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The Science of Imagination:the Disney Science Comedies in the TVCU

This Picture has nothing to do with anything I just find it funny

1910--Disney Kingdoms: Figment 1 thru 5-- A Young inventor named Blarion Mercurial  later known has the Dreamfinder attends the Academy Scientifica Lucidus and  invents the Integrated Mesmonic Convertor. He ends up in the land of Imagination were he meets The Imaginary Creature known has Figment, This 2014 comic Shows the origins of The DreamFinder and Figment from Epcot's Journey into imagination ride. Mathamgicland from Donald in  Mathamgicland  is mentioned.

1959--Donald in  Mathamgicland--Donald Duck finds himself in Mathamagicland . He handles it with all the Calm we've Come to expect from him.

1959--The Shaggy Dog(1959)---Young  Wilby Daniels gets a ring that cruses him into Turning into a Sheep dog an random.This movie is set in the Town of Medfield home to Medfield College.

1961--The Absent Minded Professor--Prof. Ned Brainard invents an anti-gravity substance  know has Flubber which businessman Alonzo Hawk wants for himself. This Movie is set at Medfield College a reoccurring setting in Disney science films

1963--Son of Flubber--Prof. Ned Brainard finds himself in even more Trouble when he invents Flubberglass. This Movie is set at Medfield College a reoccurring setting in Disney science films.

1964--The Misadventures of Merlin Jones--Merlin Jones a highly intelligent Midvale College student invents a mind reading  device.

1965--The Monkey's Uncle--Merlin Jones Must Save the Midvale College football team by inventing an honest  way to cheat and get a large donation  given  to Midvale by inventing a flying machine a man Made Flying Machine.

1968--The Love Bug--Down on his Luck Race car Driver Jim Douglas luck turns around   when he befriends sentient Car Herbie.

Between 1968 and 1971--The Super Bug Series--In theses German rip off Films Herbie becomes a secret agent teaming with James Bonds little Brother Jimmy Bondi

1969--The Computer Wore Tennis shoes-- Medfield College  student  Dexter Riley becomes a human computer when he is stuck by lighting while Repairing Medfield College's new computer.

October 1st 1971---The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World--Herbie Gives Buddy Hackett a Ride on the Tomorrowland Speedway 

1972--Now You See Him, Now You Don't-- Medfield College  student  Dexter Riley  invents an Invisibility formula which he uses to Save Medfield College shutting down

1974--Herbie Rides again--Alonzo Hawk old foe of Flubber inventor Prof. Ned Brainard tries to build the 130-story Hawk Plaza in San Francisco. But Runs afoul of Herbie the Love Bug.

1975--The Strongest Man In The World--Medfield College  student  Dexter Riley gains super-strength which he uses to Save Medfield College shutting down yet again.

1976--Return of the Shaggy Dog(1987)--Wilby Daniels now a successful lawyer has proposed to his Girlfriend just has the cruse that turns him into a sheep dog at random resurfaces. (This movie was made in 1987 set 20 years after the orignal which would be 1979. But that doesn't work because Betty and Wilby already married in the Shaggy D.A. so I' m swapping  the years)
1977--Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo--Herbie the Love Bug and Jim Douglas take part in Trans-France Race.

1979--The Shaggy D.A.--Wilby Daniels runs for the D.A. of Medfield while once again under a cruse that turns him into a sheepdog at Random

1980--Herbie Goes Bananas--Herbie and Jim Douglas's Nephew Pete Stancheck battle Thieves in Mexico. 

March 1982 to April 1982--Herbie The Love Bug TV Show--Jim Douglas and Herbie have retired from racing and work has Driving instructors 

October 1982--The Today Show--The Dreamfinder and Figment appear on the Today show to talk about the opening of his Imagination! Pavilion at the Epcot

March 3 1983--Journey Into Imagination (theme park ride)--The Dreamfinder and Figment show some guests around the Dreamport.

