Saturday, October 20, 2012

Futurama: A Brief History of the Future



This will probably be the last blog I write for quite some time, as I've decided after this one I'm only going to focus on my upcoming book project, THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE.  Once I feel I've made significant progress on the book, I will return to this blog, which I love writing.

So, lets talk about the future.  First, it should be noted that the future is not set in stone, and divergent timelines are constantly being created thanks to amateur time travelers.  But there is a basic future set.  We're not that far from Ted Mosby telling his kids how he met their mother.  That would be around the same time Detroit has a cyborg police office called Robocop.  About 40 years from now we'll face a third world war, leading to a post-holocaust era where Mad Max is the Road Warrior and Terminators rule the western U.S. while Zephran Cochrane is creating the first (Earth-made) warp drive system.  After making first contact with the Vulcans, a new golden age begins, with the creation of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.  Meanwhile, while Archer commands the first Enterprise, the event of Project: A-Ko also unfold.  The next few centuries are the eras of Trek, but then in the 25th century, another world war devastates Earth, but a hero from the past named Buck Rogers will come to save the planet and it's people.  (Duck Dodgers also arrives from the Looniverse, which is now publicly known by the people of Earth and travel between the dimensions is done on a regular basis just as with other planets.)  The latter half of the millennium returns Earth to glory, and by the 30th Century, the United Federation of Planets has become simply the United Planets, and is protected by the Legion of Super-Heroes.  But by the 31st century, things have gone downhill....

17 years before the Big Bang--FUTURAMA--"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"--Nibblonian civilisation is born on planet Eternium.  Note that a lot of Futurama history I stole, er, borrowed from this Futurama website timeline.

~13,700,000,000 BCE--FUTURAMA--"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"--The Big Bang occurs, causing the entire physical universe as we know it to come into existence. Date is taken from scientific record.

Aeons ago--Futurama--"Into the Wild Green Yonder"--Green, life-giving chi spreads across the universe, catalysing the evolution of all life everywhere.  On a distant planet, two species evolve: the Dark Ones, who are evil and set out to exterminate all other life, and the Encyclopods, who defend all life from the Dark Ones and store the DNA of all endangered species for future reference in case they become extinct.  Eventually the chi recedes and the Dark Ones exterminate the majority of the universe's biodiversity, including the Encyclopods. Only one Encyclopod egg is left behind, in the form of a violet dwarf star.

~65,500,000 BCE--FUTURAMA--"The Why of Fry"--A gigantic evil brain, later to become the central information repository of the brainspawn's Infosphere, wipes out the dinosaurs. Date is taken from scientific record of this event, which is commonly called the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction and generally attributed to an asteroid impact in Mexico.

~28,997,000 BCE or earlier--FUTURAMA--"Roommate"--Emperor Nimbala ruled Zuben 5 "over twenty-nine million years go". He will be seen in the year 3000 as a mummy in a tiny sarcophagus. Zuben will later become famous for its fine cigars.

996,992 BCE--FUTURMA--"Into the Wild Green Yonder"--The native Martians abandon Mars, according to Number Nine ("A million years ago" in 3009). He is incorrect, see 3004 for this actual event.

23rd October 4004 BCE--FUTURAMA--"A Clockwork Origin"--The Earth and all life on it is created, according to the chronology of Archbishop James Ussher, to which creationists will cling well into the 31st century.

3500 BCE--FUTURMA--"That Darn Katz!"--Cat aliens arrive from Thuban 9 and use their hypnotic cuteness powers to become gods to the ancient Egyptians.

2560 BCE--FUTURAMA--"That Darn Katz!"--The Great Pyramid of Giza is completed (date is from historical record). The cats intend to use it to drain Earth's angular momentum and transmit it to their gradually decelerating homeworld, restarting its spin. Unfortunately the cats have become domesticated, lazy and stupid and the plan is abandoned.

1351 BCE--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Travelling back in time from 3007, Bender steals the sarcophagus and death mask of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III, then hides in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of the Planet Express building until 3007.  Wikipedia makes the intended identity of the deceased pharaoh in this episode fairly easy to determine. The actual location of Amenhotep III's burial treasures is, as far as I am aware, unknown, so Bender's actions may fulfill established history in the Futurama universe, or they may not, in which case the paradox is seamlessly resolved by the Time Code.

27 BCE--FUTURAMA--"The Duh-Vinci Code"--The Pantheon is constructed in Rome.

440 to 453--SERPENTOR'S FILECARD--Life of Attila the Hun, whose DNA is later used to create Serpentor.  Attila also appears in THE MONKEES, THE MASK, and FUTURAMA.

1410 CE--FUTURAMA--"Put Your Head on My Shoulder"--Banking industry regulations originate around this time, according to Gary, a banking industry regulator, Amy's date in this episode.

15th April 1452 to 2nd May 1519--FUTURAMA--"The Duh-Vinci Code"--These are the dates of Leonardo da Vinci. In reality he is an alien from the planet Vinci who returned to his homeworld at the time of his supposed death.

from 1495 to 1498--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Leonardo da Vinci paints The Last Supper. Date is from historical record.

from 1502 and 1519--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa. Bender, travelling back in time from 3007, steals it while it is unfinished, then hides in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of the Planet Express building until 3007. However, this paradox is resolved by the Time Code and the duplicate Mona Lisa is eventually destroyed.  Date is from historical record. Bender remarks facetiously that da Vinci is "unlikely to get as far as The Last Supper", but, as seen above, it is actually already completed.

17 April 1775--FUTURAMA--"All the Presidents' Heads"--Travelling back in time from 3011, Fry, Leela, Bender and Farnsworth successfully avert the actions of the latter's colonial counterfeiter ancestor David Farnsworth, preserving the Farnsworth family's historical good name and otherwise preserving the outcome of the American War of Independence.  Disappointingly, these events occur offscreen in this episode. The first (botched) attempt occurs in a timeline which is later erased.

1776--FUTURAMA--"Put Your Head on My Shoulder"--The United States of America are founded. Date is from historical record.

1788--FUTURAMA--"A Big Piece of Garbage"--Steamboat invented. Date is from historical record.

1793--FUTURAMA--"A Big Piece of Garbage"--Cotton gin invented. Date is from historical record.

19th century--FUTURAMA--"A Big Piece of Garbage"--Light bulb, steamboat and cotton gin invented, according to Leela. "Those are all from the nineteenth century!" Note that she's wrong on two of the three counts; the steamboat and the cotton gin are both from the 18th century, above.

1820 to 1887--FUTURAMA--"A Head in the Polls"--Golden Age Of Muttonchops

1874--FUTURAMA--"A Big Piece of Garbage"--Light bulb invented. Date is from historical record.

1900s--FUTURAMA--"Love & Rocket"--Gwen's family starts making candy hearts from bone meal and earwig honey.

20th century?--FUTURAMA--"Jurassic Bark"--The Stupid Ages.  Fry's era is referred to as the Stupid Ages more than once in the series. No dates are given, but the 20th century seems stupid enough to me.

19 August 1906 to 11 March 1971--FUTURAMA--"All the Presidents' Heads"--Dates of Philo Farnsworth, inventor of the television and ancestor of Hubert Farnsworth.

September 1909--YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES--"British East Africa, September 1909"--Young Indy meets Teddy Roosevelt.  Teddy Roosevelt has met Sherlock Holmes and also has appeared on BRONCO, THE VIRGINIAN, THE MUPPET SHOW:  SEX AND VIOLENCE, BRET MAVERICK, VOYAGERS, THE GAMBLER RETURNS:  LUCK OF THE DRAW, SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, and FUTURAMA.


between 1929 and 1933--FUTURAMA--"All the Presidents' Heads"--Travelling back in time from 3011, Leela, Hermes, Fry and Bender briefly arrive in the speakeasy of Dutch Schultz.  This visit must occur during the presidency of Herbert Hoover.

30th October 1938--FUTURAMA--"Lrreconcilable Ndndifferences"--Orson Welles narrates the brilliant radio broadcast, The War Of The Worlds.

1940 or so--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Farnsworth briefly exits the time machine and assassinates Adolf Hitler, although this seems to have had no lasting effect on the timeline by the 31st century.

1940 or so--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Offscreen, and unseen, Farnsworth from iteration 2 briefly exits the time machine and assassinates Adolf Hitler.  Meanwhile, Farnsworth from iteration 1 attempts the same assassination, but accidentally kills Eleanor Roosevelt instead. Neither of these have any effect on the future.  Oh, let's kill Hitler.  Here's the thing.  Hitler can't be killed.  He's possessed by several demons, and he also has a plethora of lookalikes, and for some reason, there is some temporal rule that makes him a fixed point.  Mainly, because like it or not, he affected the whole world, if you kill him, you alter the lives of every person on the planet, and their descendants. So you can't kill Hitler.  You may think you did, like Farnsworth, but you didn't.  In the TVCU, he's still not dead, matter of fact.  Eventually, I will write a blog about Hitler in the TVCU.  Oh, and you apparently can't kill Eleanor Roosevelt either, likely for the same fixed point reasons.  If someone becomes to powerful or influential in the world, their deaths would create to great a divergence in reality.  So if you want to stay alive, become very famous.

9th July 1947--FUTURAMA--"Roswell That Ends Well"--Emerging from a time-warp from the year 3002, the Planet Express ship crash-lands near Roswell, New Mexico.

night of 9th July 1947--FUTURAMA--"Roswell That Ends Well"--Philip J. Fry sleeps with his maternal grandmother Mildred, and inadvertently conceives his own father, Yancy Fry.  This fact is surmised by the Professor onscreen, but not explicitly confirmed until "The Why Of Fry". For a discussion of Fry's genetic makeup, see here.

10th July 1947--FUTURAMA--"Roswell That Ends Well"--The Planet Express crew return through the time-warp to 3002, leaving behind Bender's head. Bender's head will remain buried near Roswell for the next 1045 years.

July 1947--INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL--Indy is called in to consult when an alien craft and it's inhabitants is captured.  These are likely the grey aliens from X-FILES and other series and movies.  However, how they got there is another story.  Just prior to their crash, a space craft from the 24th century arrived in Roswell.  Three Ferengi are captured until rescued by their shape shifter companion.  They return to the future (STAR TREK:  VOYAGER), however leaving an opening from which the Planet Express crew from the 31st century are pulled backward.  While the ship's doctor is examined by the military, another crew member (originally from the late 20th century) creates a paradox by becoming his own grandfather (FUTURAMA).  Thus when they escape, they leave behind a nexus that draws the Grey Aliens to Earth and also makes Earth a target for invasions from other worlds.

~April 1948--FUTURAMA--"Roswell That Ends Well"--Yancy Fry is born to Mildred, assuming a standard 9-month pregnancy.

1951--FUTURAMA--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--Pete's TVs: "letting people watch news reports in our window since 1951"

February 1954--BEWITCHED--"George Washington Zapped Here"--Esmerelda pulls George Washington from the past.  President Washington also appears in THE MUNSTERS, THE MUPPET SHOW:  SEX AND VIOLENCE, VOYAGERS, WILD WILD WEST, FUTURAMA, TIME SQUAD, and AN AMERICAN CAROL.

9th August 1960--FUTURAMA--"The Honking"--David Duchovny is supposedly born. This date is taken from Duchovny's IMDb page. In the Futurama universe, David Duchovny is in fact the individual who will later be known as Calculon; his birth date might be a lie.

1960--FUTURAMA--"War Is The H-Word"--The 1960 Presidential elections are fixed by Kennedy, according to Nixon.

1962--FUTURAMA--"Into The Wild Green Yonder"--"Three thousand and ten is exactly the same as nineteen sixty-two" according to the opening song of this episode.

between 1963 and 1968--FUTURAMA--"All The Presidents' Heads"--Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Amy momentarily arrive in the 1960s from 3011, where they run into Andy Warhol. Zoidberg inspires a painting by Warhol, "Unwelcome Guest".  The painting is completed in 1968, but may have been begun earlier. The visit must also postdate Warhol's 1962 painting of Campbell's Soup Cans, and occur during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963 to 1969.

8th September 1966 to 3rd June 1969--FUTURAMA--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The original series of Star Trek airs.

26th December 1966 to 1st January 1967--FUTURAMA--"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular"--Kwanzaa is celebrated for the first time.

20th July 1969--FUTURAMA--"The Series Has Landed"--Neil Armstrong and Edwin A. "Buzz" Aldrin land on the Moon. The original landing site will have been lost for centuries by the year 3000.

1969--FUTURAMA--"Anthology Of Interest"--Shea Stadium: "Home of the 1969 & 1986 World Champion [New York] Mets"

1973--FUTURAMA--"A Head In The Polls"--Computers in 3000 are twice as fast as they were in 1973 according to Richard Nixon.

1973--FUTURAMA--"Raging Bender"--Muhammed Ali faces an 80ft-tall mechanical Joe Frazier. The entire Earth is destroyed.

14th August 1974--FUTURAMA--"Luck Of The Fryrish"--The New York Mets win this baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, at the exact same instant that Philip J. Fry is born. His father is Yancy Fry; his mother's maiden name was Gleisner but her forename has not been mentioned onscreen.  In "Space Pilot 3000", Fry's age is given as 25 on a computer screen on 31st December 2999, which gives us his birth year of 1974. (Chronologically he is 1025 years old at this point, of course, but it is established in "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" that in the future there are handheld detectors which can tell you your biological age.) However, only sporting references during Fry's birth scene in "Luck Of The Fryrish" narrow down the exact day.  Note: Fry's birth date is given as August 9th, 1974 on the script for "Space Pilot 3000", which can be found on the Volume 1 DVD; while widely quoted, this source is not canonical.

1975--FUTURAMA--"Anthology Of Interest 2"--In Leela's dream, the Yellow Brick Road is renamed MLK Boulevard.

~1980--FUTURAMA--"Space Pilot 3000"--Fry has wished he had a robot for a friend "ever since I was six!"

1980s--FUTURAMA--"Into The Wild Green Yonder"--Zap Brannigan's favourite musical era. "For me, there are only one Eighties."

1984 or later--FUTURAMA--"Futurestock"--Stricken with incurable boneitis, "that guy" (Steve Castle) is cryogenically frozen until a cure can be found.  He's from the 1980s, but also has certainly seen Apple's "1984" advert. His name is revealed on the DVD commentary track for this episode.

1985?--FUTURAMA--"That Darn Katz!"--Commercials for the McDonald's Lettuce and Tomato with the slogan "Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool" begin circulating.

