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Some People Call Me Crazy: Ivan Schablotski in the TVCU

Updated April 1st, 2020

The Strange Life and Interesting Timeline of Ivan Ronald Schablotski
by Kevin Heim

Notes highlighted in Yellow are recent additions to the timeline.

Notes highlighted in Green are specific to Ivan's time-twinned doppelganger IIvan Ronald Schablotski. 
Ivan Schablotski knows you're jealous right now

Well this is awkward...

The Ivan timeline turned out to be a big hit, and I have been trying to update it every year since it was started in 2014. What I didn't expect was that it would grow so big, Blogger couldn't handle it anymore, and I was unable to release an update in 2019 due to the size of the document. My solution is to split the timeline up, so that everything that happened to Ivan before he time-traveled from 2015 to 1942 is on a new page titled THE STRANGE LIFE AND INTERESTING TIMELINE OF IVAN RONALD SCHABLOTSKI.

It's a good breaking point, because he made that trip twice, with very different results. And due to the Anti-Logic and a wacky time travel paradox, it caused there to be two different Ivan Ronald Schablotskis. One of them returned to 2015 and continued living as if nothing happened. We'll call him "Crazy1van", as he often calls himself on the internet. Some people like to enunciate this moniker as "Crazy One-van", and this is very appropriate, because the other Ivan Ronald Schablotski wound up being sent to a galaxy far, far away, where he was known to the locals as IIvan. And some people like to enunciate this guy's moniker as "Two-van".

So this page, which grew too big for its blog, is now the Adventures of Crazy One-van, continuing forth from his 2015 time travel paradox. 

Everything that happened to One-van before October 21, 2015 also happened to Two-van, so all of that information can be found on THE STRANGE LIFE AND INTERESTING TIMELINE OF IVAN RONALD SCHABLOTSKI

Everything that happened to IIvan from October 21, 2015 onward can be found on the page THE HAPHAZARD ADVENTURES OF IIVAN IN THE TVCU.

Don't worry, everything you love about this page, i.e. the bloated paragraph-long descriptions of events and photographic-intensive justification for blatant Mary Sueism will remain intact. You'll still have a horrid time trying to get through this thing without falling asleep or killing the graphics downloads.

And now, on with our timeline, already in progress.


OCT 21 - BACK IN THE FUTURE - Emmett "Doc" Brown
gathers several organizations that have benefitted from his technological breakthroughs (which included the Ghostbusters, Banzai Institute, Arkham Sanitarium, Weyland Corporation) in Hill Valley CA to prepare for the arrival of Doc's 1985 self. He arranges the town to reflect the skewed version of 2015 he and Marty McFly visited so that the events he has previously lived through will still take place Marty will still temporarily alter the past by letting Biff steal the time machine, and Doc and Marty will wind up in the year 1885, since any deviation from what has gone before could be disastrous (Emmet met his wife in 1885, an event that never would have occurred if Biff didn't force Marty and Doc to return to 1955). Among the organizations represented to help Doc Brown with this project (and that have benefited from exclusive research from him) are the Banzai Institute, Ghostbusters International, On the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown are set to arrive from 1985, a series of protocols have been set into place to ensure Marty still experiences the same things he did originally, but Ivan, who is mostly performing crowd control to ensure no one interferes, accidentally tries to stop Biff from taking the DeLorean, and winds up being sent back in time to 1942 (without the car) when his Anti-Logic interferes with the time circuits. Marty McFly.
Doc Brown, Hill Valley, and their time machines are from BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) and its sequels. Ghostbusters is from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS; the Ghostbusters were shown to have access to Flux capacitor technology in THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS #6 by NOW Comics (1989). The Weyland Corporation is from the 1979 film ALIEN (where it has already become Weylan-Yutani) and its sequels; the first film in the series shows technology based on the Mister Fusion device used by Doc Brown in BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (1989). The Banzai Institute is from the 1985 film THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSIONArkham Asylum reflects both the BATMAN franchise and the Cthulhu Mythos. The connections between Arkham Sanitarium and the Banzai Institute to Doc Brown are taken from earlier entries in the Timeline of Ivan Schablotski's life.


Maxon threatens Ivan with the Box
THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WASN'T - Ivan Schablotski arrives in Chicago in the year 1942 following the events of October 21, 2015 in Hill Valley, CA. Chicago Police Detective Tracy discovers the time traveler and sends him to see an inventor in New York City that may be the only person alive to have the means to initiate time travel. Going by train, Ivan's Ghostbuster uniform
and gear lead people to believe he is in the military, possibly one of the "All-American Squadron" operatives who wore fanciful outfits and appeared in public relations films and posters. Because of this misidentification, when the train is delayed in Cleveland Ivan is asked to investigate the sabotage of a Bomber Plant. He discovers George Maxon, an American industrialist and Nazi sympathiser who is using a box he calls his "Cosmic Cube" to destroy planes and kill soldiers and workers, as well as to open gateways that allow him to escape when superior forces arrive. Ivan recognizes the cube as a Lemarchand Puzzle Box and tries to warn George that every time he uses it he is consigning parts of his body and soul to Hell. Maxon swears that the United States is heading there anyway, since they refuse to support Germany in its holy mission to purify Europe. Maxon is unaware that his own skin is being twisted and distorted every time he uses the box, and that his face is now inside out, making his head resemble a gristly red skull. When Maxon sees Ivan become a werewolf, he tries to escape with another gateway, but is prevented when a Hell Priest steps through the portal, intent on bringing George his eternal reward of suffering and torment. The demon briefly considers taking Ivan as well, but claims he has no use for a soul that is already condemned to a worse fate than even he could administrate.
Dick Tracy is the titular police detective from the DICK TRACY comic strip started in 1931 (the 2-way wrist radio would not be introduced until 1946). The unnamed inventor residing in the Empire State Building is Doctor Clark Savage, Jr. from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE #1 (1933). The All-American Squadron is an homage to the All-Star Squadron (DC Comics) and All-Winners Squad (Marvel Comics) as well as other World War II era super groups and the comicbook company All-American Publications. George Maxon was the original Red Skull from CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1941). The Cosmic Cube first appeared in TALES OF SUSPENSE #79 in 1966. The LeMarchand Box and the Hell Priest (Pinhead the Cenobite) are from Clive Barker's story "The Hellbound Heart" (1986). 

Clifford and Ivan
Ivan and Jonas

Ivan continues on to New York City to the Empire State Building, but instead of the inventor he meets Clifford, a man who really is in the All-American Squadron and knows Ivan is a fraud. They briefly scuffle when Clifford believes Ivan's Tillinghast generator to be a duplicated rocket pack, but the sudden appearance of a mystic villain calling himself the Emperor unites them gainst the 
The alien Emperor
alien warlord. Two Hawks arrive to detain the despot. Hearing Ivan's story, Cliff introduces him to Mr. Jonas, who determines that Ivan's tale of time travel is true. 
The Hawks

Clifford is Cliff Secord, a.k.a. the Rocketeer, who first appeared in STARSLAYER #1, 1982. Jonas is an alias of the Shadow, who first appeared on DETECTIVE STORY HOUR radio serial in 1930. The Emperor is a known identity of Ming the Merciless, from the FLASH GORDON comic strips (1934). The Hawkmen also originated in that comic strip, though here they are conflated with Hawkman and Hawkgirl from FLASH COMICS #1 (1940). 

Jonas promises to do what he can, but suggests that in the meantime, Ivan should try his best to blend in. Knowing his family is from Massachusetts, Ivan moves to Arkham MA and poses as his lost great uncle Raclaw, who was last seen in the states in 1919. As Raclaw, Ivan claims he is a scientist and gets hired at Arkham Sanitarium. Though his knowledge from their future gives him the appearance of scholarship, he lacks genuine scientific discipline and he is called upon to teach at Miskatonic University much more often than he is allowed to work with patients at the asylum. Ivan's mention of reanimation experiments conjures memories of Herbert West and the evils associated with his name, and Raclaw soon loses the respect of the Professors at MU, leaving him to function as a medical assistant, though he does gain a reputation as someone willing to assist with questionable research, as he had hoped. He finally gains some acceptance when dealing with a young patient believed to be possessed. In fact, she was possessed, but Ivan offered himself to the demon, Pazuzu, in exchange for the child, and as it discovered Ivan cannot be possessed by spirits (a side-effect of the Anti-Logic), Ivan discovered that keeping his Ghostbusting equipment at work was a good idea after all. The demon is driven away and "Raclaw" is hailed as a hero of parapsychology.
Ivan treats a girl possessed by Pazuzu
Jonas is an alias of the Shadow, who first appeared on DETECTIVE STORY HOUR radio serial in 1930. Arkham, Arkham Sanitarium, Miskatonic University, and Herbert West are from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft. Pazuzu is from Assyro-Babylonian mythology, but is used here in the form fictionalized in such sources as the 1971 novel and film THE EXORCIST and the 2014-2015 television series CONSTANTINE. Raclaw Schablotski is original to Kevin Heim, but his disappearance in 1919 is documented in the 2016 novel REANIMATRIX by Peter Rawlik.

The Bat
Ivan's success with the possessed patient gets him assigned to other patients with somewhat more esoteric ailments than normal. He is introduced to a 'permanent' resident patient called Laughing Jack, who almost never eats, except meat, and he prefers his as raw as possible. Jack is delighted by Ivan, whom he calls a "Nowhere Man", and claims they have a lot in common. Eventually Ivan gets Jack to admit that his name is Schadenfreude, but when Ivan reveals that the word is German for "taking pleasure from others' misery", Jack sighs and tells Ivan to pick a name for him instead; maybe Jasper suits him today. Eventually Ivan's 'doctor / patient' relationship with Jack earns him a visit from a masked man called the Bat, who insists that Jack is too dangerous for anyone to get close to. Ivan seeks to rattle Jack by commenting to him about the visit, and Jack merely scoffs, claiming that he remembers when the Bat's father wore the suit, and wore it better at that. Finally Ivan runs some tests and discovers Jack, despite having healthy vital signs,  is clinically dead, and likely has been dead for at least three decades, possibly five, and may be some kind of ghoul / lich creature... but clearly is unaware of his status among the living-impaired.
Jack studies Ivan studying Jack
Batman made his debut in DETECTIVE COMICS #27 in 1939. This version of Batman is inspired by JSA: THE LIBERTY FILE (2000) and other Elseworld tales. Laughing Jack is based on many versions of the Joker, who first appeared in BATMAN #1 (1940) as well as THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (1928), which inspired the comic book villain. The name Jack Schadenfreude was applied to a Joker-like character in BATMAN / HOUDINI: THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP (1993) while a "Wicked Looking Jasper" is hinted to be a Joker counterpart in BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT (1989).

Clifford invites Ivan to visit New York so he can meet with Strategic Scientific Reserve agent Carter. Carter is fascinated to meet a Future Man but determines that learning about upcoming threats to America from him could cause more harm than good. She mentions that the Bat did not feel Ivan was suitable for serving in the All-American Squadron, but he may be called upon to help with local crises, in exchange for the government making a priority of developing safe passage for him back to the future. While in New York, Ivan meets some soldiers preparing to return to Europe. They tell him that All-Americans like Colonel Courage & Bugle Boy, Captain Powderkeg, the Accelerator, and Princess Paradise have met the Russians in Austria and speculate on how they might react to Octobriana, should they meet during the concerted Allied front against Germany before the end of Summer. Ivan ponders the timing, as he's sure Germany shouldn't be defeated in 1942.
Agent Peggy Carter is a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in TALES OF SUSPENSE #77 (1966), though this version of the character draws mostly from the Marvel Cinematic Universe take, which debuted in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (2011). Colonel Courage & Bugle Boy, Captain Powderkeg, the Accelerator, and Princess Paradise are homage characters standing in for Captain America & Bucky, Captain Marvel, the Flash, and Wonder Woman. Octobriana is from OCTOBRIANA AND THE RUSSIAN UNDERGROUND by Petr Sadecký (1971).

As Raclaw, Ivan publicly defeats a demon at the Arkham Train Depot using his Tillinghast Generator, creating a bit of a sensation. Several people start trying to build their own 'spirit box' devices. Ultimately Ivan accidentally founds a Ghostbusters franchise in 1942, though he is careful not to use that name; he refers to them as Ghost Breakers and his many recruits, most of whom are Miskatonic University students, set up their headquarters on campus. Alarmed that he might draw the attention of the real Raclaw Schablotski's still-living relatives in Massachusetts, Ivan insists on making engineering professor Basil Dinkley the public head of the "Ghost Breakers Club". After they've been active for about a month, the group is contacted by Larry Lawrence who claims to represent the 'official' Ghost Breakers and threatens to sue, prompting Ivan and Basil to rename their group "The Real Ghost Breakers".
Tillinghast Generator and Miskatonic University are elements of Lovecraft's Mythos Cycle of stories, specifically FROM BEYOND (1920) and HERBERT WEST-REANIMATOR (1922). Basil Dinkley is related to Velma Dinkley from SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU (1969) and other cartoons, though he cannot be the same Dr. Basil Von Dinkenstein Velma claims was her great great uncle in SCOOBY DOO! FRANKENCREEPY (2014) as that Basil was said to be the monster maker who inspired Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN novel in the 1800s.  Larry Lawrence is from the 1940 film GHOST BREAKERS, an adaptation of an earlier play The Ghost Breaker (1909). The Real Ghost Breakers is a play on the animated Ghostbusters cartoon titled THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS due to an already existing Ghostbusters television property. Ghostbusters, of course, reflects both the Filmation GHOST BUSTERS property and the Sony GHOSTBUSTERS property.

A new patient at Arkham Sanitarium comes to Ivan's attention when he starts talking about needing to take care of the little people at his factory. Ivan discovers that Wilbur Wonka, a reclusive British entrepreneur, has been brought in following a trip to the plateau of Leng. Wilbur says he rescues a race of little people that lived at the base of the plain who were being hunted by those living on top. He refuses to let anyone see them though, and has developed gerontophobia since his travels, locking himself and his (potentially imaginary) wards inside the factory until the company had him forcibly removed by the military. Ivan investigates the man's claims, and finds one of the little people has followed him across the Atlantic to watch after their great savior. Ivan recommends a diagnosis of temporary insanity (a first for Arkham Sanitarium) and after a lot of coaching Wilbur is discharged from their care, to return to his chocolate factory in England.
Arkham Sanitarium and the Plateau of Leng are from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories, specifically THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP (1933) and THE HOUND (1922), receptively. Wilbur Wonka is better known as Willy Wonka, who along with the little people (Oompa-Loompas) and those that hunt them (Vermicious Knids) are from Roald Dahl books CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (1964) and CHARLIE AND THE GREAT GLASS ELEVATOR (1972), though their descriptions and portrayals here owe more to the 1971 film adaptation WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY than the literary sources.

Schablotski's patient "Laughing" Jack escapes Arkham Sanitarium with the help of a scandalously-clad anarchist calling herself The Mad Bombshell. Ivan tries to track them down in the Aether-Mobile, an old fire truck donated to the Ghost Breakers, but finds Bombshell already captured by Colonel Courage and Maiden America, home from the war effort in Europe. Ivan greets them and wishes them well against Parsifal, which leads to his explaining that Parseval is a vampire in the employ of the Third Reich (information Ivan gained during his time with the Ordnance in the 1990s). Ivan does not find Jack; his appearance and personality have changed so much in just a few days, Ivan does not recognize him when he does happen to locate him. Ivan wishes he had disposed of the undead fiend when he had it in captivity, but since Jack, whatever kind of undead he is, has a heartbeat (or else something that simulates one), it would be be difficult to eliminate the undead creature without being accused of murder.
Laughing Jack and the Mad Bombshell are versions of the Joker and Harley Quinn, characters from the Batman comic books of DC Comics. Colonel Courage and Maiden America represent Captain America and Miss America from comic books published by Timely (Marvel) Comics. Arkham Asylum is from the stories of H P Lovecraft but was appropriated for use in DC Comics as a place for Batman's criminally insane foes to be locked up. Parsifal is a character from the DC Comics Elseworld series THE GOLDEN AGE (1993) who was reportedly killed by the Americommando, a DC character similar in design to Captain America.

Demonic entity attacks Arkham
Growing frustrated with life in 1942, Ivan seeks out a sorcerer he believes was active in that year, according to records from 2015. Doctor Mystic is indeed around, but he immediately senses Ivan's link to the Anti-Logic, which represents powerful Chaos magick. Mystic has to attempt a removal of this influence on Ivan before his own Order-based spells can have any hope of sending him home, but the effort releases a powerful spirit from the Sidhe which Ivan and Mystic then have to defeat. Mystic realizes Ivan cannot have Anti-Logic removed until a point in time after it was already bonded to him, as the Anti-Logic represents forces that are currently active in 1942. Mystic suggests that using the same method of time travel that originally brought him here is likely the only way to get back to the future. 
Doctor Mystic is a stand-in for Doctor Fate (MORE FUN COMICS #55, 1940) and other magical heroes from the Golden Age. Anti-Logic is a fraction of the Anti-Life Equation, which originally appeared in Jack Kirby's Fourth World stories at DC Comics.

