a mouse, as his his daughter.

October 16, 1942--THE MOUSE OF TOMORROW--It all begins here.  No, not with Mighty Mouse.  First, there was the great Super Mouse, a super-powered mouse who never spoke, but just got the job done.  The story begins in Mouseville, where cats have overrun the town.  One mouse gets trapped in the Supermarket, where he uses Super Soap, then eats Super Celery and Super Cheese, transforming him for the first time into Super Mouse.

November 7, 1942--FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT--Lightning strikes and revives Frankenstein's cat, who is much like the monster.  He terrorizes a group of mice until Super Mouse saves the day.

February 5, 1943--HE DOOD IT AGAIN--Super Mouse protects mice having a good time in a diner.

June 11, 1943--PANDORA'S BOX--A girl mouse finds Pandora's Box and opens it, unleashing bat/cat hybrids which Super Mouse must take down.

August 6, 1943--SUPER MOUSE RIDES AGAIN--Super Mouse takes on gangster cats.

October 7, 1943--DOWN WITH CATS--Winter comes early this year, and Super Mouse helps some mice trying to enjoy the snowy weather.

November 12, 1943--THE LION AND THE MOUSE--Super Mouse battles a lion.  Note after this story, Super Mouse disappears, to reappear in 1990, summoned by the Harbinger.

February 11, 1944--THE WRECK OF THE HESPERUS--Mighty Mouse makes his debut, saving a sea captain and his daughter, and receives a parade.  Thus while Super Mouse fades into obscurity, truly only known by the folks of Mouseville, Mighty Mouse becomes known far and wide almost immediately.

March 17, 1944--THE CHAMPION OF JUSTICE--An elderly human couple inherits money, which their relative tries to swindle from them, but Mighty Mouse intervenes (and even uses a gun!)

April 28, 1944--MIGHTY MOUSE MEETS JEKYLL AND HYDE CAT--A group of mice take shelter from a storm inside the lab of Dr. Jekyll, and Mighty Mouse must rescue them from Jekyll's cat who has drank the formula.

June 16, 1944--ELIZA ON THE ICE--The events of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN has similar events here, only Mighty Mouse is involved.

June 22, 1944--WOLF! WOLF!--Mighty Mouse rescues Bo Peep.  As mentioned in other Looniverse blogs, certain fairy tale characters remain immortal and unchanged over time, such as Bo Peep.

July 7, 1944--THE GREEN LINE--There exists a town with a green line down the center.  On one side live the mice, on the other the cats, and they live peacefully, until an evil spirit convinces the cats to attack.  Mighty Mouse must come to the rescue.

September 1, 1944--MIGHTY MOUSE AND THE TWO BARBERS--Terrytown is threatened by a gang of cats.

October 13, 1944--SULTAN'S BIRTHDAY--Mighty Mouse rescue's a sultan's harem girl from attacking cats on flying carpets.

November 17, 1944--AT THE CIRCUS--Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue when the lions escape.

January 12, 1945--MIGHTY MOUSE AND THE PIRATES--Cat pirates save a Pacific Island Princess mouse, and Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue.

February 2, 1945--THE PORT OF MISSING MICE--Mighty Mouse battles more pirate cats in San Francisco.

March 9, 1945--RAIDING THE RAIDERS--Mighty Mouse rescues rabbits from vultures.

April 13, 1945--THE KILKENNY CATS--It's cats vs. mice in the city until Mighty Mouse intervenes.

June 8, 1945--THE SILVER STREAK--A group of mice live under the protection of a dog, until the cats kidnap the dog and tie him to the railroad tracks.  Mighty Mouse must race to save the dog and the mice in time.

July 20, 1945--MIGHTY MOUSE AND THE WOLF--The Big Bad Wolf explains how he was wronged  in his last three encounters with Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and the Three Pigs, due to the intervention of Mighty Mouse.

August 3, 1945--GYPSY LIFE--The Bat-Cats from Pandora's Box return to kidnap a gypsy princess, until Mighty Mouse comes along to save the day.

November 9, 1945--MIGHTY MOUSE MEETS BIG BAD BUNION--Mighty Mouse saves a saloon girl from an outlaw.  If you'll recall from my Bugs Bunny blog, the western United States remained pretty much unsettled and in the same state as it had been during the 19th century for most of the 20th century, with the exception of Hollywood, and a few other major cities like San Francisco.  Until the 1980s, the west was full of cowboys and indians fighting each other, train robberies, ect.