1986--FUTURAMA--"Anthology Of Interest"--Shea Stadium: "Home of the 1969 & 1986 World Champion [New York] Mets". Since this sign appears in the year 3000+, note the oblique implication that the Mets won't win the World Championship again for over a thousand years.

1988--FUTURAMA--"Xmas Story"--What Hermes will later describe as a "legendary Jamaican bobsled team" first competes in the Winter Olympics. This is historical fact, which is not to be confused with the slightly fictionalised account given in the movie Cool Runnings.

1988--FUTURAMA--"Cold Warriors"--As part of Nerd Search '88, NASA accepts Josh Gedgie's sample of the common cold and launches it into space on the Space Shuttle.

1989--FUTURAMA--"Ghost In The Machines"--The film Ghostbusters II is released, tarnishing the previously well-regarded Ghostbusters franchise. ("This number has been lame since 1989")

between 1990 and 1996--FUTURAMA--"Space Pilot 3000"--Applied Cryogenics experiences their penultimate power failure.

6th August 1991--FUTURAMA--"Attack Of The Killer App"--Tim Berners-Lee announces the World Wide Web project. According to Bender its purpose from the very beginning is the invasion of others' privacy.

1992--FUTURAMA--"Lesser Of Two Evils"--Date of manufacture of the green Latura in the Past-O-Rama exhibit.

~1994--FUTURAMA--"Luck Of The Fryrish"--Fry scrawls a picture of himself on a rocket. He signs it "Fry, age 20".

~1995 to ~1998--FUTURAMA--"A Flight To Remember"--Fry is unemployed. "I haven't had time off since I was twenty-one through twenty-four!"

~1997--FUTURAMA--"Jurassic Bark"--Fry's future pet dog, "Seymour Asses", is born. Seymour was flash-fossilised in 2012 at the ripe old age of 15 years.

1997--FUTURAMA--"Space Pilot 3000"--"Applied Cryogenics: No power failures since 1997". Despite this failure and the previous one, Applied Cryogenics will actually maintain continuous power - or at least avoid critical outages - through war, barbarism and alien invasions for the next 1003 years.

circa 1997--FUTURAMA--"A Fishful Of Dollars"--Date on the last existing can of anchovies ("Angry Norwegian Anchovies" brand) in the year 3000.

August, 1997--FUTURAMA--"Jurassic Bark"--Fry meets his dog, Seymour.

1998--FUTURAMA--"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela"--The top-secret military satellite Flying Destiny is launched into space by the United States Air Force. The top-secret TV censorship satellite V-Chip is launched into space by the FCC. Shortly after launch the satellites collide, forming the V-Giny death sphere which begins destroying planets.

July, 1998--FUTURAMA--"Jurassic Bark"--The summer from "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". Seymour swims in toppings.

1999 or earlier--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Game"--Nibbler is assigned as Supreme Fuzzler for a Nibblonian scientific outpost on the planet Vergon VI, where he will remain assigned for a further thousand years. Over the following centuries, Nibblonians consume many of the planet's animal inhabitants and gradually fill the planet's core with dark matter.

1999 or earlier--FUTURAMA--"The Why Of Fry"--The evil brains begin constructing the Infosphere. The Nibblonians forsee its completion and realise their need to cryogenically freeze Fry so that he can ultimately defeat them.

1999--FUTURAMA--"When Aliens Attack"--Fry spills a can of beer on a TV transmission tower, disrupting the transmission of the series finale of Single Female Lawyer.

evening of 31st December 1999--FUTURAMA--"The Why Of Fry"--Nibbler orders a pizza to be delivered to Applied Cryogenics, using the pseudonym I. C. Weiner.

11:35pm, 31st December 1999--FUTURAMA--"Jurassic Bark"--Fry leaves Panucci's to deliver Nibbler's pizza, leaving Seymour to wait for him outside. This scene occurs in more than one episode, but "Jurassic Bark" is the first time a clock is visible.

slightly before midnight, 31st December 1999--FUTURAMA--"The Why Of Fry"--Nibbler hides underneath the desk that Fry will sit at as the new millennium rolls in, intending to deliberately make Fry fall in the cryogenics tube, so that in the future (specifically, the episode "The Why Of Fry") he can defeat the evil brains on behalf of all intelligent life.  An alternate version of Fry arrives from an alternate future in which he failed to defeat the brains. He delivers to Nibbler the dire warning, "Scootie-Puff Junior sucks!" before disappearing. The alternate Fry's interference has no lasting effect on the timeline until the events of "The Why Of Fry" in 3002 or so.  The countdown to the millennium occurring at the same time all over the world is the same as the countdown in the 1996 tv movie Doctor Who.

12:00:0?am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Space Pilot 3000"--Nibbler's plan proceeds as envisaged: Philip J. Fry falls into a cryogenic chamber, and is automatically frozen for a thousand years.  You can actually count forwards a few seconds after the new year begins before Fry is frozen.

12:28:00am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--A version of Bender whom we shall call "Bender-B" arrives from 13th December 3007, with the mission of killing Fry when he arrives in a few moments' time.

12:28:31am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--An alternate Bender whom we shall dub "Bender-A" arrives from 19 seconds in the future in an alternate timeline. He tells his alternate self, Bender-B, to cover for him while he, Bender-A, visits the bathroom. Bender-A is the original and Bender-B is a duplicate.  By interacting with his past self in this way, Bender-A alters history and creates a new timeline. However, this paradox is resolved by the Time Code and Bender-B is later destroyed.  The precise seconds are based on the passage of time in the actual scene, which is very close to what is displayed on the screen.

12:29am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Yet another Bender arrives from "way at the end" (1st January 3008) and pastes the Time Code tattoo onto Fry's backside. He then leaves and hides in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of the Planet Express building until 1st January 3008.

12:30am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--A version of Fry whom we shall call "Fry-B" arrives from 13th December 2007, escaping death at the hands of the scammers - however, as established above, Bender-B has arrived first and is lying in wait for him. Bender-B threatens to kill Fry-B, then, because of his internal conflict, unsatisfied need to urinate and "doomed time paradox duplicate" status, begins to self-destruct.  Bender-A is still on the lavatory at this point.

12:31am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--An alternate version of Fry, whom we shall dub "Fry-A", arrives from 1:31am in an alternate future, in order to retrieve free lukewarm pizza.  Fry-A arrives just in time to see Fry-B kick the self-destructing Bender-B into a spare cryogenic tube and set the timer for a million years. Fry-A is the original and Fry-B is the duplicate.  Fry-B briefly interacts with Fry-A before leaving the cryogenics lab, delaying Fry-B's departure and creating a time paradox. However, this paradox is resolved by the Time Code and Fry-B is eventually killed.  Fry-B leaves the cryogenics building just as Bender-A returns from the bathroom, thus evading him.

12:32am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry-A falls into the cryogenic tube alongside his frozen self and is again frozen for a thousand years.

1:01am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry-B returns to Panucci's pizza, and is allowed to move into the room upstairs.

~2:00am, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Bender bursts in on Fry's former girlfriend Michelle as she is in bed with her latest boyfriend, Constantine. He leaves and continues to stalk Fry.  Michelle, as we know from "Space Pilot 3000", just threw all of Fry's stuff out on the sidewalk. In this episode she says this happened roughly two hours ago.  Amazingly, this does not create a paradox. Presumably, Michelle and Constantine both assume Bender is some guy in a New Year's costume.

lunchtime, 1st January 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry enjoys lunch with his family. (In the original timeline, Fry's father Yancy and dog Seymour spend the whole afternoon searching for Fry but fail to find him.)

And I apologize that the events of that one night are so confusing, but it's all a bit wibbly wobbly.  But hopefully you now understand how we end up with so many divergent timelines in the TVCU, like for example, the one created here:  the TVCU2.

2000--FUTURAMA--"Lesser Of Two Evils"--Past-O-Rama is "like stepping back into the year 2000!"

February 2000--THE SIMPSONS--"Missionary:  Impossible"--At a PBS pledge drive, Bender is one of the ones answering phones.  At this point, several Benders have come back in time to both steal priceless art and to kill Fry, under the control of some really evil spammer aliens.  In fact, all 21st century Bender appearances can be chalked up to this.

2000--FUTURAMA--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--Great Garbage Crisis in New York City. The city's excess of garbage is eventually put on a gigantic barge which is then pushed out to circle the world's seas for the next 50 years.  Most likely the crisis happened here, but the launching into the sea doesn't occur until sometime yet to come in our near future.

2000--FUTURAMA--"The Cryonic Woman"--"Jury Duty II: Trouble On The Hubble" is released. Its 1000th anniversary screening will be in the year 3000.

August 2000--THE P.J.S--"Cliffhangin' with Mr. Super"--A picture of Philip J. Fry is on a milk carton, listed as missing.  Fry was accidentally cryogenically frozen the prior New Year's Eve, but nobody is aware of it.

November 8, 2000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--During the controversial recount of Florida votes in the United States presidential election of 2000, Bender attacks one of Al Gore's staff members who happens to be called Phil Fry, and destroys a large number of Gore's vote ballots, winning the election for George W Bush.  This does not create a paradox, since Bender is fulfilling established history.

January 2001--SIMPSONS--"HOMR"--Fry is accidentally pulled back in time via the Bongo Anomaly to end up in a couch gag.

April 2001--THE SIMPSONS:  WRESTLING--Leela and Bender are pulled back via the Anomaly and end up in Kang's arena.

2002--THE FUTURAMA/SIMPSONS INFINITELY SECRET CROSSOVER CRISIS--In the year 3002 in the TVCU, the crew of Planet Express get sucked into a Simpsons comic book, and actually transported to the Bongo Anomaly in 2002.  Later, the Simpsons are transported to the year 3002 of the TVCU.

2003--FUTURAMA--"I Dated A Robot"--Lucy Liu is named People Magazine's sexiest woman of the year.

2003--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Sick of moping after Leela, Fry-B decides to move on with his life. He takes a job as keeper of a narwhal named Leeloo at the New York Aquarium.

November 2004--VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES--A patient in a hospital is diagnoses with Sexlexia.  31st century hero Zap Brannigan will also be diagnosed with this sexy learning disability.

between ~2005 and 2007?--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Philip J. Fry's nephew, also named Philip Fry in honour of his uncle, is born to Yancy Fry and his wife. (Philip Fry Jr appears to be roughly five to seven years old when Bender accosts him in 2012.)  In the original timeline, Philip Fry Jr is named because the original Philip Fry disappeared in 2000 and Yancy Fry misses him. In the current revision of the timeline, this is no longer true, but this paradox is seamlessly resolved by the Time Code.

April 2005--SIMPSONS--"Future-Drama"--Bart gets to see into the future, to the year 2013...except that will change.  You see, it's to the year when Bart is 8 years older.  So from the perspective of Bart at the time of the episode, he's seeing 2013...but next year, it would have been 2014.  Get it?  Anyways, in the future he sees, he encounters Bender, as in the character from FUTURAMA.  But Bender is from the 31st century, not the 21st.  But could this be Bender when in his early years?  Nope, because he was made by Mom's Robot Factory, and Mom is maybe just over a century old at most in the early 31st century.  And finally, in a Bongo Comics crossover, it was revealed that the Simpsons and Futurama exist in alternate realities.  And because of other crossovers, I place Futurama in the TVCU.  Thus this Bender robot seen in this Simpons episode is not Bender from Futurama, but perhaps some kind of counterpart in another reality that touches the Bongo Anomaly.  Just as there are the same models of Mr. Coffee machines in alternate realities.

2005--SIMPSONS/FUTURAMA CROSSOVER CRISIS II--Once again, the 21st century Simpsons of the Bongo Anomaly meet the Planet Express crew of the 31st century TVCU.

2006--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Wearing a sink plunger on his head as a horn, Fry-B duels with Leeloo.

April 2006--FAMILY GUY--"Deep Throats"--When Lois mentions Peter’s part-time jobs, the cutaway shows Peter in his Burger King uniform singing the infamous “Burger King Christmas Carol,” an Internet meme. Peter stands straight while singing, and the placements of the advertisements and menu are the same as in the Flash animation.  When Peter is singing his song idea without his inspiration, his lyrics are describing the transportation in New New York in the former FOX show Futurama.  During the 1980s, Domino’s Pizza had an advertising campaign where a small man dressed in a tight suit known as the “Noid” always attempted to ruin Domino’s pizzas but never succeeded.  The title “Deep Throats” refers to W. Mark Felt, who until very recently was an anonymous source for Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, and leaked information about the involvement of U.S. President Richard Nixon’s administration in various misdeeds under the pseudonym Deep Throat, which soon led to the Watergate scandal. Famously he encouraged their investigation by suggesting they "follow the money". In this episode, Kermit the Frog also goes by the pseudonym Deep Throat when contacting Brian to hand out dirt on Mayor West. The meeting with "Deep Throat" (trying to remain anonymous but obviously - from his outline, voice and trademark gestures - Kermit the Frog) in a multi-storey car-park, where he will not step out of the shadows to talk, is a reference to the film "All the Presidents Men" starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein, respectively, released in 1976. When Brian discovers Kermit’s identity, Kermit flees in a panic with his characteristic “YAAAAAAAY!!” from The Muppet Show.  This episode features the second instance of Mayor West’s eccentricity being justified when he attacks the Domino’s Pizza Noid for trying to ruin his pizza.  A scene on the DVD version of the episode shows more of Brian and Stewie driving the taxi to meet Kermit the Frog. In the scene, Cleveland tries to hail a cab again, but when he is ignored by Brian again, he throws yet another shoe at the cab, yelling, “Oh there you are, you honky son-bitch!”  A scene where Brian and Stewie walk to Mayor West’s office and find the Scooby Doo gang (Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby), with Stewie humming the famous “walking” music on Scooby Doo to get them to leave.

2007--FUTURAMA--"I Dated A Robot"--"Charlie's Angels III: The Legend Of Charlie's Gold" is released in cinemas.

October 2007--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Breakfast Food Killer"--Appearing to audition as a mascot are the Looniverse counterpart of Andrew Koenig, a TRANSFORMER, Bender (from FUTURAMA, somehow brought through time and from the TVCU), Harley Quinn (apparently the essence of the golden age TVCU version), MICKEY MOUSE, HE-MAN, Baba Looey (sidekick of QUICK DRAW MCGRAW), and Speedy Gonzales.

26th February 2008--FUTURAMA--"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular"--Svalbard Global Seed Vault is established. Only the year is stated in the episode; the precise date is from Wikipedia.

