Sunday, October 26, 2014


As part of our celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Television Crossover Universe, I'm sharing our most popular posts, our oldest posts, our newest posts, and some of my favorites.  Of these, the newer are probably the least interesting, as they are all updates about my first book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, but here it is, our 8th newest post.  Below is the original post, but here in red is an update on the update:

The e-book is available now!!!  The paperback will be available in February.  


Update: The publisher tells me the e-book version of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia should be available in approximately two weeks and the paperback version in approximately a month. It will be available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. A lot of people have asked about it being in local bookstores. That's the publisher's call, but I believe it's not financially feasible and a bit risky for a young publisher and a new author to mass produce copies for a local market. Anyways, while you are waiting for the book, every day in October on my Facebook page I am posting an excerpt from the book that somehow relates to Halloween. On the Television Crossover Universe blog, each day, one of the oldest posts is being updated to incorporate information from the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia. And finally, on Halloween, check out the 18thWall website or tumbler. They will be posting a list of my 24 all-time favorite horror movies.

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