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Earth-Prime: A TVCU Quickie

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Today, I'm going to discuss the real world outside your window.  OK, Earth-Prime, also known by other names, isn't really the real world we live in, but rather a fictional representation of the real world commonly used in fiction.

Earth-Prime was originally used and named by DC Comics back in the 1960s.  The Flash of Earth-1, who is known historically as the first to travel the multiverse, though that's not actually accurate, accidentally found himself in the world where he was a fictional character published by DC Comics, and even met the DC Comics staff.

Earth-Prime would reoccur in DC stories, as part of their multiverse.  Later, Earth-Prime would be attacked by the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 and later still would be the home of its own super-heroes Ultra and Superboy.

Marvel Comics would later have its own real world concept.  Film and TV would use it as well, in such shows as Supernatural and films like Last Action Hero and Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

In the context of the TVCU, Earth-Prime is not a divergent timeline of the TVCU, nor is it a part of the Television Crossover Multiverse at all.  It exists outside the TVCM in the greater Omniverse.

Some might think that the writers, artists, directors, actors, ect. of Earth-Prime have the power to affect what goes on in other realities like the TVCU, but I don't buy that.  (Perhaps that is true of the real real world, though.)  it's my theory that there are people from the "real world" of Earth-Prime who we call creators, but are actually seeing visions of events on alternate worlds, even from the past or future, and believe they are coming up with the ideas themselves and turning them into "fiction".  (In a later blog, I will discuss those creators in the TVCU who have the same ability to see events in their own reality and unknowingly believe they are creating stories.)

Come join the discussion about Earth-Prime or other TVCU related topics here.

Here's the Toobworld concept on the Real World.

TV Tropes and Wikipedia of Literary Crossovers:

Here is a whole page devoted to the Earth-Prime trope.

And here is the Wikipedia page for Earth-Prime.

TVCU Mini-Chron:

1935--ADVENTURES OF POPEYE--Popeye is pulled to Earth-Prime to help a kid fight a bully.

EARTH-PRIME--The Easter Bunnies here are just hot chicks in BOB HOPE AND HIS BEAUTIFUL EASTER BUNNIES AND OTHER FRIENDS.  He also appears in THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR.

EARTH PRIME--There is another incident of someone posing as Tarzan in 54.  54 is based on a true story, and so this movie is in Earth-Prime.  Earth-Prime is a fictional world that is meant to be the real world.  The term was created by DC Comics.

1985--AMAZING STORIES--"Remote Control Man"--A man on Earth-Prime gains a magical remote control and temporarily teleports June Cleaver to his reality.

EARTH PRIME: K.i.T.T. along with Templeton “Faceman” Peck of THE A-TEAM and The Incredible Hulk are temporarily transported to Earth-Prime by a magic remote control in “Remote Control Man” AMAZING STORIES

EARTH-PRIME--CARTOON ALL-STARS TO THE RESCUE is a story of a girl who is worried about her brother using drugs.  Her toys come to life, including her Slimer Ghostbusters action figure.  When they come to life, they take on the form and persona of the characters from the animated shows, like REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, they are based off of.  For the record, the other toys that come to life are characters from DUCKTALES, WINNIE THE POOH, THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, LOONEY TUNES, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, THE SMURFS, ALF, GARFIELD, and THE MUPPET BABIES.  Note that this does not connect these characters in their home realities.  These are merely toys adopting the characteristics of the characters they portray.

