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Let’s discuss the book…

For those who have read the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, what crossover that you previously didn’t know about did you find to be the most interesting?

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Return of the Quickie: Comics to Screen Part II: Marvel Comics

This blog post is about Marvel Comics characters that have been adapted to the it relates to the multiverses of Marvel Canon.  My upcoming TELEVISION CROSSOVER UNIVERSE:  WORLDS AND MYTHOLOGY will cover how Marvel Comics characters and series fit into the Television Crossover Multiverse, and my other upcoming book, the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia, will do the same for Marvel characters and series in the Cartoon Multiverse.  But Marvel over the years has also established that their own shows and movies exist within their own multiverse.  And so that's what I'm talking about today, since this is a blog about shared realities of television and film. 


Originally according to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 2004, "the omniverse is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm."


There are certain universes which are tied to the Marvel multiverse – such as the New Universe and the Ultraverse – which do not share any open similarities to it, and thus are not strictly part of the larger universal hierarchy that forms the Marvel multiverse, but at the same time, are not so far removed that they existed in a separate multiverse. The 21st century edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe posits the term Megaverse as the name for this larger grouping, though since there is always the chance that some future publications will increase the interactions between different Multiverses, this is a fluid definition.


Multiverse is the collection of alternate universes, with a similar nature and a universal hierarchy. The Marvel multiverse contains the universe that holds Earth-616, most of the What If? universes, as well as the vast number of the alternate Marvel Universe Earths.
The original term and concept were coined by Michael Moorcock for his "Eternal Champion" sequence. The lead characters from Moorcock's work are obviously the inspiration for the Captain Britain Corps.
DC UniverseNew Fun Comics #1, (1935); Zero Hour#0, (1994);JLA/Avengers, (2003)Although part of a separate multiverse, the Post-Crisis / Post-Zero Hour DC Universe crossed-over with the mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616) in 2003 for JLA/Avengers.
Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
  • Many licensed adaptations of television series and films that were published by DC have been included in the official DC Universe.
  • Dormammu's Dimension: The home of the dimension-hoping entity known as Dormammu. He travels to other dimensions and destroys from this one.
"Earth-13"Captain AmericaVol 2 #12 (1997)The Heroes Reborn pocket dimension and the Negative Zone is merged with the WildStorm Universe.
Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
Earth-25Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #9(2014) (mentioned)Home of Spider-Ham, evidentially similar to Earth-8311.
  • This universe was visited by the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.
Earth-594Wanted #1parallel reality about six dimensions sideways from the reality in Wanted; raided by the natives of the Wanted reality, during which time Doll-Master acquired Hepatitis B
Included because Wanted was loosely made into an Angelina Jolie film, but also because the premise of the series is that Christopher Reeve really was Superman and Adam West really was Batman!
Marvel Universe
Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939)
  • Reality of the original Marvel Super Heroes and its mainstream continuity. Differences between universes are usually described in comparison with Earth-616.
  • First numbered in The Daredevils.
  • Many licensed adaptations of television series and films that were published by Marvel have been included in the official Marvel Universe.
An Earth 886 Timeline: The home of the theatrical incarnations of Marvel's heroes as shown in comic book adaptions, by John McDonagh. Numerical designation by John McDonagh after the month and date -- August, 1986 -- that Howard the Duck had its theatrical release. (thanks to Lenny Carlson for Marvel Super Special adaptions)

An Earth 919 Timeline: in Homage, DC at Marvel. Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
Marvel Zombies
Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 (2005)
  • Reality of the original Marvel Zombies series where an outbreak of a zombie virus turned all costumed heroes into evil, cannibalistic zombies.
  • First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
  • This series has crossed with Army of Darkness, the comic based on the Evil Dead series featuring Ash.
Ultimate Marvel
Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2000)
  • Reinvention of the Marvel Universe for the modern age. Initially beginning with Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men.
  • Home reality of The Ultimates (counterparts of The Avengers) and Miles Morales Spider-Man.
  • First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
  • This universe was visited by the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.
Earth 2122: On the world where Charles Xavier started his school of gifted students in Britain instead of America. He trained his X-Men to become agents of the empire. Home of Crusader X as appeared in Excalibur #21-22 and Excalibur : Sword of Power #2-4. Giant-Size Fantastic Four #2 did a story where Willy Lumpkin accidentally time travelled to 1777 and caused George Washington to be captured, leading to the British winning the War For Independence. Since Earth-2122's history has it that the Founding Fathers (including Tony Stark's ancestor) lost the War For Independance, this may be the divergent factor. Information and designation by Lenny Carlson, divergence information from John McDonagh, who also notes that Sliders did a world hinging around the failure of the War For Independance.
Earth-2772Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme(2007)Doctor Strange Animated
Earth-3488Ultimate Avengers (animated film)(2006)Ultimate Avengers (2006) animated movie


Home reality of Death's Head and Dragon's Claws
First appearance of reality: Dragon's Claws #1
First got an Earth designation in: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 (8162 A.D. entry)
This reality was numbered Earth-8162 in the original Dragon's Claws series but that referred to the year, rather than the reality designation.
Also said to the be the home reality of DOCTOR WHO.


