Thursday, December 26, 2013

TVCU Crew Review Boxing Day Edition

When I was younger, I thought that this was a Canadian celebration of the sport of boxing.  Anyway, Xmas is over, but the aftermath of holiday crossover finds is still here and so I present some of the recent crew posts.


From Lost Issues:


Matt Hickman has found that a version of the Yellow Kid (the first comic book character) exists in the Marvel Universe.  From a TVCU point of view, the Marvel and DC Universes coexist on Crossover Earth, a divergent timeline of the TVCU.  Read about Marvel's version the Yellow Kid here.


Here's a crossover between Disney's Good Luck Charley and Jessie.  I plan on doing a write-up of the Disney shows and their role in the TVCU in this coming


Hugh H. Davis has found this article discussing the difficulties of forcing crossovers.  It's very relevant to my own headaches with the TVCU/Looniverse connection.


And one more Lost Issue for the holidays.


New Years Resolution:  To have the Horror Crossover Universe published.  To start writing TVCU blogs again.

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