Ivan and Mina
The Hawks in formalwear
As America pulls out of Europe, more forces are dedicated to the Pacific Front. As part of the shift, Princess Mina Thatch, ambassador from the undersea domed civilization of Atlantis, visits Boston to discuss further involvement of her people in the war. Her brother Kenzo, eldest son of Queen Kida and her consort Milo, has already sworn to continue aiding the Allies alongside the All-American Squadron, but the Atlanteans are dedicated to keeping their crystal-based Vryll technology away from the surface world. Ivan attends the conference as Raclaw, due to Raclaw's status as a former sailor who's ship, the Melindia, suffered a bizarre attack at sea (the event which killed the real Raclaw), along with several other sea-faring protestors that Mina has agreed to address. Another member of the AAS known as Neptune is mentioned, but Mina states that he is not of Atlantean blood. The conference is interrupted when several Deep One hybrids hidden among the spectators stand up and accuse Atlantis of siding against their own people by remaining neutral in 1927. When Mina cites a treaty with Y'ha-nthlei that the Deep Ones violated when they attacked Lyonesse a thousand moons ago, the Deep Ones attack. Ivan assists security against them, as do two Hawks in attendance as bodyguards for King Milo and Queen Kidagakash, who were attending incognito. 
Kida and Milo
Deep One Protestors
Mina (Wilhelmina) Thatch's parents Milo and Kida are from Disney's 2001 animated film ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE, as is the crystal-based technology. Kenzo is a version of Namor McKenzie, aka the Sub-Mariner, who first appeared in MOTION PICTURE FUNNIES WEEKLY (1939). Vryll is more correctly spelled "Vril" and was the focus of the 1871 novel THE COMING RACE by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (reprinted as VRIL, THE POWER OF THE COMING RACE). Neptune is Neptune Perkins, who debuted in FLASH COMICS #66 (1945). The Deep Ones are references to Lovecraft's THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (1931) which depicts the Massachusetts town of Innsmouth being overrun by Deep Ones until a 1927 raid by the United States military and Justice Department wiped the colony out. Lyonesse is a mythical island society, like Atlantis, from Arthurian legend, and as such has appeared in several works of fiction, notably Stephen R. Lawhead's PENDRAGON CYCLE of books. The Hawks are amalgamated Hawkmen characters introduced in FLASH GORDON comic strips and FLASH comic books. The death of Raclaw Schablotski and the fate of the Melindia are from the novel REANIMATRIX by Peter Rawlik, published in 2016.

Schablotski & Strange
The Deep Ones captured in Boston are sent to Arkham Sanitarium, where they ironically become patients of Ivan "Dr Raclaw" Schablotski and Dr Hugo Strange, who delights in the opportunity to study their physical deformities, correctly concluding that they are not entirely human. Ivan recognizes that Dr Strange is related to the Dr Absonus Strange he knew in 2013, and suspects Hugo is working towards something sinister. He discovers a lab in which Strange has been injecting human patients with Deep One blood and saliva, while subjecting them to chemical and electrical stimuli. Unable to report what he discovered without revealing his own future technology, Ivan instead helps one of the Deep Ones escape to the Miskatonic River. She returns with the Sea Witch, one of their elders, who destroys a good portion of the hospital in her rescue, exposing many of the outre residents and experiments when the police and fire department arrive.
The Deep Ones first appeared in Lovecraft's SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH (1931). Dr. Hugo Strange first appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS #36 (1940). The Miskatonic River and Arkham Sanitarium both come from Lovecraft stories, THE PICTURE IN THE HOUSE (1920) and THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP (1937), respectively. The Sea Witch is likely related to the Sea Witch from Hans Christian Andersen's THE LITTLE MERMAID, which was published in 1837, and physically bears much resemblance to the Sea Witch character Ursula from the 1989 animated Disney adaptation of the story.

"Raclaw" and Col. Sanders
With Germany defeated, Japan does not last much longer and surrenders on November 5th, 1942. As many of the assorted members of the All-American Squadron return home to heroes' welcomes, Ivan visits Clifford during a visit to Boston. Knowing that the Manhattan Project was to create the Hydrogen Bomb, Ivan wonders if they may be working on other technology now, possibly technology that can return him to the future. Clifford reveals that a deal made with Atlantis, in part due to Ivan's  assistance against the Deep Ones, gave America access to Vryll crystals and Stargate dials. Hopeful that he'll be able to return home soon, Ivan decides to relax and see a little more of 1942. He travels to Louisville KY and meets Harland Sanders, who was returning to North Corbin KY after working at an Ordnance depot in Tennessee. Ivan is disappointed to learn that Sanders' experience was NOT with the Department of the Ordnance (he is also unable to get Harland to reveal the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken). The Kentucky Colonel suspects Ivan might not be right in the head, possibly a result of seeing combat overseas, and he tries to get him committed at Oldham Asylum in Lastrange. Ivan gets a call through to Dr. Hugo Strange at Arkham Sanitarium and the confusion is cleared up.
Clifford is Cliff Secord aka the Rocketeer (1982). Stargate: Atlantis (2004) is part of the STARGATE franchise (1994). Colonel Sanders (1890 - 1980) is the mascot of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN (1930) in addition to being the founder of the company. Dr Hugo Strange (1940) is a Batman character. The Deep Ones and Arkham Sanitarium are from Lovecraft's Mythos stories. Vryll is from VRIL, THE POWER OF THE COMING RACE (1871).

FDR: American Bad-Ass... and Ivan
Tom Strong
Ivan is taken to meet U,S, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Washington DC, where he is thanked for his contributions to war efforts. The President also admits that he doesn't like having time travelers around to exploit the present with their unholy knowledge, and he really dislikes owing a debt of gratitude to a werewolf. He has Ivan shuffled off to a secret lab beneath the Pentagon, where parts of a Stargate have been set up and energized. Earlier experiments resulted in successful communication with, and later travel to, the world of Tom Strong, who is considered a counterpart to Clarke Savage. With Strong's assistance, recalibration for time travel seems possible, but no practical test has been carried out yet. Ivan is volunteered to be the first time traveler, a designation he finds ironic. The portal is opened via the super-speed of the Accelerator, and Ivan is sent through to the year 2015. 
Vryll power supply.
The Accelerator and Ivan

Franklin D, Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, is a real person, but the version used here is the fictionalized one seen in the 2012 film FDR: AMERICAN BADASS. As seen here, FDR has access to a portable transducer, which is a reference to the 1975 film THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (Actor Barry Bostwick starred in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW as well as FDR AMERICAN BADASS) and the BBC television series DOCTOR WHO (1963 to the Present) which often features such devices in the form of "sonic screwdrivers." Tom Strong got his start in TOM STRONG #1, 1999. Doc Savage is from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE  #1(1933). Stargate is from the 1994 film STARGATE. The Accelerator is a version of the Flash from FLASH COMICS #1 (1940). 

Ivan vs Nerinea, portal tester
Ivan vs undead superheroes
Ivan's adventures in 1942 (THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WASN'T) resulted in the Allies ending World War 2 much earlier than intended and with no Hydrogen Bomb explosion. As a result much has changed when Ivan returns from the past. The Middle East is a nuclear wasteland, Japan is the 52nd State, and superheroes are a normal part of everyday life. 
Ivan emerges from the Stargate in 1942 through a portal generated by an experimental Portal gun, normally used for creating tiny, temporary worm holes. Ivan briefly skirmishes with the gun's user, a test subject named Nerinea before they join forces against a group of flesh-eating super-powered zombies. They are aided by members of a teenage supergroup called Big Hero 6. They help Ivan get to Salem MA, but there he finds that in this altered timeline his name is David Danvers, which is the alter ego of a super hero called the Leaping Lycosa. Discovering that he isn't even real in this reality unnerves Ivan, and he determines to return to 1942 and set things right. 
Finding people that can help is difficult, as so few of the individuals and organizations he remembers exist mow, at least, not in the way he remembers them. Ivan learns of some beings with reality-warping powers, such as Freakazoid and Q, but none of them are accessible and from what Nerinea tells him, they are all too unstable to trust. Instead they visit Universal Constance, a woman who can access the abilities and memories of her alternate reality selves. Constance recognizes that in Ivan's own timeline, she's a Ghostbuster, and agrees to help. Acknowledging that they have to go back to before Ivan changed the timeline Nerinea and Constance help Ivan revisit his first day in 1942, returning to 2015 via a Hellmouth in Cleveland Ohio.
Constance vs Ivan
The Portal technology and test subjects are from the PORTAL games. The Stargate is from the STARGATE movie and television franchise. the undead superheroes are from MARVEL ZOMBIES (Zombie Thor) and BLACKEST NIGHT (Black Lantern Supergirl... and yes, I know that the character depicted is based on the 'Evil' Supergirl; remember, these are not the versions that exist in the Marvel or DC Comics). Big Hero 6 is from the animated film BIG HERO 6 based loosely on the Marvel comics. Freakazoid is from the animated series FREAKAZOID. Q from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. The Hellmouth in Cleveland was first mentioned on the season 7 series finale of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

Constance vs Ivan
Nerinea, trying to fit in
Things do not go as planned (see 2015, October 21st Adjacent). Ivan returns to 1942 in January when he first arrived, with Nerinea (a woman from the alternate 2015 in possession of technology similar to a micro stargate) and Universal Constance (a woman who is aware of her own counterparts in all timelines), and frees George Maxon from Hell moments after he was taken. Ivan, Constance, and Nerinea return to 2015. Maxon flees to Germany and claims to be a Nazi officer;  With the cursed cube of power in hand, and a head resembling a red skull, he was accepted immediately, leading the timeline to play out more or less as it was supposed to. There is, however, now another Ivan in 1942 who did not stop the Red Skull. His adventures begin with THE SECOND WORLD WAR TWO and can be followed on 
Lost in Time, Lost in Space, and Meaning where he eventually becomes known as IIvan.
Ivan reaches into Hell and vice versa
Nerinea is a test subject from the PORTAL video game series (2007). George Maxon, aka the original Red Skull, first appeared in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1941) by Timely (later Marvel) Comics. The version of Hell visited is from THE HELLBOUND HEART (1986), written by Clive Barker. 
Universal Constance and the Aether-Mobile
Universal Constance is an original character, but she is an extra-dimensional counterpart to Entropy Emily, a character from THE INDESTRUCTIBLES, written by Matthew Phillion in 2014.

Reports that Ivan traveled to another dimension using the Anti-Logic (which is not accurate) make him a target for Wilson Fisk, a New York based crime lord. A number of mercenaries attempt to kidnap Ivan for the bounty, including two goblins, a horrible doctor, a quizzical criminal, and a catburglar. Ivan evades capture, with some help from a wall-crawling vigilante and has words with Fisk, convincing him that it isn't worth his time and effort to make an enemy of Ivan.

Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin of Crime, first appeared in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 (1967), the Green Goblin first appeared in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 (1964), Hobgoblin in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #238 (1983), and the Black Cat in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 (1979), the "wall-crawling vigilante" is Spider-Man, from AMAZING FANTASY #15 (1962), all published by MARVEL COMICS. The Riddler is from DETECTIVE COMICS #140 (1948) published by DC COMICS. Doctor Horrible is from the DOCTOR HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG web series, 2008.

THANKSGIVING - The threat of Rowan North's plan to merge the worlds of the living and the dead through ley lines running through Manhattan is realized, complicated by the newest group of New York based Ghostbusters. Ivan wants to send the Ordnance information to have them intervene, but fears his status as a fugitive from the military will lead to him being hunted instead. Scáth Hazard offers to approach the Ordnance on Ivan's behalf, and helps set up a proton cannon to use against whatever breaks through the barrier. Rowan's ghost stops the Ordnance from getting in his way, but the distraction drains resources from him, allowing Erin Gilbert, Jillian Holtzmann, Abby Yates, and and Patty Tolan the opportunity to close the breach and send Rowan back to the land of the dead.
These events are seen in the 2016 movie GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL. Ivan Schablotski and Scáth Hazard are members of the Arkham Ghostbusters, but Scáth does take part in the military assemblage with the Proton Cannon, as shown in the movie's deleted scenes.

DEC - FLASH FLOOD - The modern day Accelerator comes to Arkham to meet Ivan and discuss what happened in 1942. Nothing went the way Ivan remembered it, since the timeline was changed by his second trip to 1942, but he still lived through the year, so something still happened, and the original Accelerator still assisted in sending Ivan to the present. An analysis of the situation reveals that the alternate 2015 world Ivan visited may have been erased in 1985, which does nothing to clear up the situation. The Accelerator's father, who was the Accelerator in 1986, tries to clarify, but only winds up causing an alternate Accelerator to arrive from yet another timeline, and Ivan informs them that he thinks he'll be fine simply not knowing.
Ivan and Barry? Jay? No, he's actually Flash #3, Wally West
The Accelerator is a stand-in character for the Flash. The Jay Garrick Flash (Accelerator) Ivan met in 1942 is from FLASH COMICS #1 (1940). The Flash from 1986 is Wally West, the 3rd Flash in the comics, who first appeared in THE FLASH #110 (1959), though he is here conflated with the Barry Allen Flash from the 1990 FLASH television series, as well as Henry Allen, father of the modern (tv series) Flash, and Jay Garrick, the Flash of "Earth-2", on that same series. The modern Flash is Barry Allen in the current THE FLASH television series (2014) though here he is assumed to be the son of the 3rd Flash, making him Bartholomew "Barry" West. Don't even try to understand who the alternate reality Flash is; he's probably not you.

JAN - Ivan begins co-hosting duties on the Television Crossover Universe podcast along with Robert Wronski Jr, James Bojaciuk, and later Chris Nigro. These blogs involve interviews and discussions about crossovers and connections that the general public may not be aware of, including one show in which the guest being interviewed was Kevin Heim. For a list of the program's sponsors, see the updated I WAS A TEENAGE SUPERHERO article by Robert Wronski Jr.

Cipher and Clever take on human forms
FEB 2 - GRAVITY FALLS NO MORE - A videogame arcade in Laconia NH is invaded by the sentient AI called Clever and an extradimensional thought-demon called Cipher, both looking to inhabit human hosts so they can escape the cyberscape and mindscape, respectively. They reason that only one will be able to 
succeed within the 24 hour window alloted by the Groundhog's Day anomaly, so they work against each other using a variety of living and technological tools in their paradimensional chess match. Ivan Schablotski takes the call when animatronic animals and arcade games come to life, and encounters the Pines family as they attempt to stop Cipher.
Ivan teams up with the Pines family

SkyNet made manifest
Clever is the A.I. based on the 11th Doctor from the 2013 DOCTOR WHO episode "Nightmare in Silver", as well as the A.I. that controls SkyNet in TERMINATOR: GENISYS (2015) . Cipher is the ultimate antagonist from the Disney XD animated series GRAVITY FALLS (2012-2016), which is also where Dipper, Mabel, and their Grunkel Stan Pines hail from. The Groundhog's Day anomoly is a reference to the film GROUNDHOG'S DAY (1993). Thematically there are similarities to FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S but no actual crossover exists here.

Paramus Holiday Inn
Guarding the spaceships

FEB 14 - THE VALENTINE'S DAY BUMMER - The world will end on February 14th, according to a prediction given by an alien, as reported to a guest on Dr. Peter Venkman's World of the Psychic in 1988. To help thwart this, several Ghostbusters work with the MIB, especially in the areas surrounding Paramus NJ. Ivan and several NEGATE Ghostbusters head to New Jersey and encounter hostile aliens, which leads to a chase through New York City and some considerable upgrades to the Ecto-6. During the case, Ivan visits the Pavilion observation towers in Queens to help MIB Agent S ensure no one tries to use the alien spacecrafts on display. Metaluna Mutant involvement in the situation is suspected, though a variety of extraterrestrial races seem to have participated in the event.
MIB Agent S and GB I Schablotski
This prediction and the television show where it was announced are both elements taken from the 1989 film GHOSTBUSTERS IIMIB agents are from UFOlogy lore, but this specific rendition, along with the revelation that the observation towers are actually two disguised flying saucers, is from the 1997 movie Men In Black (aka MIB). The Metaluna Mutant aliens are from the 1955 movie THIS ISLAND EARTH. Portions of the alien encounter were taken from the Ghostbusters RPG module HOT ROD OF THE GODS by West End Games.

