Monday, March 17, 2014

THE TVCU CREW VIEW! -- March 17, 2014

So this is a recurring feature for the TVCU blog.  Sadly, we of the crew have been very busy lately on other projects and that thing called life, and I've felt bad that things are added less frequently lately.  So once or twice a week, I'll be posting some cool videos, links, finds, and theories from the crew here.  And fear not, once my book is completed, I will be posting more chronologies here again.  James has a few in the works as well, and Gordon mentioned possibly updating some of his.  But for now, I bring you the TVCU Crew View for March 17, 2014

Today, Matt Hickman posted this cool Robocop video:.

Matt has been a crew member for a while, and though he hasn't yet posted a blog, he is constantly feeding me with information.  Anyone who reads my chronologies knows that a good number of entries state "Matt Hickman says" or "Matt Hickman informed me".  He is invaluable to me as a resource for crossover information.

And here's another crossover video from Matt:


Recently I posted this in the TVCU Facebook group:  "I know that the Wild Nuts have a very detailed family tree regarding the Darcy family, and that there are a few Wild Nuts in this group, so I'll raise the question here. Could the Mr. Darcy that tries to court Alice when she returns home from Wonderland (but before she gets committed) be related to the Darcy family of Pemberly? Obviously, not the TVCU version of the family, but since Alice's world is based on a literary version of Victorian England, I would presume that a variant of Pride and Prejudice may have happened in the past of Alice's world."  I'm still waiting for feedback.


This past week's most viewed were: 1) Oz; 2) Transformers; 3) Daffy Duck; 4) My Little Pony; and 5) The Flash.


The blog formerly known as Fairy Tale Princesses in the TVCU has been completely overhauled and has been republished as Once Upon a Time and Other Fairy Tale Characters in the Television Crossover Multiverse Part I:  Primary Characters.


James Bojaciuk found this webpage with the Holmes tulpa.  

"Another case for the ectoplasmic Holmes. 

Thanks to a supernatural mix-up, Kid Eternity was killed 75 years too soon. He was sent back, aided by a fat ghost, to do all sorts of good with his remaining 75 years. Oh, and he could summon up the ghosts of anyone who ever lived. That's rather important.

In an untitled story in Kid Eternity #8, Kid Eternity summons up Holmes and Watson's ghosts to help him trail a criminal mastermind. Holmes was demonstrably alive in 1948, therefore this is the Holmes tulpa. I wonder if this is the moment the Watson tulpa came into existence (or, depending on what date you ascribe to Watson's death, it could be his own ghost).

Additionally, Kid Eternity summons up Gulliver's ghost. Yes, that Gulliver. He turns out to be marvelously useful for tracking midgets.

I'm not making that last part up. It's hilarious."


OK, so there was some very random stuff for today.  Probably will post some more later today.  See you then.  -- Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

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