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KAPTAIN'S LOG: A chronological Timeline of the HOUR-SHOW COMICS universe

Kaptain Kevin, 1979
Before there was Ivan Ronald Schablotski, there was a superhero we'll call Kid Kilovolt (though he’s better known as KAPTAIN KEVIN). Many of the stories I came up with for Ivan were adapted from KK adventures. The original version, which is not detailed here, was a boy with no powers at all, but believed that the instruction manual he found in the desert (dropped by Ralph Hinkley in the pilot episode of THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO) was intended for him and his friends, so they made costumes and practiced using their powers, which were of course non-existent. Eventually the decision was made to have each of them develop a single power through study of the book, in order to let them have actual adventures where they stood a chance of beating their foes. From there we got greedy, and gave each character a set of related powers, and then even some unrelated powers, but by now we needed actual origins to explain why these powers could exist in children, so the original back story was scrapped in favor of comicbook style physics (as interpreted by a nine-year old me). That was 1979. Ten years later, still writing stories based on these characters, I decided to shake things up and reveal the REAL origins of these heroes, since a 19 year old has a somewhat better understanding of physics (real and comicbook) than a 9 year old does, and I wanted to make the 10th anniversary of these characters something big, even if the stories were only for me and my friends.

What follows is a timeline of the characters and stories set within a shared world written of by myself (The SHOW COMICS stories) and several friends, primarily Scott Dempley (the HOUR COMICS stories), roughly between the years of 1979 and 1996. The majority of the stories were never fully written or were intentionally parodies of existing fiction.  This continuity was effectively abandoned in mid 1996 following the culmination of story-lines Scott had conceived prior to his passing in January of that year. Many of the details included here are to show parallels between this world and the Marvel and DC superhero worlds that inspired it. Unlike my timeline for Ivan Ronald Schablotski, very little of this work can be verified with print or picture; it's raw fantasy drawn from the imaginations of my collaborators and me, heavily tainted by the pop culture of the day.

What you see here is virtually untouched since 1996, and I’ve chosen to leave it as-is, rather than trying to update or even makes sense of the material. It serves as a tribute to the decades of stories that became the basis for much of the Ivan Ronald Schablotski material, as well as a shrine to the contributions of Scott Dempley to my efforts. 

If Ivan's adventures can be considered apocrypha for the TVCU, then Kid Kilovolt's escapades should be apocrypha for DC's Earth-12.

 * = HOUR or SHOW characters / events
 # = Historical Files (Real Life of significance)
 ^ = Parody of comic, movie, TV, or other source
*# or *^ = Crossover between HOUR / SHOW characters and characters from fiction of history (well, parody stand-ins of them, anyway)

It will help if you read a LOT of comics in the 1980s and 90s. Even so, don’t worry that not all of the parody names suggest who they are actually parodies of; this was only ever meant to be an outline. And if it bothers you that this document seems so very bereft of actual information, just remember… April Fools.

1292 BC
 * Dyonisus born whole from Zeus' side.

1284 BC
 * Dyonisus begins travelling the world & invents wine.

1279 BC
 * Time-displaced NoWhere-Men meet the demigods Dyonisus & Laverna; NoWhere-Men travel to 1192 England. [WANDER YEARS]

 * Robbin the Hood & time-displaced NoWhere-Men vs Sheriff of Nothingham in Sharewood Forest, England; NoWhere-Men travel to 1963 America. [WANDER YEARS]

 * Marvidian Scott slaughters his cult followers in an orgiastic ritual, thus becoming a Kenobyte-host.

 * Prospector who will one day be known as the 49er disappears.

 *^ Temporally-displaced NoWhere-Men & Jack Kingsley meet Jasper & the Dark Bat in Gothic City; NoWhere-Men return to 1990 & Jack remains in 1890. [NoWhen-Men]

 * Gothic City is briefly phased into the future via a time anomaly; Jack Kingsley remains in 1994.

 * Young Willy Watson becomes the possessor of eldritch power that distorts his body into the superhero Captain Powderkeg.

Captain Powderkeg
 * NoWhere-Men & Li'l NoWhere-Men come from 1992, vs Papa John at KY Derby; Li'l Neuron & Li'l Stick adopt identities of Al & Dick, & are adopted by Bernard & Kelly O'Donald; NoWhere-Men return to 1992.
1946 - 1960
 *  Al & Dick O'Donald have adventures as Jolt & Shadow-Boy

 * Opie Cunningham & time-displaced NoWhere-Men summon Lord Dyonisus in Mayburg WI. NoWhere-Men travel to alternate 2020 & meet retired Ding-Bat, future Rogues, Stark, & Redrum; NoWhere-Men return to 1989. [WANDER YEARS]

 *^ Batty-Man, Robby, Batty-Girl, & temporally-displaced NoWhere-Men vs Burger-Meister, Twiddler, Tape-Worm, Pelican, & Yolk-Head in New Gotham NY; NoWhere-Men time-travel & meet BYTE-Man & ROMin in possible 2089 New Gotham, experience a distorted-reality Batmonger in 1990; journey to 1890 Gothic City NJ. [NoWhen-Men]

 * Brad & Janet see a light over at that castle on the hill; aliens leave Earth after destroying Dr X & his creature.

 *  Hero Battalion Organization (H.B.O.) founded in Rolling Green KY by Lilliputian, Lightning Viking, Plastic Person, & Human Blow-Torch.

 * Golden Age heroes Captain Powderkeg and Captain Pizzazz battle each other, causing Captain Pizzazz to lose part of her mystic energy / soul.
 * Kevin Pertwillaby, Michael Blackmoor, & Scott Kaiser become Kid Kilovolt, Mr Mirage, & Super Streak in suitably outlandish ways that involve a nuclear power plant, a prototype for a 3D television set, and an experimental rocket fuel, respectively.
 * The LHA Oddities (Crazy Ivan, Slap Shot, the Instigator, Mad Maxx, & Practical Joker) arrive from 1995, vs Disco Inferno in VA.
Mister Mirage, Kid Kilovolt, and Super Streak
 ^ Lancelot Pertwillaby becomes Captain Kentucky in Louieville. KY.
 *  Super-Kids (KK, MM, SS) founded in Louieville.

 * Super-Kids exposed in battle w/ Joggernut & Laser-Man at Cumbersome Gap KY; Kid Kilovolt, Mr Mirage, & Super Streak become Kaptain Kevin, Mighty Mike & Super Speedy Scott.
 * Super-Kids accidentally enter the Videoverse; Frank Laffolette becomes Sir Laff-O-Lot the Light Knight.

 ^  Captain Kentucky elected Mayor of Louieville.

 ^ Captain Kentucky sworn in as mayor of Louieville; makes law granting enormous tax breaks to all superheroes.
 ^ CK vs Nuke Duke; CK exposed as Lance Pertwillaby; CK impeached as mayor of Louieville. [CK: THE FINAL BOW]
 ^  Nuke Duke resurrects J Fred Frog; CK vs Nuke Duke vs J. Fred Frog vs Looie & da Boss vs Captain Cleo at KY State Fair; Death of Captain Kentucky. [CK: THE FINAL BOW]
 * Super-Kids vs Scarr Force on board Scarr Base Devastator satellite; Death of Terrific Todd.

^ Tad Chord becomes Beaten Blue in Shicago.
 * Super-Kids escape the DarkSidhe & return to Louieville.
 ^ New T.Y. Teens (Rokkin, Wander Girl, Changin, Guyborg, Graven, etc) founded.
Scott Dempley, aka Battle Boy
 * Scott Dempley becomes Battle Boy, rescues Diane Kurtz from teen terrorist group Youthful Youth in Oldham County KY; press dubbs him Boy Blunder. TS #1
 * John Austin activates latent powers in chemistry accident at Oldham High School, becomes SuperJohn. TS #2
 * Battle Boy & SuperJohn vs giant gerbil at science fair; heroes form Team Supreme. TS #3
 * Mark Demma gains toxic powers from polluted river water in Lexytown, becomes Demmalition.
 * Demmalition vs Kaptain Kevin in Lexytown; Demmalition & Kaptain Kevin vs Kamikaze Khemicals.
 * Jeff Dorris captured by Kumfan nose creatures, who accidentally give him powers; Jeff becomes Hot Cocoa, helps Team Supreme repel the aliens.  TS #4
 * Youthful Youth holds Oldham High School hostage, infect Dianna Kurtz w/ a toxin only they can cure; Boy Blunder gives himself up to terrorists while SuperJohn & Hot Cocoa fail attempt to rescue Diane, who rescues herself but loses the antidote. TS #5
 * SuperJohn creates Antitoxin cure for Diane Kurtz, which grants her powers of persuasion, Diane becomes Lady Lust, joins Team Supreme. TS #5
 * Super-Kids & Crescent vs Videomancer & Devonia in NYC.
 * Team Supreme rescue Jenny Fuller from ghost of Webster; ghost makes peace w/ Jenny, grants her powers of `vibratory vocabulary', & she joins Team Supreme as Dictionaria. TS #6
 * Team Supreme recieve invitation to Power House, new secret HQ anonomously donated to team. TS #7
 * Team Supreme vs Bad Guy League (Bully, Golden Boy, Lady Iron, Captain Chronic-Holitosis, Vanity Man, & Porna the Bad Girl) in La Strange KY. TS #7
 * KK & Fox vs walking dead in Louieville.
 * Super-Kids discover mystic beacon summoning Awrawn the Parodymon.
 * Team Supreme & ETC Force (Captain Rabbit, Zippo, Owlette, Mutt, & Nightcat) vs Duktor Dumm in Funny Animal Dimension. TS #8
 * Fungus Bag mentally controlls Boy Blunder, Team Supreme rescues him. TS #9
 * Dr Spekt, the vulgar Vulgan comes to La Strange KY looking for something; Team Supreme vs Dr Spekt in La Strange. TS #10
 *  S.H.O.W. teams & Allen Spud vs Parodymon in Ireland. [DAWN OF THE NIGHT OF THE DEAD]
 *  Knights of the Silver Moon founded.
 ^ Rokkin becomes Nightwink.
 * Dictionaria creates malfunctioning teleporter, sends SuperJohn, Boy Blunder, & Hot Cocoa to barbaric realm; Team Supreme & a greater wizard vs the Dragon of the Dungeon, heroes return home. TS #11