MAR - Although several Ghostbusters franchises prepare for leprechaun mischief in Boston for St Patrick's Day, no evidence of leprechaun activity or other paranormal threats manifest. Not to waste a good gathering, the Ghostbusters participate in the South Boston St Patrick's Day Parade, while remaining alert.
The assembled Ghostbusters franchises include the Springfield Ghostbusters, Arkham Ghostbusters, Bay State Ghostbusters, Freelance Ghostbusters, NYC Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Ghostbusters, Maine Ghostbusters, Freelance Ghostbusters, the Bay Colony Ghostbusters of Massachusetts, Ghostbusters of New Jersey, and the leadership of N.E.G.A.T.E., all based on the company Ghostbusters from the 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS film.

The Esoteric Order of Dagon

Brenda (Salem GB) & Scott Gruenwald
Deep Ones in the streets of  Salem
 An art exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem MA features relics recovered from the 1926 raid on Innsmouth MA and certain items recovered from south Pacific Islands that seem to be culturally and artistically similar. Members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, led by Caleb Marsh, attack the museum to reclaim the artifacts for their own use. The Arkham Ghostbusters and Hazel Dinkley from Miskatonic University thwart their first attempt, but word gets out. Soon the Salem Ghostbusters come down from New Hampshire to combat the monsters summoned to the museum, along with other ghost hunters and demonologists (including John Zaffis, Brian J Cano, Scott Gruenwald, the North East Paranormal Society and the Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society), though most of the evidence is confiscated by the Bureau.
Ivan and Brian J Cano
The Peabody Essex Museum was created in 1992 from the merger of the Peabody Museum of Salem and the Essex Institute. The Esoteric Order of Dagon, the Marsh family of Deep Ones, and Innsmouth MA are from the story THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (1931) by Howard Phillips Lovecraft (though he did mention Innsmouth in some of his earlier poems written in 1929 and 1930). Arkham MA is from HPL's "The Picture In the House" (1920) and Miskatonic University is from "Herbert West-Reanimator" (1921-22). Hazel is related to Velma Dinkley, a character from the 1969 cartoon series SCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU! The Arkham Ghostbusters and Salem Ghostbusters are franchises of the company seen in the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. John Zaffis was on the SyFy TV show Haunted Collector, and runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England (founded in 1998). Brian J Cano was also on Haunted Collector, as well as Scared on Staten Island! / SCARED! (2002 to 2010). Scott Gruenwald was on the Travel Channel series Paranormal Paparazzi (2012) and a 2010 episode of Ghost Adventures. MSG (Mass Ghost Hunters) Paranormal Society has been investigating hauntings and paranormal experiences since 2012. NEPS (the North East Paranormal Society) was founded in 2005 and is based out of central New York. The Bureau is the Monster Control Bureau (MCB) from MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL (2009) by Larry Correia.
Ghostbusters (Ivan, Ark Gearheart, Rocky Modifier) and John Zaffis

Some of the kaiju living in the Taconic Mountains Wildlife Sanctuary escape into western Massachusetts and upstate New York. Ivan meets with Mike Nero in Buffalo NY to combat a fire-breathing dragon that escaped the dragon preserve in the Berkshire Mountains. They lure the giant monster back to the reservation using an over-sized chocolate candy bar (purchased at a Sam's Mart in Summer Falls NY) which also calms it down. Ivan and Mike contact the staff of a nearby magic school while they are in the town of Winter Spring MA, and while he does not get confirmation from them that they will help, or that they even exist, a number of wizards round up the remaining monsters and erect a magical barrier extending a mile into the air and compartmentalizing them into zones populated with compatible creatures, making further escapes less likely.
Daikaiju (often shortened to just Kaiju) are giant monsters, of which Godzilla (from the 1954 movie GOJIRO) is the most well know. The "dragon" encountered by Mike and Ivan appears to be related to Godzilla, and hence is likely a "godzillasaurus" as seen in the 1991 film GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH. Sam's Mart is a super store of the Wal-Mart and K-Mart variety, found in an upcoming anthology, and serves as a stand-in for the fictional S-Mart from ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992). The magic school is Ilvermorny, from the Wizarding World stories, first mentioned in the 2016 film FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. The oversized candybar is a reference to a SNICKERS commercial starring Godzilla from 2014.


 - Robert Wronski learns that Angela Baker has turned up at a Summer Camp outside of Springfield MA. Suspecting Angela may be a Slasher type revenant, he contacts Ivan Schablotski to investigate. Ivan arrives at Camp Fugawi shortly before Mike Nero, head of MONSTAAH's slasher strike team, the Boogie Knights. Ivan and Mike have worked together, but immediately clash regarding methods for dealing with a camp councilor that could be undead and/or a homicidal maniac,  Baker finds out and flees into the city. Robert, Mike, and Ivan contact the Grand Guignol Radio Network to put out the word on Trick Or Treat radio for people to be on watch. On light of all the press, Angela opts to turn herself in. Angela's actual interest in the camp had been to stop campers from dabbling in the occult, but once she went on the run, they continued and accidentally summoned the demon Samhain. Ivan, Robert, Angela, Mike, and several Deadites from Grand Guidnol work together to banish the demon, but succeed only in expelling it from the camp. Once Ivan determines that Baker is fully alive and human, he leaves it to Mike and Robert to determine what to do with her.
Angela Baker is from SLEEPAWAY CAMP, a 1983 slasher film with four sequels to date. Camp Fugawi is named for the fictional Fugawi Indians that later became the Hekawi Indian tribe after they migrated from Massachusetts, from the 1965-67 television series F-TROOP. Trick Or Treat Radio is an online Podcast on the Grand Guignol radio network, and consists of monster destroyers (and Electro-Shock band) called the Deadites, per the show's concept, Samhain (pronounced "SAMhane") is a fictional demon based on a Gaelic festival called Samhain (pronounced "sauWIN"), and here is representative of the way Samhain appears on THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS. The Boogie Knights  were created by Kevin Heim, John Lindsey, and Christofer Nigro as a spin-off group of M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H, itself created by Chuck Loridans.

Ivan meets Jeffrey Franken and Elizabeth Shelley, two amateur re-animators who have both practiced a variety of techniques, and been practiced upon, when they visit Miskatonic University's medical school. Ivan arranges for the couple to meet Dr. Herbert West, but they are forced to leave Arkham early when Jeffrey is charged with producing an addictive drug called Super-Blue using school resources.

Jeffrey Franken and Elizabeth Shelley are the main characters from the 1990 film FRANKENHOOKER. Arkham, Miskatonic University, and Dr Herbert West are lements from H P Lovecraft's Mythos Cycle of stories. "Super-Blue" is a drug of unknown type, but likely a methamphetamine based on the "Blue Meth" produced by Walter White on BREAKING BAD or cocaine based on the "Super-Crack" Jeffrey made in FRANKENHOOKER.

JUL - Ivan runs into Nerinea, the portal-gun beta-tester from the altered 2015, and Universal Constance, a singularity being who exists in myliple realities as a single entity. They survived the 
elimination of their own timeline due to being in 1942 with Ivan when time was restored to its original path. Now existing with no past or identity, Nerinea models herself after the ladies in the newest New York based Ghostbusters franchise and calls herself Nerinea Holtzmann. Ivan brings her to the Arkham Ghostbusters' lab and sets her up with some ghostbusting gear, which she modified based on advanced technology from her original reality. Nerinea is made a provisional member of the Arkham Ghostbusters.
Portal gun beta-testing is the primary activity of the main character in the video game PORTAL (2007) and PORTAL 2 (2011). Universal Constance appears as Entropy Emily, a superhero from THE INDESTRUCTIBLES book series by Matthew Phillion. The history of that reality was temporarily created by Ivan's interference in 1942, and then erased by Ivan's return trip to 1942. The new Ghostbusters franchise, including Jillian Holtzmann, is in the 2016 movie GHOSTBUSTERS, though in that movie the Ghostbusters did not exist until 2016, so events must have unfolded differently here.

Highly authentic recreation of skirmish between Xenomorph aliens, Predator aliens, and Ghostbusters

AUG 26-31 - Hazel Dinkley, archaeology grad student (and teacher's aid) at Miskatonic University, uncovers a Xenomorph nest in a hidden chamber within an excavation under Sentinel Hill in Dunwich MA. She gets the university to sponsor an expedition to study the unusual eggs and their surroundings, and the Ghostbusters are hired to provide esoteric expertise (and extermination, if necessary). The Yutani Corporation loans advanced weaponry and gear for the mission in exchange for full access to all data collected. When the clutch proves to be incubating, producing xenomorph spawn, an alien race of Predators arrive to hunt both humans and xenomorphs. Hazel works with N.E.G.A.T.E.'s Ark Gearheart, Ivan Schablotski, and Victor and Vincent Venkman in combating the aliens and predators. The infestation is contained and human casualties are kept to a minimum, but several of the Yautja escape. Dinkley expresses an interest in joining the Ghostbusters after this, and is tentatively recruited to the Arkham franchise.
N.E.G.A.T.E. and the Miskatonic Sentinel Hill Archaeological expedition
Hazel Dinkley is the niece of Velma Dinkley, who first appeared in SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU! episode 1 in 1969. Miskatonic University, Sentinel Hill, and Dunwich MA all appear in H P Lovecraft's story THE DUNWICH HORROR (1929). Xenomorph aliens and their eggs first appeared in the 1979 film ALIEN. The Yutani Corporation is derived from Weyland-Yutani, also from ALIEN, but as a separate, not-as-yet-merged company, it first appears in ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES TECHNICAL MANUAL (1995). The Ghostbusters of N.E.G.A.T.E. (North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto) are latter day members of the company started in the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. The Yautja extraterrestrials are the titular race in the film PREDATOR (1987) and its subsequent franchise films. The plot point of the Yutani Corporation possessing advanced alien-designed equipment references the events of ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM (2007).

SEP - ATTACK OF THE KILLER HEXAPODS - Government experiments lead to several large insects ravaging the Boston area. In order to combat them, N.E.G.A.T.E. rigs several very large antenna towers along I-95 to work as giant big zappers. The Ghostbusters attempt to contain the damage until nightfall when the zappers can attract and destroy the monster bugs. Whatever the experiment did renders the creatures virtually immune to proton streams though, so Ivan and the others mostly use themselves as lures to get them away from population centers. They are successful, but the source of the mutated monstrosities is never found. When agents from the Monster Control Bureau arrive, Ivan is shocked to discover that he has a PUFF exemption on file.
Though the specifics are unrevealed, previous experiments by the government also led to giant or overly powerful insects molesting humanity, as seen in the films THEM! (1954), BEGINNING OF THE END (1957), INFESTATION (2009), THE GLASS TRAP (2005), MIMIC (1997), and plenty of others. The Bureau represents the Monster Control Bureau (MCB) from the MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL book series. Ghostbusters are from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS.

OCT 7-14 - BERLIN DUNGEON Ivan travels to Berlin, Germany for Victoria Waddell's wedding and discovers traces of a centuries-old occult society with ties to the Church of the Sleeping God. He is unable to discover if they are still active in the area or how much influence they retain if they are still active, though he does discover a colony of ghouls under the city that once counted Karl Großmann among their surface world allies. 
The Church of the Sleeping God is a cult devoted to the  worship of Azathoth and other celestial gods from the Mythos Cycle stories of H P Lovecraft. Azathoth is first mentioned in story in his THE DREAM-QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH (1926), though Lovecraft had written of Azathoth earlier in an unfinished manuscript, Lovecraft's take on Ghouls is from PICKMAN'S MODEL (1926). Karl Großmann, aka The Berlin Butcher, was a real serial killer and cannibal who lived from 1863 to 1922, when he hanged himself in prison to avoid execution.

OCT 15 - GHOSTFACERS - Ivan Shablotski, Hazel Dinkley, and Shaggy Rogers meet at Miskatonic University and travel to Woodsboro CA to deal with a new Ghostface killer, though this one turns out to be a relative of a previous victim, trying to shut down production of the latest STAB film. Shaggy mentions that Woodsboro has become the new Crystal Cove when it comes to creepy towns, which is why he thought this case may require real Ghostbusters, but he wanted to avoid the California-based groups, on the chance it wasn't really supernatural.
Norvill "Shaggy" Rogers is from the SCOOBY-DOO cartoon franchise, though this particular version is based on the live action SCOOBY-DOO movie (2002) and the animated series SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED (2010-2013). Woodsboro and the Ghostface Killer are from the SCREAM movie franchise that began with SCREAM (1996). Ghostbusters are from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Miskatonic University is from HERBERT WEST-REANIMATOR by H. P. Lovecraft in 1922, though Shaggy's enrollment as a student there is from SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED.

OCT 22 - PARAWEEN - Ivan and Hazel are asked to speak at a Salem MA based convention called PARAWEEN due to their recent experience with aliens and predators in Dunwich. Also in attendance are Travis Walton, Thom Reed, Ben Hansen, Colleen Rafferty and a pair of creepy twins who may have been the products of alien hybridization experiments.
PARAWEEN is a real convention that took place in Salem in 2016. Travis Walton claims to have been abducted by aliens in 1975 in Arizona, and wrote THE WALTON EXPERIENCE in 1978 about what happened (later adapted into a film called FIRE IN THE SKY in 1993). Thom Reed was involved in a documented UFO incident in Great Barrington MA in 1969, which was inducted into state record as historically significant and true in 2015, and has participated in several interviews and documentaries regarding aliens, including ALIEN MYSTERIES, UNCOVERING ALIENS, and ENCOUNTER.  Ben Hansen is a former FBI agent who hosted the reality series FACT OR FAKED: PARANORMAL FILES (2010) on SyFy, Colleen Rafferty is a recurring character on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE who experienced an alien abduction (along with other paranormal events). The twins are reflective of the hybrid children produced by the women in VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED

NOV - FLIPPING THE BIRD - Several NEGATE Ghostbusters answer a call on Thanksgiving to find that Salem NH supermarkets had been selling contaminated turkeys that killed or mutated several people that ate them. The birds are traced back to a farm where toxic waste was being illegally dumped, affecting the drinking water for the farm animals and people, as well as the home-made energy drinks being produced on site. Ivan, Ark, Frank, and Doug cleanse the area of paranormal poultry and monstrous farmers, and call in the EPA to prevent the illegal dumping.During the case, Ivan refers to an earlier Thanksgiving "massacree" back in the 60s that also involved pollution, while Doug likens the case to the killings in Crawberg some years ago, attributed to a monster bird.
The Thanksgiving "massacree" from the 60s refers to the events detailed in the 1967 song ALICE'S RESTAURANT by Arlo Guthrie, which was a true incident that took place in Great Barrington MA 1965. The Crawberg affair refers to the 2008 movie THANKSKILLING.


 - Arkham plays host to a war between opposing holiday spirits, thanks to ritual magick ceremonies subverted from incompatible cultures. Krampus and the AntiClaus attack each other as the Arkham Ghostbusters and other NEGATE Ghostbusters try to keep them from ruining Christmas. Eventually Hazel pretends to be a naughty child to lead them into a grid where the other Ghostbusters can trap them all at once. 

The situation gets worse after this, as the true target of the attack is revealed to be Santa Claus, and the architect of the scenario is shown to be Mr Oogie Boogie Man and his trick-or-treating helpers from Halloweentown. Unlucky Jack arrives as well, breaking the rules to help capture Oogie and save Christmas. Ultimately the other holiday spirits are released from their trap to keep all aspects of seasonal celebrations in line with their appropriate traditions.

The assorted Krampus and other hostile yuletide figures come from a variety of cultures. Many Christmas traditions actually predate Christianity's influence on the region from which they originates, though one of the Krampus manifestations is based on the 2015 film KRAMPUS.  Unlucky Jack is Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, and Mr Oogie is Oogie Boogie Man, both from TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (1993), as are the trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Arkham is from lovecraft's Mythos Cycle stories. NEGATE and its members are Ghostbusters based on the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. Santa Claus is derived from religious and secular folklore, but here specifically resembles the version designed for the Coca Cola Bottling Company magazine ad campaigns in 1931.