 April 18th 1983--Disney Channel Launch Countdown--The Dreamfinder Helps launch the Disney Channel.
December 25th 1984--Disney World Christmas Parade--The Dreamfinder and Figment show off some Christmas wishes.
1989--Honey, I Shrunk the Kids--Wayne Szalinski invents a Shrink Ray and accidentally Shrinks his kids.

1989 to 1991 --Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show(1997–2000)--The continuing adventures of the Szalinski family. The  penultimate episode "Honey, I Shrink, Therefore I Am" ends with Diane announcing she's pregnant Showing that the show takes place in-between the first and second movies.

1992--Honey, I Blew Up the Kid--Wayne Szalinski trying to make an enlarging ray accidentally enlarges his 2 year old son Adam who them rampages thru Las Vegas.the Ark Of The Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark appears.

1994--Honey, I Shrunk the Audience(Theme park Ride)--Wayne Szalinski is Getting the Imagination Institute's  innovator of the year award award  when of course this go awry and he Shrinks  the Audience.

1997--Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. Once again Wayne Szalinski's  Shrink Ray goes awry and he ends up shriking himself,His Wife,his Brother and sister in law,

1997--Flubber--Professor Philip Brainard  of Medfield College finds an even more powerful Version of Flubber.

1997--The Love Bug (1997)--Herbie takes on his Evil counterpart Horace the Hate Bug.

Oct 1st 1999--Journey Into Your Imagination (Theme Park Ride)--Dr. Nigel Channing tests out his Imagination scanner on guests of the Imagination Institute.

June 2nd 2002--Journey Into Imagination With Figment--Dr. Nigel Channing holds an open house at the Imagination Institute only for Figment to ruin it.(the Third Version of this Ride includes shout outs to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films,The Dexter Riley Films,The Merlin Jones Movies, the Shaggy Dog Films,and Flubber)

2005--Herbie Fully Loaded--Herbie gets a new owner  Maggie Peyton and joins the Nascar circuit. 

2005- Disney's 50th Homecoming Celebration commercial-- Herbie Gives Micky and Goofy a Ride

August 9th to the 11th 2013--D23 expo--the Dream Finder and Figment attend the D23 Expo 

2015--Disney Kingdoms: Figment 2  1 thru 5-- picking up where Disney Kingdoms: Figment leaves off The Dreamfinder and Figment finds themselves a 100 years in their future where they met the Dream Finder's great-great-great grandniece Capricious Harmony and battle his evil alter ego the DoubtFinder. Before departing for parts unknown(thou it's likely they Traveled back in time this explains the Dream Finders and Figments other appearances). The Professors Brainard are  Mentioned has visiting the   Academy Scientifica Lucidus from Medfield College. (Yes that's  Professors has in 2 farther showing  The Absent Minded Professor and Flubber co-exist)

2015--Inside Out--The View of a Young Girls Emotions has seen from the point of view of the emotions. There is a Picture of Figment in Imagination Land given his Nature has an Imaginary Being I'll count this.

2035--Soldier (1998)--Sgt. Todd 3465 is left for dead on a garbage world when he is declared obsolete.Among Todd 3465's Many awards is  the Dexter Riley Award.

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The First 50, Part II: From Creepy Weirdo to Chrome Microphone of Excellence

Continuing where I left off in my reflections on the first fifty episodes.  The links were slowing down the page, so I cut it in half.

TVCU #21 - Hannah Lackoff

As James pointed out, her story made me cry.  It made me feel joy, and anger, and sadness, and surprise.  This was another of James' guest choices, and another award winner.

TVCU #22 - Sam Gafford

We lost him for a minute in the middle of the interview, and he was still one of our best guests.  This was perhaps the culmination of our Carnacki theme, as Sam Gafford is the authority on William Hope Hodgson.  He shares with us an amazing piece of history in this episode that could have led to very different lives for two historical figures.  And cool accent.  Another of James' picks.  By this point, James was more actively advocating for more guest picks, something I had been advocating for the co-hosts to do from the beginning, but Ivan and Chris were a little slower on jumping on board with giving me picks.

TVCU #23 - Dave Elliott

Dave Elliott dropped some great "You heard it here first" announcements on this show.