Summer 1993--JASON GOES TO HELL:  THE FINAL FRIDAY--After years of people dismissing the killings at Camp Crystal Lake as being unconnected, the FBI finally takes notice after Jason Vorhees had stuck in New York City.  The FBI set up a sting operation at Camp Crystal Lake and shoot him down.  Of course he returns from the dead and it's up to a group of teenagers to take him down again.  Some notes:  In the Voorhees home is the Necronomicon Ex Mortis.  How it got there is unknown.  It can't be the sole reason Jason stays alive, since Jason has continuously risen even during the events of EVIL DEAD and this  is not the same cabin from EVIL DEAD.  Could there be more than one?  Also, the crate from the CREEPSHOW segment titled "the Crate" is here as well.  How that got there is unknown.  Bringing in that one story does not necessarily bring in all the stories from CREEPSHOW.  Finally, at the end of the film, when Jason is killed, we see Fred Krueger's claw come from the ground to pull Jason's mask down, and we hear his laugh.  These events come after the events of FREDDY'S DEAD:  THE FINAL FRIDAY.  This must also happen after WES CRAVENS' NEW NIGHTMARE.  Freddy was finally killed and his dream demons had abandoned him, returning to Earth-Prime, but Wes Craven and Heather Langencamp defeated them and returned them to the TVCU.  Freddy has been trapped in Hell, but his power got restored by the dream demons.  His power was still low from losing all the souls of the people he killed and from not being feared.  He discovers Jason in Hell and starts to mold his mind to do his bidding.

Late May 1995--LAST ACTION HERO--Freddy Krueger appears in an L.A. police station, having been arrested by police.  My theory is that when the demons abandoned him, he found himself powerless, corporeal, and for some reason in L.A.  (The Demons themselves went to L.A. of Earth Prime, so this may be a reason.)  This scene takes place just after the famous interview scene from BASIC INSTINCT as Catherine Tramell is seen walking out, just as the Terminator posing as a cop from T2 is just walking in, placing this also during the events of that film.  Later, a villain from the TVCU finds himself on Earth Prime, and summons Freddy to Earth Prime.  However, since the Dream Demons are already there and have manifested a new "Freddy", they cast the "real" Freddy to Hell back in his world.

Summer 1995--WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE--The dream demons return to their home dimension, that of Earth-Prime.  On Earth-Prime, the Nightmare on Elm Street series were fictional movies.  In fact, Wes Craven had been haunted by these demons, and found a way to trap them by creating Freddy Krueger.  By trapping them in this way, he sent them to the TV Crossover Universe, where they had to help Krueger.  But when Craven ended the series, the Demons were no longer trapped, and returned to Earth-Prime, where they haunted not only Craven, but the cast of the first Nightmare film.  Eventually, they are trapped once more, beginning with simple act of placing a cameo of Freddy's laugh and his claw at the end of a Friday the 13th film, thus keeping them trapped waiting for the idea of a team-up to come to fruition.  Thus the Demons come back to the TV Crossover Universe, and aid Krueger, though he is still at his lowest power point, lacking the fear or the souls to fuel him.

1995--SPACE JAM--When aliens invade Earth, Bugs and friends challenge the aliens to a basketball game with Earth as the prize. Then the scrawny aliens show they are really huge monsters. The toons need an edge, and apparently there are no good basketball players in their universe, so they abduct Michael Jordan from Earth-Prime to help them out. This takes place during the time when Michael had failed as a baseball player and is actually the story explaining why he went back to basketball.  Appearing here are from the Looniverse:  Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Tasmanian Devil, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Granny, Pepe Le Pew, Lola Bunny.  And appearing from Earth-Prime are:  Michael Jordan, Stan Podolak, Juanita Jordan, Jeffery Jordan, Marcus Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, Larry Bird, Bill Murray, James Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Tyrone Boques, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Ahmad Rashad, Del Harris, Vlade Divac, Cedric Ceballos, Jim Rome, Paul Westphal, Danny Ainge, Alonzo Mourning, A.C. Green, Charles Oakley, Derek Harper, Jeff Malone, Anthony Miler, Sharone Wright.

EARTH-PRIME--Steve Colton is a toy come to life in INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD.

February 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"The Lemon-AIDS Walk"--
  • In a scene in a gym are THE THING, HE-MAN, PANTHRO from THUNDERCATS, SHE-RA, SPIDER-MAN, and THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT.  The Thing may be from the animated Marvel cartoons of the 1960s to 1980s, or the teenage Thing from FRED AND BARNEY MEET THE THING.  He-Man and She-Ra are from Eternia and Etheria, which are alternate realities to Earth according to DC COMICS.  But since He-Man and crew have interacted with Earth-1 and Earth-Prime, it's easy to imagine them visiting the Looniverse. 
August 2006--TRAPPED IN TV GUIDE--"Pilot"--A person is transported from Earth-Prime to the Fantasy Island of the TVCU.

