Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly stats and announcements


I don't usually post weekly stats here, but I do post them every Friday in the TVCU discussion group.  But since we hadn't posted pretty much anything of late, I felt I should post something.  Incidentally, since I posted this exactly one month ago, our numbers have come back to normal.  The anniversary has brought people back.  


Weekly stats and announcements: Our numbers are way down. I guess it's understandable. We haven't posted much new stuff or even updated much lately, as we are working on the first tvcu book. James Bojaciuk did update the Holmes tulpa post, and I highly recommend it. Ivan Ronald Schablotski also recently updated his biography. We're still interested in new material from new writers, and also, anyone who is a blog admin can update any of my blogs if you feel motivated. If you add new material to one of my previous posts, don't forget to credit yourself. I'm also thinking of bringing back the quickies and Crew Reviews, but I don't have to be the only one generating those. Any current admin can do it, and if you aren't an admin but would like to do some quickies or Crew Reviews, let me know. Finally, this past week's top viewed were: 1) 90210; 2) Crazy Ivan; 3) the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia release announcement; 4) Offspring of Zed; and 5) My Little Pony.

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