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The Munsters

December 15, 37 to June 9, 1968--Life of Nero.  Grandpa claims to have known him, even though he wasn't born (according to his tombstone) until 1367.

Late 5th to Early 6th centuries--Life of King Arthur.  Grandpa claims to have known him, even though he wasn't born (according to his tombstone) until 1367.

September 8, 1157 to April 6, 1199--Life of Richard the Lionheart.  Grandpa claims to have known him, even though he wasn't born (according to his tombstone) until 1367.


1162 to August 18, 1227--Life of Genghis Khan.  Grandpa claims to have known him, even though he wasn't born (according to his tombstone) until 1367.  It was revealed later that Grandpa had a time machine, so he likely used it often to go back in time and meet his "heroes".


1367--Birth of Vladimir "Sam" Dracula, Count of Transylvania, better known as Grandpa.  He is born in Romania.

1385 to 1389--MUNSTERS TODAY--"Never Day Die"--Grandpa goes to college in Transylvania, where he first meets his college roommate, Leonard the skeleton.

1588--Grandpa claims to be 378 years old in Munsters episode "Grandpa's Lost Wife", which aired in 1966.  But his tombstone claims he was born in 1367.  Could be he's a liar.  Could be he's a time traveler, explaining how he met some of those folks who lived before he was born (or again, liar.)  Could be he was born in 1367, then became undead in 1588, but that still wouldn't explain how he lived for 221 years before being turned.  In the 1991 episode of Munsters Today, "It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To", he claims to be 402, which would sync with this date of birth.  In that episode, the family does indeed also have a time machine, which they use to bring Grandpa's friends from the past to the party, so that helps explain some things.  Grandpa and others often reference directly or allude to that he is THE Dracula.  Probably isn't, for TVCU purposes.  But he probably was a soul clone, and probably one of "Dracula-Prime"'s worst soul clones.  See my blog posts on the Universal and Hammer Dracula, or my book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, for more on the soul clone theory as it works in the Horror Universe and TVCU.  The soul clone theory was created by Chuck Loridans for the MONSTAAH website.  Grandpa can turn himself into wolves, bats, and the usual things that Dracula can do.  At one point, he required pills for such transformations, but other times he was able to do so at will.  Grandpa sometimes casts a reflection and sometimes doesn't.  The Universal Dracula, Armand Tesla, had the same problem.

1815--Creation of Herman's brother Johann, in Germany.


1815 to around 1850--Creation of Herman Munster at the University of Heidelberg.  He was created by Doctor Victor Frankenstein, who of course also created the original monster.  His twin brother Charlie was created at the same time.


1827--Birth of Lily Munster, daughter of Sam "Grandpa" Munster and his 166th wife, Grandma.  Lily has a brother Lester, who is a werewolf.

Sometimes not long after 1850--Herman leaves Germany for England.  He is adopted by the Munsters of Munsters Hall, a noble family of Shroudshire, England.

Also after 1850--Herman's younger brother Frank is created.  This of course is not the original Frankenstein monster, despite the implication.  Herman also has a sister Elsa, who resembles Universal's Bride of Frankenstein.  Her age is unknown.  She later married Mr. Hyde.

Before 1865--Herman leaves England and moves to Transylvania.

1865--Lily marries Herman.

Drawing of a man with a pulled-up collar and pulled-down hat walking alone on a street watched by a group of well-dressed men behind him

1888 to 1891--The reported crimes of Jack the Ripper.  Grandpa claims to have known him.

1939--The Phantom Creeps--Evil Scientist Dr. Zorka tries to take over  World using  Doomsday Weapons of his Design but Really doesn't Manage to do much before dying 

Release Date: 1941 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Wolf Man (Universal)
The Story: After his brother dies, Lawrence Talbot returns to his family home where he has a strained relationship with his father. Larry saves a girl in the forest and finds himself bitten by something, to which later he finds himself transforming into a werewolf. Talbot is seemingly killed by his own father when he attacks the very girl he had saved prior and had become romantically involved.

