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The Science of Imagination:the Disney Science Comedies in the TVCU

This Picture has nothing to do with anything I just find it funny

1910--Disney Kingdoms: Figment 1 thru 5(2014)-- A Young inventor named Blarion Mercurial later known has the Dreamfinder attends the Academy Scientifica Lucidus and invents the Integrated Mesmonic Converter. He ends up in the land of Imagination where he meets The Imaginary Creature known has Figment, This 2014 comic Shows the origins of The DreamFinder and Figment from Epcot's Journey into Imagination ride. Mathamgicland from Donald in  Mathamgicland  is mentioned.

1936--Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981)--Adventurer archaeologist IndianaJones finds the Ark of the Covent.It later ends up in the same warehouse has Wayne Szalinski's Shrink ray.  

Halloween, 1939, 8:05 pm --The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror-- Child Star Sally Shine, Her Nanny Emmeline Partridge, aspiring actress Caroline Crosson, her Date Gilbert London, and bellhop Dewey Todd, Jr. broad an Elevator at the Hollywood Tower Hotel to go to the Tip Top Club. They Never arrive when the Building is struck by lightning and they disappear mid ride. this causes Hollywood Tower Hotel to fall on hard times.

1953--The Adventures Of Superman.The man who could read minds--Superman Battles a group of villains based in the Tip Top club. The Tip Top Club was formerly based atop the Hollywood tower Hotelthe events of Halloween 1939 caused the management to find a new location.

1959--Donald in  Mathamgicland--Donald Duck finds himself in Mathamagicland. He handles it with all the Calm we've Come to expect from him.

1959--The Shaggy Dog (1959)---Young  Wilby Daniels gets a ring that curses him into Turning into a Sheep dog at random.This movie is set in the Town of Medfield home to Medfield College.

1959--The Twilight Zone "Escape Clause" Walter Bedeker sells his Soul to a Demon named Cadwallader in Exchange for immortality. Believing he'll never die and never have to ay up this does not go as planned. Cadwallader  also inspected the Elevators at the Hollywood Tower Hotel likely leading to the events of Halloween  1939

1960--The Twilight Zone "The Fever" On a trip to Las Vegas Franklin Gibbs meets up with an evil living slot machine leading to his Death. The slot Machine ends up in the Hollywood Tower Hotel

1960--The Twilight Zone "The Prime Mover"-- Small-time gambler Ace Larsen Teams up with telekinetic Jimbo Cobb to cheat at Gambling. the Slot Machine from the Fever appears 

1960--The Twilight Zone "a Nice place to Visit--A Small time Hood finds himself in the other place. the Slot Machine from the Fever appears. I didn't plan this it just worked out this way 

1960--The Twilight Zone A passage for a Trumpet--Joey Crown is a down-on-his-luck trumpet player who, after a suicide attempt, finds himself in a state of “limbo” where he cannot be seen or heard by others.He is Saved By the Angel Gabriel and his trumpet later ends up the Hollywood Tower Hotel

 1960--The Twilight Zone--The After Hours-- A woman is shopping for a gold thimble – and she finds it on the mysterious non-existent ninth floor of a downtown department store. The gold thimble ends up in in the Hollywood Tower Hotel

1960--The Twilight Zone A world of his Own--Gregory West finds he can bring people to life by describing them and then destroy them by destroying the Tape including his Wife Victoria and Rod Serling. The envelopes containing the descriptions for Victoria and  Rod Serling end up in The Hollywood Tower Hotel

1960--The Twilight Zone "Nick of Time"--Don and Pat Carter come to the town of Ridgeview Ohio and Encounter the Mystic Seer fortune telling machine. the Mystic Seer fortune telling machine later ends up in the Hollywood Tower hotel.

