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One of my favorite posts, and it doesn't really count.  For April 1, 2014, as an April Fools Day gag, the TVCU Crew posted fictional biographies that place themselves within the TVCU.  In perhaps the first ever crossover website crossover, Toby O'Brien participated as well, placing himself within Toobworld.

We all took different approaches, but for me, this was a way to for the first time incorporate Super Comics into the TVCU.  Prior to the creation of this website, everything I ever wrote for the most part existed within a fictional Wronskiverse, published by non-existent publisher Super Comics, whose banner read "The Greatest Stories Never Read."  I'm tempted to throw this timeline into one of the upcoming TVCU books, just to finally have Super Comics and the Wronskiverse become a real thing.  


Happy April Fools Day!!!

In honor of the occasion, we the crew will be revealing the very apocryphal lives of our TVCU counterparts to you today.  So let me introduce you to the TVCU counterpart of Robert E. Wronski, Jr.

Little Bobby was first introduced on an imaginary soap opera called the Wronskis, which did not air from 1972 - 1981.  Little Bobby spun off into a comic strip that ran in Super Comics beginning with its first issue in 1979.  Super Comics was a self-made comic book under the publisher also called Super Comics, which was my fan made creation.  In some Little Bobby strips, he would have day dreams of being a super-hero called Super-Bob.  Eventually, those day dream stories became a regular series of its own and became the center of what would become the Wronskiverse.  Note that not all of the Wronskiverse is being included here.  This is a very different interpretation of the character and events as they fit within the Television Crossover Universe.

Later, Super-Bob became Powerkid, a much cooler name, and later still, Powerman (even though there was a hero for hire already using that name.)  But by 1995 he had retired and lost his powers.

Now going by Rob, he joined the Army, and the circumstances of those adventures will be detailed below.  He married and had a son.  After having a bout of madness, Rob led a solitary life, and began operating behind the scenes, on the internet, often using the pseudonym of Christopher Kowalski.  He began investigating the paranormal in New England, sometimes bringing him into cooperative efforts or conflict with others in the field.

And so, now on the the Chronology!!!

Dawn of Time--HISTORY OF THE SUPER UNIVERSE--So the story goes, there were six cosmic beings born.  Three were good.  Three were evil.  All six beings went their separate ways.  Of the three evil ones, one eventually found his way to Earth where he was known both as Azathoth and Morgoth, though he would also later go by the names Uglon and Doctor Deadly.  Another of the evils was known by the New Power Organization as Evil, or the First Evil, but he also was known as Lucifer and Satan.  The third of the evil settled in another solar system, forming a planet around him.  As a sentient world, he became known as the Forbidden Planet.  As for those who were good, one such being migrated to the planet Kookoorongba where he became known by the locals as the Great Unknown.  He became their higher power, though he watched over the entire universe like a loving Father watching from the Heavens.  (God, in case my subtlety was elusive.)  Another migrated to Mount Olympus where be became known as Zeus.  The final of the three good is the one who we shall dub for known the Stranger.  It is this Stranger who we shall follow in the genealogy portion of this chronology.  [Real Life Notes:  The story of the six cosmic beings originated in History of the Super Universe, 1986.  Doctor Deadly first appeared in Powerkid Police, 1982.  His being known as Azathoth came about in Powerman in 2007.  He is not THE Azathoth.  It doesn't work with what we know of Lovecraft's mythos.  Doctor Deadly having been Morgoth was established in LORD OF THE CHAIN, 1983.  Doctor Deadly's name of Uglon was part of the 1991 reboot of the Powerman series.  However, one of my TVCU theories is that everything pre-1945 tends to have happened in all timelines, though there are exceptions.  Evil of the New Power was introduced in National Heroes, 1983 with the strong implication that he was Satan/Lucifer, which was later established in other Super Comics titles.  The First Evil conflation came later in 2008.  The Forbidden Planet first appeared in Super Comics, 1981, as part of the Adventures on Other Worlds series.  The Great Unknown was first mentioned in Super Comics, 1979 and appeared in Powerkid, 1983.  The revelation that he was God was revealed in Powerman, 1991.  He's probably not though.  The Great Unknown never claims to be.  Powerman comes to that conclusion.  The TVCU concept of God is very, very open and vague to allow many interpretations, based on varying canons that come together in a crossover based shared reality.  Zeus is of course Zeus, but his origin here really contradicts Greek mythology.  But there have also been many contrary versions of Zeus that are part of series canons that have come together in a crossover based reality.  So we tend to just let these things go.  The being known as the Stranger here is Vonski, first appeared in Vonski Presents, 1983.  He was identified as the Stranger in the series of the same name, 1991.]

Dawn of Man--The Stranger arrives on Earth, where he hides an object of immense power called the Universal Transponder on a garden and assigns Adam and Eve to guard it.  However, Evil tricks them and almost obtains the object of power.  The Stranger then relocates it to a forest in another part of the world.  This forest becomes a nexus of time and space because of the object.  [This is the origin of the Forbidden Forest with a clear allusion to Vonski, the Stranger, being God, or at least being God in this particular story of the Bible.  In the 2008 bios for Allorin Vonski and the Great Unknown, many instances of God in the bible were attributed to one or the other.  Refer to my previous comments on how we kind of just let those varied interpretations of biblical and mythological events and characters in fiction go.] 

c. 10,000 B.C.--SUPER COMICS--The life of Caveman Bobby, an ancestor of Bobby Wronski  that was once encountered by Super-Bob.  Caveman Bobby would reappear in the Crisis Within.  

c. 9360 B.C.--The Stranger uses the name Allorin Vonski for the first time as he serves as a scientist in Atlantis.

C. 4042 B.C.--LORD OF THE CHAIN--The Stranger now lives under the guise of Gandolph the Grey. Sometimes Gandolph would use other names.  One name was McKormack.  In this guise, he gives a librarian named Bobbi the Sword of Power, and sends him on a mission to Mordor.  Later, in Mordor, the Stranger reappears after having recently been "killed" in the form of a younger man named Shron, wielding even greater power than before.  He saves Bobbi and his friends who have joined him on his mission, and alludes that Bobbi's mission was a distraction while a more important quest was undertaken.  Shron then departs to reappear as Gandalph the White.  [This story I composed in 1983 to 1984 was of course inspired by Lord of the Rings.  I don't claim this to work with Tolkien canon.  Remember that Morgoth is a younger version of Doctor Deadly.  The Sword of Power is a recurring item in Super Comics mythos, having been wielded by many hands, and makes its way back and forth through time, including, for crossover purposes, He-Man and King Arthur.  The latter called it Excalibur.  That sword could have its own timeline.  Bobbi was an ancestor of Bobby Wronski.]

c.1440 BCE--The Stranger gives Moses the "Ten Commandments".  Moses had previous served as the Champion of Earth, using a powerful staff given to him by the Great Unknown.  [From the 2008 bios]

c. 33 A.D.--Jesus of Nazarath is granted powers from the Great Unknown to become this era's Champion of Earth.  [From the 2007 Powerkid series]

6th Century A.D.--Many people have apparently been Merlin at some point, so why not the Stranger, Allorin Vonski?

6th Century--HISTORY'S HEROES--The Purple Knight is this era's Champion of Earth, chosen by the Great Unknown.  He is given a Sword of Power, but not THE Sword of Power, which is at this time called Excalibur.  The Purple Knight was created by John. C. Barstow and teamed with other Champions in a cosmic time spanning adventure.

6th Century A.D.--Robert the Savage is a hero in Ireland, this era's Champion of Earth, who wields the Sword of Power after the fall of Camelot.  Robert is an ancestor of Rob Wronski.  Under my rules from pre-1945 and more specifically pre-1900 fiction all counting, this character exists even though his only appearance was in an encounter with the post-reboot version of Powerman, Chris Kowalski.  From the 6th Century perspective, the Powerman that visited him was from a possible future timeline that never came to be.

1600s--HISTORY'S HEROES--The Scarlet Swordsman is a Musketeer who becomes the Great Unknown's Champion in this era.  

Late 1800s--SUPER COMICS--Bobby the Kid is a young western hero who travels helping others, even though he is also wanted for a murder he did not commit.  [Real Life Notes:  This was a separate series in the Super Comics anthology.  Super-Bob has visited his ancestor, Bobby the Kid.  Bobby the Kid would also appear in the Crisis Within and cross over with other western heroes.]