2008--FUTURAMA--"Space Pilot 3000"--Stop 'n' Drop becomes America's favourite suicide booth, though I can't imagine where one might find suicide booths, apparently they do currently exist in the America of the TVCU.  Likely they are currently illegal but can be used for a steep price operated by shifty people.  The 'Suicide Booth' is based on a Donald Duck cartoon where he went into the future and played numerous coin-op devices which injured him severely.  The premise for the series is similar to the movie Sleeper, and the concept of the 'Suicide Booth' is similar to 'Sleeper's Orgasmatron.'

2008--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry-B plays with Leeloo on a rubber raft in her tank, which she punctures.

2008--FUTURAMA--"The Beast With A Billion Backs"--Creation of the "infinitely priceless thousand-year-old brandy" involved in Bender's initiation ceremony into the League of Robots.

Summer 2008--PHINEAS AND FERB (Episodes 105 - on)--Another summer of adventures.  Futurama - The professor in the endangered animals meeting is called Professor Herbert Farnsworth Weatherman Jones, giving a resemblance to Futurama's mad scientist, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Farnsworth may refer to Hubert's ancestor, Philo T. Farnsworth, in real life, one of the inventors of television.

September 2009--FAMILY GUY--"Road to the Multiverse"--Stewie keeps his multiversal remote in a safe with alienese writing, a language seen on Futurama

2010--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--By this time, Fry-B is Assistant Director of the New York Aquarium. Leeloo is finally released back into the wild, which Fry-B takes badly; he abandons his job and sets out to the North Pole on a whaling boat to recapture Leeloo.

May 2010--FAMILY GUY--"The Splendid Source"--Bender from Futurama appears.  This episode is a crossover with its spin-off, The Cleveland Show as Peter, Joe and Quagmire bump into Cleveland and meet his new family. Roberta, however, does not appear.  Quagmire pays Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies to tell Peter the joke in his dreams so he can poop in his bed.  This is Cleveland Brown, Jr.'s first appearance since hitting puberty, and his first appearance since "The Perfect Castaway".

September 2010--CLEVELAND SHOW--"Harder, Better, Faster, Browner"--Bruce from Family Guy makes a cameo appearance.  Numerous references to songs from other adult cartoons appear on the MyTunes chart, including Balls Deep by Cleveland Jr. featuring Scottie Pippen, Bart Man from The Simpsons, Leela's Song by Philip J. Fry from Futurama, and multiple songs by "E. Cartman" from South Park.


March 2011--SIMPSONS--"Love is a Many Strangled Thing"--The Planet Express ship is once again pulled to 21st century Springfield by the Anomaly.

21st century--FUTURAMA--"Love's Labor's Lost In Space"--Cyborgs enslave humanity.  Although this event can theoretically be placed anywhere in this century, it would seem foolish to place it anywhere but here in 2012 where it can coincide with Conan O'Brien's "War of 2012". Conjecturally, this war could also be the origin of the advanced technology that would be required to transfer David (Calculon) Duchovny's mind into a robot arm (below), and possibly even mark the birth of robotkind as an independent race from humanity on Earth.  This is the placed at the time when Skynet came online.  Note that the enslavement was not global, nor was it instant.  It happened subtly at first, though eventually we ended up in a war with the Terminators about less than a half century later.

2012 or earlier--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle cryogenically stores herself until the year 2266 or so. This is originally mentioned in "The Cryonic Woman" but actual dates are only provided in "Bender's Big Score".

2012--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry-B finally recaptures Leeloo, but she has found a mate in the wild, so he sadly releases her a second time. Fry-B returns to Panucci's Pizza, where Seymour is still waiting for him.  Bender blows up the building with Fry-B inside, flash-fossilising Seymour. Fry-B escapes alive, his appearance and voice altered, and realises that he is, in fact, the man he knew as "Lars Fillmore" from the 31st century. He hides inside Michelle's cryogenic tube, resetting the timer for the year 3002.  His mission apparently successful, Bender then hides in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of Planet Express until 13th December 3007.

Note that the entries involving Fry B and Bender B happened in the TVCU.  However, the "Time Code" seems to have had the affect of merging timelines, which may be a cause to the TVCU overlapping with the Looniverse and the Whoniverse in the far future.  Or not.

2012--SO YOU CREATED A WORMHOLE--SO YOU CREATED A WORMHOLE is written by some guys in the future, after the Rise of the Machines, in the Whoniverse, but because much of the historical documents of the past were destroyed, they have pieced history together via time travel, but their device seems to work with Time And Relative Dimension In Space, so they often hop from one alternate reality to the other, so a lot of what they think is one timeline is several, a possibility they themselves present as being possible. Crossovers: TVCU: Back to the Future (also Captain Future timeline, TVCU2, Mirror Universe), Forbidden Planet, the Time Machine, Time Cop, A Conneticutt Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Star Trek, Timeline, Stargate, Bill and Ted (with claims that the Doctor gave Rufis time tech, though this may simply allude to the relationship between both sets of Time Lords), Hot Tub Time Machine (also TVCU2), Star Wars, Futurama, Donnie Darko, Army of Darkness, Time After Time, Lost, Philedelphia Experiment, 12 Monkeys, Quantum Leap, X-Files, Gundam, Power Rangers, Voltron, iRobot, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Whoniverse: Terminator,, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series, Superman film series, Alien, Doctor Who, Land of the Lost, Battlestar Gallactica. TVCU2: Star Trek reboot. Q-universe: Planet of the Apes. And I'm sure I missed some. Also note some of the reality placements are based on specific previous crossover connections, and for those that I had no previous connection I just placed in the TVCU, but if there's strong enough argument for placement in the Whoniverse, let me know.

Mid to Late February 2012--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--"NO Pressure"--Your Uncle Toby assures me that it was his cousin Conan, the talk show host, who visited McClaren's bar.  He talks about it here, where he makes the connection between HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and 'Lateline', 'Eaglehart', 'Arli$$', 'Web Therapy', 'Sesame Street', 'The Office', '30 Rock', 'Veronica's Closet', "The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch", 'Primetime Glick', "Elmopalooza!", 'DAG',  the Emmy Awards, 'The Simpsons', 'Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist', 'Space Ghost, Coast To Coast', and 'Futurama'.

2012--Futurama--"Xmas Story"--The War of 2012 is waged, in which Conan O'Brien loses his freakishly long legs.

The Improbable Future...
The TVCU reality is constantly being altered, and divergent timelines being created, by the interference of time travel.  So, keep that in mind when reading this chronology of the TVCU future.  Things are never set in stone.  As the future turns into the past, things will always be changed, and thankfully, I can edit these blogs every time that happens.

At some point in the future--The time stop is broken.  Archie and his gang graduate from high school.  Everyone in Riverdale begins to age normally.

2013--WUNDERKIND--A pair of Nazi hunters from different organizations cross paths while searching for the same target.

2013--COLLIDER--Included due to the fact that Abrams intentionally places all his projects in the same reality.

2013--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--"CHALLENGE ACCEPTED/MAGICIAN'S CODE"--Presumably this is when Barney marries Robin, which is FINALLY when Ted meets his future wife (not counting that she was in the classroom the day he went into the wrong room, the time they were at the same club, or when he saw her foot.)

2013--MACHETE KILLS--The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.

2013--EVIL DEAD--More teens end up at the cabin and summon the dead.  Ash appears as well.

The Near Future--HIGHLANDER:  THE SOURCE--Duncan and other immortals who are the few remaining fight to win the contest.  Duncan wins the prize.  Note that as the last immortal, at least of this type of species of immortal, this means that any immortals shown in future stories, like Flint for instance, cannot be Highlander types immortals.  And in fact, in the STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER HEROES crossover we learn the truth of Flint.  Flint, of the TVCU, is the same person that Vandal Savage is in the DCU.  From Immortal Befuddled, we know that Kane was Vandal Savage, who gained his immortality from a meteor.  Flint on the other hand was a "Highlander" type immortal.  They were separate individuals whose paths would cross and who knew many of the same people.  But when history was altered and transformed into what is now the TVCU, the person who was Flint seems to have never been born, and instead, Kane became the man that in the 23rd century would be known as Flint.

Sometime in a Future that diverges off the main timeline--JUDGEMENT--B.A. is undercover as J.T. Quincy in this story that involves the Devil himself.

The Possible Near Future--FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2--Jason returns to kill more teens.

Also in the Possible Near Future--CRYSTAL LAKE CHRONICLES--A group of teens have to deal with living in the town of Crystal Lake, famous for it's slasher, who occasionally appears.

In the not too distant future--MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000--"Santa Claus"--The gang poke fun at films while trapped on the Satellite of Love.

Soon--THE FAMILY GUY MOVIE--It will be something with a "Sound of Music" feel.

The Not So Near Future?--GHOSTBUSTERS III--It seems Bill Murray has been the one stopping this from happening, just not being in the mood to make another film nor licence the right to his likeness for a CGI ghost or even allowing someone to replace him.  But recently at a Cubs game he said it may still be a possibility.  But note he quickly changed the subject to his other active projects.

???--The eleventh Doctor dies and regenerates into the twelfth Doctor.  This Doctor's companions may include Eric Cartman, Dana Scully, and lots and lots of really hot young babes.

Sometime in the future--Thor (with Blake, since the two coexist together) travels back in time and dies in the past, thus Blake dies too.

The So-Called Near Future--SHE-HULK # 5--Doctor Bong sends She-Hulk to the future of an alternate reality of Doctor Who, where she encounters Robo-Cop.

2014--ALIAS--Future events in which Sydney has a daughter.

Unknown date in the future--UNTITLED CLOVERFIELD SEQUEL--TVCU2--The event of Cloverfield occur in the TVCU2, a reality very much like the TVCU but where some things happened a little differently, especially in recent years.

2015--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--Ted is married and with two children at least by this date.

2015--CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON:  TIME'S BLACK LAGOON--Sequel to the classic Universal films.

Spring 2016--PHANTOM 2040--Kit Walker becomes the 23rd Phantom after the death of his father (the 22nd).

2016--The sons of the three stooges feel life was better in their father's time period.  Using Steve Austin's time machine, the sons go back to 1957, but after a bad encounter with their fathers and the actors who played them for years, they choose to return to the present.

January 2017--Ash has another fight against the evil dead...and maybe Freddy and Jason.

Then, after that...--JASON X PROLOGUE--Jason is finally apprehended by the government, and they sentence him to death, but find it difficult to carry that out.  The Crystal Lake Research Facility is created to house Jason.  After studying him, they decide to place him in cryogenic suspended animation.  Jason breaks free and kills the staff, except for the project leader, who manages to freeze Jason at the sacrifice of having to freeze himself as well.

March 2017--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--"Last Cigarette Ever"--Barney has his last cigarette.

2018--TERMINATOR:  SALVATION--Note that I do not think the machines caused a nuclear war (yet) but at this point, our American government has split, (likely divided by political and ideological positions) into smaller divided regions, one of which, has been conquered by the Terminators (and possibly placed into a MATRIX, but that's a wild speculation.)

2019--Futurama--"The Honking"--Calculon is a robot arm working on Project Satan, the world's evilest car.

8 years after the anomaly ends--SIMPSONS--"Future-Drama"--If the anomaly ends, these events may come about.  All Springfield cops have been converted into ROBO-COPs.  Vehicles can create instant wormholes.  When Homer uses it, it accidentally pulls Bender from the 31st century of FUTURAMA.

The Future--A CLOCKWORK ORANGE--David was born an autistic mathematical savant. Present on Aite during Cerberus' Project Overlord, it was discovered that David was able to communicate with the geth on a fundamental level by reproducing their patterns of speech. As part of attempts to exploit the geth's religious tendencies, Cerberus had created a VI to serve as an "overlord" and give the organization complete control over all geth. Desperate to avoid the project's failure, Gavin Archer forcibly incorporated David into the VI program, exploiting his savant ability. After this point, David's high-functioning autism couldn't handle the merger, causing the hybrid VI to go berserk and began rampaging across Aite in an attempt to escape the planet. As a hybrid human/VI David can interface with and control any kind of machinery, including security mechs and geth. He is also capable of interfacing with cyborgs, at least to a certain degree, as he imprints memories and visual data directly onto Commander Shepard in order to show the Commander the events leading up to his forced merging with the VI platform. "  The apparatus used on David while hooked up to the VI is a reference to Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, in which the Ludovico technique used uses similar apparatus, most notably the 'eye opening' wires. A Clockwork Orange has already been added to the TVCU by a number of strong crossovers on LOST.-- James Bojaciuk

2020--C.O.P.S.--A new special crime fighting unit is formed called Central Organization of Police Specialists.

Fall 2020--STAR TREK--"Tomorrow is Yesterday"--Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher heads the first manned Earth-Saturn-Titan probe.

2020 to 2022--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--"If Wishes Were Horses"--Planetary Baseball League player Buck Bokkai plays for two seasons for the Gotham City Bats.

2020--THE JETSONS--Fantasy Island has been moved to another planet, and will remain there at least until the 31st century.  Note that the Jetsons don't live on Earth.  They are part of an Earth colony that had at some point in the 1960s been created by humans that were displaced.

2021--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--At their 20th college reunion, Ted learns that he didn't make out with Lily on the day they met, and they still enjoy eating sandwiches from time to time.

2021--TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN VOLUME 4:  LORDS OF TERROR--"Captain Future and the Lunar Peril"--Another one I uncovered by accident.  This one doesn't involve the Doctor, but it includes the mactroencephalites from DOCTOR OMEGA and Venusian aikido from DOCTOR WHO.  In 1969 of the TVCU, a bomb is placed on the moon by MADAME ATOMOS.  A time traveler named ST. MENOUX (from FUTURE TIMES THREE) travels to 2021 to warn authorities but finds himself in an alternate universe where Earth had developed much faster technologically and all the planets of the solar system are inhabited.  (This is the reality in which Barsoom exists, and may be my explanation for BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II).  The crossovers that appear as part of this reality in this story are:  CAPTAIN FUTURE, ERIK JOHN STARK, EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS NOVELS, LEIGH BRACKETT NOVELS, NORTHWEST SMITH, C.L. MOORE NOVELS, CALLISTO, THE DOOR TO SATURN, THE INSECTS FROM SHAGGAI, THE FAMILY TREE OF THE GODS, LOVECRAFT MYTHOS, OUTLAW WORLD, NYCTALOPE, FLASH GORDON, FUTURE TIMES THREE, CARSON OF VENUS, THE SEVEN SPACE STONES, HAWK CARSE, MADAME ATOMOS, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON, LOST PARADISE, LANCELOT BIGGS, THE PLUTONIAN DRUG, INTERPLANETARY HUNTRESS, VULTHOOM, BLACK THIRST,

2022--PHANTOM 2040--Birth of Kit Walker, the future 24th Phantom.