TVCU #24 - Jesse Thomas Cook

This was the first guest who wasn't an author.  Jesse Thomas Cook did a fun movie with crossovers called Monster Brawl.  I really enjoyed talking with him about his mixing of two of my childhood loves, monsters and wrestlers.  We only had him on for a few minutes as he was tightly squeezing us into busy schedule.

TVCU #25 - It's All Connected: Filmmakers and their Worlds

One of my favorite discussions.  We talked about films that are connected as sequels but by recurring minor characters, fictional brands and locales.  We cover John Hughes, Quentin Tarantino, and Kevin Smith.

TVCU #26 - Batman v. Superman v. Civil War

Our first two parter.  So our recording schedule got screwed up, so we had to alter our schedule plans last minute and this led to a few non-guest episodes.  We decided to do a two-parter.  Part I was a discussion of Batman v. Superman and Civil War.  I defend Batman v. Superman, and James tears it a new one.

TVCU #27 - DC v. Marvel

And in part II, we expand to cover DC and Marvel's adaptations in general, focusing mostly on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Arrowverse.  I have to say this here, I really think that we have talked about the Arrowverse way too much on this show.  There's a lot more crossovers out there to discuss.  I think we've exhausted the Arrowverse topic.  And yet, we keep going back there again and again.  

TVCU #28 - Derrick Ferguson

We were fortunate that Derrick Ferguson was able to record an interview during our scheduling issues.  We recorded this hours before Scare-A-Con, and so this was the first interview where I didn't prepare at all, and let James and Chris conduct the interview, and I still maintain that I made the right decision.  It was an excellent interview.  

TVCU #29 - Scare-A-Con Special Event

Probably not the best interviews.  Certainly not the best sound quality.  But for a weekend, the TVCU Crew were rock stars.  James couldn't come, but Ivan, Chris and I were invited to Scare-A-Con, a horror themed convention in Springfield, MA.  We had a table.  We had press passes.  I spoke on two panels.  And we spend a few days harassing some pretty awesome celebrities, some of  which even came on our show.  The one I really thought would impress people more than it did was the guys from MST3K.  But the most memorable one, that made it all worth it, was James Lorinz, who told me that I reminded him of Cid Caesar in my comedy skills, which really made my weekend.  

Also, pulling back the curtain a bit, before this episode, the Crew was suffering a little internal discord, and this episode was a pretty good bonding moment.  This was the first time that Ivan, Chris and I had all been together at the same time.  Despite the illusion we cast in the shows. most episodes, Ivan and I were in the studio, while James and Chris skyped in from other states.  Following this episode, we would stop going to the studio.  I blew up my truck during this weekend and Ivan's work schedule made it harder for him to get there.  But the show went on.  We became the only show on the network where no hosts were physically in the studio.

This episode was so much fun that Ivan, Chris and I had planned on doing another show at Rock and Shock.  However, those plans fell apart as I'll explain later in this post.

TVCU #30 - John Linwood Grant

This guest has been on our show twice, and I've never gotten to interview him.  I was in the hospital when episodes 30 and 31 were recorded, and Ben Kasson stepped in last minute to fill my shoes.  Ben would also host the next episode, and has since become a recurring host on the show.  I'm pretty sure he's going to be a weekly host now, something I've been suggesting to James for a while.  (He makes the decisions now.)  I was told that Ben would only be a guest co-host but Ben's really good on the show, and James, M.H. and Ben work really well together.  

TVCU #31 - Guy Adams

Another two time guest that I never got to talk to, other than in scheduling.  

TVCU #32 - Jim Beard

James mentions this in episode 50.  This was the episode where we knew more about the guest than he expected us to.  Creepy weirdos, indeed.  Also, another "You heard it here first" episode.

TVCU #33 - Godzilla

This is more of a lecture than a discussion.  Chris Nigro takes the lead to school us on the history of Godzilla and his shared universes, while Ivan and I heckle mostly.  A lot of Godzilla podcast episodes came out around this time, many that aired before ours, but we recorded ours first, and I would argue that Chris is probably one of the most knowledgeable guys I know on kaiju.

