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Hi, guys, this is Rob.  So I should tell you I didn't write this.  Some duck came burst into my home and hogtied me, then proceeded to take over my computer.  He said I was despicable for having written a Bugs Bunny blog almost three years ago but never getting around to writing about the greatest animated duck ever.  (I assumed he meant Donald.)  He said that the only reason the Bunny's blog has been in the top ten most viewed since it was written was only because this Daffy Duck hadn't been written about yet.  So here is the blog by this Daffy Duck.  He has challenged me to post it as he assures me that it will beat the Bunny, the mystery dog, that weird Zed guy, the sewer lizards, and the Duck Dodgers wannabe, Doctor Whatsisface.  He said eat will even beat out the wonderfully adorable and lovable Pinkie Pie, though he assured me he's never watched My Little Pony and he definitely doesn't own the DVD collection.  

So, since I was all tied up today, literally, I may as well post this blog.

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So I was questioned on why I didn't just do a single Looney Tunes blog, but I'm sure you've seen how long my Bugs Bunny blog was when I just focused on one character.  And honestly, Bugs, Daffy, Porky and others didn't all start as one series.  They were individual animated series, that began eventually crossing over with each other so much that they eventually did become one series.  So today, let's talk about Daffy, and this will probably be a long one.

Millions and billions and trillions of years ago--DAFFY DUCK AND THE DINOSAUR--Millions and billions and trillions of years ago, Caspar Caveman and his pet dinosaur Fido come up against Daffy when they're out duck hunting.

27,000 B.C.--PHINEAS AND FERB--"Tri-Stone Area"--This tale takes place in Dansville of prehistoric times, in a culture less technologically advanced than Bedrock of 52,000 B.C. but clearly some of Bedrock culture survived to this point.   

65 A.D.--SEE YA LATER GLADIATOR--A time machine sends Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales back to Rome in 65 A.D., where they are captured for lion fodder as entertainment for Emperor Nero. Speedy feeds hot chili peppers to a lion, causing the big cat to shoot like a skyrocket. He and Daffy are chased by guards and fall atop Nero, breaking the Emperor's fiddle. Nero angrily pursues Daffy and Speedy as the scientist who invented the time machine sets it in reverse and returns Daffy and Speedy to the present, accompanied by Nero. Nero becomes a fiddler in Speedy's musical band.

6th century--QUEST FOR CAMELOT SING-ALONGS--This is just a bunch of clips of Looney Tunes cartoons from the times of knight and wizards.  It's a tie in to the release of Warner Brothers' animated film QUEST FOR CAMELOT but luckily there is no real crossover.  I consider Disney's THE SWORD IN THE STONE as the official origin of King Arthur in the Looniverse with the Bug Bunny in Camelot stories happening many years later when Arthur is an older man.

Once Upon a Time--From Gordon Long:   I also have a memory of a Looney Tunes cartoon where someone...Elmer? Daffy? or Bugs?...has to call out Rumpelstiltskin's name, and they are being chased by someone, and can't remember the name.

1190--BEANSTALK BUNNY--Another ancestor of Bugs and Jack (and ancestor of Daffy) climb another beanstalk where they face another giant (who may be an ancestor of Elmer!!!)

1190-- DISNEY'S ROBIN HOOD--takes place here, where Robin Hood is an anthropomorphic fox.  This Robin Hood also appeared in the video game adaption of DISNEY'S ALADDIN.  During the same time that the real Robin was active, there were a lot of posers doing deeds using the name, as seen in ROBIN HOOD MAKES GOOD, ROBIN HOODWINKED, THE HUCKLEBERRY HOUND SHOW, PEABODY'S IMPROBABLE HISTORY, NOT IN NOTTINGHAM, THE FAMOUS ADVENTURES OF MR. MAGOO, PINKCOME TAX, TINY TOON ADVENTURES, CAPTAIN N:  THE GAME MASTER, SOUTH PARK, SAMURAI JACK, and ROBIN HOOD DAFFY.  In THE DRAWN TOGETHER MOVIE:  THE MOVIE, Tinkerbell, the rhino guards from DISNEY'S ROBIN HOOD, a doorknob like the type in DISNEY'S WONDERLAND, and the Atlantis and Sebastian from LITTLE MERMAID are seen as Disneyland.

1190--ROBIN HOOD DAFFY--Daffy as Robin Hood and Porky asFriar Tuck in Robin Hood Daffy (1958).

1190--RABBIT HOOD--Bug's ancestor (the same one from JACK-WABBIT AND THE BEANSTALK) takes on the sheriff of Nottingham.  There must be two versions of Sherwood Forest coexisting around the same time in England.  This one would probably be where Daffy Duck's ancestor impersonates Robin Hood.  But the real Robin Hood is a fox, as I feel all Disney feature length movies trump shorts as official versions of adapted tales.

June 1839--SCALP TROUBLE--General Daffy Duck's fort is plagued by Indian raids. After struggling to awaken Porky Pig for his turn at guard duty, Daffy is terrified by an onslaught of Indians. The day seems lost, until Daffy inadvertently swallows a box of bullets...

October 1842--THE DAFFY DUCKAROO--Singing cowboy Daffy retires to the Painted Desert (still wet). He falls for an Indian maiden with a Brooklyn accent, but her very large boyfriend catches them. Daffy dresses in drag, which fools him for a while until Daffy's wig falls off. The boyfriend chases Daffy into the Petrified Forest (where Daffy freezes and breaks tomahawks). The Indian sends smoke signals from a phone booth and his tribe attacks Daffy, trapping him under his house trailer. They steal his tires, but return them because they don't fit.

June 1844--SLIGHTLY DAFFY--General Daffy, in a Napoleon hat, commands a fort. Porky sleeps too soundly, so Daffy needs to roust him, but when the Indians attack, he's the only one awake to see them. There follows a series of fight gags, including some recycled from Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas (1938) and _Hardship of Miles Standish, The (1940)_. A cross-eyed Indian keeps shooting his own horse, until the horse takes action. A soldier counts "one little, two little..." with the Indian taking the last line. A short Indian uses a tall bow-legged one to shoot his arrows. Finally, Porky calls for more bullets; Daffy trips while carrying them and swallows them, turning himself into a machine gun. Porky uses Daffy to rout the Indians, who run into a hillside, spelling out "Yanks beat Indians 11-3."

November 1851--DRIP-ALONG DAFFY--Daffy Duck plays a western hero, but things don't go as he hoped in a one horse town. 

November 1854--MY LITTLE DUCKAROO--Daffy Duck is a Wild West outlaw named "The Masked Avenger", righter of wrongs and doer of heroic deeds. Porky Pig is his sidekick. Together, they search for Nasty Canasta, a villain whose crimes include gag-stealing and square dancing in a round house. When they find Canasta's hideout and Daffy challenges Canasta to a duel, Canasta flexes his hulky muscles that entirely rip away his shirt, and proceeds to pound Daffy into a stupor.

September 1861--DAFFY'S INN TROUBLE--Daffy Duck vies with Porky Pig in the Western frontier hotel business. Porky has more success, attracting hordes of customers with a live-action saloon party. So, Daffy decides to "undermine" Porky's good fortune by planting a bomb beneath Porky's inn.

Spring 1921--BABY LOONEY TUNES:  EGGS-TRAORDINARY ADVENTURE--Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, and Lola are all orphans being raised by Granny.  In this tale, the search for the true meaning of Easter.

1921--BABY LOONEY TUNES--Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, Petunia Pig, Melissa Duck, and Lola are all orphans being raised by Granny. 

1921 to 1937--NASTY QUACKS--A pet duckling grows up to be Daffy. His antics soon grate on the family, culminating in a fencing match at the breakfast table fought with butter knives. But the daughter defends Daffy.

Different interpretations--Virtually every Warner Bros. cartoon director put his own spin on the Daffy Duck character – he may be a lunatic vigilante in one short but a greedy gloryhound in another. Bob Clampett andChuck Jones both made extensive use of these two very different versions of the character.

Daffy's early years from 1937-1940--Tex Avery created the original version of Daffy in 1937. Daffy established his status by jumping into the water, hopping around, and yelling, "Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo!" Animator Bob Clampett immediately seized upon the Daffy Duck character and cast him in a series of cartoons in the 1930s and 1940s. The early Daffy is a wild and zany screwball, perpetually bouncing around the screen with cries of "Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!" (In his autobiography, Mel Blanc stated that the zany demeanor was inspired by Hugh Herbert's catchphrase, which was taken to a wild extreme for Daffy.) Clampett physically redesigned the character, making him taller and lankier and rounding out his feet and bill. He was often paired with Porky Pig.

1937--PORKY'S DUCK HUNT--Daffy as he first appeared in Porky's Duck Hunt (1937)

January 1938--DAFFY DUCK & EGGHEAD--A very early appearance of a barely recognisable Daffy Duck, seen here tormenting Egghead, a prototype Elmer Fudd who is just as unsuccessful with ducks as he was later to be with a certain wascally wabbit.

August 1938--PORKY & DAFFY--Daffy Duck, who only seems to awaken to the sound of a struck platter cover, is a boxer (managed by Porky Pig), who boxes against a champion rooster in a widely commercialized event. His techniques include using crazy antics, dirty tricks and sight gags.

November 1938--THE DAFFY DOC--Doctor Quack is doing an operation, and Daffy is his assistant. Things start out sedately enough, with Daffy asking for quiet in various ways. Then the operation starts, and after handing over instruments at a ever-increasing pace, Daffy loses it and is ejected. He gets his head stuck in an iron lung, and feels the effects for a while. Daffy goes in search of a patient of his own, and Porky happens to walk by in time to fall victim to Daffy's mallet. Daffy hits himself on the head and has a consultation with the second and third image of himself. They agree to operate; Daffy chases Porky, and they both get stuck in the iron lung.

December 1938--DAFFY DUCK IN HOLLYWOOD--Daffy Duck wreaks havoc on a movie set at Wonder Pictures ("if it's good, it's a Wonder"). Daffy's creative editing impresses producer I. M. Stupendous. 

