Friday, January 9, 2015

The Best Laid Plans...


And now you can tell we are the newest post, because the post is about the anniversary postings...

Next up, I will finish sharing my favorite posts of the past four years.


For our fourth anniversary, which is tomorrow, I had this grand plan that every day from January 1 - 10, I would reshare four blog posts per day.  One would be from our most popular, counting down from 10th to 1st, one would be from our 10 oldest posts, one would be from our 10 newest, and 10 would be my favorites of the past four years.  Each of the posts would have an added anniversary introduction.

This plan went well for three days...

And then technology failed.  I lost my home wifi, and was unable to get to a hotspot until today, the day before the anniversary.

In a way, this is a fitting tribute to our anniversary.  Throughout the past four years, posts are constantly delayed due to technology fails and other life events that get in the way.  It's only appropriate that this should occur.  The TVCU has never been a well planned venture.  But we of the TVCU Crew continue to work at it, and somehow, things eventually happen and turn out great.

So, in the finest tradition of posting here, I must alter my original plan of last week.  Today, in the four hours I have here at Forbes Library, I will cover what would have been posted on January 4 - 9, and then tomorrow (or Monday), I will post the final four.

Thanks for continuing to come back, and bearing with our imperfections.

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