TVCU #34 - Micah S. Harris and the Return of Becky Sharp

For those of you who know, I was partly expelled from the Wold Newton community for suggesting that Hannah Montana was in.  (I was also expelled for being passionately opinionated and extremely dramatic.)  So when I learned that Wold Newton favorite Micah S. Harris, also a friend of our show, was a fan of Liv & Maddie, I had to take the opportunity to get him to talk about Disney Channel shows, just after talking Philip Jose Farmer.  Probably one of my favorite moments on the show.

TVCU #35 - Felissa Rose

We met Felissa Rose at Scare-A-Con, but didn't get a chance to interview her there.  Chris was a huge fan, and so I made this interview happen.  Felissa, both at the con and on the show, was just so excited to talk to us.  So much so that she cut out during the show because she was pacing while telling us about her new film.  It was such a pleasure having her on the show.  Yes, I've been called out that she really had nothing to do with our crossover theme.  I don't care.  It was worth having her on.

TVCU #36 - Erik Burnham: Tobin's Spirit Guide

Erik said in his first interview that when Tobin's Spirit Guide came out, he'd come back on the show, and I held him to it.  Actually, he was very happy to come back on and wished he could have come on sooner, but as I said, we were booking guests a few months ahead.  We came across a copy of Tobin's at Scare-A-Con, before it was officially out, and I sent Erik a picture of Ivan and I with the book, with an invite, which again he responded to quickly.  This time, Ivan was able to make it onto the show, and I was so happy about that.  Since James and I had interviewed Erik the first time, we let Ivan and Chris do most of the talking this time around.

TVCU #37 - David MacDowell Blue

This is the beginning of the era where we started trying to get each co-host to pick a guest for that month, and I do believe this was Chris' first pick.  David is a long time friend of the TVCU.  I had once done another TVCU podcast, and David was my frequent call-in guest.  David also created our first TVCU logo.  But what we got on the show was a really delightful and insightful, in-depth discussion on Carmilla.  

TVCU #38 - Stranger Things

Some of our co-hosts think this was one of our best.  I thought it was a little disappointing, mainly because we spent less time on the crossovers than I would have liked.  And Ivan's call kept fading in a and out, which was frustrating because he had a lot of great insights to share that weren't heard.  What I did like about this episode particularly was that I finally found a way to get Patsy the Angry Nerd, part of the Grand Guignol family, onto our show.  All the other shows in the network have a lot of crossover.  I myself had been on Trick or Treat Radio and Unchayned before we even recorded episode 1 of our podcast.  So it was great to finally get someone from the network on the show.  I had known Patsy through the Trick or Treat Radio community, and finally met him in person at Dynamo Marz' party some time before, where we spoke for hours.  At that time, I had invited him on to talk at some future date about a crossover subject of his choice, which was going to be Futurama.  But as I said, we book ahead. It ended up being fortunate that we had just chosen at the last minute to do this discussion episode after another guest cancellation, and then seeing Patsy's online comments about Stranger Things crossovers on Facebook, led to fortunate circumstances.  Had I not left the show, I had planned to have all of the hosts of the other Grand Guignol shows on, with Dynamo Marz the next on the invite list to help promote the release of the 2nd edition of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.

TVCU #39 - Matthew Dennion & Josh Torrito

Matt returns and brings along his artist.  I love Matt.  But Chris and I were the main proponents for him coming on the show, so I'm not sure if he'll come back again, but I will continue to follow him and his work for sure.  I was not aware of it, but this would be my last regular episode...

After this point, I left the show.

I've explained part of the reason.  I've posted on Facebook and James read an announcement in episode 40. There were numerous things that were all piling up on me.  I had to take on a part time job and between that and my health issues, I was tired.  I didn't have the time to do all the research for every guest.  Remember that I started this show thinking it would be mostly discussions.  But the show took a life of its own and decided it was going to have authors on every week and I needed to read a lot of books.  And I'm a slow reader.  And then in an evening when I was feeling really overworked and underappreciated, one thing too many happened, and in a moment of spontaneous anger, I handed the show over to James and walked away.  

