Thursday, October 24, 2013


So this is a new feature for the TVCU blog.  Sadly, we of the crew have been very busy lately on other projects and that thing called life, and I've felt bad that nothing new has been added lately.  So once or twice a week, I'll be posting some cool videos, links, finds, and theories from the crew here.  And fear not, once my book is completed, I will be posting chronologies here again.  James has a few in the works as well, and Gordon mentioned possibly updating some of his.  But for now, I bring you the TVCU Crew View for October 24, 2013.

Today, in the spirit of the season, Matt Hickman posted this cool Elvira video:

Matt has been a crew member for a while, and though he hasn't yet posted a blog, he is constantly feeding me with information.  Anyone who reads my chronologies knows that a good number of entries state "Matt Hickman says" or "Matt Hickman informed me".  He is invaluable to me as a resource for crossover information.

And here's another Elvira video from Matt:


Recently I posted this in the TVCU Facebook group:  "I have this feeling that the England of Alice from OUATIW is not the "real world" aka the TVCU. The rabbit grabs the Knave from 2013 Storybrooke to rescue 19th century Alice. So this Alice, if from another dimension, wouldn't be the Alice of the TVCU. Perhaps the OUAT Wendy Darling and Victor Frankenstein are from that same dimension, the victorian fantasy dimension."

Immediately I was shot down by the crew.  Heck, even my own son disagreed.    James Bojaciuk was the first to jump in saying " I assumed this White Rabbit had time travel functionality. If it's just another universe, it doesn't explain the ceaseless "You've been away a long time" comments."  As the Wonderland expert of the crew, I defer to his logic.  

Toby O'Brien added this, in regards to Toob World:  "For the Toobworld Dynamic, I'm still clinging to my theory that they're all escapees from the long untended dimension known as The Land Of Fiction (Doctor Who - The Mind Robber). That leaves plenty of room for other TV interpretations of those characters, as well as the likelihood that "Wonderland" (as presented in Warehouse 13) is the real deal. I'm also working on splainins for all the different live action tv adaptations of Carroll's work so they could remain somewhat tethered to Earth Prime Time. But that's all a bit of a back-burner right now. Currently I'm dealing with the three Televersions of Casablanca......"  In regards to Toob Wonderland, James suggested this version.


Yesterday, we only had one view.  Normally this blog gets over 100 views daily.  Thankfully we still had our one My Little Pony fan.

Kind of off-topic, but I'm asking everyone.  Anybody who has or has read Tales of the Shadowmen volume 3: Danse Macabre, can you tell me the date in which the alternate universe story "The Affair of the Basin Les Hivers" by Michael Moorcock takes place?


Hugh H. Davis found this beer commercial with Shaft.  


OK, so there was some very random stuff for today.  Probably will post some more on Monday.  See you then.  -- Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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