Monday, April 13, 2015

The Right Side of the Page

We interrupt your scrolling to point out a very important but often overlooked feature of this website.  I'm speaking of all that stuff on the right hand side?

So what's over there?

  • First there's a link to the page for the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia on Goodreads.  That page is where you can post a review, rate the book, find a link to where you can purchase the book, and click on the author pages to read more from the three guys who put together the book.
  • Next is a little button so you can Google Plus "like" this page.
  • After that is the total views the website has had.  Might not be important to you, but it feeds my ego.
  • Next is a list of the contributors, aka the "TVCU Crew".  If you click on the names, you can see little bios of each of us.
  • Search this blog.  Put in anything there, and if we wrote about it, a list of posts about it will appear.  You say you want to read about X-Men, we'll give you a list of posts that had X-Men crossovers.  Hannah Montana?  Sure, why not?  Pink pussycats from Mars?  Well, good luck with that...
  • Then you can subscribe to this blog!
  • Under that is the list of our all-time most popular posts, based on views.  
  • Under that is the archives.  There you will find a list of every post ever, in reverse chronological order, with the newest first.
  • Under that is a very large list of topics.  If you were depressed that you couldn't find pink pussycats from Mars, take a look at the list of the topics.  The list includes series, characters, genres, themes, and other stuff.  The list is ordered so the most recurring subjects come first.  Click on a topic and a page will open with every post that has featured that topic.
  • Way down under that list is a list of other websites that you may like if you like the TVCU.  This includes links to TVCU inspired books, other crossover websites, discussion groups, and sites frequently used for research.
  • The Followers, or the expanded TVCU Crew!
  • Donate!  If you feel generous.  We don't get paid to write this blog.  
  • Merchandising!!  Don't you want a TVCU coffee mug?

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