Notes: However, as most reading this likely know, you can’t keep a good werewolf down. Talbot will find he can’t die, and will spend several continuing films and novels trying to end his curse and find a way to die. This film follows Son of Frankenstein and is followed by The Ghost of Frankenstein. This film was remade in 2010. This film has been “non-cross” referenced in such films as The Castle of the Monsters, The House of Terror, and Munster, Go Home! It has also been spoofed in such shows and films as Scooby-Doo Where Are You, The Ghost Busters, and The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t.

Sometimes before the mid-1940s and prior to the end of World War II--Grandpa, Herman and Lily move to America and adopt Lily's sister's daughter, Marilyn. Herman and Lily become U.S. citizens, but Grandpa is there illegally. Herman enlists in the U.S. Army, fighting in WWII. Despite being illegal, Grandpa finds a way to vote in elections. He votes Republican. This may be part of his soul clone traits, as, according to the Simpsons, at least one other version of Dracula is also a Republican.

Count Dracula

Sometimes after the war--Herman is hired as a box boy at Gateman, Goodbury and Graves funeral home in Mockingbird Heights.


Around 1946--Marilyn Munster is born. She is in college when the Munsters aired. Marilyn is the daughter of Mister Hyde and Elsa, Herman's sister. She has her mother's last name, implying that Elsa was also adopted by the Munsters as was Herman, and that Marilyn was born out of wedlock. At a very early age, Marilyn left Transylvania where she was born, and sent to the Munsters in America. Though her parents were allegedly the Hyde monster (who is the transformed Jekyll) and an undead reanimated Frankenstein monster, Marilyn kept in her room the picture of an Eastern European peasant woman. I believe that Elsa must have used this peasant as a surrogate, since she couldn't have a child, or, Hyde, being who he was, had an affair, and the peasant is Marilyn's real mother, explaining her normalness and beauty. In the early stages of the show's development, Marilyn's last name was Mundane. I like to think that was the last name of the peasant. It should be noted that Marilyn's father is not the original Hyde. He is Norman Hyde, alter ego of politician Brent Jekyll. As described in the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, there have been many members of the Jekyll family who have taken the Hyde formula.

Eddie Munster with his werewolf doll "Woof-Woof".

Mid-1950s--Lily gives birth to Eddie. Herman is the father!

The Munsters title card.png

1964 to 1966--THE MUNSTERS--The story of an unusual family of monsters living in an American suburb.

September 1964--MUNSTERS--"Munster Masquerade"--Not an actual appearance.  There is a man dressed as George Washington as a costume party.

December 1964--MUNSTERS--"Sleeping Cutie"--Marilyn is placed under the same spell as Sleeping Beauty.

December 1964--MUNSTERS--"Family Portrait"--A reporter and a photographer are sent by a magazine to take a photo of the average American family, the Munsters. They arrive while only Marilyn is home. The fat jumpy one continues to spot weird activity, but the thin arrogant one seems to miss it each time, as he's too busy putting the moves on Marilyn.

1965--IT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING BABY--Herman Appears  on this Music Special hosted By Murray the K

April 1965--THE RED SKELTON HOUR--"Freddie Meets the Munster"--Hobo Freddie the Freeloader meets Herman Munster.  

April 19th 1965--MARINELAND CARNIVAL--The Munsters visit MarineLand 

November 1965--SALUTE TO STAN LAUREL--Fred Gwynn appears as Herman Munster.  Every other celebrity appears as themselves.  Herman is the only crossover.  This is a tribute to the real Stan Laurel, not the fictional character discussed in Television Crossover Universe:  Worlds and Mythology Volume I, "Flintstones Forever: The Bedrock Anomaly".  

September 2nd-5th  1966 The Munsters  attend the 12th Annual  NHRA Nationals

March  16th 1966---THE DANNY KAYE SHOW--"The Munster-Dracula Report"--Herman meets Another Dracula Soul Clone. 

June 1966--MUNSTERS GO HOME --Herman calls for help from Batman.

1966--MUNSTERS TODAY--Point of divergence. In Munsters Today, the Munsters end up in suspended animation from 1966 to 1988, so all the stuff between then on this timeline shouldn't have happened. It's my theory that because Grandpa is a time traveler who mixes science and magic, somehow to divergent paths both took place in the same timeline, so while the Munsters' lives continued, their doppelgangers were dormant in the basement until 1988.