Late 1800s--THE STRANGER--The Stranger, whose powers oddly and inexplicably increase and decrease at varying points of time, is a confederate soldier during the Civil War.  Following this, he travels out west and wanders and helps people in need.  [This was a 1990s Super Comics series based in the old west, and was part of a group of western series.  During this time, a crossover occurred which involved a team-up of the Stranger, M-16, Bob Zan, the Scarlet Swordsman, Bobby the Kid, and BRISCO COUNTY JUNIOR against the time traveler Cronstar.  Those heroes would regather when the cosmic villain Barsto appeared in his attempt to destroy the timeline.  

1886--Bobby (Wronski) the Kid has his first son, Jacob.  Because of his outlaw status, Bobby is unable to remain and be a father.  [Conjecture]

LATE 1800s--The second Scarlet Swordsman is the Great Unknown's Champion in this era.  Note that I included the Scarlet Swordsman in my western crossover, forgetting that John Barstow had intended him to have lived in the same era as THE THREE MUSKETEERS.  So this was meant to be the same character but was later corrected to be a second Scarlet Swordsman.

1920--Birth of Edward Wronski, who is the son of the legendary Bobby the Kid.  

Image result for jacob kowalski

1926--FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM--Ivan brought this to my attention  Since I exchange Wronski and Kowalski why not go both ways.  Jacob Wronski, a cannery worker and aspiring baker accidentally ends up with a case full of magical creatures and becomes involved in an adventure that involves falling in love with a wizard.  At the end of the adventure, she erases his memories.  For the purposes of this timeline, Jacob is Edward's much older brother though they had never met.  It should be noted in post-reboot Wronskiverse, the Wronskiverse version of Dumbledore is another identity of Allorin Vonski. 

World War II--POWERMAN 1942--Krazy-El is the first Powerman.  He has been assigned by the Great Unknown to watch Earth and protect it from extraterrestrial interference but as he watches the early days of the second World War, he chooses to intervene, and is called Powerman by the people of Orange.  [Real Life Notes:  This was a retcon series in the post-reboot era, when Krazy-El is called Krazel, but it follows my rules for pre-1945 setting fiction.]

World War II--MYSTERY MEN--Now using the name Allorin Vonski again, the Stranger gathers a team of heroes to help protect America during World War II.  The team consisted of Powerman I (Krazel), the alien known as Zap, Captain USA (a man who thought he was Steve Rogers), Space Hero, and the Speedster.  The team is also part of the larger organization, the ALL-STAR SQUADRON.  [A 1990S SUPER COMICS SERIES SET IN 1942.]

World War II--NATIONAL HEROES--Edward Wronski works as a special agent for the U.S. government first as "Four Eyes" and later as "X-Man".  [Real Life Notes:  Edward Wronski is my grandfather.  He was not really a special agent.  I wrote National Heroes around 1983 - 1984 inspired by a mix of G.I. Joe and MASH.  Most of the series took place in the present, with occasional historical flashbacks.]

Late 1940s--Vonski is injured in a cosmic battle, the details of which have not been revealed.  He for the first time creates his new home, an other dimensional realm that connects with various places on Earth and beyond.  Vonski tasks DRACULA and APHRODITE to care for him. [From the bios for Allorin Vonski, explaining why in the original Vonski Presents series, Vonaki considered Dracula and Aphrodite to be his parents.]

1951--Birth of Robert Edward Wronski, the son of Edward Wronski.  [Note that in the post-reboot Powerman series, Robert Wronski (Senior) would become a space hero and his son is born on an alien world with an alien mother.  None of this is true in the TVCU version]

Korean War--NATIONAL HEROES--Edward Wronski is using the alias Colonel Flagg.  [Yes, the crazy CID/CIA guy from MASH.]

1950s--Vonski takes on a new look and begins to be known as THE PHANTOM STRANGER!  [Revelations from the 1990s Blackbirds series]

1960s--SUPER-HEROES--Vonski leads another hero-team called simply the Super Heroes, which fight meta-villains aiding the communists in Vietnam!

1970--Brett Graham brought this to my attention.  There's a documentary out there called Hostage to the Devil about the priest and Exorcist Malachi Martin. In that documentary, you can see the real-life Lorraine Warren (from The Conjuring films) and Ralph Sarchi (depicted in Deliver Us From Evil) as well as the guy who wrote The Rite. Given that they all co exist in this documentary I'm going to make the slightly preposterous argument that their cinematic depictions all take place in the same universe as well. This of course also means that Annabelle and The Nun exist in this universe too, plus some version of the Amityville Horror.  So since I know Lorraine Warren, does that mean I have to add that to my fictional timeline as well?  Ivan says:  You should have been adding The Warrens to your continuity anyway, since they are part of the Amityville Horror and other cases fictionalized in film.

November 18, 1972 to September 1981--THE WRONSKIS--A drama about a young couple who have an unexpected pregnancy.  Real Life Notes:  This was a fake drama that I would imagine I was living in.  As a child, I found life more bearable when I could think of myself as a fictional character, and my family's life certainly fit as a soap opera.

December 1972--Little Bobby's first of many encounters with Santa Clause.  Real Life Notes:  Because you know, kids gotta visit with Santa.  Later, in the Super-Bob/Powerkid stories, their meetings would be more adventurous.  

Spring 1973--Little Bobby's first of many encounters with the Easter Bunny.  Real Life Notes:  As with Santa.

Summer 1979--The Wronskis, while travelling cross country, somehow find themselves temporarily transported to Bedrock of the Looniverse.  Following this, they end up encountering the Looney Tunes characters, and Yosemite Sam scares the crap out of Little Bobby.  Finally, they end up in the Enchanted Forest, before returning back to the TVCU.  Real Life Notes:  Theme parks.  Flinstone Village, Six Flags, and Storyland.

November 1979--SUPER COMICS # 1--"Little Bobby"--Comic strip spin-off of the Wronskis, this featured humorous misadventures of Little Bobby and his friends.  Real Life Notes:  Super Comics was a real publication, sort of.  It was a comic book put together by myself and friends.  It was "published" originally by Wronski-Skowronski Comics, which later became also called Super Comics, named for the first comic book of the "company".  

November 1979--SUPER COMICS # 1--"Super-Bob"--Little Bobby is visited by an alien from the planet Kookoorongba named Krazy-El.  Krazy-El has been sent by the Great Unknown to tell Little Bobby that he has been chosen as Earth's champion.  When he says "Powers of the world, give them to me" he will gain super-powers.  Little Bobby becomes Super-Bob.  Krazy-El trains him in the use of his powers, which are initially super strength, speed, invulnerbility and flight.  Other powers will come later, "when he is ready for them".  One other power he seems to have it the ability to not be recognized.  He wears a duplicate of Superman's costume but does not alter his face nor wear a mask, and in fact, for years still wears his glasses in costume.  Real Life Notes:  This story was originally meant to be a daydream fantasy of Little Bobby, but became more popular than the Little Bobby strip.  In fact, this story is the beginning of the Super Comics Universe, aka the Wronskiverse.  It should be noted though that the current Wronskivese version of this origin story has been greatly retconned.  Over in my Wronskiverse blog, you can find the better origin.  But this is how it was originally told, and for the premise of this blog about the TVCU counterpart of me, the original version is the one that fits.  Krazy-El was a spin-off character from a previous sci-fi magazine I wrote called Adventures on Other Worlds.  The Super-Bob series never talks about why Super-Bob's costume resembles Superman's.  It just appears when he transforms, replacing whatever clothing he had been wearing.  Later, in Powerkid, it's revealed that Superman is a comic book character on an alternate Earth, and that Little Bobby was a fan, as I was indeed a fan, and that it was the first thing he imagined for a heroic costume.  

1980--SUPER COMICS--Bobby's father, Bob, becomes the Karate King, Super-Bob's "side-kick".

September 1980--Super Comics Presents # 1--"Warworld"--Super-Bob teams with a new heroine, Pretty Gal, against an alien called Mongul and his Warworld.  Real Life Notes:  This story is almost exactly the same as DC Comics Presents # 28, replacing Superman and Supergirl with Super-Bob and Pretty Gal.  In fact, many of the stories of Superman and Superboy from 1979 to 1986 were copied to become Super-Bob/Powerkid stories.  This is the one time where I didn't also replace the villain with one of my own.  Thus, as far as TVCU apocrypha is concerned, Mongul was a Super-Bob foe, not a Superman foe.  Pretty Gal was incidentally based on a girl I had a crush on in second grade.  