1960--The Twilight Zone "a Thing about Machines"Bartlett Finchley abuses machines so they get their revenge. two of theses machines an electric razor and a type rider find thier way to the holly wood tower hotel 

1961--The Twilight Zone "The Invaders" U.S. Air Force Space Probe No. 1 ends up on The Land Of The Giants where it's destroyed with all hands by one of the giants. It's Remains along of the bodies of its crew end up in the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

1961--The Absent Minded Professor--Prof. Ned Brainard invents an anti-gravity substance known has Flubber which businessman Alonzo Hawk wants for himself. This Movie is set at Medfield College a reoccurring setting in Disney science films

1961--Twilight Zone "Long Distance Call"A child talks to his dead Grandmother using his Toy phone. This Phone later ends up in the Holly wood Tower hotel 

1961--The Twilight Zone It's a Good life--six-year-old Anthony Fremont Jr. uses his godlike powers to isolate his home town of Peaksville Ohio the rest of the Universe and to terrorize the townsfolk. His grandfather Anthony Fremont Sr. Was the conductor for the Tip top club's orchestra

1962-- The Twilight Zone --"To Serve Man" An Alien Race known as the The Kanamits make contact with Earth to Seemingly to help Humanity. They, however, Turn out to be less than altruistic when it turns out to To Serve Man is a cook book  a copy of To Serve later ends up in the Hollywood Tower hotel

1962--The Twilight Zone "Little Girl Lost" ---A portal opens in little girl's   room causing her to become lost in another Dimension. She is rescued by her father.   Another portal to this Dimension would open at the Hollywood Tower Hotel(likely due the walls between reality being thin  thanks to the events of Halloween 1939)  trapping another little girl who is not as lucky 

1963--Son of Flubber--Prof. Ned Brainard finds himself in even more Trouble when he invents Flubberglass. This Movie is set at Medfield College a reoccurring setting in Disney science films.

1963--The Twilight Zone "The Living Doll"--an Abusive Step-Father runs afoul of a living Talky Tina Doll. This Doll  later ends up in the Hollywood Tower hotel

1964--The Misadventures of Merlin Jones--Merlin Jones a highly intelligent Midvale College student invents a mind reading device.

1964--The Twilight Zone "Ceaser and me" Failed Ventriloquist Jonathan West and his living Dummy Little Caesar go on a Crime spree.West ends up in Jail Little Caesar you guessed it ends up in The Holly wood Tower hotel 

1965--The Monkey's Uncle--Merlin Jones Must Save the Midvale College football team by inventing an honest way to cheat and get a large donation given to Midvale by inventing a man Made Flying Machine.

1968--The Love Bug--Down on his Luck Race car Driver Jim Douglas luck turns around   when he befriends sentient Car Herbie.

Between 1968 and 1971--The Super Bug Series--In theses German rip off Films Herbie becomes a secret agent teaming with James Bonds little Brother Jimmy Bondi

1969--The Computer Wore Tennis shoes-- Medfield College  student  Dexter Riley becomes a human computer when he is stuck by lighting while Repairing Medfield College's new computer.

October 1st 1971---The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World--Herbie Gives Buddy Hackett a Ride on the Tomorrowland Speedway 

1972--Now You See Him, Now You Don't-- Medfield College  student  Dexter Riley  invents an Invisibility formula which he uses to Save Medfield College shutting down

1974--Herbie Rides again--Alonzo Hawk old foe of Flubber inventor Prof. Ned Brainard tries to build the 130-story Hawk Plaza in San Francisco. But Runs afoul of Herbie the Love Bug.

1975--The Strongest Man In The World--Medfield College student  Dexter Riley gains super-strength which he uses to Save Medfield College shutting down yet again.

1976--Return of the Shaggy Dog(1987)--Wilby Daniels now a successful lawyer has proposed to his Girlfriend just has the cruse that turns him into a sheepdog at random resurfaces. (This movie was made in 1987 set 20 years after the original which would be 1979. But that doesn't work because Betty and Wilby already married in the Shaggy D.A. so I' m swapping  the years)
1977--Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo--Herbie the Love Bug and Jim Douglas take part in Trans-France Race.

1979--The Shaggy D.A.--Wilby Daniels runs for the D.A. of Medfield while once again under a cruse that turns him into a sheepdog at Random

1980--Herbie Goes Bananas--Herbie and Jim Douglas's Nephew Pete Stancheck battle Thieves in Mexico. 