The Addamses and the Munsterses BnW by LexiKimble

February 1970--BEWITCHED--"George Washington Zapped Here"--Esmerelda pulls George Washington from the past.  President Washington also appears in THE MUNSTERS, THE MUPPET SHOW:  SEX AND VIOLENCE, VOYAGERS, WILD WILD WEST, FUTURAMA, TIME SQUAD, and AN AMERICAN CAROL.

October 1973--THE ABC SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE--"The Mini-Munsters"--Eddie, now a teenager, forms a rock band with his younger cousins from Transylvania, Igor and Lucretia.  


Release Date: September 10, 1977 - September 8, 1979

Series: Laff-A-Lympics
Animated Series Crosses: Scooby-Doo!; Yogi Bear; The Mumbly Cartoon Show; Dynomutt; Captain Caveman; Speed Buggy; Jeannie; Hong Kong Phooey; Huckleberry Hound; Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks; Hokey Wolf; Yakky Doodle; Quick Draw McGraw; Snooper and Blabber; Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy; Wally Gator; Grape Ape; Snagglepuss; It’s the Wolf!; Jabberjaw; Peter Potamus; Flintstones
The Story: The Hanna-Barbera characters compete regularly in various sporting events.
Notes: Every episode of the series was a crossover between all the major series owned by Hanna-Barbera. The three teams that compete are the Scooby-Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys and the Really Rottens. Scooby-Doo is the team captain of the Scooby-Doobies. Scooby-Doo first appeared in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?, which began in 1969. The Scooby-Doobies consisted mostly of characters from Hanna-Barbera’s mystery solving teen group of cartoons. The team roster was Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Scooby-Dum, Dynomutt, the Blue Falcon, Captain Caveman, Brenda Chance, Taffy Dare, Dee Dee Skyes, Speed Buggy, Tinker, Babu and Hong Kong Phooey. Shaggy Rogers also debuted in 1969 in Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? He is Scooby’s owner. Scooby-Dum is Scooby-Doo’s cousin, who first appeared in the Scooby-Doo Show in the 1976 episode “The Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul”. Dynomutt and the Blue Falcon originated from Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, which debuted in 1976. Captain Caveman, Brenda, Taffy, and Dee Dee originated in Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, starting in 1977. Speed Buggy and Tinker originate from Speed Buggy, that first aired in 1973. Babu is from Jeannie, which began airing in 1973. Finally, Hong Kong Phooey is from the cartoon of the same name that began in 1974. Some of the members of this team have met before this series and some would meet again after this series ended, but for the most part, the series that combined to make the Scooby-Doobies continued to stay separate for the most part, thus it still makes sense to count them as crossovers whenever they interact with each other. Yogi Bear is the team captain of the Yogi Yahooeys. Yogi Bear first appeared in his own segment in The Huckleberry Hound Show in 1958. The Yogi Yahooeys consisted of characters from Hanna-Barbera’s anthropomorphic funny talking animals group of cartoons. The team roster was Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo Bear, Cindy Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Pixie, Dixie, Mr. Jinks, Hokey Wolf, Yakky Doodle, Quick Draw McGraw, Snooper, Blabber, Augie Doggie, Doggie Daddy, Wally Gator and Grape Ape. Boo-Boo Bear also debuted in also debuted in 1958 in the Yogi Bear segment of The Huckleberry Hound Show. Cindy Bear first appeared in the Yogi Bear Show in the 1961 episode “Acrobatty Bear”. Huckleberry Hound originated from The Huckleberry Hound Show, which debuted in 1958. Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks originated in their own segment in The Huckleberry Hound Show, starting in 1958. Hokey Wolf originates from his own segment in The Huckleberry Hound Show, that first aired in 1960. Yakky Doodle is from the Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy segments of the Huckleberry Hound Show, debuting in the 1960 episode “Gone to the Ducks”. He would later spin-off into his own segments on the Yogi Bear Show. Quick Draw McGraw originated from The Quick Draw McGraw Show, which debuted in 1959. Snooper and Blabber originated in their own segment in The Quick Draw McGraw Show, starting in 1959. Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy originated in their own segment in The Quick Draw McGraw Show, starting in 1959. Wally Gator originated from his own segments of The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series, starting in 1962. Finally, Grape Ape is from The Great Grape Ape Show that began in 1975. Unlike the Scooby-Doobies, the members of the Yogi Yahooeys would regularly appear together even beyond this series. From this point on, the members of this team would become supporting cast members in cartoons that feature Yogi Bear. For that reason, any crossovers after this point between members of the Yogi Yahooeys will not be listed, just as I do not consider crosses between members of Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Universe” after the debut of Disneyland and the Mickey Mouse Club, or between Looney Tunes characters after the debut of the Bugs Bunny Show. Mumbly is the team captain of the Really Rottens. Mumbly first appeared in The Mumbly Cartoon Show in 1976. The Really Rottens consisted of original characters (except for Mumbly), though most of the roster were based on other villains that had previously appeared in Hanna-Barbera cartoons. The team roster was Mumbly, Dread Baron, Dinky Dalton, Dirty Dalton, Dastardly Dalton, Mr. Creepley, Mrs. Creepley, Junior Creepley, Orful Octopus, the Great Fondoo, Magic Rabbit, Daisy Mayhem and Sooey. Mumbly is almost identical to Muttley, who first appeared in 1968’s Wacky Races. Dread Baron is identical to Dick Dastardly, who also debuted in 1968’s Wacky Races. In the Marvel Comics’ continuation of Laff-A-Lympics, it’s said that Dick and Dread Baron are twin brothers. Using this logic, it could be that Muttley and Mumbly are also twin brothers. The Dalton Gang are original characters based on real life brothers of the 19th century who were infamous bank and train robbers. The Creepleys were a family modeled after the Gruesomes, who were neighbors of the Flintstones. The Creepleys were modeled after the previous Hanna-Barbera creations, Mr. & Mrs. J. Evil Scientist, as well as live-action series, the Addams Family and the Munsters. The Great Fondoo was an evil stage magician. Finally, Daisy Mayhem is a bad girl redneck, who seems to be modeled after Moonbeam McShine from Li’l Abner, and also seems to be a bad guy counterpart of the Teen Angels and the Pussycats. Most of these villains would show up in later Hanna-Barbera cartoons as bad guys. The show’s hosts were Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf. Snagglepuss is from his own segments of the Quick Draw McGraw Show, starting in 1959, while Mildew is from the It’s the Wolf! segments of the Cattanooga Cats, which began airing in 1969. Jabberjaw and Peter Potamus were frequent guest judges. Jabberjaw is from his own series that debuted in 1976. Jabberjaw takes place in the future, but based on how time works in the Cartoon Universe, he seems to easily visit the 20th century. Peter Potamus also comes from his own show that debuted in 1964. Fred and Barney from the Flintstones also show up from time to time as guest commentators. See my comments for the Flintstones for how Fred and Barney often show up in the 20th century.