August 1939--WISE QUACKS--Mr. (and Mrs.!) Daffy Duck are expecting four ducklings; Daffy plays the nervous father, and Porky drops by to offer congratulations. Soon, a bald eagle hijacks the runt of the litter, and Daffy gives chase (despite the fact he's been celebrating the birth a little too much).

January 1940--PORKY'S LAST STAND--Porky and Daffy run a diner. The eggs come from chickens kept on the premises. A customer orders a hamburger, and Daffy discovers the mice have gotten to the meat first and left a note. He spots a calf outside and goes after it but ends up having to fight off a large bull. Meanwhile, Porky is preparing an order of two eggs, but one of them is actually a baby chick, who runs away. Daffy manages to sic the bull on Porky, who does some acrobatics to escape until Daffy lures the bull back to him. The bull finally crashes into the diner.

May 1940--YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES--Daffy Duck convinces Porky Pig to quit the cartoon biz and try his luck in the features. Porky's adventures begin when he tries to enter the studio.

World War II Daffy from 1941-1945--Daffy would also feature in several war-themed shorts during World War II. Daffy always stays true to his unbridled nature, however; for example, he attempts to dodge conscription in Draftee Daffy (1945), battles a Nazi goat intent on eating Daffy's scrap metal in Scrap Happy Daffy (1943), hits Adolf Hitler's head with a giant mallet in Daffy the Commando (1943) and outwits Hitler, Goebbels and Goering in Plane Daffy (1944). Daffy was "drafted" as a mascot for the 600th Bombardment Squadron.[citation needed]

June 1941--A COY DECOY--Characters on book covers come to life, including Porky and Daffy. The "Wolf of Wall Street" chases Daffy through "The Hurricane," "The Storm" and across "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" before expiring in "For Whom the Bell Tolls." 

August 1941--THE HENPECKED DUCK--Mrs. Duck sues Daffy for divorce in Judge Porky Pig's courtroom, charging her husband with losing their egg in an abortive magic trick.

February 1942--CONRAD THE SAILOR--Conrad Cat's attempts to keep the battleship decks swabbed are frustrated by Daffy's tricks, like putting paint in his bucket, and by unexpected appearances of the pint-sized Admiral.

February 1942--DAFFY'S SOUTHERN EXPOSURE--It's the dead of winter, and Daffy Duck is starving. A fox and a weasel invite him into their cabin and feed him beans. But they have an ulterior motive--namely eating Daffy. 

September 1942--THE IMPATIENT PATIENT--Telegram deliverer Daffy Duck is in a swamp, with a message for someone named Chloe, when he starts hiccupping. Unable to stop his hiccups, Daffy decides to seek medical help, in a old house belonging to a Dr. Jerkyl, who advertises his services on a neon sign atop his house. Examining the hiccupping Daffy, Jerkyl decides to use a "scare cure" and chemically transforms himself into a goofy lug named Chloe, to whom Daffy had been assigned to deliver the message- a birthday greeting. Chloe chases Daffy around the house, until Daffy uses a syringe to squirt formula into Chloe's mouth, transforming him into a mischievous infant.

December 1942--MY FAVORITE DUCK--Porky tries to relax on a hunting and fishing trip, but Daffy, smugly pointing out the "No Duck Hunting" signs, subjects him to constant irritation. Then the "Duck Hunting Season Open" signs start going up. 

March 1943--TO DUCK... OR NOT TO DUCK--Daffy challenges duckhunter Elmer to a boxing match, rigged in his favor with the collusion of the duck referee. In the stands, Elmer's dog Larrimore suspects that something funny is going on, but he's drowned out by Daffy's all-duck cheering section.

May 1943--THE WISE QUACKING DUCK--An exceedingly mild-mannered man is sent out to kill a duck for dinner by his wife. Unfortunately for him, he picks Daffy Duck as his victim. The two face off and do battle for the remainder of the cartoon.

July 1943--YANKEE DOODLE DAFFY--Daffy is an agent representing Sleepy LaGoof trying to sell him to talent scout Porky. Daffy spends a great deal of time and energy explaining and demonstrating what the kid can do, while the kid sits on a couch licking a giant sucker.

1943--PORKY PIG'S FEAT--Porky and Daffy Duck can't afford to pay their hotel bill so they try to sneak out, which is harder than they thought it would be.  So Daffy calls Bugs for help.  This is the first time Bugs and Daffy appear together, and notice Daffy considers Bugs a friend he can call and rely on, not a rival.  Their rivalry begins later.

August 1943--SCRAP HAPPY DAFFY--Daffy takes on a goat sent by Hitler to eat up his scrap pile. 

November 1943--DAFFY - THE COMMANDO--Commando Daffy Duck goes behind enemy lines and causes havoc for a Nazi German officer and his troops.

November 1943--TOM TURK AND DAFFY--Daffy agrees to hide Tom Turk from Porky, until he learns that Porky is planning to serve the turkey for dinner, then turns stool pigeon. 

1944--THE OLD GREY HARE--Elmer is feeling discouraged and feels he'll never catch Bugs, so God takes Elmer to the future to see what life is like then.  Though the story says they travel to the year 2000, in which Bugs and Elmer are old "men", we know of course that in 2011, they are still not much older physically than they were in 1944.  But they do age.  (Part of this story shows them as babies, plus we know that Bugs had ancestors that lived and died.)  And likely they grew old and died at least before the 24 1/2 century, where Duck Dodgers is clearly the descendant of Daffy Duck.

April 1944--TICK TOCK TUCKERED--Porky and Daffy are workers at an aircraft company, and are chronically late. Why? Because they have a great deal of trouble getting to sleep, between the noisy cats, the full moon shining insistently, the sudden rain shower (and leak in the roof).

May 1944--DUCK SOUP TO NUTS--Porky is hunting ducks. Daffy is in his sights, but manages to escape repeatedly, mostly with his powers of persuasion. 

September 1944--PLANE DAFFY--Daffy Duck is a message courier bird delivering a military secret that a femme fatale Nazi spy is determined to get.

November 1944--THAT STUPID CUPID--Cupid (who looks suspiciously like Elmer Fudd) is on the prowl around the farm. With his ever-accurate arrows (which have their tips replaced with suction cups for safety's sake), he spreads love to sometimes unwilling recipients. But when he sets his sights on Daffy, the duck wants no part of it. When Elm...erm...Cupid fires the largest arrow at his disposal at the hapless duck, Daffy falls for the nearest hen...who happens to be the main squeeze of the cock of the walk...

1945--ROCKETEER ADVENTURES--In the real world, there was a Daffy Duck cartoon parody of Superman in the 1940s, so it would make sense in the reality of the Rocketeer that WB would have chosen to do a Daffy Duck parody of the Rocketeer.

January 1945--DRAFTEE DAFFY--Daffy Duck is desperate to elude the draft board respresentative bearing his conscription order. 

May 1945--AIN'T THAT DUCKY--Daffy Duck hears a duckling crying, arousing Daffy, so he asks the duckling why he is so sad. The duckling is short-tempered and cried, until the hunter succeeded in stealing the satchel reads a note finding out why the duckling is so sad. 

Daffy from 1946-1952--For Daffy Doodles (his first Looney Tunes cartoon as a director), Robert McKimson, Sr. tamed Daffy a bit, redesigning him yet again to be rounder and less elastic. The studio also instilled some of Bugs Bunny's savvy into the duck, making him as brilliant with his mouth as he was with his battiness. Daffy was teamed up with Porky Pig; the duck's one-time rival became his straight man.Art Davis, who directed Warner Bros. cartoon shorts for a few years in the late 1940s until upper management decreed there should be only three units (McKimson, Friz Freleng, and Jones), presented a Daffy similar to McKimson's. McKimson is noted as the last of the three units to make his Daffy uniform with Jones', with even late shorts, such as Don't Axe Me (1958), featuring traits of the "screwball" Daffy.

January 1946--BOOK REVUE--The ultimate Warner Brothers "books come to life" cartoon. Parodies and caricatures ofHarry JamesFrank Sinatra, 'Benny Goodman', Tommy DorseyGene Krupa, 'Jimmy Durante' and, in a wild take-off on Danny Kaye, Daffy launches into a Russian-accented version of "Carolina in the Morning," then scat-sings his way through the tale of "Red Riding Hood" with Margaret O'Brien as Red.

March 1946--BABY BOTTLENECK--It's the start of the Baby-Boom, and the overworked delivery system is full of glitches: Mother Goose gets a baby skunk, a Scotty dog gets a little hippo, and Mr. and Mrs. Mouse wind up with a kitten. Porky and Daffy take over the Baby Factory and get things straightened out until an unidentified egg comes rolling down the assembly line.

April 1946--DAFFY DOODLES--Daffy Duck is on the rampage, painting mustaches on every face, with Policeman Porky Pig in pursuit. 

June 1946--HOLLYWOOD DAFFY--Daffy sneaks onto the Warmer Brothers lot, eventually posing as a tour guide. Daffy spoofs a number of contemporary stars, and others appear as "themselves". He also has a number of run-ins with a studio cop. 

July 1946--THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY--Daffy Duck has a dream in which he is Duck Twacy, a detective forced to fight an army of grotesque villians. 

February 1947--ALONG CAME DAFFY--Snow-bound in a cabin, two starving men begin visualizing each other as food, before salesman Daffy Duck calls at their door. The two men fancy Daffy as a duck dinner and chase him around the cabin. Daffy tells them he is a cookbook salesman with a complimentary turkey dinner. The men let Daffy go and sit down to feast on turkey, but a group of famished mice suddenly appear and devour the bird before the men can raise a knife to carve. When Daffy returns to try to sell the men some after-dinner mints, they resume their hungry chase of Daffy.

April 1947--BIRTH OF A NOTION--Daffy Duck cons a dog named Leopold into offering him a stay in his house, but he has to hide Daffy from his master, a Peter-Lorre style mad scientist who needs a duck's wishbone.

