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Plan 9

Every Thursday (or so I try), I post excerpts from the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, related to a particular series from film or television.  I'm running out of subjects.

However, watching Bride of the Monster tonight (for the first time!) inspired me to do a little research.  First, I want to say, Ed Wood gets a lot of flack, but I really enjoyed Bride of the Monster.  Lugosi was excellent.  What prompted my research was that Lugosi's character seemed a bit too close to the Universal Dracula, and I thought there may be an intentional connection, but sadly, no.  Just an homage of sorts.  But in that research, I discovered a shared reality (actually two).  Sometimes I post here TV or film crossover connections that create a shared realty that isn't TVCU related, and I started this research thinking that's what I'd be doing, but as seen below, these are indeed in the Horror Universe/TVCU.

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1955--BRIDE OF THE MONSTER--A mad scientist who resembles a certain Doctor Leighos but is not attempts to create an army of atomic supermen.  This film features recurring characters Lobo (played by Tor Johnson) and Patrolman Kelton (played by Paul Marco).  Available on Hulu.

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1957--THE UNEARTHLY--Mad scientist hoping to find a way to extend life spans experiments on patients with lesser maladies.  While the other films listed here are Ed Wood films, this one is not.  However, this film also features Tor Johnson as Lobo, once more the lead villain's henchman.  Lobo just seems to have a knack for serving evil masters.

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1959--PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE--When Earth scientists come close to creating a terrible weapon of destruction, aliens raise the dead to stop the bomb's completion.  This film features Paul Marco as Patrolman Kelton.  Bela Lugosi appears in the film, despite being dead.  (Well, the movie is about raising the dead).  He plays a man who dies, and is resurrected by aliens, to become "Ghoul Man" according to the credits, but he's clearly Dracula.  Since the plot synopsis calls the raised dead both zombies and vampires, it's tempting to say that this was actually the Universal Dracula soul clone, Armand Telsa, aka Doctor Leighos.  Very tempting, indeed.  Tor Johnson is not Lobo in this film.  He plays Inspector Clay, who dies and becomes a zombie.  Vampira plays "Vampire Girl", and I'm pretty sure since the character of Vampira (actually played by Maila Nurmi) is already a fictional vampire, this may be Vampira, being controlled by the aliens.  Vampira has played Vampira, a vampire of another name, or an unnamed vampire type also in IF WINTER COMES, ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS, MY HERO, THE RED SKELTON HOUR, THE VAMPIRA SHOW, VAMPIRA RETURNS, VAMPIRA, PLAYHOUSE 90, TOO MUCH, TOO SOON, THE BEAT GENERATION, THE BIG OPERATOR, I PASSED FOR WHITE, SEX KITTENS GO TO COLLEGE, THE MAGIC SWORD, POPULATION: 1, DRY, I WOKE UP EARLY THE DAY I DIED, and NO WAY IN.  Available in RiffTrax version on Hulu.  Note that the aliens' speech about their motivations is very similar to that of Klaatu from THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.  Both instances involve alien intervention to stop the Earth from becoming a threat to itself and the universe, and these aliens are representatives of a larger galactic government.  Was Klaatu's plan called Plan 1 perhaps?

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1959--NIGHT OF THE GHOULS--A phony spiritualist raised the dead.  This film features Lobo (Tor Johnson) and Patrolman Kelton (Paul Marco).  The lead villain is Dr. Acula, yes, meant to be Dracula, but sadly was not played by Bela Lugosi, who unfortunately passed at this point.  I suspect that Lugosi would have been cast, and if that had happened, I probably would have had a stronger case to presume Dr. Acula was the Universal Dracula.  This Dr. Acula should not be confused with the fictional character created by Doctor John Dorian on SCRUBS.