October to November 1979--THE HALLOWEEN THAT ALMOST WASN'T--John Schuck plays the Frankenstein Monster. He later plays Herman in the Munsters Today. This can't be Herman since Herman-1 is still played by Fred Gwynn, and Herman-2 is in suspended animation. But it's well known by this point that Herman had lots of brothers and cousins, many who looked just like him, and this is probably one of them.

The Munsters' Revenge Poster

1981--THE MUNSTERS' REVENGE--When a wax museum owner attempts to frame the Munsters for pulling a jewelry heist, they must both prove their innocence and find out the true thieves.

May 1986--THE A-TEAM--"The Little Town with an Accent"--Murdoch is posing as a gas station attendant when a customer comes in asking for directions to Mockingbird Lane, which of course is where the Munsters live. 

October 1987 to Fall 1989--SUPER SCARY SATURDAY--Grandpa gets a job hosting a show on TBS as a horror host. 

1988--BEST OF THE MUNSTERS--The  doppelgangers of Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn take over TBS and recall some of there Favorite Memories. The doppelgangers of Herman and Lily are on Vacation 
1988 to 1991--THE MUNSTERS TODAY--This show actually lasted a year longer than the classic it was based on.  So basically, in 1966, the Munsters went into suspended animation when Grandpa's spell goes wrong.  This contradicts all the stuff seen on this timeline from 1966 to 1988.  However, since Grandpa used science and magic, and because he was also a time traveler, I theorize that though the Munsters Today would have been on TVCU-2, somehow, both versions coexisted in the same main TVCU timeline.  While they were slumbering in suspended animation, somehow they also didn't do that, and continued their lives!!!