October 1980--SUPER COMICS PRESENTS # 2--"Super-Bob meets Batman"--Batman is in Orange working on a case that Super-Bob also happens to be working on.  So they team up.  Real Life Notes:  This was the Batman of the 1960s television series, who is Dick Grayson for the purposes of the TVCU.  In the TVCU, Dick Grayson didn't retire until 1986 (at the end of the Super Friends).  

February 1981--SUPER COMICS PRESENTS # 6--"Super-Bob meets Chris King"--Chris King is in town (without Vicki) and has brought his "H" Dial, which is good as an alien threat looms over Orange, and only the combined efforts of Super-Bob and a multitude of heroes can save the day.  Real Life Notes:  This was actually the very first month that the new Dial H for Hero debuted, and my cousin Phil Sheridan and I liked it so much we had do to a team-up story.  This would apocryphally bring Dial "H" for Hero into the TVCU, but not officially.  

March 1981--SUPER COMICS PRESENTS # 7--"Super-Bob meets the Greatest American Hero"--Believe it or not.  Ralph Hinkley ends up in Orange working on a case with FBI agent Bill Maxwell, and two brand new heroes still fumbling with their powers meet.

September 1981--SUPER COMICS # 23--"Little Bobby in Animal Town, USA"--Little Bobby and his friend Darcey find themselves in Animal Town, USA, brought there by the magic of Princess Rabbit.  Animal Town is ruled by King Friday (implying that the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a neighborhood within the larger Animal Town).  The town's hero is Brown Bear (from the children's book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?).  The town's mayor is Mickey Mouse, who has a bowtie with a Green Lantern power ring at its center, giving him the powers of a Green Lantern.  And though not seen here, Pac-Man will later come to live in Animal Town.  Real Life Notes:  This was written under the premise still that the Little Bobby and Super-Bob stories were separate canon.  Animal Town was another series in Super Comics based on my stuffed animals.  Later, Powerkid would find he can visit Animal Town by travelling through the mystical Forbidden Forest, and that Animal Town is in fact in a separate reality.  However, for TVCU apocrypha purposes, we can assume Little Bobby is Super-Bob, but chose not to reveal his identity since Darcey (who is also in the Super-Bob stories) doesn't know his secret identity.  

October 1981--SUPER COMICS # 24--"The Noogie Master"--Bobby's parents divorce.  [This also happened in real life.]

August 1982--POWERKID # 3 AND 4--"Karate Spears"/"Powerkid meets Superman"--Powerkid encounters Karate Spears for the first time, who nearly kills the hero because he realized his weakness:  apple crisp!  Powerkid manages to flee and being a fan of comics, knows the theory of the mutliverse, and flies into the Forbidden Forest to travel to another universe where he might find a hero to help.  He ends up on Earth-1, and with Superman's help, Karate Spears is defeated.

September 1982--POWERKID # 1--"Powekid"--Super-Bob becomes Powerkid, with a new costume.  Real Life Notes;  The story almost acts as if the Super-Bob stories weren't canon.  This short story was the first writing assignment I did for fourth grade, and because I didn't think my teacher would get all the backstory, I gave the character a complete reboot, that really ripped off Superman's origin.  Later stories would ignore this story, and reincorporate the Super-Bob stuff.  Later, a story would be told in which Krazel (retconned Krazy-El) completes training Super-Bob, and offers him to wear the costume of the Powermen (police force) of his homeworld of Kookoorongba, thus he becomes Powerkid, with an almost all red suit, with the yellow upside down triangle on the chest with a P in the center.  He still wears the glasses for another year.  This story also references Zap, Master of Power, as Powerkid's best friend though he hadn't yet appeared in any stories, and Karate Spears as Powerkid's arch-foe, though again, he'd never before appeared.  Both were the creations of two of my friends, Phil Sheridan and Charlie Spears, who would regularly contribute to Super Comics.  They would end up appearing in stories soon, and getting their own origins.

SEPTEMBER 1982--POWERKID POLICE # 1--"The Super-Trio"--A magical evil calling himself Doctor Deadly comes to Orange from outer space.  He claims to have once ruled this world, and now wants to reclaim it.  Arriving on the scene to battle this alien wizard is Powerkid, Zap, and a new speedster hero called Speedy.  Together, the three are able to stop him where one would have failed.  Doctor Deadly flees into outer space.  Powerkid and Zap, who are cousins Bobby Wronski and Philip Sheridan, find that this new hero is also their cousin, Shon Ames.  The three realize that only by working together were they able to defeat the villain, and that some threats only can be stopped by a team.  And so they put the word out that they wish to form a team, and are calling on any new heroes (since there had been a recent explosion of new heroes) who would like to join.  The team ends up consisting of initially:  Powerkid, Zap, Speedy, the Unknown, Man-Killer, Space Hero, Waterman, Avenger, The Toy, Bird Boy and Bird Girl, Screamer, Witch Woman, Stretch, Vic-20, Tornado Man, and Fireman.  Later members would be Kitten Girl, Powergirl, and mascot Chris Whaland. Real Life Notes:  During the Super-Bob era, there had been another Super-Trio consisting of Super-Bob, Super-Len, and Witch Woman.  Doctor Deadly will later be revealed to be Morgoth from the Lord of the Rings, who is possessing an alien scientist's body.  The Powerkid Police is obviously my version of the Justice League of America.  Phil Sheridan came up with the name.  Powerkid is the PKP version of the JLA's Superman.  Zap is the PKP's version of the JLA's Martian Manhunter.  Speedy is the PKP's version of the JLA's Flash.  Incidentally, a year later, Speedy, under the new name of the Speedster, gets his own series, where he becomes a janitor as a museum in CENTRAL CITY, because he just feels the city needs a speedster.  In this reality, the Flash apparently doesn't exist, at least not in the early 80s.  Of course, in the TVCU, he does exist in the early 1980s in the Super Friends.  I guess there's more than one Central City.  The Unknown is the PKP's version of Batman.  Man-Killer fills in for Wonder Woman.  Space Hero fills for Green Lantern.  Waterman for Aquaman.  The Toy for the Atom.  Bird Boy and Bird Girl are the PKP's Hawkman and Hawkwoman.  Interestingly, later, Bird Boy was found to be constantly hopping around in time due to the Crisis.  He was the Bird Boy/Bird Man of the 1950s/1960s Wonder Woman stories, the Bird Man of the 1960s cartoon, and later, Harvey Birdman, Attorney-At-Law.  Screamer is Black Canary, obviously.  Witch Woman fills in for Zatanna.  Stretch fills in for Elongated Man, but is actually Stretch Armstrong, as in the toy where you could grab his arms and stretch him out.  Vic-20 and Tornado Man took the place of Red Tornado. Tornado Man here is an older hero among the group, formerly having been a member of the Mighty Heroes.  Fireman is the replacement for Firestorm.  Kitten Girl and Powergirl joined two years later, with no JLA counterpart.  Chris Whaland was the Snapper Carr of the group.  The PKP disbanded in 1985, but in 1987, I wrote a story from 1984 that retroactively added the character.

Morgoth 2Birdboy (Wingo)

September 1982 to 1989--During this time period, my father became a villain in fiction, because I was writing as a means to process pain.  The fictional version of my father began appearing in Mystery Comics from 1982 to 1985 as the nemesis of the Unknown, Detective Lebane, and Doctor Mystery. He was a crimelord in Worcester. Note that he was never named in those series and was simply "The Boss".  Those stories were later shown to be on the alternate Earth of the Heroes of Earth, called Earth-5 in the Crisis Within, and is the Horror Universe for our purposes.  From 1984 to 1985, Powerkid's father returned to Orange where he was now a billionaire due to his illegal activities and hires several villains to kidnap Powerkid as his way of reuniting with his son, but by hoping to turn his son evil.  In Super Comic's infringing title Adventure Comics, 1989, Powerman finally exposes his father and puts him in jail.  I want to say here and now so there's no mistake, these were the stories of a hurt child.  In the real world, my father is a person who worked hard as a factory supervisor and is beloved by most of the Wronski family.  He is not a villain.  In respect to his privacy, I will say no more.  This is included for the sake of adding in my fictional genealogy.