I immediately regretted it.  And many people tried to get me to reclaim the show.  But James Bojaciuk has been my right hand man for this and many other projects and he was better suited to host the show that it had become.  And I really wanted to see what he would do with it.  And he hasn't let me down.  Sure, I send him private messages grumbling once in a while about little things, but it's mostly that I'm just grumbling because he's not doing it my way, but he shouldn't be.  I gave him the show.  He needs to put his stamp on it.  It should feel different.  

So one thing that I didn't expect was that Ivan and Chris were going to leave.  I was very disappointed that this happened.  James has replaced them with excellent choices.  So I am happy with new Chris (M.H.) and new Ivan (Ben).  Sorry, guys, that's who you are in my mind.  But clearly you are also you and you bring you to the show.  The show is different now with new personalities, but it is also still the same show.  Same format, except for a few tweaks.  Same great guests.  Still too much Arrowverse talk, but that's never going to change.  

The first few guests after I left were guests that I had booked, but in the past few episodes.  But now my scheduled guests have all gone through, and now I'm no longer involved in the scheduling.  

I was also still funding the show for a bit.  You may have noticed when James took over, it was still "Super Entertainment Presents", and now it's "18thWall Presents".  Along with my part-time job, and measly royalties, my primary income comes from disability, and for a couple months a paperwork snafu caused me to stop getting paid,  So I had to turn over the final thing that I was holding onto to continue to be part of the show.  

For a while, I was hinting at a potential new podcast, one that would reunite Ivan and I (and for a while, Chris) to just do fandom discussions.  We even were in talks with the Grand Guignol Network to have them carry the show.  But that above mentioned financial snag ruined that too.  

So now, other than being credited at the end of each episode, and owning the names "Television Crossover Universe", "TVCU", and "TVCU Crew", have nothing to do with the show.  And I'm so very sad about that.  

I really, really miss it.  Ironically, my finances now are better than ever, and Ivan and I would love to jump into a discussion podcast, but now we don't have a network, and I lack any skills to independently run a podcast without the technical ability.  

Chris, Ivan and I will be returning to the TVCU Podcast for a special reunion episode that will air on December 20.  I think it will be very cool to have both Crews together.  I love the new Crew.  I still listen every week.  I'm a fan.  But I sure miss it.  

I am so grateful to James for carrying on what I started, and applaud him on what he's done in the last fifty, and especially the last ten, and I look forward to listening every Tuesday at work.

However, if someone out there wants to put me behind a mike again, I'm really, really ready.  Just don't give me a lot of books to read.

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Super Entertainment Presents: 50 Episodes... The Rest of the Story

First, stop reading, go over to the right hand column, and listen to episode 50 of the podcast.  You can even hit play and read and listen at the same time if you have that skill.

James, M.H. and Ben did a tribute to the first fifty episodes of the show.  It was a great tribute, but it was missing something.  Me!!!

The show was a bit biased to the perspectives of the three current hosts, two of which weren't so much there for the first forty episodes, so I feel I must add this complimentary companion post to supplement the episode.

So.  1978, driving cross country with my parents, Laff-A-Lympics comic.  You know all that stuff.  You know about the notebooks.  You know about the Wold Newton Group.  You know I met Ivan, James and Gordon there.  You know about the book club and Hannah Montana.

And you know that I wrote a book.  It was the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  And that's where this story begins.

My uncle Joe was helping to promote the book.  He had a friend.  He told that friend about my book. That friend became obsessed with my book.  And he happened to be Dynamo Marz, co-host of Trick or Treat Radio.

I got to be interviewed on that show, my first celebrity moment.  I was so frickin' nervous.  In order to be less nervous, I started listening to the show to know what I was getting into.  I really love their show.  And so I became a regular part of their community of fans.  They do live shows on Wednesday nights and that became part of my regular schedule.  And they have a live chat during their shows, and I became friends with their fandom community.  Thanks to Trick or Treat Radio's Monster Zero (and a little bit to David Chappelle), I even got a special introduction every time I showed up.

