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Television Crossover Universe: A TVCU Quickie


This was the first quickie.  Quickies were created as a means of covering a topic when time was limited, or if the subject in question was noteworthy enough to discuss but did not have enough material fora full chronology.  These and the TVCU Crew Reviews were very useful in keeping this website active in a time when the TVCU Crew members were all very busy.

Soon both the quickies and Crew Reviews will be returning.


The Television Crossover Universe

Welcome to the first of the TVCU Quickies.  See the previous blog, "The Final TVCU Crew Review" for a description of the Quickies.  But basically, I don't have time to do the full blog chronologies but was unhappy with the Crew Reviews, so I'm doing something halfway in between for now.

So my first of these is a recap of the overall vision of the TVCU.  The TVCU came about from a lifetime of my obsession with crossovers.  When I was a child, I was fascinated by TV shows, cartoons, and comics in which characters from one series would meet each other.  Eventually, I started keeping track of these shared realities in a notebook.

I thought I was alone in my obsession for a long time, and felt isolated in not being able to share my passion.  That is until the internet came into popular use, and I uncovered Toby O'Brien's Inner Toob, and Thom Holbrook's Poobala (links to all can be found in the column on the right of this blog.)

Eventually, I was invited to join a discussion group, where I found other folks who also enjoyed talking about crossovers, and eventually, we broke off and created a forum just for crossovers (link also on the right hand side below).

Seeing as how I love television crossovers probably more than any other kind, I felt that perhaps I should take it upon myself to cover that area.  I decided I would create my own website, which became the Television Crossover Universe.

I chose to do individual blogs for each television or film series rather than one lengthy chronology, and Toby's Inner Toob inspired me to do this in a blog format rather than on a website.

The rules for how the TVCU works can be found in the very first blog post, which you can access by clicking here.  But basically, the idea is that the Television Crossover Universe is a shared reality created by linking series together via crossovers, with I Love Lucy at its center.

Sometimes there is a valid crossover, but it can't fit because it conflicts with the majority of the established reality, in which case it's considered to be in a divergent timeline of the TVCU.  There are an infinite number of divergent timelines, that break of from the main timeline constantly.

In the larger Television Crossover Multiverse, there are two other universes, that are completely separate rather than divergent timelines.  One is the universe of Doctor Who, and the other is the Mirror Universe.

Between these three realities is the Void, in which exists the realms of magic.  This includes, but is not limited to, Heaven, Hell, Oz, Wonderland, Fairy Tale Land, the Looniverse (where most cartoons exist), ect.

The Television Crossover Multiverse is itself part of a larger Omniverse, which includes other multiverses, including those of DC and Marvel Comics, and those of other shared reality researchers like Toby.

The TVCU operates on the presumption that it happened that way it appears on screen.  The story as told is the evidence used to make connections.  We create theories when there are two contrary yet equally valid pieces of evidence that need to be reconciled, but in-story references always trump theories.

 I encourage you to browse the right hand column to find subjects that interest you, and I hope you enjoy the Television Crossover Universe, now entering it's fourth year!!!

Some relevant links:

Toby O'Brien's Inner Toob and in the case of reverse-inspiration, here are some Inner Toob blog posts mentioning the TVCU.

Thom Holbrook's Poobala

Television Crossover Universe Discussion Group

Though not canon for the TVCU, I love to throw in apocryphal connections to Ross Pearsall's Lost Issues.

So welcome to the TVCU 2014, and I hope you come back.  I will try to post one of these every day.  Tomorrow I will cover a television or film series, though I haven't yet picked my subject yet.  I often pick them off of whim.

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