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A TVCU Special Report:Ruined Child Hood The "Bootleg Universe" Timeline

In 2012 Film Maker Adi Shankar released the fan film The Punisher: Dirty Laundry the first part of the what has come to be called The "Bootleg Universe." Which includes the Bootleg Universe fan films and various things related to those films, for Example, the Thomas punisher Film since The Punisher: Dirty Laundry acts has follow up.

                  This is the timeline of the Bootleg Universe

4,000 BC: Ivan Ozze is imprisoned in a hyper-lock chamber.chamber.

8,000 to 10,000 B.C.: Zordon and Rita Replusa go to war with each other. Resulting in Zordon being imprisoned in a time warp and Rita in a space dumpster. Among Zordon warriors are the original Power Rangers.

1774:In colonial Angel Grove the Time Displaced Power Rangers Team up with a Clone of Tommy Oliver who has the Green Ranger powers  to Fight a Group of Rat Monsters the Clone of Tommy ends up staying in the Past

 1880:Kimberly Hart ends up in Old West Angel Grove and teams up with her Teammates ancestors to Form the Wild West Power Rangers 

1962: James Bond Agent  007 Battles Doctor Julius No. During the "Dr. No" affair  

1963: James Bond Agent 007 Battles SPECTRE alongside beautiful Russian agent Tatiana Romanova during the events of the "From Russia with Love" affair   

1964-1968:Mister Rodgers Fights in The  Vietnam War 

1964: James Bond Agent 007 stops Auric Goldfinger's   plot to contaminate all the gold in Fort Knox for 58 years in the "Goldfinger"affair 
1965: James Bond Agent 007  Battles OCTOPUS an Offshoot of  SPECTRE in the Second "From Russia with Love" affair  

1965:  James Bond Agent 007 battles Emilio Largo agent of  SPECTRE  over stolen nuclear weapons in the "ThunderBall" affair 

1967: James Bond Agent 007 fakes his death and meets Ernst Stavro Blofeld  head of SPECTRE   face to face for the first time in the "You Only Live Twice" affair

1967: James Bond's Brother is recruited to Faces the evil crime syndicate THANATOS in the "O.K. Connery/Operation Kid Brother/Operation Double 007/Secret Agent 00"affair

1971: James Bond Agent 007 stops Ernst Stavro Blofeld's plan to black mail  using
 stolen diamonds  and a laser satellite in the "Diamonds Are Forever"affair

1983:James Bond Agent 007  battles  Agent of  SPECTRE Maximillian Largo after which Bond takes  from a Desk job before being  forced to take mandatory retirement from active service in the "Never Say Never Again" affair

1984: The superhero Spider-Man acquires an alien symbiote costume  
 possibly during the Secret War

1985: The superheroes Spider-man and Daredevil   team up to Take down the Sin Eater
Ruining reporter Eddie Brocks reputation in the process. Also around this time Spider-man loses the alien symbiote costume which bonds with Brock to become Venom.  

1988: A documentary film crew follows Eddie Brock on his beat in New York City  things end poorly 

1989:The Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Defend Earth From Master Vile 

1991: Events of Punisher Countdown. Frank Castle Fights in Operation Desert Storm

1991-1992:James Bond Jr. Nephew of James Bond Agent 007. Battles S.C.U.M. ( Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem) Led By the Scum Lord while Attending Warfield Academy 

1993:  Rita Replusa released from her  imprisonment to battle her Zordon  recruits a Team of Teenagers with Attitudes  named Jason Scott Lee ,Billy Carston,Trini Kwan,Kimberly Hart  and Zack  Taylor  that become known has The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Tommy Oilver, Rocky Desantos,Adam park and Aisha  Cambell also Join at later points 

Christmas Eve 1994: Alpha 5 Entertains some Children at the Command Center while the Power Rangers Help Santa get ready for his Trip  

1995:The Power Rangers Battle Lumitor, The Fire Loin 

1995:the Power Ranger Travel to Edenoi and Help Masked Rider take Down Count Dregon's Plague Patrol and Cogwarts

1995:Count Dregon Attacks Earth The Masked Rider Follows Him to Help Defend Earth 

1995:The Power Rangers Face off against Ivan Ozze

1995:Bulk and Skull get Trapped in a Cave while the Power  Rangers Battle The See Monster outside 

Halloween 1995: Lord Zedd Throws  a Halloween Party for his Minions

1996: There Are no monster attacks for weeks and the Power Rangers are nowhere to be found  The Machine Empire approaches  Earth 

2001: the Man who would Become Golden Eye Faces Dr. No and is was severely wounded

2004:Golden Eye is Kicked out of Mi-6 and Teams up with Gold Finger to get Revenge on Dr. No he also gets a a gold-hued cybernetic eye created by Francisco Scaramanga. He ends killing Both Gold Finger and Dr. No and Destroys a Device known has The OMEN

 2004:FBI Agent Frank Castle's family is killed by mobster Howard Saint's men has revenge for death of Saint's son Bobby. Castle becomes The Punisher  to get revenge on Saint 

2005:The Punisher Battles the Gnucci crime family and Howard  Saint's Son  John Saint Now Known as Jigsaw. 

2012:The Punisher tries to do his dirty laundry it ends poorly  

2013:30 years after his last field mission  James Bond Agent  007 returns to action has Spy for hire  in a World where he may not belong in the "In Service of Nothing"affair 

2015:Having  failed to stop The Machine Empire The Power Rangers have gone their separate ways and try to live their lives in a world gone mad

2020's: A large conurbation stretching from New York City to Washington D.C. and Growing springs up This will Eventually become Mega-City One. 

2031:Crime in the conurbation is so bad the  Judge system is Created  to fight it 

2032:Mega-City One Founded 

2102: Judge Dredd battles Judge Death  

And There you are a more or less complete timeline of the "Bootleg Universe"

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