Monday, December 2, 2013


I know I said that I would start posting these once or twice a week, but things happen.  Just wanted to point out that James Bojaciuk has posted a NEW blog, One Ghost Need Apply.  Also, almost done with the book, the Horror Crossover Universe.  And in a few weeks I'll have wi-fi back in my home, which means my productivity on both the book and the blog will pick up immensely.  So lets see what's been going on in the TVCU Crew discussions.


Last month we had 7,418 views. (A new high!) The top five viewed were My Little Pony, One Ghost Need Apply, Doctor Who, Futurama, and the Offspring of Zed.


Ivan reports:  Last night's Once Upon A Time included a reference to Space Paranoids as a videogame Henry plays too much. Pretty sure that's not the first such reference, but it does confirm that Storybrooke is in the same reality as ENCOM (TRON).


It's Cyber Monday. Go buy your TVCU merchandise. Incidentally, I believe Zazzle is having a Cyber Monday sale so it might be cheaper. You know you want a Television Crossover Universe phone case.


Over at the Lost Issues, we got delighted by this:

You can visit the site at


And during the same week, Lost Issues also gave us this.


Thant's all for now.  The book is almost finished, and I promise to post some new blogs and blog updates before jumping into the next book.

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