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NFL: A TVCU Super Bowl Special

So I was going to come up with some NFL themed trivia question for the TVCU forum today, but instead when searching for a question, found I actually have a few "crosses" with the NFL already in the TVCU, and thought instead I would reprint here the already mentioned NFL TVCU mentions.

1931-THE FOOTBALL TOUCHER DOWNER--In college, Popeye and Bluto are on different football teams.  Olive and Wimpy go to school with Popeye.  This clearly supports my notion that the comics and cartoons don't work together.  See to see how the origins don't match up.

1934--THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS--The Trio are confused for famous football players and hired to join a gangster's team.  Of course, they are horrible and must then flee before they are killed (or hurt really badly).

1940--NO CENSUS, NO FEELING--The stooges get job as census takers.  First they go to a mansion to take a census, and cause havoc amongst the rich folk, as usual.  Then they go to a football game to take the census.  They can't get in without tickets, so they disguise themselves as football players, which get them mistakenly put into the game, where they ruin the game.

September 1962--HAPPY DAYS/LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY--"Shotgun Wedding"--The Happy Days Gang and the Laverne and Shirley gang all go out camping in redneck land at the same time by coincidence.  After Fonzie and Richie hit on the farmer's daughters, they end up being held at shotgun to marry the girls.  The guys say they're already engaged to Laverne and Shirley.  This two parter (that starts on one show and ends on the other) is in fact the moment the TVCU concept began.  One episode literally ends mid scene with the guys being chased across a field, and the next show continues at that exact point in the scene.  So awesome.  The girls had also appeared in other HAPPY DAYS episodes "A Date with Fonzie", "Football Frolics", "Fonzie the Superstar", and "Fonzie's Funeral".

Early 1970s: Sabrina Blaylock and Kelly Garrett graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy, where Sabrina was the quarterback on the Academy football team. Sabrina falls in love with and marries fellow officer, Bill Duncan. After short careers facing discrimination in work assignments, they quit and eventually go to work for Charlie. Sabrina was hired first and received a Ford Pinto. Kelly received a Mustang. Bill and Sabrina broke up over her refusal to choose a safer job path, but they continued dating off and on. Paul Danvers becomes the sheriff of the small town of Paylon, Arizona. Tiffany Welles graduated from Whitney College, studying parapsychology among other things, and was eventually tops in her class at the Boston Police Academy. Tiffany’s father, Lt. Welles, is a long-time friend of Charlie’s.

October 31, 1988--NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL--Elvira is at the game.  (Colts vs. Broncos if you're interested.)

September 1996 to February 1997--MARRIED WITH CHILDREN--"Damn Bundys"--Al Bundy makes a deal with the Devil to play in the NFL, but on the day of the Super Bowl, the Devil comes to collect Al's soul, and sentences him to an eternity of spending time only with his family and his neighbors, the D'Arcys.  Napoleon also appears.  Napoleon has also appeared on THE AVENGERS, THE TIME TUNNEL, I DREAM OF JEANNIE, THE PRISONER, TIME BANDITS, THE NEVER SAY U.N.C.L.E. AFFAIR, BEWITCHED, and BLACKADDER:  BACK AND FORTH.

October 28, 1996--NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL--Elvira at another game, this time Bears v. Vikings.

August 2001--FAMILY GUY--"Lethal Weapons"--At the bar, Peter says “Krypton sucks,” angering General Zod and his partners, the Kryptonian villains from Superman II, sending them to the "Phantom Zone", flying out to space exactly like the film.  Lucy van Pelt from the comic strip Peanuts appears and pulls away a football as Lois tries to kick it (as she does to Charlie Brown). Lois then kicks her in the face and she cries. Peter would kick Lucy for also pulling the football away from Charlie Brown in Brian's Got a Brand New Bag.  While voicing the “man-eating tree,” Peter claims he ate “insane New York anchorman Dan Rather” and “asexual former Mayor Ed Koch.”  Lucy van Pelt from the comic strip Peanuts appears and pulls away a football as Lois tries to kick it (as she does to Charlie Brown). Lois then kicks her in the face and she cries.

November 2009--FAMILY GUY--"Brian's Got a Brand New Bag"--The screeching demons that take away the newly deceased Willy in the movie Ghost take Joe Swanson.  Another one of Cleveland's Bathtub Gags appears in this episode, being the 7th iteration of the gag so far, but this time, Cleveland is not in the bathtub because he moved.  Lucy van Pelt from the comic strip Peanuts appears and pulls away a football from Charlie Brown and is kicked by Peter. Lois also kicks Lucy in Lethal Weapons.

January 31, 2010--SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL--Barney holds up a sign at the Super Bowl asking hot women to call him.  And they do in the next episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

February 2, 3000--FUTURAMA--"The Series Has Landed"--The emblems on Fry and Leela's spacesuits are identical to the emblems on old LEGO astronaut figures. In recent years, they've been making more intricately decorated spaceman figures, but on the old figures, they all had the same gold planet and rocket orbit logo.  The Crushinator looks like one of the robot football players from the animated TV series The Jetsons.


WHONIVERSE--Caeric ArcLight says:  Made a DVD run at some of the local pawn shops and was reminded of a neat 'crossover.' In the first TRANSFORMERS movie, Travis Van Winkle played an egotistical jerk named Trent. In the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake/reboot/sequel, Travis Van Winkle played an egotistical jerk named Trent.  Rob adds:  Whoah. And in 2007's Transformers he was in high school, and in 2009's Friday, he was in college. What a good catch.  Of course, this is difficult for my TVCU theories, since I place the Friday film as a sequel, and I can't have a world where entire cities are devastated by robots in the TVCU. And even though the TVCU2 is a world of remakes and has lots of cities being devastated in the past decade, which would allow a version of the Friday film that views it as a remake to fit there along with the Transformer films, I've already placed the IDW version in the TVCU2. However, certain connections to the Whoniverse with the film have been made, with some appearances of the film versions of the Transformers existing in the same NFL promo world as other Whoniverse denizens.  The Whoniverse is a great place where alien invasions happen all the time, then the world just forgets about them.


So Matt Hickman has found us another crossover between the Power Rangers and NFL sports.

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  1. Michael Bay, the director of the Transformers movies and that Friday the 13th movie, has confirmed that, that is indeed the same Trent.