December 14, 1945--KRAKATOA--An island dancer apparently isn't very good as she pisses off Krakatoa who explodes.  A signal is sent to a scientist who takes a liquid that turns him into Mighty Mouse.  Note that Mighty Mouse's origin changes frequently.  However, it is the same Mighty Mouse. There may be different explanations.  We could blame the Mices on Infinite Earths.  We could assume that Diaper Man is trapped in some sort of limbo and every time he punches the wall, reality gets a slight alternation.  But the truth is that the Looniverse has a very fluid surreal reality, and people's history's can be altered.

1946 to 1959--MIGHTY MOUSE # 1 TO 83--Comics adventures in canon published originally by Timely Comics, then later St. John Publications and Pines Comics.

January 8, 1946--SVENGALI'S CAT--A hypnotist cat hypnotizes a girl mouse to use as bait in order to lure male mice to be eaten.

March 8, 1946--THE WICKED WOLF--Goldilocks and the Three Bears are trying to relive their fairy tale but the Big Bad Wolf interferes.  Mighty Mouse must set things right.

March 29, 1946--MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME--A human family is going to lose their home to the Wolf, who holds their mortgage, unless the horse they bet on wins the race.  Mighty Mouse helps the family cheat.  Um, greater good message, I guess.

May 3, 1946--THROWING THE BULL--A wealthy Spanish merchant offers his daughter to whoever can beat the bull. So Mighty Mouse does, and gets the girl, though since he remains single afterwards, I suppose he declined to marry the girl, since it was just about the challenge, and the kisses.

June 28, 1946--THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD--This was a real flood in 1899, but in the Looniverse it occurred in 1946, with Mighty Mouse coming to save the day.

August 16, 1946--WINNING THE WEST--Mighty Mouse saves pioneer mice from cats in the west.

September 6, 1946--THE ELECTRONIC MOUSE TRAP--An evil cat scientist makes an atomic powered robot to kill the mice in the city.

September 20, 1946--THE JAIL BREAK--Bad Bill Bunion returns, and Mighty Mouse must capture him and send him back to Alcatraz.

December 6, 1946--MIGHTY MOUSE AND THE HEP CAT--Some cats find the flute of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and use it to lure mice until Mighty Mouse saves the day.

January 10, 1947--CRYING WOLF--A black sheep's pranks go awry and Mighty Mouse must come to the rescue.

February 14, 1947--THE DEAD END CATS--Mighty Mouse vs. gangster cats.

April 25, 1947--THE SKY IS FALLING--A fox tricks some barnyard animals into thinking the sky is falling.

May 30, 1947--MIGHTY MOUSE MEETS DEADEYE DICK--Mighty Mouse heads out west again to stop a gun fight between a sheriff and an outlaw.

1947--WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?--LOONIVERSE--This more than anything else is probably the glue that ties together the Looniverse.  This story shows that almost every cartoon from the golden age of film all coexist in the same reality.  Who's in it?