 ^*  Anti-Beyonder vs Team Supreme, X-Cess, T.Y.Teens, Justice Union, Assemblers, & others; Death of Fast (II). [SECRET CRISIS ON INFINITE WARS]  TS #12,13
 * Kismet meets Kaptain Kevin at S.H.U. meeting; the two heroes begin dating.
 * Team Supreme vs Kumfan contingent led by N'Vader, Team wins using `Pizza Twins' manuever. TS #14
 * Lady Lust & Dictionaria go to Florida for Spring Break, vs Voo-Doo, Borderline, & Surfer Dudes from Hell. TS #15,16
 * SuperJohn & Boy Blunder vs Manéax, escaped mental patient. TS #16,17
 * Hot Cocoa discovers Power House was left by his parents, who moved to Indiana w/ no forwarding address. TS #15,16,17
 * Joggernuts join Scarr-Force; NightStalker vs Xanthippe on board the Star Cruncher.
 ^ Jason Clodd becomes Rokkin (II).
 * Toni Ravioli hired as advisor/ PR Man for Team Supreme. TS #18
 * Nurse Jack Kingsley assaults a medical assistant during a brown-out at the LaStrange Medical Center in KY; Kingsley institutionalized at Oldham Asylum.
 *  Super-Kids vs Team Supreme vs Electronic-Man in Videoverse; Sherri Rapp freed from Cyber-Space, Sewer-Thing suffers mental illness, Electronic-Man creates Kid-Supreme. TS #19, SK #100
 *^ Jack Kingsley is diagnosed by Dr John Constantinople as suffering from schizophrenia, delusions, manic-depressive bouts, multiple personality disorder, and insomnia.
 * Toni Ravioli arranges various PR contracts for Team Supreme members & throws X-over party, which the Bad Guy League crash; Toni in coma. TS #20
 * Sewer-Thing is treated by Dr John Constantinople at Oldham Asylum in La Strange KY.
 * Time-lost NoWhere-Men from 1994 arrange for KK & Scotty the Boy Blunder to become friends (and eventually the NoWhere-Men). [TIME OUT]
 ^ ParkSlide begins campaign of anti-hero hysteria to destroy Earth's acceptance of super-heroes. [LEGACY]
 * BackFlash attacks Team Supreme (on Parkslide's orders); Team Supreme forget super-identities. [LEGACY] TS #21,22 (last issue)
 ^ Justice Union of America vs Granny Goodgrief; Deaths of Stool & Twitch. JUA defunct. [LEGACY]
 ^ Ding-Bat & Rokkin II vs Mudpie at mall; mob of shoppers cripple Rokkin. [LEGACY]
 * Super-Kids vs Phlegmstone in Monopolis; Affi-David leads officials in blaming Super-Kids for damage. [LEGACY]
 ^ Superciliousman vs Parkslide on Disisdapits. [LEGACY]
 * Jersey Devil vs Bugbear in Gothic City NJ. [LEGACY]
 ^ X-Actly founded, duped by Hammerin Codge into posing as Meta-hunters. [LEGACY]
 * Allen Spud disbands Super-Kids due to legal pressure. [LEGACY]
 ^   TWAgents deactivated by Matronix Corporation to prevent bad press. [LEGACY]
 ^ Wondrous Woman, Guy Gardenhose, Superciliousman, Changin', Captain Marvelous, Fast (II), & Beaten Blue force Parkslide's minions to give up plot. [LEGACY]
 *^ Kaptain Kevin, Super Speedy Scott, Windy Wielder, Sparkles, & Sewer-Thing go to Anarkham MA & help retired heroes Captain Powderkeg & Captain Pizzazz stop K'chewlhu from coming to Earth.
 *  New Enigma-Team founded by Captain Powderkeg & many former Super-Kids in Sprigfield MA.
 * E-Team joins S.H.O.W. at Louieville HQ.

 ^ Babs Garbage crippled by Jacker; Jacker caught by Ding-Bat.
 *^ Rocket Redneck Klan vs Manhandlers; KK, Super Speedy Scott, & TYTeens vs N'Vader. [FALL OF THE MILLENNIUM] SK #107, TS vol II #1
 ^*  Team Supreme reorganizes; Team Supreme & Power Pammy vs Parkslide on Disisdapits, Pammy joins Team. [FALL OF THE MILLENNIUM] TS vol II #1,2
 * Hokey Pokey, KK, & Boy Blunder vs Roller Herbie at Skate Land; Hokey Pokey joins Tater-Tots. SK #108
 * U of L Business/Marketing major David Alexander Sutherland is hit by a drunk driver, meets Diane Kurtz (Lady Lust).
 * Dr Spekt vs Team Supreme, causes Jenny to become Darktionaria; Team Supreme & Mike Davis (Generikid) capture Dr Spekt & Darktionaria, & imprison them in Skyrock satellite. TS vol II #3,4
 * Boy Blunder becomes NiteFling; SuperJohn leaves team. TS vol II #4
 *  KK, NiteFling, Power Pammy, Generikid, & Lookie vs Alma the Anti-matter alien; Campus Crusaders founded in Louieville KY. SK #109
 * Sparkles & Tater-Tots vs LandLord. SK #110
 * Team Supreme hires David Sutherland as new PR man. TS vol II #5
 * SuperJohn learns he was adopted, begins investigating true parentage. TS vol II #5
 *  Campus Crusaders vs Anti-Smerfs at Skate-Land. SK #110
 ^* Temporary Assemblers (Kapitän Kraft, Caption, Lump, Critter, Yellow Janet, Jocenda, & Percules) & many Atlantians vs High Falutinary at Underwater HQ. [EVENTUALLY WAR]
 * Manéax escapes from Oldham Asylum, begins new spree of terror; Press dubbs him The Faceman. TS vol II #5
 * NiteFling vs Faceman. TS vol II #5
 * Campus Crusaders & High-Gyneticist vs Kamikazi Pidgeons during the Squirrel-Pidgeon Wars at U of L. SK #111
 * Toni Ravioli puts contracts out on Team Supreme; Petrulli Bros fail to make their hits. TS vol II #6
 ^ Jacker kills Rokkin (II) in Iran.
 *  E-Team (Kaptain Kevin, Jersey Devil, Sparkles) & Team Supreme (NiteFling, David Sutherland, Lady Lust) vs Vampire Brats (Vampyro, Thriller, Michael Sutherland, Sherri Parr, etc) in Santa Clausa CA; Death of Sparkles; NiteFling becomes neo-vampire & KK loses optic lasers & telekinesis. [VAMPIRE BRATS] TS vol II #7, SK #112
 * Team Supreme & Sedusa vs Vampyro in La Strange; NiteFling recieves 2nd vampiric bite. TS vol II #8
 ^ Just Us vs Shopper of Worlds & Hobo.
 * Dr Ronald Holmes sponsors Campus Crusaders as an official school activity & becomes known as the Louieville Thinker. SK #113
 * Lady Lust searches for Thriller, David Sutherland grieves for brother Michael. TS vol II #9
 ^ Demonic appearances begin plaguing NYC. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
 ^* Spectral Sorceress vs E-Team & Tater-Tots; Death of Allen Spud. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES] SK #114
 ^* Junior Giants, Team Supreme, Just Us, & other heroes travel to the Death Store to preserve the Dimensional Diamond. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES] TS vol II #10
 ^ X-Cess vs X-Actly in NYC. Airhead & Valleygirl vs  L.A. Bomber. Few Mutants vs S'ymple & G'nasty. PHred leaves Death Store to prepare to end all existence. BangGuster takes on aliens. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
 ^ TWAgents reactivated, vs Dim Patrol at Richard M Nixon Airport. Library Project vs BangGuster, revealed to be Superciliousman. X-Cess & X-Actly vs Mabeline Pyro. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
 *^ Tater-Tots rescue Sparky from Hagost. Assemblers vs Klang. Spider Andy vs Dominationers; Death of Spider Andy. X-Cess & X-Actly vs Mr Spinster. Captain Quantum & Earth heroes vs aliens at Death Store. Mr JellyBean vs Growler vs Warner Wonders. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
 * Demmalition vs Master-Mind in Louieville; Demmalition temporarily becomes Dr Transfetish. SK #114
 ^* Omnian, Zzed, Wild Blue Yonder, & other cosmic entities destroy Dimensional Diamond; Fenris Minor, Parodymon, K'Chewlhu, & other demonic entities enact the Anti-Logic formula; Deaths of G'nasty & General Izer. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
 ^* Many Earth heroes restore Dimensional Diamond; Fenris Minor & Kaptain Kevin disrupt the Anti-Logic formula (KK retains tiny portion of its reality-warping energy). [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES] SK #114, TS vol II #10
 * Lookie & Janet meet NiteLife, & Denny & Donny O'Donald in Santa Clausa CA. SK #114
 ^ Just Us splits; becomes Just Us Indiana & Just Us Your'it. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
The NoWhere-Men: Stick & Neuron
 *^  NoWhere-Men founded, meet Just Us Indiana, battle Black Jak & the Purple Arrowheads, team-up with Sedusa & Martinizer, stop the Meiner Eighty-Fouriner, take on Fung Q's criminal empire, & fail to locate D'uben. [NOWHERE-MEN] NM #1-4
 *^ Gh0stbursters, E-Team, & Campus Crusaders vs Fung Q, Shopper of Worlds, & ECTeminators at PSYCON 88 Convention in VT. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES] SK #115
 * Ms Demeanor brings out evil (temporarily) in Team Supreme; Power Pammy breaks up w/ NiteFling & quits team. TS vol II #11
 ^ ParkSlide, Superciliousman, & others vs mindless Anti-Logic force. [TOTAL INVASION OF INFERNAL ODDITIES]
 * Invisikid seeks Team Supreme help in subduing his dad; Invisikid joins Team Supreme. TS vol II #12
 * E-Team & Campus Crusaders go caroling; The Christmas Presence visits KK to get him into the Holiday Spirit. [CRUSADER'S GROOVY CHRISTMAS CAROL] SK #116