March 1982 to April 1982--Herbie The Love Bug TV Show--Jim Douglas and Herbie have retired from racing and work has Driving instructors 

October 1982--The Today Show--The Dreamfinder and Figment appear on the Today show to talk about the opening of his Imagination! Pavilion at the Epcot

March 3 1983--Journey Into Imagination (theme park ride)--The Dreamfinder and Figment show some guests around the Dreamport.

 April 18th 1983--Disney Channel Launch Countdown--The Dreamfinder Helps launch the Disney Channel.
December 25th 1984--Disney World Christmas Parade--The Dreamfinder and Figment show off some Christmas wishes.
1989--Honey, I Shrunk the Kids--Wayne Szalinski invents a Shrink Ray and accidentally Shrinks his kids.

1989 to 1991 --Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show(1997–2000)--The continuing adventures of the Szalinski family. The penultimate episode "Honey, I Shrink, Therefore I Am" ends with Diane announcing she's pregnant Showing that the show takes place in-between the first and second movies.

1992--Honey, I Blew Up the Kid--Wayne Szalinski trying to make an enlarging ray accidentally enlarges his 2-year-old son Adam who then rampages thru Las Vegas.the Ark Of The Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark appears.

January 1994--MARRIED ...WITH CHILDREN--"Sofa So Good"  the Citizens of Wanker County have a Copy of TO  SERVE MAN   Which Al  is horrified learn is a cookbook.

1994--Honey, I Shrunk the Audience(Theme park Ride)--Wayne Szalinski is Getting the Imagination Institute's  innovator of the year award when of course this go awry and he Shrinks the Audience.

1997--Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. Once again Wayne Szalinski's  Shrink Ray goes awry and he ends up shriking himself,His Wife,his Brother and sister in law,

1997--Flubber--Professor Philip Brainard  of Medfield College finds an even more powerful Version of Flubber.

1997--The Love Bug (1997)--Herbie takes on his Evil counterpart Horace the Hate Bug.

Oct 1st 1999--Journey Into Your Imagination (Theme Park Ride)--Dr. Nigel Channing tests out his Imagination scanner on guests of the Imagination Institute.

June 2nd 2002--Journey Into Imagination With Figment--Dr. Nigel Channing holds an open house at the Imagination Institute only for Figment to ruin it.(the Third Version of this Ride includes shout outs to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films, The Dexter Riley Films, The Merlin Jones Movies, the Shaggy Dog Films,and Flubber)

2003--The twilight zone (2002) "It's Still a Good Life--Anthony Freemount's Daughter Audreyreturns peaksville ohio to the world.

2005--Herbie Fully Loaded--Herbie gets a new owner  Maggie Peyton and joins the Nascar circuit. 

2005- Disney's 50th Homecoming Celebration commercial-- Herbie Gives Micky and Goofy a Ride

August 9th to the 11th 2013--D23 expo--the Dream Finder and Figment attend the D23 Expo 

2015--Disney Kingdoms: Figment 2  1 thru 5-- picking up where Disney Kingdoms: Figment leaves off The Dreamfinder and Figment finds themselves 100 years in their future where they met the Dream Finder's great-great-great grandniece Capricious Harmony and battle his evil alter ego the DoubtFinder. Before departing for parts unknown(thou it's likely they Traveled back in time this explains the Dream Finders and Figments other appearances). The Professors Brainard are  Mentioned has visiting the   Academy Scientifica Lucidus from Medfield College. (Yes that's  Professors has in 2 further showing  The Absent Minded Professor and Flubber co-exist)

2015--Inside Out--The View of a Young Girls Emotions has seen from the point of view of the emotions. There is a Picture of Figment in Imagination Land given his Nature has an Imaginary Being I'll count this.

"The Space Age" --Twilight Zone The Little People(1961)--A Space Ship from Earth lands on an alien planet for Repairs. Astronaut Peter Craig finds an Alien city populated by tiny people whom he abuses. In the End, he runs afoul of inhabitants of The Land Of The Giants

Alternate timelines-Blade Runner timeline

2035--Soldier (1998)--Sgt. Todd 3465 is left for dead on a garbage world when he is declared obsolete.Among Todd 3465's Many awards is  the Dexter Riley Award.

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