Santa thanks Ramon and Ivan for their help

Ivan is attacked by Cyber Rick                         Clever activates a T-800                            Optimus primes Ivan for death

Clever manifests physically inside the abandoned Cyberdyne plant in Kingsport and reconfigures the existing machinery. When people start going missing in that area, Ivan investigates and finds a variety of robots and cyborgs, some of which resemble the missing people. Calling in N.E.G.A.T.E. Ghostbusters to help, Ivan confronts Clever and learns that the tech lab is now being used to draw cybernetic organisms from various futures, possibly even from alternate timelines. While some robots do not deviate from their primary programming, such as the red and blue robots who exist only to destroy each other, the majority set about destroying all humans and wrecking anything that may inhibit their own futures from becoming THE future, per Clever's suggestion. Several battles take place between the Ghostbusters and the robots, even those that would normally be considered benevolent to mankind, such as Convoy, who hints that Cybertron is actually a far future version of the Earth and that all the Transformers escaped its destruction by traveling backwards in time. The Amity Island Ghostbusters join the Arkham Ghostbusters in subduing a high ranking Borg. Only an artificial man with oversized scissors for hands seems willing to fight against the machine army, as he believes that any future without love isn't worth fighting for. Eventually the robots and cyborgs' goals start to conflict, as each of their futures depend on the others' failing to secure their own futures. To prove that none of this matters, Cyber Rick Sanchez cites his total disdain for time travel and opens portals under each robot, sending them into the Sun. As the Ghostbusters round up the last of the robots, Clever thanks them for helping cull the herd, ensuring that only the strongest robot future will come to pass, and allows their current body to disintegrate into a pile of nanobots.
Arkham Ghostbusters and Amity Island Ghostbusters vs Locutus of Borg
Clever is a villain from the 2013 series of DOCTOR WHO (1963 to present) based on a cybernetic invasion of the 11th Doctor's mind. The T-800 and Cyberdyne are from THE TERMINATOR (1984) and its sequels and spin-offs, which span several alternate futures and presents, as well as introducing a sentience behind the robot uprising called SkyNet that is portrayed in TERMINATOR GENYSIS (2015) by Matt Smith, the same actor who played the 11th Doctor / Mr. Clever. The red and blue robots are Red Rocker and the Blue Bomber from the game ROCK'EM SOCK'EM ROBOTS (first manufactured in 1964). Convoy (aka Optimus Prime), Bumblebee, the Autobots, Transformers, and Cybertron are from the TRANSFORMERS line of toys, first manufactured in 1984, based on the Japanese DIACLONE line of toys from 1980, and has also seen many varied incarnations throughout several different alternate futures and presents. The version of Conway here is based on Optimus Prime as he appears in the current live action TRANSFORMERS (2007) movie and its sequels. The high-ranking Borg is Locutus, a short-lived identity of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a 2-part episode of 
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION from 1990. The artificial man with 
scissors for hands is Edward Scissorhands from the 1990 film EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. Cyber Rick Sanchez is an alternate version of Rick Sanchez from RICK AND MORTY (first aired in 2013) which also features multiple counterparts to its characters that hail from different timelines. The Arkham Ghostbusters, Amity Island Ghostbusters, and N.E.G.A.T.E. (North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto) are based on the 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS film and its sequels and spin-offs. Arkham is from Lovecraft's 1920 story THE PICTURE IN THE HOUSE. Amity Island is from the 1975 film JAWS. The bubble-headed robot is Robot from LOST IN SPACE (1965-1968)

The Psychobate vs Hazel

Hoaxter vs Ivan
Jackdaw, Ivan, and Raven Whately

A suspicious electrical storm causes a power failure at Arkham Sanitarium and all the cells and rooms unlock at once. Ivan helps the staff security team in facing down several escaped patients and lunatics to prevent them from leaving the grounds until back-up arrives. 
Lincoln Green and Ivan
Trystam is caught by Nerinea
As he herds the Hoaxster and Absolute Zero back inside, Nerinea Holtzmann and Hazel Dinkley of the Arkham Ghostbusters show up to assist. Hazel subdues the Psychobate and Nerinea takes on Tyler Trystam. Raven Whately arrives in time to aid with Jackdaw, along with Lincoln Green, an archer concerned with keeping Trystam locked up.  Green suggests that Ivan might make a good recruit for the Olympus Initiative. Shortly after other members of their team arrive, despite the danger having already been contained. Macro doesn't think the Ghostbuster jumpsuit makes for an impressive costume, and when Ivan changes back to his street clothes he's even less impressed. Thunder-Man questions the need for a Ghostbuster on the team, since he's already one, and puts on a pair of glasses to prove it. A hulk (clearly not the one Ivan met in 2008) likes the shiny lights on Ivan's Tillinghast pack.
Ivan vs Absolute Zero

Do these glasses make Thunder-Man look like a doctor?
Macro sizes up Ivan
Ivan doesn't understand why superheroes would want him to join the team, until their trainer, the former Colonel Courage (as well as former rogue hero Young Rebel), explains that Ivan's years of experience with the Ordnance as an OUTCIDer (and his PUFF exemption) make him ideal for the government sponsored group. Ivan points out that he isn't a superhero, but they cite his super-science technology, military training, and experience traveling through time as sufficient qualification. But even so, he will have to try out to gain admittance to the team, and they schedule his test in 30 days.
Ivan and the old Young Rebel
Arkham Sanitarium is from the stories of H P Lovecraft but was also adopted by DC Comics as the asylum where many insane criminals from the BATMAN stories are sent. Absolute Zero is a version of Mr. Freeze (aka Mr. Zero) who first appeared in BATMAN #121 (1959) though here he borrows elements from the Lovecraft story COOL AIR (1926). The Hoaxter is an homage to the Joker, who first appeared in BATMAN #1 (1940), though this particular Arkham Asylum inmate was identified in ARMY OF DARKNESS VS REANIMATOR #1 (2005). The Psychobate is Norman Bates, who assumed his dead mother's identity to commit murders in Robert Bloch's PSYCHO (1959). Jackdaw is a version of the comic book villain the Scarecrow who first appeared in WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #3 (1941). Tyler Trystan is a variation of Malcolm Merlyn (aka Arthur King) from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA vol 1 # 94 (1971) as well as representing the Swordsman (aka ) from AVENGERS vol 1 #19 (1965). Raven Whateley is a tribute character to both Raven, the daughter of alien-demon Trigonn (in DC COMICS PRESENTS #26, 1980) and Wilbur Whateley, the son of alien-demon Yog-Sothoth in THE DUNWICH HORROR by H P Lovecraft in 1926), and she physically resembles the character of Raven that appears in the TEEN TITANS and TEEN TITANS GO! cartoons . Lincoln Green is a counterpart to the DC Comics hero Speedy, aka Arsenal, aka Red Arrow (MORE FUN COMICS #73, 1941). 
Thunder-Man is a new iteration of Thor, the thunder god from Norse Mythology depicted as a superhero in Marvel Comics (JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83, 1962), though his insistence that he is a Ghostbuster is a play on THOR actor Chris Hemsworth also portraying Kevin Beckman, the receptionist in the 2016 movie GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL. Macro is based on Ant-Man / Giant-Man / Goliath / Yellowjacket, who first appeared as a hero in TALES TO ASTONISH #35 (1962). The Hulk in this story is one of several the first of which appeared in THE INCREDIBLE HULK #1 (1962). Colonel Courage is based on Captain America (CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1941), though there have been several over the years in various media; this particular one was in two made-for-tv films in 1979 (CAPTAIN AMERICA and CAPTAIN AMERICA II: DEATH TOO SOON), where he was depicted as the son of one of the World War 2 era Captain Americas. Young Rebel is based on the alternate identity of Nomad, which Captain America used in the comics for a time (CAPTAIN AMERICA #180, 1974) and is a play on the name of Reb Brown, the actor who played Captain America in 1979. The Olympus Initiative is a group of heroes that represents Marvel's Avengers (THE AVENGERS #1, 1963) and DC's Teen Titans (THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54, 1964). 

The Secret Society of Mystic Defenders' Cryptic Order of Justice checks on some of the patients at Arkham Sanitarium
The Secret Society of Mystic Defenders... and Ivan
Ivan and Brandon the Shapeshifter

Ivan is approached at Arkham Sanitarium by Brandon the Shapeshifter, who has heard that the Olympus Initiative is trying to recruit him. As an apprentice to the Sorcerer Supreme, Brandon has the authority to invite new members into the Secret Society of Mystic Defenders, a very loose-knit group of specialists who band together only when necessary, with a line-up determined by the current need. He suggests that Ivan may want to sign up with them, as they've worked together before, and it would keep the Initiative from harassing him.  Ivan finds that the Salem Batman is also a member, though it is really just a formality for him, providing a support network should he encounter a situation he cannot handle by himself. One of the Amazon Warriors is on the team as well, along with mercenary heroes Luke Fist and Randy Man. Ivan is surprised to see a young Colonel Courage is part of the Mystic Defenders, but she claims she cannot support the Olympus Initiative as long as they answer to the current US administration. Brandon offers Ivan an advisory role, rather than actively fighting crime, and points out that his lycanthropy, Anti-Logic, and time travel experience make him a good candidate to join the Cryptic Order, an inner circle of the SSMD with advanced magical skill or knowledge. Ivan meets Brandon's fellow apprentice Jason Benedict, occult detective Nathan Constantine,  and stage magician Anna Taz, and feels woefully out-classed by their skill sets. Ivan also suspects they just want to study him for his Anti-Logic. Before he can express his concerns, the Olympus Initiative arrive and the two groups begin fighting on the grounds outside the asylum, to the delight of the patients with facing windows. Ivan notices cheering from behind him, and sees several members of the Crepuscular Secta making wagers on the outcome. When Ivan asks if they came to stop the fight, they explain that they are hoping both sides get hurt pretty bad, as they have to fight the winners.
Hazel and Ivan join the Crepuscular Secta and Arkham Sanitarium staffers as they watch the big fight
The Secret Society of Mystic Defenders is based on the Justice League of America (from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28, 1960),  specifically the concept of the team from the Elseworld comic JLA: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-HEROES book 1 (2000) combined with The Defenders (MARVEL FEATURE #1 (1971), who have manifested as the Secret Defender in DOCTOR STRANGE #50 (1993) and other comics, and the Mighty Mystics, a superteam version of assorted non-costumed mystics from DC Comics, first seen in DOOM PATROL #53 (1992). The Cryptic Order represents the Order, an elitist Defenders manifestation from THE ORDER #1 (2002), the Kryptic Order, the name for the superteam in the JLA: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPERHEROES, and Justice League Dark, a mystically-slanted branch of the Justice League from JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1 (2011). Brandon the Shapeshifter is an original character representing the many cosplays of Brandon Clarke, but here he is an apprentice to the Sorcerer Supreme, a title held by Doctor Strange in Marvel Comics, per STRANGE TALES #110 (1963). Jason Benedict is based on Strange's manservant Wong, who first appeared in the same issue (in the MARVEL ADVENTURES comics Wong's first name is Jason, and in the MCU film DOCTOR STRANGE the character Wong is portrayed by actor Benedict Wong). Nathan is a young version of Jonathan "John" Constantine, who first appeared in THE SAGA OF SWAMP-THING #25 (1984). Anna Taz (Zatanna spelled backwards) is Zatanna Zatara, who first appeared in HAWKMAN #4 (1964). The Amazon Warrior is a version of Wonder Woman (SENSATION COMICS #1, 1942). Luke Fist and Randy Man are poorly disguised analogs of Luke Cage: Power Man (LUKE CAGE, HERO FOR HIRE #1, 1972) and Danny Rand: Iron Fist (MARVEL PREMIERE #15, 1974). The Colonel Courage seen here is inspired by American Dream (A-NEXT #4, 1999) as well as Captain America's refusal to support the Superhuman Registration Act in CIVIL WAR #1 (2006). The Crepuscular Secta is an organization that corresponds roughly with the X-Men, Doom Patrol, WildCATS, and other renegade hero groups. The members seen here are counterparts to Cyclops (X-MEN #1, 1963), the Scarlet Witch (X-MEN #4, 1964), Rogue (AVENGERS ANNUAL #10, 1981), and Gambit (UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #14, 1990). As before, the Olympus Initiative represent a composite of THE AVENGERS and THE TEEN TITANS.

APR - 
Ivan Schablotski and Hazel Dinkley are visited by Death
With Miskatonic University on Spring Break, Hazel Dinkley spends her free time at Arkham Sanitarium helping Ivan destroy the restless dead bodies that resulted from Dr West's recent experiments. They are confronted by an embodiment of Death in town to reap the souls of the school's La Cross team (their bus disappeared on its way to a meet). Death tries to discourage Ivan from participating in reanimations, as they provide potential vessels for spirits that need to be taken to the other side, and he threatens Hazel with death by bee sting if she doesn't help try to convince Ivan to stop. Ivan and Hazel deduce that Death cannot take anyone who isn't scheduled to die according to some cosmic balance, but Death does have the influence to determine what the cause of death will be, and how gruesome and painful the results are. Researching the phenomenon, Ivan and Hazel find that this iteration of Death was once a man named Daniel, and that has in the past drawn attention to himself to increase people's belief in him and his ability, thereby strengthening that ability, even manifesting as a physical boogeyman from time to time, drawing on insects to provide a corporeal form.The duo struggle to cover up all unusual aspects of the deaths Daniel causes, and refuse to alert anyone else to the situation lest word get out and his reputation spread. Frustrated, Daniel eventually leaves Arkham, unable to gain a foothold in the public psyche (mostly due to the locals being numb to horrific deaths).

Hazel and Ivan find another messy demise
Miskatonic University, Dr. Herbert West, and Arkham Massachusetts are from the Mythos stories of H P Lovecraft. Death as a sentient being is a concept from folklore and mythology that has also been explored in several works of literature including such notable examples as Milton's PARADISE  LOST (1667) and Poe's THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (1842). This particular manifestation of Death and its rules of engagement comes from the FINAL DESTINATION film (2000) and its franchise of film sequels, novels, and a comic book. Death's former existence as Daniel and his penchant for increasing his power by increasing his reputation references the character Daniel Robitaille / Candyman from the CANDYMAN film (1992) and its sequels, as well as the Clive Barker story THE FORBIDDEN, published in BOOKS OF BLOOD volume 5: IN THE FLESH (1985), which inspired the movie (both Death and Candyman were portrayed by actor Tony Todd). The Boogeyman aspect is also from Candyman, who manifests or controls swarms of bees, as well as a reference to the Oogie Boogie Man from TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (1993), who seems to be a burlap sack filled with insects.

MAY  - 
Ivan at the Parthenon in Nashville

Ivan Schablotski, trying to blend in
Nico in a Camp Halfblood tee
Here be dragon eggs
A Clever Conjuration
The wizarding community in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts officially christens the Taconic Mountains Wildlife Sanctuary for dragons and other kaiju that Ivan helped establish two years earlier. As such, he is invited to the ceremony, despite his lack of magickal abilities. Ivan leaves behind his ghostbuster equipment, as he expects to only be there for a weekend, but his cell phone is unknowingly carrying an open connection to a data stream containing Clever, which manages to gather tiny bits of technology from the students, faculty, visitors, and even the Sam Mart in nearby Winter Spring. A new body is constructed, and by integrating components from enchanted items, Clever becomes a sorcerous A.I. in an android form complete with spell-checker and autocorrupt features. Dissension is sewn among the attendees of the ceremony in order to learn more of their surroundings, but Clever soon determines an open assault is necessary. Ivan's expertise in dealing with Clever is called upon and he aids the magic community. He and Nico, a demigod with magical powers but also not an practitioner, use shadow-travel to arrive at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee and fight a guardian beast to acquire the Prometheus Cask, which should be able to bind a soul to a vessel (an artifact Ivan is quite curious about, both as a Ghostbuster and as a Reanimator). They return and succeed in detaining the malware miscreant, seemingly trapping it in its current humanoid body forever. Effectively human, Clever is taken away by aurors while trying to assimilate in a semi-sentient flying car.
Trapped in a humanoid body and hauled off to magic court. "Curses; flawed again!"

Guests from New York
Guest from France 
The wizarding community in the Berkshire Mountains is based around the Ilvermorny School from J K Rowling's WIZARDING WORLD stories, first appearing on the POTTERMORE website. Clever is a villain from the 2013 series of DOCTOR WHO (1963 to present) based on a cybernetic invasion of the 11th Doctor's mind. Sam Mart is a fictional department store based on Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores, and serves as a stand-in for S-Mart from the film ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992). Winter Spring, Massachusetts and its local Sam Mart store are due to appear in an anthology to be published by Wild Hunt Press. Nico di Angelo is the demigod son of Hades from THE TITAN'S CURSE (2007) by Rick Riordan (and in many subsequent books centered around the demigods of Camp Halfblood). Ghostbusters is from the 1984 from GHOSTBUSTERS. Reanimator is from the 1922 story HERBERT WEST - REANIMATOR by H P Lovecraft.  The flying car is a magical item first shown in the 1998 novel HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS by J K Rowling.

