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Catching up with Gravity: Season One of Gravity Falls in the TVCU

When the sun goes down. . .
That is when the mayhem awakens
And madness crawls
Out of nowhere
We go where adventure calls
While the people are sleeping behind safe walls,
We’re explorers of forests and haunted halls
Empty graves and
Old Caves and
Abandoned malls
I mean there’s nothing else to do here in Gravity Falls

—From an unused Gravity Falls theme composed by Lemon Demon


Small towns are boring. The best gossip you’re likely to get is that Mary Helen finagled her way into editing the town’s two newspapers, or maybe that Thelma, bless her little heart, is putting bacon in her potato salad now.
Unless you’re in Gravity Falls.

Then all your gossip swirls around that cute widdle faith healer down by marshy way, or the buried president that no-one’s supposed to know is buried there, or bigfoot, or the last gobblewonker sighting, or the man who never turns right, or the mermaids and little men, or Lazy Susan’s pie.

One summer, Dipper and Mabel Pines are sent to spend the summer helping their great uncle run his business, the Mystery Shack. It’s exactly what you’d expect. A roadside attraction designed only to part you from your wallet, a place infested with fakes and mummery.

As fake as the Mystery Shack is,  all of the weirdness in the town outside is very, very real.

So they set out to solve it.

Gravity Falls is slated to take place over the course of a single summer. For the purpose of this timeline, I’m assuming every episode takes place over the course of one or two days. Let’s hope that, unlike Phineas and Ferb, we can contain the series to a single summer.

2012—Gravity Falls—Gravity Falls Opening Credits

The opening credits, as so often happens, are flashes of cases you’ll never see in the show proper. Among Dipper and Mabel’s pictures is a clear as day shot of Bat Boy.

Bat Boy originates from Weekly World News.


Late May, 2012—“Headhunters”

Dipper and Mabel stumble into one of the Mystery Shack’s many, many hidden rooms. They find wax dummies—mad, homicidal wax dummies. Among many ordinary figures—Larry King, Coolio, and William Shakespeare—are two who deserve to be highlighted: Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood. Both are treated as historical figures. Therefore, Gravity Falls takes place in a universe in which Holmes and Robin were real men.

June, 2012—“Fight Fighters”

In the Gravity Falls arcade, there is a bootleg Tron cabinet. “Cleverly,” the bootleggers have named it Nort.


Tron, of course, is an arcade cabinet in Tron (1982) and Tron Legacy (2010).


June, 2012—“Mabel’s Guide to Stickers”

Desperate to prove that stickers have been fashion accessories “since forever,” Mabel flashes several library books at the screen. The following paragraphs are in her book on Aztecs.

"The Aztecs had many ritual and ceremonies that have gone unpracticed for hundreds of years. Most impressive among them was the act of Quzetoheetl, the ritual of forming a circle around a wolf or wild dog and chanting sacred words which gave the dog the ability to speak English and play ollamalitzi.

"Once the Aztecs used this ritual on a very special dog. The special dog befriended a lonely boy who was the water boy for his local high school ollamalitzi team. After the dog ran onto the court and became a fan favorite, the mean former owner kidnapped the dog. Luckily the lonely boy steals him back just in time to make it to the big tournament, where it is declared that ‘there’s nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can’t play ollamalitzi.’ The dog scored an amazing last second point to win the game! Everyone rejoiced! Then the ritual of Xolitzeunzli was performed to allow the dog to have puppies, save Christmas, and become Santa’s most special reindeer.'"

The "very special dog" is obviously Air Bud. Perhaps the crossover stands true; perhaps this book is a graduate student’s thesis and, knowing no-one would ever read it, slipped in two paragraphs about a movie he saw when he was a kid.

Take the option that helps you sleep at night.


My Little Pony Universe—My Little Pony #5

Twilight Sparkle briefly meets a ponyverse version of Mabel Pines (“Maybelle”). Sweaters are stylish, no matter what universe you’re in.


[Note: there are so many TVCU characters in the ponyverse that I’ve abandoned my previous notion and adopted Ivan’s. Most—if not all—people in the TVCU have counterparts in the ponyverse. Please don’t write fanfiction about that.]

Silent Hill fanfiction universe—Silent Falls

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)
Mabel Hornets--Fanart and fanfiction


The Shack (an alternate timeline)—by Limey



Did I miss anything?
Do you want to discuss crossovers, spin-offs, and pastiche?

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