October 1982--POWERKID # 2/SPACE PATROL # 2--"Powerkid meets the Space Patrol"--In the year 3082, the Butterfieldia responds to a distress call from planet Marshmellow.  It turns out to be a trap.  They are caught in a tractor beam, but in trying to break free, they find themselves instead thrown back to the year 1982, in in the skies over Orange, Massachusetts.  When Bobby (he's no longer Little Bobby) sees it, he does his usual run to a secluded spot so he can say the magic words.  He flies up to the ship and meets the crew of the Butterfieldia, including his Captain, Robert Wronski, who is Powerkid's descendant.  Powerkid learns that he will be known as a legendary hero someday, and his heroic legend will inspire his future lineage.  He also meets the ship's second in command, Commander Zap Rogers, who is not only a descendant of Phillip "Zap" Sheridan, but also Buck Rogers (the TV version, incidentally).  While getting to meet each other, the ship is yanked back to its proper time and place.  Powerkid helps the Butterfieldia save the planet's ruler, Princess Missy, from the evil Sir Nicholas.  Afterwards, the crew's witch transports Powerkid back home, since he hasn't yet developed the power to travel through time on his own yet.  Real Life Notes:  My second fourth grade writing assignment was my first Space Patrol story.  My third was this crossover tale.  The Space Patrol was evolved from Starfleet, and was commanded by the United Planets, formerly United Federation of Planets, thus implying that they are in the future of both Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes.  It should be noted that I wasn't the first to use Space Patrol and I wasn't the last.  Later stories would incorporate almost every usage of Space Patrol I could find and amalgamate them to be the same organization in different time periods or sectors of space.

1982--In the present, Kenn Ballou is a professional musician.  In 1982, he composed this song:  "I am Morocco Mole.  I am a sorry soul.  I look like Bobby Wronski, and that's 'cause... I am."  Ivan insisted I add this.  

September 1983--POWERKID # 13--When Krazy-El is dying as a result of a battle with an alien race of amazons called the Booers, the Great Unknown merges his mind with Bobby's.

1983 - 1985--VONSKI PRESENTS--Vonski presents tales of the supernatural from his otherdimensional home.  He particularly focuses on Vampire Man and the Vietnam era incarnation of THE CREATURE COMMANDOS.  [A Super Comics anthology series from 1983.  The first appearance of Vonski, not counting all the characters he's been conflated with.  Sometimes Vonski was mistakenly called Vronski.]

November 1983--POWERKID # 15--Doctor Deadly teams up with his counterpart from Middle Earth and his 31st century counterpart as well as Karate Spears.  They capture Bobbi the Avenger, Powerkid, and Captain Robert Wronski of the Butterfieldia in an attempt to kill them all.  Real Life Notes:  Bobbi the Avenger is revealed in this story to be an ancestor of Bobby Wronski.  His initial storyline took place concurrently with the events of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The sword he possessed, the Sword of Power, was revealed later to be Excalibur, and also the sword later possessed by He-Man of Eternia and Powerlord, a hero partner of Zap, Master of Power.  The sword would also at one point be possessed by an Earth teen who would also become He-Man, and teamed up once with the Wonder Twins.

September 1984--POWERKID # 25--After having his powers slowly drained by Doctor Deadly over several months, a team of Powerkid's greatest enemies attack and abduct the hero.  Doctor Deadly tries to finish the process of draining the power, but not knowing that the hero is actually two people in one, ends up restoring Krazy-El in a new body separated from Bobby.  The heroes are then rescued by the Powerkid Police.

September 1984--POWERKID POLICE # 25 AND 26--"Heroes of Earth"--The Powerkid Police team up with a team of heroes from an alternate reality, one where heroes are more predominately magic users and costume vigilantes.  This world is less like the Television Crossover Universe, and more similar to, say, a Horror Universe.  The leader of the team is named Vronski.  Vronski is said to have been raised by Dracula and Venus.  He is a horror host, who lives in the same reality as the stories he tells.  This includes stories involving a Vietnam era version of the Creature Commandos, that implies that the original Creature Commandos also existed in that realty.  Later it is revealed that Vronski, in previous lives, has been Gandalph from Lord of the Rings and Merlin.  He's also revealed later to be the Monitor (from Crisis on Infinite Earths).  Another member of the Heroes of Earth was Doctor Mystery, who had another model of the Dynomutt, Dog Wonder.  Another member Blacky (from General Hospital).  And another was named Doctor Deadly (but not the same bad guy enemy of Powerkid).  This Doctor Deadly was in fact secretly Ken Doll, married to Barbie Doll.  This Doctor Deadly once fought the Empire from Star Wars.

July 1985--THE CRISIS WITHIN--This mini-series took place concurrently with Crisis on Infinite Earths.  It featured every Super Comics character that ever appeared thus far.  The story reveals that the Crisis affected all realities, including those of Powerkid, the Heroes of Earth, and Animal Town.  This story also takes place in many time periods, involving the present day characters, Suiper-Bob from 1982, Middle-Earth, the Space Patrol, ect.  This also includes appearance of G-Force from Battle of the Planets, Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, Star Wars, Mighty Mouse, the Super Friends, He-Man, Batman and Robin, the Greatest American Hero, Dial H for Hero, the Mighty Heroes, G.I. Joe, the Ghostbusters, and Madison Mermaid from Splash.  (There may be more that I can't remember.)  The story reveals that these realities (which would be the TVCU, Horror Universe, and Cartoon Universe), were affected by the anti-matter wall and the time and space anomalies.  The Super Comics heroes and villains were all on the Monitor's satellite, along with heroes from the Marvel Universe as well.  (For the sake of the TVCU, these alternate realities were all divergent timelines with the exception of the Cartoon Universe, which is a magical real in the Void between realities).  Powerkid and other Super Comics heroes were part of a second team that invade the anti-matter universe.  But after that, the Powerkid Police and Heroes of Earth had to deal with a separate crisis within their own realities.  Doctor Deadly has taken advantage of the weakening of time and space to attempt to destroy all reality.  He's defeated, but a barrier is created that traps the Heroes of Earth in the TVCU, unable to return to their Horror Universe.  Also during these events, the Anti-Monitor kills Powergirl, who Powerkid had a crush on.  At the end of these events, the Powerkid Police disband and Powerkid retires.  He also decides that he is no longer Bobby, and goes by Bob.  Another effect of the Crisis is that Powerkid loses knowledge of the future, including his meetings with the Space Patrol.  Note that in the later series, Crisis, which isn't canon here, Vonski was the TVCU's Monitor under the "New 52" ideal that each universe has it's own Monitor.

July 1985 - August 1986--Around this time period, Phil Sheridan and Bob Wronski begins operating as an unauthorized second branch of the Ghostbusters.

September to December 1986--HEROES--No, not the show from NBC.  I came up with it first, so NBC executives, I'm still waiting for a check.  In this story, Doctor Deadly has created an alliance between several alien worlds in a plan to invade Earth.  Angela, princess of Booer, travels to Earth to warn Powerkid, and they head to Death Planet, Deadly's home, to stop him.  Meanwhile, Vonski enlists Zap, Master of Power to assist Powekid, because Powerkid is too bitter after the Crisis to turn to his former teammates for assistance.  Also, Deadly's wife, Teela (from Masters of the Universe) comes to Earth to recruit the hero now called Speed Demon who was once Speedy.  The three heroes who originally faced Doctor Deadly in 1982 end up working together again against Deadly's forces on Death Planet.  Meanwhile, the crew of the Galaxy V commanded by Captain Robert Bossman arrive, having been accidentally transported from the year 3082. (This is a alternate future of a reboot version of Space Patrol called Star Patrol. )  The crew from the future never run into the present day heroes.   Eventually, the Star Patrol crew get sent back home, and the other heroes wind up back in Orange, where they are joined by other heroes Fireman and Bob Zan.  The combined heroic efforts end up repelling the invasion.  The heroes present choose to form a new Heroes of Earth team, realizing the absence of the Powerkid Police almost cost Earth its freedom.