Not long after that, their show was expanding into a network of podcasts, the Grand Guignol Network.  And so there I was, listening to their show on a Wednesday night, while doing some writing on another project, when I hear Dynamo Marz say that it would be great if I had a show on the network, and Johnny Wolfenstein, the network producer agreeing.  I immediately messaged Johnny.  "Were you serious?"

And that's how the show began.

Immediately after it was confirmed that they weren't making a joke, I reached out to the "TVCU Crew".  Up to this point, the TVCU Crew were the contributors to the website.  That name now applies to both website contributors and podcast hosts.  Others who join in on our Facebook discussions are part of the extended TVCU Crew.

I knew I wanted this show to be an extension of the website and books.  What I wanted the show to be was a lot of discussions like we have in the Facebook group, with occasional interviews with guests who have somehow contributed to the larger shared universe, writers and filmmakers, on the rare occasions when someone might agree to be on our new show.

And I knew from the beginning I needed to have James and Ivan with me.  They have been my Spock and McCoy for the entire life of the website, and they both know the TVCU concept well, while being fans of different aspects.

They both said yes right away, and so it was now time to start planning out the shows.  My initial plan was to send out many guest requests, expecting them to be ignored.  "Aim high.  Expect low." was my motto.

So the show was meant to be mostly discussions because I expected that nobody would want to be on our show.  After all, we are nobodies.

If you follow the show, you'll know that a whole lot more guests said yes than I would have ever expected, and that changed the direction of the show.

So that brings us to...

TVCU #1 - Simon R. Green

Our very first episode, and best-selling author Simon R. Green said yes.  Are you kidding me?  Talk about pressure.  Ivan couldn't make it to our first night of recording.  (We record two shows every other week, which we then release on a weekly schedule, despite the illusion of a live show).

I was so scared, but somehow, we pulled it off.  As James mentions in episode 50, we were way over prepared with questions.  But Simon was such an amazing guest.  He was humble and charming and insightful, and loved to talk, and we loved to listen.  I still argue this was James and my best interview.  We just went back and forth with the questions in such a natural manner, changing up our questions based on the answers Simon gave us.  I've loved all our interviews, but that one has always been my favorite.

TVCU #2 - Erik Burnham

Erik was actually the first guest to say yes.  I sent him a message on Thanksgiving 2015, and he responded within an hour.

I was sad that Ivan, our own Ghostbuster, had to miss the first Ghostbuster themed episode, but fortunately we were able to get Erik back on, as he promised, so that Ivan could ask his questions.

This was also the first episode where the interview didn't fill the full time, and we ended with an improvised crossover discussion.  I really liked doing those, but over time, most interviews went the full length of the show, which is why it was great when we occasionally didn't have a guest, because it gave us an hour to do a crossover discussion.

TVCU #3 - Chris Nigro

And then the puns.  I joke that after our first two impressive guests, I was just going to have my friends on the show from that point on, now that we had people hooked.  Chris indeed was a friend, as well as a published author who writes crossovers.  I didn't know at the time that Chris would become popular, so much so that I would invite him to come on as a regular co-host not long after.  This was also Ivan's first episode, even though he was invited as a founding co-host.

TVCU #4 - James Bojaciuk

James doesn't like this one.  I do.  It was my idea that each co-host should get their spotlight, since we are all published authors.  (Actually, I wasn't going to give myself a spotlight, because I felt every show was my spotlight, but Ivan eventually talked me into it.)  We got to learn James' secret origin here, and this was Chris' first guest co-hosting duties, since James was guest.

TVCU #5 - M.J. Starling

Our first playwright.  This was a short one.  He is a great writer, but he only did one crossover.  It was a Carnacki crossover.  I didn't realize until James pointed it out to me a few months later, but we were developing a Carnacki theme based on my scheduling.  Green wrote a series that was a legacy to Carnacki.  James wrote an essay connecting Carnacki to Zarnack, which we discussed.  And now M.J. Starling.  And several more Carnacki authors would be scheduled before this was brought to my attention.  Almost half our guests had some Carnacki connection.