Winter 2024--PHANTOM 2040--The 23rd Phantom is killed in the Great Train Wreck in Metropia (aka NYC.)  His son is unaware of the Phantom legacy.

2027--REVOLUTION--UNNAMED ALTERNATE REALITY--This series occurs 15 years after the entire world lost electrical power completely and permanently.

15 years after the time stop ends--ARCHIE:  TO RIVERDALE AND BACK AGAIN--As the gang prepare for their 15th high school reunion, their teenage years are only memories. Archie is an attorney engaged to image-conscious Pam, while Jughead (Sam Whipple) is a neurotic psychiatrist with a troublemaking son (dubbed "Jughead Junior" by Archie). An elementary school teacher and aspiring novelist, Betty is engaged to Robert Miller, who is jealous of Archie. Living in France, Veronica charters a Concorde to attend the reunion. She remains in love with Archie, who still has divided feelings for Betty and Veronica.  Moose Mason (Jeff Hochendoner) and Midge Klump (Debi Derryberry) are married chiropractors, while Big Ethel (Cindy Ambuehl) is a beautiful model. Having worked for Mr. Lodge (James Noble), Reggie (Gary Kroeger) owns several businesses. Reggie plans to demolish Pop Tate's to gain extra space for his gym, which Archie contests in court. In the end, Archie breaks up with Pam, Jughead moves back to Riverdale to open a practice, and Betty plans to teach in Riverdale High. Veronica stays for a while before going back to Paris, and Reggie is forgiven. Panned by both fans and critics, this pilot film was not picked up for a series run.

15 years after the anomaly ends--SIMPSONS--"Lisa's Wedding"--Dracula is a U.S. Senator, who is arrested, along with his wife, on the same day as Lisa's wedding.

About 17 years after the time stop ends--ARCHIE # 600 to 606--Archie marries Veronica, and ends up with twins, a boy and a girl.  Note the boy is named Archie, and looks like his dad, following the tradition of the Archies of the past and future.  In the mirror universe, Archie marries Betty.

An alternate future--Wyatt Halliwell uses his powers as White Ligher and witch, and wields Excalibur, to rule both Earth and the Underworld, until his brother Chris goes back in time to make the future a nicer place.

2030--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--Ted Mosby (voiced by Bob Saget) sits his daughter and son down to tell them the story of how he met their mother.

Summer c. 2030s--ZORRO:  RETURN OF THE FUTURE/ZORRO:  GENERATION Z--A new Zorro is born in the form of 17 year old Diego de la Vega.

About 19 years after the time stop ends--CRIME:  THE LAST OF THE INNOCENT--Archie decides he has to murder his wife, Veronica.

2037-2040s AD--PREDATOR:  XENOGENESIS--Birmingham, England: The organization known as Spearhead is formed to combat Predators with state of the art technology. At the same time, Subotai, an immortal Japanese samurai, decides on a final showdown with the Predators. (date revised and roughly estimated by SpaceWuss. Must take place after AVP: Eternal, because London is now underwater, but was present in that story. BUT the the novel Predator: Forever Midnight states that in 2117 it has been "nearly a hundred years without recorded incident" of any Predator appearances. 2037 would be 80 years pervious which, while pushign the '"nearly hundred years" comment, could still be said to be close to a hundred years. Though 12 years is pretty quick for the sinking of a city.)

2037--EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS--"Ghost Apocalyptic Future"--In an alternate future timeline, the Extreme Ghostbusters have become legends.

2037--FRINGE--"Letters of Transit"--In the future that may come to pass, the Observers rule our planet, and run things very much like the Village, with an implication that they were behind the Villages of the past.  This is only a possible future, and it may seem to contradict other possible futures, but I believe that many alternate futures can work together if we consider how fractured our nation and world are becoming.  It's entirely possible that one time of scenario is happening, for instance in the Pacific Southwest while the Northeastern U.S. has a very different future scenario.

2038--Futurama--"Bendin' In The Wind"--Gas reserves depleted on Earth.

2038--HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER--60 year old Marshal (of How I Met Your Mother) has access to time travel, which he uses to give 30 year old Marshal a sign that time travel will exist when he's 60. The sign is he arranges for young Marshal to get some free hot wings, a sign that young Marshal is completely oblivious to.

Winter 2040--PHANTOM 2040--Kit Walker learns of his heritage and become the next Phantom.

30 years after the anomaly ends--SIMPSONS--"Holidays of Future Passed"--Lisa has to take an outdated plane that is the plane seen in MAD MAX.  DISTRICT 9 exists at this point in time.

2050--JUST IMAGINE:  JEANIE--Jean Rogers awakes after 70 years in suspended animation.

2052--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--New York City obtains a rocket with which to launch the garbage into outer space.

Mid 2050s--STAR TREK:  FIRST CONTACT--World War III...

April 5, 2063--STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT--The crew of the Enterprise E travels back in time chases a Borg ship.  They encounter Zephram Cochrane who breaks the sound barrier in a rocket of his own creation (using a former nuclear missile.)  After this, humanity makes first contact with the Vulcans.

2063--Futurama--"I Dated A Robot"--Lucy Liu is again named People Magazine's sexiest woman of the year.

2063--Futurama--"Crimes Of The Hot"--Humanity starts dropping ice cubes into the ocean to counteract global warming. Note that in "Xmas Story", Leela apparently contradicts this, saying that global warming did happen, but "nuclear winter canceled it out", but these two facts do not necessarily contradict each other; there will probably be plenty of global warming to go around over the next thousand years!

2080--DARK TOMORROW--A new Green Hornet and Kato begin having adventures.

2099--PREDATOR 2099--A Predator hunts during a civil war in the underdeveloped nations.

Sometimes between the late 21st century and the 23rd century (likely)--THE OLD GREY HARE--God brings the Elmer from 1944 to this time period to witness what things are like between him and Bugs now.  Bugs and Elmer of this time period go through some old photo albums of when they were tots.

Fall 2111--Birth of Jonathan Archer, future captain of the Enterprise NX-01.

2113--Futurama--"Cold Warriors"--All space junk in orbit around Earth, including the preserved common cold sample of Josh Gedgie, is swept up and dumped on Saturn's moon Enceladus.

2119--PREDATOR VERSUS JUDGE DREDD--See my comments on Judge Dredd's encounter with Aliens.

2119--BURNING HEART--The Doctor has in adventure set in the world of JUDGE DREDD. Dredd will also encounter BATMAN, PREDATOR, and ALIEN.

2120--DOCTOR WHO--"Wheel in Space"--Doctor Who takes place in the Whoniverse, and Star Wars in the distant past of the TVCU, but dimensional travel between both realities seems common amongst space and time travelers.

2122--ALIEN--From  USCSS Nostromo encounters what is assumed to be a distress signal emanating from the planetoid designated LV-426, in the Zeta-2-Reticuli system. Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, and Navigator Lambert investigate a derelict spacecraft that contains the fossilised remains of an unknown alien species, and thousands of Xenomorph eggs. One of the xenomorph spore (‘facehugger’) attaches itself to Kane’s face and plants an embryo in his throat, which then hatches, killing the host. The hatchling (‘chestburster’) grows to over 7 feet tall and kills Dallas and Engineer’s Mate Brett.  Warrant Officer Ripley discovers that Weyland-Yutani want the Alien specimen and the crew of the Nostromo are expendable. It is revealed Science Officer Ash is in fact a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, who has been protecting the Alien. Chief Engineer Parker renders Ash inoperative when Ash attacks Ripley. Parker and Lambert are killed by the Alien whilst evacuating the Nostromo. Ripley rigs the ship to self-destruct and escapes on the shuttlecraft Narcissus with the ship’s cat Mr Jones. The Alien also escapes on the shuttle, but Ripley manages to blow it out of the airlock, effectively killing it.  See for an excellent Alien timeline.

2125--JUDGE DREDD VERSUS ALIENS--The title is pretty much self-explantory.  Note that I'm not that familiar with Judge Dredd (I saw the movie), but from what I do know, it doesn't seem that the future of Judge Dredd really contradicts that of either Alien or Doctor Who.  But please tell me if I'm wrong and I'll make a correction.

2158--Futurama--"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"--Central Bureacracy is established.

2150 to 2200?--Futurama--"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular"--The Fifty-Year Squirts. Dates are uncertain but presumably bracket the extinction of the pine tree, below.

Winter 2151 to unknown--ENTERPRISE--The first starship Enterprise NX-01 is launched, captained by Captain Jonathon Archer.

22nd Century--PROJECT:  A-KO--Salvatore Cucinotta
This one may be known already, but it's one of my favorites. The movie series "Project A-Ko" was one of the first anime films to see stateside release in the wake of "Akira". And it's silly. So very silly. In the film and its sequels, the main characters are revealed to have crossover heritage with some western comic book characters. The title girl, A-Ko (Eiko) is revealed at the end of the first movie to be the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman (he's reading the daily pl(e)net with the word "Superm-" and "Mad Scie-" on the cover; her face is modeled after Lynda Carter and the daughter wears power-limiting bracers), and her rival B-Ko (Biko) is revealed to be the daughter of Iron Man (visual design and penchant for power armor). There's a dozen other references, but none really make a proper crossover besides them. The movie is a bizarre comedy, but for anime fans like me, it was one of the first ones we got--so it has a special place in our hearts.

2154--AVATAR--This film features the Colonial Marines working for "the Company", just like in Aliens.  They both use similar type human controlled robot machines, and they are both directed by James Cameron.  'Nuff said?

2157--PHANTOM 2040--"Down the Line"--There is still a Phantom operating at this time.

Summer 2161--The United Federation of Planets is incorporated.

2179--ALIENS--Ellen Ripley wakes up from suspended animation and gets sent out by "the company" to go fight more Aliens.

2179--ALIEN3--Ellen is the last survivor, well, except for an Alien.  They both end up on a prison ship where Ellen...dies.

22nd Century--BRAVE AND THE BOLD:  THE LOST ISSUES--Batman II (Dick Grayson) is thrown forward in time from July 29, 1981 where he encounters G-Force (BATTLE OF THE PLANETS).

2183--Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2--From James Bojaciuk:  Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 crossovers:

  • Evil Dead--Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams seems to be a distant descendant of Ashley Williams the deadite slayer. Aside from her name, she has a perfect obsession about her "broomsticks." 
  • Dracula--During a mission that involves an Asari vampire, it is learnt that she took refuge on a spaceship named Demeter--which was the same ship that Dracula came to England on. While this isn't exactly a crossover, it does seem to indicate that the two works take place in the same universe. 
  • Cthulhu Mythos--The main villains of the game are Great Old Ones (called Reapers). Some of them have traded in their squishy forms for bio-mechnical forms, but they're still recognizably Lovecraft's horrors (if unnamed). During a mission inside the dead body of a GOO (yes, it's as awesome as it sounds) you can discover a note left by an insane scientist that reads: "even dead gods can dream." That line is shades of Lovecraft's "In his house... at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."
  • The Princess Bride--Offically, Commander Sheppard was "only mostly dead." Okay, fine, this isn't a real crossover. But I'm just going to pretend that Miracle Max's classifications for Deadness have caught on in popularity sometime between now and the events of Mass Effect.
  • Firefly--The Normandy's pilot occasionally says "Sometimes I just get the urge to turn off the inertial compensator and pull a Crazy Ivan." The Crazy Ivan was a ship maneouver from Firefly.
  • Cordwaner Bird--Gunny Ellison and his predilection for using elaborate words are a veiled reference to author Harlan Ellison. It's been established that Harlan Ellison is a false name for the immortal Cordwaner Bird--if that carries over to the TVCU, this is another appearance by the cranky Bird.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy--When first arriving at the Citadel, Shepard is listed as dead. If you ask Bailey whether he can fix this, he mentions that "Spending a year dead is a popular tax dodge." This is likely a reference to the Douglas Adams novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe where a minor character, Hotblack Desiato, spends a year dead for tax reasons.
  • Berserker (Saberhagen) Admiral Zaal'Koris vas Qwib Qwib--While "Qwib Qwib"--a Quarian scientist--might seem just like a joke, it is most likely a reference to Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series of novels and short stories, which describe an endless war against giant intelligent mechanical space machines on a mission to destroy all life. The short story "Itself Surprised" by Roger Zelazny introduces the Qwib-Qwib (short for Qwibbian-Qwibbian-Kel), an AI-controlled spacebound weapons platform designed to destroy the titular Berserkers by the Red Race, the supposed target that the Berserkers were sent against by their original creator.  Perhaps Qwib Qwib (the scientist) built Qwib-Qwib (the weapon). The Berserker series would likely take place far out into the future, way out beyond Star Trek, way out beyond Venus on the Half-Shell, maybe even beyond The Time Machine.
  • A Clockwork Orange--David was born an autistic mathematical savant. Present on Aite during Cerberus' Project Overlord, it was discovered that David was able to communicate with the geth on a fundamental level by reproducing their patterns of speech. As part of attempts to exploit the geth's religious tendencies, Cerberus had created a VI to serve as an "overlord" and give the organization complete control over all geth. Desperate to avoid the project's failure, Gavin Archer forcibly incorporated David into the VI program, exploiting his savant ability. After this point, David's high-functioning autism couldn't handle the merger, causing the hybrid VI to go berserk and began rampaging across Aite in an attempt to escape the planet. As a hybrid human/VI David can interface with and control any kind of machinery, including security mechs and geth. He is also capable of interfacing with cyborgs, at least to a certain degree, as he imprints memories and visual data directly onto Commander Shepard in order to show the Commander the events leading up to his forced merging with the VI platform. "  The apparatus used on David while hooked up to the VI is a reference to Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, in which the Ludovico technique used uses similar apparatus, most notably the 'eye opening' wires. A Clockwork Orange has already been added to the TVCU by a number of strong crossovers on LOST.
  • Star Trek--Engineer Adams may be a nod to the Star Trek universe. In The Original Series episode Dagger of the Mind, Dr. Tristan Adams runs the Tantalus Penal Colony. Here, Adams oversees the Normandy's experimental Tantalus Drive Core.
  • Outside crossover:  Atomic Robo--In the backup story "Robo and Goliath," Atomic Robo is sent up against a North Korean superweapon. It's a giant robot that resembles a geth war robot to no small extent. It would seem that the geth have an origin much closer to home than previously thought.

c. 2188--REAL GHOSTBUSTERS # 2--Earth makes first contact with an new alien species.

2189--OUTBREAK/NIGHTMARE ASYLUM--Featuring Wilks and Billie.