 *  Kaptain Kevin, NiteFling, Generikid, Demmalition, Janicide, Kismet, Super Speedy Scott, Barbari-Anne, Rocket Rowdy vs Fung Q at Vogue Theater; Vogue Rogues founded in Louieville. VR #1
 * Jonah born to KK & Kismet on 9 Jan 1989.
 *^ Superhero Convention held in Louieville; In attendance are Masked Cardinal, Wildcat, Fantastic Foursome, Assemblers, Spindle-Man, Superciliousman, Aquatic Man, Sub-Marigold, Wondrous Woman, Quizzshow, Marilyn Marvelous, Tangerine, Flambé Carrot, Iron Lung, Megatoon-Man, Ding-Bat, Shicago Defenders, Campus Crusaders, etc. SK #117, Masked Cardinal #
 *^  Campus Crusaders vs Jacker in Goshdarn City KY, who robs Power Pammy of her powers; Campus Crusaders defunct. SK #118
 * Team Supreme & Martinizer vs Bad Guy League & General Nonsense (revealed to be former leader of Youthful Youth). TS vol II #13
 * NoWhere-Men & Mardi Gras vs Mr Obeah vs Rio Grandma & Reggae in Brazil. [¡MARDI GRAS!] NM #5
 * Vogue Rogues vs Fax Master. VR #2
 * Darktionaria escapes Skyrock satellite during power surge. TS vol II #14
 *^  NoWhere-Men vs Pizzarina & Agent J in Mexico; Stick captured & sent to Russia. [BREAKDOWN] NM #6
 *^  NoWhere-Men, Kapitan Kosmos, Russki, & Bradski Bureau vs Trajanu & Missile Maroon Squad in USSR. [BREAKDOWN] NM #7,8
 *^ NoWhere-Men, Chuck Q Mr Fidget, & Pitch vs Fung Q in Dramanure; Chuck Q goes to U.S. w/ NoWhere-Men. NM #9
 * NiteFling leaves Team Supreme to devote more time to Vogue Rogues (& to forget Power Pammy). TS vol II #14
 * Vogue Rogues vs Red Kroger, the DreamWalker. VR #3
 * Scarr-Force investigate Skyrock, free Dr Spekt; form Scarr-Spekt Squadron. TS vol II #15
 *  Dept. of Defense officially forms U.S. Ordnance.
 * Comikazi initiates various interferences in private lives of Vogue Rogues, hoping to cause team to fall apart. VR #4
 * Inviso-Kid finds amnesiac w/ vast power, calls him Outbound. TS vol II #15
 * Vogue Rogues & Captain Criminologist vs U-Guys for control of the Cosmic Windmill. VR #5
 * GeneriKid & Demmalition bust porn ring in Lexytown. VR #5
 *^ Kaptain Kevin & NiteFling, Beeten Blue & Buster Bold, Habit & Tangerine: Dynamic duos for the `90s* on today's Jeraldo.
 *^ NoWhere-Men pursue alien S'nort through Shicago, run into Purple Arrowhead gang.
 * Scarr & Dr Spekt devise blackmail plan to scramble Earth's communication systems. [SONIC DISTURBERS] TS vol II #16
Garliquin, Bat-Knight, Question Mark, and Boy Blunder
 *  KK becomes Garliquin, GeneriKid becomes the Bat-Knight; NiteFling, Barbari-Anne, Demmalition, Sedusa, etc. become Boy Blunder, Broad-wing, Question-Mark, Puss-In-Booties, etc; Vogue Rogues vs themselves. [BAT-KNIGHTS, BIG CITY]
 *  E-Team & Team Supreme vs Scarr-Spekt Squadron. [SONIC DISTURBERS] TS vol II #17, SK #124,125
 *  Vogue Rogues & Captain Marbles vs H.B.O. [WHEN TITANS CLASH]
 * Captain Marbles & SmileyGirl join Vogue Rogues.
 * NoWhere-Men & Jack Kingsley vs Guts & Glory in Gerry IN.
 * Darktionaria vs Team Supreme (Inviso-Kid, Lady Lust, David Sutherland, & Outbound); at Power House; Outbound lobotomizes Darktionaria. TS vol II #18,19
 * Roller Herbie vs DeadEnd at secret hideout under Skateland; death of Roller Herbie.
 * David Sutherland discusses Team Supreme w/ Dr Ronald Holmes (Louieville Thinker, of Campus Crusaders). TS vol II #20
 * Fung Q pays the Vogue Rogues to deal with his son Chuck Q.
 * Team Supreme vs Brightstar, who claims to be NiteFling's brother, in La Strange KY. TS vol II #21
 * Brightstar vs NiteFling at Power House; both disappear. [DARK SON RISING] TS vol II #22
 * Captain Pizzazz becomes host for P'astarag'gu. [OKTOBERQUEST]
 $*  Neuron & Dr Constantinople vs Stick at Oldham Asylum. [DARK SON RISING] NM #13
 * NiteFling becomes DarkSon; Vogue Rogues vs Marvidian & Sedusa in Louieville. [DARK SON RISING] VR #10
 * All S.H.O.W. teams vs Captain Pizzazz on Billy the Mountain; Destruction of Billy the Mountain HQ. [OKTOBERQUEST]
 * SmileyGirl vs Walter.
Super Speedy Scott, Kaptain Kevin, and Mighty Mike
 * KK, Super Speedy Scott, Mighty Mike, & Fox vs Videomancer. [OKTOBERQUEST]
 *  E-Team, Junior Giants, & Captain Powderkeg vs P'astarag'gu. [OKTOBERQUEST]
 * NiteLife vs Knights of the Silver Moon. [AXE OF VENDETTA]
 * Capt Powderkeg, Kaptain Kevin, Super Speedy Scott, & Mighty Mike vs P'astarag'gu in Anarkham MS; P'astarag'gu flees Capt Pizzazz's body. [OKTOBERQUEST]
 *  NoWhere-Men travel time to 1279 BC Greece. [WANDER YEARS]
 ^*  E-Team relocates to Sprigfield MA; E-Team vs Bunions. [AXE OF VENDETTA]
 *^ Junior Giants vs InJust Us. [AXE OF VENDETTA]
 *^ Vogue Rogues, Bunny Girl, Backlash, GeeMan, & the Vogue Princess vs Teen Mutie Ninjit-su Terrapins. [AXE OF VENDETTA] VR #11
 * Darkson, GeneriKid, & Badger Babe vs Mr Bonehead. VR #11
 * Vogue Rogues foil kidnapping-attempt on rock star Pot Roast by Blue Iguana. VR #11
 * Darkson vs alien Catildans. VR #12
 * Rogues receive non-profit organization status. VR #12
 * Super Speedy Scott vs DeadEnd at Skateland; Skateland destroyed. VR #12
 * SmileyGirl & Louieville Slugger vs shoplifting ring at St Matthews Mall. VR #12
 * SmileyGirl & DarkSon save Santa from Blue Iguana. VR #12
 * Kaptain Kevin & Kismet vs Veronica. VR #12
 * Vogue Rogues test-run new Romper-Room training facility at Rogues' Gallery, bought with Fung Q's money; invite GeeMan to join. VR #12

