Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The city by the Bay. No the other one: Bay City in the TVCU

1934 to 1959-- Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe Stories-- P. I. Philip Marlowe  Solves Crimes in Bay City.

1959--Destroy All Humans!--Furon  Cryptosporidium-137 and  Orthopox 13  Travel to Earth to Rescue   Cryptosporidium-136 and ends up Battling the American Branch of  Majestic 

1964 to 1999--Another World--A soap opera about the lives of the Citizens of Bay city 

1969--Destroy All Humans 2--While trying to Stop he KGB and the Sworn enemies of the Furons the Blisk  Cryptosporidium-138 must Save Bay City at one ponit during this adventure 

1970 to 1976--Somerset--A Spin off of Another World about Missy Palmer Matthews,Lahoma Vane Lucas,and Sam Lucas moving form Bay city to the fictional town of Somerset Michigan

1974--The Rockford Files "Exit Prentiss Carr" P.I Jim Rockford Travels to Bay City on a case ends up involved in murder

1975--Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed-- Cryptosporidium-138 Must Defend his Big Willy fast food Restaurants  form   the Evil  Colonel Kluckin and make sure no one finds out that  his Big Willy burgers are actually made with corpses 

1975 to 1979-- Starsky and Hutch-- Bay City police detectives David Michael Starsky and Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson Solve crimes in Bay city with the Help of their confidential informant  a pimp Named Huggy Bear

1979-- Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon--Cryptosporidium-139 Must Battle Nexosporidium Warriors and Follow the Path of the Furon to achieve enlightenment. This goes has well has you'd think  

1980 to 1982--Texas--A spin off of Another World where Iris Wheeler moves form Bay city to Houston to be with her Son Dennis.

1983--Bay City Blues--A show about Bay city's minor league  baseball team   the Bluebirds 

June 1992--Another world Summer Desire--A prime time  Special   episode of Another world all about the love lives of the Citizens of Bay City

1992 to 1997--Renegade-- Bay City Undercover cop  Reno Raines is Framed for a Murder  other Corrupt cops and must Work has a bounty hunter until he can clear his name.

1993--Green Lantern (vol.3) #37-- Green Lantern Hal Jordan Attends the Bowl Between the Bay City Gold-Miners and the the Mudville Maroons. The game is interrupted by attacking Demons Who Hal and Fellow Hero Guy Gardner Team up to stop them

1993-1994--Cobra-- Ex-Navy SEAL Robert "Scandal" Jackson, Jr.  Works for the anti-crime agency Cobra battling criminals who escaped the Justice in Bay City. I believe in the TVCU that Cobra is a front for G.I. Joe's Famous Enemy who are using  Scandal to eliminate  the other criminals of Bay city to take over the Bay City underworld

2008--Bay City--Two Bay City detectives get caught up in a money laundering scheme gone wrong 

2016--Moros: A Hard Boiled Hero-- Detective Edward Knight becomes the vigilante Moros and battles crime in Bay City

2016--Mech-X4--Four Bay City  high school students use the giant  robot Mech-X4 to protect Bay City  from Giant  Monsters 

2384--Altered Carbon-- In Bay City 250 years after his Death  Ex-Soldier Takeshi Kovacs is Brought back to life to Solve the Murder of one of the Universes Richest Men Laurens Bancroft.

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