September 1987--POWERKID # 61 AND 62--"Powerkid meets the Star Patrol"-Having lost his memories of meeting the Space Patrol, Powerkid meets the Star Patrol from an alternate future for the first time, after they end up getting tossed back in time.  This time, Vronski uses his magic to send them home.  Real Life Notes:  The Star Patrol canon and mythos contains all the same crossover connections that the Space Patrol had.  I used the Crisis as an excuse to modernize the series with a more mature style.

November 1987--POWERKID # 63--"Possessed"--Bob's sister Michelle is possessed by Satan, and since that's not his area, he turns to the Monster Club, a team of teenagers that consist of a vampire, witch, werewolf, and ghost.  They live in Hadenville, Ohio, which is also the location for the headquarters of the new Heroes of Earth introduced in Heroes.  It's also the setting for Dark Knight over Hadenville, a 1989 story in which a troubled teen creates his own Batman costume and become a vigilante.  That story concludes with the real Batman and Joker appearing, in their post-crisis versions, which for the TVCU would be Bruce Wayne Junior and Jack Napier.  (There's some that feel that this Joker might actually be an immortal who was the original Joker.  Others might argue that the clown prince here is Creed Bratton of the Grassroots and the Office.)  The werewolf teen of the Monster Club is named Gary Talbot, and yes, he is related to Larry Talbot, the Wolf Man.  Satan is a villain from...well, you know.

November 1988--POWERMAN # 1--"Deathmen Invasion"--Bob Wronski decides he's no longer a kid, and so become Powerman.  Luke Cage doesn't sue.  This story was part of a crossover with Heroes of Earth, but no other "real" crossovers were involved.

1989--HISTORY'S HEROES--The Great Unknown gathers together various past Champions of Earth as well as the current Champion, Powerman, to face a cosmic menace.  The History's Heroes were the Purple Knight (6th Century), the Scarlet Swordsman  (17th Century), Powerman (1989) and others.   [Note this story was actually written by my good friend John C. Barstow.  The story introduced the History's Heroes, establishing a legacy of heroes chosen prior to Bob Wronski.  This story also had ramifications on the Super Universe throughout the other titles.  This was written to be a serialized saga, but John only wrote two chapters of it.  Sadly, I only remember the Purple Knight and the Scarlet Swordsman.  Zeus and the Forbidden Planet both die (though not really) in this story, the Great Unknown is bonded to Bob Wronski in a similar manner to how Krazy-El was in 1983 for a short period, and Doctor Deadly becomes trapped in the Dark Dimension.]

Summer 1989--Bob and his family end up travelling through time and space, ending up in Story Land (one of the magical realms of the void), Santa's workshop at the North Pole, and in the old west.

Summer 1989--Bob Wronski has an encounter with Donald Trump on Cape Cod.  

Summer 1990--Bob and his family as well as his friend John mysteriously end up in the Looniverse and vacation at Jellystone Park.

December 1990--FINAL CRISIS--Yes, that was the title, so DC, you owe me money.  In this story, Doctor Deadly, finishing what he tried to start in the Crisis Within, actually destroys the universe.  The next month, the new Super Comics Universe is officially launched, completely rebooting the series.  Now, Chris Kowalski is visited by the old wizard Allorin Vonski who bestows on him the powers of the Champion of Earth.  This reboot version only lasted a couple of years, before I integrated those stories into the original canon, combining the two versions into what became the Wronskiverse.  But back to the TVCU, for our purposes here, this was the last time Bob Wronski was Powerman.  So for our purposes, the effects of what Deadly did with the Universal Transponder simply released an after effect of what the Time Trapper did in 1985.  The heroes and villains of Orange lost their powers and the world forgot about them.  Bob, having forgotten his heroic past, but having it still there buried deep, starts writing his Wronskiverse, featuring Chris Kowalski as Powerman.

Spring 1992--Bob visits New York city with friends John Barstow (once a member of the Heroes of Earth before Final Crisis and later the recording artist Johnny Bowtie) and Kenny Maxwell (formerly the supervillain Krusher before the Final Crisis).  They visit the Empire State Building, legendary for the KING KONG incident as well as for being the headquarters of DOC SAVAGE.  The Empire State Building is also the  favorite building of architect Ted Mosby (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER).  The Empire State Building also connects to:  LOVE AFFAIR/AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER/SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, EMPIRE, PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS:  THE LIGHTING THIEF, FAIL-SAFE, THE PRODUCERS, THE TIME MACHINE, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, WEST SIDE STORY, STEP UP 3D, THE OTHER GUYS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, KNOWING, THE DIVIDE, DOCTOR WHO, FRINGE, MYTHBUSTERS, AVENUE Q, THUNDERBIRDS, MUCH ADO ABOUT NUTTING, MOUSE IN MANHATTAN, and EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING.  There are also literary connections, but as regular readers of this blog know, I tend not to focus as much on printed material.  Here is the list of films linked to the building from the building's own website:  Since 1931, the Empire State Building has been an international icon and has been immortalized on the Silver Screen as a timeless classic for not only New York, but the world. As a hot destination for Hollywood, filmmakers have featured the building in more than 250 feature films to tell their tales. Some of the most memorable Empire State Building moments can be seen in "King Kong," "An Affair to Remember," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Elf," and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief."
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • An Affair to Remember
  • Anchoring in Seattle
  • Annie Hall
  • Any Wednesday
  • April Fools
  • Ask Any Girl
  • Auntie Mame
  • Bachelor Apartment
  • Ball of Fire
  • Bell Book and Candle
  • Best of Everything
  • Bright Lights, Big City
  • Big City Blues
  • Blackboard Jungle
  • Bon Voyage
  • Broadway Melody
  • Butcher's Wife
  • Champion
  • Charlie Chan of Broadway
  • Come to the Stable
  • Coogan's Bluff
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Detective Story
  • Elf
  • Easter Parade
  • Edge of the City
  • Fail-Safe
  • FBI Story
  • Fine Madness
  • Finian's Rainbow
  • Footlight Serenade
  • Fitzwilly
  • For Pete's Sake
  • French Connection I
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Funny Face
  • French Line
  • Garment Jungle
  • Guys & Dolls
  • Hancock
  • Hatful of Rain
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  • I Take this Woman
  • Independence Day
  • Its Always Fair Weather
  • Ivory Ape
  • King of the Gypsies
  • King Kong
  • Klute
  • Kramer vs. Kramer
  • Last Action Hero
  • Law & Disorder
  • Love With a Proper Stranger
  • Lullaby of Broadway
  • Madigan
  • Man in Gray Flannel Suit
  • Manhattan
  • Manhattan Melodrama
  • Manhattan Tower
  • Moon is Blue
  • My Man Godfrey (Remake)
  • My Sister Eileen
  • New York Confidential
  • New York, New York
  • New York Stories
  • New York Town
  • North By Northwest
  • Nothing Sacred
  • Oblivion
  • On the Town
  • On the Waterfront
  • Pawnbroker
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief
  • President's Analyst
  • Prisoner of Second Avenue
  • Rock Around the Clock
  • Saboteur
  • Safety First
  • Saint in New York
  • Serpico
  • Seven Ups
  • Shaft
  • Sky's the Limit
  • Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • The Smurfs
  • So This is New York
  • Something Borrowed
  • Stand Up and Cheer
  • Street Scene
  • Sunday in New York
  • Superman II
  • Sweet Charity
  • The Switch
  • Taxi Driver
  • A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Who Done It
  • World of Henry Orient
  • World Flesh & Devil
  • You Gotta Stay Happy

Empire State Building by David Shankbone.jpg

Fall 1992--Bob gets his first tattoo from a man named Hawk in Columbus, Georgia, while on a pass from Army Basic Training.  Hawk has a wall of pictures of women he has had sex with.  One of the pictures is of him and Jeannie (Jeannie) Nelson (from I DREAM OF JEANNIE!)

Sprin 1993--Rob visits New York City again, this time with his lady friend Kerry.  They visit the United Nations, located across the street from the New York embassy of JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL.  Click here for a list of fictional works connected to the United Nations.

May 1995 - September 1998--Now going by Rob, our hero joins the regular Army and is stationed in Seoul, South Korea for three years.  He is assigned to the 8th Army, as seen in M*A*S*H.  Rob is assigned to a top-secret underground installation.  At this point, I should remind folks that I cannot actually say any more about what the real me did during that time regarding work, and that the following is only involving my fictional TVCU counterpart.