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1960--THE NAKED MONSTER--A prehistoric monster escapes from a glacier.  This film was made on a bet.  It was a 21 year long project finally released in 2005.  It' was made to parody old 1950s B movies, and featured characters from other films that were spliced into this original story.  This includes Patrolman Kelton (Paul Marco) from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, Col Patrick Hendry (Kenneth Toby) and Dr. Carrington (Robert O. Cornthwaite) from THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, Major Allison (Robert Clarke) from BEYOND THE TIME BARRIER, Professor Bradshaw (Robert Shayne) from INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, Helen Dobson (Lori Nelson) from REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, Dr. Sylvia Van Buren (Ann Robinson) and General Mann (Les Tremayne) from WAR OF THE WORLDS.  The connections to War of the Worlds and Revenge of the Creature pull all the films in this chronology into the Horror Universe/TVCU.  This raises a problem with bringing in the Thing from Another World, a film adaptation of a story that already exists in the TVCU (Horror Universe) but took place about two decades before the film version.  However, it seems that the characters from the 1950s film have different names than those in the original story, so this could have been similar events that took place in the same timeline.  (The TVCU has been known to have such coincidences.)

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1964--CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY--Actually, in the 2005 remake, the Oompa Loompas salute Wonka in the same manner as the alien salute from Plan 9.  I haven't seen any crossover links to the original story in the TVCU, but I'm going to assume that they exist, and thus presume that the original story from 1964 is in the TVCU, but I'm assuming that the Oompa Loompas of all the divergent timelines probably have a similar origin still, and we might presume that the Oompa Loompas may originate from outer space.

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1985--DEAD END--A director learns of a town currently overrun by zombies and chooses to film his next movie there.  Two of the undead are Inspector Clay and Vampira from Plan 9.

1993--PLAN 69 FROM OUTER SPACE--So apparently Plan 69 was for the aliens to kidnap sexy female rocket scientists for sexy stuff.

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1994--THE X-FILES--"E.B.E."--A witness describes a UFO as being cigar shaped.  This is a common description by real world witnesses as well, but I believe this to be a reference to the eye witness account given in Plan 9 from Outer Space.

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1995--PLAN 10 FROM OUTER SPACE--A woman uncovers an alien plot for world domination.

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1995--THE CRITIC--"All the Duke's Men"--One of the zombies in this episode is Inspector Clay from Plan 9.

1996--PLAN X--Presumably Plan 10, another alien invasion on a pacific island.

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1999--WILD ZERO--In Japan, aliens use zombies to mount an invasion.

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2004--PAPER MARIO:  THE THOUSAND-YEAR DOOR--Peach sends Mario on a quest to find the thousand year door.  The "X-Naughts" of this game use the same alien salute from Plan 9.

2012--SLAYGROUND--Two witches, mother and daughter, who must have longer lifespans, have killed one victim every decade since the 1920s, and have trapped their souls inside their home, so they can apparently kill their souls and then feed off of the souls.  John Johnson directs and plays Officer Kelton.  Watch it here.  

2015--PLAN 9--Remake of Ed Wood's film by John Johnson, who also reprises the role of Officer Kelton.  This film is different enough to be in the same timeline.  Basically, in the original Plan 9, aliens were just trying to stop humans from being destructive with the use of three undead vampires/zombies/ghouls.  This time, it's an alien invasion in the same time, with a much larger scale zombie army raised.  Since the army contains this invasion like in the original film, to the one town, I'll accept it in the main TVCU/Horror Universe.

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2015--INSECTULA!---A giant alien mosquito comes to Earth.  Lobo returns, now played by Joel Thingvall but intended to be the same character.  Seemingly long lived or immortal, one must wonder if one of his previous masters had given him eternal life?

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2042--UNDER A KILLING MOON--P.I. Tex Murphy faces off against a religious cult.  Plan 9 type spaceships are referenced.

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31st Century--FUTURAMA--"A Fishful of Dollars"--Professor Farnsworth had the same plan as Professor Vornoff from BRIDE OF THE MONSTER.

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