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1930-1938--Mafia--Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven--In the City of Lost Haven. Tommy Angelo raises thru the Ranks of the Salieri crime family before betraying them.

1938-- Mafia 2 Mobile-- Marco Russetto Travels to Empire Bay and works for the Falcone crime family. (Note Empire Bay was Called  Empire City in Early Previews for Mafia 2 so I'm counting them has the same place)

 March 1942--Police Comics #8--Donald Richards becomes the First Man hunter and Battles Crime in Empire City 

April  1942--Paul Kirk Battles Crime in Empire City has the Second man Hunter 

World War 2 to present  --Michael Chabon Presents the Amazing Adventures of the Escapist-- Tom Mayflower known has the the Escapist Battles The Iron Chain while based in Empire City

 1943 to 1951--Mafia 2-- In Empire Bay Vito Scaletta raises  thru the Ranks of the Falcone crime family.

1946--Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven--Tommy Angelo is released form Jail and Movies to Empire Bay under and Assumed Name under assumed name.

1946-1951 --Joe's Adventures--While Vito Scaletta is in Jail Joe Barbaro uncovers what's really going on with Clemente crime family in Empire Bay 

1948--Funny Man 1-6--Television comedian Larry Davis becomes the Costumed Crime Fighter Funny man and Battles Crime in Empire City  

1950's--The Betrayal of Jimmy/Jimmy's Vendetta-A  gun for Hire Named Jimmy Gets Revenge on those who Wronged him in Empire Bay  

1946-1951 --Joe's Adventures--While Vito Scaletta is in Jail Joe Barbaro uncovers what's really going on with 

1951--Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven/Mafia 2--In Empire Bay Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro kill Tommy Angelo for being a rat 

1964 To Present--Big Bang Comics-- After an accident with a  Project Gemini spacecraft Chris Kelly  Becomes Ultiman   Battling Crime with the Roundtable of America while Based in Empire City 
1968--Events of Mafia 3--In the City of New Bordeaux Vietnam War Veteran Lincoln Clay Battles Mobster Sal Marcano with help form Vito Scaletta among others

1975--1st Issue Special #5--Mark Shaw becomes the 3rd Manhunter 

1976--Secret Society of Super-Villains-- A Clone  of Paul Kirk becomes the 4th Manhunter  and joins the Secret Society of Super-Villains

1995--Manhunter Vol 2 #0--Chase Lawler Becomes the 5th Manhunter and fights crime in Star City

1998--Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit--Illegal street races  Break out in Empire City 

1999--Need For Speed High Stakes PC version --Illegal street races continue in Empire City 

2002--JLA 61--Kirk Depaul thew last Clone of Paul Kirk becaomes the 6th Manhunter and Joins the Super Hero for Hire Team the Power Compny  

2004--Manhunter Vol 3 #1--Kate Spencer becomes the  the 7th Manhunter and fights crime in L.A.

2010 InFamous--Bike Messager Cole Macgrath Electronical Powers and  Uses them to Defends a quarantined  Empire City Follow the Empire Blast 

2010--InFamous: DC Comics--Cole Macgrath Continues to Defend Empire City  

2011--inFAMOUS 2--Empire City is Nearly Detrasyed By the coming of the Beast Before it is finally Taken Down by Cole Macgrath in New Marais. Thou it Seems Cole Dies in the Process 

2011 Sometime during Infamous 2--Infamous Festival of Blood--Cole  Macgrath Battles Vampires in New Marais

2011--Holy Terror-- The Fixer Battles Al-Qaeda  after they attack Empire City (Not I find this book to be both Racist and poorly written but I'm including it for the sake of completion)

March 2012--Street Fighter X Tekken-- Cole Macgrath Sseemingly Not Dead Searches for Pandora's Box . Street Fighter X Tekken is a Crossover between the Street Fighter and Tekken Franchises Cole Was a Guest Fighter in the PS Vita version of the Game. 

November 2012--PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale-- A Time displaced Cole  Macgrath  Battles other Time displaced Heroes and villains while trying to Stop Polygon Man who is a Thret to all Reality.  PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a crossover between many PlayStation Franchises. 

2013--Steven Universe--Empire City is Shown Quite Often a place Steven and his dad would like to visit 

November 2015--Crime City Mobile Game-- A Gang War Breaks out in Empire City 

Early 2018-- InFamous: First Light--Abigail 'Fetch' Walker Uses Her light based powers to  survive on  the Streets of Seattle

Late 2018--inFAMOUS: Second Son--Delsin Rowe uses his Fire Based powers to Battle Department of Unified Protection in Seattle

2020--C.O.P.S.--"C.O.P.S. Central Organization of Police Specialists. Fighting crime in a future time. Protecting Empire City from Big Boss and his gang of crooks."

Sometime in the Future--Sonic Unleashed--to Save the World form Dark Gaia Sonic The Hedge Hog Travels the world. including a stop over in Empire City  

The 30th Century--Big Bang Comics --The Pantheon of Heroes Defend the Universe based out of Empire City   

Alternate Timelines

The Cartoon Universe-- Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse fight crime in Empire City which is home to anamorphic animals

Not Another Spoof Universe--SuperHero movie--.Rick Riker Becomes the Super Hero Dragon Fly

TVCU 3-- The bad Ending for Infamous  and inFamous Anarchy happen here 

Earth B --Big Bang Comics--4 F reject Chris Kelly Become Ultiman and Joins the Knights of Justice and later the National Guardians

Silver Age Sentinels--Where Empire City Exists in place of New York City 

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