September 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Lost in Parking Space"--
  • It's revealed that if you give up on imagination, "the Nothing" will come, bringing in THE NEVERENDING STORY.  Probably only the fantasy parts are in the Looniverse with the boy being from Earth-Prime or the TVCU.

October 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Spelling Applebee's"--
  • Keith Franklin appears in a scene where he is a waiter who ends up making out with Captain Hero.  This is the Looniverse counterpart of an Earth-Prime Comedy Central fan who won a contest to be drawn into the show.
NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM:  In this universe (which may be Earth-Prime), the chair used on the show ALL IN THE FAMILY is seen during THE BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN.  In the real universe, that same chair is at the Smithsonian.

2009--THE PEOPLE SPEAK--EARTH-PRIME--A look at America's struggles with war, class, race and women's rights. based on Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States." 

2010--A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (REMAKE)--The dream demons apparently abandon Krueger, but are still trapped and prevented from returning to Earth-Prime.  Instead they are redirected to another alternate universe (which I'll dub TVCU2) where they bestow the same powers on the Fred Krueger of this universe.  Note in the video game HIT MAN:  BLOOD MONEY, one of the post-mission newspapers features a headline about a school janitor being burned alive by a lynch mob. Since the school janitor role was added in the remake, and because of the timing of the video game, it must take place in the TVCU2.

February 2011--SUPERNATURAL--"The French Connection"--Crazy Ivan said...  Not EXACTLY a crossover, but since you mentioned the Winchester Brothers on this blog, I'll mention that they recently traveled to Earth-Prime, where magic doesn't work, they are portrayed by actors who don't like each other much, and the apocalypse never happened. So, despite having not met Freddy, they have mentioned him AND they have traveled to the same alternate reality he did.  In the episode, Robert Singer, writer/director/producer, is played by Brian Michael Murray.  But the episode really is written by Robert Singer.

Sam Winchester as Jared Padalecki:
"For whatever reason, our lives are a TV show."

Dean Winchester as Jensen Ackles:
Why would anybody want to watch our lives?”

Sam Winchester as Jared Padalecki:
Well according to the interviewer, not very many people do.”

Sam Winchester:
Wait, you’re kidding.
So the character in the show, Bobby Singer…”
Dean Winchester:
What kind of a douchebag names a character after himself?”
Sam Winchester:
Oh, that’s not right.”


REALITY TV--This universe is hard to classify.  Reality TV is not Earth-Prime, since Earth-Prime is a world of fictional stories that are supposed to exist in the real world.  Meanwhile, the real world is just that...the real world.  Reality TV is scripted reality.  Thus nothing we see on TV is ever really real, as it's scripted and edited.  So Reality TV gets its own classification.  So anyways, Fantasy Island.  Mark Burnett, reality show ratings genius, has proposed a reality show where the contestants all  try to be Mr. or Ms. Roarke, on a Fantasy Island, and they have to make people's fantasies come true, and if they suck at it, they get voted off.  Remember when they made GILLIGAN'S ISLAND into a reality show?  Yeah, how'd that go?



Here are some of the more recent posts regarding Earth-Prime in the TVCU discussion forum.

I will be adding this to my Fairy Tale Princesses blog in the Alternate Realities section. I'm thinking it might fit in the one reality even darker than the Mirror Universe. Of course I mean Earth-Prime.

James Bojaciuk I'd much rather this was the Earth-Prime story of Belle...


Bonus.  Here are some "Earth-Prime" related entries from my upcoming book, the Horror Crossover Universe!