 * Vogue Rogues vs GeneriKid & Dr Spekt. VR #13
 * Vogue Rogues & Pokey vs Man-O-War in Lexytown; Pokey becomes Lady Hawk & joins Rogues. VR #13
 *  NoWhere-Men & Vagabonds vs Triumvirate; NoWhere-Men & Vagabonds vs DefCon 5. [VAGABONDS]
 * Kismet & Chuck Q lead Vogue Rogues against threat on Q's home planet Pleugh. [STAR TRICK]
 * Kevin Pertwillaby explores the possibilities of enlisting in the Navy's Ordnance program to live two years in FL & further the Rogues' clearance. KL #1
 * Fung Q sues Vogue Rogues; Humanity, Inc assumes financial responsibility for Rogues. Government clearance to act as superheroes granted with the appointment of Arbitre to team.
 * DarkSon & Chuck Q vs Gypsy Queen.
 * Kaptain Kevin, Kismet, & Arbitre vs Stasis Quo.
 * The Navy recruiter informs Kevin that using the identity of "Kaptain" would be in violation of military policy (impersonating an officer). KL #2
 *  Vogue Rogues (DarkSon, Kaptain Kevin, Captain Marbles, GeeMan, Janicide, Demmalition, Arbitre, Barbari-Anne, Generikid, Smiley Girl, Chuck Q) & Sgt Wasteland vs the U-Guys (U-Phoria, Black Belt, Dapper Jack, Fax Master, Spazm, Sonic Doom, Gypsy Queen, Wedgie, Johnny Dart, Stasis Quo, Absolute Zero) at Fort Gnox. [FOOL'S GOLD] VR #15,16
 *^ Kaptain Kevin enlists in the U.S.Navy Ordnance program; With aid from Kismet & Darkson fights TWAgents (Spam, Tang, Rainbucket, Sure, Ember, Tofu) at Standard Field airport on way to Navy Boot Camp in Ohlando FL. [FAREWELL TO ARMS] VR #16, KL #3
 * Kevin is given a new last name, Helm, & meets fellow meta-human recruits Hardluck, Carbonator, Hormone, Walrus, & (Captain) Cliché as he finds out boot camp is hell. KL #4
 * Female Vogue Rogues vs Leah in the Alabamazone; Barbari-Anne becomes Sterling.
 * Male Vogue Rogues & the Humanitarian vs New Reapers; Arbitre hospitalized.
 * Janicide & Demmalition relocate to TX; Unit assigned Rogues' new liaison.
 * Kevin is dropped from the nuclear program due to the instability exhibited last June (the Garliquin incident). KL #5
 * Vogue Rogues rescue GeeMan & OverBody from Menagerie.
 * Vogue Rogues vs Force VR #19
 * Kevin Pertwillaby, now Kevin Helm, returns from Boot Camp to Louieville on leave. KL #6
 *^  NoWhere-Men pursue Jack Kingsley through time; NoWhere-Men encounter Brat-man in possible 2049 NYC; travel to 1969 New Gotham, & eventually return. [NOWHEN-MEN]
 * Kevin Helm marries Kismet in Louieville on 21 Jul 90; couple moves to Ohlando FL. KL #6
 * Unit, LadyHawk, & OverBody rescue Covert in Kuwate. VR #19
 * Kevin, Kismet, & Jonah settle in and take in Kevin Boyington as a part-time border in Ohlando FL.
 * Vogue Rogues & Stark vs Redrum vs Rogues 2020 (TimeDancer, Map, BloodBath, Garrett) vs Argon Daniels, destined to become an overlord. [CONTINUUM CONTINGENCY]
 * Kevin & Tan Line (Sand Witch, Heat Wave, Tampa Babe, Coast Guardian, Musk Melon, Orange Crush, Gator Aid) vs Palmetto Kid & his insect army in FL. [WAR OF THE ROACHES]
 * Vogue Rogues (LadyHawk, Sterling, Captain Marbles, Unit, OverBody, Generikid, SmileyGirl) enter portal to Paradismo in Cave City KY, aid Flit, Shanook, & Asperod end Battle's "Black War".
 * Demmalition refuses Tex-Men (Robo-Tex, Tumbleweed, Split-Tail, Armor-Dillo, etc) membership.
 * Government revokes Vogue Rogues' license, Unit recalled to DC.  
 * Blue Jackets (HardLuck, WaveTech, Flotsom, Jetsom, Short Wave, Kevin), Ohlando Commandoes (Taser, White Dwarf, Orange Blossum, Weaver), Tan Line (Sand Witch, Musk Melon, Orange Crush, Gator Aid), & Space Coast Assemblers (Caped Canaveral, Teflon, Torque, Strobelight, Sun Block) vs Smugglers Express (Jolly Roger, Exitonic-Man, Port, Starbird, Jangler, Xylander) for the Theta-Converter in FL. [HUNT FOR ROADS IN OCTOBER] KL #9
 * OverBody leaves Rogues to avoid his feelings for LadyHawk.
 * Ohio Valley Assemblers (Pam Pennington, Outback, etc) founded in Cinniminty OH.
 * Orange Blossom goes on violent spree against all vices (legal or otherwise); Ohlando Commandoes fail to subdue her.
 * Black Angus & Kevin (as Garliquin) capture Orange Blossom in Ohlando FL.
 * Kevin, WaveTech, & Ohlando Commandoes (Weaver, Taser, White Dwarf, Orange Blossum, Xanthacroid) ambush & capture Black Angus.
 * DarkSon, Black Velvet, Albany, & Psyfire vs Catildan invasion force.
 *^  NoWhere-Men vs Genopium Hypocrate, Fung Q, West Coast Assemblers, & Trajanu. [STRIPPED]

 * Kevin Helm & Kismet move to Great Mistakes IL.
 * Ishmael & Wudj enter reality, causing an implosion that destroys most of the Rogues' Gallery; Black Velvet vs Red Reaper.
 * Vogue Rogues meet David Sutherland's Team X-Treme at Power House.
 * Arbitre assigned as Blue Jackets supervisor for Great Mistakes Navy Training Center IL.
 * Dagon-Rath possesses Psyfire; Dagon-Rath vs Vogue Rogues & Marvidian. 
 * Kevin Helm becomes Klystron.
 * Vogue Rogues vs Red Reaper.
 *^ NoWhere-Men & Puncher vs Hard Corp in NYC; NoWhere-Men infected w/ synthetic drug Rabies. [RABIES]
 *^ NoWhere-Men vs Lumpette & Matchstick-Kid in NYC, NoWhere-Men vs Hard Corp, Guy Garden, & Superciliousman in Monopolis NJ. [RABIES]
 *^ Neuron vs Absolute Zero & Arsenal in Lexytown, NoWhere-Men vs Rocket Redneck Klan, NoWhere-Men vs Ding-Bat vs Vampironica in Goshdarn City. [RABIES]
 * Blue Jackets command forbids Klystron from flying due to possible radiation output.
 * Loop (Spread Eagle, Afterglow, Tourmalina, BitterSweet, Lady of the Great Lakes) vs Fleetfoot II in Shicago IL.
 ^* Alma & Bounty vs Vogue Rogues, Rocket Redneck Klan, NoWhere-Men, H.B.O., Rogue Warriors of Paradismo, Ohio Valley Assemblers, & New Rogues; Death of Arbitre, disappearance of Alma, DarkSon, Captain Marbles, & others. [BODYCOUNT] RG#30, KL#17, RG#31, NM#33-34
 * Survivors go their separate ways; Kevin returns to IL. [BODYCOUNT] RG#32
 * Iris instigates fight between Lord Dyonisus & Phoebus Apollo; Apollo loses memory, splits into the BeachComber and the Sand-Piper. [BEWARE THE GODS] CLOCK-WORK GODS #10
 * Navy Blue Jackets (Blue Jacket, WaveTech, Klystron, Rad Hazz, Fleetfoot II) & Loop (Spread Eagle, Afterglow, Tourmalina, BitterSweet, Lady of the Great Lakes) vs Birgit in Shicago. [BEWARE THE GODS] KL #18
 * NoWhere-Men vs Lord Dionysus in Louieville. [BEWARE THE GODS]
 * DoomSayer creates an artificial superbeing from organic samples of various aquatic humanoid species. The clone is named Nereus and is programmed to become the perfect emperor for a unification of all undersea civilizations. [ACTS OF WAR:PRELUDE]
 * Klystron & Kismet move to Norfook VA; Klystron, Kismet, Mechanaut, GreenLeaf, BeachComber, & Super Speedy Scott vs Hurricane Bob.
 ^* DC Follies (Klystron, Kismet, Mechanaut, GreenLeaf, BeachComber, Super Speedy Scott) founded in Norfook; DC Follies vs X-Actly (Havit, Stellaris, Duplicate Dude, Wolfbrain, Wrong Guy, Slickquivver), Capital Patrol (Balefire, Voyager, Igneous, Revenant), Supreme Court (Guise, Impasse, Hotwork, Forecast, SuperSonic, EpiCenter, Hippo, Grye, Croix), & DefCon 5 (Grunt, Squid, Pounder, Fly-boy) over DC.; DC Follies disbands. KL #20
 *  NoWhere-Men & WaveCrasher vs Hanz & Franz [ALTERNITIES {REALITY CHECK}]; NoWhere-Men travel various dimensions [PRESENT TENSE {REALITY CHECK}]; NoWhere-Men & Diversia vs DeFilors.  [EXISTENTIAL BLUES {REALITY CHECK}]
 * Edge vs Ishmael & Wudj vs Chapman & Vogue Rogues. [TOMORROW WAR]
 * Vogue Rogues & Chapman free imprisoned meta-humans from Dr Robert Williams' Power Factory.
 * Klystron, Kismet, & Mechanaut vs Grey Sherwood in Virginian Beach.
 * Vogue Rogues vs Wish; Wish creates the Li'l Rogues.
 * Klystron vs Grey Sherwood.
 * Rogues 2021 travel back in time to witness birth of DarkSon & PsyFire's son Jordan.
 * WaveTech arrives in Norfook, on board USS ShannanDauherty.
 * BodyCount (the last Bounty) vs Rogues.
 * Herald Angel heralds the birth of Alexandria to Kismet & Klystron on 28 Dec 91.
 * Desert Rogues (Klystron, Unit, Covert, OverBody, Ghawa Bunga) form, rescue Lady Hawk from Saudi prison & pursue Manamah Jack across Arabian Peninsula.
 * Rogues rescue Dr Holmes from Funman.
 * Klystron vs Scarab Surfer in Hurgaga, Egypt.
 * Rogues vs Surrealman.
 * Desert Rogues (Lady Hawk, Klystron, Unit, Covert, OverBody, Ghawa Bunga) vs Graceland Liberation Organization in Hyphen, Israel; battle Tiwaz, Iraqnid, Gethsemane Sam, & Al Hudd in Iraq.
 * Rogues vs Primax's Rogues.
 * Klystron checks on aboard USS Saucepan in Mediterranean Sea; Weeks later it returns to Norfook VA.
 * NoWhere-Men & Space Cadet vs Nostril Domus & Death Store employees at the Death Store over the Dimensional Diamond.
 * NoWhere-Men & Li'l NoWhere-Men travel to 1945; NoWhere-Men return same day, Li'l NoWhere-Men remain in Louieville past.
 ^* Klystron, as Airwolf, vs Caption America in Norfook; Caption America, Talcolm, & Table vs Moon-doggy, Wolfbrain, ManWoof, & werewolves of VT. [MAN TO WOLF]
 * Rogue Force & Banzaii vs Yazuka vs BlooDragon vs the Klan in Shaghai, Japan.
 * GeneriKid, as Bat-Knight, vs Klystron & DarkSon in Louieville, due to release of BATMONGER REDUX movie. KL #29
 _* Klystron & E-Team (Fox, EM, Iron Sides, Ray Band, Terrif, Patricia Whately, Pow Wow, Banisher, Omicron Girl) vs Occulture Club in Beantown MA. [OCCULTURE CLASH REUNION] ET #160, KL #30
 * DarkSon separates from Scott & takes over Oldham Asylum. 
 * DarkSoul vs DarkSon.
 * Blue Jackets (Klystron, WaveTech, Wyld Weazle, Hormone, ) vs White Noise in Norfook VA. KL #31
 *  Cavalry (Honcho, Redwood, Mustang, & Fire Cracker) founded in Richman VA.
 * Ishmael meets the Grand One.
 * Klystron realizes his powers are fluctuating more than  normal and fears they may fade all together. Kevin fails to contact russian hero Kapitan Kosmos for a "jump start". [POWER TRIP] KL #32
 * Psyfire controlled by the Psygote.
 * Azure, from X-Teen Mutie Agents in NYC, joins Cavalry as Babe, accepts on-call, rotating active membership.
 *  NoWhere-Men vs Kid Supreme & HellRaisin; Neuron's foot gets amputated but he reattaches it & it heals on the full moon.
 * Rogue Force vs Krimson.
 * Freebird joins Cavalry's rotating roster.
 * Klystron consults Captain Powderkeg in Sprigfield MA about his origin, & tries unsuccessfully to find some way to stabilize his powers. [POWER TRIP] KL #33
 * Klystron vs Comikaze in a dream(?); Kevin decides to develop his "normal" abilities more efficiently [POWER TRIP]. KL #34
 *  NoWhere-Men vs B.L.Zebub & the Satans of Soul.
 ^ Dommsday vs Superciliousman & Just Us Ammoretta; Beeten Blue beaten blue. Apparent Deaths of Dommsday & Superciliousman.
 * Reaper Society vs DarkSon in court; Death of DarkSon.
 * Klystron vs Cavalry (Honcho, Mustang, Babe, Redwood, Fire Cracker) in Richman VA.
 * David Sutherland, Klystron, & Cameo vs neo-vampire BloodHounds in KY. [AFTERLIFE] DS #7