Merlyn tracked Catavolcus to this reality and battled him with the help of the Doctor.
First appearance of reality: Doctor Who Monthly #60
First got an Earth designation in: All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #7 (Merlyn entry)
Earth-5724Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD television show
Earth-6109Marvel: Ultimate AllianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance video game universe
Earth-6799Spider-Man (1967)1967 Spider-Man Cartoon
Earth-7085Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness#5Marvel Werewolves
Earth-7642Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man #1Crossoververse
Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
Earth-77452001, A Space Odyssey #7Comicsville circa 2040 A.D.
Earth-8096Wolverine and the X-Men (TV series) Season 1 1A Marvel Animated Universe that includes Wolverine and The X-Menand Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Animated Series).
Earth-8107Spider-Man & and His Amazing FriendsHome to the comic version of the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends television series.
Home reality of VideomanFirst got an Earth designation in: Spider-Man: Back in Black Handbook
Earth 8162: Counterparts of Doctor Who (Marvel UK), Death's Head, Big Shot.
Earth-8919Pryde of the X-MenEarth-assignation of Pryde of the X-Men and the X-Men arcade game. Also known as Earth-652975.


Reality of of Panini's Spectacular Spider-Man
First appearance of reality: Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures #1
First got an Earth designation in: All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #7 (Merlyn entry)
Amalgam Universe
DC vs Marvel #3(seen)
Marvel Encyclopedia#Fantastic Four(2004) (named)
An amalgam “pocket universe.”
Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
Earth-10005X-Men (film)Earth-assignation for the three X-Men films.
Earth-11052X-Men: EvolutionEarth-assignation for the X-Men: Evolution.
Earth-11983Spider-Man The Animated SeriesAnimated Spider-Man took Dr. Octopus' arms.
Earth-12131Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012)The Marvel Gaming Universe
Earth-13122Lego Marvel Super HeroesThe reality of the Lego products, including those published by Marvel.
Earth-13393X-Men Animated SeriesAnimated Series
Alternate Future
Earth-13625DeadpoolVideo game