TVCU #6 - Micah S. Harris

What can I say?  This was the fist time we ran out of time and still needed to ask more questions.  This is the first guest that we booked his second appearance immediately after wrapping up the first interview.  And he's been on three times as guest and a couple times as a guest co-host.  I love Micah.  We share several unique fandoms.  He's a great writer and loves crossovers, and he's just pleasant to chat with.  This is the first episode also where I recognize another scheduling pattern that wasn't intentional.  Most of our guests have cool accents.

TVCU #7 - William Meikle

This was our first really bad interview.  William Meikle is a great author, another Carnacki guy, and he was a great guest.  We were terrible.  We had technical issues that made us start late.  A snowstorm kept Ivan away.  And we kept mispronouncing the guest's name.  It's Me-Kill, by the way.

TVCU #8 - Janet. L. Hetherington

This was my best interview, and I adore this guest.  James was there, but I did all the talking with Janet.  She's a Superman expert, a geek girl, writes comics, and she gets how to do proper crossovers between television shows.  This was my favorite interview primarily conducted just by me.  I hope that someday if I ever have another show, that I can have her back on with her husband and partner, Ron Sutton.

TVCU #9 - Kevin T. Heim

This was a very cool experiment, and I'm not going to tell you why.  You'll either get it or you won't.  Chris came back as co-host for this and the next episode, in what was basically his audition.

TVCU #10 - Matthew Dennion

Chris returned as co-host, and completely coincidentally, I had no idea that Chris was such a huge fan of this guest before I set this up.  Chris and Matt are now friends who have hung out in person, and I love that I helped with making that happen.  This episode led to Chris' getting asked to become a regular weekly co-host, and we've been fortunate to have Matt return on the show again.

TVCU #11 - Nicole Petit

Up to this point, our first episode with Green was the top rated show.  Nicole Petit, a very new author working with 18thWall, and a special friend of James, blew that away and has remained the top rated show at least until I stepped down from the show.  (I don't see the stats anymore.)  I should point out that up to this point, I had been choosing all the guests for the show, and the guest were all authors who had written something in the past decade that was referenced in my Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  We got this show on the network based on the merits of the HCE, and so I felt an obligation to tie in the book to the show until we got established.  This was the first guest chosen by James.  And she was so delightful and fun.  And again with the accents  She was also part of a pattern in which we seemed to have had on our show or plugged almost every author who would later that year win a New Pulp Ark Award.  Turns out we can pick the winners.  Nicole would come back as guest and guest co-host.

TVCU #12 - Robert E. Wronski, Jr., or the one where the host is the guest

One of my least favorites, but it was part of a deal I had to make with Ivan to get him to do a previous episode with Kevin T. Heim.  Chris spent a lot of time asking me questions that had nothing to do with anything I've ever worked on, and wouldn't stop pressing me for answers to those questions for many minutes, and that was awkward.  Chris was still honing his interview skills at that time and over time he really became quite skilled and so because he has conducted so many great interviews since, I feel safe to mention this early bad interview without too much scorn.  This was also the only episode where Ivan introduced the episode.

TVCU #13 - Micah S. Harris Part II

Remember how I said I didn't epect any guests to say yes?  Well, at this point, we were booking guests months ahead of time due to our popularity, and so it took us seven weeks to get Micah back on.  This was our first and only time we did a movie review.  Ivan gave us a review of Dark Water, as part of a network wide cross promotional event.

TVCU #14 - M.H. Norris

And then she came in, and took over the Crew...

Another special friend of James whom James chose for the show, and another delight.  And she won an award right after the show.  She also invited herself to come back to guest co-host.  She really did become the first member of the TVCU Crew to invite herself into the Crew, and I'm so glad to have her.  If you still listen to the show, and I hope you are, you know that M.H. (Don't call her M.) is now the regular co-host of the show and she's such a pleasure to listen to on every show she's been on, starting with this one.  (She's not the first podcast Crew member to not have worked on the website though.  That would be Chris.)