JUN 18 -
A vengeful revenant seeking retribution against a family long dead arrives on Father's Day in Kingsport, MA. Several well-off families are attacked and when Ivan confronts the skeletal monster, it fades away like a ghost. Ivan tracks its appearances to a single source and discovers a practitioner of dark magic using the holiday horror to enact atrocities on those he despises. When Ivan tries to stop him, he flees, and is injured stepping into traffic. When he tries to hobble away, the specter comes for him and drags him into the shadows, where they both disappear.
The revenant is Nathan Grantham, from the "Father's Day" story in the 1982 anthology film CREEPSHOW. Kingsport MA first appeared in the Lovecraft story "The Terrible Old Man" (1921).

David Kessler and Ivan Schablotski
Charlie attacked
Charlie and Ivan
David Kessler comes to Arkham seeking Wolf Hallow, a werewolf retreat he'd heard about while living in London, England, to attend the annual St. Christopher celebration. Shortly after his arrival, Charley Brewster, a monster hunter, comes to town looking to collect an easy bounty for the aging lycanthrope. Shortly after Brewster comes to town, several vampires show up looking for revenge. Ivan catches wind to what's happening and gets some of the Wolf Hallows werewolf to aid him and David against the vampires, with Charley ultimately siding with the the werewolves for protection, though he has to agree not to hunt anyone or anything that has not recently hunted a human, no matter what the PUFF value is. The vampires are driven off, and when the celebration is held at Wolf Hallow, Ivan and Charley are allowed to attend (Ivan had been banned from the reservation in 2014).

Party at the werewolf sanctuary
David Kessler is the werewolf in the 1981 film AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Charlie Brewster is the teen who killed vampires in the 1985 movie FRIGHT NIGHT and the 1988 sequel FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2, as well as a comic book series expanding his role from vampire hunter to monster hunter. PUFF, aka Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund, is a bounty that can be collected from the United States government for killing monsters, based on how dangerous they are, from the 2007 novel MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL by Larry Correia and subsequent sequel and spin-off books. Arkham, Massachusetts is a setting from several stories by H P Lovecraft and other authors, first appearing in "The Picture In The House" (1920). Wolf Hallow is based on Wolf Hollow, a wolf sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

AUG 21 

During the Total Solar Eclipse a number of forces try to take advantage of the astrological potential such a syzygy provides. In Innsmouth MA the Esoteric Order of Dagon attempts to summon Father Dagon and Mother Hydra to the surface. Ivan visits to stop them, and finds that the majority of the townsfolk, though they are Deep One hybrids, are content to leave well enough alone, happy to be part of modern society. These locals help Ivan in his efforts to prevent Dagon from rising and bringing the wraith of the US military upon them all again. Caleb Marsh, the current head of the Order, confronts Ivan and reminds him of the good things the Order has done, such as when they helped stop Glorificus from stealing the power of Yog-Sothoth in 2000, at great personal risk to themselves. Caleb suggests that the Order has a right to its religious practices under the Constitution, and that Dagon has a right to visit Devil's Reef since so many of his relatives dwell there. Ivan reminds him that Dagon very rarely shows an interest in the lives of his relatives, and he even abandoned them in Red Hook when challenged by the Ghostbusters. 

Innsmouth MA, Devil's Reef, Deep Ones, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra, and the Esoteric Order of Dagon are from Lovecraft's 1931 story THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH. Glorificus, and her dispute with the Order, is from season 5 of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER television series. Yog-Sothoth's involvement is implied due to his role as the Key, which is an artifact / force that Glory wanted (and which became Buffy Symmers' suster Dawn). Dagon's encounter with the Ghostbusters at Red Hook, NY occurred in REAL GHOSTBUSTERS #8 (Now Comics, 1989) though Dagon is identified only as "The Deepest One" in that story.
Caleb Marsh and Ivan Schablotski

SEP 23 - 

Ivan returns to Innsmouth when rumors that the Esoteric Order of Dagon will once again attempt to raise Dagon. Ivan tries to explain to Caleb that the actual date for Nibiru was in 2003 so there's nothing to be gained by attempting the summoning now. The debate wages until another group arrives, also seeking to use the supposed apocalypse for supernatural purposes. Apocolothians, worshipers of Apocolothoth, the Moon-God, seek to bring their patron to Earth from its home on the dark side of the Moon. As Innsmouth natives of all leanings try to discourage this reckless goal for fear it will destroy their harbor, and possibly the tides themselves, yet another faction arrives. Members of the Church of the Sleeping God pray for Azathoth to awaken, theoretically destroying all creation in the process. Everyone present agrees that this madness cannot be allowed to proceed, and Ivan and Caleb fight side by side against the foul monsters that the Church of AZ unleash. Ivan calls in more NEGATE Ghostbusters for assistance and Caleb asks for aid from Kenzo, current King of Atlantis and head of the House of Cups within the Gordian Covenant. Ghostbusters from the Arkham, Salem, and Massachusetts franchises assemble, as do a variety of Atlantian forces, which includes Merka, Kenzo's representative, and their allies, many of whom have never stepped foot on dry land. Ultimately the Church of the Sleeping God is defeated and its members are scattered or arrested. The Order of Dagon and Apocolothians consider their efforts successful, as they were not wiped out by Azathoth, though many are disappointed.

Innsmouth MA, Devil's Reef, the March family, Deep Ones, Father Dagon, Mother Hydra, and the Esoteric Order of Dagon are from Lovecraft's 1931 story THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH. Nibiru is a Mesopotamian / Sumarian astrological concept sometimes equated with the god Marduk and in modern times equated with doomsday theories involving a large celestial object colliding with the Earth. The first Nibiru Apocalypse was predicted in 1995 to occur in May 2003, with new variations cropping up when the previous date passes without destroying the Earth. SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED (2010 - 2013) resolved at least one iteration of the pseudo-scientific apocalypse that involved alien gods and a complete shift in reality. Apocolothoth the Moon-God is from Donald Wandrei's "The Tree-Men of M'bwa", first published in Weird Tales in 1932. The Church of the Sleeping God first appeared in the story "The Christmas that Almost Wasn't Christmas" by Kevin Heim, published in PSYCHOPOMP CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2012. Azathoth first appears in Lovecraft's story THE DREAM-QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH, but his first published appearance was THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS (1931). NEGATE (aka the North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto), Arkham Ghostbusters, Salem Ghostbusters, and the Massachusetts Ghostbusters are all derived from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. Atlantis comes from legend but has appeared in countless works of fiction. Kenzo is a stand-in for Namor McKenzie, aka the Sub-Mariner, who first appeared in MOTION PICTURE FUNNIES WEEKLY (1939), though he also borrows from Arthur "Orin" Curry, aka Aquaman, from MORE FUN COMICS #73 (1941). The current Kenzo may not be the same Kenzo that fought in World War 2, though Namor is depicted in comics as being that long-lived. Merka is a relative of Kenzo, though whether this is as sister, cousin, neice, daughter, or a different relationship entirely is not identified, and she appears to be based on Aqua-Lass and Mera (DC), while also sharing traits with Namora and Namorita (Marvel). The Gordian Covenant and its House of Cups are inspired by both the True Knot, a group of mutants led by a long-lived psychic vampire called Rose the Hat in Stephen King's 2013 novel DOCTOR SLEEP, and the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle from Marvel's X-MEN comics, which includes among its mutants a long-lived mutant called Selene (first appearance in NEW MUTANTS #9, 1983).

 OCT -
Danny Phantom joins the Arkham Ghostbusters

A ghost hunter from the west coast named Danny Fenton comes to Arkham seeking information about the Tillinghast Resonator. Ivan meets with him and learns that some of Danny's equipment has been sabotaged recently, which he hopes to be able to repair by temporarily phasing out of reality while working on the sensitive circuitry. His technology is different from what the Ghostbusters use, but Ivan offers to help, and is surprised to discover Danny's body is partly composed of ectoplasm. Danny explains that he can turn into a phantom (and is a bit surprised Ivan doesn't remember the "Disasteroid" incident in 2007), and that he can travels to the Ghost Zone while incorporeal, but it is this ability that is failing him./ Ivan modifies his Tillinghast Pack to provide controlled T-wave emissions for Danny but when he tries to enter the Ghost Zone it creates a ripple effect that draws several extra-dimensional counterparts of Danny into being. Danny initially thinks one of his female counterparts is his clone Dani Phantom, noticing that there is more than one of them.Ivan and Danny round up the doppelgangers and return them to their original worlds, and Danny thanks Ivan for his help, but thinks he made need to seek a professional.
Frank DuBay, Hazel Dinkley, and Ivan find another Danny
Hard at work
Danny Fenton, aka Danny Phantom, was a 14 year old boy from the cartoon DANNY PHANTOM (2004 - 2007), which places him in his late Twenties in 2017. His abilities are derived from ghost hunting technology and in infusion of ectoplasm into his DNA. The Disasteroid incident involved an asteroid from Saturn on a collision course with the Earth in the final episode of DANNY PHANTOM ("Phantom Planet", 2007); the collision was averted by Danny when he arranged with several  ghosts to phase the entire planet while the asteroid passed through Earth's space. Dani Phantom first appeared in 2006 episode "Kindred Spirits". The Tillinghast Resonator is from the story FROM BEYOND by H P Lovecraft, written in 1920 but not published until 1934.

Ghostbuster Danny Fenton captures a mummy

Ivan discovers Danny Fenton is still in Arkham a week later, and Danny explains that he is still not able to enter the Ghost Zone, but he has also tracked one of his foes, the ghost of Hotep RA, to the Essex County Museum of Antiquities. The spirit enters the Egyptian exhibit, but when Danny tries to trap it in the Fenton Thermos, it seems to split into several forms, and possesses all the mummies. Ivan asks for help from Ark Gearheart and Calvin Scarborough, both now with the Massachusetts Ghostbusters, to resolve the technical issues with Fenton's equipment, and gathers a few more Ghostbusters to take down the mummies. Fenton joins the hunt, using Ghostbuster gear for once. Unknown to the Ghostbusters, the mummy spirit Danny tried to catch was not Hotep, but was instead Ahmanet, an Egyptian spirit who was recently banished from her mummified body when it was destroyed in Europe. Seeking a new host body that was properly preserved to suit her needs, she came to America and tricked Danny into activating all eligible bodies in range, while the Legacy of the Pharaohs exhibit is on display at Miskatonic University's Science and History Museum. Ahmanet reveals herself too soon though, and the assembled Ghostbusters trick her into entering a Ghost Trap that she thinks is Danny's Fenton Thermos, which she'd already modified to make more mummies.
Danny Fenton, aka Danny Phantom, appeared on the animated series DANNY PHANTOM from 2004 to 2007. Hotep RA first appeared on the 2006 episode "King Tuck". Ahmanet is the titular villain from the 2017 film THE MUMMYThe "Legacy of the Pharaohs" exhibit is from THE CURSE OF THE DARK PHARAOH (REVISED EDITION) expansion for Fantasy Flight's ARKHAM HORROR board game.

OCT 31
Six more hours of Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

The Arkham Ghostbusters visit the Salem Carnival on Halloween on the trail of the Babadook, who seems to only exist so long as someone believes he does. Danny captures him with his thermos, but as the creature seems likely to be a tulpa rather than a ghost he opts not to release it into the Ghost Zone. Once there, Ivan is overcome by how creepy the clowns have become recently, until he realizes that many of them are known monsters or serial killers. They recognize Captain Spaulding, Twisty, Heidie La Rock, and others, all known to be dead. Ivan suspects witchcraft is at the cause of all this, especially when he finds a child wearing a mask that he cannot take off, but this is a red herring as the true villain is revealed to be Pennywise the Dancing Clown. This Pennywise claims to be the son of the original, and while his father fed on the terror of children, he feeds on panic. Ivan accuses the demonic creature of acting too out of character, by attacking adults and leaving Derry, but Pennywise states that Ivan just doesn't have that child-like sense of wonder anymore, and needs to be able to appreciate a good plot twist. Ivan notes that taking his show on the road suggests that Pennywise is taking a cue from Charlie Manx by taking his boogieman act on the road, and Pennywise reveals that Charlie Manx and the Beldam are his siblings, but like Father, they can only feed on children. He looks up to his brother Jack Prinn, who can feed on the suffering of adults and children alike, and is better known as Laughing Jack, Jack Schadenfreude, and the Joker. At the mention of the Beldam, Coraline and Wybie reveal themselves as hiding among the crowd. They reveal Pennywise Junior's secret, that in order for him to travel abroad and feed on more than just children, he has to expend most of his energy just maintaining his existence in this world, and has almost no true power anymore; it's all illusion and coercion. With this information, the Ghostbuster easily defeat IT, when Danny turns Phantom and personally drags Pennywise into the Ghost Zone. With his powers restored, if a little weaker than they once were, Danny leaves Arkham and heads back to Amity Park, with Coraline and Wybie accompanying him.

Danny Fenton, aka Danny Phantom, appeared on the animated series DANNY PHANTOM from 2004 to 2007. The Babadook is from the 2014 film THE BABADOOK. The child wearing a mask is suffering from the same problem as the children in HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH (1982). Captain Spaulding is from HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (2003). Heidie La Rock is the on-air name of Heidie Hawthorne from LORDS OF SALEM (2012). Twisty is from AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW season 4 (2014). Pennywise is from the 1986 Stephen King novel IT, though the Pennywise in this story is based on the version on the 2017 IT motion picture. Charles Manx is from the 2013 Joe Hill novel NOS4A2. The Beldam and Coraline are from the 2002 Neil Gaiman novella CORALINE, but Wybie is from the 2009 film adaptation. Jack Prinn is the child of Robert Grey (one of IT's human guises) and Abigail Prinn, from THE SALEM HORROR (1937) written by Henry Kuttner. Laughing Jack and Jack Schadenfreude are Elseworld versions of the Joker, who first appeared in BATMAN #1 (1940). 