1947--WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?--This more than anything else is probably the glue that ties together the Looniverse.  This story shows that almost every cartoon from the golden age of film all coexist in the same reality.  Who's in it?
  • The Fox and the Crow-originally storyboarded to have a cameo while Eddie's looking for Jessica in Toontown.
  • Mighty Mouse - originally storyboarded to appear in a scene cut from the film, being comforted by the Fleischer Superman at Marvin Acme’s funeral.[11]
  • Heckle and Jeckle
  • The lion from The Temperamental Lion
  • Garfield* - originally he went to Toontown
  • Yakky Doodle* - was originally supposed to be in the final scene with the Toons.
  • Scooby-Doo* - was originally in Toontown.
Note: *denotes anachronisms; these characters (or, in the cases of characters such as Tinker Bell and Marvin the Martian, the animated versions of them that appear in the film) were created and/or first appeared after 1947. But as screenplay writer Peter S. Seaman said, "The aim was entertainment, not animation history." There were a few notable Golden Age characters such as Popeye and Tom and Jerry missing from the movie due to legal copyright issues.

August 1947--A PEST IN THE HOUSE--A sleepy man demands total quiet from hotel manager Elmer Fudd, but bellhop Daffy's noisy antics keep prompting the exasperated guest to sock Elmer in the face. 

November 1947--MEXICAN JOYRIDE--Daffy Duck drives to Mexico for a vacation, and after a harrowing experience with the local cuisine that literally sets his mouth afire, Daffy goes to a bullfight ring to observe the spectacle. When Daffy jeers at the bull, the horned beast removes the clothes from the human matador and puts them on Daffy as a challenge to the duck to fight the bull in the ring. Daffy foils the bull with a proposed wager on a hat trick, betting the bull to guess which of three sombreros Daffy is hiding under. Daffy sees to it that the bull guesses wrong and supplies a machine gun for the impoverished bull to commit suicide. The bull realizes that he is being fooled and, firing the machine gun, chases Daffy out of the bullfight ring. Daffy scrambles to his car to leave Mexico, thinking he has escaped the belligerent bull. But the bull is riding in the back seat of Daffy's vehicle.

February 1948--WHAT MAKES DAFFY DUCK--It's duck season, so Daffy plays hunter Elmer and a hungry fox off against each other.

March 1948--DAFFY DUCK SLEPT HERE--Porky Pig fights to get a room in the only vacant hotel in town. Unfortunately, he must share his room with Daffy Duck, who irritates Porky and makes the night uncomfortable for him.

July 1948--THE UP-STANDING SITTER--Daffy is working as a baby-sitter for the Acme Baby Sitting Agency; while he's sitting on a chicken egg, it hatches. The chick decides Daffy is a stranger and he should have nothing to do with Daffy, but Daffy has to catch the chick. Of course, there are complications, including repeated run-ins with Spike the dog, another chicken whose nest the chick hides in, and a high wire that Daffy can't conquer.

August 1948--YOU WERE NEVER DUCKIER--Finding that the prize for best duck at the National Poultry Show is only $5.00, but $5,000 for the best rooster, Daffy disguises himself as one, but then becomes the object of Henery Hawk's chicken hunt. 

October 1948--DAFFY DILLY--Tired of selling gag novelties on the street, Daffy tries for the million-dollar reward offered by J.P. Cubish for the first person to make him laugh. But he first has to get past the rich man's haughty butler, and in the process subjects the servant to a Bogart-like grilling.

November 1948--THE STUPOR SALESMAN--Slug McSlug, a notorious bank robber, is chased by police after his latest heist. He reaches his country hideout, where he is promptly visited by an uninvited Daffy Duck, who is a door-to-door vendor of a variety of items. McSlug slams his door in Daffy's face, but Daffy persists in his effort to sell something to McSlug and raises the ire of the wanted criminal. McSlug opens fire on Daffy, who conveniently is wearing a sample of his company's bullet-proof vests. When Daffy turns on the gas of McSlug's stove to demonstrate the igniting power of his sample lighter, McSlug literally throws Daffy out and tries the lighter himself, which blows the hideout and McSlug sky-high.

November 1948--RIFF RAFFY DAFFY--Patrolman Porky Pig orders vagrant Daffy Duck out of a gopher hole in the City Park. So, Daffy takes up residence near a fireplace inside a closed-for-business department store. When Porky sees Daffy through one of the store's windows, he enters, intending to throw Daffy out. The resulting chase takes them through the store's many departments.

November 1948--HOLIDAY FOR DRUMSTICKS--The patriarch of a family of farming hill billies is fattening a turkey to slaughter for Thanksgiving Day dinner, and he is fattening the fowl by providing him with a veritable feast of roast beef, ham, fruits, vegetables, cakes, and pies. A jealous Daffy Duck, one of the turkey's fellow farm animals, wants to have all the food for himself. So, Daffy pretends to care for the turkey's welfare and warns the turkey off the food, and he urges the turkey to lose weight so that the hill billies won't want to slaughter him. Daffy gorges himself on the food while acting as coach to the turkey, who is frantically and strenuously trying to reduce himself. When Thanksgiving comes, the turkey is toothpick-thin, and the hillbilly father turns his hungry sights on an overweight Daffy!

January 1949--WISE QUACKERS--Daffy, the "little black duck", falls from the sky onto Elmer Fudd's farm, and rather than be shot, he begs Elmer to accept him as a personal slave. After torturing Elmer with his type of kindness, slave Daffy puts a whip in Elmer's hands, then instantly dresses like Abraham Lincoln to scold Elmer for "whipping slaves".

March 1949--DAFFY DUCK HUNT--Porky Pig goes to a marsh on a hunting expedition, accompanied by his dog (who resembles the barnyard dog from the Foghorn Leghorn series), and they bring home a live Daffy Duck. They put Daffy into a freezer to keep him fresh until cooking time, but Daffy keeps jumping out of the freezer to heckle Porky and the dog.

1950--BUSHY HARE--Bugs is abducted from San Francisco by that drunk stork and brought to a kangaroo family in Australia.  This is one of the banned ones, because there is an aboriginee, and of course those angry parents only want their children to think that Australia only has white people.  Sigh.  If only they knew that Daffy Duck was created to be an animal version of a black man in his original incarnation.

January 1950--BOOBS IN THE WOODS--Daffy Duck disguises himself as an old mountain man, as a sheriff, as an executioner, and as Pocahontas to heckle Porky Pig, who has come to what he thought was a secluded woodland to paint pictures of the scenery.

March 1950--THE SCARLET PUMPERNICKEL--Daffy Duck pitches to J.L. Warner a starring role with himself in a ridiculously over the top swashbuckler film.

May 1950--HIS BITTER HALF--Daffy Duck marries for money, but the bossy wife and her raucous, trouble-making little son soon have him filing for divorce.

August 1950--GOLDEN YEGGS--On Porky Pig's farm, a goose lays a golden egg and says that Daffy Duck laid it. Daffy is quite willing to take the credit and resultant fame, that is until Rocky the gangster kidnaps Daffy and orders him at gunpoint to lay more!

SEPTEMBER 1950--THE DUCKSTERS--Porky is a contestant of a sadistic big money radio quiz show hosted by Daffy Duck. 

Chuck Jones' Daffy from 1951-1964--

Pairing of Daffy and Porky in parodies of popular movies from 1951-1965--While Bugs Bunny became Warner Bros.' most popular character, the directors still found ample use for Daffy. Several cartoons place him in parodies of popular movies and radio serials. For example, Drip-Along Daffy (released in 1951 and named after the popular Hopalong Cassidy character) throws Daffy into a Western, while Robin Hood Daffy (1958) casts the duck in the role of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. In Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century(1953), a parody of Buck Rogers, Daffy trades barbs (and bullets) with Marvin the Martian, with Porky Pig retaining the role of Daffy's sidekick. Other parodies were Daffy in The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946) as "Duck Twacy" (Dick Tracy) by Bob Clampett and as Stupor Duck (Superman, now a WB property himself) by Robert McKimson.

Pairing of Bugs and Daffy from 1951-1964--Bugs' ascension to stardom also prompted the Warner Bros. animators to recast Daffy as the rabbit's rival, intensely jealous and determined to steal back the spotlight, while Bugs either remained indifferent to the duck's jealousy or used it to his advantage. Daffy's desire to achieve stardom at any cost was explored as early as 1940 in Freleng's You Ought to Be in Pictures, but the idea was most successfully used by Chuck Jones, who redesigned the duck once again, making him scrawnier and scruffier. In Jones' famous "Hunting Trilogy" (or "Duck Season/Rabbit Season Trilogy") of Rabbit Fire with Rabbit Seasoning and Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (each respectively launched in 1951, 1952, and 1953), Daffy's vanity and excitedness provide Bugs Bunny the perfect opportunity to fool the hapless Elmer Fudd into repeatedly shooting the duck's bill off. Also, these cartoons reveal Daffy's catchphrase, "You're despicable!" Jones' Daffy sees himself as self-preservationist, not selfish. However, this Daffy can do nothing that does not backfire on him, more likely to singe his tail feathers as well as his dignity than anything.[4] It’s thought that Chuck Jones based Daffy Duck’s new personality off of his fellow animator Bob Clampett, who, like Daffy, was known as a shameless self-promoter.

1951--RABBIT FIRE--Elmer is hunting rabbits...or ducks.  He's a little confused as to which season it is, and this first short to feature both Bugs and Daffy together isn't helping Elmer make up his mind.  This is the famous rabbit season/duck season.  Daffy starts off getting Elmer to hunt Bugs just because Daffy is a prankster, but Bugs is better at the game of wits and things backfire on Daffy, causing the rivalry that will span decades.  Eventually, the two stop working against each other and team up against Elmer, which is great to watch since both are famous at this point for being the trickster who messes with the dummy.  In the end, it turns out to be Elmer season.  In this short, Elmer states he's a vegetarian.  (He hunts for sport.)  But in a previous short, he tries to cook Bugs.  So this must have been a recent change.

December 1951--THE PRIZE PEST--For no apparent reason, Porky Pig is awarded the grand prize of the "What's the Name of Your Name" game show. Unfortunately, the prize is Daffy Duck, whose tactless and rude visit gets him tossed out Porky's house by the irate pig. Insulted, Daffy decides to get back at Porky by pretending to have dissociative identity disorder, becoming a hideous monster whenever he's treated unpleasantly. When Porky eventually finds out he's been had, he decides to give the duck a taste of his own medicine.