 *  Kevin gets help from Jersey Devil designing a non-powered  costumed identity. Klystron, as Debonair, joins Cavalry in Richman VA.
 * Dr Holmes' Covert Connection vs Reaper Society at Society HQ.
 * David Sutherland, Klystron, & Cameo meet Crusader Cross. [AFTERLIFE] DS #8
 $* David Sutherland, Klystron, Cameo & Crusader Cross vs BloodHounds; Scott awakens & disappears with the Prophet (to become the Martyr). [AFTERLIFE] DS #9
 * Klystron, as Charlatan, vs U-Phoria in Lexytown KY.
 * Rogues & Dr Holmes establish the Rogue Network on Rogue Island in the Ohio River.
 * Atlantis (Empire) declares war on Amphisgea. [ACTS OF WAR]
 *  Jester League of Anarchy founded in Lexytown; JLA vs U-Guys. MAR
 *^ Fung Q conducts contest to acquire NoWhere-Van. Several mercenary groups compete. [THE COLLAGE]
 * USS Saucepan departs U.S. for a 6-month Med deployment.
 * Rogues, David, & Martyr vs Shadowers in Tibet.
 * Klystron fails to break into St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Italy.
 * Rogue Network vs Natural Force & the weather. [STORMFRONT]
 * United Rogue Front & Redrum attempt to realign their future history; Rogue Network vs Redrum & Mantinels. [TIMELINES]
 * Klystron & WaveTech vs Bella Notta & Trumpet Lady in Syracuse, Sicily.
 * Blue Jackets vs Trinity in Mediterranean Sea. [ACTS OF WAR]
 ^ Inmates of Oldham Asylum escape. [KNIGHT FAULT]
 *  NoWhere-Men vs Hanna Barbarian and experience toon-life. 
 ^ Ding-Bat vs Pane; Dig-Bat crippled. [KNIGHT FAULT]
 * Rogues vs Xantipé in Limbo.
 *^ Ohio Valley Assemblers vs Inmates of Oldham Asylum; Death of Outback; OVA defunct. [KNIGHT FAULT]
 * Ishmael & Astr`X meet BlackHeart investigating activities of the Anarch.
 * Rogues Prime, Rogues Elite, New Rogues, & Covert Rogues categorized within the Rogue Network.
 * USS Saucepan rescues a burning ferry off Yugoslavia.
 * Rogue Network vs Nucleo; Dr Holmes hospitalized by assassination attempt.
 * Red Reaper vs Rogues Prime; Red Reaper revealed as Chuck Q.
 * Kismet & Space Cadet communicate with the spirit of a french girl named Alma.
 $* Center Guard, Team X-treme, & BrightStar vs Water Works over mid-western flooding in Des Monies IO. [ACTS OF WAR]
 ^ Gargamel becomes Ding-Bat (II). [KNIGHT FAULT]
 * Rogues enter BlackHeart's Virtual Reality world.
 * Holmes Institute founded in La Strange KY.
 * USS Saucepan returns to Norfook off a 6-month deployment.
 * Rogue Network relocates to Rogue Island in Ohio River.
 * Martyr learns of his cancer.
 * Astr'X, Stellar, & several Rogues vs Omega-X.
 ^ Ding-Bat (II) becomes Kom-Bat. [KNIGHT JEST]
 * Covert Rogues vs Rogue Force. [A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME]
 * Klystron dresses as Batmonger & wanders pointlessly around the USS Saucepan while underway.
 * Wolfgang vs New Rogues.
 * Klystron assigned to ship's Master-At-Arms security force.
 * Alma the Anti-Matter Alien returns as Infinity, threatens to destroy reality, Network vs Infinity; David Sutherland assumes rightful place as a Continuity Cop to prevent temporal annihilation of everything, subtle changes exist afterwards. [CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER]
 * Silencers vs Holmes Institute; Ouija comatose.
 * Rogue Network help critically-ill child Nicholas Paige be a hero for a day.
 * NoWhere-Men vs Cult of Bacchus (House of the Thyrsus).
 * White Ray organizes Conference forces. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Ouija, Crones, Siblings, & Amadaeus Arcane vs the Mage in Netherworld.
 * Space Cadet & Kismet infiltrate the Slay Belles as Jingle Belle & Silver Belle; Slay Belles vs Santa's Helpers; Jingle Belle & Silver Belle join Santa's Helpers.