  • Note that the 8th Army symbol also looks like the Umbrella Corporation logo.  The Umbrella Corporation also worked in top secret underground installations.

  • At one point, when an officer was caught taking photos in a restricted area, Specialist Wronski had to stand guard, until the Men in Black showed up to take him away.  The officer was never seen again.  

  • Specialist Wronski also accidentally stumbled upon a room that looked like this.

  • Finally, Specialist Wronski spent some time in Panmunjom, a frequent setting on M*A*S*H.  

September 1998 to May 2004--Rob lives in the Seattle area, where he regularly tunes in to Doctor Frasier Crane in the radio and at one point investigates one the secret lairs of Doctor Evil.

January to June 2000--Sergeant Wronski works as an Investigative Assistant with the Army Criminal Investigation Division.  During this time, Sergeant Wronski works on a few cases in conjunction with the NCIS and JAG.

2001 -- Rob, who has found during his time with CID that he is a natural researcher, and finding a need to uncover the mysteries our world, based on his military experiences and the hidden memories of his former heroic life, begins using the internet to seek out answers.  He accidentally stumbles upon an alleged secret history of our world.  Not knowing why, Rob naturally trusts that much of this information is indeed correct, and that indeed we lived in a world where alien invasions were covered up, where magic is real but kept from the public, and where heroes once existed but were forgotten.  Rob also uncovers the activities of MONSTAAH, an organization devoted to battling the forces of darkness.  Unfortunately, Rob also discovers the existence of the the realty of the Cthulhu Mythos.

March 17, 2001--Not going to refer too much to my minor child, but this is the day my son, Connor Wesley Wronski is born.  I will touch more on his fictional counterpart in the future section of this timeline.  Note that in the "Wronskiverse" alternate timeline, Connor will become the next Powerkid, and in another timeline, he is a hero called "The Ace", and in that other timeline, I was the original "Ace", a hero with no powers other than being rich and having all the great fighting skills of a vigilante hero.  Note in that timeline, I am dead.  I'm not hurt by this.  It's an important part of the current Ace's origin story.  It should be noted that the Ace and Powerkid have met as the Wronskiverse Powerkid (Connor) tends to hop around the multiverse a lot.  

2002 -- Rob begins to suffer from madness.

2003--Though no longer working for the military, with the MIB, CID, or Umbrella Corporation, Rob still manages to get his hands on the ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE.

2003--DREAMCATCHER--This book and film conclude at the Quabbin Resevoir, which is just near Orange, where Rob grew up.  He has been there often.  Note the novel leads to a divergent timeline, but the film version ends in a way that works for the TVCU.

2004--  Rob performs a ritual to give his soul to the devil for power, but instead becomes possessed by some ancient demon.  Rob gains the memories of this demon, which includes involvement in legendary events of the past.  This demon, while possessing others in the past, has battled Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, known Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and led the terrorists organization Cobra.  This demon claims to be Cain/Kane, but he may be delusional.

October 2005--Though he had visited the town a few time before, circumstances cause Rob to move to Northampton, MA, where he still currently resides.  Rob lives near the farmhouse where the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES hid out for a time, as well as the studio where Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird wrote biographical stories of the Turtles.  Note panel 3 below is the Calvin Theater, which is directly across the street from the courthouse seen in the film EDGE OF DARKNESS.  I have seen George Carlin there as well as Lewis Black, a correspondent for THE DAILY SHOW.

2005 --  Rob is freed of the demon and his soul is restored through divine intervention.  At least, that's what he thinks happened.  In reality, the demon continues to roam the Earth in Rob's body, but is no longer able to steal Rob's identity.  The "divine intervention" actually came from Allorin Vonski, who battled the demon.

2007--  A future incarnation of the Doctor, who has inexplicably taken the form of Robert Wronski in this incarnation, finds it necessary to hide on Earth in human form.  He turns to Allorin Vonski for assistance, and Vonski helps him use the Fob Watch and implants in him the memories of Robert Wronski. From here on in the timeline, Robert Wronski is actually the Doctor thinking he is Robert Wronski.

2007 to 2011 -- Phil Sheridan (one the hero called Zap, Master of Power and Rob's cousin) creates a paranormal investigation team called Quabbin Valley Paranormal and invites Rob to join.  Eventually Rob will become the team's Tech Manager, Field Team Leader, Treasurer, Operations Manager, and Deputy Director.  The team becomes part of the TAPS Family.  TAPS is THE ATLANTIC PARANORMAL SOCIETY, and are the stars of GHOST HUNTERS.  Of course, the GHOST HUNTERS have met HELLBOY as well as WWE wrestlers.  Rob will meet Mike Dion and Krysten Garland from Ghost Hunters and become friends with several members of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.  Rob and his team will investigate several locations later investigated on GHOST HUNTERS, GHOST ADVENTURES, and THE HAUNTED.  Eventually, Jason Hawes of GHOST HUNTERS will say some negative comments about Rob and his team on his show for the sake of his own grandstanding that will make Rob cynical of the field of investigation and will leave the team.

2007  -- After years of secretly studying notes, Rob begins posting his own findings in his MySpace blog.

Spring 2008--Rob visit Salem with his mother.  As noted in Ivan's blog, Salem, Massachusetts is linked to several real and fictional stories of ghosts and witches, including Hawthorne's novel THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES (1951), Miller's play THE CRUCIBLE(1953), eight Season 7 episodes of BEWITCHED (filmed in 1970) and the movie HOCUS POCUS (1993). 

Summer 2008--CRISIS--Powerman (Chris Kowalski) of an alternate reality gathers his doppelgangers from several parallel Earths to assist in the upcoming battle against the New Power Organization of his world.  Rob is one of those recruited, though he's not sure why, since he has no powers.  He's also completely overwhelmed to find that his fictional character, Chris Kowalski, and all the stories written about him, are real in an alternate reality.  Rob learns that all the doppelgangers have a psychic link, and that Rob writes about the stories that he sees, not the stories that he creates.  Later, once returned home, Rob will dismiss it as a dream, and write up the story of the event.

2008 to 2009 -- While attending GCC, Rob's Spanish classes use the textbook Dos Mundos.  This is the same textbook used by the study group on COMMUNITY in season one.  It is also the Spanish textbook used by Haley Dunphy's high school Spanish class on MODERN FAMILY.

Fall 2008--EDGE OF DARKNESS--This Mel Gibson movie is set in Northampton, MA.  In one scene of the film, set at the courthouse, Rob, his mother, and his new friend Jessica are standing just a few feet out of the frame when Mel Gibson's character is walking from the courthouse (at 1:30 on the clip below).  (This is actually true.  We got closer than we should have been allowed during the filming of this movie, because we pretended to be crew.  My mother and I are interviewed by local media about watching the filming.  Note they misspelled my name.)

Edge of Darkness the Movie poster.jpg

2009 to 2011--While attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, one of Rob's Legal Studies professors is Judith Holmes, clearly a descendant of the great detective (or his brother?).

No automatic alt text available.

July 2010--Rob, his son Connor, and Connor's mom visit the Lego Universe and are transformed to blend in with their environment.

January 2011--After a falling out with the NWNMS over the focus of the organization, Rob leaves (and is banned) and launches a blog devoted to finding the links between the weird events of our world.  Soon, he develops a "crew" of fellows who help research and provide him with valuable information.

2011 to Present--Cathedral in the Night, a church attended by TVCU Crew member Robert E. Wronski, Jr., uses the Buddy Jesus at it's coffee hour discussions as the talking piece.

2011--While studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Rob has one instance where he witnesses the 10th Doctor running past his classroom.  Then there was the time Harry Potter was eating in the Campus Center.  Note that I had a picture of Harry Potter eating lunch at my school, and it seems to have magically disappeared from my computer, my phone, and Facebook.

Spring 2012--Rob believe he hears the TARDIS outside his office.  Going out to check, there's nothing there, which of course proves it was the TARDIS.  He does however find a copy of a book titled SO YOUR CREATED A WORMHOLE:  THE TIME TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO TIME TRAVEL.

Summer 2012--Rob (this time with his son Connor) once again encounters the second Batman, who has been thrown forward in time with his partner Robin from a point in the 1970s.  Rob of course had forgotten his prior meeting with Batman, and for Batman, this is his first meeting with Rob, but his next meeting with Rob will be when Rob is a young Super-Bob, so he will not recognize that it is the same person.  There was also another encounter during this time anomaly as Rob stumbles upon the General Lee, owned by the Dukes of Hazzard.