Luthor Praetorius and Ivan Schablotski
Ivan is visited by an old friend from the military, Luthor Praetorius, who warns him to be on the lookout for Luthor's old mentor, Dr. Edward Septimus Pretorius.  When the MONSTAAH network reveals that the Picture of Dorian Gray is going to be on display at the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council in Providence RI, Ivan suspects a trap. Dale Parker suggests Ivan let the Frankenstein Monster that lives in Santa Mira CA handle it, since that monster has a grudge against Pretorius. The Monster ambushes both Pretorius and Dorian Gray. Also in Providence that day is Kay, who had an early meeting with Pretorius at a cafe outside the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council, where Pretorius and Gray review the immortality of Captain Jack, Spike, Angel, Darla, and Drusilla, the Shutter Bug, Amazon Warrior, Becky Sharp, Lyndon Thackery, Quentin, the McLeods, Dr. Benton, the Band Brothers, Karmilla, Dracula, Captain Rogers, Father Christmas, Talbot werewolves, St Clare werewolves, Osborne werewolves, Daninsky werewolves, Dr. Herbert West and other reanimators, Saint-Germain, the Gunny, revenants from Crystal Lake and Haddonfield, and Ivan Ronald Schablotski (whom they call Vinnie). They also mention the D Club, the Ordnance, the Theurgy Society, Taskforce Ecto, OUTCIDE, the Bureau, a Berkshire school, the Librarians, and the Olympus Initiative, and they poison a waiter using Icocane powder. 
The story THE D CLUB by Kevin Heim appears in the 2018 anthology DORIAN GRAY: DARKER SHADES, edited by Christofer Nigro for Wild Hunt Press. M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H is a fictional organization created by Chuck Loridans. Dorian Gray is from the Oscar Wilde book THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1890). The Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council is a real business located in the Providence Arcade. Dr. Edward Septimus Pretorius is an amalgam of Dr. Septimus Pretorius from the film THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) and Dr. Edward Pretorius from the film FROM BEYOND (1985). Dale Parker is a character created by John Lindsay.  The Frankenstein Monster in this story is from the story REDUX OF THE LIVING DEAD by Kevin Heim, but its origins lie in the Universal films FRANKENSTEIN (1931) through THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (1942), in which the Monster's brain is removed and replaced with that of Ygor. Santa Mira CA first appeared in film INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1956). Kay is Kyra Zelas from the story The Adaptive Ultimate (1935) by Stanley Weinbaum. Captain Jack is Jack Harkness from the BBC programmes DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD. Spike, Angel, Darla, and Drusilla are vampires from the syndicated tv shows BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL: THE SERIES; a meeting between them and an unidentified Immortal took place in the ANGEL episode "The Girl In Question".  The Shutter Bug refers to photographer Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, from Marvel Comics.  Amazon Warrior / Aesir Walkyrie is an amalgamation of DC Comics' Wonder Woman and Marvel Comics' The Valkyrie. Becky Sharp originated in William M Thackeray's VANITY FAIR (1847). Lyndon is Barry Lyndon, from the Thackeray story THE LUCK OF BARRY LYNDON (1844) combined with Dr. Julian Karell from the Barre Lyndon play THE MAN IN HALF MOON STREET (1945).  Quentin is Quentin Collins from the tv show DARK SHADOWS. The McLeods are Connor MacLeod from THE HIGHLANDER (1986) film and Duncan MacLeod from HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES. Dr. Benton was on a season 3 episode of SUPERNATURAL, though he is based on the real world New England legend of Thomas Benton.  The Band Brothers are Sam and Dean Winchester, also from SUPERNATURAL. Karmilla is the vampire Carmilla Karnstein from Sheridan Le Fanu's 1872 novel CARMILLADracula refers to the vampire Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel DRACULA (1897), though the character takes some inspiration from real life warlord Vlad "The Impaler" Dracula. Captain Rogers refers to Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, from Marvel Comics. Father Christmas is from yuletime folklore associated with Christmas. The Talbot werewolves first appeared in the film THE WOLF MAN (1941). The Saint-Clare / Sinclair werewolves are most recognizably represented by Rahne Sinclair, aka Wolfbane, in the Marvel Comcis series THE NEW MUTANTS. The Osborne werewolves include Daniel "Oz" Osborne from the television series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. The Daninsky werewolves include nearly every werewolf from the vast number of werewolf films featuring actor Paul Naschy, starting with LA MARCA DEL HOMBRE LOBO (1968). Dr. Herbert West is from the H P Lovecraft story HERBERT WEST-REANIMATOR (1922). The "others" who worked on the reagent, like Dr. Hartwell, are the characters in the Peter Rawlik novel REANIMATORS (2013). The Haddonfield and Crystal Lake revenants are Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, from the HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH film franchises, respectively. The Count of Saint-Germain is a real world alchemist who purported to be immortal in the 18th Century, and has been the focus of many works of fiction since then. The Gunny is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from FULL METAL JACKET (1987) though he is here conflated with other military characters played by R Lee Ermie. The D Club and the Theurgy Society are organizations original to the stories of author Kevin Heim. The Ordnance Department is the equivalent of military organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Comics) or G. I. JOE (Hasbro toys). O.U.T.C.I.De. (aka Ordnance Unconventional Tactics Combat Intelligence Detachment) is a group within the Ordnance assigned a specific, usually covert, operation, and serves to represent certain underground teams like the OUTSIDERS from DC Comics. Taskforce Ecto (aka the North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto, aka N.E.G.A.T.E.) represents a coalition of GHOSTBUSTERS franchises. The Bureau is specifically the Monster Control Bureau found in the MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL novels by Larry Correia, as well as being the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) from Mike Mignola's HELLBOY comics. The Berkshire school is the Massachusetts Academy from Marvel Comics; the school sent its mutant students to Pretorius' castle in Mexico in the 1997 comic book GENERATION X / GEN 13: HARVEST OF EVIL. The Librarians encountered Dorian Gray in the 2015 television show THE LIBRARIANS AND THE IMAGE OF IMAGE. The Olympus Initiative is a counterpart to the Avengers Initiative (Marvel Comics) and the Teen Titans (DC Comics). Icocane powder is from the novel THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1973) by William Goldman. References found in this story connect to all other Dorian Grey stories within the DARKER SHADES anthology, meaning that at least a version of each of them occurred within the TVCU.


Come on, do you even need a story for this one? Okay, how about Ivan helps the Chipmunks get a Golden Echo Harmonica, royally pissing off Mrs. Claus. No? Fine. Something, something, something, Krampus. Geeze, thanks for ruining Christmas!
The Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore) debuted in 1958  with THE CHIPMUNK SONG, and retroactively with WITCH DOCTOR, both by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (under his stage name of David Seville). The Golden Echo Harmonica is a maguffin from the 1981 animated Christmas special, A CHIPMUNK CHRISTMAS. Mrs. Claus and Krampus are Christmas folklore figures. 


When a blizzard hits Salem MA, the House of Seven Gables is revealed to be host to a band of pukwudgies seeking shelter from the storm. Ivan is hired to remove the mischievous spirits, but instead of destroying or trapping them, he sends them to Ilvermorney where they can wait out the bad weather in a safe environment. 
The House of Seven Gables is a real place, but in the fiction of Nathaniel Hawthorne it is also very haunted. Pukwudgies are creatures from Native American legends. Ilvermorney is a school for magic in Massachusetts per the Wizarding World stories, which includes pukwudgies among its regionally indigenous life forms. 

JAN 6 - While visiting his brother Fritz in Nashville, Ivan runs into Country Music star Rayna Jaymes and songwriter / guitarist Deacon Claybourne.
Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne are characters from the television series NASHVILLE (2012-2018); by the end of the series they were married.

Reports of an evil car terrorizing pedestrians and motorists alike reach NEGATE (aka Taskforce Ecto) and Ivan decides to take the case. He finds a driverless Plymouth Fury that seems possessed, though by a ghost or a demon Ivan cannot determine. He is also unable to damage whatever is possessing the car with a proton stream, thanks to the steel chassis grounding his beams. Old style ghost traps weaken it, but only a little, so Ivan puts out a call for as many Ghostbusters as can respond to chase down the car and open their traps at it. The car, which Ivan nicknames "Chassie" in his report, escapes into Boston Harbor, but with the severe physical and mystical damage it suffered, the Ghostbusters suspect the possessing entity will lose cohesion and the vehicle will crumble.  
"Chassie" is the car known as Christine from the novel CHRISTINE by Stephen King (1983), though its restoration after the story's completion is undocumented. Ghostbusters are based on the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS.

NEGATE is called to investigate a monster-under-the-bed type of ghost terrorizing children and adults alike, and even spooks the Batman, leading him to hunt down every clown he finds. The ghost turns out to be a glamour spirit called the Boogeyman, which uses portals to escape to other parts of the world, with the Ghostbusters always in pursuit. Eventually it leads them to the extradimensional Circus of Carnage, where it assumes a number of forms in its effort to scare and incapacitate them, but they manage to prevail against it.
This Boogeyman can open portals through space and time like the one in the 2005 movie BOOGEYMAN, and can assume different forms based on what his target is scared of, like Freddy Krueger from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and Pennywise from IT.

The Olympus Initiative's Brigadier "One-Eyed Jax" Jackson hires Ivan to consult on an experiment to activate a Stargate using a Puzzle Cube as a power device. Ivan, having worked with both Stargates and puzzle cubes before, knows this is a terrible idea and Thunder Man agrees. Ivan also brings in his son Janos, who has traveled in an extradimensional ship for several years (as well as serving as a reserve Ghostbuster), and he also feels the risk is not worth it, but Arno Hughes proceeds anyway, opening a portal to a Hell dimension and releasing Thoas the Gorgophant. Thoas escapes the lab and sends the Brute on a rampage as a distraction while he scours New York for items of power. More Ghostbusters from the New York and New England areas are called in by Ivan for help tracking down the artifacts Thoas seems intent on finding. The Ghostbusters and Shell Shock Troopers work together to pacify the Brute, and the Olympus Initiative contact the Secret Order of Mystic Defenders for help in tracking down Thoas and closing the Stargate.
The Olympus Initiative is the Avengers/Titans of this world. Its members Thunder-Man, Stalwart, Colonel Courage, Lincoln Green, the Brute, Arno Hughes (and the Shell-Shock-Troopers) compare to  Thor/Captain Marvel Jr, Captain Marvel/Supergirl, Captain America/Robin, Hawkeye/Arsenal, the Hulk, and Stark Industry's Iron-Man, War Machine, and Hulk-Buster. Brigadier "One-Eyed Jax" Jackson is Colonel Nick Fury, who serves as a liaison for the Olympus Initiative to the Ordnance Department, an agency equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Secret Order of Mystic Defenders is the Justice League / Defenders of this world. Its members Skyscraper, Sonar-Man, Walkerie Warrior, Accelerator, Power Grid, Chain Gang, and Kenzo are stand-ins for Superman/Silver Surfer, Batman/Daredevil, Wonder Woman/Valkyrie, Flash/Torpedo, Cyborg/Luke Cage, Etrigan/Ghost Rider, and Aquaman/Namor. 
The Gorgophants is another term for the Cenobites (HELLRAISER). Thoas is analogous to Thanos (MCU), though he also serves the role of Pinhead from HELLRAISER. Puzzle cubes refer to Lament Configurations. Stargates are from the STARGATE movie and television franchise.
The Shell Shock "Brute Suit" and Ivan
Taskforce Ecto at Stark HQ

Stalwart holds the Omegasphere
With the Brute unconscious, the Ghostbusters and Shell Shock Troopers join the others in hunting for Thoas. Clues begin to emerge that the Gorgophant is gathering relics used to harness extradimensional energies. In addition to the Lament Configuration Thoas has acquired the Shining Trapezohedron from the Museum of Metropolitan Art. Carla Danvers, a half-Kryptonian member of the Olympus Initiative known as Stalwart, is attacked for the Omegasphere, but she fends Thoas off. Calvin Scarborough reaches out to billionair inventor Luthor Alexander of LEX Corp, who determines Thoas is recreating a Mandala used years ago by Ivo Shandor, for a summoning ritual. 
Power Grid and Ivan
Ivan and Accelerator
Ivan and Secret Order member Power Grid are both taken prisoner by Thoas, as they possess cosmic forces that can be used in substitute for the objects Thoas is looking for, should time run out. Power Grid's powers came from a cube similar to the Lament Configuration, which turned him into a techno-organic cyborg, while Ivan was possessed / infected with Anti-Logic, a small portion of Anti-Life, decades earlier. As soon as they learn that Thoas intends to summon Aziathan, an avatar of the cosmic being Azathoth, Power Grid contacts the Accelerator to distract Thoas while Skyscraper and Janos Schablotski rescue Ivan and Power Grid. Skyscraper also makes a grab at Thoas, who appeared to be escaping in a helicopter, but the demon was merely setting it to explode as he slipped into a portal.
Janos, Skyscraper, and Ivan
Ivan and Shell-Shock Trooper
Arno upgrades the Ghostbusters' gear and the Shell-Shock-Troopers' armor in case they have to battle multiple cosmic beings. Sonar-Man and the Walkerie Warrior of the Secret Order and several Ghostbusters track Thoas' progress and try to stop him before reaching the next artifact, while Kenzo, Lincoln Green, the Blue Monkey, and several other Ghostbusters combat the Gorgophant acolytes swarming New York City. During the battle, a large portion of Manhattan "sinks" into Hell, responding to Thoas and his summoning spell, placing the island in a bubble outside of time and space in order to receive the Aziathan, emissary of Azathoth. Chain Gang, a Gorgophant opposed to bringing Earth to Hell, joins the Cobalt Corinna, an alien symbiote hero, in fighting his demonic brethren. Skyscraper laments that Doc Enygma was trapped outside the hell-bubble, but is contacted by the psychic Dr. Creszendos of the Crepuscular Secta, who offers his services during this crisis.
The Olympus Initiative is the Avengers/Titans of this world. Its members Thunder-Man, Stalwart, Colonel Courage, Lincoln Green, the Brute, Arno Hughes (and the Shell-Shock-Troopers) compare to  Thor/Captain Marvel Jr, Captain Marvel/Supergirl, Captain America/Robin, Hawkeye/Arsenal, the Hulk, and Stark Industry's Iron-Man, War Machine, and Hulk-Buster. Brigadier "One-Eyed Jax" Jackson is Colonel Nick Fury, who serves as a liaison for the Olympus Initiative to the Ordnance Department, an agency equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D. 
The Secret Order of Mystic Defenders is the Justice League / Defenders of this world. Its members Skyscraper, Sonar-Man, Walkerie Warrior, Accelerator, Power Grid, Chain Gang, Doc Enygma, and Kenzo are stand-ins for Superman/Silver Surfer, Batman/Daredevil, Wonder Woman/Valkyrie, Flash/Torpedo, Cyborg/Luke Cage, Etrigan/Ghost Rider, Green Lantern/Doctor Strange, and Aquaman/Namor.
The Gorgophants is another term for the Cenobites (HELLRAISER). Thoas is analogous to Thanos (MCU), though he also serves the role of Pinhead from HELLRAISER. Puzzle cubes refer to Lament Configurations. Stargates are from the STARGATE movie and television franchise. Dr. Creszendos and the Crepuscular Secta are stand-ins for Professor Xavier and the X-Men, though they also serve as alternates for Chief Caulder and the Doom Patrol. The Cobalt Corinna is an analogue to Blue Beetle III and Spider-Man / Venom. 
I hope they're fighting something, and not dancing... again
Taskforce Ecto at LexCorp HQ

Scarborough and Dr Creszendos
Sonar-Man dressed for Hell
Arno Hughes, Dr. Creszendos (of the Crepuscular Secta), and Abby Yates put together  a complete triangulation of where Thoas is performing his ritual, based on the mandala that Luthor Alexander suggested and the Ley Lines of North America. The location, a ley line node at the Mercado Hotel, allowing access to the Earth's mystic fields from within the Hell-Bubble via a new mandala pattern. The heroes have been using Ghostbusters HQ as a base of operation since Olympus Tower was overrun by demonites, and they stage a two-pronged attack, with the larger force heading north across Manhattan to Central Park (where the original Mandala suggests the confrontation to be), while a smaller group keeps to the subway tunnels to get to the Mercado, with Patty Tolan and a retired NYPD cop to guide them. 
Holtzmann & Dinkley
The Cobalt Corinna goes savage in Hell
The ruse works, and while the surface heroes, consisting mostly of Olympus Initiative and Secret Order heroes, are assaulted by overwhelming numbers of hellspawn, drawing Thoas' forces away from his own location. The ATC and NEGATE Ghostbusters surprise him at the Mercado as he tries to maintain his spell, intended to both summon and bind Aziathan. Ivan taunts the Gorgophant with knowledge that the Anti-Logic makes him like a tiny portion of Aziathan, and Thoas cannot even trap him, so his plan is doomed to failure. Rather than letting this distract him, Thoas simply dismisses Ivan as being beneath him. The Ghostbusters then reveal that they have collected five artifacts that, when combined with the Anti-Logic, will reverse Thoas' incantations and trap him, tethered to the Hell-Bubble alone. With the Stark-Enhanced proton packs, each containing a different artifact, Thoas is stripped of his power, and Ivan faces him one on one to "banish" him to the pocket dimension he's already in, while the rest of Manhattan is restored to Earth.  
The Olympus Initiative is the Avengers/Titans of this world. Its members Thunder-Man, Stalwart, Colonel Courage, Lincoln Green, the Brute, the Cobalt Corinna, Arno Hughes (and the Shell-Shock-Troopers) compare to  Thor/Captain Marvel Jr, Captain Marvel/Supergirl, Captain America/Robin, Hawkeye/Arsenal, the Hulk, Blue Beetle III/Spider-Man/Venom, and Stark Industry's Iron-Man, War Machine, and Hulk-Buster. Brigadier "One-Eyed Jax" Jackson is Colonel Nick Fury, who serves as a liaison for the Olympus Initiative to the Ordnance Department, an agency equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Secret Order of Mystic Defenders is the Justice League / Defenders of this world. Its members Skyscraper, Sonar-Man, Walkerie Warrior, Accelerator, Power Grid, Chain Gang, and Kenzo are stand-ins for Superman/Silver Surfer, Batman/Daredevil, Wonder 
Woman/Valkyrie, Flash/Torpedo, Cyborg/Luke Cage, Etrigan/Ghost Rider, and Aquaman/Namor. 