Late 22nd century?--ARCHIE'S FUTURE FUN--Originally known as Archie 2001, this mini-series is a partial opposite to Archie 1, in that it involves the gang's presumed descendants living in the 22nd century, with technology such as robots, "futuristic" clothes and domed buildings, yet it is not as advanced as Archie 3000. Some examples of stories include Archie and Jughead using a studying machine at school to "absorb knowledge" of non-school-subjects, Archie constantly scattering Mr. Lodge's grass seeds with his UFO vehicle, and robots taking over people's lives until Jughead programs them to behave like him. This series is not to be confused with Starship Rivda or Archie 3000.

Possibly the 23rd Century--BLAKE'S 7--Chris Boucher's novel Corpse Marker, a sequel to The Robots of Death, features the psychostrategist Carnell, a character who had first appeared in the Blake's 7 episode Weapon. The novel indicates that he settled on Kaldor two years after he first went on the run from the Federation, which would have followed his failure in Weapon. The character appeared again in the Kaldor City series of audios.  Note that because the Federation is evil in this series, that Blake's 7 may exist in the Mirror Universe (which the Doctor calls Pete's World.)  However, the Federation of the Mirror Universe is actually the Earth Empire, so it could be that in the Whoniverse, the Federation isn't so nice as in the TVCU.

2200--Futurama--"Xmas Story"--Pine trees become extinct, having been chopped down to provide toilet paper.

~2202?--Futurama--"I Dated A Robot"--Lucy Liu is captured and held prisoner by

2208 or earlier--Futurama--"The Beast With A Billion Backs"--The League of Robots kills its last human for over eight hundred years, a very sick Girl Scout.

2208--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--To get around relativity, scientists increase the speed of light.  Note that all existing light continues to move at its original slow pace (otherwise the plot of "When Aliens Attack" falls apart, if nothing else), and that it is never explicitly stated that the scientists in question are from Earth.  This is the reason why intergalactic travel is possible in the Futurama universe. Thus, this event probably marks the beginning of real interstellar travel on the part of humanity - and, conjecturally, every other species in the Futurama universe. As a result, first contact between humans and extraterrestrials is quite likely to have occurred almost immediately after this. Read on.  Intergalactic travel by any species before this date has not been depicted onscreen. "Roswell That Ends Well" may provide a counterexample but maybe the 1947 end of the temporal wormhole opened up very near to Earth, who knows?  If we assume that those scientists were not from Earth, it does not contradict the work of Zephram Cochrane, nor should be not rule out discovery of faster than light travel already being discovered by many alien races already, as well as the use of wormholes to travel through space.  Thus we don't have to use this statement to discount all the other appearances of space travel in the TVCU.

2200s--Futurama--"A Fishful Of Dollars"--The Decapodians arrive on Earth.  I hypothesise that this occurred shortly after the lightspeed increase in 2208, at which point humanity was probably contacted by every other spacefaring race in the universe more or less simultaneously. Certainly, this is the earliest given example of official contact between humans and aliens ("Roswell That Ends Well" and Nibbler's presence on Earth in "The Why Of Fry" notwithstanding).  (And discounting alien contact that was kept from the public, which happened a lot in prior centuries.)

2200s--Futurama--"A Fishful Of Dollars"--The anchovy becomes extinct. This is as a direct result of the Decapodians' arrival above, but could have taken months to decades.

Winter 2230--Birth of Spock of Vulcan, whose father is a Vulcan ambassador and mother is an Earth human.  Spock has claimed that his is a descendant of SHERLOCK HOLMES.  He is also a descendant of the Stemples of Seattle, and may also be a descendant of Dick Grayson, who was known in the 20th century as the original Robin and second BATMAN.

March 2233--STAR TREK--In the TVCU, James Tiberius Kirk's parents are on board the U.S.S. Kelvin, but make it back home to Riverside, Iowa, where James is born.

2256--Futurama--"A Taste Of Freedom"--Date on a spear seen in a museum of weaponry. This spear may not be from Earth.

2262 to 2295--STAR TREK--Captain Kirk commands the Enterprise on a five year mission, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.  Note that this show and it's spin-offs have been in numerous books, video games, and comics all of which I consider canon.

 ~2266--Futurama--"Bender's Big Score"--Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle is originally scheduled to be unfrozen this year.  In 2012, Lars uses Michelle's cryogenic tube to get back to the 31st century; the timer reads "254 years".

23rd century--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--By this time, Star Trek has become a religion.  I think this came about largely as a result of 1) "FTL" travel suddenly proving possible and 2) the universe revealing itself to be crammed with other sentient species. Star Trek was right all along!  Of course at this time, also, the events of Star Trek are really happening, but a time traveler from the future gave his 20th century ancestor a time machine, which she used to learn about the future, and then she sold that information to Gene Roddenberry, so that Star Trek also became a TV series in the TVCU.


2275--Futurama--"Hell Is Other Robots"--The Fairness In Hell Act is passed, requiring the Robot Devil to release a soul (and a solid gold fiddle) from hell if someone can beat him in a fiddle contest.


2277--FRAY--This date is approximate, but I did math calculations to reach it.  After hundreds of years without a Slayer, one is finally called.  How could so many generations pass without a Slayer?  Well, apparently, calling everyone one of them at once in 1999 caused future ones to stop getting called for a while.

2278 The USS Bozeman enters a temporal distortion in the region of space known as the Typhon Expanse, three weeks after it left a starbase. (Seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect". Date given in episode.)

2286--TRIPPING THE RIFT--"Chode & Bobo's High School Reunion"--Kirk appears.  Note that this series if firmly set in the Star Trek Universe.  There is a Federation and Vulcans.  Yes, there are parodies of other sci-fi elements, but it seems to fit quite well around this time in this reality.

2200s--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The Star Trek cast do some musical reunions, but the guy who plays Scotty has trouble yodelling so he is replaced by Welshy.

~2302?--Futurama--"Godfellas"--Dschubba monks begin using a radio telescope to search the skies for God.

2305--Birth of Jean-Luc Picard, who will become commander of the Enterprise-D.

2308--Futurama--"Space Pilot 3000"--Travelling back in time from 3007, Bender steals the 2308 Nobel Peace Prize and he and his fleet of decoy flying saucers demolish the city of New York with lasers. Humanity is partially reduced to barbarism. Bender then hides in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of the Planet Express building until 3007.  This is first seen through the window during the thousand-year-sleep montage in "Space Pilot 3000", but the actual events are not revealed until "Bender's Big Score". Bender is fulfilling established history so no paradox is caused by his actions.  Note that the Applied Cryogenics building remains intact, with its cryogenically stored occupants still preserved, throughout this period.  In fact, since this is smack dab between the Star Trek and Next Generation eras, it's unlikely this truly took hold on a global scale, but perhaps this did happen in the Northeastern United States.  Most of what we see of Earth in Star Trek tends to be San Francisco, France, and New Orleans.

2310?--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Princess Flavia of Robo-Hungary begins an affair with her fiance Nikolai's cousin Basil.

24th century--Futurama--"Space Pilot 3000"--A medieval civilisation arises on the site of old New York. It will later be destroyed by flying saucers.  This is first seen during "Space Pilot 3000". No date is explicitly given, but a cop later in the episode suggests "going 24th century" on somebody's "ass". The connection is clear. Note that New New York City was hence built after this time.  The ships that level the city in the background during the time skip sequence are the same as the ones seen in the 1952 film War of the Worlds.

Summer 2332--Birth of Benjamin Sisko, who will later command Deep Space Nine.

Fall 2335--Birth of Kathryn Janeway, who will later command Voyager.

24th and 1/2 Century--DUCK DODGERS--"Attack of the Drones"--An alien from the same race as Zoidberg and the Great Gazoo have both appeared.

2354--Futurama--"A Tale Of Two Santas"--Kwanzaabot begins giving out "What the hell is Kwanza?" books.

September 2363 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  THE NEXT GENERATION--Captain Jean-Luc Picard commands the Enterprise-D.  The ship's impulse engines are powered by Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, another connection to BUCKAROO BANZAI.  Yoyodyne also appears in ANGEL and THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW.

February 2369 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  DEEP SPACE NINE--Commander Sisko commands Deep Space Nine, a space station that orbits Bajor and also watches over a wormhole between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants.  (We're in the Alpha, of course.)  The station was once run by the Cardasians, until the Bajorans won their freedom.  During the run of the show, many shops and services were located or used on the station.  This included the Banzai Institute (still in existence since BUCKAROO BANZAI), Cavor's Gravity Devices (from THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON), Del Floria's Tailor Shop (a front for THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.), Diet Smith Corporation (from DICK TRACY), FORBIN PROJECT, Milliways (from THE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE...note that I placed the film version of HITCHHIKERS in the Doctor Who Universe, but the books are in the TVCU), Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (from HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY), Spacely Sprockets (from the JETSONS), Tom Servo's Used Robots, and Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems (again from BUCKAROO BANZAI).

2371 to Unknown--STAR TREK:  VOYAGER--The crew of the Voyager were fighting with a group of rebel bandits, when both groups are transported to the far side of the Delta Quadrant.  Many on both sides are killed, and the two crew join together to find a way home.

2381--ALIEN:  RESURRECTION--Ripley has been cloned, along with the Aliens.

24th Century--SPACE QUEST 6:  THE FINAL FRONTIER--"Stooge Fighter"--The Stooges are placed in a Mortal Combat Competition.

Late 24th Century--ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR VERSUS THE TERMINATOR--Comic mini-series.  Note that the first two Terminator films and the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES occur in the TVCU.  In the Whoniverse, at least the first two films occur, though the third can't since obviously Judgement Day has not come to pass.  Likely the Whoniverse timeline is the timeline that includes John Connor becoming a U.S. Senator, and then the Rise of the Machines likely is tied into the third world war.

~2400--Futurama--"A Fishful Of Dollars"--American Express ceases to exist.

2443--Futurama--"When Aliens Attack"--Second coming of Jesus. Most, but not all, 20th century-era videotapes are damaged.

2455--JASON X--Jason is found floating in space by a ship full of teenagers on a field trip.  He is resurrected and merges with the ship to become a cyborg zombie.

2455--JASON X SPECIAL--Wikipedia:  Picking up after the events of the Jason X film, Jason is now on Earth 2 where a bioengineer, Kristen, attempts to subdue him in hopes that she can use his regenerative tissue to save her own life and the lives of those she loves.[109]

2455--FRIDAY THE 13TH:  JASON VS. JASON X--Wikipedia:  The story takes place after the events of the film Jason X, where a salvage team discovers the spaceship Grendel and awakens a regenerated Jason Voorhees. The "original" Jason and Über-Jason, a version of Jason with mechanical limbs, are drawn into a battle to the death.[110]   Me:  This one confuses me, because I thought Jason Voorhees was the being that was transformed into Jason X.  I think this would have worked better as a time travel story.

2455--JASON X:  THE EXPERIMENT--Wikipedia:  The Jason X series consisted of four sequels to the 2005 adaptation. The first to be published was Jason X: The Experiment, which saw the government attempting to exploit Jason's indestructibility to create an army of "super soldiers".[95]

2455--PLANET OF THE BEAST--Wikipedia:  The second novel,Planet of the Beast, follows the efforts of Dr. Bardox and his crew as they try to clone a comatose Jason and stay alive when Jason awakens.[96]

2455--DEATH MOON--Wikipedia:  Death Moon revolves around Jason crash-landing at Moon Camp Americana.[97]

2455--TO THE THIRD POWER--Wikipedia:  The final novel, To The Third Power, is about the discovery of a Jason clone underneath a prison.[98]

2475--Futurama--"A Taste Of Freedom"--Washington DC is rededicated to Washington the Sweathog.

2489--THE UPLIFT WAR--an ambassador of the Tymbrini (an alien race with a pronounced sense of humor) considers the Stooges among humanity's finest philosophers.

2499--REAL GHOSTBUSTERS # 1 to 2--Sl'g is an alien with time travel technology.  A band of rogue criminal aliens kill him and use his time travel equipment to go back to 1988 in an attempt to alter history in their favor.

Late 2400s--TOMB RAIDER # 50--Lara Croft is still alive and young having drank from the Fountain of Youth.

26th Century--FIREFLY--Weyland-Utani still exists in the future of Firefly.

26th Century--HALO--I'm told there is a reference to Ghostbusters here.  Since James is my source, it's pretty reliable.

~2500--Futurama--"A Fishful Of Dollars"--Visa ceases to exist.

~2500?--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--New New York City becomes garbage-free according to Mayor Poopenmeyer. Note that New New York City was hence built before this.

2506--SOUTH PARK--"Go God Go"--New Hampshire has become New New Hampshire, just as New York is New New York and New Jersey is New New Jersey.

~2511?--Futurama--"Cold Warriors"--The common cold dies out, and the human race loses all resistance to it.

2600?--Futurama--"Fear Of A Bot Planet"--Unsuccessful daily human hunts begin on the robot planet of Capek 9.  The events of "Fear Of A Bot Planet" mark the 146,000th unsuccessful daily human hunt in a row. Assuming that episode takes place between April 14, 3000 ("Love's Labors Lost In Space") and August 31, 3000 ("When Aliens Attack"), the first hunt is between July 20, 2600 and December 6, 2600.  We don't know how many earlier successful hunts may have been performed, but we do know from the robot elders later in the episode that Capek 9 was founded "over four centuries ago".

2600s--Futurama--"When Aliens Attack"--New Yorkers elect a supervillain governor, who steals most of the world's monuments and puts them on Monument Beach.  Several of the monuments seen in this episode, such as the White House and the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, are also seen in their traditional locations in other episodes. This is presumably because they have been rebuilt.

2620--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--To end that stupid joke once and for all, Uranus is renamed... to "Urectum".

2636--Futurama--"Mars University"--Mars University is founded.

~2702--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The original cast of Star Trek leaves Earth behind.

2790--Futurama--"The Honking"--Bender's Uncle Vladimir is constructed.

2790--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Ava Porter is born. This date is seen on her locker in the Near-Death Star. Note that we have no idea who this person is; she is never seen or mentioned anywhere else.

2800 or earlier--Futurama--"A Head In The Polls"--Voter turnout in world presidential elections dips below 6%, and will stay that low for centuries.

2801 or earlier--Futurama--"The Honking"--The last ghost at Bender's Uncle Vladimir's castle dies.

2801--Futurama--"Xmas Story"--Robot Santa is built.

9th April 2841--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Hubert J. Farnsworth is born (in prison, according to "Overclockwise"). Farnsworth lies that he is ten years younger than he actually is; see below.

