Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I know I just posted one of these just yesterday, and I don't have too much to add today, but as I'm sitting her at my computer awaiting a response from an author regarding questions I have about his story, I might as well do something productive.


So first we got a new Lost Issue.

Of course, you can view all the Lost Issues at the official website, http://braveandboldlost.blogspot.com/2013/12/mister-miracle-and-thor.html.


Today I was asked, "What's the current word on whether the Muppets take place in the TVCU?"

 Yes, the 2011 blog still stands. And as confirmed last season on SNL, Kermit is not a puppet controlled by someone. He's an actual talking frog. But as also confirmed by Seth Meyers' comments, most of the world thinks they are just puppets. But they are mistaken, as Kermit had to correct him.


And Matt found this.  Ron Burgundy on the real news.  Ron is in via a very iffy Human Torch connection.


And that's all for now folks.  Stay classy, interwebs.

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