The Gorgophants is another term for the Cenobites. Thoas is analogous to Thanos. Aziathan is a personification of Azathoth (from the stories of H. P. Lovecraft) but also represents Darkseid. Dr. Creszendos and the Crepuscular Secta are stand-ins for Professor Xavier and the X-Men, though they also serve as alternates for Chief Caulder and the Doom Patrol. The retired New York City cop is John McClane from DIE HARD and it's sequels. The ATC Ghostbusters (Patty Tolan, Anny Yates, Erin Gilbert, and Jillian Holtzmann) and the "Ley Lines of North America" book are from the 2016 film GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL. The Mandala is from the 2009 Ghostbusters The Videogame. Luthor Alexander is an analog of Lex Luthor. 
Is this supposed to be left running all the time?
Taskforce Ecto at Ghostbusters HQ

Velaska, H. M. Murtock, and Ivan
An assortment of dinosaurs, escapees from an illegal auction in Northern California, are inexplicably discovered in the Taconic Mountains Wildlife Sanctuary in Massachusetts, currently concealing a variety of dragons and kaiju in the area near Ilvermorny. Ivan is given the opportunity to put a small team together to relocate the dinosaurs before the wizarding community has them destroyed in order to protect the draconian ecology. Ivan cannot use anyone with ties to the government or public organizations that might report any details of the mission, so he recruits Hazel Dinkley (a fellow Arkham Ghostbuster who is already aware of the wizarding world), Herman Melville Murtock (former Army pilot and mercenary that met Ivan and Velaska Pskowski a few years earlier), Pete Fitzhume Jr (member of the Theurgy Society based out of western Massachusetts), Dale Parker (fellow Boogey Knights monster hunter), and Janos Schablotski (Ivan's son and adventurer with experience handling dinosaurs). 
Dale suggests contacting a wizard in Chicago who rode a tyrannosaur and Mike Nero, current head of M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H, but both are ruled out. Several fights between dinosaurs and dragons are interrupted by Ivan's "Rex-Men" as the dinos are herded to a holding area in a field shared by Winter Springs MA and Summer Falls MA, adjacent to the local Sams' Mart super-store. They are evacuated via military carrier helicoptor runs (flown by H M Murtock) to a large oil tanker called the Petrox Voyager off the coast of of the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area in Lake Ontario. From there they are sent to Skull Island, a hidden location where other dinosaur-like species are known to exist. Before disbanding, the Rex-Men find evidence that the Gordian Covenant may have had a hand in getting the dinosaurs to the Berkshire Mountans.
The illegal auction of dinosaurs took place in the 2018 film JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. Ilvermorny is from the WIZARDING WORLD books and movies of J K Rowling. Hazel Dinkley is related to Velma Dinkley from SCOOBY-DOO. Herman Melville Murtock is "Howling Mad" Murdock from THE A-TEAM. Pete Fitzhume is related to Emmet Fitz-Hume from SPIES LIKE US. Dale Parker is a character created by John Lindsey. Velaska Pskowski is a character created by Karen June Van Wagner. The wizard in Chicago is Harry Dresden, first seen in the novel STORM FRONT (2000) by Jim Butcher. 
Mike Nero is a character created by Christofer Nigro. M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H is an organization created by Chuck Loridans. Petrox is an oil company from KING KONG (1976). Skull Island first appeared in KING KONG (1933). The Gordian Covenant is an organization created by Kevin Heim, but it serves as a substitute for the True Knot, who appear in Stephen King's novel DOCTOR SLEEP, and for the Hellfire Club in the X-MEN comics by Marvel.

AUG - A flash flood leaves a Viking longboat floating in the Miskatonic River. Ivan investigates, and is joined by Kit Soony, an EPA agent assigned to keep tabs on NEGATE.  The boat is empty, but at night several draugur emerge from it. Ivan's gear doesn't work on them, so he intends to set up a Tillinghast Field to alter their ionization rates but Kit insists that such a wide area contamination of Arkham with T-Waves would be in violation. Ivan settles on hiring Caleb Marsh to bring in some help from Innsmouth, and the Deep Ones make short work of the undead Norsemen.
Tillinghast Resonator, Deep Ones, Arkham, Innsmouth, and the Miskatonic River are from the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft. Kit Soony is a character created by Charlene Muscatell. Draugur are undead spirits from Norse mythology.

Calvin Scarborough, Ivan Schablotski, Ark Gearheart, and Hazel Dinkley
Four NEGATE Ghostbusters (Ivan Schablotski, Ark Gearheart, Calvin Scarborough, and Hazel Dinkley) battle a piece of the outer god Abhoth in Tyngsboro MA. When it proves too much for them to handle, Ivan calls in a Code Verdigris to the Ordnance, summoning the USS Metropolis. The submarine transforms into a giant robot called Hel which fights "Unclean Abby" while several Ghostbusters (including Scáth Hazard, Billie Harkness, Anna O'Rourke, and George DuMass) keep the monster from escaping into the Merrimack River and Kit Soony, NEGATE's liason to the EPA, reports on the situation. Referenced are the USS Lagos Island, a kaiju called the Ginomorph, Ark's exo-suit (G.E.A.R. box), the Blues Brothers, the Men In Black, the Tartan Prancer, a giant hellbeast in Michigan, the H. R. Giger Counter, the Spectral Analyzer, a mighty Sloar, the Tillinghast Generator, Sentinel Hill, Shub-Niggurath, Pinkham MA, and many pop culture sources.
This story, "The Terror that came to Tyngsboro" by Kevin Heim, is published in the 2019 anthology ATTACK OF THE KAIJU VOLUME 2: THE NEXT WAVE, edited by Chris Nigro, for Wild Hunt Press. Ark Gearheart and the G.E.A.R.Box were created by Michael Muscatell. Kit Soony was created by Charlene Muscatell. Calvin Scarborough, Soniton Collapser were created by Douglas Fisher. George DuMass was created by Neal Devlin. Hazel Dinkley was created by Sarah Michaud. Scáth Hazard was created by Aaron Oliver. Billie Harkness was created by Danielle Oliver. Anna O’Rourke was created by Beth Harrington. Ivan Ronald Schablotski / Agent Verdigris, Captain Bolivar, United States Ordnance Department, USS Metropolis, USS Lagos Island, Taskforce Ecto, Spectral Analyzer, H. R. Giger Counter, Ginomorph, and Pinkham MA were created by Kevin Heim. 
Taskforce Ecto, aka N.E.G.A.T.E., refers to the GhostbustersBlues Brothers refers to the 1981 movie. The Tartan Prancer is from the movie Vacation (2015). Mighty Sloar is from Ghostbusters (1984). Holiday Inn in New Jersey refers to the 1989 movie Ghostbusters II. Shub-Niggurath, Tillinghast Resonator, Shoggoth, Arkham, Miskatonic University, and Sentinel Hill are creations of H. P. Lovecraft. Abhoth is from "The Seven Geases" by Clark Ashton Smith. Hazel Dinkley’s aunt is Velma Dinkley, from Scooby-Doo (1969). USS Lagos Island refers to the 1991 movie Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (but there is also a real world Lagos Island off Africa). USS Metropolis suggests the fictional city from DC Comics, but is actually a reference to the early science fiction film METROPOLIS (1927), as are the names "SubMaria" and "Hel". Ginomorph borrows from Godzilla (1989) and Alien (1979).  Men In Black implies the movie, but could be a pop culture reference. Majesty suggests Majestic-12 (Urban Legend, X-Files, Delta Green). Monarchy, the Royal Family suggest Monarch (Legendary’s MonsterVerse movies). Escutcheon suggests SHIELD (Marvel Universe / MCU). 
Pop-Culture Non-Crossover references are made to C-3PO (Star Wars, 1977),  Dot Matrix (SpaceBalls, 1987),  1.21 Gigawatts (Back To The Future, 1985),  Fembot (Bionic Woman, 1976, and Austin Powers, 1997) Gynoid (Divine Endurance, 1985) and “It’s not a tumor” (Kindergarten Cop, 1990).

Clever transfers consciousness into the body of a zombie to escape the Aurors and returns to Arkham, seeking revenge against Ivan. When the zombie is found, it is brought to Miskatonic University and Ivan is encouraged to test the latest batch of nanobot on the body to see if it can be subdued and rebuilt. The Clever program repurposes the nanobots to construct a new cyberplanner and make the body capable of time travel, but before disappearing into the time stream Clever tries to kill Ivan. During the skirmish Clever decides to portal away and leave Ivan for later, but Ivan's Anti-Logic prevents the TARDIS-like space-time travel from working and they both wind up in a pocket dimension called the Waiting Room. Clever accesses files about the Waiting Room that were once stored on the Doctor's TARDIS, and reveals that neither of them will be able to leave Todash Space until they have achieved transcendental revelations. While discussing what this might mean, Bobby Briggs and James Hurley, two residents of Twin Peaks, Washington, both suffering existential crises of their own, arrive. Ivan eventually realizes that the Clever A.I. having been based on Cyberman programming, is unlikley to be capable of reaching a spiritual awakening. This triggers Ivan's own release from the red room, and he dances off through the curtain, reappearing in Arkham. 
Clever is a modified version of the Mr. Clever Cyber-personality from DOCTOR WHO episode "A NIGHTMARE IN SILVER" (2013). The TARDIS is also from DOCTOR WHO. Aurors are from the WIZARDING WORLD stories. Miskatonic University and Arkham are from the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft. Bobby Briggs, James Hurley, the Waiting Room, and Twin Peaks WA are from the television show TWIN PEAKS. Todash Space is a concept from Stephen King's stories and is connected to his THE DARK TOWER saga.

The Sanderson Sisters are restored to life. Their attempts to remain this way draw the attention of N.E.G.A.T.E. Arriving in Salem MA to help control the situation are the Salem Ghostbusters, Arkham Ghostbusters, Massachusetts Ghostbusters, and Amity Island Ghostbusters. The eldritch powers keeping them alive also summon other undead beings seeking to rejuvenate themselves, leaving the Ghostbusters to deal with a corpse bride, etc. in addition to witchcraft shenanigans. Ivan leaves the Ghostbusters to handle the spiritual undead while he uses one of Dr. West's "De-Animation" solutions to quell the physical undead.
The Sanderson Sisters are the witches from the movie HOCUS POCUS and the literary sequel THE ALL-NEW SEQUEL, whose events are paralleled here. The Corpse Bride is from THE CORPSE BRIDE. Arkham and Dr. Herbert West are from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories. Amity Island is from JAWS. Ghostbusters are from GHOSTBUSTERS.

Ivan's mother Shelley falls ill, prompting an unscheduled trip to Kentucky for him and his brothers Fritz and Godzislaw III. En route, Ivan's plane is grounded in Cleveland, thanks to something on the wing, some... thing! Ivan enlists the aide of the Ghostbusters: Cleveland Division to decontaminate the craft, but the damage to the airliner leaves it un-flight-worthy. Waiting for a new flight to be scheduled, Ivan helps the local Ghostbusters with their own problem, a slaughterhouse specializing in serving human meat to ghouls that prefer their food rare. The proprietor, Joe Butcher, is tracked down to the Winfred-Louder department store. With no flight available that day, Ivan is eventually picked up by members of the Vogue Rogues and given a ride the rest of the way to Louisville.
The spirit attacking the plane is an executed prisoner, similar to the one encountered in the New York subway by the Answer The Call Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL. The ghouls in Cleveland are inhuman creatures that eat human flesh, of the type found in the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft, particularly PICKMAN'S MODEL. Winfred-Louder is a fictional store from THE DREW CAREY SHOW but the building used for it is the Halle Building.

DEC - Krampus returns to bedevil the wicked, after receiving meeting with fellow holiday spirit Sam. Ivan curtails his direct involvement in holiday festivities in Arkham and Salem, but his underlings still make mischief and torment those deemed wicked.
Krampus is from northern European folklore. Sam is from the movie TRICK R TREAT, and represents the pagan holiday of Samhain.

Ivan learns of a fast food restaurant in Hawkins, Indiana that may be under the rule of a Gorgophant escaped from Hell. Fearing Thoas is back, Ivan rushes in without back up and discovers extradimensional energies, but not from Hell. Rather, the chain restaurant has been using meat from monsters found through a rift under the city for its old fashioned hamburgers. Ivan shuts them down by destroying their kitchen, and investigates the source of the rift in hopes of closing it. Finding the abandoned Byers house, Ivan follows a trail back to a tunnel where a semi-stable rift between Ivan's world and a shadow realm stands, waiting to be further exploited. Ivan calls his son Janos, who as a member of the Dreamship Escapade's crew, has access to dimension-travel, and asks him to come retrieve him if he doesn't report back in 24 hours. 
Ivan discovers several strange creatures in the caves, along with
some long-deceased scientists. The tunnels lead to a 'surface world that looks like a twisted nightmare version of Hawkins, with gargantuan monstrosities towering over the woods behind it. Ivan holds his own against the creatures of this world, but cannot find his way back out, as the tunnels suffer a cave-in after a giant spider-like entity pierces the ground above it with one enormous step. Fortunately Janos arrives and helps his father escape the tunnels, the Escapade waiting to take them both to the 'real' world.

The restaurant with old-fashioned hamburgers is a Wendy's. Hawkins, Indiana the shadow realm (known as the Upside-Down), and the extradimensional shenanigans going on in each location come from the television series STRANGER THINGS. Thoas is a counterpart to Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Gorgophants are Cenobites from the HELLRAISER movies. The Dreamship "Escapade" is inspired by Lewis Carroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark" (first published in 1876).

Ghostbusters on a bug hunt in Engineering
Pinkham MA is visited by the shuttlecraft Gallileo II, with most of its seven-person crew dead. The NEGATE Ghostbusters investigate the crash site and find a survivor, who states that they were seeking the help of the Ghostbusters. Ivan, Hazel, George DuMass, Ark Gearheart, Kit Sooney, Rudy F Banka, and Dion Brendan answer the call, traveling with the injured crewman to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, in orbit around the present-day Earth and dealing with a full-blown Xenomorph infestation (thanks to Ensign Birdperson insisting that they watch over the eggs). The Ghostbusters, using equipment based on Predator technology they borrowed from the Yutani corporation in 2016, help neutralize the threat and meet Starfleet Captain James T Kirk and the rest of the ship's bridge crew. They travel with the Enterprise back to their timeline of origin and accompany them on a diplomatic encounter with the Engineers. Once Kirk turns the remaining Xenomorph eggs over to the progenitor race, the Enterprise is allowed to leave and the Ghostbusters are returned to their proper reality on their own Earth.
Ark and Kit on the Enterprise
Ghostbusters are from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Gallileo II, the Enterprise, Starfleet, and Captain Kirk are from STAR TREK (the original series), which first aired in 1966. Xenomorphs and the Yutani corporation are from the ALIEN franchise, began in 1979, as is the "Progenitor" race, who are more commonly called Promethians or Engineers. Predator technology first appeared in the movie PREDATOR from 1987. Birdperson is from RICK & MORTY, though he is clearly of the same race as Hawk, a Tangatu male from BUCK ROGERS whose people fled the Earth thousands of years ago and colonized assorted planets (Hawk was from the planet Throm, where his people could no longer fly, but Birdperson is still capable of flight). The future from which the Enterprise hails is an alternate reality to the one Ivan lives in, though there are Xenomorphs and Bird People in his universe.

Ivan meets a retired British agent claiming to have been a former 007, whose exploits were fictionalized as those of James Bond, while both men are investigating the Arcadian Assurances Adjustments Agency. Sharing resources, they find that the company has Ivan's entire genome sequence mapped, based on samples they took from him in 1987 while he was hospitalized after the Harmonic Divergence incident. Records indicate connections with several individuals and organizations Ivan has clashed with over the years, including HybraDyne (Ivan's former employer), the Gordian Covenant, the Ordnance Department, the Fraidy Man, and something called the Order of Chaos, that may or may not also be the Fractal Paradox. The agent formerly known as James finds that AAAA is also connected to several secret services, including MI6, MI5, the Laundromat, and the Bureau. Before they can transfer any files to their own mobile devices, a security detail finds them, headed by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Noticing the personal problems the couple is having, Ivan convinces them that their work is getting in the way of their relationship, and they agree to let him and his friend go. Ivan does not see that the British agent intentionally leaves a piece of Gallifreyan technology behind, bearing the seal of Rassilon.
The retired secret agent is the 5th cinematic James Bond, as portrayed by Timothy Dalton (in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS and LICENSE TO KILL), who also played Rassilon in several episodes of DOCTOR WHO, suggesting that this man is both a former British agent and the morally dubious Lord President of the Time Lords (though it may be that "Bond" was working for Rassilon, directly or indirectly). This plays in with the Order of Chaos / Fractal Paradox, which is based on the Faction Paradon, a renegade group of Gallifreyans from 8th Doctor stories before branching into their own FACTION PARADOX franchise. The Arcadian Assurances Adjustments Agency is a counterpart to the firm Wolfram & Hart from ANGEL: THE SERIES. HybraDyne is an amalgam of Hybra Tech (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) and Cyberdyne (THE TERMINATOR). The Gordian Covenant is comparable to the Hellfire Club from Marvel Comics' X-MEN stories, as well as the True Knot from Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP. The Ordnance Department is the equivalent of SHIELD, UNIT, and other secret military organizations. The Fraidy Man is a counterpart to Freddy Krueger from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The Laundromat is a code-name for the Q-Division of SOE, otherwise known as "the Laundry" in Charles Stross' THE LAUNDRY FILES books. The Bureau represents the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (HELLBOY), Bureau 13 (BUREAU 13), and the Fringe Division of the FBI (FRINGE). Mr. and Mrs. Smith are from the movie MR. & MRS. SMITH. 

