Monday, December 30, 2013

The Final TVCU Crew Review

That's right.  Even though these review posts have had lots of views and have led to other posts getting more views, I feel these review posts are a failure.  The chronology posts often end up getting a lot of feedback and discussion, which are not happening with these reviews.  So this will be the final one.

However, starting January 1, I'm trying something new.  I still won't have time to do fully detailed chronologies (even updates) until the book is done, but what I'm going to start doing is writing "TVCU Quickies".

The Quickies will each focus on a series, sometimes ones already covered but in need of update and sometimes new subject matter, and will consist of the following:

  • My extremely biased views on the series in question.
  • How I feel the series fits into the TVCU or TVCM.
  • Some of the more easily found crossover finds.
  • Links to other relevant sites.
  • A few pictures and videos, of course.
Hopefully by April I will be doing regular chronologies again.  And of course, keep a look out for something special on April 1.


James Bojaciuk posted this question in our forum.  Feel free to comment below or on the Facebook page if you have the answer.

To ask something I should remember, but don't: what was the Lovecraftian story where Sauron is cited as a Great Old One?


Another apocryphal Lost Issue.  Both Popeye and Tintin are in the TVCU.


a Zombie, Dracula, , a mummy,an undead pirate big foot, an alien a yeti, the loc ness monster,one of the Frankenstein monsters, a member of the Dr. Jekyll clan, a robot, a a human fly hybrid,an Evil Clown,a Slasher,a monster baby, the hunch back of Notre dame, a mutant alligator, a werewolf, a Deep one an a monster Shark all Have races after a Zombie apocalypse


OK, one final Lost Issue.


Have a happy new year!!!

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