February 1952--CRACKED QUACK--Daffy Duck takes shelter from a blizzard by sneaking into a cozy home owned by Porky Pig. Daffy tries to secretly mooch off of Porky for an entire winter, but Porky's dog realizes that Daffy isn't the stuffed ornament he pretends to be and keeps trying to alert Porky to Daffy's ruse.

March 1952--THUMB FUN--Porky Pig regrets picking up a hitchhiking Daffy Duck, whose anarchic driving habits forced on Porky result in the two being apprehended by "the long arm of the law". 

1952--RABBIT SEASONING--It's duck season again, and once again, Daffy tries to fool Elmer into thinking it's Rabbit season, but as with last time, it backfires on him.  Literally.  He gets shot in the face.  A lot.

November 1952--THE SUPER SNOOPER--In this parody of trench-coat detective films, Daffy Duck is Duck Drake, a "Private Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat" who receives a telephone call summoning him to the J. Cleaver Axe-Handle Estate, where a murder has supposedly taken place. Daffy/Drake arrives at a lavish house that he thinks is the murder site and suspects its occupant, an amorous lady duck, of committing the crime. As the lady duck showers him with affection, Daffy attempts to reenact the crime as he believes it happened and orders the lady duck to cooperate. In the process, Daffy is shot, crushed by a falling piano, and run over by a train, before the lady duck tells him that he came to the wrong address, that the real murder site is a house down the road, and that the only thing of which she is guilty is love for Daffy, whom she matrimonially pursues straight through her house's door and outside onto the street.

December 1952--FOOL COVERAGE--Daffy Duck is a life-insurance-peddler, who arrives uninvited at Porky Pig's door to persuade Porky to purchase an insurance policy, on the pretext that Porky's home is loaded with hazards. When Porky rejects Daffy's claim that accidents in the home are "waiting" to happen, Daffy rigs some accidents. But each time, the calamity strikes only Daffy, who is buried in clutter from a closet and blasted in the explosions of kitchen stove gas and a dynamite stick.

Daffy's peak from 1953-1964--While Daffy's looney days were over, McKimson continued to make him as bad or good as his various roles required him to be. McKimson would use this Daffy from 1946 to 1961. Friz Freleng's version took a hint from Chuck Jones to make the duck more sympathetic, as in the 1957 Show Biz Bugs. Here Daffy is arrogant and jealous of Bugs, yet he has real talent that is ignored by the theatre manager and the crowd. This cartoon finishes with a sequence in which Daffy attempts to wow the Bugs-besotted audience with an act in which he drinks gasoline and swallowsnitroglycerinegunpowder, and uranium-238 (in a greenish solution), jumps up and down to "shake well" and finally swallows a lit match that detonates the whole improbable mixture. Some TV stations, and in the 1990s the cable network TNT, edited out the dangerous act, afraid of imitation by young kids.

Solo Daffy--Film critic Steve Schneider calls Jones' version of Daffy "a kind of unleashed id."[5] Jones said that his version of the character "expresses all of the things we're afraid to express."[5] This is evident in Jones' Duck Amuck (1953), "one of the few unarguable masterpieces of American animation" according to Schneider.[6] In the episode, Daffy is plagued by a godlike animator whose malicious paintbrush alters the setting, soundtrack, and even Daffy. When Daffy demands to know who is responsible for the changes, the camera pulls back to reveal none other than Bugs Bunny. Duck Amuck is widely heralded as a classic of filmmaking for its illustration that a character's personality can be recognized independently of appearance, setting, voice, and plot.[6] In 1999, the short was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

1953--DUCK AMUCK--This is an interesting look at the nature of the reality of the Looniverse.  This shows that Looniverse characters know they are cartoons drawn by somebody and watched by somebody.  In this case, Daffy starts off on the set at the Warner Brothers Studios where he thinks he will be filming a reenactment of his ancestor who was a musketeer, but then the set changes, and changes, and so does he.  In the end, the prankster who is messing with Daffy is his old rival Bugs.  At one point, Daffy ends up in a sailor suit, minus the pants, as in Donald Duck.

April 1953--MUSCLE TUSSLE--Daffy Duck takes his girl to a beach, where a muscle-bound duck attracts the attentions of Daffy's fickle chick. She leaves Daffy and walks off with the hunky duck. A salesman sells Daffy a bogus strength-building tonic, and Daffy takes some, thinking it has made him into a virile power-house! He challenges the muscular duck to a series of contests involving bar-bending, chain-chewing, and weight-lifting.

January 1954--DUCK! RABBIT, DUCK!--Once again, Bugs and Daffy try to confuse Elmer as to which hunting season it is.

March 1954--DESIGN FOR LEAVING--Daffy Duck is a salesman for a futuristic appliance company, who, against Elmer Fudd's will, modernizes Fudd's house with many screwball gadgets, none of which work in Fudd's favor.

October 1954--QUACK SHOT--Elmer Fudd goes duck-hunting on a pond, where Daffy Duck proclaims himself guardian of all his web-footed cousins and retaliates against Elmer by using various types of explosive.

1955--RABBIT RAMPAGE--Bugs gets a taste of his own medicine when he has to deal with an animator who treats him the way he previously treated Daffy. 

February 1955--STORK NAKED--A drunken stork comes to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daffy Duck with a bundle of joy, but Daffy wants no more children and takes extreme measures to keep the stork away.

1955--SAHARA HARE--Bugs, Sam, and the French Foreign Legion in the Sahara.  Daffy also appears.

1955--THIS IS A LIFE?--THIS IS A LIFE? is a show hosted by Elmer Fudd that celebrates the life history of a celebrity including bringing people from their past on to the show to surprise the guest.  This episode's guest is Bugs Bunny, though Daffy is upset that he isn't the guest.  Sam is among those invited to help celebrate Bugs by talking about their past encounters.  Granny is among the audience.

September 1955--DIME TO RETIRE--Porky Pig is a tired traveller driving into a town and looking for a hotel. He is delighted to find one with a 10 cent per-night fee. But its manager is Daffy Duck, who infests Porky's room with a succession of rest-disturbing animals and asks an increasingly hefty sum for each time he has to remove an animal from the room.

1956 to Present--Comics--Dell Comics published several Daffy Duck comic books, beginning in Four Color Comics #457, #536, and #615 and then continuing as Daffy #4-17 (1956–59), then asDaffy Duck #18-30 (1959–62). The comic book series was subsequently continued in Gold Key Comics Daffy Duck #31-127 (1962–79). This run was in turn continued under the Whitman Comics imprint until the company completely ceased comic book publication in 1984. In 1994, corporate cousin DC Comics became the publisher for comics featuring all the classic Warner Bros. cartoon characters, and while not getting his own title, Daffy has appeared in many issues of Looney Tunes.

February 1956--THE HIGH AND THE FLIGHTY--Salesman Daffy Duck comes upon a farm, the site of Foghorn Leghorn's ongoing feud with the barnyard dog, and proceeds to sell Foghorn and the dog contraptions to continue their violent, mutual heckling.

July 1956--STUPOR DUCK--Daffy Duck plays a superhero who can't do anything right while fighting a menace he does not know is non-existant.

September 1956--DEDUCE, YOU SAY--Daffy Duck is a detective who is hunting for the Shorepshire Slasher.

Late 1956--A STAR IS BORED--Daffy unwittingly volunteers to be Bugs' stunt double.

Freleng's Daffy--Friz Freleng used the Jones idea for Daffy in Show Biz Bugs (1957) wherein Daffy's "trained" pigeon act (they all fly away as soon as Daffy opens their cage) and complicated tap dance number are answered by nothing but crickets chirping in the audience, whereas Bugs's simple song-and-dance numbers bring wild applause.

1957--ALI BABA BUNNY--Bugs and Daffy tunnel (well, Bugs tunnels, Daffy follows) to a vacation spot but end up inside a cave in Baghdad, filled with treasure, but guarded by a very angry man with a sword.

June 1957--BOSTON QUAKIE--Daffy Duck is an American agent in Paris assigned to guard the valuable secret contents of a briefcase. A man in a green hat steals the briefcase and leads Daffy on a chase aboard the Cloak and Dagger Express.

August 1957--DUCKING THE DEVIL--The Tasmanian Devil escapes from the City Zoo. The reward for his capture is 5000 dollars, which is enough incentive for Daffy Duck to overcome his frantic cowardice and musically lull the Devil into peacefully walking back with him to the City Zoo.

1957--SHOW BIZ BUGS--Bugs and Daffy are competing vaudevillians.  The audience loves everything Bugs does, no matter what he does.  Contrasting, they hate everything Daffy does, no matter what he does.

January 1958--DON'T AXE ME--Farmer Elmer Fudd agrees to provide a duck to his wife for dinner. Daffy Duck has been a moocher on Elmer's farm and has therefore not endeared himself to Fudd or to Fudd's dog. So, axe in hand, Elmer, with the dog's help, chases Daffy, intending to slaughter the pesty, black duck.

McKimson's Daffy--McKimson made more benevolent use of Daffy; in Ducking the Devil, for example, his greed becomes a vital tool in subduing the Tasmanian Devil and collecting a big cash reward. However, McKimson also played with Daffy's movie roles. In 1959, Daffy appeared in China Jones (a parody of a television series of the day, China Smith, starring Dan Duryea) in which he was an Irishprivate eye with an Irish accent instead of the usual lisp.

February 1959--CHINA JONES--Daffy Duck is China Jones, a fortune-seeking Irish private eye working in the Far East. He finds a call for help in a Chinese fortune cookie and decides to investigate. Acting on a tip displayed on a solo musician's drum, Daffy/Jones goes to a pub owned by Limey Louie to look for clues. Louie is, in fact, an ex-convict who blames Jones for sending him to jail. Louie disguises himself as a grieving widow and arranges a series of mishaps for the web-footed sleuth. Porky Pig also appears in this cartoon as Charlie Chung, the plain-clothes Chinese detective.

1959--PEOPLE ARE BUNNY--Daffy tries to lure Bugs onto a show to win a prize.