Having learned that the Arcadian Assurances Adjustments Agency was responsible for him finding the book in the first place, Ivan returns to the cabin he visited in 2014 to destroy the copy of the Necronomicon. Though it is not the same copy owned by Ash Williams, the same evil forces interfere with his efforts, and do their best to trick him into reading from the book instead. Efforts to get advice or direct help from other monster hunters also fail, and starts to attract the attention of monsters who want access to the book themselves. Ivan is visited by a crafty witch and two demonically possessed women, and has to defend himself and the book from them. When no one knows a way to truly get rid of the book, he calls in a favor from his contacts at Ilvermorny to magically destroy or neutralize it.

The Necronomicon is from the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft, but the Necronomicon Ex Mortis and Ashley Williams are from THE EVIL DEAD (the puppet "Ashy Slashy" is from ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD). The two possessed women are Angela Franklin and Suzanne from NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (1988). The crafty witch is Nancy Downs from THE CRAFT. Ilvermorny is a magic school in Massachusetts per the WIZARDING WORLD stories. The Arcadian Assurances Adjustments Agency is comparable to the firm Wolfram & Hart from ANGEL: THE SERIES.

Ivan travels to Mount Greylock to implore the wizards there to help him destroy the Necronomicon, but on the way there he is pursued by several members of the Church of the Sleeping God, who sensed the activity of the book and want it for themselves. He loses them by making a detour to Stockbridge MA and ducks into the Norman Rockwell Museum, pretending to be a cryptologist. He eventually makes it to Ilvermorny, and sees that the pukwudgies he relocated from the coast back in 2018 have taken up residence and stayed put. Magickal fires are used to burn the book, dragons are brought to consume it, and spells are attempted to erase the writing from each page, all to no avail. Only a Divinations professor visiting Ilvermorny from Hogwarts is able to interact with the book at all, as its magic is very different from the near-cosmic power drawn upon when wizards cast spells using wands as foci. She recommends trying some of the resources available at her school in England, where older magicks are available.
The Necronomicon is from the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft, but the Necronomicon Ex Mortis is from THE EVIL DEAD. Ilvermorny is a magic school on Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, per the HARRY POTTER / WIZARDING WORLD stories, which is also where Professor Trelawney and Hogwarts are from. Pukwudgies are part of local Native American lore. The Norman Rockwell Museum is a real museum celebrating the real artist, but it was used fictitiously in the 2006 film THE NORMAN ROCKWELL CODE, which has crossovers with THE DA VINCI CODE and THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. The blue box behind Ivan is only a Port-A-Potty and is NOT a TARDIS.

No one at Ilvermorny is able to eliminate the threat of the Necronomicon, so they apparate Ivan and his book to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England. Several professors and even some talented students try a variety of spells, and the groundskeeper attempts to feed the book to another book. It is suggested that Hogwarts is too "safe" to have the magic they need, so Ivan goes to the nearby village of Hogsmead and seeks aid there. Ultimately it is determined that the Necronomicon isn't "magick" in the sense of what the wizards and witches of the Wizarding community use. Rather, it works on the concept of corruption, drawing power away from one source to despoil another source in some way. Because Ivan has read from this book, he is bound to it, so it is drawing from his own life force to resist destructive forces exerted against it, though the Anti-Logic seems to be preventing any side effects of this from hurting Ivan. When he suggests magically transporting the book into the Sun, it is suggested that the Sun itself may be vulnerable to the book's corruption, and nobody wants an evil star shining down on them.
The Necronomicon is from the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft, but the Necronomicon Ex Mortis is from THE EVIL DEAD. Ilvermorny and Hogwarts are magic schools per the HARRY POTTER / WIZARDING WORLD stories, which is also where Hogsmead, Hagrid, The Monster Book of Monsters, and other related concepts are from. The Sun is a swirling ball of gas, burning billions of miles away from the Earth, and as it is older than copyright laws, it is considered to be in the public domain.

Ivan heads to Virginia to visit Janos, but his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere in Maryland where he has no cell reception. Ivan takes shelter in an abandoned barn for the night, and while ensuring the structure is safe to sleep in, discovers it was set up with several obvious traps and was likely a scene of murder and arson years earlier. Investigating the nearby shed and farmhouse Ivan finds similar sabotage, and wonders why these edifices have been left standing, instead of being restored or torn down. While in the basement of the house, Ivan is attacked by a man in a mask. 
Despite the full moon already in the afternoon sky, Ivan cannot trigger a lycanthropic transformation, and realizes he'd been drugged with atomized wolfsbane and silver nitrate. Seeing the recognition dawn on Ivan's face, the masked man says he had to even the playing field before taking his shot at a werewolf. Despite this clear forethought, the masked man wields a hand scythe made of steel, not silver, and declares that he's been waiting for several years to make his comeback. Ivan is forced to retreat to his car and acknowledges the Harvest Moon when he also notes that it is Friday the 13th. Grabbing his ghostbusting gear, Ivan goes after Leslie Vernon, who does prove to be an undead revenant despite using mundane means to incapacitate his foe. Ivan also finds himself fighting off Jason Voorhees, because it's Friday the 13th, and that's just how things go on a Friday the 13th. Repelling them both, Ivan simply locks them in the barn and sets it on fire, knowing that revenants cannot be destroyed for good, but they also require special conditions that will no longer be met come morning. With his car trashed, Ivan gives up on the trip and heads back home.
The Maryland town with poor cell reception is Glen Echo, from BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON (2006). Jason Voorhees is from the FRIDAY THE 13TH movie franchise.

Ivan, excited to visit JP
Ivan and Janos meet a Velociraptor
Ivan learns that Janos contacted some of the surviving technicians from the original Jurassic Park and the latter Jurassic World theme parks and gave them the location of Skull Island. Ivan and Janos visit the new facilities and make certain that the local ecology is not being messed with. The InGen employees claim to be content to study the lives of their dinosaur clones in their current environment, though they are also working to perfect the cloning techniques and keep the indigenous kaiju population away from their camp (mostly by using electric fences and ultrasonic broadcasts used to repel pests).
Ivan, not liking the readings
Skulls on Skull Island
Ultimately procedures are not strictly adhered to, partly due to unfinished projects being hastily hidden in order to pass whatever inspection the Schablotskis are present to conduct (despite neither of them having any official status with public or private safety organizations). This results in more carnosaur escapes and rampages throughout the small InGen campus. 
The other side of the island
Someone turned the fence off in the rain
The new experiments also draw the attention of some of the kaiju residents of the island, who have been studied and tested much more than the InGen engineers have been letting on. Ivan and Janos defend the scientists from the dinosaurs and keep the kaiju population at bay as the scientists and engineers arrange a hasty evacuation from the island, though they make it clear that they are not abandoning this site.
Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, and InGen are from JURASSIC PARK and JURASSIC WORLD film franchises. Skull Island and the giant primate are from KING KONG, though much is borrowed from KONG: SKULL ISLAND.


Ivan and Janos are evacuated from Skull Island to Indonesia with the rest of the InGen employees. From there they fly to California, and catch another plane to Chicago. They prepare to part ways in O'Hare, Ivan returning to Massachusetts while Janos goes back to Virginia, but Ivan receives a call from the Ghostbusters HQ in New York requesting anyone able to travel to assist with a zombie outbeak in Orlando, Florida. Ivan and Janos both make the trip, having been promised travel and overtime pay for working in Orlando on Halloween, despite neither of them having any gear with them. In Orlando they find that the Central Florida Ghostbusters have already narrowed the problem down to Universal Studios, but they disappeared shortly after arriving, and the zombies are continuing to spread throughout the park. Ivan and Janos encounter Ghostbusters from the Daytona Beach and Calgary, Alberta franchises, also answering the call for extra help. Once the zombies are rounded up and the panic is minimized, Ivan and Janos arrange to catch the next flights home.
Candace and Sean from Calgary
Steve from Daytona Beach
InGen is from JURASSIC PARK. Skull Island is from KING KONG. Ghostbusters are from GHOSTBUSTERS. The Central Florida Ghostbusters and their experience on Halloween 2019 is the focus of  the GHOSTBUSTERS RESURRECTION RPG Podcast. The Calgary Ghostbusters have appeared in GHOSTBUSTERS 101 #6 by IDW Comics.

NOV - L&N 
Dinosaur World in Cave City - Safe
Janos and Fritz Schablotski
Instead of going home, Ivan and Janos travel to Kentucky, due to a reported dinosaur sighting in Cave City. Upon arrival they find the tyrannosaurus rex is fake, part of the Dinosaur World theme park attractions. While in the area, they visit Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee and spend time with Ivan's parents Godzi and Shelly, and his brother Fritz. Ivan spends most of the time in bed, however, as he suffers a variety of symptoms (including a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit). Though the doctors at the VA Hospital in Louisville are baffled, Ivan and Janos deduce that he caught something from the rat-monkeys in Sumatra or the zombies in Florida. Once recovered, Ivan and Janos really do head home to Salem MA and Norfolk VA, respectively.
The Dinosaur World park in Cave City is a real theme park. The Rat-Monkey of Sumatra is from BRAINDEAD (aka DEAD ALIVE), though it is inspired by (and implied to be the same creature as) the giant rat of Sumatra from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire".

Aloysius Billington, a wealthy resident of Kingsport, MA, hires the Arkham Ghostbusters to investigate a haunting. He's already had his home warded against spirits, but they manifest around him whenever he leaves the house, and the activity is interfering with his business affairs. Ivan shows up and finds the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-To-Come have been attempting to force Billington to mend his ways, led by Aloysius' former mentor Jeremiah Lapham. Ivan informs Billington that he is now the victim of a particular curse that must run its course. If Ivan captures the ghosts, new spirits will manifest to take their places, regardless of Jeremiah's presence. Aloysius relents to letting the ghosts have their say if it will get them to leave him alone, but refuses to pay Ivan's fee, claiming he did nothing to earn it. Ivan still invoices him for one hour of travel and labor and bids him a Merry Christmas.
Billington and Lapham are implied to be relatives of the characters in the August Derleth story "The Lurker at the Threshold" (partly inspired by unfinished stories began by H. P. Lovecraft, and considered part of his Mythos). The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future originated in Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL.


Ivan has a lot of crossovers here. To simplify searching, here is a list of all the Horror Crossover Universe crossovers, alphabetized, followed by a list of Non-Horror Universe Crossovers. For crossovers that are implied, situational, or have no photographic evidence to support them, the listings are in italics.

Horror Crosses:

The Adaptive Ultimate
The Addams Family
American Horror Story (Freakshow)
An American Werewolf in London
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Being Human (US)
The Body Snatchers / Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
Bureau 13
Cabin in the Woods
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Child's Play
A Christmas Carol
Creature Commandos
The Creature From the Black Lagoon
Cryptids (Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, Skunk Ape)
Dark Shadows
Dead Silence
Devil May Cry
Dr. Fate
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Dr. Mordrid
Dr. Strange
Evil Dead / Army of Darkness / Ash VS the Evil Dead
Fear Clinic
Final Destination
The Fly
Forever Knight
Frankenstein / Bride of Frankenstein
Friday the 13th
Fright Night
George A Romero's Dead series (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Diary of the Dead)
Ghost Breakers
Ghost Busters / Filmation Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters / The Real Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters: Answer The Call
H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos (From Beyond, Herbert West--ReAnimator, etc.)
Halloween / Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Hangar 18
Hocus Pocus
El Hombre Lobo
Horror Hosts (Penny Dreadful & Garou, Baron Von Wolfstein, Dr. Gangrene, Uncle Fright, etc.)
House of 1000 Corpses
The House of Seven Gables
The Howling film franchise (The Howling, Howling II)
I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Jurassic Park / Jurassic World
King Kong
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Little Shop of Horrors
Lollipop Chainsaw
Lost Boys
Lovecraft Arts and Science Council
Manly Wade Wellman's Appalachian Horror Universe (The Shonokins)
Masque of the Red Death
The Mayfair Witches
Monster Hunter International
Monster Squad
The Mummy (1932 original)
The Mummy (1999 reboot)
The Mummy (Dark Universe)
The Munsters
Naked Brunch
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Peter Rawlik's Reanimators trilogy
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The President's Vampire
Project: Metalbeast
Resident Evil
The Return of the Living Dead (I, II, and IV)
The Ring
Saint Germaine
The Salem Horror
Scooby Doo
Stephen King's Castle Rock Universe (It, Christine, The Mist, Haven, etc)
Stranger Things
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Vampire Chronicles
The Wolf Man (original)
The Wolfman (2010 reboot)
The Zombie Survival Guide

Non-Horror Crosses:

The A-Team
Abdulla Bulbul Ameer
Alvin & the Chipmunks
The Andy Griffith Show
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
The Avengers (Marvel)
Back To The Future
Black Mask
The Blues Brothers
Burn Notice
Buckaroo Banzai
Camp Half-Blood Chronicles / Percy Jackson
Captain America
Charlie and the Chocolate Favtory
The Count of Monte Cristo
Danny Phantom
DC Extended Universe
The Defenders (Marvel)/ Secret Defenders / The Order
Doc Savage
Doctor Seuss
Doctor Strange
Doctor Who / Torchwood
The Dukes of Hazzard
Edward Scissorhands
Faction Paradox
Family Guy
The Flash
Flash Gordon
The Flintstones
Forrest Gump
Fu Manchu
Full Metal Jacket
The Godfather
The Great Gatsby
Hannibal Lecter
Harry Potter / Wizarding World / Pottermore
Herbie the Love Bug
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Hulk, She-Hulk
The Indestructibles
Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
International Cryptozoology Museum
Jack Kirby's The Fourth World (Anti-Life Equation)
James Bond
Jewel of the Nile
John Hughes' Shermer Universe (Shermer, IL)
Justice Society of America / Justice League of America
Knight Rider
Legend of Zelda
The Librarians
Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou
The Lone Gunmen 
Looney Tunes
Lord of the Rings
The Lost World
Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council
The Luck of Barry Lyndon
Lucky Number Slevin
The Man in Half Moon Street
Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Monkees
Monsters Inc.
The Muppets
Mystery Men (film)
Napoleon Dynamite
National Treasure
A Night In Casablanca
The Office (US)
Once Upon A Time
Paradise Lost
The Pertwillaby Papers
Popeye the Sailor Man
The Princess Bride
The Prestige
The Punisher
Rick & Morty
Robin Hood
Rock'em Sock'em Robots
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sherlock Holmes
The Simpsons
The Six-Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman
Smokey and the Bandit
South Park
Spies Like Us
Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Wars, Star Wars Expanded Universe / Star Wars Legends
Teen Titans / New Teen Titans
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Terminator / Terminator Genysis
Titus Andronicus
Total Recall
Transformers, DiaClone
Vanity Fair
View Askew Universe (Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, etc.)
Warehouse 13
Weird Al Yankovic
Where is Carmen Sandiego?
Where's Waldo?
Wonder Woman
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
X-Files / The Lone Gunmen
X-Men / New Mutants / Generation X / etc.
Zac and Miri Make A Porno

Actual works containing Ivan Ronald Schablotski:

  • "The Terror that came to Tyngsboro" short story written by Kevin Heim, published in Attack of the Kaiju Volume 2: The Next Wave, anthology edited by Christofer Nigro, 2019AVAILABLE NOW from Wild Hunt Publications 
  • "The D Club" short story written by Kevin Heim, published in Dorian Gray: Darker Shades, anthology edited by Christofer Nigro, 2018, AVAILABLE NOW from Wild Hunt Publications 
  • "Myths For the Modern Agewritten by Win Scott Eckert, 2005, Monkeybrain Books (mentioned in Acknowledgments)
  • "Wolves and the Wolf Myth in American Literature" textbook by S K Robisch, 2009, University of Nevada Press (credited as a Therianthropologist in the endnotes for Chapter 11)
  • "Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World (Volume 1)", written by Win Scott Eckert, 2010, Monkeybrain Books (mentioned in Acknowledgments)
  • "Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World (Volume 2)", written by Win Scott Eckert, 2010, Monkeybrain Books (mentioned in Acknowledgments)
  • "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas" short story written by Kevin Heim, published in the Psychopomp 2012 Christmas Special, 2012 Psychopomp Press
  • "The History of Halloween" documentary film directed by Paul van Ness, 2013 (Ivan appears as a dancing Ghostbuster, played by Kevin Heim)
  • "The Horror Crossover Encyclopediareference guide written by Robert Wronski Jr, 2014 (with a Forward by Ivan Ronald Schablotski, written by Kevin Heim), 18thWall Productions
  • "The Noise Music New England" #346, November 2014, photography and publication by Timothy Maxwell (page 31 shows Ivan in his Reanimation Tech garb, describing him as "The doctor who injected his patients with infected zombie fluid")
  • "Reanimatrix" written by Peter Rawlik, 2016, Night Shade Books (Not an actual Ivan appearance, but his great uncle Raclaw Schablotski is featured in the story).

I'm sure I've left out some things, so if you have evidence of a crossover with Ivan that I didn't include... I'd love to know about it!


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