Release Date:  April 22, 1935 (Win Scott Eckert places these events in the Winter of 1886.  Chuck Loridans and Chris Nigro also place the events in 1886.)
Series:  Frankenstein (Universal)
The Story:  Following the events of Frankenstein, the monster has indeed survived and escaped.  He has a series of misadventures where he tries to make friends but is ultimately rejected (like your basic Casper cartoon).  Meanwhile, Henry still wants to uncover the secrets of life and death, and agrees to collaborate with Doctor Pretorius.  Pretorius then goes off on his own initiative to dig up a grave and create the bride.  He finds the Monster, or rather the monster finds him, and Pretorius reveals his plan, which makes the monster happy.  Then Pretorius goes back to Frankenstein and says the plan is ready to go, at which point Henry must have completely forgotten the agreement as he refuses to participate.  Pretorius doesn’t take no for an answer and has the monster kidnap Elizabeth.  Now with no choice, Frankenstein helps and the bride is raised, who is repulsed by the Monster.  Angry and depressed that even she rejected him, he allows Henry and Elizabeth to go free, then destroys the lab with the bride and Pretorius still inside.
HCU Comments:  This prelude to the film shows that these are the real stories told by Mary Shelley that one evening that became the novel Frankenstein.  However, the prelude is shown as if the main story was fictional, thus we can say that we didn’t see Shelley of the HCU, who told the story of the true Victor Frankenstein, but rather the Shelley of some alternate reality, one very much like the real universe, only a fictionalized version of the real universe.  Many call this reality “Earth-Prime”, a term originated by DC Comics in the 1960s.  For lack of a better name, I too shall use Earth-Prime.  Even with the notion that Shelley wrote these events in her original version, that would mean that these events should have happened prior to 1818, unless she was seeing across realities and the future.  I say she was indeed doing both.  The reason for the late dating is that the next film, Son of Frankenstein, is in a modern setting, so that for their son to be the age he is in the film (mid-40s), the first two films would have to take place in the late 19th

Release Date:  June 18, 1993 (Contemporary Setting; See Comments)
Series:  Last Action Hero
Horror Crosses:  A Nightmare on Elm Street
Non-Horror Crosses:  Basic Instinct; Terminator
The Story:  A boy gets a golden ticket and finds himself in the universe in which his favorite film hero exists.  
HCU Comments:  The boy is from the “real world”, which I tend to refer to as Earth-Prime.  His film hero must exist in the Horror Crossover Universe.  In relation to the other crosses, this film’s police station scene must occur on the same day as the famed leg crossing interrogation scene from Basic Instinct as Sharon Stone is seen in the same outfit while walking out of the station.  As she is leaving the station, she is passed by the Terminator posing as a cop from T2, thus also placing the scene during the events of that film.  A more complicated cameo is an appearance of Freddy at the L.A. police station being arrested.  He should be dead and in Hell.  And not in L.A.  I have a wild theory that perhaps he managed to come back, and got pulled out of a dream, where he becomes a wussy wimp.   Later, the main villain of this film finds his way to the real world, and attempts to bring Freddy along.  However, those dream demons who gave Freddy his powers are also in the real world at this time (in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare) with a new Freddy, and likely banished Freddy back to Hell behind the scenes following the events of this film.

Release Date:  October 14, 1994 (Contemporary Setting, but prior to the release of this film)
Series:  A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Story:  In the real world, the actress who played Nancy in the original Nightmare film and the rest of the film’s cast and crew become haunted by Freddy, even if he is just a fictional character created by Wes Craven.   
HCU Comments:  This film takes place in the “real world”, which I dub Earth-Prime, as it’s obviously not really our real world.  It’s explained in the story that this demon is very ancient and has often been trapped by being placed in stories, thus becoming a part of that universe.  Wes Craven had trapped it by placing it in the world of Freddy (which explains the dream demons that visited Freddy and gave him his power).  When New Line killed of the character and ended the franchise with Freddy’s Dead, this released the demon.  Wes had to trap him, by making Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.  I believe the demon did not return to the Horror Crossover Universe, but instead went to another universe, that of the reboot version of A Nightmare on Elm Street, where they powered another Fred Kruger.  Meanwhile the HCU Freddy continues to have power, though to a lesser extent, which has been explained by the Necronomicon ex Mortis.

So that's all for today. See you around the real world.

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