2849--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Farnsworth learns to read at the age of 8.

9th April 2851--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Professor Hubert Farnsworth claims to have been born. This is the date given in a biographical movie made by Leela.

2856--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Eloise Porter is born. Again, this is a prisoner of the Near-Death Star about whom we have no information apart from her birth year.

2865--Futurama--"Lethal Inspection"--Sith invasion of Earth. More than 98,000,000 people are killed.

2873--Futurama--"Into The Wild Green Yonder"--A fog monster attacks New Orleans. This location and era is the setting for Fanny's Gearotica act.

2876--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--After 14 years of graduate school Farnsworth settles into the life of a scientist. Assumes Farnsworth went into grad school at the age of 21.

2880?--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--Ogden Wernstrom is born.  He is 120 at the time of this episode.

2881?--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Farnsworth begins work as a researcher for Mom's Friendly Robot Company. ("Fifty years" and he quit in 2931) Among his inventions is the first robot capable of qualifying for a boat loan.  Farnsworth's 43-year robosexual relationship with a female robot named Unit 47 probably began around now.

2890--Futurama--"A Fishful Of Dollars"--Staadgi & Staadgi auctioneers are established.

2901?--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--Ogden Wernstrom, Professor Farnsworth's most promising student (presumably at Mars University), is disgusted to be awarded an A-minus in one of his classes, for poor penmanship, and swears revenge. ("Slightly over 99 years" ago)  Farnsworth's day job at Momcorp evidently didn't interfere with his academic work.

10th April 2912--Futurama--"The Mutants Are Revolting"--The Land Titanic is launched from New New York City.

14th April 2912--Futurama--"The Mutants Are Revolting"--Four days into its maiden voyage, the Land Titanic strikes a mailbox and sinks into the New New York City sewers.

2922--Futurama--"That's Lobstertainment"--The classic Harold Zoid silent hologram "A Close Shaving" is filmed.

2923 or 2924?--Futurama--"The Farnsworth Parabox"--Bigfoot is born. Seen on the cover of the Nosy Enquirer in 3003 or 3004: "Bigfoot turns 80!"  Of course, we know that in the TVCU, there have been many Bigfoots, with many different explanations for their existence, all of which are right.

2924?--Futurama--"Proposition Infinity"--After 43 happy years, Farnsworth catches his beloved Unit 47 in bed with another robot (who is, ironically, the boat loan robot he himself invented). They separate.  Farnsworth hooks up with Mom instead.

2927--Futurama--"A Leela Of Her Own"--The heads of the Yankees from this year will be put in a jar in a Blernsball museum.

1:54pm, 17th October ~2927?--Futurama--"Crimes Of The Hot"--While 14 geese fly outside the window, Farnsworth invents the modern highly pollutant robot design. ("Seventy-five long years". Since Farnsworth is still with Mom, this event must take place between 2924, above, and 2931, below.)

2927--Futurama--"The Tip Of The Zoidberg"--While working for Momcorp, Farnsworth meets John Zoidberg for the first time. Farnsworth contracts what is believed to be dormant, incurable, fatal Tritonian hypermalaria. Zoidberg makes a pact to stay with Farnsworth for as many decades as necessary, in order to mercy-kill him when the hypermalaria symptoms return.

13th May 2931?--Futurama--"Mother's Day"--Farnsworth walks out on Mom for the first of three times. ("Seventy years")

2950?--Futurama--"Möbius Dick"--Lando Tucker's son is born. He's 61 by the time of this episode.

~2952--Futurama--"That's Lobstertainment"--The invention of Smellovision coincides with the beginning of Harold Zoid's decline from stardom. ("Fifty years")

~2960?--Futurama--"Fry & The Slurm Factory"--Slurms MacKenzie's babes join him. ("Forty years")

2960?--Futurama--"That Darn Katz!"--Mars University professor Fischer-Price Schpiekenschpell (sp?) proves that The Cow Says Moo. He coasts on this achievement for the next fifty years.

2961?--Futurama--"Möbius Dick"--Planet Express is founded by Hubert Farnsworth, a "shipping and receiving emporium" intended to fund his research (according to "Space Pilot 3000"). His original crew - Candy, Lifter and Lando Tucker - go missing in space on their first delivery, absorbed into the belly of a four-dimensional whale. Only Zoidberg returns alive from this mission.  "It's been fifty years since they disappeared" according to the Professor in what is presumably 3011.

2962--Futurama--"Spanish Fry"--The Bigfoot video is made.

~2968--Futurama--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--Melllvar is born. He is 34 at the time of "Where No Fan Has Gone Before", which takes place in 3002.

2968--Futurama--"Proposition Infinity"--Future Root Two News hovercopter traffic reporter Jim is born.

2972? or earlier--Futurama--"Bender's Game"--Farnsworth is working for Mom Corp. for the third time, having twice before quit and vowed never to work there again (though only one such period is recorded above). A freak accident results in the creation of two metaparticles which transmute all dark matter everywhere into a potent superfuel. Farnsworth is fired but takes one of the metaparticles with him, Mom gets back together with Ogden Wernstrom (her ex-husband), and Mom Corp creates an energy company based on the dark matter. (Farnsworth describes this as "Thirty-odd years ago" in around 3008, which places this event around 2978, but it must also precede the mining of Vergon VI which occurs below, and I trust Nibbler's timekeeping more than Farnsworth's.)  Mom only has two children at this time, Walt and Larry, presumably fathered by Wernstrom. But she is secretly pregnant with a third child, Igner, fathered by Farnsworth.

2972?--Futurama--"Bender's Game"--("Thirty-six years ago... now") DOOP ships under the control of Mom Corp arrive on planet Vergon VI and begin mining the planet's core for dark matter. Mom starts Mom's Friendly Robot Company to manufacture robots for this enterprise.  This contradicts "Crimes Of The Hot" (see 2927 where Mom Corp already appears to manufacture robots.

2972?--Futurama--"Love & Rocket"--Sheldon and Gwen get married, also start running Romanticorp. ("Thirty years")

2973 or 2974--Futurama--"The Honking"--Calculon claims to have been born.  Calculon is 27 according to his bio, though he is actually over a thousand years old - see "9th August 1960".

29th July 2975?--Futurama--"Brannigan Begin Again"--Turanga Leela is born. Her parents are Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda, both sewer mutants.  Leela wails, "I don't wanna die at the age of twenty-five!" in "Brannigan Begin Again". Note: Bender is sceptical at this, responding: "Honey, unless we hit a time warp, I wouldn't worry about it!" Note also that at this point Leela has not yet met her true parents, so she cannot know her own birth date or age with much certainty. Most likely she is counting from the date she was abandoned on the doorstep of the Orphanarium, which may post-date her actual birth by as much as a few months.  The precise date is revealed during "The Late Philip J. Fry".

2975?--Futurama--"Raging Bender"--RobotMania is held for the first time.  Bender will compete in RobotMania XXVII - see 3001.

2976--Futurama--"Proposition Infinity"--Camp Rectifier: "Praying On The Weak Since 2976"

2980--Futurama--"A Flight To Remember"--At the 2980 Summer Olympic Games, Hermes Conrad witnesses a kid die while attempting to imitate him in the limbo event. Hermes quits competitive limboing.  Note: this directly contradicts "Bend Her" - see 2984.

2981?--Futurama--"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"--Time when Fry should have filed a request to receive Bender's brain back from Central Bureacracy. ("I want him back right now!" "Then you should have filed a request twenty years ago.")

2983?--Futurama--"Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?"--The tradition of Claw-plach is instituted on Decapod 10. ("A recent tradition, only eighteen years old")

2984--Futurama--"Time Keeps On Slippin'"--Future teen singer Wendy is born.

2984--Futurama--"Three Hundred Big Boys"--Hermes is beaten in every Olympic limbo event by Barbados Slim.  "Twenty years ago". Note: this contradicts the events described in "A Flight To Remember" - see 2980.

2984 or earlier--Futurama--"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"--Fry's Holophonor teacher, Mrs. Mellinger, starts taking the joy out of music. ("Over twenty years")

2989--Futurama--"A Clone Of My Own"--Cubert is cloned from skin cells scraped from a shapely growth on Farnsworth's back.  This was twelve years ago, according to Farnsworth. Note that this means that despite nearly sharing a birthdate, Cubert is biologically around nine months younger than Dwight (below).

2989--Futurama--"Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV"--Dwight Conrad is born to Hermes and LeBarbara Conrad. Dwight and Cubert's birthdays fall in the same week.

2991 or 2992?--Futurama--"The Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz"--Leela gets her green jacket. ("Ten years")

2992?--Futurama--"Insane In The Mainframe"--Zoidberg joins Planet Express. ("Ten years")

2992--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Amy Wong is Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

?--Futurama--"Lethal Inspection"--Construction of Bender Bending Rodriguez begins in Tijuana, Mexico. Bender originally resembles a baby. Hermes Conrad, currently an inspector at Mom's Friendly Robot Company, inspects Bender when he first rolls off the production line and approves him despite his lack of a wireless backup unit.  Later in his "construction" Bender passes through many juvenile stages in his life, as seen (in reverse) during the events of "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". These events take several years, during which time Hermes quits MomCorp and joins Planet Express.

2993--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Hermes Conrad is Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

2994--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Hermes Conrad is again Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

2995?--Futurama--"I Second That Emotion"--Nibbler is initially presumed to have been born.  That is, if he's anything like a tree. Nibbler is at least a thousand years old; he was seen alive in the year 1999.

2995--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Scruffy is Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

2996--Futurama--"Godfellas"--A coin with Coolio's profile and "Liberty 2996" written around its edge is minted.

8th November 2996--Futurama--"When Aliens Attack"--McNeal is elected President of Earth. He remains President until his death during the events of "When Aliens Attack", which takes place in 2000. This may be a re-election.

2996--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Hermes Conrad is again Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

2997--Futurama--"Bender Gets Made"--Fronty's Meat Market: "Not a front since 2997"

2997--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Amy Wong is again Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

2998?--Futurama--"Bendless Love"--Bender Bending Rodriguez's construction is completed in Tijuana, Mexico. ("Four years ago")  Although his construction has taken several years, Bender's earliest memory is of this moment, when he emerges fully-constructed from the plant and receiving his original bending robot programming. Bender spends the next few months bending around Europe.

2998?--Futurama--"That Darn Katz!"--Amy Wong begins working on her Ph.D. thesis. ("You've been my grad student for twelve years!")

2998--Futurama--"The Prisoner Of Benda"--Hermes Conrad is again Planet Express's Employee Of The Year.

2999?--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--Farnsworth presents his Death Clock at the science symposium.

2999?--Futurama--"A Big Piece Of Garbage"--Farnsworth builds the smelloscope.

2999?--Futurama--"The Route Of All Evil"--Farnsworth declares himself dead as a tax dodge. ("Three years ago")

2999?--Futurama--"Overclockwise"--Bender becomes obsolete, presumably due to the release of a new bending unit model. ("My circuitry's 12 years out of date")

31st December 2999--Futurama--"Space Pilot 3000"--Philip J. Fry is unfrozen. The second, unseen Philip J. Fry, frozen along with him (see 12:32am, 1st January 2000), freezes himself for a further 7.95 years.  Bender correctly notes later in the episode that it is a Tuesday. Note: Fry was not frozen for a full thousand years. He was woken up roughly twelve hours early. There are a number of possible explanations for this: a slightly fast timer on the cryogenics chamber or a slight change in the length of the Earth's day due to events similar to those in "Crimes Of The Hot" are the two most obvious.  A sign outside that reads "Akbar." Akbar was the name of a gay character in Matt Groening's comic-book series Life in Hell.  The part where Fry gets hit in the head by the remote door is a possible reference to the scene in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, where one of the stormtroopers accidentally bumps his head into a similar gadget. The lightsabers in which the police use look the same as those in the Star Wars series. A guy on a jet bike is wearing a helmet like Leia wore in Return of the Jedi on the speeder bike.  Fry's middle initial is J. This seems to be a popular choice for Matt Groening characters, having used it for Homer, Bart and Abe on The Simpsons. Matt uses the "J." middle name, referring to one of his favourite shows, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Fry also passes a three-eyed fish when going under water in the tube, this fish being 'Blinky' from The Simpsons epsiode 'Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish.' The chef on the Panucci's Pizza box is very similar to the chef Luigi in The Simpsons episode 'Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song.' Whilst in the Head Museum, Matt Groening's head is able to be seen, as well as Rodney Dangerfield's, who is drawn as his Simpsons character Larry Burns from the episode 'Burns, Baby Burns.' Fry has 9 spikes in his hair just like Bart Simpson from Groening's hit show The Simpsons. When Fry uses the 'travel-tube,' a person who resembles Ralph Wiggum can be seen.  Theme played with the video game during the first scene. Fry comments on the door being "just like on Star Trek." Leonard 'Spock' Nimoy that he no longer does the Vulcan 'live long and prosper' sign. The whole Head Museum concept is, possibly, a subtle reference to the original Star Trek series episode 'Return To Tomorrow' where the alien minds were preserved in glowing spheres. Several sound effects used within the episode also. All of these are direct references to the Star Trek series  A directive put in place in this Ayn Rand novel is similar to the "Permanent Career Assignment", where to quit results in those who do it being refered to as "deserters" as part of the directive prevents anyone from changing their job or even quitting it.


December 31, 2999 to Present--FUTURAMA--Philip J. Fry, having been accidentally cryogenetically frozen on New Years Eve 1999 wakes up in the year 3000.  He gets a job from a distant relative as part of an interplanetary delivery crew, and learns to adjust to his new life in the future.  Note that in 31st century, it seems as though people physically age slower.  It hasn't been explained,but it could be something in the food or water, or the air, or contamination from Looniverse "radiation" since the Looniverse is not an established and publicly known region and residents of the Looniverse are free to visit the TVCU.

30th/31st century--Superman/Legion of Superheroes--Salvatore Cucinotta:  I wish I could cite the issue for this one, but it takes place in the 30th/31st century in a Superman/Legion of Superheroes story where Earth is extremely xenophobic. IN the police van, Zoiberg of Futurama pouts.

3000--ARCHIE 3000--The complete opposite of Archie B.C. (A.K.A. Archie 1), Archie 3000 displays the (presumed) descendants of Archie and the gang living in the year 3000, which is realized as a 1950s-style art deco world of flying cars, moving sidewalks, domed houses, and gaudy "futuristic" hairstyles and clothes (similar to The Jetsons). Despite the many new breakthroughs in technology, life for Archie and the gang notably hasn't changed much.