TVCU #15 - Of Monsters and Heroes

Our first full hour of discussion.  We started talking about Universal Horror, ended up talking about super-hero movies (as we tend to do), and somehow moved that back into Universal Horror.  I really loved this episode, and it was one of our higher rated shows, letting me know that we should do it more often.  This is what we started the show to do after all.  This also happens to be the first episode where a guest cancelled on us at the last minute, and pretty much every discussion episode we did was a last minute replacement of a guest who cancelled.

TVCU #16 - Jerre Winsborrow

He sounds like Ray Romano, but he draws a series of crossover comics based in horror.  And he gave me a free comic, which I passed on to Chris, because Chris by this point had truly mastered his interviewing skills and saved a show with amazingly insightful questions on the process of writing and art on a night when my interviewing skills were a flop.

TVCU #17 - Murray Ewing

Another of James' choices.  Though his crossover work was small, this was such a great interview.  Murray Ewing has done it all, and his writing is superb.

TVCU #18 - Peter Rawlik

Ivan chose his first guest, and then couldn't make it.  Damn you, real world job!!!  Peter is a wonderful guest, and has become, like Micah, a wonderful friend of the show.  He has come on again, and from what I've heard, may be coming on more regularly to talk classic detectives in recurring discussion episodes.

TVCU #19 - Tim Lebbon

James said this one didn't stand out for him, but as he pointed out, it remains a fan favorite.  Tim Lebbon wrote a book that became a movie with Nicolas Cage, and has written in the worlds of Alien/Predator, Star Wars, X-Files, and more.

TVCU #20 - Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch

This was M.H.'s first guest co-hosting duties.  Probably our most people packed episode with five co-hosts and two guests.  Besides a book (now two) and website, this pair also had a great podcast that had been not recorded for sometime, but shortly after this episode, they returned to doing their podcast  Coincidence?

That's it for part I.  I'm splitting this into two parts because the links slow down the page.

Thanks to Joe Wronski, Dynamo Marz, Johnny Wolfenstein, Ivan Schablotski, James Bojaciuk, Chris Nigro, and all those who listen.

Remember, everything happens somewhere.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Damn it's Good to be a Gangster: The Kingpin in the TVCU

      The underworld will now be run like a Business.. and the Chairman of the Board will be ..The Kingpin!-- Wilson Fisk

September 1988 to September 1989--Police Academy: The Animated Series-- In Many Episodes Officer Carey Mahoney Battle the Kingpin and  His Council of Crime

May 1989--The Trail of the Incredible Hulk---Wilson Fisk  the Kingpin of Crime Battles Daredevil  and the Incredible Hulk. He also appears to have grown a beard and his Hair out.

To Quote Robert on this one "Spring 1995--BATMAN/DAREDEVIL: KING OF NEW YORK(2000)--The two vigilantes team again, this time against the Kingpin, the Scarecrow, and the Catwoman. The Kingpin here is like his Marvel counterpart. The Scarecrow is not the original, but an obsessed "fan." And the Catwoman here is a former secretary who after a near death experience, loses it and turns to crime."

July 1995--Crime Wave video Game (1990)--The Kingpin and the Forces of M.O.B. Kidnap the President's daughter. However their plot goes awry thanks to crime fighter Lucas McCabe. the Kingpin Seemingly Dies here but I believe he fakes his death and starts operating more underground to rebuild his Empire.

 1996--Marvel VS DC/DC VS Marvel Trading Card Set--Wilson Fisk and Lex Luthor go to war.

Early 1997--Marvel Vs WildStorm Trading card set-- Wilson Fisk and Lord Emp leader of the WildC.A.T.S. go to war.

Late 1997--Batman & Spider-Man: New Age Dawning--Batman and Spider-Man Team up to Take on The Kingpin and Immortal Eco Terrorist Ra's al Ghul

2011--Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds--Following an attack on Earth by the being known has Galactus that was Stopped by a large team up of Heroes and Villains.  Interpol agent Chun -Li  Arrests the Kingpin for his many crimes.