2013--So yeah, all this time Jerry and George thought they were making this up, but as seen in CHUCK, we know this is a real company, and here is further proof.

2013--MONSTAAH is restructured and led by Professor Christopher Nigro.  Rob's recent research brings him to the attention of the team, and they add him to their staff, making him an honorary professor.  (In an alternate timeline, Chris Kowalski is a researcher of the unknown who has a loose affiliation with MONSTAAH).

January 11, 2014--From Ivan's blog:  NIGHTMARE AT THE MUSEUM
Ivan investigates reports of 'wish-fullfilment' chaos in Northampton MA, and bumps heads with local paranormal investigator Rob Wronski. As they independently track the cause of the anomalies, Ivan warns against trying to use magick to get what you want, right as a tyrannosaurus attacks both of them. After they dispell the dinosaur and undo most of the damage the unchecked wishes were causing, Ivan teams up with George DuMasse and Ark Gearheart to investigate the disturbance, which has moved to Springfield MA. .

George DuMasse is from the Bay State Ghostbusters and Ark Gearheart represents the New England Ghostbusters; both are franchises ofGHOSTBUSTERS (1984). The story's title and plot resemble that of the film NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (2006) but there is no direct connection, and the characters seem unaware of the events of that movie. Rob Wronski is the TVCU counterpart of Robert E Wronski Jr, founder of the TVCU, owner of this blog, and author of THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE (2014).  [From me:  This is the first TVCU encounter between Rob and Ivan, though some discussions in the MONSTAAH groups have placed the first meeting of Ivan and Chris Kowalski at an earlier date, but that is in a divergent timeline.  This encounter is an amalgamation of author Keven Heim's own trip to Springfield, and a dream I had a while back. Ivan and Rob only meet briefly here, while separately working on the case.  During Rob's individual portion of this adventure, he rescues a woman from zombies, and during the adventure, the two fall in love, only for it to later turn out that she was in fact a manifestation of an imaginary woman he dreams about, and she ceases to exist when Ivan, down in Springfield, breaks the spell affecting the area.  Also of note, Kevin and I have tried on a few occasions to actually meet in person to create a crossover photo, but it never works out.  We have been friends from online communications since 2007, and I've followed his online writing since around 2001.  Kevin is a member of the TVCU Crew and will be providing one of the forwards for the Horror Crossover Universe.]

June 2013--From Ivan's blog:  REVAMP - Ivan teams up with Rob Wronski in Northampton MA to investigate a traveling vampire clan that had set up shop.  The vampires flee the area at the first hint that they've been discovered, citing recent skirmishes with mutant turtles and conspiracy theorists as their reason for abandoning the region. Afterwards, Ivan writes a forward for Rob's book THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE exposing the horrors most people never seem to notice or acknowledge.
The vampire clan first appeared in THE X-FILES season 5 episode "Bad Blood" (1998).  The mutant turtles are the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1st app. 1984). The conspiracy theorists are THE LONE GUNMEN, who first appeared on THE X-FILES (in 1994) before receiving their own series.  The Northampton fight between the vampires, TMNT, and Lone Gunmen occurred in the IDW comicbook THE X-FILES / TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: CONSPIRACY (2014). Rob Wronski is of course the TVCU counterpart to Robert E Wronski, Jr., founder of the TVCU and author of THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE (2014).

Image may contain: 2 people, people standingImage may contain: 3 peopleImage may contain: 2 people, people standing

Summer 2014--Rob, using his Chris Kowalski alias, encounters the first, fourth and eleventh Doctors and travels thirty years back in time to the Enchanted Forest, where they encounter the outlaw Snow White.  Rob of course writes fictional stories about Chris Kowalski, based on visions he gets from alternate realities.  But sometimes, n his adventures as paranormal researcher, he has found going by this fictional pseudonym is helpful.

Summer 2014--After Rob releases his book on the horrors of our world, entitled THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE, MONSTAAH discovers that Rob may have more than just keen researching abilities, and categorizes him as a Horror Host. Ivan has also noted:  "Yesterday I watched MEN IN BLACK III, part of a franchise with ties to the TVCU. One of the aliens they encountered was a 5th Dimensional being. His relationship with reality was such that he could see all possible futures as being real, and knew that it was always just a matter of seeing which of these infinite possibles wound up coalescing as the present that everyone lived it.  My conclusion: Robert Wronski of the TVCU is a 5th Dimensional being."  Here's the secret truth.  Robert Wronski is descended from Allorin Vonski, who himself is a cosmic god-like being.  Vonski is a horror host, a 5th Dimensional being, and the Monitor/Watcher/Observer of the TVCU.  Since the real Robert Wronski died in 2005, in truth, the Doctor, posing as Robert Wronski, has been influenced by Vonski.

AUG 16 - DANTE'S INFERNOLAND [ANTILOGY] - Doom escapes the asylum and takes up residence at the abandoned Meadow Park in Northampton MA. Ivan is called by Robert Wronski Jr. to finish the job he started earlier in the month.  Agents of Wolfram and Hart observe the follow-up and fear Ivan may be over his head, so they arrange for a demon-hunter named Dante to assist, but as Dante and Ivan both have paranormal aspects themselves, they do not get along well. Ultimately they realize Doom will always continue regenerating, so instead of destroying him they trap him in a shadow world version of the amusement park. 
Dante is the main character in the DEVIL MAY CRY videogame franchise (2001). Doom is a seasonal character at SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND seen during their annual FRIGHT FEST event.

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December 2015 to Present--The TELEVISION CROSSOVER UNIVERSE PODCAST--This show has many, many sponsors, including Gannon Rental Cars, Slusho, and the Montecito, which obviously means that the TVCU Crew (Robert E. Wronski, Jr., Crazy Ivan Ronald Schablotski, James Bojaciuk, and Chris Nigro) are HEROES.  Also, it seems the rumors of James Bojaciuk's death within the Television Crossover Universe may have been greatly exaggerated.  

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December 2015--Rob visits 30 ROCK.  He also visits the same library depicted in the opening of GHOSTBUSTERS.

June 2016--SCARE-AWAY CAMP - Robert Wronski learns that Angela Baker has turned up at a Summer Camp outside of Springfield MA. Suspecting Angela may be a Slasher type revenant, he contacts Ivan Schablotski to investigate. Ivan arrives at Camp Fugawi shortly before Mike Nero, head of MONSTAAH's slasher strike team, the Boogie Knights. Ivan and Mike have worked together, but immediately clash regarding methods for dealing with a camp councilor that could be undead and/or a homicidal maniac, Baker finds out and flees into the city. Robert, Mike, and Ivan contact the Grand Guignol Radio Network to put out the word on Trick Or Treat radio for people to be on watch. On light of all the press, Angela opts to turn herself in. Angela's actual interest in the camp had been to stop campers from dabbling in the occult, but once she went on the run, they continued and accidentally summoned the demon Samhain. Ivan, Robert, Angela, Mike, and several Deadites from Grand Guidnol work together to banish the demon, but succeed only in expelling it from the camp. Once Ivan determines that Baker is fully alive and human, he leaves it to Mike and Robert to determine what to do with her.
Angela Baker is from SLEEPAWAY CAMP, a 1983 slasher film with four sequels to date. Camp Fugawi is named for the fictional Fugawi Indians that later became the Hekawi Indian tribe after they migrated from Massachusetts, from the 1965-67 television series F-TROOP. Trick Or Treat Radio is an online Podcast on the Grand Guignol radio network, and consists of monster destroyers (and Electro-Shock band) called the Deadites, per the show's concept, Samhain (pronounced "SAMhane") is a fictional demon based on a Gaelic festival called Samhain (pronounced "sauWIN"), and here is representative of the way Samhain appears on THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS. The Boogie Knights were created by Kevin Heim, John Lindsey, and Christofer Nigro as a spin-off group of M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H, itself created by Chuck Loridans.

July 2016--TVCU Podcast episodes 30 and 31--Rob, the future Doctor, temporarily regains his memories and battles the Old Ones. He then voluntarily returns to his amnesiac state.