3000--DRACULA 3000--From Ivan Ronald Schablotski: Regarding the DRACULA tie-in, the movie DRACULA 3000 does feature a transport spaceship called the Demeter.  Dracula 3000 fits as well as Jason X, Firefly, Alien, and other sources that do not acknowledge the existence of humanoid extra-terrestrials. The movie is quite bad and best forgotten, but I don't have the luxory of forgetting. It's a very lacklustre effort at retelling the Bram Stoker novel as a Space Opera. Since I play in a Monster Horror Universe, I can allow it, but I don't know that the Pulp Trek or Non-Trek futures that have been outlined for the TVCU could support it.  Actually, yes, it could fit. But that doesn't mean it SHOULD.

February 2, 3000--FUTURAMA--"The Series Has Landed"--The emblems on Fry and Leela's spacesuits are identical to the emblems on old LEGO astronaut figures. In recent years, they've been making more intricately decorated spaceman figures, but on the old figures, they all had the same gold planet and rocket orbit logo.  The Crushinator looks like one of the robot football players from the animated TV series The Jetsons.

February 3000--FUTURAMA--"I, Roommate"--One of the apartment renters has a cell phone which chirps exactly like a communicator from Star Trek, the apartment door sounds like the doors on Star Trek as well.

April 13, 3000--FUTURAMA--"Love's Labor's Lost In Space"--John D Lindsey Jr:  This is one of those that clearly wasn't intended as a crossover, but in the Futurama season one episode "Loves Labours Lost in Space", the Planet Express crew are evacuating animals off a planet. "Sharktopus" appears on their checklist.

Early May, 3000?--FUTURAMA--"Fear of a Bot Planet"--The construction robots Fry and Leela talk to build with Tetris blocks. When the lines are full, a robot panics and these pieces disappear.

Early July 3000?--Futurama--"Hell is Other Robots"--This episode contains a large amount of religious parody and thus references multiple works of fiction which also have a religious focus. The title of the episode is a riff on the famous line "Hell is other people" from Jean Paul Sartre's one act play No Exit though the episode has little to do with the actual play.[1][2] The punishments in Robot Hell are similar to the levels and rationale which are portrayed in Dante's The Divine Comedy, specifically the Inferno.[1] The "Fairness in Hell act", wherein one must engage in a fiddle battle to save their soul is taken directly from The Charlie Daniels Band song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia".[1] The jokes poking fun at New Jersey in the episode are due to the fact that writer David X. Cohen and actor John DiMaggio both grew up in the Garden State.[3]  When Fry and Leela enter the abandoned ride you can see in the corner a heart with the initials H.S & M.B standing for "Homer Simpson" and "Marge Bouvier"

Early October 3000?--FUTURAMA--"Fry & the Slurm Factory"--The "Soylent Cola" joke is a reference to the movie "Soylent Green", a classic science fiction B-movie starring Charleton Heston. The big surprise at the end of this film is that the most widely-distributed food, Soylent Green, is actually made out of people.  The Slurm contest rules written in Alienese say, "The following species are ineligible, space wasps, space beavers, any other animal with the word "space" in front of it, space chickens, and the elusive yak-face." The elusive yak-face is most likely a reference to a hard-to-find Star Wars collectible produced by Kenner accidentally. Since the character was originally just a background alien in Return of the Jedi for about three seconds, production was halted as soon as the oversight was discovered and the few that were made were sold in Canada and Europe.

Late October 3000?--FUTURAMA--"Brannigan, Begin Again"--The game Fry and Bender play at the beginning of the episode is a parody of Dejarik, the game played by R2-D2 and Chewbacca in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  The laser Zapp uses to cut the ribbon has settings of "Stun", "Kill" and "Hyperdeath™", a reference to phasers from the Star Trek universe.

November 3000 to "Future Present"--BONGO COMICS--A Futurama comic book is published by Bongo Comics that is part of the series canon.

December 3000--FUTURAMA--"The Cryonic Woman"--In this time period, Fantasy Island has moved, and is now Fantasy Planet.

December 24, 3000--FUTURAMA--"Xmas Story"--When Fry is in the pet store one of the pets is Bongo, the one eared rabbit from "Life in Hell" a comic created by Matt Groening.

January 3001—FUTURAMA—The monster (Henry’s I think) is apparently still around this far into the future.  (He’s not a man part of the plot, so I don’t remember his appearance.  I’ll have to relook at it when I get the chance and update this entry when I get back to this blog and the Frankenstein blog.)

Mid January 3001?--FUTURAMA--"Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?"--The national anthem of Decapod 10 is the same music heard during the fight scene between James T. Kirk and Spock from the Star Trek: TOS episode "Amok Time". The Song was Titled The Ritual / Ancient Battle / 2nd Kroykah. Several elements in this episode, such as Decapodian mating season and the ritualistic battle to the death also mirror plot details from that particular Star Trek episode. Also the traditional Vulcan lirpa-weapon used in kal-if-fee is shown as one of the weapons Fry can choose from. Claw-plach also sounds a lot like Qa'pla, the Star Trek Klingon word for "Success." This entire sequence was used earlier on The Simpsons on the season five episode Deep Space Homer when Barney and Homer train to be astronauts.  A Space Odyssey (film) 2001: A Space Odyssey is referenced when an "out of order" monolith is seen floating around Europa.

14th February 3001--FUTURAMA--"Put Your Head on My Shoulders"--George Washington's head is preserved, alive and animated, in a jar.  Since Washington died in 1799, sometime between our time and the year 3001 we must have found a way to reanimate the dead, just as they once were before death, but only can preserve the heads in a jar.  In the 31st century, only famous people from the past were preserved, which means that heads were preserved only if the person could afford it, or for historical preservation reasons.

Early March 3001?--FUTURAMA--"Raging Bender"--Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000 appear in silhouette in the movie theater as they normally do on their TV show. Crow's harsh demand that Fry not talk during the movie is an ironic statement since the entire crux of their show is to talk during the movie. Neither Joel Robinson nor Mike Nelson can be seen though, and Crow is not voiced by either Trace Beaulieu nor Bill Corbett. Furthermore, Fry's comment of 'Oh, this is SO futuristic' is a reference to MST3k's brand of making fun of various problems in the B-movies that the show often reviews.  Since this takes place at some point after the year 3000 AD, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot sure have some long-lasting batteries!

Late March 3001?--FUTURAMA--"A Bicyclops Built For Two"--One of Alkazar's four other would-be brides appears to be a member of the Great Race of Yith, a species of time-travelling body-snatchers from the H.P. Lovecraft story, The Shadow Out of Time.

April 9, 3001--FUTURAMA--"A Clone of My Own"--It is revealed that the Planet Express ship moves in a manner similar to that described in the Warp Drives in the Star Trek series.

May 10, 3001?--FUTURAMA--"Mother's Day"--The map used to find Mom's cabin includes "Cloakwood Forest," a reference to a location in the Dungeons & Dragons video game Baldur's Gate.

June 12, 3001?--FUTURAMA--"The Problem with Popplers"--Roddenberries and "Type M Planet" are a reference to Gene Roddenberry and his creation, the "Star Trek" series.

Mid January 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Luck Of The Fryrish"--Bender drugs the horse with needles similar to the hypospray from Star Trek.

Mid February 3002?--FUTURAMA--"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"--At the pet show, there is a booth advertising "Soylent Chow," a play on "Soylent Green." The logo is a dog's head inside a recycle symbol.  "The Civilization of Space Rome," one of the planets Hermes says was destroyed, could be a reference to the Star Trek episode Bread and Circuses.  On Nibbler's home planet, there is Abydos's gate address from Stargate.

Early March 3002?--FUTURAMA--"That's Lobstertainment!"--When the camera pans from Kief and Amy over to Harold Zoid and Calculon during the award ceramony you can see two heads in jars in the same row, one appears to be a purple shaded JarJar Binks head.

Mid March 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Insane In The Mainframe"--The Hal Institute for Criminally Insane Robots is a reference to HAL 9000, the murderous artificial intelligence in 2001: A Space Odyssey. [3] There are two episodes featuring Hal Institute for Criminally Insane Robots.  One is this one, and the other is "Bender's Game".  One of these two features Rosie the robotic maid from the JETSONS as well as a few other famous robots, but sadly, I can't recall, don't have access to the episodes at the moment, and can't fine the info online.  When I am able to get better information I will update this entry.

Late March 3002?--FUTURAMA--"The Route of All Evil"--Cubert and Dwight deliver papers to the asteroid inhabited by the Little Prince character from the children's book by the French aviator and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [2]. When his paper is thrown, the Prince catches it, but later, when the delivery mode is speeded up by Hermes shooting the papers from a gun, he gets hit, and flies off his asteroid into space, crying "Au revoir!", despite the reference that French is a dead language by the year 3000 in the Futurama timeline.  The dog chasing Dwight and Cubert as they fly through an asteroid field is eaten by a giant tube worm extending from a crater, a parody of a scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, in which the Millenium Falcon flies out from inside a similar beast as it tries in vain to re-eat the ship.  The exterior shot used for Hermes and LaBarbara's house is very reminiscent of the Huxtable residence from The Cosby Show. The dining room also resembles its counterpart.

Early April 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Bendin' In The Wind"--Bender lands at "Fisherman's Worf", renamed after the Star Trek: The Next Generation character Worf.  Cylon and Garfunkel sing the lyrics to "Scarborough Fair", originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel. Cylons are the robotic nemesis in the series "Battlestar Galactica".

Mid April 3002--FUTURAMA--"Time Keeps On Slippin'"--The Globetrotters' saucer looks identical to the one Klaatu lands on Earth in the classic 1950s sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Early May 3002--FUTURAMA--"A Leela of Her Own"--The Blernsball Hall of Fame exhibit to honor "players who broke the various color barriers", shows a green alien, a purple alien, and the half black and half white alien from the Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield".

Mid July 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch"--The sickbay scene is a parody of that from Star Trek: The Original Series, complete with sound effects. The sign references a creature from the series called a Horta, which gives severe acid burns. The sick bay's doctor is an obvious parody of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, and is named "Veins" in a deleted scene.

Late July 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Leela's Homeworld"--The computer on the Warden's desk appears similar to the personal computers used in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Late August 3002?--FUTURAMA--"A Taste of Freedom"--On Embassy Row, Zoidberg runs past the Neutral Planet embassy, the Klingon Embassy, and the Globetrotter Homeworld Embassy.

Late September 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Crimes of the Hot"--The horned wizard resembles Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Farnsworth says "Ooh, the Jedis are going to feel this one..." a reference to the Jedi from Star Wars. In addition, Dr. Zoidberg says "It's a trap" earlier in the episode, a possible reference to Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi.

Early October 3002?--FUTURAMA--"Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"--Pazuzu is the name of a wind demon in Babylonian mythology and the demon featured in The Exorcist. The character resembles the statue of Pazuzu from the film of the novel.  Leela reads in the book A Child's Garden of Space Stories which can be a refernce to the children book A Child's Garden of Verses. Among the stories Leela reads to the young Planet Express crew is "Charlotte's Tholian Web", a reference to the Tholians from Star Trek, as well as the book "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White. Also among she reads some classical childrens book "Snow White Dwarf and the Seven Red Dwarfs" which is a refernce to the popular story "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". And also "The Fountain of Aging" which is a refence to the legendary myth about The Fountain of Youth.  Pazuzu's relocation to Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower, is a possible reference to Jeques Tardi's 1976 Graphic Novel "The Demon of the Eiffel Tower", which featured the babylonian demon Pazuzu after which it was named.

Late October 3002--FUTURAMA--"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"--The spaceship that fires the casket containing all the copies of "Star Trek" into a sun is an Eagle Transporter, as seen in the TV series Space:1999.

Early November 3002?--FUTURAMA--"The Sting"--When Hermes sees that Leela is awake, he exclaims, "Sweet Three-toed Sloth of Ice Planet Hoth! She's awake!", referring to the ice planet from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

August 3003--VIDEO GAME--There is a Futurama video game that also should be considered part of the canon.

3003--FUTURAMA--"Obsoletely Fabulous"--There is an R2-D2 model at the Robot convention.

January 3004--FUTURAMA--"Where the Buggalo Roam"--The Native Martians' "laser bows'" projectiles resemble lightsabers .

March 3004?--FUTURAMA--"The Farnsworth Parabox"--The Bobblehead Universe is 1729.  The Hippie Universe is Universe 420. The number 420 is also a slang term associated with smoking marijuana.  Mom flipped a coin whether she should keep Igner or the afterbirth. Thus, Igner might not exist in Universe 1.[1]


April 3004?--FUTURAMA--"Three Hundred Big Boys"--Farnsworth breaks rules one and two of Fight Club; do not talk about Fight Club.  The prison is named after Commander William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

November 27, 3007 to January 1, 3008--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--While on a date, Leela and Lars visit the "Cylon War Memorial Make Out Point", a reference to Battlestar Galactica.  Eric Cartman's head can be seen in the Head Museum (next to Cartman's head you can see Troy Mcclure's head, from The Simpsons ).  Apu's head from The Simpsons is seen in the head museum for the second time. The first was Space Pilot 3000.  Some of the greatest treasures of humanity stolen by Bender include : an unfinished Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, Tutankhamun mask, a Sunflowers painting by Vincent van Gogh, the Gutenberg Bible, the KFC secret recipe (chicken, grease and salt) written on the Gutenburg Bible, a United States flag, Eddie Van Halen guitar, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, R2-D2, the David by Michelandelo with his genitals censored, a Moai, a cross (possibly the one used to crucifiy Jesus Christ) and Vince Lombardi trophies.

Seriously, you guys, this is good news, everyone! Keen-eyed Redditor residentweafer spotted a familiar big-boned head-in-a-jar during a recent viewing of Bender’s Big Score. Worlds colliding!
[via r/futurama]

January 31,3008--FUTURAMA--"Beast with a Billion Backs"--Bender's Army of the Damned are actually parodies of the Gungans in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Spring 3009--FUTURAMA--"Into the Wild Green Yonder"--When searching for existence of life near the Violet Dwarf Star, Bender is using the same scope that Spock uses in regular episodes of Star Trek.

December 3009--FUTURAMA--"Attack of the Killer App"--In zombie parade there is a clown who bears similarities with Krusty from The Simpsons. Also, the goat(Mr. Chunks) from this episode also appeared in The Simpsons as statue.

March 3010?--FUTURAMA--"That Darn Katz!"--The "All employeez must haz cat to enter!!!" poster is a reference to the popular internet trend known as lolcats, in which pictures of cats are shown along with misspelled captions.