Reality where the members of the rock band Kiss has super powers.
First appearance of reality: Marvel Comics Super Special #1
First got an Earth designation in: All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #4 (Elf with a Gun entry)
Earth-26320Blade (film)Blade movies and sequels
Earth-26496The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)Home to The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.
Earth-31198Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesBillionaire Peter Parker wears Spider-Armor
Earth-31393X-Men: The Animated SeriesAnimated Days of Future Past
Earth-33734Acclaim: Maximum CarnageMaximum Carnage video game
Earth-39811Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesAnimated Six-Armed Spider-Man
Hyperkind #1(1993)Clive Barker's Razorline print, home to EctokidSaint Sinner,Hyperkind, and Hokum & Hex.
Has been connected to Barker's Hellraiser series.
Earth-57780Spidey Super Stories #1 (1974)Home to Jennifer of the JungleCaptain MightyMad ScientistWall, and Blowhard.
Setting for the Electric Company, featuring Spider-Man.
Earth-58460Man-Thing (film)Man-Thing movie
Earth-58470Howard the Duck (film)Howard the Duck movie
Earth-58472Howard the Duck Movie #1Howard the Duck movie comic
Earth-58627Punisher (film) (1989)The Punisher 1989 Movie
Earth-58732The Punisher (film) (2004)The Punisher 2004 Movie
Earth-66106Marvel Super heroes RPG Adventure #12Nightmares of Future Past
Earth-71002Spider-Man: Friend or FoeSpider-Man: Friend or Foe video game
Earth-75402Wisdom #41960s horror movie Jack the Ripper was real
Earth-770452001, A Space Odyssey #5John Norton in 2040 A.D.
Earth-80920Possible future of the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series.
Earth-87715One Thing After AnotherAttempt to cure Thing instead turned him into giant monster "Thing Kong".
Earth-90214Noir UniverseSpider-Man Noir #1(2009)The Noir Universe, where the Marvel heroes surfaced in the 1920s and 1930s, and fought organized crime in those times.
Earth-90313Sensational She-Hulk #17 (1990)Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-verse
Earth-91119Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! #1 (2009)Universe of all Superhero Squad publications
"Earth-91274"G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #1(1982)The U.S. G.I. Joe/Transformers comics
Marvel Animated
X-Men: The Animated Series Episode 1 (October 31, 1992)
Earth-94000Fantastic Four(1994)Universe of the Fantastic Four film
Earth-95099X-Men: The Animated SeriesEpisode #53 (1995)Animated Age of Apocalypse
Earth-96173Dr. Strange (1978)Dr. Strange television film
Earth-96283Spider-Man (2002)Earth-assignation of the Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi. Includes Spider-ManSpider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3
Earth-97102What If? Vol 2 #100(1997)Fantastic Four sent to an Oz-like world after transformation.
Earth-98311Spider-Man: The Animated SeriesEpisode #64 (1998)Home To Spider-Carnage
Earth-101001Marvel AnimeReality of the Marvel Anime
Earth-120185Transformers (UK)#1 (1984)The reality surrounding the Marvel UK incarnation of theTransformersAction Force and others. Notably, it is not the same actuality featured in the Marvel US Transformers comic book series, but rather an prolonged version of it. The first UK-originated story is written in UK issue #9—this Earth's numerical title is a indication to the date of publication of this issue, the 12th of January, 1985.
First got an Earth designation in: All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #3 (Death's Head entry)
Earth-120703The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film)Reality of the second Spider-Man film series and its expansions.
Earth-121347Ghost Rider (2007)Universe of the Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeancefilms
Earth-121893X-Men: The Animated SeriesEpisode #21 (1993)Bishop and Cable changed their timelines
Earth-135263Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes Episode #1(2006)Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes cartoon
Earth-199312Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade's Revenge (1992)Earth-assignation of the Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge video game
Earth-199673The Invincible Iron Man (2007)The Invincible Iron Man animated film
Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Iron Man (May 2, 2008)
  • Continuity of The Avengers and related film and TV franchises.
  • Other film franchises such as X-Men, Fantastic Four and both Sony Pictures' Spider-Man franchises, do not take place in this continuity, although certain characters from such films have had appearances or have been announced for this universe.
  • Number revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Volume 5 hardcover.
"Earth-200506"Wha...Huh? #1(2005)Identity Crisis happened in the Marvel Universe
Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
"Earth-200512"Wha...Huh? #1(2005)DC agreed to do Batman/Daredevil
Not related to television and film, but significant to crossovers.
Earth-400005The Incredible Hulk(1977)Home to the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk realm, including a total of 5 TV movies and a 82-episode television series
Earth-400083Hulk (2003)2003 Hulk film
Earth-534834The Marvel Action Hour: The Fantastic Four Episode #1(1994)The Marvel Action Hour: Fantastic FourIron Man: The Animated Series and Incredible Hulk cartoons
Earth-555326Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow(2008)Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow direct-to-video animated movie
Earth-600001Captain America(1944)1944 Captain America film serial
Earth-600026Marvel Superheroes: Captain AmericaEpisode #1 (1966)1966 Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Sub-Mariner cartoons
Earth-600043Captain America(1979)Captain America television movies from 1979: Captain America andCaptain America II: Death Too Soon.
Earth-604829Spider-Man Episode #1 (1981)1981 Spider-Man Cartoon
Earth-634962Silver SurferEpisode #1 (1998)1998 Silver Surfer animated series
Earth-635972Power Pack (1991)Power Pack television movie
Earth-697064Captain America(1990)Captain America 1990 Direct-to-Video film
Earth-700029Generation X (1996)Generation X TV movie
Earth-700089Fantastic FourEpisode #1 (1967)Fantastic Four animated series from 1967
Earth-700459Spider-WomanEpisode #1 (1979)Spider-Woman animated series
Earth-700974The Thing Episode #1 (1979)Part of a packaged program with The Flintstones on NBC titled “Fred & Barney Meet The Thing”
Earth-701306Daredevil (2003)Daredevil and Elektra films
Earth-704509Mutant X Episode #1(2001)Mutant-X
Earth-730784Avengers: United They Stand Episode #1 (1999)Avengers: United They Stand animated television series universe
Earth-730834Avengers: United They Stand #1(1999)Avengers: United They Stand comic line tie in with the television series
Earth-730911The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)The Amazing Spider-Man live-action television film and follow-up T.V. series
Earth-751263Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 #1(1999)Spider-Man Unlimited Universe, home to it's own version of Counter-Earth where most beings on the planet have symbiotes.
Earth-760207Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Episode 1(2003)Reality of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. Also known asEarth-2003711.
Earth-770724Spidey Super Stories #23 (1977)All forced to wear Spider-Man costumes
Spidey Super Stories was a tie-in with the Electric Company.
Earth-791014Avengers: Earth's Mightiest HeroesEpisode #12 (2011)Amusement World
The Evil Dead Universe
Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness#1 (2007)Home to Ashley J. Williams; the universe is home to the Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness movies
Reality of Dynamite Comics' Army of Darkness comics. 
First appearance of reality: Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes #1
First got an Earth designation in: Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities (Marvel Zombies entry)
Earth-961116X-Men: The Animated SeriesEpisode #74 (1997)Jubilee's Animated Fairytale Theater
Earth-971224Marvel Vision #24(1997)Ghost Rider patrolled with Chucky
Earth U2: Spitfire and the Blackhawks, Infinite Kickers Inc.