Saturday, June 4, 2016

Scare-A-Con Update

Today was an amazing day. Ivan Ronald SchablotskiChristofer Nigro and I realized the better plan was for us to go out and hunt down celebrities. Today we hung out with Adrienne Barbeau, Sean Whalen, Felissa Rose, Butch Patrick, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff (the MST3K guys are going to be on our Scare-A-Con episode!!!), James Lorinz (who compared us to vaudeville, Cid Caesar, and the Three Stooges), Greg "the Hammer" Valentine, the Deadites, the hosts of the Dorkening (and I was on their show!), the Big Scary Show, Dark Discussions, the Massachusetts Ghostbusters, Decimated Designs, Lisa Cavalear of Happy Kitty Studio, David Zagorski of Mad Z Productions, Jenny IsmePatrick Rahall of Elm Street Kids Movie Club, lots of cosplayers and fans and many more.
Since my truck broke down, I was forced to stay overnight in Springfield, so thanks to our crowdfunding sponsors Christofer Nigro and Jeffrey M. Aresty that was made possible. Otherwise, today and tomorrow wouldn't have been possible.
Tomorrow I will be on a panel, and we will be recording a podcast episode from the con with many celebrity guests!!!

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