1989--MCDONALD'S--A whole bunch of characters show up at the fast food restaurant, including Grandpa Munster, Ed Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies), Maxwell Smart (Get Smart), Eddie Haskell and June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver), and Gilligan (Gilligan's Island).

1991 to 1992--HI HONEY, I'M HOME--This series involves a family moving to a new town where only a child neighbor realizes this family was featured on an old TV show.  In fact (from the TVCU point of view), this family had been the focus of an early reality show, and were now trying to live a quiet life.  June Clever and Eddie Haskell have made appearance on this show.  Other former reality show stars appear on this series, including Alice and Trixie of THE HONEYMOONERS, Granpa of THE MUNSTERS, Alice the maid from THE BRADY BUNCH, Sally Rogers of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, Mr. Mooney of THE LUCY SHOW, and GOMER PYLE of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (and his own series.)

April 5, 1992--WRESTLEMANIA VIII--According to Bobby "the Brain" Hennan, the Undertaker and Paul Bearer vacation at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the home of the Munsters.

My Grandpa Is a Vampire Poster

1992--MY GRANDPA IS A VAMPIRE--Lonny is a boy from California who visits his grandpa in New Zealand, and learns that he is a good vampire.  The vampire is Vernon Cooger, played by Al Lewis, and pretty much the same exact character.  So here's the thing.  Grandpa was a time traveler.  In 1966, there was a point of divergence, in which, according to Munsters Today, the Munsters went into suspended animation, reviving in 1988.  But of course, the Munsters had other stories following the original series, including movies, beyond 1966.  I think that somehow, both things happened in the same timeline, due to Grandpa's mix of science and magic.  I think that they went into suspended animation, and didn't, in the same timeline.  I think Grandpa somehow created time duplicates that coexisted in the same timeline.  So since this was a point where the sleeping Munsters had come back, the version of Grandpa who didn't go into suspended animation and the other family members had to go into hiding, with assumed names.  So I think Vernon Cooger of New Zealand was Grandpa Munster hiding out.  Lonny probably was his nephew, probably the son of the Marilyn who also didn't fall into suspended animation.  


October 31 to November 1, 1992--MIDNIGHT MUTANTS--Grandpa Munster is kidnapped by Doctor Evil (!) and turned into a pumpkin.  It's up to his grandson Jimmy Harkman to save him.  Likely Jimmy is also Marilyn's son, and Lonny's brother.  Marilyn must have married a man named Harkman in the timeline in which she wasn't placed in suspended animation.  

The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas Poster

December 1996--THE MUNSTERS' SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS--Based on the ages, particularly Eddie, this would be the Munsters Today, despite having a new cast playing the characters.  

August 1998--DRAGULA MUSIC VIDEO-- Singing Zombie Man Rob Zombie   Releases his Song  Dragula about   Grandpa Munster's Dragster.  In the Video he drives around in the Munster Koach he also has some how gotten his hands on Dr. Zorka's Killer Robot from The Phantom Creeps.

December 1998--THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY--"Christmas with the Addams Family"--Santa appears.  See my Addams Family blog for how this series fits in the TVCU.  Santa also appeared in a Munsters Christmas special.

2001--ABLAZE--According to a dispatcher, some boys playing with matches started a fire at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  

2002 to 2012--MACABRE THEATRE--The older version of Eddie Munster becomes a horror host.  

2004--BIKINI A GO GO--Two characters are now living at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  

October 2004--A FIELD GUIDE TO MONSTERS:THIS BOOK COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.Grand Pa and Herman are listed in the 2004 edition of this  book originally Written by Abraham Van Helsing.
February 2005--DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES--"Oprah Winfrey is the New Neighbor"--Wisteria Lane was once Mockingbird Lane!!!  New neighbors move into the house at 1313 formerly owned by the Munsters!