2016--Alternate Script for an 18thWall Radio Drama--I was asked to play my TVCU counterpart in a radio drama.  It never came to pass, but I still like to imagine it happened.

2016--Rob visits the Mirror Cartoon Universe.

September 2016--TVCU Podcast Episode 40--The Doctor returns to his adventuring, goes on tour with JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, and again battles the Old Ones.

December 2016--Unaired TVCU Christmas Special--The Doctor returns, having accidentally returned though three months later than he had planned.  

January 2017--The Doctor defeats "Kane", but at the cost of another life.  The Doctor regenerates into a new female form.  No longer possessed by Kane, the real Robert E. Wronski, Jr. returns to his life.  He however, realized that his storyline is coming to a close.

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January 2017--And now Rob is Batman!!!  He becomes Batman mostly just so he can meet Harley Quinn.

May 2017--Robert E. Wronski, Jr.'s story comes to an end.

September 2017?--Netflix picks up the series where it left off.

At some point in the future -- It's common that when the Doctor (Who?) dies, he regenerates into new forms, and sometimes he takes the form of someone he has encountered in the past.

2019--POWERMAN 2019--The Wronskiverse stuff written from 1991 onward don't count for the TVCU.  However, I make an exception for stuff set pre-1945 or stuff set in the future because it doesn't really contradict this timeline.  In 2019, Allorin Vonski activates Connor's dormant powers, and Connor becomes the new Powerman.  Of course in this series he's called Connor Kowalski.

2019--POWER POLICE 2019--Powerman (Connor Wronski) joins and leads the new heroic team that includes his aunt Michelle as the new Justice, the daughters of Zap and Krusher, Allorin Vonski, and Krazy-El.  

2020--POWERMAN--Connor travels back to 1993 at a time when his father is presumed dead to take his place in that period until his father's return.  This comes from a 1993 Powerman story arc that was a parody of Reign of the Supermen.  Note I wrote a lot of stories about my son years before having a son.  Of course, in 1993, I was not Powerman.  That happened in the "Wronskiverse" but not the TVCU.  However, in the recent Reboot Wronskiverse era, it was revealed the future Powerman stories were not actually the future of the Wronskiverse, but really a completely different timeline.  So we can say that the future TVCU Powerman traveled to an alternate timeline in this story arc.

2021--CHAMPION OF EARTH--Powerman (Connor) and his cousin Zap travel back in time to 2013 where they are surprised to find that their parents are much younger than they should be and have come into their heroic careers in a a much different manner than they know.  Champion of Earth was a rebooted Wronskiverse series that reimagined the classic Wronskiverse heroes in a world inspired by television series such as Heroes and Smallville, among others of the period, that have their heroes operating secretly minus the costumes and code-names.  This story revealed that future Powerman and Zap were from an alternate timeline.

2022--POWERMAN 2022--More adventures of future Connor as Powerman.

2023--TIME WAR--This is not the Doctor Who Time War.  Several time travel villains join forces to destroy and recreate reality to their purpose.  The heroes of 2023 join together with the heroes of 2013 to save reality.  They fail, leading to the rebooted Wronskiverse.  Later, it would be revealed they didn't really fail, as the Wronskivesre, future Wronskiverse, and reboot Wronskiverse were all separate realities that still coexisted in the same multiverse.  Note that in this Time War, the 2013 Powerman is trapped in a suspended animation left floating in space, presumed dead.  That will be relevant later on in this timeline.

Also at some point in the future, Rob sits his son Connor down and tells him how he wrote the How I Met Your Mother blog.  

July 4, 2043--Rob is in Arizona when a nuclear blast kills him.  (This is based on a dream I had once, but considering the date, this must have been an early event involving World War III as depicted in STAR TREK and/or related to the ever sliding JUDGEMENT DAY from TERMINATOR.)

2047--Birth of Robert Philip Wronski, the son of Connor Wronski.  

2070--SUPER HEROES--Robert Philip Wronski is a member of the Interstellar Peace Organization.  He is sent back to 1982, a crucial year in history, where he operates as a "super-hero", and is a member of the Powerkid Police.  He stays in the past from 1982 until following the Crisis when the Powerkid Police disbands.

2073--TICON FORCE--Robert Philip Wronski returns to his era to lead a team called Ticon Force.  They operate fighter ships that form together to become a giant robot, yeah, like Voltron.  Their primary enemy is Cronstar.  

2074--HEROES--The members of the Ticon Force return to 1986 to participate in the HEROES storyline and then remain for a short time as founders of the Heroes of Earth.

2075--The Ticon Force Space Heroes are recalled to their period to battle fake robot Time Lords.

2083--MYSTERY MEN--Robert Philip Wronski is sent back to the 1940s to help the Mystery Men during World War II.

2088--SUPER HEROES--Space Hero Robert Philip Wronski is sent back to 1969 to aid other heroes to fight Cronstar and other metahuman villains interfering in the Vietnam conflict.  

24th and 1/2 Century--POWERMAN TEAM-UP--Powerman temporarily comes out of suspended animation when found by vampiric space hero Captain Zippy.  He is still weak due to the effects of the Time War and is forced to return to his suspended state.  Zippy then sends him back out floating in space for no particular reason.  Captain Zippy is another creation of my friend John C. Barstow, though I wrote this story.  For TVCU purposes, this isn't me.  I died in 2043.  This is actually Christopher Kowalski from an alternate timeline who was sent out into space in the Time War.  This was a post-reboot story, but there is a later pre-reboot story that ties into this.

3082 to 3085--SPACE PATROL--I covered this a bit in the 1980s portion of this timeline. Captain Robert Wronski of the Butterfieldia is a descendant of mine.  This series is set in a timeline that has Star Trek, the Legion of Super Heroes and the television Buck Rogers in its past, as well as other series that have existed that are also called Space Patrol.  Captain Wronski will meet his ancestors Powerkid and Bobbi the Avenger.  Note any Space Patrol/Star Patrol stories after 1985 are part of alternate future timelines.  I consider the original stories canon with the TVCU version of my fictional timeline.  Next year's Wronskiverse post will explore the Star Patrol version of this series.  In the first year of this series, the Butterfieldia acted as part of the Interstellar Peace Organization in policing the galaxy.  In the second year, Earth is invaded and much of the action takes place on Earth.  By the third year, the invasion forces have been repelled and the Butterfieldia is back to policing the galaxy.  Note in the rebooted versions, Powerman returns eventually and returns to heroics.  Though those stories don't count for this timeline, Powerman does return at some point still in this timeline as well, finding himself more powerful than ever and immortal, and as time passes he gains more and more godlike abilities.  

The end of time--HISTORY OF THE SUPER UNIVERSE--And this is why I needed to include floating around in space Powerman.  In 1986's History of the Super Universe, it is revealed that in the future, the universe will be destroyed in a final battle between a future adult version of Powerkid and Doctor Deadly.  


WILD HUNT UNIVERSE--Another version of Chris Kowalski exists in this universe and had alternate encounters with Ivan Schablotski.  This Chris had a very, very bad prison experience because I told the folks in the MONSTAAH 2.0 group they had permission to use the character any way they want.

WRONSKIVERSE--Next year, for April 1, 2018, I'm going to do a crossover chronology for Chris Kowalski, the Powerman of the Wronskiverse, a separate super-hero reality that could be considered a divergent TVCU reality.  Powerman has had some of the same crossovers as in this timeline, from the 1979 to 1991 era, but has had so many more "fanfic" crossovers beyond that.  Meanwhile, check out this old website of mine that I started to talk about my old Wronskiverse stories, before the TVCU consumed my entire life.  You can also find a bio of Chris Kowalski, the Powerman of the Wronskiverse as a bonus in the back of TELEVISION CROSSOVER UNIVERSE:  WORLDS AND MYTHOLOGY VOLUME I.  

Well, that's it.  Note that I probably forgot stuff, and I reserve the right to update as I remember things, just as with any other blog post.  This blog is a part of the historic first ever blog post crossover event.  Please be sure to check out the other crossover posts from James Bojaciuk, Ivan Schablotski and Toby O'Brien.

And if you'd like to be my friend on Facebook (especially if you're a beautiful lady who likes guys who write about crossovers and love to talk about Doctor Who), you can find me at https://www.facebook.com/robert.e.wronski.

-Robert E. Wronski, Jr.


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