1960--PERSON TO BUNNY--Bugs is being interviewed in his Hollywood home (which he only uses when he's in Hollywood) by Edward R. Morrow for his show, People to People.  Elmer and Daffy show up.

1960 to 1975--THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW--Bugs hosts a show featuring original animated tales of him and his Looney Tunes cohorts.  IMDB is not very helpful in identifying the characters, since they are more concerned with the actors, and in animation, a few actors do voices for multiple characters, thus you get something like Mel Blanc...Bugs Bunny / ...  with the .. being all the other characters he voices.  Fortunately, the opening, which couldn't be embedded sadly, shows that at least the main characters are BUGS BUNNY, DAFFY DUCK, TWEETY, SPEEDY GONZALES, THE BABY KANGAROO WHO SYLVESTER THINKS IS A MOUSE, YOSEMITE SAM, SYLVESTER, ELMER FUDD, PEPE LEPEW, WILE E. COYOTE, and FOGHORN LEGHORN.  IMDB also lists GRANNY and SMOKY THE GENIE as characters.


1961--THE ABOMINABLE SNOW RABBIT--Daffy accompanies Bugs on another vacation, not yet figuring out Bugs has no sense of direction when he's digging underground.  They end up in the Himalayas where they encounter the Abominable Snow Rabbit who wants to love them and pet them and name them George. 

March 1962--QUACKODILE TEARS--Daffy Duck is ordered by his loud-mouthed wife to sit on their egg in a nest. When Daffy adjusts the nest to make it more comfortable, the egg rolls away from him and into a crocodile hatchery, where it is indistinguishable from all the other eggs. When Daffy picks what he think is his egg from the crocodile hatchery, a male crocodile gives chase and does battle with Daffy for the egg.

November 1962--GOOD NOOSE--Daffy Duck is a stow-away on a ship commanded by a portly, Captain Bligh-like figure, who orders his First Mate, a parrot named Mr. Tristan, to locate any stowaways aboard his ship and to provide a rope to hang the unwanted passengers. Daffy is found and sentenced to hang but offers to entertain the Captain with magic if the Captain will spare his life. The Captain agrees to this proposition, but Daffy is not a magician, and each of his attempted tricks fail, destroying the Captain's precious watch and exploding the ship's powder magazine.

March 1963--FAST BUCK DUCK--Daffy Duck, in his flat in the midst of a junkyard, reads that a millionaire seeks a loyal, entertaining, and trustworthy boon companion. Daffy decides to apply for the job, but when he reaches the millionaire's estate, he finds it guarded by a bulldog, who won't allow Daffy access to the manor house, resulting in the usual cartoon battle of wits.

1963--THE MILLION HARE--Bugs and Daffy race to be the first to get to a TV station and win a prize.

September 1963--AQUA DUCK--Lost in a desert, Daffy Duck finds a gold nugget and is unwilling to part with it even though he is in desperate need of water.

1964--THE ICEMAN DUCKETH--When Daffy learns that people in the Klondike are paying good money for furs, he tries to get Bugs'.

1964 to 1967--THE PORKY PIG SHOW--Ongoing Loony Tunes stories featuring Porky Pig / Daffy Duck / Sylvester / Marvin the Martian / Charlie Dog / Bugs Bunny / Tweety / Sylvester, Jr. / Speedy Gonzales /Foghorn Leghorn / Pepe Le Pew / Goofy Gopher Mac / Beaky Buzzard / Ralph Wolf / Sam Sheepdog / Gabby Goat.

October 31, 1964--CORN ON THE COP--It's Halloween, and an elderly lady, Granny, is leaving a grocery store with her treats for the children. Minutes later, a masked crook disguises himself as an old lady, in clothes the same as Granny's, and robs the grocery store at gunpoint. The grocery store clerk believes he's been robbed by Granny, and inept police officers Daffy Duck and Porky Pig are assigned to the case. They antagonize the real Granny, who thinks they're juvenile delinquents in costumes and whacks them with her purse. And when they spot the crook and chase him to his hideout, he foils all of their clumsy attempts to gain access.

Daffy's pairing with Speedy in 1965-1968--When the Warner Bros. animation studio briefly outsourced cartoon production to DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (DFE) in the 1960s, Daffy Duck became an antagonist (or inconsistent friend) in several Speedy Gonzales cartoons. For example, in Well Worn Daffy (1965), Daffy is determined to keep the mice away from a desperately needed well seemingly for no other motive than pure maliciousness. Furthermore, when he draws all the water he wants, Daffy then attempts to destroy the well in spite of the vicious pointlessness of the act, forcing Speedy to stop him. The Warner Bros. studio was entering its twilight years, and even Daffy had to stretch for humor in the period. It's worth mentioning, though, that in many of the later DFE cartoons, such as Feather Finger andDaffy's Diner, Daffy is portrayed as a more sympathetic character rather than the full-blown villain he is in cartoons like Well Worn Daffy and Assault and Peppered. The last cartoon featuring Daffy and Speedy is See Ya Later Gladiator, in what animation fans call the worst cartoon made by Warner Bros.[7]

January 1965--IT'S NICE TO HAVE A MOUSE AROUND THE HOUSE--When Speedy Gonzales invades the home of Granny and rapidly drives her cat, Sylvester, to a nervous breakdown, Granny calls on Daffy Duck of the Jet Age Pest Control company to do the job of removing Gonzales from her home. Daffy's most ingenious contraptions are useless against the cunning, unflappable Speedy.

March 1965--MOBY DUCK--Daffy Duck, stranded on a desert island and starving, finds canned food on an island. However, there's one problem, Speedy Gonzales has the only available can opener. 

April 1965--ASSAULT AND PEPPERED--Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales wage war on each other.

May 1965--WELL WORN DAFFY--Speedy and a couple of his mouse friends are in need of a drink in the hot desert and come across a water-filled oasis, which belongs to greedy Daffy Duck. 

June 1965--SUPPRESSED DUCK--Daffy Duck goes hunting grizzly bear in a forest but is not allowed by the Game Commissioner to cross the line separating him from the bears. One particular bear teases Daffy by sticking out its tongue. In response, Daffy fires at the bear, but his bullet is stopped dead at the boundary line. Daffy tries to tunnel over to the bears' side and surfaces inside a volatile explosives barn!

August 1965--TEASE FOR TWO--Daffy Duck goes to a forest on a gold hunt, and his treasure map indicates the presence of gold in a hole occupied by two polite twin gophers, who must fight back when Daffy violently tries to remove them from their home.

October 1965--CHILI CORN CORNY--Speedy Gonzales befriends a crow, as he helps him attempt to smuggle corn, and Daffy Duck attempts to stop the two.

October 31, 1965--A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO--Daffy Duck's nephew is convinced he has seen a witch while trick-or-treating at an old house. So, Daffy goes to the house to investigate. Meanwhile, Witch Hazel has decided to take a vacation and uses drugged cheese to turn Speedy Gonzales into her look-alike to mind the house while she's gone. Daffy arrives, meets Speedy in Witch Hazel form, and is invited inside by Speedy for tea.

November 1965--GO GO AMIGO--In Mexico, Daffy Duck is the owner of an electronics store where Speedy Gonzales and his friends are celebrating Speedy's birthday by playing music on Daffy's merchandise. When a furious Daffy uses violent methods to try to stop the mice from using his valuable equipment, he is wrapped in a rope by Speedy and placed on a rotating, vinyl record turntable.

January 1966--THE ASTRODUCK--Daffy Duck moves into a new house only to find it inhabited by Speedy Gonzales. Daffy does everything in his power to dispose of the mouse, even putting enough dynamite in it to blast it into the sky.

February 1966--MUCHO LOCOS--Speedy Gonzales and a little boy mouse watch a broken television set in a junkyard using their imaginations to create a picture. They imagine clips from old Warner cartoons, about the "smart mouse" (Speedy) and the "stupid duck" (Daffy)

February 1966--MEXICAN MOUSEPIECE--Daffy Duck, who has mice living in his house, decides on a way to dispose of them; to send them across the seas for starving cats over there to feast on. He pretends to be helpful to the mice, however, the mice are on to him and enlist the help of Speedy Gonzales. He knows of the plan and foils the plan by tricking him into having the wrong box into a box of fireworks that injure Daffy. At the end with the mice on an opposite cliff than Daffy Duck, Daffy tries to catapult himself across. Unfortunately, he is flattened and Speedy suggests they send HIM over the seas.

March 1966--DAFFY RENTS--After Speedy Gonzales wreaks havoc and gets cats hospitalized, Daffy Duck is called to put a stop to it involving a big cash settlement. He hires a robot known as Herman to do his dirty work for him, although even he can't stop Speedy.

May 1966--SNOW EXCUSE--Speedy Gonzales, living in the snowy mountains, is freezing and decides to steal firewood from Daffy Duck after he rejects him borowing some of his. Daffy does everything in his power to stop him. 

July 1966--A SQUEAK IN THE DEEP--Daffy Duck enters a boat racing contest and is frustrated constantly by Speedy Gonzales.

August 1966--FEATHER FINGER--Daffy Duck, broke and impoverished and desperately needing money, finds an offer for $15 to shoot a small moving target. He goes to Mayor Katt for the request and he tells them about how Speedy Gonzales has been wreaking havoc. So, he goes out to catch him. However, after Daffy catches him, he is outraged to hear that he didn't work the full time and doesn't get the fifteen dollars, so Speedy Gonzales is set loose after Mayor Katt and Daffy Duck fight. Daffy is then once again begging for donations.

September 1966--SWING DING AMIGO--Speedy has an A Go-Go Club that resides in Daffy Duck's home, as Daffy has had enough and tries everything in his power to get rid of them because of the raucous noise they make.

December 1966--A TASTE OF CATNIP--Daffy Duck goes to a doctor after he realizes that he is starting to act like a cat. Daffy finds himself drinking milk out of saucers, scared of dogs, and drooling over the idea of Speedy Gonzales for dinner. 

January 1967--DAFFY'S DINER--Diner owner Daffy Duck must find a real mouse to make into a mouse-burger for El Supremo, a mean Mexican cat. The only real mouse around is a hungry Speedy Gonzales, who comes to Daffy's Diner looking for cheese.