Ivan in the Addams backyard
Chester and Wedneday Addams
JUN - SPLITTING ADDAMS- Ivan travels to Belfry, New Jersey to investigate some weird sightings, and comes across the home of the Addams Family. He seems to fit in well with them, even helping them play a prank on Sam Dracula, an inventor from California that had developed a rivalry with Gomez Addams some years earlier. When Sam's son in law arrives from Mockingbird Heights CA to retrieve him, a feud starts which culminates in the Addamses learning that Ivan is the host to the Anti-Logic, and threaten to have him cremated to prevent him from tainting "legitimate witchcraft".
Herman and the Drag-U-La
Cousin Itt
The Addams Family originated in comic strips by Charles S Addams in THE NEW YORKER Magazine in 1938, made their way to television in 1964, and began appearing in feature films in 1991, along with books, cartoons, specials, and other tie-in media and merchandise. Sam Dracula was better known as Grampa onTHE MUNSTERS, a show that first aired in 1964, and was also the source of the son-in-law, aka Herman Munster (though some sources claim Herman in the same monster created in the film YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN).

2007--SHADOW PUPPETS--In the personal files, some characters are said to have lived on Mockingbird Lane.

Christmas Eve  2009--TWISTED METAL 4---Rob Zombie Enters the Twisted  Metal Tournament Driving the Munster Koach.   

May 2010--WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE--"The Good, the Bad, and the Alex"--The City Hall of the Wizarding World is at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  Though Mockingbird Lane is now Wisteria Lane, I'm sure some still call it by its original name.  Sense the wizarding world isn't really a geographical place, but rather a pocket realm that exists on a separate plane, it could be that in the same place, but not physically in the mortal world, the former home of the Munsters is indeed city hall for at least the American wizards.  

2010--TWILIGHT VAMPS--A character is told the person he is looking for is at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  

October 2015--THE TODAY SHOW--Herman and Lily show up on the Today Show to tell Al Roker about their show's reruns, which for TVCU purposes usually defaults to the Munsters being a reality/documentary series of some sort probably.