April 3010?--FUTURAMA--"A Clockwork Origin"--In the Robo-History Museum there is a statue of R2-D2 from Star Wars.

June 3010--FUTURAMA--"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences"--On the Comic con sign it says with a free Ewok pelting

July 1, 3010--FUTURAMA--"Proposition Infinity"--The name of the Prison is named Will Riker's Island, as nod to both the real New York Prison and Commander William Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", played by Jonathan Frakes (who had a guest shot in Where No Fan has Gone Before)  A hot dog stand turns into a robot, and he calls himself a Transformer. This is a parody of the Autobots and Decepticons from Transformers (franchise) and a reference to transsexuals.  URL references Spock and Rapper LL Cool J's song "Momma Said Knock You Out", by saying "Momma Said Spock You Out" as he Vulcan-neck-pinches a convict who had taken Amy hostage.  During the Pride Parade scene, a cartoon similar to the character of Gay Robot, created by comedian Nick Swardson, is seen dancing.

July 3010?--FUTURAMA--"The Mutants are Revolting"--When the mutants are swept away, Leela's father says 'They're with the C.H.U.D.s now.' This is a reference to the 1980's film C.H.U.Ds (Cannablistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) and to it's sequel Bud the C.H.U.D.  The Westside Pipeway's design and location (under the city) is a reference to the "M-Machine" from the 1927 movie Metropolis.

March 3011?--FUTURAMA--"Mobius Dick"--When the rest of the people come outside of the whale, the fourth doctor from Doctor Who is shown walking out.

August 3011--FUTURAMA--"Neutopia"--At the beginning of the episode, the power loader Amy uses and rockets in the landing bay are a reference to Aliens.

November 3011?--FUTURAMA--"All the Presidents' Heads"--When the Planet Express Crew arrive in "West Britannia", a double decker bus is shown stopping across the street from the Planet Express building, right next to a Police Box. A man in a long, colorful scarf gets out of the bus and steps into the Police Box. This is a reference to the British TV show, Doctor Who. The man is a clear reference to the Fourth Doctor (the Fourth Doctor also wore a long, colorful scarf), played by Tom Baker.

Late December 3011?--FUTURAMA--"Overclockwise"--When Bender overclocks himself, he reads a series of books akin to Short Circuit. The books he reads include: Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Decline and Fall of the Romulan Empire, Anti-Gravity's Rainbow, The Oxford English Pictionary, NNYC Phone Book, Wuthering (Something - Gatt***), The Mathketball Diaries, Advanced Calculus (again), Every Translation of the Iliad, How to Kill a Mockingbird, Ventriloquism for Dummies, Dante's Life in Hell, Connecticut Tax Law, Google Book, Big Book of Tumbleweeds, Guinness Book of Parallel World Records, VCR Repair, The Collected Wisdom of Braino, How I Conquered Your Planet, Complete Simpson Episode Guide, All the Presidents' Heads, Shakespeare Typed by Monkeys: Volube 78, The Sithal War, Calculon on Calculon, Ayn Rand Mcnally Atlas Shrugged, Some of the Digits of Pi, and Genome of the Flatworm Vol. 12.

Mid June 3012--FUTURAMA--"The Bots and the Bees"--Matt Hickman:  in the new Episode of Futurama The Bots and the Bees The Fiends with out a Face show up it seems by this episode they've become pets  ad when they take bender to the teen center to learn about the Bots and the Bees it's the Rosie D. and Robbie T Robot Teen center

Early July 3012--FUTURAMA--"The Thief of Baghead"--Matt Hickman:  on the newest episode of Futurama The Thief of Baghead. John Hammond shows up he in charge of Jurassic Tank at the Aquarium  they were pretty clear if i had to Guess I'd say Hammonds a clone  plus Benders carea has a They live lense and a Twlight Zone one minute into the future lense

Late July 3012--FUTURAMA--"The Six Million Dollar Mon"--Matt Hickman:  in the newest Futurama The Six Million Dollar Mon Hermes is getting upgraded with robot parts so he gets A Cylon eye and a Cylon penis

August 3012--FUTURAMA--"Viva Mars Vegas"--The armored truck company is called Binks (a parody of the Brinks company), and the drivers/guards are, appropriately, modeled on the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks.  Matt Hickman adds:  Also Zodberg stinks like the inside of a Tauntaun

Late August 3012--FUTURAMA--"31st Century Fox"--Matt Hickman:  a couple of Futurama crossovers in 31st Century Fox the crew goes uniform shopping and try on different outfits among the outfits are stillsuits from Dune The red thong with suspenders form Zardoz an outfit from Barbarella a Pan Am uniform from 2001 A Space Odyssey an operations uniform from Star Trek Storm Trooper armor from Star Wars

Later August 3012--FUTURAMA--"Naturama"--Matt Hickman:  in Naturama which is an in universe episode of Mutual of Omicron's wild universe a facehuger form aliens is in the opening

31st Century--FUTURAMA--In a spaceship graveyard in deep space in the ship once used by the Pussycats during their outer space adventures.

3022?--FUTURAMA--"Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch"--Kif's babies sprout legs and crawl back onto land as children. ("Twenty years")

3026--FUTURAMA--"Neutopia"--Teleporters are invented, according to "that guy from the future", presumably a man of this era who travelled back to 3011.

3030--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Leela, now 55 years old, has turned Planet Express into a thriving business... and is making eyes at Cubert, who is now 41.

3050--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Planet Express is a huge and successful corporation. Leela, now 75 years old, has married and then divorced Cubert, who is now seeing Amy.  Fry's card falls out of the timestream and Leela discovers the true fates of Fry, Farnsworth and Bender. She visits the (now abandoned) Cavern On The Green and writes a message in pores in the roof of the cave. Over millions of years, the dripping pores will form stalagmites, which Leela hopes Fry will one day return to read.

3059--FUTURAMA--"Into The Wild Green Yonder"--Time when Hermes, Farnsworth, Leela, Fry, Amy and Zoidberg finish digging up one-sixth of the planet Mars each, having started in 3009, according to Hermes' estimate ("Fifty years")

3059--FUTURAMA--"Into The Wild Green Yonder"--Time when Leela, Amy, and the rest of the Feministas would be released from prison if they served their full fifty-year sentence.

32nd century--STARSHIP RIVDA--A spoof of Battlestar Galactica and other such programs, Starship Rivda involved Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica as explorers of uncharted galaxies in the titular Starship Rivda. Not to be confused with Archie 3000.

3300--FUTURAMA--"A Head In The Polls"--Trapped robots on the universe's last titanium mine on Titan are expected to all be dead by now

3622—“The World of the Jabberwock”; comic story from Mystery in Space #104, author and artist unknown
Three scientists travel to the world of Wonderland, and are nearly killed by the Jabberwock, and have near run ins with a jubjub bird and a bandersnatch. They come to the conclusion that the Boojum is a creature of matter in an anti-matter world, but the science behind such an assertion is shaky at best.

3955--TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN VOLUME 3:  DANSE MACABRE--"Beware the Beasts"--Just accidentally stumbled across this one while looking for something else.  The TVCU's Q creates the alternate reality that is the PLANET OF THE APES.  If this is true, one must wonder if he is responsible for the later alterations seen in the last two films.

4000--FUTURAMA--"The Cryonic Woman"--The year Fry and his girlfriend would have woken up if they'd stayed frozen for another thousand years.

4000--FUTURAMA--"Lrreconcilable Ndndifferences"--Setting for the futuristic animated television show "Futurella".

c. 4000---PREDATOR VERSUS MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER--Predators exist in the TVCU and the Whoniverse, but since Magnus has no TVCU connection, it must occur in the Whoniverse.  However, since by this time, the realities have recombined, it don't really matter.  In the future, it all happened!!!  (When we get to the year 4000, I will likely amend this statement when I update this blog.)

c. 4972--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--"A Brief History Of Time Travel", a copy of which will find its way back to 3007, is published. Note that even the title font resembles that of "A Brief History Of Time". The author may conceivably be Stephen Hawking.

51st Century--DOCTOR WHO--"A Good Man Goes to War"--At some point between the present and this era, the immortal bumblers find their way to the Doctor Who Universe through the Rift.  Once there, they finally accept that the only true love they have is for each other, and they marry.  In the 51st century, they are now only referring to themselves by what many others have for thousands of years:  the fat one and the thin one.  They have joined a military force that considers the Doctor the enemy.  Sadly, the two are beheaded during this event, the one thing that can truly kill the bumblers.

Sometime in the far, far future--WALL-E--Humans have turned Earth into a dump, and have abandoned it for space.  Seen on Earth is a Planet Pizza delivery truck.

~10,000--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Farnsworth, Fry and Bender from iteration 1 land here. They then set off into the future again.  The entire timeline repeats itself a third time. Iteration 2 of the universe comes to an end...  ...and is replaced with iteration 3, which is again exactly like iteration 1 but with the following addition:

4:55am, 3rd December 10,000--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Fry, Bender and Farnsworth arrive here instead. By this time, human civilisation has fallen, as have the ape, bird, cow and slug civilisations which followed it. The former site of New New York City is a desolate wasteland.  The three time travellers decide to continue into the future in search of a backwards time machine that can bring them home. They visit all of the following future eras:  The various Statues of Liberty with different animals is a reference to the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes.

105105--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth is an icy wasteland ruled by hostile walrus-riding laser Inuit.

252525--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth is mediaeval, its sole inhabitant apparently being the ostrich-riding knight from Joust.

351120--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth is flooded, and its ocean contains enormous bloodthirsty shrimps.

1,000,000½--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Humankind is enslaved by giraffe.

1,002,000--FUTURAMA--"Bender's Big Score"--Bender-B would be unfrozen in this year, if he hadn't been unfrozen in 3007.

3,002,182--RED DWARF--"Thanks for the Memory"--The TARDIS appears in this episode.  See for a Red Dwarf timeline.

3,002,385--RED DWARF--"Psirens"--In a ship graveyard is a Weyland-Utani ship. Weyland-Utani is from ALIEN. Weyland-Utani is mentioned on Angel. In this episode an Eagle ship from SPACE: 1999 also appears.

3,002,394--RED DWARF--"Back to Earth"--The Red Dwarf crew end up on CORONATION STREET.

5,000,000--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth resembles the future of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, with society consisting of hyper-advanced elflike beings and moronic Dumblocks. Fry, Bender and Farnsworth visit this era and are promised a backwards time machine within five years.

5,000,005--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Dumblocks have taken over Earth and there is no backwards time machine.

8,003,011--FUTURAMA--"Neutopia"--The big rock alien on the planet Neutopia has plans for this time. ("I've got nothing to do for the next eight million years")

10,000,000--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth resembles the future of the "Terminator" movies, a grim dystopia with humanity at war with genocidal machines of its own creation.

50,000,000--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth is a utopian, advanced society populated by gorgeous females.

Unknown future date—Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld series (To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design, The Magic Labyrinth, The Gods of Riverworld)
Alice Liddell is resurrected on the Riverworld, and joins Richard Burton in his efforts to discover why everyone who ever lived (up until the mid-1980s) have been brought back to seemingly immortal life. Evidence that this is indeed the Alice Liddell who traveled to Wonderland, is that when she created her “perfect world” in The Gods of Riverworld, it was a small scale reproduction of Wonderland, with protean robots of all her friends.  Interestingly, it was Alice who unknowingly discovered the link between the Ethicals (those who commanded the Riverworld project) and the Eridanians (who commanded a grand conspiracy of immortals that ensnared many Victorian luminaries such as Professor James Moriarty, Phileas Fogg, and others; their efforts recorded in Philip José Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg).  In chapter 8 of The Magic Labyrinth, Alice plays Bridge with Aphra Behn, Lazzaro Spallanzani, and most notable for our purposes, Ladislas Podebrade, agent of the Ethicals.  "The game was over a few minutes later with Podebrad and Alice winners and Spallanzani angrily demanding why Podebrad had lead with a diamond instead of a club. The Czech refused to tell him but said that he should be able to figure it out for himself...but she [Alice] still didn't know anymore than Spallanzni how Podebrad had done it."  This leads us to Chapter 3 of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg.
"Stuart was as keen a card sharper as there ever was." Later, after Farmer records that Stuart cheated in order to play the right cards: "And so Stuart laid down as his first card that which he had selected, the jack of diamonds. To all except Stuart and Fogg, it meant that Diamonds would be trumps. To Fogg it was an order to bet, to take a dare, though not with the cards. What bet? What dare? That depended on Stuart's conversation and Fogg's ability to interpret."  We can be assured that Podebrad was attempting to give same orders to Spallanzni. Spallanzni, however, does not make another appearance in the Riverworld series.  Thus we begin to see that Alice plays a vital role in uncovering the truth behind the Television Crossover Universe, even if her sleuthing happened after her official death.

8:05am, 3rd December 1,000,000,000--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--All life on Earth is extinct and there is no backwards time machine. Fry finally returns to the Cavern On The Green, 999,996,990 years late for his dinner date with Leela. He discovers her message written in stalagmites on the ground, then returns to Farnsworth and Bender and they continue on to the end of the universe.

1,000,003,010?--FUTURAMA--"Lethal Inspection"--By now, Bender is dead thanks to his fatal construction defect. ("How much time do I have?" "Between a minute and a billion years")

Five Billion and Forty-Three--DOCTOR WHO--"Gridlock"--On a distant world, long after Earth is gone, there is a New Earth and a New New York.  New New York happens to have the same skyline as NNY of Futurama, and there is a character named Brannigan, who must be a descendant of Zap.  And yes, the TVCU and Whoniverse are separate realities.  But it was the Time Lords that are responsible for that  Perhaps at some point in the future of Futurama, the Timelords have remerged reality (which would be interesting, as the people of that future would exist in a world with multiple pasts.)

1,000,000,003,011?--FUTURAMA--"Ghost In The Machines"--"You may find your victory pyrrhic / when you're subject to this lyric / for a trillion years or so"

1,000,000,000,002,000--FUTURAMA--"Anthology Of Interest"--Al Gore, Fry, Deep Blue, Stephen Hawking, Nichelle Nicholls and Gary Gygax finish playing Dungeons & Dragons. "Who wants to play Dungeons and Dragons for the next quadrillion years?"

~10^40--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Earth has been destroyed, all stars in the universe have exploded and the last protons in the universe have decayed leaving nothing but vast, eternal emptiness.  A second Big Bang exactly identical to the first occurs, and an entirely new universe exactly identical to the first arises. This entire timeline repeats itself in every detail from start to finish, with the following addition:


BLUE HARVEST--Bender appears in this amalgamation of Family Guy and Star Wars.

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