 * David Sutherland reviews how things are & how things should be in aftermath of CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.
 *  Covert Rogues & Brine II free Crokatoa from Atlantian rule. [ACTS OF WAR]
 _* Cavalry & D&B (Duke & Baroness) vs Jester League of Anarchy in Blatzburg VA. 
 * Retro draws David Sutherland & Ish into his Void. [TIMELY INTERVENTION]
 * NoWhere-Men warp to the modern world of Mattias Raven, the World War II era of Earth-Fine, & 1965 Enigmaverse before returning home. [MOEBIUS TRIP]
 * Cross & Sliver vs DarkSoul. [SLIVERS OF TRUTH]
 * Color Guard vs the Taken in the Void; Ish reveals her origin to David. [TIMELY INTERVENTION]
 # Death of Jack "King" Kirby.
 * Dr Holmes assigns Rogues to guard a witness targeted by Assassin-X.
 * Cross, Sliver, Cameo, Martyr, & Blasfemé vs Cretin, Minion, & Taint in Marvidian's Mansion over BLACKHOLD, Marvidian Scott's journal. [SLIVERS OF TRUTH]
 * At a Cavalry press conference in Almond VA, Debonair is mobbed by youths mistaking him for a Power Ringer.
 * Space Cadet joins the Jimmy Jubox family somewhere in space.
 * Color Guard, New Rogues, Ish, Ishmael, & David vs Retro. [TIMELY INTERVENTION]
 * Anti-Rogues (Primax, Fiasco, Firebomb, Target, Kraze, Tremor, Jumpstar, Quad, Pain, & WarHawk) vs Johnny Law, Prodigy, Mach, Sterling, GeeMan, Ish, Smiley, Longevity, & Armada on Rogue Island.
 * NoWhere-Men vs Goom Bay Goombahs in Nausea, New Paradise Island. [BAHAMIAN RHAPSODY]
 * Taint & Minion take control of Blasfemé, Cameo, Martyr, & Sliver, begin collecting those touched by the dark-children; Cross contacts Apollo for help. [SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENCE]
 * Copy-cat killer begins murders based on the Face-Man. [YEARS GONE BY]
 * Jimmy Jubox family & Captain Redbeard vs the Specter at an interstellar Zenny's.
 * Dr Holmes sends Network (David, Johnny Law, Ish, Longevity, Mach, Prodigy, Sterling, Smiley, Armada, & GeeMan) to contain Jill Stewart's uncontrollable mutant empathic abilities.
 * Cretin, Minion, & Taint free Marvidian; Apollo & Cross free Martyr, Cameo, Sliver, & Blasfemé from evil influences. [SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENCE]
 * DoomSayer uses magic/technology from Ynis Gwydrin to begin work on Shift-Bomb. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Louieville Slugger & Redbreast vs Joggernut at KY Derby. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Copycat killer strikes again; Scott recalls encounters W/ Face-Man as Boy Blunder, & NiteFling. [YEARS GONE BY]
 * Palomino vs HBO vs Pizzarina in Louieville. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Derby vs Louieville Slugger vs Joggernut. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Crisis & Braverman Foundation vs Catastrophe. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Jersey Devil vs Decker Black vs Bugbear. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Dreamwalker vs Rogues in their nightmares; Prodigy alerts Martyr.
 * Laser-Man vs Belle of Louieville & Iota. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Martyr, Apollo, Cross, Blasfemé, Cameo, & Sliver vs Dreamwalker in Dreamscape, free the Rogues.
 * Center Guard vs Jester League. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Martyr recounts fighting Face-Man as DarkSon; Martyr vs Face-Man copycat & captures him. [YEARS GONE BY]
 * Iota & Redbreast vs Monkeyshines. [THUNDER OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Cavalry & the Pulp vs Joggernut. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]   * Meiner Eighty-Foreigner vs NoWhere-Men & Cameo. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Kaptain Kevin, Martyr, Arcadian, & Sterling vs White Noise. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 ^ Bruise Payne recuperates, begins wearing Ding-Bat suit again. [KNIGHT SEND]
 * Wabash Cannonball & Black Fox vs Space Cadet vs Hacksaw. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Arcadian tests the Network's abilities (Johnny Law, Prodigy, Mach, Ish, Sterling, Smiley, GeeMan, Longevity, & Armada) for "The Organization".
 * Space Cadet, Kismet, & Klystron vs Center Guard. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * BeachComber creates Dagonet to alleviate his memory pains.
 * Tendril frees Hacksaw from jail. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Shift-Bomb proves uncontrollable; DoomSayer begins research on extra-dimensionally slipping troops into enemy cities. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Louieville Slugger, Jersey Devil,& Decker Black vs Bugbear, Hacksaw, & Tendril. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 # O.J. Simpson media circus begins w/ ride in white Bronco.
 * Dagonet assumes the identity of Ollie Oxenfree.
 ^ Kom-Bat vs Puncher vs Bandsaw in Goshdarn City. [KNIGHT SEND]
 * Lightning Rod & Blue Angel vs Joggernut. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Martyr is drawn to witch's coven, trapped by Krimson & Salem. [WITCHHUNT]
 ^ Ding-Bat vs Kom-Bat; Kom-Bat gives up bat-suit. [KNIGHT SEND]
 * Crash vs Ultimates. [LIGHTNING OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Power & Glory vs Live Mike vs Joggernut; Joggernut revealed to be werewolf-impersonator (real Joggernut dead). [MAELSTROM OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 *^ Klystron, GreenLeaf, Captain Nautilus, & the Ocean Front vs Smugglers Express in the Cheapskate Bay; Death of GreanLeaf. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Johnny Law encounters his former partner.
 * Will Power & Proud Mary vs HBO. [MAELSTROM OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * DoomSayer perfects phase-device; initiates Interphase Campaign to hopefully reduce the need for violence. [ACTS OF WAR]
 # Schoemacher Comet collides with planet Jupiter.
 * Derby & Space Cadet vs Knights of the Silver Moon. [MAELSTROM OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * The Funman vs the Rogues at the "Playground".
 * Marshall Fields reveals to the police that his master Jeremiah Blackwell is a vampire.
 * E-Team, Maroon, Lightning Rod, HBO, Belle of Louieville, Proud Mary, Space Cadet, Derby, Palomino, Wabash Cannonball, Live Mike, Power & Glory vs Fenrir Minor & Knights of the Silver Moon. [MAELSTROM OVER LOUIEVILLE]
 * Apollo, Blasfemé, Cameo, Cross, & Sliver vs Salem & Krimson; free Martyr from spell. [WITCHHUNT]
 ^ Extatic begins destroying the universe from both ends. Temporal dopplegangers of Ding-Bat & Sqwawkman appear. Fast III disappears trying to create a vortex inside the anomaly. [HERO HOUR]
 ^ Extatic vs JSA in Banishing Point; Deaths of Our Man, Add-On, & Dr Good-Nite; JSA retires; Impulsive arrives from the future; Alpha Betarion & Dame-Bat arrive from other time-lines; Try-out re-emerges from the time-void; Entity & remaining heroes vs Extatic & Paramedix; Universe restored... again. [HERO HOUR]
 * Interphase Campaign suffers anomalous behavior in dimensional physics; Atlantians vs the Liberators (WWII team from an alternate time-line). [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Jack Kingsley & the Jasper are warped to present-day Gothic City from 1893. [CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER* ACTS OF WAR* HERO HOUR?]
 * Proud Mary, Redbreast, Live Mike, Wabash Cannonball, Lightning Rod, Palomino, Sparky, Power & Glory become the New Super-Kids.
 * Sterling & Ish save "The Frog" from angry crowd in small town.
 * X-TMAgents vs Lemurians vs Justice Axis (government enforcers from Fascist-Earth) off the New England coast. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Scott Kaiser (retired Super Speedy Scott) marries Marsha in Collieville VA; Scott moves back to Louieville.
 * Theurgy Investigations vs Co-Op vs time-displaced Theurgy Society of London (circa 1895) in Ynis Gwidryn. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Rogues attempt to curtail Cartel's metagene-activating street drug.
 * NoWhere-Men temporarily cease to exist when the van is barraged with multiple time-ripples. [TIME-OUT]
 * Crucifix vs Martyr, Cameo, Sliver, & Apollo. [PREY FOR THE SINNERS]
 * Dagonet vs the Sand-Piper in Wildwood NJ.
 * Prima Cohort & Avangardy vs New Aesir (godlings lost in the time-stream) near Cetaecis. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Dagonet, fleeing the Sand-Piper, has run-in w/ Raphael Bixby, undead Arani overlord, in Belfry NJ.
 # Woodstock `94 in upstate NY.
 * Maroon, Belle of Louieville, & Scott Kaiser sign on as trainers/counsellors for New Super-Kids.  
 * Kevin is accused of having flown in costume while in Louieville last June, in violation of Navy orders. [KAPTAIN'S MAST]  _* Blue Jackets vs Spartii Atalantica vs Scoff (an extra-dimensional demon) in the vicinity of Atluria. USS Texarkana destroyed. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Kevin Helm is found guilty and receives a reduction-in-rate from E-4 to E-3, is confined to the ship for 20 days, and is made ineligible to participate in Blue Jackets operations. [KAPTAIN'S MAST]
 * New Super-Kids vs Water Works vs J.Fred Frog in the Ohio River. [ACTS OF WAR]
 ^ Nightwink returns to Goshdarn City, stands-in as Ding-Bat.
 * Executive Sanction, Black Condor, & time-displaced Liberty League vs House of the Crown in the Potatomic River. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Psybernaut vs Longevity; both revealed as Tom Hagen, the former Captain Marbles.
 * Cross vs Crucifix, learns of the Brethren. [PREY FOR THE SINNERS]
 * Village-8 Vigilantes vs Muate battalion accidentally lost on
Earth-8. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Mach transports an organ to a hospital, ends a police shoot-out, stops a suicide attempt, & puts out a fire, all while out on a date.
 * Kevin wolfs out & teams up with other supernatural beings as Wild Life.
 * Super-Kids vs the Alphabettalion. [EASY AS A-B-C]
 * Sterling, Ish, Armada, Smiley, Sliver, GeeMan, & Blasfemé vs Chip & Dale, aka Yin-Yang.
 * Psybernaut confronts Longevity.
 * Jester League of Anarchy vs Cavalry across Virginia & DC. [OKTOBERJEST]
 * Prodigy researches the Vertigo Amulet.
 * Dagonet hunts down serial killers Guts & Glory in Cleaveland; G & G found next day tied up in own entrails.
 * Holmes assigns Cross, Martyr, Apollo, & Johnny Law to help a man haunted by a past love.
 * Mr Unlucky vs U-Guys.
 * Jimmy Jubox family disbands due to internal disputes.
 * David & Skaggs discover Rogue Network & Dr Holmes missing. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * Kevin Helm envisions himself battling General Mess.
 * Martyr escapes holding, vs Arcadian. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * Anarch realizes Damnation is after more. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * Damnation usurps Anarch, fails to take the Brethren. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * New Rogues vs Rogue Force; Rogue Isle takeover is assessed. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * New Rogues & Rogue Force take back Isle, learn the Network is on Skyrock. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * Cavalry vs Quirk & RC Tinker in Richman VA; Quirk escapes due to Debonair's tactical mistakes.
 * The Network escape, meet Arcadian. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 * Anarch vs Chapman. [THE DAMNATION GAME]
 ^ Bruise returns as Ding-Bat again.
 * Super-Kids vs Santa's Helpers vs Jester League of Anarchy vs 12 Dames of Christmas; Will Power becomes Good Will, joins Santa's Helpers.
 * NoWhere-Men & Ghost of Christmas Not-To-Come visit several Christmases of futures past.