MONSTAAH--MONSTAAH uses a theory that discards most of the in-story continuity to place the Munsters within the Wold Newton Universe (or Crossover Universe). In their version, well, let me just post their entry: 1964--USA, The League of Anti-Diabolists makes its first attempt at rehabilitating the creatures we observe. They did so by choosing a few ideal candidates amongst the ranks of the world's classic monsters. The League makes a family unit of monsters headed by one of Dr. Peter rederick Frankenstein’s Monsters (possibly distinct from the one whom Frederick Frankenstein initially created, as chronicled in Mel Brooks' and Gene Wilder's report YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN), who is given the forename Herman, and the surname Munster (reflecting the wry humor of some of the League members). Herman acts as kindly and buffoonish as Frederick Frankenstein's first Monster, due to having received the same loving acceptance during the formative portion of his life, and learns to speak clearly and read competently, though he isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the kitchen, to use an apt metaphor. He also has a tendency to inadvertently misuse his superhuman strength in often embarrassingly destructive ways.* The rest of the Munster household consists of the following individuals: Herman's wife Lilith, usually referred to by her nickname "Lily," is the dhampiric daughter of the failed, eccentric soul-clone Dracula-Grimpod; Lilith’s father, Dracula-Grimpod himself, who is affectionately referred to as "Grandpa"; an orphaned boy by the name of Edmond Glendon, usually called "Eddie" by the family, who has inherited a perpetual form of lycanthropy from his cursed lineage;** and young League member Marilyn Krogh, a social worker who lives with the Munster family under the guise of Herman and Lily's "niece," in order to secretly keep tabs on their progress and preserve them from the clutches of Dracula-Prime or any other unsavory elements from the usually dangerous world of monsters. Dr. Marylin Krogh is eventually accepted as a loved member of the family. Adopted as a pet by the family is a fire-breathing dragon partially tamed by the League, whom the Munsters name Spot. With financial resources donated from various orgs associated with the League, a large house on the appropriately Gothic Mockingbird Lane is purchased for the Munster family to live in. This project was deemed successful by most standards. Grandpa is given a laboratory in the home's ample basement area to conduct his various loony experiments so as to keep him occupied (under the watchful eye of Ms. Krogh, who doesn't always do the best job of keeping things from getting out of hand); Herman is given a decent but typical blue-collar job under the auspices of supervisor Clyde Thornton (also secretly a rather churlish associate of the League) to earn a legitimate living for the family; and Eddie is enrolled in a local public school to receive a conventional education. Though the family often causes inadvertent scares wherever they go, their non-threatening disposition, assisted by covert handling of the local government and business district by influential members of the League, enables them to live as normal a life as a family of monsters could be expected to have in modern society.*** Other occasional reformed or harmless monsters of various sorts are treated as "family" by the Munsters from time to time, since they are a novel example of the League's success in this area. This includes a civilized and articulate member of the extremely rare Gill Man family of monstrous amphibious humanoids; and an apparent descendant of Erik, the original Phantom of the Opera, who is afflicted with a similar form of congenital deformity but is apparently more eccentric than truly dangerous to humans. Regarding the creation of Herman Munster, Grandpa has made certain claims that he constructed his man-made son-in-law. Another recorded account, however, has Herman actually communicating with a member of the Frankenstein clan, who described creating him. Most likely, this individual whom Herman was speaking with was Dr. Frederick Frankenstein. It's quite possible, however, that Dracula-Grimpod aided and abetted Frankenstein's work, and his claims of having constructed Herman entirely himself are nothing more than narcissistic exaggerations. On some occasions in the late 1980s, the Munsters were visited by a vampiric crone who presented herself as Grandpa Munster's "Mother." It's unlikely that this was the real mother of the elderly scientist/inventor who became Dracula-Grimpod, but more likely an old woman who was vampirized and later reformed by the League of Anti-Diabolists, who presented her to the Munsters to become an occasional but still treasured part of their extended family unit. Interestingly, Grandpa also spent some time working as a horror host during the years he was supposed to have been in suspended animation. However, he may have been briefly and temporarily released from his suspended state by the Powers That Be, and then returned to it when his purpose as a horror host was fulfilled. * It should be noted that Prof. Chuck Loridans conjectured that Dr. Frederick Frankenstein's Monster from Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks' report and Herman Munster are one and the same; similarly, he concluded that the woman called Elizabeth in Brooks' report who fell in love with this particular Monster was one and the same as Lily Munster. This may certainly be possible, though Prof. Nero proposes an alternate theory based on his own viewing of the evidence, i.e., that Frederick Frankenstein may have actually created two separate Monsters who have a significant degree of both similarities and differences. The differences in appearance between the Monster depicted in the screen version of Brooks' report and Herman Munster (who much more resembled Henry Frankenstein's Monster)--including a zipper (!) on the former's throat that was nowhere in evidence on the latter--could be attributed to descriptive error on the part of either report, of course. However, other differences between the two man-made monsters are quite notable, which would require the argument that one or both reports are heavily flawed to reconcile them as