Sunday, June 9, 2013

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to refresh the picture.

Hi, gang.  Yes, this is the TVCU blog.  No, this isn't a chronology.  I was kind of sick of the memeverse April Fool's post being the first thing people see when they come on.  We haven't posted anything new in a while (though I have been working on updating older posts).  But I just wanted folks to know this isn't a dead site, and you should keep coming back.

I've been writing a book, which I hope to have done by year's end, called the Horror Crossover Universe.  It's kind of like what I do here in this blog, but the format is different, it's far more detailed, there's not cut and pasting.  All my original brilliant writing.  And it's all about fictional crossovers in the horror genre.  And not just television and film, but all genres of horror fiction.

Once the book is done, I will be back to work here, at least until the next book gets started.  Meanwhile, James is about to post a new blog here, and has several others in the works.

So while you're waiting for us to get our act together, here's some other places with crossover goodness to keep you going.

Toby O'Brien has his blog, Inner Toob, which is about a shared reality where all of TV exists as reality.  There's lots of crossover discussion there.

Another great crossover site is Thom Holbrook's Poobala site.

Another fun site is Super-Team Family:  the Lost Issues.

But Rob, you say, even though I can't hear you, what if I want to have detailed conversations with you, James, and the rest of the TVCU Crew about the inner workings of the Television Crossover Universe?  Well, you are in luck.  There happens to be a forum just for that (but you have to not care that Mark Zuckerberg, the NSA, and Obama will be invading your privacy.)  The TVCU discussion group is at

There's also another discussion group, for crossovers outside the TVCU, called the Crossovers Forum, which is found at

And you can like the TVCU at our fan page at

And if you'd like to be my friend on Facebook (especially if you're a beautiful lady who likes guys who write about crossovers and love to talk about Doctor Who), you can find me at

And though it's not really a crossover site, two great crossoverish sites run by a friend of mine, Chris Nigro, can be found at and

Okay, so that's it.  Keep coming back and checking for updates.  I have some stuff I want to post, but just haven't had the time.  I've had to direct my energies on the book, because it's been over a year, and I'm not nearly as far as I should be, and I really have no more excuses.  But we haven't abandoned this blog, and we will keep it going.  Thanks for reading.

-Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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