 * Bandit is accepted by his peers.
 * Kevin, Becki, & the kids spend the Twelfth Night in the Kingdom of Cambria with the FSMC.
 * Astr`X takes Network from Skyrock. [COSMIC PROPORTIONS]
 * Water-Wing & the Cavalry vs Atlantians over Cheapskate Bay Tunnel-Bridge; Water-Wing joins Cavalry. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Damnation lost in the Shadowverse; Marvidian finds the Brethren's slivers are missing. [FAMILY SECRETS]
 * Debonair realizes he makes a poor field commander, drops out of Cavalry's regular rotation.
 * Skaggs & New Rogues rescue victims of a passenger plane crash.
 * Junior Giants founded in Louieville as a Super-Kids group for teens.
 * Arcadian, Armada, Astr'X, GeeMan, Sterling, Psybernaut, Johnny Law, Mach, Smiley, Ish, & Prodigy are stranded on a barren planet; K'ryst & his Corellian Forces usurp Dimensional Diamond. [COSMIC PROPORTIONS]
 * DoomSayer has a vision of destruction of surface world... caused by Nereus' warmongering. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Brethren (without powers) vs Marvidian, & learn his origin. [FAMILY SECRETS]
 * Arcadian reflects on time w/ Omnians & who/what he really is.
 * Teen-versions of DarkSon, Klystron, Generikid, Demo, Target, & Sterling come to Rogue Island seeking help.
 * Network vs K'ryst over Dimensional Diamond. [COSMIC PROPORTIONS]
 # New York Governor reinstates the Death Penalty.
 * Damnation vs Marvidian; Brethren take back their slivers. [FAMILY SECRETS]
 * Blasfemé recounts origin & 1st meeting w/ Scott during Continuum Contingency.
 * David Sutherland, Skaggs, & Rogue Force vs Wish, creator of "Teen-Rogues".
 # Car bomb explodes outside federal office building in Oklahoma City, killing nearly 200 people.
 * Network returns to Earth, Astr'X remains at Death Store to protect Dimensional Diamond.
 * Nereus believes the disaster of Camphotrite to be a sign from the Gods to begin expansion of his empire to the surface world; declares new front against Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Jerome Caiman uses Wings of Icarus to become Pegasus in Lexytown.
 * Hurricane Bob joins Water Works. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Cuban military vs Atlantian military off shore of Baracoa, Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Apollo & Sliver initiate a relationship; Mindpsy tracks Martyr & interferes w/ his relationship w/ Blasfemé.
 * Mayaguan Isle secretly falls to Musaka's SAS (Surface Assault Squad). [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * United States split on decision to aid Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * DoomSayer starts plan to give surface dwellers gills, to facilitate living underwater when surface becomes inhospitable. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * The Copa Banana Club (Marblehead, Banana Rat, Leghorn, TV, & Iggie) vs Atlantian invaders in Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Psybernaut relives psychic torture he received from the Bounty while trying to enter the Astral Plane.
 * Smugglers Express begin running arms & supplies to Cuba for defence against Atlantis, breaking US embargo. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Pegasus vs Absolute Zero in Lexytown.
 * Navy begins assembling team of Ordnance wild cards (expendables) to operate in Geronimo Bay, Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Blasfemé, Cameo, Ish, Sterling, Armada, Smiley, & Sliver encounter Ak-Med, Chip & Dale, & the Fashion Police.
 * Pegasus vs U-Guys in Louieville.
 * JTF Red Dragons vs Atlantians near Haitian refugee camps in Geronimo Bay, Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Crainost & Pearl of the Antilles vs Water Works. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Animal, Big-O, Captain Heavy-Stress, Freebird, LOUd Boy, Mandatory Voluntary Man, Oxymoron, Mysterious Ranger, Oddiot, Instigator, Dormant Jean, Head, Whipping Boy, Monty Carlo, Rat-Boy, Slap Shot, Incredible Sulk, Dippity-Doo, (Johnson), Mosquito Bandito, & Practical Joker are assigned to Blue Jacket Special Division: LHA Oddities, & put on board USS Saucepan. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Chapman, Johnny Law, Prodigy, Martyr, Apollo, Cross, Arcadian, GeeMan, Mach, & Psybernaut go out for drinking, babe-hunting, & a barroom brawl.
 * Brine goes to Cuba, vs Atlantian terrorists. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 # Christopher Reeves thrown from horse, paralyzed.
 * Astr'X & Death-Store 9 vs the Astroknights.
 * USS Saucepan leaves VA for Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * The Wanderer tells Cross he is needed; Cross, Martyr, Apollo, & Sliver go. [BEASTS OF BURDEN]
 * Kevin Helm discovers purpose of Saucepan's mission & poses as another Oddity assignee; CraZy Ivan. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Sterling vs Arcadian over personal matters.
 * USS Saucepan drops off LHA Oddities arrives at Geronimo Bay, Cuba to assist vs Atlantian forces. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Captain Heavy-Stress & Mosquito Bandito go to mast for reckless behavior; Heavy-Stress becomes Mad Maxx, & Mosquito becomes the Oppressed Avenger. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Crainost vs Cubans angry at lack of russian support. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Smugglers Express & Copa Banana Club vs Spartii Atalantica in Cuba; destruction of weapons cache. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * JTF Red Dragons vs Lemurian battalion at Camp Youngstown: GSA. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Crestfallen vs New Reavers on Louieville riverside.
 * Smugglers Express & Pearl of Antilles vs Atlantians. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 # Chetchnyan terrorists hold a Russian hospital hostage in Budyonnov in protest of Russian attacks on Chetchnya; Russia grants a cease-fire.
 * The Anarch initiates the Anarch Contingent to throw USA into state of anarchy. [THE ANARCH CONTINGENT]
 * Water Works kidnap Dormant Jean, use him to mutate Iggie into the Iguanasaurus; LHA Oddities & Copa Banana Club vs Iguanasaurus, regress him to humanoid stature. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * JTF Red Dragons, Copa Banana Club, Brine, LHA Oddities, & Pearl of the Antilles vs Spartii Atalantica, Water Works, etc. near Windlass Beach, Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * Apollo, Martyr, Sliver, & Cross vs the Beasts (were-creatures); rescued by a mysterious vampire. [BEASTS OF BURDEN]
 * USS Saucepan, USS Bigburg, USS Tortilla, USS Pungent Smell, & USCG Dillon vs Atlantians off Cuba. [ACTS OF WAR: CARIBBEAN FRONT]
 * USCG Dillon destroys Smugglers Express Galleon the Cutlass; Jolly Roger. Exitonic-Man, Port, & Starbird escape to New Paradise Isle in the Bahamas. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Crisis vs Kid-Supreme in Lexytown; Crisis joins Crestfallen.
 # US Space Shuttle Atlantis docks on Russian Space Station Mir.
 * Apollo reminisces about time spent as SuperJohn & BrightStar.
 * UN demands Atlantis withdraw from Caribbean & insists hostilities against Amphisgea cease. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Dormant Jean released, suffering from mild brain damage; Jean removed from military service.
 * Devine, the lost "future Rogue" appears; Outbound's memory returns.
 * Crestfallen vs members of Spartii Atalantica in Cheapskate Bay [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO].
 * Kevin harbors the Hollander; presence of Hollander stimulates Jonah's & Alexis' latent meta-human powers.
 * Outbound shifts reality into a world without metahumans.
 * Kevin & Hollander vs New Aesir in Norfook VA; Hollander returns to his wanderings. 
 * Lycanthrope - Vampire war ends; Cross suffers injury. [BEASTS OF BURDEN]
 * Jonah & Alexis become Captain Jonah & the Lightning Bug, start Super-Kids unit for Virginia coast (w/ help from dad).
 * LOUd Boy retires from military service; returns to VT.
 * Devine vs Outbound.
 * LHA Oddities vs Smugglers Express & Black Angus on Puerto Rico. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Woodchuck is assigned to LHA Oddities. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Vampire Michael Sutherland returns w/ Brethren to Louieville, is reunited w/ brother David.
 * Crazy Ivan, Slap Shot, & Aquamarine (of Prima Cohort) vs Xylander & Goombay Goombahs on Isle of Puerto Cannes. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * The Network takes some down-time, plays soft ball.
 * The Aquamarine, LHA Oddities, Brine, & Crainost vs Nereus, Spartii Atalantica, Aquans, & Atlantian/Lemurian/triton military in occupied Puerto Cannes; Atlantian forces driven out. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Lookie (Sherri) does case-work at KY Correctional Facility.
 $* Water-Works escapes, attempts to cover retreat w/ Hurricane Felix; unexpectedly run in to Tiamat, who takes control of the storm & savagely assails both surface & submerged forces. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Mindpsy learns of Blasfemé's ex-husband, & consumes him. [MENTAL IMAGES]
 * Captain Jonah, Lightningbug, Alison Wunderland, Goldenrod, & others vs Simon Sludge.
 * DeathKnell vs Dagonet in Shicago; Dagonet discovers that his body used to be Mr Darrek Claydon.
 *^ Ocean Front, LHA Oddities, Crainost, E-Team, Brine, & Supreme Court vs Spartii Atalantica, Aquans, & Atlantian/ Lemurian/ triton military vs "Dark Felix" (Tiamat & unconscious Water-Works) & many hurricanes off US Atlantic Coast. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Prodigy's history is unveiled.
 * NoWhere-Men, Hindsite, & the Vagabonds encounter DeathKnell, Dagonet, Raymond Noodles, Marshall Fields, Belphagor, House of the Pentagram, the Fold, Chapter 0, & Daniel (Shadow Boy) in cross-country journey. [VAMPIRE BRATS III: HIDDEN AGENDAS]
 * Crestfallen vs more members of Spartii Atalantica in Atlas City; Cytheria rescued. [ACTS OF WAR: MUNDO AGUALIO]
 * Smiley & LadyHawk vs Blue Iguana.
 * Crestfallen vs Vampyro. [KNIGHT'S CROSSING]
 * Kevin, Slapshot, & Mad Maxx vs White Noise during Joan Jett concert in Norfook VA.
 * Chapman investigates cult based on Church of Sin; is captured.
 * Incredible Sulk & WaveTech meet & begin dating.
 * Mindpsy & Psymancer vs Cameo & Apollo, take control of them as Seeds; Martyr searches for the Prophet. [MENTAL LAPSE]
 * Jack Kingsley knocks himself unconscious while trying to rob a Burger-Meister restaurant in Belfry he believed was a bank; he is committed to Arcana Psychiatric Hospital.
 * After years of searching, Veronica (demon who possesses VW bugs) tracks down Kaptain Kevin to the VA coast.
 * Michael Sutherland explains his life as a vampire to David.
 * Super-Kids vs the Punnisher in Louieville.
 * Peregrine joins the Cavalry.
 * Crestfallen & Uptown Upstarts vs vampire refugees from Santa Clausa; Former UHF (Undead Humanities Front) leader Frank Copenhagen agrees to take custody of Vampyro. [KNIGHT'S CROSSING]
 * Mindpsy, Psymancer, Cameo, & Apollo convert Psymanik into a seed. [MENTAL BLOCKS]
 # O.J. Simpson trial ends; Verdict: Not Guilty.
 ¢* Fahrenheit super-charged by presence of Nitronaut (from Uptown Upstarts) while in Rocky Harbor WA. [KNIGHT'S CROSSING]
 * HBO members discuss the Super-Kids w/ S.H.U. leaders.
 * Rogue Force rescues Chapman from Chancellor's Church of Sin; Chancellor performs a sacrifice that creates the Wasteland. [WASTELAND]
 * HBO vs Dream Walker as Dreamscape collapses. [WASTELAND]
 * LHA Oddities, w/ new members Beaker & Sloth, rescue Norwegian King Harold & Queen Sophia from the Equinauts off coast of VA. [ACTS OF WAR]
 * Crazy Ivan, Incredible Sulk, Practical Joker, & WaveTech stop kamikaze attack by Shukenja & Shusui on Waterside Mall in Norfook; Japanese criminals disappear when things get nasty.
 * Marvidian discovers the Vertigo Amulet. [WASTELAND]
 * Captain Jonah & Lightningbug vs Veronica, aka Punch-Buggy, in Norfook.
 * Super-Kids (Redbreast, Live Mike, Lightning Rod, Proud Mary, & Wabash Cannonball) & Mr Unlucky vs Hector the Specter.
 * Dagon Roth returns due to the Wasteland. [WASTELAND]
 * Xantipé escapes from Smiley more powerful than ever. [WASTELAND]
 * Dagon Roth, Marvidian, & Xantipé expand the Wasteland using the Vertigo Amulet. [WASTELAND]
 * LHA Oddities investigate a temporal flux in Virginia Beach & are temporarily thrust back to the year 1979.
 * Slap Shot resigns from the Blue Jackets & returns to NJ.
 * Prophet warns Martyr of future, Martyr & Stark return home; Cameo & Apollo infect Sliver & the Rogues as seeds for Mindpsy. [WASTELAND]
 * Ordnance personnel discover Kevin Helm has been moonlighting as Crazy Ivan; Kevin is selected for advancement to E-4/ET3.
 ^ Faron is ultimately defeated by Captain Marvelous & the Tricker. [UNDERWEAR UNWASHED]
 * Smiley tells her origins as Karen Utley & Smiley Girl. [WASTELAND]
 * Damnation takes advantage of supernatural upheaval caused by Faron to consolidate his own forces. [WASTELAND]
 * Damnation usurps Xantipé, Marvidian, & Dagon Roth. [WASTELAND]
 * Mindpsy's Psygote seeds overrun the Wasteland; Mindpsy takes over Xantipé & Marvidian. [WASTELAND]
 ^ T.Y.Teens vs Graven; team disband again. [KNELTDOWN]
 * Mr Snowbody granted huge increase in powers by Damnation, becomes leader of Water Works; team changes name to Winterstorm.
 * Para-man, Gonzo, & the Lyon King join LHA Oddities; The Instigator leaves.
 * Mindpsy vs Dagon Roth; Martyr, Stark, & Cross prepare for the worst. [WASTELAND]
 * Cross' origin is retold, plus how he became a werewolf. [WASTELAND]

