Monday, January 9, 2017

The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates the TVCU Crew!

This website recently hit a million views, just as we are about to celebrate tomorrow our sixth anniversary.  

I created the TVCU concept as a kid, when I first discovered the idea of crossovers.  It started in a bunch of notebooks, and in 2011 I created this website as a place to share my ideas with a few friends I had met online that had similar interests.  

I had no idea where this was going.  A million views.  Published books.  Podcasts.  

Some would say that I am the TVCU, but I didn't do this alone.

Along with the website, I run a Facebook forum, where the ideas regarding the TVCU get shared and discussed by a bunch of folks.  Many of those ideas posted there are often shared on this website.  Early on, I realized it just made good sense to allow some of those who contribute the most to those discussions and really get the concept to become contributors to the site.  This was the genesis of the TVCU Crew, originally consisting of James Bojaciuk, Ivan Schablotski and Gordon Long.  (Toby O'Brien is considered an honorary Crewsie but since he has his own thing over at Toobworld Central, I've never asked him to write for this site, but I certainly reference his work a lot, as regular readers of this blog know.)

It it was a great decision.  All three of these folks have written really popular posts that have brought our numbers up.  

Since then, Matt Hickman has also joined our ranks.

The TVCU Crew was originally coined to refer to the website contributors.  Later, as so many folks began feeding me crossover info over in our Facebook group, I began to consider all the "crossoverists" in that group to be members of our extended TVCU Crew.

More recently, the name was attributed to the hosts of the Television Crossover Universe Podcast, who originally were all contributors to the website, until Chris Nigro became the first host to not have any previous connection to the website as a contributor, though he had been a member of that extended Crew that participated in the discussion groups and fed me crossover info.  

This month, I will be honoring those who I've come to depend upon and whose support has made me successful.  This month is devoted to the TVCU Crew, so stay tuned here for bios of the members of the TVCU Crew.  

[*Note that I will not be covering the extended Crew, as there's way too many, but if you listen regularly to the podcast, there was an episode where I listed them all off.]

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