the same Monster. The most glaring bit of evidence in the opinion of Prof. Nero to suggest the theory that Dr. Frederick Frankenstein may have created at least two, rather than one, Monster is the fact that Brooks' report alleges that Frederick conducted a procedure that utilized his own brain chemistry to somehow cure his first (suggested) Monster of his brain damage, thus greatly enhancing his intelligence. Hence, this Monster's new impressive intellect and articulate mien is certainly not in evidence in any definitively verified report of Herman Munster, who has no more than average human intelligence, and in fact is quite buffoonish and absent-minded. More research should be conducted, of course, and researchers and MONSTAAH agents are certainly more than free to draw their individual conclusions until when or if this matter is ever fully resolved. ** Perpetual Lycanthropy Disorder is a rather rare variant of the cursed affliction coined by Prof. Steven Pertwillaby, in which the afflicted typically remains in a permanent state of transformation into one of the four major lycanthrope phenotypes, regardless of the phases of the Moon or time of day. They may be born in such a condition, or they may belong to a particular breed of lycan where they start out as a human but suffer a permanent metamorphosis once the transformation is complete, whether this completion takes mere minutes, or occurs much more gradually, e.g., over the course of weeks or even months. These individuals may maintain their full human intellect and personality, with their bestial side usually subsumed (unless they lose their temper or are subject to certain mystical or chemical stimuli), or their bestial side may be fully dominant. Also, there are some lycanthropes of various breeds that may normally switch between human and lupine forms who later, for various reasons, eventually develop Perpetual Lycanthropy Disorder by becoming trapped in one of their lupine phenotypes. A few notable examples of this unusual lycanthropic condition other than Eddie Munster includes Tara Talbot, whose story was told in Lori Lansens' report WOLF GIRL (a.k.a., BLOOD MOON), and likely other individuals who were alleged to be afflicted with the genetic disorder hypertrichosis; Louie Talbot of the Monster Cops, whose exploits are chronicled in the ongoing series of online reports by Chip Zdarsky; and Canadian sisters Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald, whose tragic story was told in John Fawcett and Karen Walton's file GINGER SNAPS. The lycan phenotype exhibited by Tara Talbot was, like Eddie Munster, of the Glabro variety, though Eddie's form seemed almost entirely non-hirsuite, and more like those exhibited by some primals while in the midst of rage. The phenotype taken on by the Fitzgerald sisters was of the Hispo variety, but evidently this entire breed of werewolf exhibits a gradual transformation into a perpetual form of entirely bestial lycanthropy; this breed is evidently well established in the far northern regions of the North American continent, which includes several specimens located throughout Canada, and possibly having made its way into some of the northernmost areas of the United States by the present time. For a professional illustration depicting the five different forms that lycanthropes typically appear in, courtesy of White Wolf, go here. Further research needs to be conducted on the perpetual form of lycanthropy, and the staff of MONSTAAH is expecting our resident werewolf expert, Prof. Pertwillaby, to take up the task in the future. *** The Munster family's misadventures during the 1960s have been chronicled in the series of reports titled THE MUNSTERS by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, as well as the single report, MUNSTER, GO HOME!, where they meet some unscrupulous members of Grandpa's original family from England (whose surnames were mistakenly given in the report as "Munster"). Another alleged report of the family, this one by Norm Liebmann and Ed Haas, that occurred at an unknown date, is entitled THE MUNSTERS' REVENGE. At some point in the late 1960s, an experiment by Grandpa in cellular suspension went wrong and the entire family were placed into suspended animation for two decades, after which they awakened in the late 1980s. They then resumed what passes for their normal lives with the assistance of the version of the League of Anti-Diabolists that existed then (obviously, a new job had to be found for Herman), and their newer exploits were chronicled by Liebmann and Haas in a series of reports entitled THE MUNSTERS TODAY. Liebmann and Haas have subsequently compiled two other reports, entitled HERE COME THE MUNSTERS and THE MUNSTERS' SCARY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, but their level of veracity is currently unknown. As yet, the crew at MONSTAAH hasn't figured out the strange report chronicled by Norm Liebmann and Bryan Singer entitled MOCKINGBIRD LANE. However, the present theory is that this version of the Munsters wasn't the Munsters at all, but a bogus family of impersonators brought together by the soul-clone Dracula-Valberg, who gave himself the alias of "Sam Dracula" and took up residence in the Munsters' home during one of their extended absences circa 2012. See entry for 2012 for more on this.

Dracula-Grimpod (better known as Grandpa Munster). Photo courtesy of League of Anti-Diabolist Archives.


Here Come the Munsters (TV Movie 1995) - Plot Summary Poster

TVCU-2--HERE COME THE MUNSTERS.  In this reboot, the Munsters first come to America from Transylvania in 1995.

Mockingbird Lane - Pilot

TVCU-3:  Technically Munsters Today would have been in the TVCU-2, if not for the weird time glitch theory.  But I have to place the recent reboot, which is such a very different interpretation, in the Threebootiverse, also known as the Smallville Universe or the West Wing Dimension.  (And soon, Smallville will officially join the DC TV Multiverse in next year's Supergirl/Flash second crossover event!!!)

TVCU-69--Events of THIS AIN'T THE MUNSTERS XXX take place here.


UNAIRED PILOTS--In the original pilot, Herman is married to Phoebe, not Lily.  Phoebe is more of a goth girl, who too closely resembled Morticia Addams.


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