Walt Disney
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Horace Horsecollar
Clarabelle Cow
Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Chip 'n' Dale
Clara Cluck
José Carioca
Peter Pig
Bucky Bug
Gus Goose
Humphrey the Bear
The Merry Dwarfs from The Merry Dwarfs
The trees and flowers from Flowers and Trees
The gnomes from Babes In The Woods
The sun from Father Noah's Ark
The Three Little Pigs, Zeke Wolf, and Little Red Riding Hood
The orphans from Orphan's Benefit
Toby Tortoise, the girl bunnies, the snails, and the animal pedestrians from The Tortoise and the Hare
The water babies from Water Babies
Jenny Wren from Who Killed Cock Robin
Elmer Elephant and Joe Giraffe from Elmer Elephant
Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Evil Queen (appearing as the Witch), and the forest animals from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ferdinand The Bull from Ferdinand The Bull
Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and Lampwick from Pinocchio
Various Fantasia characters: broomsticks from The Sorcerer's Apprentice; Hyacinth Hippo and Madame Upanova from Dance of the Hours; Baby Pegasus, a unicorn, and the cupids from The Pastoral Symphony; and the Chinese mushrooms and Russian thistles from The Nutcracker Suite
The Reluctant Dragon and Sir Giles from The Reluctant Dragon
Dumbo, the crows, Mrs. Jumbo, Casey Junior, and one of the clowns from Dumbo
Bambi, The Great Prince, Faline, and Thumper from Bambi
Pedro the plane from Saludos Amigos
Ben Buzzard from The Flying Jalopy
Emotion from Reason and Emotion
Chicken Little from Chicken Little
Monte the pelican from The Pelican and the Snipe
Peter from Peter and the Wolf
Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Bear, the hummingbirds, the Tar Baby, and the Sis Moles from Song of the South
Willie the Giant and the Golden Harp from Mickey and the Beanstalk
The animals from Johnny Appleseed*
Danny from So Dear to My Heart*
J. Thaddeus Toad and Cyril Proudbottom from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad*
Mr. Walker from Motor Mania*
Bill the lizard, Tweedledum, Cheshire Cat, the doorknob, and a bulb horn bird from Alice in Wonderland*
The apartments and skyscrapers from The Little House*
Tinker Bell, John Darling, and the rhinoceros from Peter Pan*
Babe the Blue Ox from Paul Bunyan*
Maleficent's goons and the bluebirds from Sleeping Beauty*
The silhouette of Mary Poppins[10] and the penguin waiters from Mary Poppins*
Kaa the python and Flaps the vulture from The Jungle Book*
Piglet from The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh*
Warner Bros. /Looney Tunes
Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Elmer Fudd
Porky Pig
Yosemite Sam
Mama Bear
Foghorn Leghorn
Goofy Gophers
The Road Runner*
Wile E. Coyote*
Speedy Gonzales*
Marvin the Martian*
Marc Antony*
Sam Sheepdog*
Bugs Bunny Prototype
Yoyo Dodo from Porky in Wackyland and Dough for the Do-Do
George the fox from Of Fox and Hounds
Gracie the Fightin' Kangaroo from Pop 'Im Pop!*
Toro the Bull from Bully for Bugs*
Fennimore Frog from The Dodo and the Frog and Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!* (This means that Earth-C is the Looniverse!!!)
Screwy Squirrel
Meathead the dog
The octopus from Half-Pint Pygmy*
The witch from The Flying Sorceress*
Tom and Jerry - originally supposed to appear in a scene comforting each other in Marvin Acme's funeral.
The wolf from Red Hot Riding Hood - originally supposed to appear in the nightclub scene howling at Jessica Rabbit.
Paramount Pictures/Fleischer/Famous Studios
Betty Boop
Koko the Clown
Joker (the harlequin jack-in-the-box logo for Noveltoons)
Wiffle Piffle from The Hot Air Salesman and Whoops! I'm a Cowboy
Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl - originally supposed to appear in a scene in Marvin Acme's funeral.
Casper the Friendly Ghost - originally supposed to be seen mourning Marvin Acme at his funeral.
Superman - originally storyboarded to appear in a scene cut from the film, comforting a sobbing Mighty Mouse at Marvin Acme’s funeral.
Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems
The Fox and the Crow-originally storyboarded to have a cameo while Eddie's looking for Jessica in Toontown.
Universal Studios/Walter Lantz
Woody Woodpecker
Buzz Buzzard*
Papa Panda
20th Century Fox/Terrytoons
Mighty Mouse - originally storyboarded to appear in a scene cut from the film, being comforted by the Fleischer Superman at Marvin Acme’s funeral.
Heckle and Jeckle
The lion from The Temperamental Lion
Garfield* - originally he went to Toontown
King Features Syndicate/Pat Sullivan
Felix the Cat
United Feature Syndicate/Al Capp
Lena Hyena from Li'l Abner
Yakky Doodle* - was originally supposed to be in the final scene with the Toons.
Scooby-Doo* - was originally in Toontown.
Note: *denotes anachronisms; these characters (or, in the cases of characters such as Tinker Bell and Marvin the Martian, the animated versions of them that appear in the film) were created and/or first appeared after 1947. But as screenplay writer Peter S. Seaman said, "The aim was entertainment, not animation history." There were a few notable Golden Age characters such as Popeye and Tom and Jerry missing from the movie due to legal copyright issues.

August 29, 1947--A DATE FOR DINNER--When a cat catches a mouse, the mouse promises to bring back a better mouse if he's freed.  He keeps that promise by delivering Mighty Mouse.

October 10, 1947--THE FIRST SNOW--Winter comes early again, and bunnies are enjoying the day until the fox attacks.  Mighty Mouse comes to save the day.