April 1967--QUACKER TRACKER--The Tooth & Nail Hunting Society is offering a reward to anyone who can bag their only missing trophy, Speedy Gonzales. Daffy's just the fool to do it. Daffy tries telling Speedy his shotgun is a telescope, but Speedy convinces Daffy to look. Daffy tries a snare, but it doesn't work until he steps into it to figure out what's wrong. An exploding girl mouse doll keeps finding its way back to Daffy. Daffy disguises himself as a giant enchilada, but the mice squirt hot sauce on him. Finally, Daffy rides a rocket, but ends up running into a train which throws him right back through the hunting society's roof.

May 1967--THE MUSIC MICE-TRO--Daffy Duck falls victim to being tormented by Speedy Gonzales and two other mice who form a band and wants to put a stop to it.

June 1967--THE SPY SWATTER--After a mouse scientist invents a cheese than can strengthen mice to defeat cats, Daffy Duck is ordered to stop Speedy Gonzales before he can deliver the formula. 

July 1967--SPEEDY GHOST TO TOWN--Daffy Duck overhears Speedy Gonzales and another mouse talk about a hidden cheese storage area, thinking it is really gold they are talking about.

September 1967--RODENT TO STARDOM--Daffy is discovered by famous Hollywood director Harvey Hassenpfeffer. The duck is made stuntman for Speedy Gonzales. 

September 1967--GO AWAY STOWAWAY--Daffy Duck builds a rainmaking machine in order to rain out Speedy Gonzales's fiesta, but it spits out a small black cloud that does nothing but harass Daffy himself.

December 1967--FIESTA FIASCO--Daffy Duck builds a rainmaking machine in order to rain out Speedy Gonzales's fiesta, but it spits out a small black cloud that does nothing but harass Daffy himself.

March 1968--SKYSCRAPER CAPER--One night, Speedy Gonzales tries to save his pal Daffy Duck from sleepwalking through a construction site.

1968 to 1978--THE BUGS BUNNY/ROAD RUNNER HOUR--Ongoing Loony Tunes stories featuring Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck / Porky Pig / Tweety / Sylvester /Yosemite Sam / Pepe LePew / Foghorn Leghorn / Speedy Gonzales / Road Runner / Marvin Martian / Wile E. Coyote  / Smoky the Genie / Elmer J. Fudd.

January 1970--PAUL PAULSEN'S HALF A COMEDY HOUR--Daffy Duck is a guest.

1972--The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie--Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies--Back in 1972, The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie anthology series featured Looney Tunes characters in a Filmation production, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet The Groovie Goolies — an atypical crossover of characters from different animation studios. (Consider that veteran WB animators, such as Ted Bonnicksen, Virgil Ross, and Norm McCabe were all working at Filmation at the time.)  'nuff said!

1972 to 1988--LITTLE BIG BOOKS--From Gordon Long Big Little Books are usually considered part of the Looniverse, aren't they? That is, the ones of the Looniverse characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Tom and Jerry, and Mickey Mouse. But there are plenty of fence-straddlers like Popeye, Batman, Superman, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, who have both comic and TVCU versions. And plenty of BLBs are from known TVCU members like Bonanza, Lone Ranger, Man From UNCLE, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Then there are the live animal hero shows Gentle Ben, Lassie, Daktari, FLipper... (I can see my BLB collection behind the monitor here....LOL)

1976--CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS--Bugs, Daffy, and Porky reenact this classical musical piece.

April 1977--BUGS BUNNY'S EASTER SPECIAL--Easter-themed showcase of classic Warner Bros. cartoons, hosted by Bugs Bunny and Granny. 

1977--BUGS BUNNY IN SPACE--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Marvin the Martian, Daffy and Porky, tied together by an original framing sequence.

October 31, 1978--BUGS BUNNY'S HOWL-OWEEN SPECIAL--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Sylvester, Tweety, Dr. Jekyll, Speedy Gonzales, Daffy's nephew, and Witch Hazel, tied together by an original framing sequence.

1978--THE DAFFY DUCK SHOW--From Gordon LongDuring a brief time, Speedy and Daffy had their own Saturday morning show and didn't appear on Bugs', as they were on a different network (NBC had Daffy, but I don't recall who had Bugs then.) I would consider this the lowest point of the Bugs-Daffy feud, when Daffy wouldn't work with Bugs AT ALL. 

Late 1978--HOW BUGS BUNNY WON THE WEST--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Sam, Daffy, Porky, and the Narrator, tied together by an original framing sequence.

February 14, 1979--BUGS BUNNY'S VALENTINE--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Elmer, Cupid, and Daffy.

May 1979--THE BUGS BUNNY MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL--Basically a clip show of older cartoons featuring Bugs, Daffy, the Drunk Stork, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, and Granny, tied together by an original framing sequence.

April 1980--DAFFY FLIES NORTH--Daffy Duck refuses to fly north on his own wing power and seeks an easier way of completing his northerly migration. He decides to ride a laughing horse, but fails in all of his attempts to mount the "glue factory reject".

April 1980--THE YOLKS ON YOU--Foghorn Leghorn assigns Prissy, who's been laying some odd, unsatisfactory eggs, to lay turquoise eggs for Easter. When she messes up and lays a golden egg, she discards it. It's discovered by impoverished pals Daffy Duck and Sylvester, whose friendship fades rapidly as the two take turns stealing the egg from one another.

April 1980--THE CHOCOLATE CHASE--Speedy Gonzales is once again called to get past Daffy Duck when he denies the mice of Mexico chocolate bunnies for Easter.

April 1980--DAFFY DUCK'S EASTER SHOW--Daffy is looking forward to celebrate Easter but his mysterious animator decides to make very bad things with the three completely new episodes.

November 1980--DAFFY DUCK'S THANKS-FOR-GIVING SPECIAL--Another Bugs Bunny free special with Daffy.  The feud continues.

1981--THE SYLVESTER & TWEETY, DAFFY & SPEEDY SHOW--From Gordon LongDuring a brief time, Speedy and Daffy had their own Saturday morning show and didn't appear on Bugs', as they were on a different network (NBC had Daffy, but I don't recall who had Bugs then.) I would consider this the lowest point of the Bugs-Daffy feud, when Daffy wouldn't work with Bugs AT ALL. 

1981--LOONEY, LOONEY, LOONEY BUGS BUNNY MOVIE--Bugs hosts an awards show for three films which are actually compilation clip shows.  This movie also features King Arthur, Sir Osis of Liver, Sir Loin of Beef, Sam, Gerry the Idgit Dragon, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety, Porky, Speedy Gonzales, Satan, the Treasury Director, Rocky, Mugsy, a judge, Clancy, O'Hara, cops, Pepe Le Pew, Clarence aka B.A. Bird, Granny, Big Bad Wolf, Three Little Bops, the singing narrator, the non-singing narrator, a lawyer, and an interviewing dog.

1982--BUGS BUNNY'S MAD WORLD OF TELEVISION--Clip show parody of television featuring Bugs, Sam, Porky, Daffy, and Pepe Le Pew.

1982--BUGS BUNNY'S 3RD MOVIE:  1001 RABBIT TALES--Bugs and Daffy become traveling book salesmen.  Bugs is abducted by Sam, who is now a sultan, and Bugs is forced to tell stories to Sam's son (!!!), Prince Abba-Dabba.  Thus a clip show ensues.  This film also features Porky, Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., Speedy Gonzales, Tweety, Genie, Hassan (the guy guarding the treasure in Baghdad), Big Bad Wolf, Bean Stalk Giant that doesn't look like Elmer, Elvis Gorilla (the only who temporarily adopted Bugs), the drunk Stork, Elmer, Granny, Goldimouse, Mrs. Sylvester, Mrs. Elvis Gorilla, Jack the Giant Slayer's mother, and the old storyteller.

1983--DAFFY DUCK'S FANTASTIC ISLAND--Daffy Duck finds a wishing well that grants real wishes (by actually repeating old's a clip  He goes into business with DAFFY DUCK'S FANTASTIC ISLAND.

1985--THE BUGS BUNNY/LOONEY TUNES COMEDY HOUR--There's actually no original material here.  Not even a framing sequence.  It's just old cartoons, some edited for violence.

August 1986--HOWARD THE DUCK--Meanwhile, in the TVCU of Cleveland, Howard watches a Donald Duck cartoon on TV.

1986 to 2000--THE BUGS BUNNY AND TWEETY SHOW--No original material.  Just older cartoons with the violence and minority racial stereotypes removed.

Modern Daffy--Daffy appeared in later cartoons. He was one of many Looney Tunes characters licensed by Warner to appear in the 1988 Disney/Amblin film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In the film, he shares a scene with his Disney counterpart and rival Donald Duck whilst engaged in a piano duel. In 1987, to celebrate Daffy's 50th anniversary, Warner Bros. released "The Duxorcist" as its first theatricalLooney Tunes short in two decades. Daffy Duck also appeared in several feature-film compilations, including two films centering on Daffy. The first was released in 1983, Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island; the second came in 1988, Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, which is considered one of the Looney Tunes' best compilation films and featured another new theatrical short, "The Night of the Living Duck". Daffy has also had major roles in films such as Space Jam in 1996 and Looney Tunes: Back in Action in 2003. The latter film does much to flesh out his character, even going so far as to cast a sympathetic light on Daffy's glory-seeking ways in one scene, where he complains that he works tirelessly without achieving what Bugs does without even trying. That same year, Warner Bros. cast him in a brand-new Duck Dodgers series. (It should be stressed that in this show, Duck Dodgers actually is Daffy Duck due to him being frozen in suspended animation in some unknown incident.) He had a cameo appearance in the Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries episode "When Granny Ruled the Earth", first airing on March 27, 1999. Daffy has also been featured in several webtoons, which can be viewed online.

1988--DAFFY DUCK'S QUACKBUSTERS--Daffy inherits money, but the deceased relative swore to come back and get the money if Daffy doesn't do community service, so he forms a ghost extermination service along with Bugs, Porky, and Sylvester.  