 * Cavalry vs Winterstorm across eastern VA. [WINTERSTORM]
 * LHA Oddities vs Supreme Court in Norfook over govt shut-down, blizzard control, & who makes the next pot of coffee. [WINTERSTORM]
 ^* Superciliousman & Cap Marvelous vs Damnation's thralls in Monopolis. [WASTELAND]
 _* LHA Oddities, E-Team, Jersey Devil, & Black Falcon vs Winterstorm in Beantown; Mr Snowbody captured, remaining Water Works escape in cover of regional floodwaters. [WINTERSTORM]
 * Damnation vs Mindpsy; Mindpsy loses control over Seeds. [WASTELAND]
 * Party on USS Saucepan honors Beantown NHL All-Stars Game `96, commemorates E-Team & Black Falcon for stopping Winterstorm, celebrities include Michael J Fox, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Tim Allen, Whitney Houston, Gilbert Gottfry, Hillary Clinton, Matthew Perry, & Aerosmith; LHA Oddities excluded from the reveries. [WINTERSTORM]
 * Damnation vs Xantipé vs Dagon Roth vs Marvidian; Damnation emerges triumphant, expands Wastelands beyond reality. [WASTELAND]
 * The Martyr vs Damnation over control of last seed, Jordan; Damnation is repelled from existence, leaving Scott without enough energy to keep his cancer in check. [WASTELAND]
 * Powerless, Scott Dempley succumbs to illness & dies at age 27 on 26 Jan 96, survived by his natural parents, sisters, & son Matthew Jordan Dempley, age 4. Good-bye Scott, you will be missed. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * Funeral for Matthew Scott Dempley (aka Donovan Scott, aka Battle-Boy, aka Boy Blunder, aka NiteFling, aka Stick, aka DarkSon, aka Martyr) 29 Jan 96 in La Strange KY; most members of paranormal community show, w/ Space Cadet & retired hero Super Speedy Scott in lieu of Kaptain Kevin & Kismet. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * Holmes Institute converts old Rogues Gallery into the Matthew Scott Dempley Hero Museum in Louieville, w/ meeting room set for Super-Kids. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * The Sloth incapacitates himself attempting to climb down a flight of stairs, removed from LHA Oddities.
 * Kevin anonymously donates NoWhere-Van to Dempley museum. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * Atlantis renews attempts to overtake Crokatoa; US prepares for direct intervention. [ACTS OF WAR: WAR-GAMES]
 ^* The Entity & the Living Tricycle are stripped of their cosmic awareness by the DeFilers. [DEE-CEE/ MARSHALL]
 * Mr Snowbody vs Interceptors; Snowbody loses expanded powers, coalesces & is captured. [ICESTORM]
 * The Brethren mourn the loss of one of their own; Cross vs Mindpsy w/ nothing resolved. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * Atlantian terrorists sabotage USS Saucepan, preventing deployment of LHA Oddities on schedule. [ACTS OF WAR: WAR-GAMES]
 * Midas, Kid Kilovolt, Kismet, Super Speedy Scott, Space Cadet, Smiley, & Hindsite attend christening of Scott Dempley Hero Museum in Louieville; Hindsite & Kilovolt vs the Jasper & Jack Kingsley over NoWhere-Van. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * The Big-O gets commissioned, leaves LHA Oddities.
 * With the christening of the Matthew Scott Dempley Memorial Hero Museum, the media explores the origins of the Network. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * LHA Oddities vs Atlantian aggressors at Crokatoa; Atlantians retreat to Corona outpost. [ACTS OF WAR: WAR-GAMES]
 ^* The ANALOG Universe is created when cosmic beings Dr Amalgam and Diversia battle and accidently merge. [ANALOG UNIVERSE]
 *^ Rogue Squadron (Guest Star, Jump-Start, Psychic Pair, Shadow-Son, the Chocolateer, & Q-Man) defend La Gradia from Psy-Queue & Narf Vader. [ANALOG UNIVERSE]
 *^ Barb-I, LadyMonk & O'Sullivan, Demolition Derby, Grinning Ghost, MacIntosh, & the Gimmick vs the Janitor & Iguanazilla. [ANALOG UNIVERSE]
 *^ Kid Kilovolt (from the Hour-Show Universe), Cindy & the Sea-Monkey, Swamp-Man, & Warrior-Machine vs the New Sentinels (Purple Palmetto Bug, Night-Keeper, the Secret Weapon, Inferno, Thunder Boy, Black-Belt, Night's Shadow, & Quantum Leap-Frog) during search for Axis, Dr Amalgam, & Diversia. [ANALOG UNIVERSE]
 ^ Axis uses Dark Law & Wonder Warrior to separate the Analogs back into their original identities. [ANALOG UNIVERSE]
 * Dangerman is confronted by Risk, the son he never knew he had.
 * The Incredible Sulk is transferred to Louisiana, leaves LHA Oddities.
 # Matthew June Dempley, Scott's father & Jordan's grandfather, dies on 07 MAR 96.

* Kid Kilovolt, Sterling, Arcadian, Psybernaut, Smiley in Louieville 09 MAR 96 for the funeral, make brief appearance together at Dempley Hero Museum (Vogue Theater). [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * Practical Joker basks in the sun in Geronimo Bay, Cuba.
 * Mad Maxx & Slap-Shot vs Masque Rouge in NJ.
 * Denny & Donny O'Donald move to Louieville, open gift shop/comic shop in Dempley Hero Museum. [FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS]
 * Atlantian aggressors officially withdraw claims on Crokatoa & Amphisgea. [ACTS OF WAR: WAR-GAMES]
 * Psychic Friends Network News assign Co-Anchor-person Becki (Kismet) Helm & her sister the Space Cadet to interview alien landing party expected to appear in early APR at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
 # Comet shows up in MAR/APR night sky, comes by Earth every 18,000 years.
 * Cameo tries her hand at heroics again, this time as Eulogy; retires shortly there-after. [EULOGY FOR A FRIEND]
 * With close of Atlantian aggressions, LHA Oddities disband; Klystron, Mandatory-Voluntary Man, Johnson, Dippity-Doo, & Monty Carlo are transferred to other commands, Freebird, Rat-Boy, & Mad Maxx are released from Navy service. [ACTS OF WAR: WAR-GAMES]
 * Kevin, Kismet, Space Cadet, Jonah, & Alexis take road trip to Ancient City FL enroute to Kennedy Space Center. [FIRST, LAST, & ALWAYS]
 * Arcadian temporarily leaves the Network, resumes identity of Generikid.
 * Sterling investigates the WeatherMen in Meteoropolis IL, runs into Auntie Up & Five-Card Stud.

And that’s as far as it got. The characters have lives beyond April 1996, and their adventures as well as their children’s adventures have turned up from time to time, but for now, this is all that has been recorded.


  1. The early "pre-Crisis" version of the Wronskiverse where Powerkid/Super-Bob was Bobby Wronski took place on Earth-B, the world where DC placed stories that didn't fit into their regular continuity. I too kept retconning the stories, characters, and origins with age. The Greatest American Hero was a big influence on Super-Bob/Powerkid as well.

  2. The version of KK's timeline written up here is a composite of the goofy stuff and the serious stuff, though throughout the 80s they were two separate realities, which is why this is populated with parody characters as well as tribute characters.

  3. Read most, comprehended some. The writer is creative, skilled and entertaining. The reader........struggles. Thanks for the memories.

  4. ...And now that I've found it again, it's time to adapt this for my may-never-happen Vogue Rogues Sourcebook for Supers! Revised Edition (hell, we've already got Battle Boy on the cover and Generikid as one of the "Kick In The MASK" extras - we need get art/stats for the rest!)

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