October 31, 1947--THE WITCH'S CAT--Mighty Mouse attends a Halloween party where he is poisoned by a witch.  Apparently despite all his powers, his internal system is susceptible to poison, but he is revived by rain water, which may imply that water is to Mighty Mouse what sunlight is to Superman, or else it was chemicals within the rain.

November 14, 1947--A FIGHT TO THE FINISH--Introducing Oil Can Harry and Pearl Pureheart.

December 19, 1947--SWISS CHEESE FAMILY ROBINSON--A mouse family is stranded on a deserted island but Mighty Mouse, whose on vacation, finds their message in a bottle and comes to their rescue.

December 26, 1947--LAZY LITTLE BEAVER--A young beaver runs away from home, but Mighty Mouse decides to teach him a lesson.

March 26, 1948--MIGHTY MOUSE AND THE MAGICIAN--Cats invade a tiny village.  The town's magic shop owner tries to ward off the cats with a real magic wand, but the cats gain hold of the wand and turn themselves invisible.  Luckily, Mighty Mouse comes along to save the day.

June 23, 1948--THE FEUDIN' HILLBILLIES--Mighty Mouse stops a feud between hillbilly cats and mice.

September 15, 1948--LOVES LABOR WON--Once again, Mighty Mouse sings while rescuing Pearl from Harry.

September 30, 1948--TRIPLE TROUBLE--Apparently this story is part of an ongoing story that began with "Loves Labor Won", with some middle parts missing from the saga.  From here on out, most of the Mighty Mouse tales are cliffhanger formulaic adventures involving Oil Can Harry and Pearl Pureheart and thus I'm not going to list them on.  The Shorts continue until 1961.  I will only mention episodes that stand out from here on out.

December 1950--MOTHER GOOSE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY--Mother Goose's birthday party is crashed by Mighty Mouse's old foe, the Big Bad Wolf.

April 1, 1951--GOONS FROM THE MOON--The Bat-Cats return to attack Terrytown, joined by alien cats.

1955 to ??--ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE # 126 TO ??--Series continues from previous name of TERRY'S COMICS, which also featured Mighty Mouse.  Published originally by St. John's Publications, then later by Pines Comics, Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics, and then finally ending with Dell Comics again.

November 1959--OUTER SPACE VISITOR--Mighty Mouse rescues nearby Cheeseville from aliens.  Note there are three towns it seems populated by good mice and evil cats:  Mouseville (home of Super Mouse), Terrytown (home of Mighty Mouse), and Cheeseville.

December 15, 1961--THE MYSTERIOUS PACKAGE--Aliens are kidnapping the children of Mouseville (former home of Super Mouse).  Mighty Mouse must go into space to save them.  I suspect that most of the world think that the earlier Super Mouse and Mighty Mouse are one and the same (as many in the real world do).  But Mices on Infinite Earths makes it clear that Super Mouse was a hero who operated before Mighty Mouse but had been forgotten.

December 31, 1961--CAT ALARM--In the final short, the cats are pretty ingenious.  They fool Mighty Mouse into thinking the dam burst, so that he rounds up all the mice in Cheeseville, so they are conveniently all in one place for the cats to devour.

1969 to 1981--THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE AND HECKLE & JECKLE--More adventures of Mighty Mouse, Pearl Pureheart, and Oil Can Harry.

1979--THE GREAT SPACE CHASE--An epic space adventure with Mighty Mouse, Pearl, and Harry in space.

1987 to 1988--MIGHTY MOUSE:  THE NEW ADVENTURES--I suppose we could say this is the post -crisis Mighty Mouse, but for continuity sake this is the same Mighty Mouse, with slightly altered and expanded origin.


1990--MIGHTY MOUSE--Marvel Comics series that continues with the modern animated version of Mighty Mouse.  A major storyline of this series involves the time and space altering Crisis on Infinite Earths, which arrives in the Looniverse in 1990.  (This may explain the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini version of DC characters in the Looniverse starting in 1992.)  In this storyline that tied directly in with the events of the Crisis, Might Mouse must work with the Mighty Heroes and Super Mouse.

2009--ROBOT CHICKEN--"We are a Humble Factory"--The evil mirror universe Mighty Mouse from Mices on Infinite Earths seeks revenge on a mouse who slept with his sister.


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