1988--BUGS VS. DAFFY:  BATTLE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO STARS--Bugs and Daffy are guest VJs (for MTV or VH1?) showing clips for old musical themed cartoons.

1989--FIFTY YEARS OF BUGS BUNNY IN 3 1/2 MINUTES--Just a clip tribute to Bugs as he heads towards his fiftieth anniversary as the star of the Warner Brothers documentaries.  

1989 to Present--VIDEO GAMES--

1990--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUGS!:  50 LOONEY YEARS--In 1990, it was 50 years since Bugs Bunny first appeared on film in a recognizable form and outwitted hunter Elmer Fudd. To commemorate the subsequent half-century-long career of the most famous cartoon rabbit in history, this prime-time television special was produced and featured several Hollywood stars stating their affection and admiration for Bugs, intercut with clips from various of Bugs' cartoons and comments by legendary cartoon directors Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng. A tribute was also made to the late Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs and countless other cartoon characters.

1990--BOX-OFFICE BUNNY--A multiplex cinema theater is built over Bugs' hole so fast he didn't even notice until it was complete and operating.  Bugs goes to check it out, annoying Elmer who is an usher and Daffy who is a patron. I have to say, poor Elmer.  He's had all these odd jobs, but he was once rich (though lost his money due to tax fraud and had to fake insanity).  He was even a government agent, but now he's working odd jobs again, unless it's part of his cover.

1990 to 1995-- Tiny Toon Adventures--In the television series Tiny Toon Adventures, Daffy is a teacher at Acme Looniversity, where he is the hero and mentor of student Plucky Duck. Daffy is shown as a baby in the Baby Looney Tunes show, and makes occasional cameos on Animaniacs and Histeria! (TV series). In the show Loonatics Unleashed, his descendant is Danger Duck (voiced by Jason Marsden), who is also lame and unpopular to his teammates. In the majority of these appearances, the selfish, neurotic, and spotlight-hungry Daffy characterized by Chuck Jones is the common version.

1991--(BLOOPER) BUNNY!--A documentary crew films the behind the scenes of the making of THE BUGS BUNNY 51ST-AND-A-HALF ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR.    Also features DAFFY DUCK and other LOONEY TUNES characters.

1991--BUGS BUNNY'S LUNAR TUNES--Bugs has been selected to defend the Earth in an Intergalactic court, in order to stop Marvin the Martian from blowing it up - can he succeed?  I somehow missed this one when writing the Bugs Bunny blog.  This also features DAFFY DUCK and the rest of the LOONEY TUNES characters.

October 1991--TAZ-MANIA--"A Devil of a Job"--Daffy Duck makes a guest appearance.  

1992--BUGS BUNNY'S CREATURE FEATURES--"The Duxorcist", "Night of the Living Duck" and "Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers" are combined to form this TV special.  Also featuring DAFFY DUCK and other LOONEY TUNES characters.

1995--SPACE JAM--When aliens invade Earth, Bugs and friends challenge the aliens to a basketball game with Earth as the prize. Then the scrawny aliens show they are really huge monsters. The toons need an edge, and apparently there are no good basketball players in their universe, so they abduct Michael Jordan from Earth-Prime to help them out. This takes place during the time when Michael had failed as a baseball player and is actually the story explaining why he went back to basketball.  Appearing here are from the Looniverse:  Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Tasmanian Devil, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Granny, Pepe Le Pew, Lola Bunny.  And appearing from Earth-Prime are:  Michael Jordan, Stan Podolak, Juanita Jordan, Jeffery Jordan, Marcus Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, Larry Bird, Bill Murray, James Jordan, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Tyrone Boques, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Ahmad Rashad, Del Harris, Vlade Divac, Cedric Ceballos, Jim Rome, Paul Westphal, Danny Ainge, Alonzo Mourning, A.C. Green, Charles Oakley, Derek Harper, Jeff Malone, Anthony Miler, Sharone Wright.

1990s--CHEETOS COMMERCIAL--Daffy Duck is a stunt double for Chester Cheetah.

1995--CARRTOBLANCA--In Casablanca, Bugs Bunny runs an American bar and only looks out for himself. When he is given secret papers that will help defeat the rule of General Pandemonium. However when Bugs falls for Kitty, the wife of the leader of resistance, things change for him and he finds himself having to put himself on the line. Written by bob the moo.  And then Rob says: Though this is an adaptation of Casablanca, there's no reason to place this in the 1940s. There are no references to that era directly. Just to the basic story plot and themes.  DAFFY DUCK and other Looney Tunes characters also appear.  

1995 to 2000--DECODE PAS BUNNY--French animated television show with Bugs and Daffy, though I'm not clear as to whether it's original material or old stuff.

1996--MARVIN THE MARTIAN IN THE THIRD DIMENSION--Daffy Duck is living in Bugs Bunny's shadow, but when Marvin the Martian comes to Earth, and Daffy thinks he's a big Hollywood director, Daffy thinks he's going to be living on easy street. 

August 1996--SUPERIOR DUCK--Daffy is supposedly a super hero and tries to show off his "super powers."

1996 to 1999--THE BUGS N' DAFFY SHOW--Just re-runs.

May 1998--THE DREW CAREY SHOW--"My Best Friend's Wedding"--Daffy Duck shows up in Cleveland of the TVCU to apply for a job at Drew Carey's office.  Nobody is surprised by a talking duck in their office.  Of course, Cleveland of the TVCU is also the home of another talking duck named Howard.

1998--LOONEY TUNES SING-ALONGS--I didn't include this one on the Bugs timeline, but a certain fowl said that it was a crime not to point out his beautiful singing voice on this.  It's mostly archived footage of past musical bits from Looney Tunes shorts, with some new material used as filler.

2000--TWEETY'S HIGH-FLYING ADVENTURE--When Colonel Rimshot at the Looney Club announces his belief that cats are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, Granny proposes a wager that Tweety can fly around the word in 80 days, collecting the paw prints of 80 cats.  Sylvester is determined to chase Tweety and eat him before some other cat gets to him first.  Though this is a take on the Jules Verne tale, I don't see any evidence to place in in the 19th century, though I'm going off of IMDB only, so I might be wrong.  Also appearing in this film are Bugs, Daffy, Marvin the Martian, Henery Hawk, Casino Cat, Foghorn Leghorn, Rocky, Taz, Sam, Pete Puma, Aoogah, Lola Bunny (the real main evidence this takes place in the modern day...after Space Jam), an airplane worker, Prissy, the Queen of England, a ship crewman, a sphinx, Hector the Bulldog, Hugo the Abominable Snowman, and Mugsy.

2000--SUPERMAN/BUGS BUNNY--Mark Wilson Hill Batman has had crossovers with BatDuck (or Daffy as Batman).

2003--LOONEY TUNES:  REALITY CHECK--A new reality show with Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety, Cecil Turtle, Beaky Buzzard, Porky, Foghorn Leghorn, Taz, Granny, Emeril, Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Elmer, Skull, and the Mighty Volcano God.

2003--LOONEY TUNES:  STRANGER THAN FICTION--I don't know the plot, but I know this is an original story.  It features Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Sylvester Jr., Tweety Bird, Marvin the Martian, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Barnyard Dawg, Taz, Petunia Pig, Granny, Witch Hazel, Stone Cold Duck, Emeril, Sam, the ghost of William Shakespeare, Dr. Moron, Pepe Le Pew, and Elmer.

2003--LOONEY TUNES:  BACK IN ACTION--This adventures takes place in the Looniverse with BUGS BUNNY and his LOONEY TUNES gang.  The characters who appear are:  TASMANIAN DEVIL, YOSEMITE SAM, DAFFY DUCK, BEAKY BUZZARD, SYLVESTER, MAMA BEAR, FOGHORN LEGHORN, NASTY CANASTA, ELMER FUDD, PETER LORRE (yes, the actor, who is immortal in the Looniverse), TWEETY BIRD, MARVIN THE MARTIAN, SPEEDY GONZALES, PEPE LE PEW, GRANNY, PORKY PIG, SHAGGY, SCOOBY-DOO, COTTONTAIL SMITH, BABY BEAR, PAPA BEAR, TWO DALEKS, ROBBY THE ROBOT, ROBERT THE ROBOT, and THE METALUNA MUTANT.  Note the two Daleks are from the TVCU and are frequent enemies of DOCTOR OMEGA.  Robby the Robot is also from the TVCU, and is from FORBIDDEN PLANET (though he's had about a dozen other appearances.)  The Metaluna Mutant is also from the TVCU as seen in THIS ISLAND EARTH.  Scooby and Shaggy are also visiting the Looniverse from their home universe of the TVCU.  They are at Warners Studios (which may be the location of the portal between worlds) and they complain about the new actors playing them in the recent film based on Fred's book.

2004--DAFFY DUCK FOR PRESIDENT--Daffy decides to run for president so that he can outlaw rabbits.  Bugs points out to him that presidents don't enact laws, congress does.  So Daffy becomes a congressman, and tries to pass a bill that would make rabbit season no less than 12 months a year and abolish duck season, but it doesn't pass, so then he goes to the Supreme Court.  Daffy gets a lesson in how our government works while Bugs gets a laugh at Daffy's frustration.

December 23 to 25, 2006--BAH HUMDUCK!:  A LOONEY TUNES CHRISTMAS--Daffy owns a Lucky Duck Mega-Mart where Porky is his assistant manager and his other employees are Marvin Martian (he's a Martian, and it's his last name), Speedy Gonzales, and Elmer Fudd.  He won't let them have Christmas off, so Bugs (a shopper) works with the Christmas Spirits, who take the forms of Tweety, Granny, Sam and Taz, to show Daffy the true meaning of Christmas.  Note that one, Marvin has been reduced to working retail on Earth.  Note also that Porky here has a daughter, Priscilla.  I can only assume Petunia is the mother. 

May 2011 to November 2013--THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW--Daffy returned to Cartoon Network in The Looney Tunes Show, voiced by Jeff Bergman.[citation needed] His characterization here seems to incorporate some elements of Clampett's and Jones' designs while giving him an overall cheery if dimwitted personality. In the show, he has moved out of the forest and shares Bugs's house with him. Unlike Bugs and their neighbors, Daffy has no way of earning money and relies on Bugs for food and shelter. He has tried on numerous occasions to get rich quick, but ended up failing repeatedly. Daffy's one possession he is proud of is his paper-mache parade float, constructed on top of a minivan, which is his main means of transportation. It was destroyed by a car wash incident, and Daffy sought to replace it with a yacht by tricking Porky into giving him the expensive loan, but his less-than-stellar boating skills ended that ambition. His parade float is repaired shortly after. While Daffy's greed and jealousy of Bugs remains, it appears to be less antagonistic in this show.  This series must take place in an alternate reality, perhaps the Looniverse 2.  Even with the bizarre nature of the Looniverse, this series makes too many retcons to characters that Bugs and company have history with.  In this series, Daffy wears a toupe.  Also in this series, Bugs says he's known Daffy for 17 years. In the new Cartoon Network series The Looney Tunes Show, Bugs and Daffy live together in suburbia opposite Yosemite Sam.Gordon Long adds:  Bugs is back in the city or suburbs for the modern Looney Toons series, and this time he is sharing a house with both Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzalez.

2012--DAFFY'S RHAPSODY--Daffy starred in the 3-D short Daffy's Rhapsody with Elmer Fudd that was originally set to premiere before Happy Feet Two but instead it debuted prior to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The short features Daffy and Elmer in the first CG or 3-D depiction of these specific Looney Tunes characters. According to Matthew O’Callaghan who directed the short, the audio comes from a 1950s recording for a children's album.[9]


MARCH 15, 2013--Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: Fowl Force--Apocraphyl

So, lets talk about the future.  First, it should be noted that the future is not set in stone, and divergent timelines are constantly being created thanks to amateur time travelers.  But there is a basic future set.  We're not that far from Ted Mosby telling his kids how he met their mother.  That would be around the same time Detroit has a cyborg police office called Robocop.  About 40 years from now we'll face a third world war, leading to a post-holocaust era where Mad Max is the Road Warrior and Terminators rule the western U.S. while Zephran Cochrane is creating the first (Earth-made) warp drive system.  After making first contact with the Vulcans, a new golden age begins, with the creation of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets.  Meanwhile, while Archer commands the first Enterprise, the event of Project: A-Ko also unfold.  The next few centuries are the eras of Trek, but then in the 25th century, another world war devastates Earth, but a hero from the past named Buck Rogers will come to save the planet and it's people.  (Duck Dodgers also arrives from the Looniverse, which is now publicly known by the people of Earth and travel between the dimensions is done on a regular basis just as with other planets.)  The latter half of the millennium returns Earth to glory, and by the 30th Century, the United Federation of Planets has become simply the United Planets, and is protected by the Legion of Super-Heroes.  But by the 31st century, things have gone downhill....

March 2056--ROCKET SQUAD--In a futuristic city, Detectives Monday and Tuesday pursue a wanted criminal. 

Nasa mer daffy.jpg

24 1/2th Century--Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century--This is the first Duck Dodgers story.  Note the later Duck Dodgers Cartoon Network series seems to retcon elements of the previous version.  It could be that the later show is the Looniverse 2 version, but I think it's just easier to write off the differences as being two variant alternate futures of the Looniverse.  Plus, it is the Looniverse, so we really don't have to overthink continuity too much.

24 1/2 Century--DUCK DODGERS AND THE RETURN OF THE 24 1/2TH CENTURY--Daffy Duck reprises his famous role of Duck Dodgers in another spoof of Saturday afternoon space serials. Assigned to locate the rack-and-pinion molecule needed for yo-yo polish, Dodgers and his assistant, an eager young space cadet (Porky Pig), crash their spaceship into a giant egg-shell, where they find Marvin Martian, who is, as usual, scheming to destroy Earth. Marvin asks Dodgers to visit the boudoir of Gossamer, a giant, hairy monster in sneakers, and the frightened Dodgers flees. Porky uses electronic clippers to literally haircut Gossamer into nothingness, and Dodgers, jealous of his assistant's heroism, repeatedly fires his ray gun at Porky's rear.

24 1/2 Century--DUCK DODGERS IN ATTACK OF THE DRONES--An alien from the same race as Zoidberg and the Great Gazoo have both appeared.

24 1/2 Century--DUCK DODGERS-- From James Bojaciuk:  Duck Dodgers was actually the current Daffy Duck, who had somehow been accidently frozen for several centuries, then managed to trick the future governent into believing he was a great war hero of the past. Eager Young Space Cadet is a distant descendant of Porky Pig. In one episode of the newer Duck Dodgers series--I forget the title and Wikipedia is no help--Hollywoodplanet released a movie about the exploits of Duck Dodgers...starring Bugs Bunny as Duck Dodgers.

  • In one episode, Dodgers encounters the Green Lantern Corps.  It's unclear if this is the Looniverse Green Lantern Corps, or the TVCU counterparts.  
  • James Bojaciuk adds:  By the by, Daffy Duck battled a being that was essentially Aku in an episode of Duck Dodgers.

24 1/2th Century--Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: Star Trek and Duck Dodgers--




Release Date:  June 15, 1990
Series:  Gremlins
Horror Crosses: Body Snatchers
The Story:  After the death of Mr. Wing, Gizmo ends up the property of Clamp Enterprises and is sent to their headquarters for study.  Of course, Gizmo gets wet and multiplies, and the others eat after midnight and become evil gremlins, and the staff of the building must fight to contain the menace.
HCU Comments:  This is of course a sequel to Gremlins, already brought in via a cross with the Howling.  It should be noted that there is also a reference to the Gremlins in the film The Goonies.  One of the Clamp scientists is also in possession of a pod, as seen in The Body Snatchers.  I should also note one other crossover in the film that doesn’t really count.  Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig appear at the beginning and end of the film, and in a more expanded segment on the DVD version.  The film opens as if the viewer will be seeing a Looney Tunes short first, but when Daffy and Bugs fight over it, Bugs decides to just skip to the movie.  The film also ends with a typical Porky Pig ending, also interrupted by Daffy.  This framing sequence is not part of the main story, and in fact, the implication is that Bugs, Daffy and Porky also see Gremlins 2 as a fictional film from their perspective.  So their appearance, not being part of the story that is canon, does not bring them into the HCU.


Release Date:  November 9, 2003 (Contemporary Setting)

Series:  Looney Tunes

Horror Crosses:  Scooby-Doo! (See Comments); This Island Earth

Non-Horror Crosses:  Doctor Who; Forbidden Planet; Robert the Robot; The Jack Benny Program

The Story:  When Daffy demands his own movie, he’s fired by Warner Bros.  Daffy ends up causing a security guard to be fired also, and follows him home to make amends.  The fired guard is the son of a famous action star who turns out to be a real secret agent, and the guard and Daffy get involved in a mission.  Meanwhile, Bugs refuses to work unless Daffy is hired back, and so he and the vice president of comedy head out to find Daffy.

HCU Comments:  First, let me apologize to serious horror fans.  However, the appearance of the Metaluna Mutant brings this film into the Horror Crossover Universe.  The hard part for me was to explain how it could fit.  Luckily, I have great friends who brought to my attention the film, Evil Toons.  Though some cartoon animals have been explained away as experiments of Doctor Moreau, in the case of this film, the Looney Tunes characters are clearly cartoons , but ones living in the “real world”, working for Warner Bros. and elsewhere in the world.  In Evil Toons, which is in the Horror Crossover Universe due to the crossover relevant to this entry, the Necronomicon ex Mortis (from Evil Dead) is used to bring cartoon characters to life, in order to serve the spell caster.  Warner Bros. must have performed such a spell to bring their creations to life to serve as actors (because it’s easier?)  I presume the fact that people don’t freak out when encountering living cartoons is an effect of the spell as well.  It should be noted that likely all fully animated Looney Tunes cartoons are fictional within the Horror Crossover Universe, but these living cartoons take on the characteristics and memories of the fictional characters they resemble.  Scooby-Doo and Shaggy appear, as animated characters at the Warner Bros. cafeteria, complaining about their portrayal in the live action films.  This can’t be the same Scooby and Shaggy from the 1970s and 1980s cartoons.  Those cartoons feature a real person and dog (albeit a talking dog).  In the 1980s, there was an animated movie called Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood.  Since the 1980s films are in the Horror Crossover Universe, we can use that film as evidence that Mystery, Incorporated, and particularly Scooby, became famous.  Evidently famous enough to have a cartoon and live action film based on them.  The cartoon Scooby and Shaggy of this film must be the 21st century series of new Scooby-Doo! animated films, brought to life just as the Looney Tunes figures were.  Based on that, we must assume those 21st century animated films, as well as the live action films they were complaining about, must be fictional within the Horror Crossover Universe.  In one scene that takes place in a lab, the film’s heroes encounter the Metaluna Mutant, a pair of Daleks, Robbie the Robot, and Robert the Robot.  The Metaluna Mutant is the basis for this film’s inclusion in this guide and within the Horror Crossover Universe.  The Metaluna Mutant is from This Island Earth.  Though the film is more sci-fi than horror, the Metaluna Mutant was included in Scary Monsters Magazine’s Universal Kombat Series, thus placing him amongst the ranks of the classic Universal Monsters.  The Daleks are an alien race that are enemies of the Doctor from Doctor Who.  Robbie the Robot is from Forbidden Planet, which takes place in the future, but as seen in Gremlins, he seems to get around through time and space.  Robert the Robot was a toy of the 1950s, though the version here is life size, as the toy was meant to be imagined as, thus this is a crossover with the fictional world that the toy lived in.  Finally, the car used in the film by the security guard and Daffy is the same talking car (voiced by Mel Blanc with archived footage) from the Jack Benny Program, thus bringing that television program of classic TV into the Horror Crossover Universe.

MAD--This parody universe was shown to be part of the Television Crossover Multiverse in Batman: the Brave and the Bold. In MAD episode "McDuck Dynasty", Daffy Duck appears.


ROBOT CHICKEN UNIVERSE--Shown to be part of the Television Crossover Multiverse in FAMILY GUY.  Daffy Duck has appeared twice on this show.